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Uncomfortable Position of
.Populist Leaders
TIley Can'j: Slake an Asrsrressive
Because of Gc vernorLewelling's
I Blunders.
What He Would Do If He Were
Wonld Discharge All the Police
before the Populist state convention was
w--ir - - m m-in held, he h.td a long talk with Governor
IlLI X 1A 1101 lYAl-hll Lewelling about this "boodle business."
I ul said to Governor Lewelling then."
; he says, "and I always taik just as plaia
Bj the SqliaLbleS Of the GoVer- ly with him as 1 do with any other man,
nor '3 Appointees.
A Grand Mistake Ever to Have
fished Levelling
Out of His Obscurity atWiehita,
The constant reiteration of the charges
that the policy shop people of Kansas
City, Kan., are furnishing campaign
funds for the Populists is a matter that
causes the most worry in Populist cir
cles. John W. Breidenthal says not a
single cent has buen receiv -d from them
that he knows about, and those who
know Mr. Breiieithal will believe this
us concerns him personally, but the
nkirt of others in the Stale house are
not so easily cleared.
.Mr. Breideutual doesn't tell everybody
about it, but it is known that as long ago
as last December he had unquestionable
evidence lhat the policy and lottery uea
of Kausas City were anxious to give up
money to the ala.iuistrat.on.
It was prior to that time that he sent
Guy E. Hathaway, a man who soon after
ward became a deputy bank commis
sioner, to Kansas City with a letter au
thorizing him to solicit stock subscrip
tions to the "Fcpuitbt Press. aud .News
Bureau Company." Hathaway, so Chair
man BreidentUai afterwards learned, ac
cepted nioiiey to the amount of rM.
Fur what purports it was pa.d to him is
nof known. He received ihe mjiiey
from two sources, !$10J from one a:id
?2i:o from the other, but none of it ever
reached headquarters, because as 'soon
as llathcway received the money he
went on a "tear" and lost all tne money.
Soon after llt.thaway had been, ap
pointed deputy tank commissioner,
lireideathal lean ed of this tiansac.i u
and the new deputy was "asked to re
B:gn forthwith."
Hathaway refused to resign and de
nied the charges, but Breideuthal would
not listen to his cjenial.
Fuiaily in a tit of desperation Hatha
way i-uid threateningly: "if you insist
ou demand. ng my l es.gnaUo:i 1 will ex-
pue thai o.d oue-.iriiied boodier
across the liaii," ( neauiug Fred Close).
Breidenthal loid htm tnat was" "ail
right;" to go ah ? id, .as lhat -was just
wnat he would like to see done, and say
ing that, hi figured up Hathaway's
salary auJ gae bun a certified voucher
for the amount due him to date, aud let
him go.
Fred Close has net been exposed, and
Chairman Lirei le;iPial now says that it
wa-i just one of Hathaway' "bfi.Ho."
Before leaving the tank coin mission
er's otiice Uatli tway admitted haviug re
ceive 1 tJl-jO of the money he is charged
wi:h getting at K lasas Ci'y.
tnle almost every state dep irtment
1 during the present state a.immistra
tion 1 etm ctmrged with accepting money
fro in the lottery and p -i.ey me:i, Chair
mau Breidenthal stands alone as the oniy
tnau in his party w iio has not beeu ac
C'tsud of nouie crime or dioreputable act.
Mr. Breidenthal apparen.lv d es not
beheve io bood'ing, and if "he had his
v ay about it, Goti nor Leu eiling would
wipe out all state connection with the
Missouri river cities tomorrow, by abol
ishing ail the metrouoht ui poiice boar is.
'ihe law dues not com pei tii.e governor
to appioint poiic i ommissioners, aud if
he woul I dicniiss those boards tie
would relieve hucoelf of a great deal of
worry aud'save hu party managers lots
of trouble.
As it is now, the Populist state central
CjuiUji"" is' .T.'wavs on the defeniiv-A
is fa ,
coiistnuily busv exulainin
why V - .are not responsible for the'eondi
tious which exist :n these border towus
where the boodiing, liquor and gambling
elements run the towns.
