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The Topeka state journal. [volume] (Topeka, Kansas) 1892-1980, August 24, 1894, NIGHT EDITION, Image 7

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

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The Topeka Stitk Jocrxal guarantees,
very day tt is priuttd. to givsa local circ'uta
t on m ,re th;tu iou that of any other Top
U p.ij ..r. anT by fir lr than all Oilier
Iixlie. Cnmblnsd. This mases tills raper
the t l.aj .t. as well at tun best daily advertis
ing iiifdiuui iu Ijp-iki, tiie cta&.iliod aciverno-luc-ats
below costing but
or 20 cetts a line fjr week; M cents by the
Oi'.y circulation eferyday exceeds 5,000 total
cirou. alien over .'.)' o.
Sworu detailed jiteaienU of circulation pre-
g -.. a i .,1 see iiay afternoon between 4 ana
I. tut handsomest, fa-est. most perfect piece
t fjpi luting inn'tiiii'r y :n ivaiias a w eb 1'oriect
1 1 1 r prii. wiuoii pi hi from two to three coiii
I .etrt s-pae papers a 6Coud.
Ar yru In nd of wurkT If so. you are at
rifrrtv'tn ue I'ii-ims i-oiurr.ui for assistance in
t na. direction. VN.i.m tins notice appears las
bTAT jDUK.HLvi.i pumisri freson Saturday,
Mori lay and Ti.es lav. for Topeka or Kaasas
1 i-u n"t.c f "situations Wanted." not
pxo.'"-1;b'; lite iui s. or tinrty-.1v words, in
leimtii. Provided tl.at a.t advertisements of
this, n;uri are Lauded in previous to
l i, o'c,:K smur.li-v niorninx: a. so in Wedrjes
. 1 hursJav a'lJ " I riday. ail advert.&iug of
tL.b c.ass hau'doi la by lea o ciocK Woduo.day
No .iieri:spiT!enW of this nature to be started
except on Saturdays ami Wednesdays. Noob
liat.on , lUi-ur.-fij ou tile part of the advertis
er. No wurthv an l rwiv u.an or woman need
V.es.ta'f) to Uko a i .a.ii.a:'-j of tins offer. No uu
to l'iiMiiss or ii iv :i j eu. uioymeut is expected to
take advautateof It. but ad o;uers invitod, to
avail tijf.-inso.V'is 1 'eely.
"TANTKD-A rvl kitf-hen jrirl (German
preferred aud two dining room girls at
euee. .-. 1-. corner Mil and Cimnoy.
"A NTl.I Tit ) expert lady grocery clerks.
Address, "11. G.. Journal.
"'ANTKH titration by younij man well ac-
liii ii.'ited Pi t;ie city to urive delivery
-wair-iii of any kiCd. Address, It. M. L., "32
Ivlauison St., city.
"1TAN 1 Ed) Situation for a. young girl 17
ye irs old to ;iisi,t in housework. Has had
experience. Can nive reference. Also a girl
of 14 years to as--is; iu Vght work. Call or ad
Cfess lol4 Mldisou.
"lTAN IliiJ A situation by voting lady in
- - suiiic vimi J, ii i . , 'ii . a in tauri v. iiti5 uau
ye irs exp jrieuce in tue wurit.
F., ear .Journal.
LJdreas, F. A.
experit-nea ii
ences. i. K. Watc
Ition bv man witli 10 years
i olHee work. Best of refer-
rs. 4oj Kansas ave.
"AN 11 ' 1 A ;
iovi-'iii, by i
Tefcreue.'s. AdJri
lace to v-ork for board and
i Washburn student. Best
as, Student, care Journal.
AN 1 i;i l'os
itlon as nurse: cauKiveaood
relereuce. J
joy W est sixtli.
TAM I 1 Ag
140 Clay su
Irl for general house work.
"rAXTKI y.j-i to make and sell soap book
telling h.nv u tuaiia L'oo kinds. Only M.
Address 1. G. Sort jr, ioij X. nd bl., t. Joseph,
"W X 1 Kl i bin the next 3 (lavs
row si.-x) fr tw days. Can give
To bor-
ve crood tier.
sonal security. Address. C. U. L., Journal.
.VAN 1 hi) Gasoline. Cook and beating :
' ' tn repair, cj oves set up or (.toi'ed.
or address
The Hcll Stove Repair Co..
11(1 Last Liiihili street.
