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-Gigantic Swindle Meant to Eake
in $7,500,000.
John C. Beatty of Texas in a
Fair Way
IIi3 Scheme Punctured Just
in Time.
New Toek, Sep. 11. According1 to
alleg-ation-i contaiied in a complaint
filed in the United States circuit
court, Judge Laconibe will be called
upon to-day to take action with the
object of preventing" the continuation
and final consum mation of what is
characterized as the most colossal
fraud in modern times. The chief
actor in this schema ia John
C. Eeatty, an Aiaerican, at present
residing- in Texts. Ills victims in
clude prominent Kew Yorkera and
other residents of the United States
and Canada, llow far the scheme has
succeeded has not yet been deter
mined, but one . victim, James II.
Beatty, president of the German and
Northwest insura jce company of On
tario, Canada, and of the Federal life
insurance company of Hamilton, Ont,
swears he has lost 837,500, and it is
charged that the goal of John C.
Realty's ambition was to fraudulently
obtain possession of 7,500,000. The
complainants in the case in addition
to James H. Beatty are James C. Aik
en, lienjiimin 11. Doane and Leo
AVormsercf New York. The defend
ants are Frank A. Miller, Charles II.
Dow, Samuel N. "Wood, Finis P. Earn
est, Frank Church, J. II. Brown, Chas.
"W. Kittredg-e, James V. Carlisle,
Thomas J. O'Donnoll of California,
and John C. Beatty of Texas, all
directors or trustees of the Colorado
lliver Irrigation company.
The company was first organized on
January 7, 1892, under the name of
the Arizona and Sonora Land and
Irrigation company, but the title was
chana-od on January 9, 1893, to its
present form. Its ostensible object
was to carry on the irrig-ation of land
iu California, Arizona, Lower Cali
fornia and Mexico. Its capital stock
was 87,500.000, divided into 150,000
shares of 4,50 each.
According- to the complaint, how
ever, the company was organized by
John C. I'.eatty for his sole interest
and benefit, and to enable hira to real
ize $7,500, 000 on a tract of worthless
land containing- 1, 300,000 acres on the
Altar river in the province of Sonora,
Mexico, to which, it is said, he did not
even have a title. Having org-anized
the company and obtained the issue
of capital stock by alleged fraud
a nd fictitious state nents, it is charg-ed,
John C. Beatty went about negotiating-
with the object of transferring
the land to the company for the whole
of its capital stock, or 7,500,000. The
land formed part of what is known in
Mexico as the Jecher concession, the
meaning of which is not explained in
the complaint, but it is charg-ed that
John C Beatty had no title to it.
The board of directors, it is charged,
were then, as now, the mere tools
find creatures of John C Beatty,
ready and willing- at all times to
tarry out his behests. The president
of the board was Charles II. Dow, and
by a vote of the majority it was
agreed to transfer 250,000 shares of
the stock to Join C lieatty for
57,500,000 as soon as it was possible
to carry out the transfer. The direc
tors being Mr. Beatty'a factotums,
made no effort to investigate either
the character of the land or the
genuineness of Mr. Beatty's title to it.
To further facilitate matters, Mr.
Beatty's board of directors decided to
appoint him manf ger, with exclusive
control of the al?a rsof the company,
s.t a salary of 0,000, while Frank A.
Miller, concerned with Beatty, was
elected vice president of the company
and also given a salary of 80,000 a
year, both of which transactions are
charged to be illegal. The first actual
transfer of stock was made on Jan
uary 10 by the board of directors,
when S4.CK0 shares were transferred
to John C. Beatty on the basis of 560
acres of land, or one shafe for ten
acres. John CX. Beatty himself pre
sided at this meeting, and against the
yrotests of James II. Beatty, a stock
holder, it was agreed to issue 56,000
fchares of new stock.
The known assets of the company
did not exceed 840.(H). It had no bank
account since last, October, and was
obliged to g-ive .p its office at 60
Broad street, this city, last July, for
non-payment of rent. Its ofilces in
Philadelphia. "Wivshing-ton, Denver
and other cities had previously been
given ip, after the country for rnfles
uround had been flooded with pros
pectuses and pamphlets declaring the
land an Eldoradc. The only place
where the company now has an office
is in Providence, I- L
At the present time it is Impossible
to ascertain how much money has
leen paid into the company, but all
that has been paid, it is declared, has
pone into the pickets of John C
Beatty. By an international agree
ment the waters o! the Colorado river,
except under certain conditions, can
not be used for purposes of irrigation.