Governor Lewtlliug and Chairman
BreideatLal do not agree on this point
and unless something happens to change
the governor's n.ind the police boards
will maud. -
Leweiling lacks very much of the po
litical wisdom. Htid perspicacity of the
party clweftain,' Jchn u . Breidenthal. Al
most every eharga that is made against
th'm admiuistratioi) is due to some stupid
blunder of the governor iu his appoint
ments. Leading Populists say that Lew
eiling buju't the f iiutest idea whether a
man tsi rogue or au honest man. They
say his in:eutiou,s are all right, but that
he hasn't sense.
Y hen public attention is called to his
blunders, he growj muiish and insists on
landing by his Mistakes. Many Popu
lists regret that thay went so far out of
their way at the . Wichita convention to
take upta uoknjwn man. when-lhere
were plenty of good men .in the party
who were known," and whose policy as
governor could have beeu, relied on.
Chairmnn John W. Breidentjial said to
a State Journal reporter this morning;
"11 kil the itor.es 1 have heard are true I
believe I could go ta Kansas City Kansas
ami collect $-.20,000 in twenty four hours
from the gamblers lottery and policy
1 .'icu w 11 u aru euiaeu in a uusiuesa
l which is in open violation of the law can
i easily be tiled by representatives or the
I law who will take advantage of their
j positions. I have no doubt any police
man in any of the -Missouri river towns
could go to most any dive in His tova
nud borrow" f 5, if he was hard ud. and
i if ho could 'borrow' $5 cnce
I he could cut it easier, next time.
"It is true 1 Cave heard many stories
about ihi stale administration accepting
money and other bribes frutn the boodlers
and gamblers of Kansas City, Kansas,
but it is also true that no oi.e has ever
traced any money into the hands of any
member-of the administration.
"I never d.d, and 1 don't believe Gov
ernor Lewelling has received any money
from these sources, for 1 have personally
known several times of the governor be
ing embarrassed for the want of money
in his commission business at "Wichita,
and if he was accepting money from
those boodlers, he need not have been
hard up iu his business."
Chairman Breiaeothal admitted that
mat ii tuese cuarires o; nuouie were true
j he knew it, and if he and his administra-
tion were accepting monthly stipends
from lotteries, policy shops aud gamblers
: as had beeu charged, he ought to decline
j a renomination. I told him he would be
a fool to accept a nomination if those
i charges were true, and if they were true
. he knew it.
"I explained to him that if tho3e
! charges were true the proof of them
' would be sprung by his enemies imme
diately after his reuumination and it
would mean his defeat. The governor
as.-cred me that the charges were not "
true and said that it they were true, he
knew he would be foolish to accept a
''I believed the governor's statement
then and I believe what he said then is
true now, as not a single j enny of boodle
has been traced by airy pejrsuu to hrn.
"After the public statement of liiv. J.
G. Dougherty that he kuew that the
state administration was" accepting
money from the lotteries md gamblers
of Kausas City, I wrote to him and usiied
him to furnish me with the evidence. 1
told him that it was the evidence that
was needed to correct this evil if it ex
ists. '.N'ow what was the result? Rev. Mr.
Dougherty simply wrote bactc to m; that
from the sentiment expressed .u the puo
lished letter of Associate Justice All?n,
ho probably knows as much about it as
any one.
"This is the way with all these charges
of bood&5 and corruption. People do !
lots of talking, but they always fail to
produce evidence.
''lhat those fellows down there are
boodiers, there cm be litl.e dubt for
Jim Legate ad.nhs that he got tjo.OJO al
though he doesn't rernenioer nuat he
did with it-" i
Tlit'ir la Serious MU-iension Over
ConreHsioiii.l'4Jom aiiitee.
Washington, Au.'. ill!. Members of
the N'egi'o National Democratic league
are tietf i m ined to have tiie Africa-American
bureau of organization of the
Democratic congressional cum mitre
abolished, and II ibert G. tstiil, ih ef of
the bureau, and his colleagues are
equally determined that the bureau shall
L e ma.nlained.