AM ED A saddle hore. State price and
piico. AUtiressH. V., Journal olllce.
l'AMhl-ro tra lea horse for trs li miik
cow. Capita Grocery, luy east 6tli st.
"W'AX ii.l ilaio iae stoves to repair at tin
shi.p, 10- Ivaas is iiva. (rsiioldon s hard
Wire store.) G. tr. Lee.
AVAMEIi-io eenangi3 ciod farm free of
iiicuiniirance for city property. InuUire at
113 Last ,-sixtii sl
lfAN I'EU- Soi o small real estate loans.
Lr-AVrKI To move. STOKK or siiip bouse-
"A I N J IN.NKU. 1-3 K. 6fh St. .
"IOK I; KXT Desirable six room house- bath
rr s"u -'T w'er, c.ec.nc h-Ut. Inquire s-j
JlniUiion st.
jJTUii liLXT i'a-t of a house at 31 East 8th.
"IOU l:nXT-Ii( uses in Oakland. P. C. Moore,
4-ij ivaiisas acuuo.
IUK liliNT-A eood six room house. Inquire
of Dr. Koby, lis v est ctii St.
IOK HEX I a faruUbed front room. 215
Last sin su
"I'lNELV fnrnislieii tirstolass rooms and table
-a- board at 7uj Topeka ave.
lOll 1! KXT L) -essmakii'g rooms; best loca-
t'ti in town. Cad at aid Kansas ave.
T'oli KKM-Tiro front rooms unfurnished.
-- t;ood repair; cheap. 714 Jackson st.
"jrOK i:i:xi 8 room house. Rood well and
- iiadetrefs: o ny s.s. 00 per month. lnuuire
hi 1 loo or Ilia (juiucy st. Juiiu Whitlow.
JOK It KXT iceiy furnished front room, -loie
i-oik street.
TOK KENT 1 levant upstairs anartments,
-- I'art.y furaished. Corner 4tu and Jai-Kson,
TT'OIi SALE- Cl oice suburban tracts of 5 acres
or more, adj niutisj the citv on the west, at
pr ices r tugiug frciu to $.73 per acre. One
tu tdcasU. W. iL ToBHts,
oie Agent.
I? OR SALE A good oak. folding bed, cheap.
717 laua st.
1', HKLir;?Vr 1,5 hay. Address S.
ch.tse. V. O. b(,x i.-xi. Topeka.
T,"ol: SALE a small stock of groceries and
-- Ittures clieap. 7I J West l.th st.
Poti SALE A v endid Ions winded ridinir
, and dnvim; mare; aiso cart and harness
cheap. Inquire :it r-i4 Tayior st.
TOU SALE short t.me loam at U per cent
ixit'srost. biiioii Greeusiiaa.
Xc'OK HALKGUt eK'e first niort-a-'ei
lb per cent. Mmua Greenspan."
, 8, 9.
"0 OH 1:1 Al. estate or rental property
Ueueciu-t & Co., bed Kansas ave.
- OST-A wi1,tPsvdpn:biia:)g
-a- ears and a V( lio'.v soot on ton of .ii.- u-
Ward lor retoru of saino to W. u v,,.j;.,
drug store. 4th aad Kaus.-is ave.
S m. Twn horses; one a bay and the
TTT Ii. Keneg-yhas reopflnel tie Commercial
J-A Hotel at iioyt. Kansas, and wilt le glad
to see his ci miner 'iai and Tupeka Iriends.
Eirstclass rooms and table cuisu e.
11 AX TI N t-H Ail orders left au K. 15.
Guild's, Tia Kansas avenue, will be promptly
attended to. Samuei Tiaury.
JUST found t!ie pi.-ee where yo l caa Kt your
furniture repaired and also packed fur ship
ment. Cleaning and laying carjiets a bpeciaity.
Ail kinds of general jooDiu work done oa short
liotici. Work guaranteed by a good mechanic.
No. 4i7 West Tenth street.
and shoe shop; j-atoat leacaer oodshfor
buerv tops; repairs m ail kinds of leather
goods; siloes l.aif so.e.l forty oa us. E. 1'. Hea
dersou, US' West S.xiU street.
CARPENTER and repair work. Address,
Win. Keedy. box fciiii. North Topeka, Kaoi.