Oklahoma Olvorc Dtoliloa.
Pf.hp.t, Ok., Sept. 11. Much excite
ment exists here over the decision of
the supreme court; of Oklahoma, an
nulling all divorces granted by pro
bate judg-s since August 13, 1393.
There has been :nore than 100 di
vorces granted here. Among the
number is that of William M. Bowles
from Oetat ia Bowles of Vienna, Mo.
Mr. Bowles is now city attorney of
Perry. Under the decision many per
sons are liable 10 prosecution for
bigamy, having nmrried again.
Vermont Election Returns.
r.cn.xn, Vt., Sept. 11. P.eturns
from all towns in tie state show the
Republican majority to be 27,310, and
the plurality 28,3 !. Ofiieial returns
Will change these figures very little.
The Daily iat Jou&SAi print 11
Beoretaxy Carlisle Kikea a K ailing on
Section Moo,
Washington, Sept. 1L Secretary
Carlisle yesterday addressee, the fol-
f lowing letter to Com m issiono r Jof In
i ternal Revenue Miller: .
"I have received your letter of the
5th instant, in which you inclose a
telegram from Collector Wellborn of
San Francleco, requesting to be in
formed whether section 9 of the new
tariff act prohibits the dilution or
mixture of distilled spirits hi bonded
manufacturing houses, or only the
manufacture of distilled spirits from
such dilutions or mixtures. In reply
you are informed the department
holds that the purpose of the para
graph is the exclusion of the manu
facture of alcohol of any form in
bonded warehouses. No original 'al-
) cohol can be produced by any process
tinder such bonds. The mixture of
distilled spirits and the use of the same
as component materials of articles
manufactured in bonded warehouses
are not prohibited,' but such spirits
must bel introduced into the bonded
warehouses aud not created therein."
Condition of Cora 6 i. 4 Per Coct Against
69.1 a Month Ago.
WASHJS-GTOjr, Sept. 10. The August
government report, issued this after
noon, made the condition of corn 03. 4
per cent against 69. 1 a month ago and
75.1 at harvest in 1303.
The condition of corn in the princi
pal states is: Kansaa 43, Nebraska
15, Iowa 40, Missouri 70, Ohio 70, In
diana 60, Illinois 78, Wisconsin 51.
The conditionof the entire wheat
area is 83.7. The August condition of
spring wheat was H7. 1, the July con
dition of winter wheat S3. 9. No re
port on winter wh?at was made in
August. The condition of the entire
area in September 1893 was 74 per
The condition of wheat in the prin
cipal states is: Michigan, 91; Indiana,
103, Illinois 101, Kansas 53, Nebraska
40, Missouri 91, Minnesota S t, South
Dakota 32, North Dakota 74. California
83, Oregon 83, Washington G7, Tennes
see 73, Kentucky 92, Texas i)2.
Car Shop Committee at Lawrence.
Lawrence, Kan., Sept. 11. The
committee sent to Kansas to find a.
location for co-operative car shops to
be established somewhere in the
state, arrived here last evening. The
committee consists of Levi Myers, V.
Wellman and C. O. Allen. The latter
is the owner of valuable patents for
sleeping cars, and it is for the manu
facture of these that a location is
sought. The gentlemen will look
the situation over here and see what
the citizens have to offer.
Duty on Lead Ores.
Washington, Sept. 11. The new
tariff act contained a proviso that the
rate of duty under the Mclvinley act
should be imposed on lead ore or lead
dross or silver ores containing lead
when imported from countries impos
ing an export duty thereon. The
treasury department, in a circular
states that Italy and Spain are the
only countries affected. Japan, how
ever, ia also aifected by a subsequent
proviso relating to the duty on pig
Chargrea "With "Vtolafiae "l'ostal I,a-ws.
St. Jospph, Mo., Sept. 11. Mrs.
Susan A. Eddy, living in this city, was
arrested last evening on a warrant
sworn out by Mrs. Kate Godbey,
charging her with intercepting and
opening her mail. She was arraigned
before United States Commissioner
Pollock and her hearing set for this
evening-. Mrs. Eddy has four children
ranging from 6 to 21 years. Her hus
band is at the Soldiers' home at Leav
enworth. Chinese Transport Sunk.