"it is certain,1 said Mr. Ashwood of
the league executive co:miniee, "that
the two organizations cantiot e.xi;t with
out a contl.ct, and as one can do the
work, there is no need of two. Ti.e bu
reau is local; the league national; a se
lection needs but n moment's considera
tion of the iuteres: of the party of the
state. Continuance of the bureau cannot
fail to engender strife and iaciioual op
Could Would Explain, tint the Prince SUut
lliui Ui.'.
London, Aug. 2o.- 'ihe Yachtmati says
that it learns upon good au'.hurity thai the
iiext challenge for i he Arn'-ricau -cup will
be issued by the Karl ot L-ni-iiale.
The Vanity Fair says tod iy thai it
hears that tue Prince of Watts was great
ly annoyed at tue fa. lure on t-ai urday last
to tad the match race between the
Britannia and the Vigilant. It ..dds that
when Mr. Gould bjatdei the royal yacht
Osborue iu order to explain mailer.-., the
prince remarked, in an irritated tone:
"Dim't talk to me ab ut cstittr boards. I
kno w noihmg a boa; them."
lorn IVatBoii Ximit?t"cl.
Thomson, Ga., Autr. 2-i The Populist
conveuiiou for the 'ienth congressional
district lias nominated Tboma? II Wat
sou to agam oppose .Major Buici lur con
gress. His nomination was seconded by
two while aud four colored de.egaies.
ltesolutions were passea cailmg lor a
free ballot and fair count.
Hill ThlnUs income Tax M on t'siand.
Washington, Aug. SM. Senator Hill
expec.s to be an attorney in the. first cast)
that is brought up regarding the ota i
tutiouality of the h.corin) tax provisions
of the uew tariff law. lie believes when
brought to thi- courts it w ill be declared
unconstitutional in whole or in part.
Takft Telej.-aiii . Thirty Ilonr..
New York., Aug. .i. The Commercial
Cable company this morning issued tiie
following notice: "Tue Great .Northern
Telegrapn company re ports this morning
that messages from Yokohama, Japan,
take thirty hours iti transit."
Papal Aillif ui io Ir ranee.
Pah is, Aug. 2:i. Tue ptpe has written
a letter to M. Turquet, formerly secre
tary of state, confirming the papal ad
hesion to the French reputl.c.
I?aian .w-.. ij;, io Iaelllc.
Behlix, Aui?. 23. It is reported that
nine Russian warsaips w.ll leave Cron
stadt, on August 27, for the Pacific
Will !hip 8ltii!.ytj iu itold.
New York. Aug. 23. Lazard Freres
will ship to. Europe io'V-.i t of the for
eign gold they received Iroui CuLia.
House Committee Reports on
Carnegie Armor Plates.
i .Report Says Frauds Are Worthy
! to be Called Crimes.
Mere Money Compensation Can
not Atone for the Outrage.
Lives of Sailors and Safety of
Nation Endangered.
Washington, Aug. 23. Representa
tive A. J. Cummings, chairman of the
house committee ou naval affairs, pre
gented to the house taday a preliminary
report upon the investigation of the ar
mor plate billets furnished to the gov
ernment by the Carnegie steel company.
The committee finds that charges of
fraud have been sustained; scores the
company -severely and says, as has been
stated in these dispatches that 59 sus
pected plates in use should be tested as
the only method of proving their fl.ness
or unfitness. It only finds lhat the gov
ernment inspection was negligent, but no
charge of dishonesty " rests upon the in
spectors. Tne charges against the company were
thgit the jjla.es and bolts had not re
ceived the treatment required by the
contract; that false reports were made
to the government inspectors; that
spec. mens for testing were re-treated be
fore bemg submitted; that the testing ma
chine was fraudleutly manipulated; that
substitution was made in the cao of a
plate designed for a ballistic test and
that the government stamp was either
duplicated or sto.en and used without
the knowledge of the government in
spectors. The report states that the number of
furnaces used was totally inad -ijuate to
fulfill the specifications of the contract
oil the amount of armor plate turned
out. Alter the tirst investiga
tions of the frauds the uuinber of fur
naces was increased from four to ten.