'X"rE hare maaey to loan at 6 percent c
i'arm ana City I roperty lu any section of
country wtin yiroperty has a cxeii market
Ta.ue Money ready for in.Ui 1 ' loans where
security and i tie is gooi. No co iimi,s,on. Vi e
soi.cit applications. Blanks f j.-u sued upon re
quest. Alien Si Co., 40 6i 4i, Jt.roa.uway, New
LOAN'S on farms aud city property n ade at
low rates. Triv lege of i av ic g ilei or more.
I. L. Betzer. &19 Kansas avenue. Tiudiey's bauk.
AfONEY LOANED on horses
pianos. 1 o lse
chattei seouri-
--'-- boiiLrtrnouS and aii kinds of
L. Buscoe, .-3 Kauss.s a . et. ue. room 3.
-rOM-i to loan oa bonds, mortgages or per-
-- sona
lal miles.
C- OOD notes and mortgages bought and sold.
61MOS CjKlt.N-AN".
PAIiTlKS wishing a safe aod psylng invesi
meut for their money, caii at once oa S. -M
Wood fii Co., ia4 Kansas ave.
U. DeFord I'atee,
Tope&a. Kaus.
r li. WAiiD, A.M.. M.L
- 717 Kansas Avkvc m.
Hours: 2 to "5 p. m. l'r;Tate hospital for womoa
Baa Greenwood avenu.
J. UAili'SllIKE. M. S.. M. I).
BiiysiCian aud St-rgoon
Ui5 jxansas AvoQueTopeka
li. It. H. Coicord, Kidney aud ifrivate dis
eases. 75 Kansas avenue.
It, G. A.
OUice 900 East Fourth 3treaL
HENRY W. KOBY, M. I. I WI7 I?fi!',diV
XorikA, Kansas. f O 1 lu'U'ii .
BUR'llillf AKl)tlIiSKI9 Of WOMEK, Witll
private hospital, oilica; No. 7Jo Kansas Ave.
J. O. AicCdxiUJua, A. M., M. 1.
i"rauces Storrs. A. B.. iL D.
HfrtlSTOCJi a MrottK,,
Prxctice limited to SCBOEBY and DliiASE?
OF WOMEN. 30 Kansas avenue. Otilce hours,
I to i p. in.
TDA C. BAltNKi. M. 1.
OfTlee 733 Kan. Are. Kesldeace, 13th and Clay.
Office Hours 9 a, m. tu 11 a. in .and s p. m. to
C p. in. l'Loi.e 9u.
Jyli. aVA MAJtiJiNU.
709 Kansas Avoti
Tele. 4Q?.
J-' Spaciai attention given to eronlo diseases.
OUice open ml hours.
600 Kai. Ave. Phone 83.
L. A. FiYDER, TA. D. ,
OFFICE and resilience cor. Guerdon street anl
Central ave.. North Tope.ta. Ehoiie 214.
Uses the Brmkerhoit systaiu of Rectal treas
meut, a successiul and paimess treatment tor
piles, Dstuus, hshuro. ulceration, etc.
pi EO. P. AsEib.N, D.D.S.,
N. W. corner Eighth and Kansas avenues,
Topeka, Kansas.
Topeka Vacuum Cure
Established IS DO.
HIodica.1 and
Ku.ru io a. 1 Treatment.
Sfrvoui and rhrouio (dsavea ajuit
diseases of worn eii.
vacuum specialties:
ParavlyslM, and old chronlo diaessei
lliat medicine nave felled to eort,
V. C, FEANCIS, 2Ian'fr'r.
3'i 1 etti Avenue Y.
(Jb'ormorly Crawford's (5p;ra House.)
3I()N1)AY. AUG. 27
The Little Favorite.
eol'ice Goonnicn,
And her clee- eon pany.
Will be seen in the following repertoire:
Monday Sweet Briar.
Tuesday Matinee and Xiptit Girl In Grey.
Wednesday hips lliat i'ass in the Night
Thursday I. it tie Romp.
lridav "Fan ehon.
Saturday W anted, a Husband.
Prices 6, 10, 20 cts.