LosDor, Sept. 11. A dispatch re
ceived here from Shanghai says ttat
the Chinese transport Chean, while
proceeding to Formosa with 1.-J00
troops on board, was wrecked in the
Che-Tuug pass. A panic occurred on
hoard when the steamer went ashore,
but all the soldiers and the crew
were lauded safely in her boats.
There is no hope of saving the trail
An Anti-Vaccination League.
Chicago, Sept. 11. A number of
Chicagoans under the leadership .of
M. II. Uartland of Englevvood have
formed the Chicago anti-coinpulscry
vaccination league, which proposes
to oppose with all its might the cus
tom of vaccination. Compulsory vac
cination will be the immediate object
against which the organization will
direct a crusade.
.A Diamond Ripper Nipped.
St. Locis, Mo., Sept. 11. James
Bryant, alias J. C. Borton, with sev
eral other names, has been arrested
here for diamond nipping. He hs said
to be one of the most expert thieves
in thi line in the country.
Bis; i ire In Minneapolis
MnfNEAPOLi,i, Minn., Sept. 11. At 1
o'clock this morning the old city mar
ket on Bridge square, a land mark of
the city, ia in flames and will be a
total loss.
The steamer Ilaytiene Republic,
which was held in libel by Uncle Sam
over a year ago for smuggling, has
been sold at Portland for $15,0u0.
Rudy's Pile Suppository is gaaranteed
to cure Piles and Constipation, or money
refunded. DO cents per box. bt nd stamp
for circular and free sample to Martin
Rudy, Lancaster, Pa. For sale by all
Erstclaas druggists, and in Topeka by W.
K. Kennedy, corner Fourth and Kanjas
Your Blaod a Your Life.
Without good blood coursiag through
your veins you will soon look, wrinkled
and dried 'up. A few dasej of Beggs'
Blood Puriaar and Blood Maker will
change your whole system, giv.ng you a
healthy, fresh and youthful appearance.
Sold and guaranteed by your popular
druggist, W. It Kennady.
What are by new fall goods,
610 Kansas ave.
Prescott & Co. will remove t 113
West Eighth this monta.
State Officials of Mississippi to
Be Arrested.
Charged With Violating United
States Statutes,
IX. ISSUING $200,000
Of Mississippi Special Warrants
in Imitation of Money.
Jackson-, Miss., Sept. 11. Warrant
were yesterday sworn out for the
arrest of the following- stata ofScers
of Mississippi:
J. M. Stone, governor; W. W. Stone,
auditor, and J. J. Evans; state treas
urer. William J. Burns, special agent
of the secret service bureau at Wash
ington, who has been here for the
past two months on the special war
rant case, has made affidavit before
Commissioner L. B. Mosely, charging
them with violating section 5,430 of
the revised statutes of the United
States in issuing 200,000 Mississippi
special warrants, charged to be in the
similitude of United States currency.
The warrant was placed in the hands
ot United States Marshal J. McNealy.
Auditor Stone appeared before the
commissioner and entered into per
sonal recognizance for $1,000 for his
appearance at the November term of
the circuit court, waiving examina
tion. The warrants have not been
served on Governor Stone, who was
officially engaged, nor on State
Treasurer Evans, who is out of the
city. They will be served on the
governor to-day and on the treasurer
when he returns. The affidavit
contains three charges conta:ning
each of the three denominations of
warrants with a photograph print of
both the front and back of the same.
These charges allege that on the 15th
day of June, 1894, the aforesaid men
tioned state officials did unlawfully
and feloniously at Jackson, Miss., and
not by direction of any proper officer
of the United States, print, photo
graph, make and caused to be printed,
photographs, prints or impressions of
the likeness of national bank currency
of said United States.
The state officers have been expect
ing these proceeding-s for several days
and were not therefore the least sur
prise 1 when served. They appeared
not al all disturbed and are sanguine
of the successful termination of the
The first demand made by the
United States government was a few
days ago, when Special Officer Burnes
demanded the canceled plates from
which the warrants were printed.
His demand was refused. lie wired
the result to Washington and re
ceived instructions to swear out war
rants for the arrest of the officials.
Governor Stone was seen, and said
the state officials had no purpose to
violate any United States law, and
that he did not believe that such law
had been violated; that the matter
was now to come before a court for
which he had the greatest respect
and in which he had the utmost con
fidence. He did not, therefore, care
to publicly discuss the matter.
United States Senators G. Z. George
and A. J. McLaurin and ex-Chief Jus
tice J. A. P. Campbell have been re
tained by the state officials to defend
Eepnblicaoi Carry the State toy the
Lamest Majority In its History.