Iu regard to the "jockeying" of the
testing machines, it is asserted lhat the
compatiy made private tests of material,
and if itwas beiow tiie standard, mauipj
uia ed the machine at the otlic.ai test so
that it would show -the required strength.
The charges of retreat lug aud substi
tuting plates designed for ballistic tests
tiie committee is satisfied are true. Tiie
charge of using a duplicate ur stolen
government stamp is not sustained.
The report says tiie governm -ut in
spection was negligent and defective,
but th s is attributed to ihe fact th it
there was not nearly enough inspectors
to do the work. Ii is as-er.ed in the
fraud nas been traced ho. lie to the gen
eral .-uperinteudeui, who is a stockholder
iu ihe Carnegie dinpany. Of the fea
ture of criminality involved, Cutiiimia
Cummings says:
"Tiie frauds which your company have
committed are worthy to be called
crimes. Tne services of the Carnegie
company (whether with or without ihe
knowledge of the company) to increase
this ga.u, deliberately continued for
many mouths, is to commit act-i whose ,
n aural "and probable consequences I
would be a terrible loss of men m wina !
of war and pt-ruaps the defeat to the uj- ;
tion. j
"io tine or make mere
com i ensat ion is inadequate
ment for such wrong-i.
committee do no- con-ider it
their province to draft a criminal statu e,
but they do leei under obligations to call
the attention of the house to the impor
tance of j rotecting the lives of our sea
men and ihe safety of thj nation by ap
propriate legisla ion, deuouueing as
crimes all such itcls as the frauds prac
tice 1 ou ihe government in connection
with armor plate and other material of
v ar, and making such ac:s punishable
in all peirttius no commit them" or aid
iu their cum mission."
An Arctic Explorer Left on the Ice a If uu
Uicii .Mites I row Lund.
Aberukkx, Aug. 23. The yacht Sax
ton has air,ve.i ai Pettr Head, returning
from a scieutihc expedition to the Arctic
regions. S ie reports that she lauded
Prt f. Aubrey Ba.tye, the ornithologist,
and one companion on Kol juev island, a
hundred tildes from the Russian coast,
ou J one 2.
1 he baxon, however, was .obliged to
abandon Battye and his companion on
account of the heavy seas aud the ice,
wh.ch threatened .the destruction of the
yachts. It Is hoped that ihe explorers
will be rescued by the next Russiau gun
boat whicu visits the island.
Mo Utmoerat W ill He Allowed to Can on
the Ticket.
Wichita, Kas., Aug. 23. The People's
party convention of sedgwics: county is
iu session here today. It is strictly
in the middle of the" road and no Demo
crat will be allowed on the ticket.
C.oLN icholas Bird, temporary chairman
paid his resi-ec.s to the Democracy by
referriug to Cleveland as the Beeazebuo
of Buzzard's Bay and tue speech
which followed voiced the seuiimeuta of
the crowd.
C. If. J. Taylor Stay Be IS -moved.
Washington, Aug. S3.. Tho c.vil ser
vice commission is still investigating Re
corder of Deeds C. H.'J. Taylor, charged
with malting political assessments, it is
believed that an urgent request, signed
by tiie f.ull board, asking f. r Taj lore re
moval will be sent to the president.
Tnenty-Bve Thousand Idle.
Fall River, .Mass., Aug. 23. The
great le'xtile strike here developed today
in the lockout, aiid a- a resuit 2o,Ue0 mill
operatives iu tue cty-wiii be iditi.
Richard C. Kerens, of Missouri, so Charac
terizes the A- l A.
New York, Aug. 23. Richard C.