Eden Mdsea 10 cts.
ibAluii I tEivwi lot
trim m
Removes Freckle'?, Pimolet,
Liver - iMeiee . iaekhteo.
f'inOurii ami Tan, and. re
stores the skin, to its origi
nal freshness, producing a,
clear and beaithy ccm-;
Ti-,.lriTi fitnTw.rt-ir r ell f aft
preparations ami perfect! y l-jsrmlesn. At all
orugsistSjor mailed for SOcts. beua ior Clxou-ax
VIOLA fiK!N SOAP 1 mvr 1ei3lirMe mm m
mk ti t in .Xm Mosp. i n -i ,te-t ter tne Ollit. iu,d ittut a
nal IVr titio nurwry. An-oiu'i-iT oqre nl OckiSlsij msils
CftUid. Al 4r:ni, Fri 0 S 25 C in
d. BJTTNErt a CD.. Toledo. CX.
For ttio Grand Army e,rd Navy N i IodbI
Eiicmmiint, ritt.barr, a-, Spu
lO, H and 13. The Talon Pacific
Oflera the very low rate f 21.50 for the
round trifx Special Coaches and r-leep-era
will leave Topeka via the Union
Pacific, Saturday, September Sth, 2:47
p. m., arriving at Fittstur ilonday
morning-, 7:30 a. nx. Tickets on sale
September 7 and S, good returning np to
and inolulinff Sept 2S, 1ScJ4.
Secure your tickets aad reservations
early, aad g-owith the crowd.
A. M. Fclles, City Agent.
25 Kansas avenue.
" The Statb Journal's Want and Mis
cellaneous columns ranch each working
day in the week more than twice as
many Topeka people as can be reached
through aay other papsr. This Is a fact.
TB3 SAStXf'2 0313.
Za Effect on and after Au. 5, 1894.
Wich.. Kingman
at rratt uxial
8:15 am'i0:S5 amTO:40 am
Oklahoma &
Texas local...
T)eu. 6i Tex. l.im
California Llm..
Kansas City &
Topeka piuir..
Colorado Night
Man. t B. Acc.
Ex. Sunday...
lis 8 15 aoi 10:35 am 10:40 am
5 9:30 am 11 :ao am 11:50 am
8; 1:20 pmj :13 poll :28 pm
109 4:30 pm :40 pmi
7! S:05 pmTl:20 pm 11:30 pm
153! 1 7:30 am
Between Kansas City and Topeka only.
v. Arrive Ieave 1 Arrive
Trains. ? Topeka. Topeka,! Kansas
j City.
K. C. Local 114! 1:50 pmj 2:00 pm; 4:20 pm
Chicago Vesti- I
buie Llm 6' 2:35 pm! 2:55 pm 5:00 pm
Columbian Llm. 4 7:10 pm 7:30 pm t:30pm
Missouri liiver
Night Ex 8 5:40 am S:45 am 8:00 am
Topeka and
Kansas City
Plug 110 7:80 am :40sm
Man. Si B. Acc.
Ex. Sunday... 154 9:00pm
Between Kansas City and Topeka only.
I No.
St. Joe.
Leave Arrive
A tchis 'n I Topeka.
Pacific. Mexico
& Texas Ex
press Colorado Night
105 i
8:45 am
8:30 pm
9:35 am 11:25 am
9:20 pm 11:10 pm
Leave Arrive Arrive
Topeka. Atchis n St. Joe.
St. Joe MornlDg
Express j 108
St. Joe Evening!
Express 106
5:45 am 7:40 am 8:30am
4:30 pm! 6:20 pmj 7:10 pm
Buy railroad, Pullman or steamship tickets of
Agents Santa Fe route, southeast corner Sixth
and Kansas avenue. Topeka.
Or W. V. IiAkvet, Agent at Depot,
Agents, North Topeka.
In effect on and after April 29, 1894,
Solid Vestibule
Express A
Through Fast
Express B
Chicago. Texas
Express A
South we s tern
Express A
Southwest Night
Express B
ll:20amj 1:25 pm
9:20 pm 11:30 pm
10:3S am! 12:40 pm
Lv S.J.
9:85 am 12:40 pm
Lv S. J.
8:U0 pmll :30 pm
1:35 pm
11:40 pm
12:55 pm
11 :50 pm
Trains. No. Arrive Leave Kansas
Topeka. Topeka. City.
Limited Ex
press A 12 8:25 pm 3:30 pm 5:35 pm
Solid Limltedi
Vestibule Ex-
press Al 2 8:45pm S:50pmi 5:55pm
St. Joseph andj
Eastern i- Ar S. J.
press Ai 14 8:55pm 7:20om
Express amli
Mail via St. Ar S. J.