Augusta, Me., Sept. 11. Returns
from over 100 cities and towns indi
cate that the state has re-elected Gov
ernor Cleaves (lie publican) over
Charles F. Johnson (Democrat) by a
majoriy which will exceed 47,000, the
largest in the history of the party.
The Republicans have carried every
county in the state audit is estimated
that the legislature will have a
working Republican majority of 125,
which insures the re-election of Sena
tor William P. Frye. Thomas B. Reed
has been re-elected to congress by a
plurality estimated at 10,000. Nelson
Uing-ley", Seth H. Milligan and H.
Boutelle are also re-elected to con
gress by majorities ranging from 6,000
to 9,000. The total vote will probably
exceed 110,000.
A Very Large Increase Shown In the
Volume of Business TrftORacted.
Washington, Sept. 11. The annual
report of the comptroller of the cur
rency was made public yesterday. It
is a record of the work of the comp
troller's office, and shows the total
number of accounts, claims and cases
settled during the fiscal year endinjj
June 30 last was 33,465, involving
5280,602,002. By comparing the work
of this office for the past three fiscal
years, an increase in volume of bus
iness since 1891, in round numbers, of
S104.000 000 is shown, with an increase
in the last fiscal year of 84,000,000.
Short in Her Account.
Ottawa, Kan., Sept. 11. Mrs. Z. T.
Clayton, formerly Mrs. Waller, and
administratrix of the estata of her
late husband, Waller, was arrested
yesterday afternoon at the instance
of her bondsmen as she was taking
the train for Chicago to join her hus
band. It was found she was short in
her accounts Saturday, and she was
arrested, but promised to pay up yes
terday. She did not do so and was at
the depot when arrested, the second
time. Her action is a surprise to all
who know her.
Gronnd to Pieces by a Train.
PrnsBUEO, Pa., Sept. 10. Mrs.
Eleanor Scott, 70 years old, of Mary
ville, Mo., accidently stepped from
the vestibule of an incoming train and
was ground to pieces. It was her
daughter's bridal tour and the party
was coming to this city to see the en
campment and visit relatives.
Subscribe for the Daily Statu Jocksai.
Western Kansas Iafiictad With
Soakers aad Gaily Washers.
Gabdek City, Kan., Sept. 1L West
ern Kansas is groaning under
the unusual affliction of muddy
roads and too much water. Heavy
rains have fallen at intervals the past
week throughout this region and the
ground is thoroughly soaked. Asa re
sult a very largely increased acreage
of wheat will be sown- The moisture
in the ground is believed to be suffi
cient to start the crop and carry it
until spring rains set in, judging
from past experiences.
OuTHRnc, Ok., Sept. 11. A heavy
rain fell here last night and to-day,
putting an end to the drouth and
causing the temperature to fall near
ly fifty degrees. Six miles north of
here, at Lawrie, a cloudburst did a
great amount of damage, washing out
the railroad track and carrying away
a frame church. Much other damage
is reported further north.
To a family at New Orleans has
been born a babe weighiDg only nine
The search for the missing Dr.
Conkling at Stone Lake, Ind., has
been given up.
Ed. Shuey of Logansport, Ind.,
eloped with his sweetheart and took
j her mother alon-,
The steamer Aurania will take out
50,000 ounces of silver and 40,000 Mex
ican dollars.
An anti-crime vigilance committee
has been organized in the Sand Hills
country of Nebraska.
Secretary J. Sterling Morton is be
ing talked of as a Democratic candi
date senator from Nobiaska.
Professor Ilenrioh Karl Brugfen,
the distinguished philologist and
Egyptologist, is dead, aged us years.
A aispatcn irom uenoa announces
the death l u
that city of Baron Er
well known German
lander. the
I banker.
i It is said
that Japan
has agreed
upon S750.000 as the sum sufficient to
pay for blowing up the Kow-Shing.
In an attempt to wreck a saloon at
Elmwood, Ind., the barkeeper, James
McDermott, shot and killed one man
and wounded another.
In Piedmont, Ala., two members of
the family of Ed S. Downs have died
from drinking water out of a poisoned
i well, while two more are not expect-
ed to recover.
j In New Bedford, Mass., the City
j mills have started up at the old rate
of wages. About 250 operatives re
sumed work. There is no other
change in the strike situation,
i ' Emma Aumann, the common-law
wife of Billy Piimmer,' the champion
bantam weight pugilist, committed
suicide at the Coney Island hotel.