Kerens, member of the Republican na
tional committee of Missouri, and whose
attempt to have the Missouri Republican
couvention, recently held, place itself
upon record as opposed to the A. P. A., Is
in the city. To a newspaper reporter,
who interviewed him upon the matter, he
said that he had no iuteulion of carrying
the A. P. A. question before its natioual
"Tue A. P. A.'s," he said, "are a lot of
bushwhackers aud beggars. They swing
back and forih betweeu parlies and cor
rupt ward aud city politics of both par
ties. My fear is tnat the attempt of this
element, foreign to the party with its
pernicious doctrine to fasten itself to
the Republican party, will drive away
hundreds of thousands of honest votes.
"The movement is, iu fact, noth
ing more than " a revival of the
ancient 'know nothing' doctrine,
which, although short lived, was not
without its effect on onr politics. The
Republican party has ever been out
spoken upon every public question, and
has always had tae courage of its con
victions. I do not. think that it will
dodge this issue now.
"The Republican party is less friendly
thau any other party to such doctrines
and will not . fail, in my judgment, to
meet this issue, if it can be called such,
He is For Free Coinage of American Silver
Sixteen to One.
Atchison, Aug. 23. The following
letter written to Mr. J. W. Springsteen
o tthis city is made public in the Cham
pion: Hiawatha, Kas., Aug. 18.
J, W. Springsteen. Atchison, Kas.:
Dear 6ir Yours of ttie 13th came ;
while 1 was away from home for a few
hours and I hasten to answer it. I think
the matter in regard to my posi- ;
tion on the currency question has j
been fully settled by the Champion i
this .week. The Kansas City Journal
yesterday had a good ar.icle in it about
the matter. I am in favor of the free
coinage of the American product, of ttie
siiver mines, with sutiicieut tariff to ex- i
elude all foreign product. And it seems
to me that there can be but one ratio. I
think it is idle to talk about changing
the ratio. The fact that we have-foJU,-OUO.OOO
ot silver now in circulation would
render it almost impossible to make a
change in ratio from the present one of
16tol. " Yours truly, i
E. N. Morrill. i
William Kj Eumly of Cincinnati Xtleeted
Davenport, la., Aug. 'Z'i. National
.officers were elected at the tfoiii of Vet
er.uis encampment today as follows:
Commaudei-iivchief, m. K. Bun ly,
Cincinnati; senior c.mmander-iii-ch:ef.
i. A. B trion, Prov. deuce, R I.; jnn.or
Vice command t. Liuis Ldley, i ivea
port. Col. Iwar.i H. Milhau of Minne
apolis and C A. George U. Ilurlbut of
Be.videore, 111. .were ottier Candida Cs for
the otiice of commander-in-chief. Kuox
viile, Tenn., was seiec ed as the next
place of liiot-ting. The Past Grand Commander-.
n-C:iief Payne, cutin marliaied,
Was res.ored.
ISut President Harrison Had to ay Some
thing All the tsanie.
Kew York, Aug. 26. A Small man
witn a VaivDiid oe .rd ul gray was tae
c "nspicuous iiura at thj eiguth ana lai
clambake ot tne Leather -.Man ufacturers'
association of -XeW Jersey last night at
Wardell's Port An Pecs, a pleasure b iy.
Ex-t'rtf.iidciit Harrison said, after the
bake waj devoured:
"When I was invited to this banquet I
was told it was to be but a clam bake,
and was assured I would b allo.ved to
be a clam, i do not desire to speak upon
auy public question, but if there is to be
any marked tendency iu business it must
be upward.-, asyouare at Ihe bottom of
the vats now."
Durtug the ride back to Monmouth
beach the ex-preside. it was asked his
opinion on the tar.ff question.
"I think, he wa quoted as saving,
"President Cievelaud will sign the bill,
althoug.i how lie can make up his miud
to do ii 1 cauuot understand."
JVotntt pltrs Comlns.
Jesse Harper of Illinois will take the
Populist stump in Kansas September 15,
aud Susan B. Anthouy has been booked
to commence October 22. Sarah E. V.
Emery of Michigan, the author of the
famous "Seven Financial Cutis! tirades,"
aud Anna D. Weaver of New York, will
aiso speak for the Pops during the cam
The wheels of all tram cars in Bom
bay" are to bo fitted with life guards by
order of the government.