Joseph ('! 4 5:35am 6:50 am 9:20am
Express and
Mall via Kan-
tas City C 10 5:45am 6:00 am 8:00 am
A Daliy. B Dally, except Saturday. Ci
Daily, except Monday.
For tickets, sieeping-car berths and general
Information, cail at City Ticket office, Sol Kan
sas avenue, corner Sixth street, telephone 430):
at Passenger Station, corner First street ami
Kansas avenue, (telephone 34); orat Postoflico,
North Topeka, tteiepnone 3t4.
City Passenger Agent.
I.. T. & S. W.
Leave Topeka. .. -j "-0aloosa. j" '30 a m
Arrive Leavenworth, 11:00 a. m
W "ST.
Leave Leavenworth, "T.a Oskaloosa.. 5:40 p.m
Arrive Topeka 9:10 p.m
Accommodation, daily ex. Sunday.
Eastern Vestibule No. s, leaves 2:47 p. m.
ii. C. Accom. No. U. leaves 7:10 a. m.
Western Vestibule No. 7. leaves VJ-.oi p. m.
Saiina Accom. No. 5, leave-i tf 50 p. in.
Daily except Suuday. All others dady.
Train No. s. solid vestibule to Chicago, dining
car. tree chair cars. etc.. running over the Cm
cago Alton from Kansas City, has turouga
sieeper for nt. Louis via Missouri Paeiric.
Iran No. 7, solid vestibule for Denver,
making direct connection for Pacific coat.
Through Puiiman cars lor Sat La&e; through
coionist car to Portland, etc.. etc.
City ticket oSlce. 65 Kansas ave.
Train. Xo L'v's Topeka
Topeka and Fort Scott ac
commoiiation 2S5 30;0o a. m.
A'v's Topeka
Topeka and Fort Scott iu
couimodatiou 236 5:30 p. m.
Trains will leave Monroe Street station week
davs for Vmewood as follows: 6:45,9:19, 11:61,
S:o7. 5:41, 7:3J.
Tra.ns win leave Vinewood for Monroe street
at :i7, 1U:31, 1:02, 4:19. 6:50.
Leave Monroe street 8:02, 9:19, 10:36, 11:51,
1:50. 3:07 . 4:24, 5:41. 7:3i, 8:3tl, 8:3(.
Leave Vinewood 8:4J. 9:50, 11:16, 12:30, 2:30.
8:47. 5:o4. 6:24.
Eixtra Sunday trains will be run according
to company orders. Pocket edition time tabie
will ue laauoii iu near future.
All Summer Lohjj
seekers for enjoyment and travelers
who've an eye open for pleasure will find
luxurious delight In a trip on one of the
The Great Lake Route which touches
The Northern Michigan
Summer Rescrts.
Snepfjl Everybody's favorite stenroer tna
r-wuic.li handsome steel ".1AMTOI" wiil
start her seml-weekly trips twlxt Chicago
and Sault Ste Marie, about J une 15th.
w i r wna lor Illustrated pam-
". "i "r- phlets. Address Jos. Berolz-
heim, O. P. A.
IiAKesnciI. AX I) LAKH
acmMIOU 1I(A. t.O,
Rush and N. Water St. Chicago.
l.IO-HsBsas City and lie turn S1.50
Special excursion train Sunday, Au
gust 26. Fare fl.50 for the round trip.
This is probably the last low rate excur
sion of tha season. Santa Fe route.
The Daily Btatx
tha nfiwst
Jou&HAb prints ail
Billions of Dollars la Horns and Foreign
Securities Held la the Fatherland.
The thrifty Germans are piling up
wealth in the form of cash and se
curities at a rate which promises to
make them of great importance as a
creditor nation, according- to a
writer in the St Louis Globe-Democrat.
In view of the information
sent to the state department atWash
inton and lately given publicity,
the course of the German govern
ment is sticking close to the British
government on the silver question is
not surprising:. Germany has to a
marked degree the same interests
that Great Britain has in opposing;
anything- that tends toward infla
tion. Ilerr Miquel. the Prussian min
ister of finance, according to the re
port received by Secretary Gresham,
estimates that the people of
Prussia have at the present time
$7,075,740,000 in stocks, bonds and
loans. It is calculated that 25 per
cent of the wealth of Germany is in
vested in stocks and bonds and that
this will probably rise to 40 or 5 )
per cent in the next generation.
