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Highest of all in Leavening: Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
L 4 4j
n o
Thomas Moody of Lenexa Tram
pled by Texas Steers.
1 . vol
! J
Mil 'itM
Bicycle Races at Salina
Closed Yesterday.
it 1 1 J )
617-619 Kansas Avenue.
ToMorrow Our First Sale This Fall.
An Ottawa Boy Has His Thumb
Torn Off.
. .-i
FITS for Dress, for Business or
for hard wear and tear. Suits
of Cassiinere, of Cheviots, Mel
tons and Clay Worsteds. Suits
worth $13.50, ?ia50 aud $13. To
stir ju a lively business tomorrow
Sac1.; Suits, either round or straight
cut, and none but what will receive
cur recommendation for thorough
make and tit.
m I u
LITTLE early yet to talk Over
coals, but we are referring to
the kind suitable for this very
weather and season. Chilly morn
ings and evenings these
No sale before or after
this one will epial these
values. TRY IT !
Are even a trreater bargain than
the suits. We mut reduce the
quantity. Here yiu will find Over
coats actually worth from $13 to
$16.50, black and colored Worsteds,
Tweeds, Meltons and Cassimeres.
Tomorrow" Price SIO.OO.
fi FT fs
Mothers, we remind you again One thousand p&irs of boy's knee Pants
to select from. For $3.50 we sell the "Wan? on top" bargain in boy's
short pant Suits. Buy these Suits and you'll have no mending and sewing
on of buttons to do.
Kansas Crrr, Sept 28. Thomas
f J . Moody, a stockman, residing at Lenexa,
KrgJ Kan3., was seriously ir jured at the stock
i yards yesterday, lie came in with a
load of stock in the morning aud after
disposing of it started out to buy a load
of feeders to take back home. lie was
-walkinz along one of the alleys when a
bunch of Texas steers came along and
took after him. Before he could get on
top of the fence they knocked him down
and trampled him badly.
lie was removed to the police station,
where his injuries were attended to by
Police Surgeon Lutz. They consisted of
a broken jaw bone, several bruises on
the body aud serious internal in j uries. lie
was then taken to St. Margaret's hospi
tal, where he will remain until he can be
taken home. At the time of his accident
he was iu company with his brother, lid
ward Woody, of the same place.
C2f -f '
liquors to Mrs. Landrum two years a.o,
wrecking their home and blasting their
future happiness.
VI. w.
tblishsd 1 874
The Largest First Class
Grocery House in Kansas.
20 lbs standard .Granulated Sugar. . . .$1.00
Two ears of new California standard Canned Fruits'
not seconds, will sell less than it cost to pack
Peaches 12 he per
Apricots 12-ic per
Egg plums 12ic per can
Gage plums 12ic per can
Grapes 12 ic per can
Pears -. . 15c per can
ic W. W. liialer Mi.
m . nit r m irTi
A Seoon.l Floor. IUP q C. I 1 KUUb fU)C,V.IU.
Fluislcal culture.
I I &sonic
111 Building.
Active Class
Work will
begin Oct. ist.
After Lady Windermere's Fan at the Grand
Devil's Auction Oct. lO.
Tomorrow will be the opening night of
"Lady Windermere's Fan" at the Grand.
The company will be in from the west
tomorrow at 2 o'clock from Wichita,
where it plays tonight. It played in
Denver last week; aud the press of that
city devoted a good deal of space to
the praise of the piece and the company.
Oscar Wilde has put many bright things
into the mouths of his characters. The
piece will be repeated Monday night.
The next play will be "Our Dorothy," a
comedv, which will hold the boards on
Friday and Saturday nights, the 5th and
On Wednesday night, the 10th, we will
have Charles 11,'Yaie's "Devil's Auction"
with new people and new scenery. This
wa0u Omaha last week and the papers
said it was much better than last season.
It will be here only the one night
At tlie 31 usee.
There will be a new attraction at the
Musee next week. Miss Edna Clayton,
supported by James II. Browne's dra
matic company of fourteen people will
open Monday in "The Black Flag" and
finish the week there. This company
played at Atchison last week and
the papers were full of praise
of it. Miss Clayton is said to
be handsome and have a charming stage
presence. Her company is fully up to
her standard. It will be the best reper
toire company Topeka has seen this win
ter. Sunday night Dr. Alexander Hume and
Kate Fox will be at the musee and give
a spiritualistic entertainment "in full gas
light." They promise many wonderful
sights to their audience.