The Hannibal and St. Joseph railroad
enjoys the distinction of not having
killed a single passenger einco the civil
The experiment of using compressed
Eir for street car propulsion has beeu
tried in Massachusetts. The results
were considered satisfactory.
Uncle Tom's is the name of a sta
tion on the. line of the (lummy road run
Eing between Atlantic City aud Somer's
Point. Tho station is in the shape of an
eld cabin.
Only 525 miles of track have been
laid in the first Fix mofiths of 1SU4.
Colorado leads with 5-4 miles. Less thtui
one mile has been laid in Illinois. The
total showing is less than in any coiyo
sponding six -months eujee 18(35.
In March, 1S72, the soads in what
are known the Poaaylvania system
wcio capitalized at $-10,000, f.00, aim
the yearly earnings w;re then ?.25,000,
OCO. Now the roads in 'the system are
capitalized at $S15,KiO,000, and . thu
net earnings axe $40,000,000.
Cleveland Stands Firm in -Regard
to Tariff Bill.
He Will Surely Let It Become a
Law it is Said..
Anxious Congressmen Urge Him
to Sign the Bill.
It Would Help Them to Defend
It in the Campaign.
Washington, Aug. 27. The president
remains linn in his purpose to let the
tariff bill become a law without his sig
nature. This, as was stated by the Asso
ciated Press at the time, was his inten
tion when he left Washington for Gray
Gables, and there is excellent authority
for the statement that Mr. Cleveland
since his return has indicated that he is
of the same opinion as before he left
A great deal of pressure has been and
is still exerting to induce. Mr. Cleveland
to forego his present purpose and to sign
the bill, either with or without some
message expressing his views, but the
president gave no encouragement to
those who have pressed views of this
nature on his intention, and has indi
cated that iie will allow the bill to be
come a law by expiration of the ten days
clause of the constitution.
The persons most urgent in suggesting
to ttie president thai tie sign the bill, are
members of congress who have repre
sented very strongly to the president that
a signature for the bill will help them in
their defense of it in the coming cam
paign and tiiat should it not have the
measure of presidential approval indica
ted by Mr. Cleveland's signature, their
position ou the stump wid be embar
rassed to some extent at least.
Speaker Crisp aud a number
gressmeu have preseuted tins
the" matter aud the speaker
president todav on the subject.
of coa
view of
saw the
Sj far
as cau be'learned the president' attitude
ha-i beeu one of patient- listening to and
consideration of ttie argument present
ed, but he ha refrained carefully from
making auy promises or giving encour
agement to congressmen who wish the
bill Bigued.
A veto of the bill, however, is not even
suggested. It canuot become a law
witnout the presidential autograph until
next Monday aud this being the case the
adjournment of cm greVs will hardly taKe
place before next Tuesday.
'Ihe fact that it is Mr. Cleveland's pur
pose to permit the bill io become a law
without his signature is alio a strong in
dication of the improbability of any mes
sage on i lie t .r if ir ra the president.
Besides Speaker Crisp, who spent s me
time with me prendeni m the discussion
of the lar.ff situation, Representative
McMillin of Tennessee, of me ways and
mens comtuiitee and one of thehou-te
coulerrees, also talked with Mr. Cleve
land. .Speaaer Crisp told members of
the house who were auxiou to LT'-t away
thiit he thought the session would fast
until n-xt Tue-t.l iy.
Mc.Mi.l.u d.d not discuss the tariff bill
with ;he pres. dm'. Clia.rmuii Wilson is
expected i...ck tr.-m West V.rgitiia toduv,
but ue was not about the nouao during
the session.
1o.la' lipi hcr.
There is a low barometer up in Mon
tana lhat is coming sIoaIv in this direc
tion. If it ever gets here, an 1 is still
low" when it arrives, we .ire warranted
in saying mat witu lavorabte local con
ditions ii may rain. Today the mercury
marks above on the street level, and
92 at tiio ob.-erviug ulalio-i. Ou.erver
Jennings went to Fi. R.ley today.