Professor Schmoller, a leading
authority on economies in the em
pire, estimates that of the 49,500,
000 people who make up the German
empire 2.500.0X) to 4,000,0)0 are in
receipt of incomes from invested
capital, says of those about one-half
hold public securities. In Prussia,
In the last ten years, the deposits in
the savings banks are claimed to
have augmented about $44,030,000
per annum, and throughout Ger
many probably $71. 400.000 to $95,
200,000, from which it is inferred
that the German nation is laying up
from $476,000,00 to $595,"00 J,0u0
annually, one-half of which goes into
securities. In the last ten years
there have been, in the aggregate,
about $952,000,000 to $1,190,000,000
worth of foreign and $1,904,000,000
worth of domestic securities put
upon the German market.
With reference to the question
whether Germany is wise in taking
so much foreign paper. Professor
Schmoller remarks that it is a
healthy symptom, and indicates a
thriving state of the people. and that,
although much money has been lost
thereby, it has been, on the whole, a
valuable experience and the means
of placing the German stock ex
changes on equal footing with those
of London, Paris and New York, a
position which they did Dot occupy
twenty-five years ago. The losses
of the country from investments in
foreign securities have been great but
they are argued to have been amply
offset by the profits realized. From
1860 to 1892 the Germans are reck
oned to have made $233,000,0 )0 in
American and Russian securities
alone, independent of all indirect
benefits which may have accrued to
the general business of the country
through the connections made in the
handling of such stocks and bonds.
Germany now holds probably if 2, 300.
000,000 worth of foreign securities,
which is presumably double what it
possessed ten years ago. The inter
est and dividends on these add about
$119,00X000 of wealth annually to
the country. This ha3 a marked
effect on the well-being of the coun
try and its trade balance. What the
country has lost in recent years
through unfortunate investments in
foreign securities has probably been
about $2 JO, 0 JO. O00, which, as re
marked above, has been fully com
pensated for by gains made.
How They Become Shapened According
to One's Culling;.
It appears probable that the tailor's
distinctive type of face may have
been partially created by his habit
of working- his jaws concomitantly
with his shears. Let any one watch
a person cutting a piece of tough
material with scissors and he will
see that the lower part of the face
wa?s in rhythmic and spontaneous
unison with the blttdes. Shepherds
and farm laborers who join sheep
shearing gangs certainly acquire a
different expression while engaged in
this kind of work.
The cast of countenance by which
ope so easily recognizes a groom is
partially explicable from the fact
that the muscles which close the jaw
and compress the lips are always
called into play when wo are assert
ing our will over tha' of a horse
Nearly all jockeys and other horsey
men have a peculiar set of the mouth
and chin, but I have been unable to
distinguish any special characteristic
about the eye or other part of tha
It is instructive to compare the
visage of the ruler of horses with
that of the ruler ot men. Tha
horseman's face shows command in
the mouth, the drill sergeant's in
the mouth and the eye. The last is
undoubtedly the most effective in
strument in exacting obedience from
our own species. Here we get a
hint of the cause of that want of
dignity, that element of coarseness
which is discernible in the counten
ances of some men and women who
have much to do with horses- Tha
higher and nobler method of ex
pressing authority is outweighed by
the lower and more animal one.
Fcsrs nl Poultry.
According to the census the L'nited
States produced 457,00 1,000 dozen of
eggs In 1879 and 817.000. 0 JO dozen
in 189. These figures are probably
under the mark. At the figures giv
en, however, the annual egg product
of the United States amounts to
$100,000,000. If to this we add the
value of the poultry so!d we 6hall
obtain a pretty high figure for tha
annual output of the department
One authority has placed it at $390.
000,000. Iu 1893 the entire wheat
crop of the United States amounted to
396,000,000. bushels, worth leas than
Fresh Beef, Sweet and Sound. A f ter
Lonf Kxpoenre In the San.
How did you like the roast beef?"
"Splendid; best I have had for a
long while. "
Have some more?"
"You bet. Give me some
too. "
It was at a dinner party of
paper men, and the piece de
ance was a big roast of beef.
and juicv, and cooked just
Lvervbody enjoyed it, but there wai
a hush on the company when tha
host said: "Gentlemen do you know
that this roast of beef has been ly
ing exposed to the sun for twenty
one days in a window?"
"On Ice. though," exclaimed one
of the gourmands with his fork ex
tended midway between his mouth
and his plate.
"No, sir," said the host. "No ice,
or it would have been spoiled."