The vauaevnia company is sun ai mis
house and giving good entertainments of
its class. The specialties are very good.
Tonight there will be a change of bill
and new specialties, and a new play will
be put on.
The Records Were Good Notwithstanding
the Stroiijf Wind.
Salina, Kan. Sept. 28. Yesterday
closed one of the best bicycle meets
ever held in the state. Al
though the wind blew unfavorably, some
of the marks made approach the records
of the champions of the state.
Salina boys seemed to carry away
most of tho honors.
The races today resulted as follows:
Novice, one mile, S. S. Owens 1st, A.
L. Vernon 2d, Ed. M. Geis 3d, E. E. Shol
labarger 4th. Time 3:44l.
One mile, open. Fred Eberhardt 1st,
O. V. Vernon 2d, E. J. Kawson of Tope
ka 3d, W. N. llagler 4th. lime 2:33.
One mile, boys under 10 years E. E.
Shellabarger 1st, Leo F. Geis 2d, How
ard Seiver 3d. Time 4:14.
Two mile, open Fred Eberhardt 1st,
E. J- Kawson, Topeka, 2d, O, V. Vernon
3d. Time 5:26.
Half-mile, open E. J. Kawson, To
peka, 1st, Frank Eberhardt 2d, W. N.
Hazier 3d, F. R Buier 4th. Time 1:14.
One mile, local W. N. Haglcr 1st, S.
S. Owen 2d, F. IL Baier 3d, C C Davis
4th. Time 3:51.
' One mile, consolation II. Weaver 1st,
Harvey Winterbotham 2d, Ed Amos 3d.
Time 3:19.
The unpaced mile resulted as follows:
O. V. Vernon, 14
Prior to that time school room 'will hs opsn a very
aftarnoon from 1 to 5 o'clock for consultation with
pupils and the formation of classes.
Next Week's Civil Docket The Term
Docket Will 15e Called Tomorrow.
At 0 o'clock tomorrow morning Judge
Ilazen will cull the entire civil docket of
the present tt-rin for the purpose of as
certaining th condition of all cases tri
able at this trin, and giving parties au
opportunity to waiv a jury. Every at
torney is expected to be present and be
able to give the court the desired infor
mation. This call of the docket is merely
preliminary and not for the purpose of
setthig cases for any particular days.
Juiira lLuoa intends to begin with
the civil docket next Wednesday. It is
improbable that the criminal business
will be completed by that time, so a sub
sequent wek later in the term in No
vember will be assigned to the trial of
crimirml c is-9.
J is d.r llnzn has made the following
asiigmnent of civil cases, which will
etaa i for trial on the day s?t, irrespec
tive of the cill on Saturday. The assiga-
16316 Cloosdale vs. George.
16218 Inv. Bk. vs. Boley.
16250 First N-ttioual bank vs. Dennis.
lG2:i6 Bobie vs. Curry et al.
16237 K. F. A. & Inv. U. W. B. of Inf.
& I'. Asso. vs. Robertson et al.
1023S Mullien vs. Steinberg.
; Saturday, October (J.
Gregg vs. Dhv"ip3.
Brooks vs. Reed et aL
Topeka Coin. Co. vs. Fricker,
et al.
-Huntintrton vs. Ilerrison.
-Winnie vs. Beal.
-Williams vs. Glasgow.
-Davi-j vs. Stoiietreet et aL
-Heilman vs. Stonestreet.
ir .-..-.
l.v;:is 15493-
Wedneiday, October 3d.
-Du i!?y vs. Kice. et al.
-i-h-'l-u'm vs. Pruessner, et al.
-Call, atiiguee, vs. Blackman.
-Sweeny vs. Myers.
-Geav City Stove Co. va. Henry.
-Sweezy vs. Voorhees.
-Fuller vs. Mosher, et aL
-Tracy vs. Kansas City Piano
15609 Be in vt. Clark.
1I&24 Fo iter vs. Keuker et aL
Thursday, October 4ttu
1CS47 Ke?d vs. Dagg, et aL
16942 Loag vs. Hossack.
10031 Loe vs. City of Topeka.
1C032 Seiber vs. Seiber, et aL
16057 Mtyervs. Dureia.
10063 Herald vs. Durein,
1(5139 Cosk vs. Holliday, et aL
TinH4 Boura George imp.
Neiswein ie-.
IFrlday, October 5.
