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Jot Stomacli
Liver Complaints, and
Headache, use
They are purely
vegetable, sugar-coated,
speedily dissolved,
and easy to take.
Every dose
Ho Extra Charge for Passage in
Palace Reclining Chair
Fast YesTitnlel Loitel Trains.
Ask vourown ITomaTIrket Ajrent for ticket
la i tie' Chicago S; Alton i ailroad. or write to
I. ISO IV I".. Geo'l "Western Passenger AgL,
General Passeneer and Ticket Agent,
(ansas CitySt. Joseph
Omaha, Pecria,
Only One Change of (rs to the
The Best line For
Hew, ITork. Xhilndelpliia.,
Boston, Washington.
and all Polnta
Gtaeml PiUfeicer Afenc, St. LanljL.
Tirst-class Livery. Eoarders a speoialty.
Telephone 43. J. C. GH.CESI3T,
7:3 JaokBca street. Proprietor.
Topeka Vacuum Cure
iUbUihet IS St.
Zedlcal and
Surgical Treatment.
JTarTstim ta4 bralo dUeuiea uid
aUeaea of woman.
vacuum specialties:
rirsJj aad l rh rnlc diseases)
t&as madleLae kire IUU4 to etu-e.
W. a FEANCIS, Man'rT.
SOI Otli javenao TT.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. WntterrU's classes in
ratit.-liig Academy, Masonic r.ulUtiuir. .laeksou
stree:, wi.i cpen iur children Saturday, fepteiu
tr irjnd., 3 u 5: S) p. in. Aunt. Iind:iy. iSfp
tmber -M, 8 to 10 J p. m. C hlldrens o.a.-i uii-ttt-r-Uie
(bre:tion of Mrs. Vmlinreh and Mixj
Majae Smith. Hall for Teat for select pari.es.
l or terms call or address ac Academy.
iHelieTesCatarrh ani Cold
111 trui Head Instantly by
i on aopitcticion
Curs Head Nniies Jt
C?l w rl
!' u.o.l T.Mpl. Chlea.
1 ai t Titm.ntor sample frr
ten tor anisKist. dOc
A3 3-011 liko it.
J.IL Jones, Drucsrist.
rrrs 'snsras txtsxsac Haanrasui
Prescott & Co. have removed ta Ia
118 West Eighth gtreat.
Bow ta Xiatuiraish m Go4 Arti le frora
Inferior Orii.
There are really very few women
who can distinguish between a giwi
black silk and an inferior one, and a
few hints given by an expert and re
ported in the Delineator will doubtlesa
be acceptable to many shoppers:
In the first place never be beguiled
into buying1 cheap silk. Very often a
pretext of its cheapness suggests a
genuine bargain, but the wise woman,
unless she knows of good reason for the
reduction, will choose some other ma
terial if she cannot alford to purchase
silk at an adequate price. Costliness
is of course no guarantee of real value,
so the shopper is advised to purchase
an eighth of a yard of an admired
fabric and test it at leisure when she
reaches home. This may seem like a
waste to the over-economical mind, but
it will prove a good investment if it
prevents a bad bargain in the end.
In testing a piece of silk first try to
tear it both lengthwise and crosswise.
If it gives.way readily in either direc
tion you may be sure either that the
dye has destroyed the fibers or that the
thread is made up of what is kDOwn as
"waste silk." Pure silk properly dyed
is the strongest textile known, but
nearly all the cheaper dyes, and par
ticularly the dark colors and black, are
made with such a basis that they eat
into and weaken the fabric.
The firmness of the weave may be
proved by scraping diagonally across
the silk with the thumb nail. If the
material is strong and pure, any
amount of manipulation will not make
the threads slip, and if the nail makes
a space as wide as its own thickness be
tween the threads the silk is certainly
of inferior quality. The next test is ap
plied by raveling a bit of the silk and
carefully examining both warp and
woof. Often a pure silk warp has a
heavily loaded woof, and in other
cases, especially in satin weaves, the
woof has an inferior backing, the sur
face being of good silk. Pure silk lias
a good luster and is very soft, but if
the gloss is artificial the fabric will bo
hard and brittle. When a pure silk has
been dyed improperly it looks very
much like cotton, but it is somewhat
Another excellent test consists in
pulling out the threads both ways and
trying their strength. Catch them with
both hands an inch apart, give a quick
jerk and note the force needed to break
them. If they part easily the silk is
not good. Tear the silk along the
lines from which the threads have been
taken, and if there are puckers along
the tear they may be regarded us indi
cating a strong texture. A method of
testing that is considered conclusive is
to burn a fragment of the silk and also
some of the ravelings. If the silk is
pure and well dyed it will take tire
slowly, even when held directly in the
flame, and the fire will go out almost
as soon as the silk is withdrawn, leav
ing ashes that are nearly jet black.
Weighted and improperly dyed silk i
highly inflammable. It quickly takes
fire, and the fire is diiticult to extin
guish, smoldering after the silk is re
moved from the flame and leaving
ashes that keep the shape of the cloth
end are of a light yellowish red tint.
Cotton in the fabric can be readily de
tected by the odor of the smoke. Ev
ery woman should remember that the
requisite qualities of good silk are
strength, smoothness, luster, richness
and lightness, no matter how thick the
How to Make Oae That Is Ornamental
and Vet K"ot Expensive.