There were some wry faces until it
was explained that the meat had
been preserved by what is known as
the ozone process, which consists of
processing foods by permeating them
into their innermost fibres with
ozone gas, thus purifying and pre
serving simultaneously. It Is otrange
to oe sure, but meat so processed is
not affected by the atmosphere. The
explanation is that ozone is the
purifying element of the atmosphere,
and is that portion of it that gives
life and health to Qur systems and
this treatment prevents decompo
sition, which is simply the con
sumption of animal and vegetable
matter by septic gerras.accompaaied
by chemical action. The process
has been used by a number of hotels
Kast and South and by some trans
portation companies. It is a new
thing in the Northwest, however,
says the Minneapolis Times, and it is
not to be wondered at that tha gen
tlemen at the dinner party were dis
mayed when told that they had been
eating meat that had been exposed
to the sun for three weeks. It was
undoubtedly true, however, as the
written testimony of the butcher to
this effect was produced when soma
question was raised as to the truth
of the assertion of the host.
A Good Wing Shot.
A schoolmistress in Australia sued
three young men for breach of prom-
lse. Counsel tor or
for a nonsuit on th
was too much eng
seemed disposed
tion, whereupon the
"Judge, did you
them moved
ound that she
1. The court
grant the mo
plaintifl asked:
ever go duck
The udge. with the pride of a
sportsman Well, I should say so!
Many's the time I brought down half
a dozen at a shot.
I knew it!" eagerly exclaimed
the fair plaintiff. "That's just the
case with me, judge. A flock of
these fellows besieged me, and I
winged three of them."
The motion for a nonsuit was re
fused. Slros of Shore Needed.
In buying shoes, by the way, it is
well to remember that the feet are
one-third of an inch lonfer when tha
body is standing than when seated,
and the elongation is further in
creased when walking, for the weight
is then thrown entirely on one foot
at each alternate step; so that in
choosing one's boots it is absolutely
necessary that an allowance should
be made for this. The shortness
may not be felt at once, but after a
few weeks it becomes very manifest;
and, moreover by forcing the great
toe back it is apt to create a bunion
on the joint. New York Tribune.
From Ilia Point of View.
She Where are you going
Edward 't
He My dear, a wise woman never
asks her husband where he is going.
"And yet a wise man may ask his
You are mistaken my dear.
Wise men naver have any wives."
Tha Highest Town r.
The public building of Philadel
phia, when finished, will have the
highest tower on any building in tha
world. It will be 537 feet high.
The building covers four acres, and
will be finished next year at a cost
of $10,000,000.
A South African Iloo.ehold.
A typical Southern African house
hold described by Olive Schreiner
had an English father, a half Dutch
mother with a Frencn name, a Scotch
governess, a Zulu cook, a Hottentot
housemaid and a Kaffir stable
hoy. while the little girl who waited
on the table was a Las u to.
A Queer State of Affairs.
In Franklin county, Maine, there
is a divorced wife who for two years
has been housekeeper for herex-hus-band.
Things go on smoothly, in
spita of the fact that the house
keeper is visited twice a week by an
attentive beau.
' An Appropriate Title.
i "I think you do well to call your
i book 'Fugitive Verses.' "
I "I"m glad you approve."
j "Yes, it's very appropriate, though
j I think it's a great pity they don't
i escape." Juage.
Alt in Fire Arret.
In a patch of five acres in Burnett
county. Texas, are to be found nickel,
gold, silver, lead and tin and a large
number of rare metals, such as ceri
um, lantharum, erbium, thorium
and uranium.
Chickens From Preserved Eggs.
A French naturalist has hatched
chickens from eirsrs which he has
i kept fresh for two years. To pre
serve the eggs he dips each in a so
lution of gum lao dissolved in alco-hoL
Hany Odd, Curious, and Laughable Phases
of Human Nature Graphically Portrayed
fcy Eminent Word ArtlkLa of Our Own IT
A Bmiaret of Fun.
Sprinkle of pire.
If things don't come your way, why
go round and head them oft- Galves
ton News.
Alligator skin seems very appro
priate as material for making a grip
WsfrrdowD with his colors flying
the pninter when his staging broke.
Liowell Courier.
Unfortunately a man's funeral
sermon cimes too late to live up to.
Syracuse Courier.
AViien the devil conies to an empty
mind he is sure of a place to etay all
night. Ram's Horn.
No logician has ever yet con
vinced a boy that it was time to
come out of the water. Plain Detiler.