101 S3 llstamel vs. Littlefleld.
1'ilSJ M Carter vs. Opera House
13204 Sajrder vs. Booge.
IjZVi Fortes vs. Mood et aL
Co. T3.
mile, 35; & mile,
1:12; mile, 1:54; mile, 2:31;.
E. J. Kawson of J opeka, mile, 33;
; mile, l:llJi; ? mile, 1:50; mile.
2:31 H-
W. N. .Hagler, Ji mile. 30;
1:15; mile, 1:58; mile, 2:38.
The Topeka Cash Dry Goods Company on
Sixth Street.
The half page announcement of the
Topeka Cash Dry Goods company, 10S
East Sixth street. sieaS3 for itself in re
gard to the opening of a new mercantile
house in Topeka. me presiueni uu
manager of the company, Mr. O.
P. Sawrsr. is weil known to the dry
rn,1 tra.in of Ka:i3us. and has had
" ... - ; u .
twenty-eight years' experience iu
line. He is one of the stocithoiaers m
the well know firm of Ely & Walker
Dry Goods company cf St Lonia. lor'
some years he was a prominent mer
chant at Emporia. About thirteen years
ago he sold out Uis interests mere on ac
count of his health aud since that time
has been active in the outsi ia business
of the Elv & Wfelker company.
He is a gentleman of high char
acter and tine business ability.
He has recovered his health and
believes Topeka a good location for the
big business he intends to do in popular
medium grada goods for the people. The
company has ample capital to buy for
cash and carrv a heivy stock. Mr.
Demuth, an efficient crygoods man, is
actively associated with Mr. Sawyer and
is vice-president of the corporation.
The people at Cedar Hill, Jackson
county, are trying to lute winter on with
an oyster supper.
Miss Broil, of Nickerson, is a lady with
a very warm personality.
A planing mill is going to be started
at Independence about November 1.
Home grown cabbage is selling for a
half cent a pound on the Fort Scott mar
A milk man at Emporia has the frank
ness to call his business "The Cold Water
The Lawrence papers say there is a
tremendous crowd at the Bismarck fair,
but it looks small because the park is so
A little nine-year-old Nickerson girl
has started out to collect 300,000 stamps
of different kinds before she is sixteen
years old.
Mr. Wanders, of Nickerson, has moved
right up next to the church. This gives
the church a better show with one of
6uch a migratory name.
One of the country schools in Jackson
county closed yesterday and today so
that the pupils could attend the fair and
ride on the merry -go-round.
llolton has an Avon circle which i3 a
part of the general movement to read
meanings into bhakspeare that the "my
riad minded" man never thought of.
The people of Whiting are enjoying
the fair at llolton a little bit more than
anybody else. The Whiting comet band
has been away all week playing for the
Prof. Stryker, the author of the arith
metic Questions iu the state teachers' ex
amination, will, it is said, wear a full
coat of chain armor to the rotate Teach
ers' association meeting in December.
A wedding ceremony at Leavenworth
was interrupted after the guests had as
sembled and everything was in readiness
by the physician of the groom who said
he was suifering from a severe case of
typhoid fever.
A woman from Council Grove is in Em
poria hunting for her runaway fifteen-year-old
daughter. If the girl was cute
enough to mix herself up with the school
marius at the Normal she'll never be dis
covered in the world.
A number of farmers in the vicinity of
Troy have sold the apples in their orch
ards to eastern buyers, at prices ranging
fio-n 4,000 to -$5,000 per orchard. In
some cases the purchasers gather the ap
ples, in others the owners gather them,
the purchasers receiving them on the
Ayer's Ague Cure is warranted to cure
An Address AVhicli is Intended to Secure
the Votes of the Colored Feople.
The ' Populists are not meeting with
success in securing crowds at their meet
ings held for the colored people. lo
reach them in another way they have is
sued an address to the colored voters,
signed by J. K. Donnell, A . H. Smith
and B. Jr. Foster, well known coiorea
Populists. It has been scattered broad
cast among the colored people in the city.
The address says:
"As colored men, interested in the race,
we aDpeal to your manhood and inde
pendence and ask for support of the
Populist ticket next November, for your
own and your children's good. Our can
didate for governor has shown his inter
eat in, and friendliness for us in endeav
oring to bring to justice those who have
lynched, or attempted to lynch, our
brethren in this state. He aud all the
other state officials are partial to the
common people, aud are their true rep
resentatives, three of whom are 'old soldiers.'