Colonel W. E. Haynes has declined
the nominrtion for congress from the
Thirteenth Ohio district, tendered
him by the Democratic convention
held at Sandusky September 4.
Link Waggoner a noted desperado
of North Louisiana and Eastern
Texas, was shot to death in the parish
jail at Minden, La., by a mob. In
numerable murders are laid at his
Forest fires are raging in Morrison
and the northern part of Benton
counties, Minnesota. Much timber is
being destroyed, aud large crews of
men are fighting to protect the lum
ber interests.
In Pittsburg, Pa., the Prison War
dens' association of the United States
is in session, with wardens from all
the prominent penal institutions in
the country in attendance. Prison
discipline was the principal topic of
An explosion of eras occurred in No.
4 slope of the Pennsylvania Coal com
pany at Pittston. Pa. One hundred
miners at work had a narrow escape.
All got out, however, witn the excep
tion of Superintendent Bryden.
The pope is said to have expressed
a wish to arrange the troubles be
tween China and Japan, but was pre
vented by France, who feared that
the intervention of the church would
undo the work France was carrying on
in the East.
The disaster to the Paris and
Cologne express train at Apilly be
tween No'on and Chauriy Sunday was
more serious than at first supposed.
From 40 to 60 were killed or injured.
Twelve dead bodies have been taken
from the wreck.
In Chicago Colonel Thomas Jeffer
son Dolan, the well-known Demo
cratic politician, was found wander
ing about the streets in a dazed con
dition, and was taken into custody by
the police. Dolan had forgotten his
own name, and will be examined by
the insane court.
The New York Constitutional con
vention, in committee of the whole,
adopted a resolution changing the
term of governor and lieutenant gov
ernor from three years to two years,
and providing that in all cases the
state engineer shall be a practical
civil engineer.
In Newark, N. J., 500 cloakmakers
belonging to the order of United Gar
ment Makers of America quit work,
and twenty-two shops were compelled
to close. The men assert that they
are compelled to work eighteen hours
a day, and the strike is to feecure a
reduction to ten hours.
The American Society of Irrigation
Engineers is holding its second an
nual convention in Denver. The fol
lowing officers have been elected:
President, James P. Maxwell; vice
president, E. M. Boggs; secretary and
treasurer, John S. Titcomb; directors,
G. W. Anderson, Samuel Fortier and
James D. Schuyler.
Ex-Governor Zulic of Arizona is in
Washington, and has written a letter
to the president vigorously opposing
the removal of Chief Geronimo an i
his Apaches from Mount Vernon Bar
raeks in Alabama, where they are
now confined, to their former reser
vation in Arizona.
Just as the congregation was leav
ing the Mount Pleasant church at
Foxtown, Ky., William Sixsmith
stepped up to the organist, Mrs.
Jones, and fired two shots at her from
a pistol. Only one bullet struck her,
but her corset stays saved her life
and she was only badly frightened.
Sixsmith escaped. No cause is known
for the attempted murder.
g - -
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Shorthand aad Type writing-.
Carriages, jPliaotoiic,
W Spring Wagons, 6zo.
orders and repairing promptly attended to.
Sleeplessness, Neural
Meian.cb.oly, Spasms,
Z ' Irretuiar
Heart Beat, St. Vitus'
Dance, Hysteria, Back
Ache, neadaclie, Worry,
Despondency, Nervous
ness, Female Irregulari
ties, Hives, Heart Burn,
Cramps, Heart Failure,
Nervous Prostration, Dia
betes and Epilepsy.
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Tickets on sale September 9 to 15; good
returning until September 17. Two
trains each way daily, via Ilock Island
Mr. Harry E. Overholt, late toller of
the Kansas National bank, lias taken
charge of the Rock Island City Ticket
office during the absenco of Mr. II. O.
Garvey, and will be pleased to see Lis
friends at 001 Kuns. ave.
I want to give away 4.000 bunches o,
chewing gum to the school children, so
this week every purcraser of 10c worth
of school supplies gets free a 6-ceut
package of chewing gum.
Trouf's "Entebphise.
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Of an appropriate name for a new brand
of 10c cigars? Send in your thoughts and
if vour suggestion is selected, you will re
ceive the first box of 100 of the new
brand of cigars. Ail names must be m
before Sept. 15. Geo. Bi-kohart,
bOl Kansas av&.
U Via-' L.mi L.

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