Shk -What 13 the tariff?- He
(trembling) "You wouldn't dare to
say that to me if you were a man."
Detroit Free Press.
Don't fool with a wap tiecauseyou
think he looks weak and tired; you
will find out he's all right In the
end. Lowell Courier.
Talk about energy! Has anyone
more than the woman who works the
beefsteak pounder that wiiks you up
in the morning? Atchison Globe.
Muk IIowkholdeu "The Jcernan
didn't call this rrornlDg. " Cook
"Yes, ma'am, he did. There Is a
puddle on the doorsteps.- Leaven
worth Time.
A bot never eaw all of a circus:
he firmly believes that only half of
it is there, the half that is on tbo
bills being in some other town. At
chison Globe.
"Tins is what might be termed a
tit of sharp practice," murmurrd the
barber's apprentice as he started in
on his task of learning to hone a ra
zor. Buffalo Courier.
She Mr. Bacon tried to put his
arm about my waist four or five times
lat night. He Is Mr. Bacon a freak
or is your waist so very small?
Yonkers Statesman.
She "What did you mean by say
ing that I looked like a chronio?" lie
"Why er I meant to say that you
did not look as though you were paint
ed. " Indianapolis Journal.
A fi ve-yeak-old toy with long
flaxen curls looks a great deal pret
tier to his mother than he docs to
the short-haired llttie boys who play
with him. Somervllle Journal.
Tkacher "The race is not always
to the swift. Do you understand the
inner meaning of that?" Bright
Boy "Sometimes tl e head feller's
tire gets punctured. " Good T.'evs.
Billtired "The world owes me a
good livin' an' that's ail they be to it."
Tom Wiser "Yes, ol' boy, but you
see they is so many 'o you fellers that
she can't pay her bills." Boston Cuu-
rier- " m
This is the season of revenge. The
young man who was laughed at when
he slipped on the banana peel watches
the gigtilesonie young woman whu
the hammock breaks. Washington
"liKrt pardon," said the missionary,
"but you will translate hli niaicsty'!
remarks again? Did h tell his daugh
ter that he was to have guests to din
ner or for dinner?" Indianapolis
Miis. Hale (just married) "Maria,
we will have ee! as a second coura
for dinner." Maria "How much
ought I to Ret. ma'am?" Mrs. Hale
"I think twelve yards will be su21
clent. " Yogtie.
Mbs Bkllkfif.lo (relating an in
cident) Then I "dropped my voice,
and Mr. Ilaiket (interrupting)
That wouldn't hurt it. You s N
such a soft voice, you know. Pitts
burg Chronicle.
She "Our engagement Is endd. I
have changed my mind." He "H-m!
That's only a slight dirtlculty. I
wasn't courting you as an intellectual
woman, so your mind doesn t enter
into the case." Truth.
Tiiii Enthusiastic Admikfii
Tteally, you hive the most beautiful
natural mpjexi"n 1 ever saw In toy
life. The Thoughtless Girl (with sur
prise) Why. you have never seen It.
Steamship Bulletin.
"Do you believe iu second sight?"
asked Pumley of Jack Pott, and the
other answered grim y: "I caw a man
with four aces the other night, and 1
Bhall not try a second sight for some
time." Bofton Cocumercial.
Vhy, " she said, as she watched
the tumbling wavesc une in, "do they
call them breakers?' "I cannot tell,"
he replied 1n solemn toru s, "un ess
it's because li csts mo T.fiO a day to
get near them." Detroit Free Pres.
Aunt .Amanda "I hear the Cor
ners Is goin' to have free mall d1.
livery." Uncle Reuben "Another of
them confounled citiR-d notion-:
How's a man goin' to hear the new
without goin down t tho posloitice? "
Arkansaw Traveler.
Callf.h 1 mi j pof.e, Grace, t ii.it
your being rhosn valPd lctoria n f
the class will make considerable study
and preparation ne e-sary. Grace
Oh, no, ind ed. I ve left everything
to mother and the dresemaker. Ark
ansaw Traveler.
Countryman (to , dentist) "i
wouldn't pay nothin' extra fer gas.
Jest yank her out if It does hurt."
Dentist "You are plucky, sir. Let
me see the tooth." Countryman
"Oh. 'taln't me that's got the tooth
ache; it's ray wife She'll be hr in
I a minute. "Thft Watwtiir,

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