"With nothing to lose and everything
to hoDe for by strengthening- the bands
of the party of the people, we remain,
very respectfully, yours for the race."
A Fifteen Year Old Girl From Chase Mar
ried at Lawrence.
Emporia. Sept. 28. Wm. Matti and
Aunie Mitchell, who were sought anx
iously yesterday by Mis3 Mitchell's pa
rents, were married by the probate judge
in Lawrence.
Tho c-irl's mother says she is only fif
teen years old, aud therefore the license
must have been obtained by some false
Marti is a Frenchman and lived in
Lyon county. The Mitchells live iu
Chase just across the line. The parents
have been notified today, and it is not
known whether they will go after their
"abducted" girl or not
The Hoard Will Allow Students to Play
AVith Emporia Teams.
Emporia. Sept. 28. The board of re
gents of the normal has been in session
for two days. Aside from routine busi
ness the only important matter consid
ered was the football rule. Last spring
the board prohibited the students from
playing the great college game.
The students obeyed but protested and
the result was that yesterday the regents
decided to allow a football club to be
formed to play with other Emporia clubs,
but not to meet elevens from colleges
outside of Emporia. -
A Hoisii.trton Man Has a Narrow Es
cape From Highwaymen.
Great Bend, Sept. 28. J oe Hall, a
liveryman at Hoisingtou, had a narrow
escape from death and of being robbed
at the bridge on the Walnut between
here and Hoisington while returning
home from this city. Mr. Hall immed
iately saw their intent and gave his
horses a quick start, me ouSf4J
striking one of the men, knocking mm
down. The other man fired a shot from
a revolver, the bullet going turougu ju.
Hall's hat.
Doctor Convicted of Murder.
Arkansas City, Sept 28. Dr. K. M.
Vnn .if this citv has been iouno. gumy
of murder in the second degree for having
performed a criminal operation upon me
now deceased wife of Arthur Wilcox,
bookkeeper in the Jr armers" national
bank. Wilcox will be tried upon the
charge of employing the doctor to per
form the deed.
A Large Elevator Huildinfir.
Leavkn worth, Sept. 28. Owen Duffy
ha cammeuced worK on a line elevator
of seventy-five tons capacity on Choctaw
street, immediately west of his present
Btoragebuilding, on the corner of Third
street. The new eievaior iu u cjhui;
by forty-two feet and five stories high,
which will take it up into the air seventy-five
Suicide Closed the Drunk.
Mekides, Sept. 28. Adam Fronk, a
wealthy farmer, committed suicide by
hanging himself with binding twine in
his granarv. He had been on a pro
tracted drunk, and not coming to dinner
the family searched for him and found
he had been dead for several hours.
Suit for $47,000.
Lawrence, Sept. 28. O. W. E. Griffith,
receiver for the Western Farm Mortgage
company has filed suit against W. T.
uiniair of this citv for conniving with
illis Brown to retain an aggregate of
$47,000 of the company s money.
Sentenced for Counterfeiting:.
Wichita, Sept 28. Hinton and Bunk
er the men convicted of counterfeiting,
have been sentenced by Judge Williams,
Ilinton got two years in the penitentiary
and Bunker three years.
and Mr. Wilson said he brought no newi
home with him, except that there will
be a meeting of the three receivers about
the 0th or 7tU of October in Chicago.
No changes will be made before that
time, and Mr. Wilson said he would not
say that any would "be made at that time.
North Side of
Items" of Interest frm the
the ltiver.
Miss Anna Ericson of Hoyt is visiting
her mother here.
Matt Campbell has gone to Ness City
on a business trip.
Miss Bertha Townsend of Kansas City,
is spending a few days with Mrs. F. C.
For the second time this year J, Lapp
has been made the victim of flower
Mrs. Grant Maxwell and her mother
Mrs. J. E. Lucas, are vioiting friends iu
Fieger brothers have closed up their
cigar factory here aud moved tho stock
to St Marys.
The Ladies' Benevolent society is In
session at the home of Mrs. F. C. Bowen
this afternoon.
Miss Ida Petersen nd her mother will
go to Kansas City tomorrow to remain
through next week.
N. B. Arnold, brother of Postmaster
Arnold, is expected to return with his
family next week from Oregon, where ho
has been operating a gold miue.
A complete line of homoepathic reme
dies at A. J. Arnold & Son's.
Take your prescriptions to A.J. Arnold
& Son, 821 Kan ave. Established 1870.