Tli--y "-re Troublrd IViilt I'anri.
PltTSHCRO, Pa., Aug. 23. The win
dow giass manufacturers and workmen
are holding a cotiiereuce ou tue scale.
Tue workers presented a new scale,
changing tne system of piece work aud
virtually amounting to a reduction of
percent. Today the westeru maim- j
lacturers are insisting upon a 35 per cent j
To Awist in Arre-tliiie Ezpta.
Washington, Aug. 23. The navy de
partment telegraphed Captain Howison,
commander of tne -Mare Island (Califor
nia) navy yard to extend permission to
the yard, to tue United Slates marshals
to assist him in serving tne warrants ou
Ezeta aud ihe other Salvadoreaa refugee
consigned on the Luied Slates snip Ben
nington. Mrivinic Machine Company Kail a.
Chicago, Aug. 23. Tne Brosius Sew
ing .iiiicmiio aud Motor company, with
otlices in this city and a large plaut at
D.xon, 111, assigned today. Assets $125,
OUW; liabilities Sfiy.oO
Bill Hackney anl HHgpiprra.
infield, Aug. 5J3. W. P. Hackney
is expected home Friday. He will bring
with him a baud of Sco.ch Highlanders
to piay during the coming campaign.
The motion day at the" district court
which was set for Friday, August 31st,
has been changed to Thursday me 30th.
Gerald Tice, aged two years, died of
tousilitis this inorn.ug at his home two
miles west of North Mopeka. Tne fuu
eral will be at 1J o'clock tomorrow morning-.
A considerable number of local Repub
licans headed by a drum corps weut to
'iecumseh tais morumg to attend ihe all
day Republican rally that is to be ad
dressed by .irs. Helen ivimber nud oth
ers. Mra. Whiteker, wife of F. N. White
ker, dted last evening at 5 o'clocs of con
sumption. The luuerai strvices will be
conducted by SViilis F. Gr ss, Christian
Scientist, at the home of the deceased,
1434 Lincoln street, at 3 p. m. Friday,
August 24.
FAIli PL A lr F0 It CARS EO I E.
Stone, of Pennsylvania, Dofitn't H unt th
"i'liilauthropiat" Imiol On.
Washington, Aug. 23. About fifty
members were on the floor when th
house met today. There was, at usual, a
great rush on the part of the member
for recognition to pas bills of local im
portance. A bill waa passed to extend the time, In
which the Hutchinson & Southern Rail
road company can construct a railroad
thjough the Indian territory.
Mr. By cum. Democrat of Indiana, tbea
made tue regular order. Thereu poa Mr.
Cummings, chairman of the committer
ou naval affairs presented the report of
the committee on the armor plate frauds.
With it he presented a joint resolution
to 'authorize and direct the secretary
of the navy to remove from tho
Monaduock, the Mintor Terror, the ships
Oregon, Indiana aud Massicuu4eit
and the cruiser Monterey certain speci
fied armor plates, and to subjoct them to
. the ballistic test at the Indian Head
proving ground. Tho resolution also di-
i rec.ed a speedy report on ilieso tets.
Mr. Stone. Republican, of Peunslva-
I nla, asked if the report did not prejudice
the Carnegie company.
t Mr. Cummings said it did not. The
resolution he presented had beeu un.au
mously represented.
i Mr. Stone called attention to the fact
that no member of the minority w
. present. Mr. Cummintrs said ttie report
was unanimously adopted. The Repub
lican minority did not sign the report
but authorized him to makn it.
"What does the gentleman want?"
asked Mr. Cummings angrily. l)o ho
want the Carnegie company to buy a re
port?" 'The gentleman wants the Carnegia
company to have fair play, something it
tias not uad," returned Mr. Stone.
i The resolution was adopted without
division, and at 1:05 p. m. tne houe ad
journed until tomorrow morning.
I Senate AVl'hout a Quorum.