W. M. Gushard has returned from
Kansas City where ho has been the past
month, being treated for catarrh. He
finds his coudition much improved.
J. C. Cromwell drove out to Pleasant
Kidge church last, uitrht where the Pres
byterians are conducting a protracted ef
fort among the sinners. He reports
great interest manifested and many con
W. C. Steele, who returned last night
from the llolton fair, says that It. i.
Lee's driver came near being seriously
hurt by being thrown from his tulky.
The horse he was driving stumbled and
fell and the driver and sulky were both
thrown clear over tho horse, but lur-
tunately nothing serious resulted, lie
says Governor j.ewening ppoau iuuhoui
200 people there last night and under
took to provo ins innocence oi
charges of lottery boodling by quoting
from the Kansas City limes, which no
said was not, howevsr, a very reliable
all cases of
Price, f 1.
malaria. Sold by druggists
The Distressing Accident AVhich Hap
pened to an Ottawa Hoy.
Ottawa, Sept 28. A remarkable and
distressing accident has occurred to
Sammv II ubbard,- son of E. P. Hubbard
of Hickory street He and a companion,
Camillua Kessler, were putting up a
trapeze in the yard, and Sammy had
climbed into a tree to fasten the ropes.
In trimming away some branches the
Hubbard boy let fall the ax he was
using, striking the Kessler boy on the
forehead. He was stunned by the blow.
Sammy saw the accident aud excitedly
dropped from his position to the aid of
his companion. In some manner the
rope had coiled around a thumb aud the
weight of his body was sufficient to pro
duce a strain that took tha member from
the hand at the second joint, takiug also
quite six inches of the tendon.
A Rich AVell Has Ileen Shot Just North
of Neodesha.
Negdesha, Sept 23. A rich find of
oil ha3 been made on the Shutt land, ad
joining Neodesh3 on the north. The
well was shot with fifty-two quarts of
nitro-glvcerine, at 2 p. m. Between that
time aud 6 p. m. it had gushed seven
times, each time throwing an eight-inch
column of pure, green petroleum 10J
feet into the air.
This well is in charge of Guffy & Ga
ley, and several other eastern operators,
who have been awaiting further develop
ments in this section of the Kansas
A Kansas City Man Wants JlO.OOO Be
cause His Wife Took to Drink.
Kansas City, Sept 28. Felix Flan
nigan, a well known liquor vender of
this city, has been sued iu the district
court for $10,000 damages. The plaintiff
in the suit is Isaac Landrum. a former
emplove at the Kingman packing estab
lishment in Armourdale. Landrum asks
r?a ma r-og fr-m Flaiiuii7an. because, as he
claims, the defendant sold intoxicating
He Has
Hn.i I.mic Conference AVith
Aldace F. Walker.
Receiver J. C. Wilson, of the Santa Fe,
returned yesterday from a month s Du:
.md trin in the east, lie said to a State
Joukxal reporter that he spent most of
v; tir., in New ' York srointr over the
;.,.r,,.ial intfrists of the company with
th npw receiver. Mr. Aldace F. Walker.
The receivers have made no changes,
McCasey Stirs the Doctor I p AVith
His Foolishness.
There was one more outbreak at tho
state insane asylum this week, lor
about three weeks Messrs. Householder
and Hinshaw of the board of charities
have been there, they said for the pur
pose of making a report, but it is gener
ally supposed they were there for tho
purpose of "preserving the peace." There
were no quarrels among the asylum peo
ple while the members oi trie uoaru were
there, but Wednesday iiinsnaw ana
Householder went to oiatue on boiiio
bo&rd business.
Down in the asylum pharmacist's office
a day or two after they were gone Dr.
McCasey found a young man waiting
there for Mr. Kniberg, the head of that
department Dr. McCasey immediately
told the young man to get off tho prem
ises notwishstanding he was there on
business. While this argument was
going on Mr. Kniberg entered and when
he got the drift of tho controversy took
up his visitor's fight. Dr. McCasey was
able to engage in his favorite pastime,
that of quarreling, for some time. '1 he
voung man finally went away. Dr.
"McCasey said afterwards that tho young
man, who was well dresed and looked
smart, looked like a Joi knai, reporter.
If it had been a Journal reporter ho
would not have gone.
Employ your leisure hours during the
winter "evenings studying with th
Homoeopathic Preparatory School of
Prescott it Co. have removed to No.
116 West Eighth stre3t
P 11 TT TT
rim ib
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