Wasuinoton, Aug. Evt-ii before
the reading of the journal in tha reuato
today tho absence of a quorum was
pointed out by Mr. Manderson, (Hep.) of
Nebraska, aud the roll being called
showed the presence of thirty-three ten
ators, ten less thau a quorum. Tho otiiwr
nenators were telegraphed lo attend im
mediately. Up to 12:35 p. m. only thirty
live senators had arrived. FiuJing It
impossible to get a quorum, the senata
adjourned at 1:20 until tomorrow at 12
Ue Say All the Receiver Will .Unkii m '
Tour of lukjivi'tloa,
Receiyep-J. C. Wils.m of iu? Santa Fe, '
reiurued to Topeka at noon today nftwr
an absence of threo weeK. ..
Mr. Wilson was iu ahw York when
-Mr. Stephen- Little made - hi report iu i
the reorganization committee, and m
subsequently in Chicago wnen .'! r.
Al lace F. Walker was appointed if- -ce.ver
to succeed Mr. l'e.n u.ti i.
Mr. Wilson says tie hat uewr sce i tho
new receiver, bul that hi m k. ell ..j.okeu
of by all railroad.meu und is c.tis.derod
un ulil. in jfi
Ml, (. U 1 V ...l.t,.
Mr. W.l.on will pr alah v l.-avi- th
a nf i hu Wfritk for ?s a V.irit wlii-i-u
he will meet Mr. Walker u nn return
Iroiti Europe. The three rec.vc.-s will
then tioid a meeting in Nw York, after
winch tney w.ll verv IikcIv maao a trip
over the entire han are nystt m.
Mr. Wilson is very much pleased with
the rec.mt order of Jud,'s Caldwell iu
regard to regular pay days for Ine men,
winch he ndvueaied Jr.wn tue Uuio he
was lirst appo. tiled a receiver.
The ohe delight of t'n-s Oiinj.an Prince
Schaumberg Lippo is to drive a trtiru t.- jr
iu full uniform.
General William B"oth, founder and
head of the Salvation Army, will vi.-:ic
this country in the fall.
There aro no servants in the TuUtoi ;
household. Tho count, cuts his own
firewood, while the countess prepare
their simple meals.
Lord Rosebery has two Ristera. One
is married to Lord Leronlield," u rich
Tory peer of Sussex; the othjT in Lady
Mary IIopu of Luffuess.
Henry V. L.uigf. How, tho poet, waa
descended fro.n John Allien and Pris
cilla Molinos, whoso names have beeu
immortalized in the pofct'a "Courtship ,
of Miles Staiidish. "
The Dowager Duchess of Abi-rcorn
recently saw 101 of her descendant
assembled at one timo in Montuga
House, Whitehall, London, the resi
dence of the Duke of Bucclcuch.
Love continaes to triumph over prej
udice and polities. Herr Walter, the '
principal adherent and assistant of Herr
Ahlwardt. the German ami -Semi tie
leader, is to marry a charming Ilebiew,
Fraulein Ilerrmannsohn.
Professor Joseph Hyrtl, the eminent
anatomist and the last survivor of the t
famous group of scientific men who laid
the foundations of the renowned med
ical school of Vienna, has ju.it died at
his home near Vienna at tho ago of 'Si.
Bret H.irte, who lives iu England,
was doubtless flattered to read in a re
cent number of Mr. Aster's Westmin
ster Budget an allusion to "Mark
Twain's Ah Sin." This bluudxr in
taken as another indication of Mr. As-,
tor's expatriation.
jiajiy ui mil oiuest uaia iuuoi umia-
guished families of Montenegro havts
been ejtnigrating for several years to ms-,
cape tyranny iu their native land.
Prince Nicholas is so harslf and despotic
that his more important, subject aro
moving into Servia and Bosnia
Mrs. John A', Logan has deferred her.
European trip until October, when sh
will go abroad for a stay of several
mouths in order to confer with tb
sculptor, Frauklin Simmons, who haj.
been awarded by cougretis the inak'ug.of
the bronze statne-nud pedestal tf tho lati
General Loganwhich is to t plaed la
Washiuartoa. - .

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