A loose bunch of cut flowers in a
dainty bowl or vase is in harmony with
almost any surroundings or setting;
but such a bowl or vase of flower clus
ters nowhere appears to better advan
tage than on some light and graceful
stand just large enough for this pur
pose. Such a stand need not be expen
sive to be ornamental. The illustra
tion shows one that can easily be made
at home. Three legs of bamboo are
crossed and screwed to a ball as
shown. The upper ends are inserted
in a bit of square pine board one foot
square is a good size. All that remains
to be done is to cover this top with
some delicate bit of washing silk and
to fasten some of the same material
down about the sides. The design
given in the cut may be followed to ad
vantage, or one's taste and ingenuity
may be given the chance to fashion a
different arrangement of the silk. In
any case a finish of silk balls may well
be added to the lower edge, when the
whole should be pretty enough for
even the daintiest of flowers to rest
tspon. American Gardening.
Annonnrtne Baby's Birth.
To announce the birth of a baby the
visiting card of the mother should be
sent to relatives and friends, with the
tiny card of the infant attached by
narrow white ribbon to the upper left
hand corner. In the pest the name of
tire child was engraved upon the card,
but later form dictates simply: "A Lit
tle Son" or "Daughter," with the date
of birth added. This leaves the name
with opportunity of change until
War firm O'clock Tea.
Afternoon tea-table covers are now
made with a valance about eleven
inches deep; it is gathered moderately
full and put 011 with a coid.
1 1
V.7 '
f ry-j' y;) -
1 (, -jaT0
tit 1 , f v - , , p ' u, 1
The figure on the right shows a frock of dotted taffetas for a little (?irl. It lias a
ribbon belt and bows. T e central figrnre shows a peli&3 of black basket weave
cheviot with bone buttons and velvet collar. The figure at the left shows lilac and
gray silk raye, cut en princesse, with a vest front of silver gray satin and striped silk
laid in pkiits. There is a plaited pelerine. The sleeves are putted and draped.
Earth's Greatest Sufferer.
The nihilist doomed in Siberian wnpto
to live in his exile gloom may possibly
i think ho is fatod to taste the cup of bit
! terest doom, and the slave who toils for
' another's gain with liberty denied may
j think ho suffers the greatest pain that the
' human soul lias tried, and the innocent
! soul adjudged of crime and rushed to a
! felon's doom may think no soul that has
: lived in time has suffered a heavier gloom.
I But the grief of all of those men combined
i can never amount to the sum of the tor
j ment, awful, condensed, refined, of the
; man of the musical chum. New York
A Great Love.
Hodge Aye, zur, pegs be every bit zame
as human beings. See tbiccy tin. I do
love 'e just like a son, I do. (Pensively)
Reckon e 'till be 'bout fit to kill th' end o'
next week !
How He Stopped It.
A bachelor is not usually accredited
with much knowledge about the proper
treatment of children, but sometimes they
step in where angels that is, the mothers
j of the children fear to tread. A well
I known man about town, who is pretty
: well on in years and not very fond of
j children, stopped in to sec a married sister
tne otner nay ana louna tier trying to
amuse her little boy, about 5 years. Xot
long after he arrived, she stepped out of
the room to attend to some household mat
ter or other, leaving him alone with tho
child. The latter eyed him dubiously for
som minutes. He was a spoiled child if
ever there was one and had no idea of
making promiscuous acquaintances.
The bachelor tried to make the little one
laugh, but all ho go for his antics was a
sour lcok. Finally, without any warning,
the child burst out crying. Hero was a
quandary to be sure. lie didn't dare to
pick tho boy up and soothe him. His at
tempts in the verbal line were dismal fail
ures. What should ho dor Finally a
thought struck him. He looked at the
crying youngster, aud the crying youngster
looked at him through his tears. He was
evidently much pleased with the impres
sion ho was making.
'"Cry louder," said he.
The child obeyed.
"Louder yet," urged the bachelor.
A yell went up that would have done
credit to an Indian.
"Cry louder still," insisted the man,
and the boy did his best to obey.
"Louder," fairly howled his uncle.
"I won't," snapped the infant, and ho
shut his mouth with a click and was quiet
for tho rest of the day. Philadelphia
Personally Conducted.
Entertainer We are now, my friends,
about to pay a visit to Niagara falls. We
shall gaze in rapture on this world re
nowned cataract. We shall see its mad
dened waters, gathering strength and fury
as they approach the fearful brink, dash
wildly over the precipice into the boiling
depths below. Our entranced vision shall
dwell upon the thrilling spectacle, and as
we gazo spellbound at the majestic splen
dors of this matchless scene we shall listen
to the thunder of Niagara's awful voice.
In its deep diapason nature shall convey
to our souls through the external organs
of hearing her inmost harmonies and
speak to us in the language of music the
music of the spheres, the symphony of the
universe, immortal, untaught, with a past
reaching back to the radiant morn when
creation awoke from chaos and a future
stretching forward to the limitless ages of
eternity. (To assistants) Harris, start the
kinetoscope. Jacobson, put t he phonograph
in motion. Chicago Tribune.
Ehirta mended by the Peerle3s,
7 Z i
A Compensating Circumstance.
A young man clad according to the lat
est style was counting over some bills as
he stepped from the oflice door to the
'Excuse me, my friend," said a citizen
with a bad looking silk hat and only 0110
button of his frock coat in active service.
"Have you ever given any attention to the
science of bacteriology?"
"Not much."
'"Then it has probably never occurred
to you that your money has bacilli on it."
"Bacilli!" repeated the gilded product
of a frivolous decade.
'Yes, sir."
"Well, that may be. But there are no
flies 011 it." Detroit Freo Press.
A Matter of Ioubt.
"Maria, " lie said thoughtfully, "I
want to ask you something."
What is it?"
"Do you think that you'll ever have a
"I do, assuredly."
"If you get one and I run for office,
will you cast it for me?"
She was thoughtful for some time; then
she said:
"Hiram, I can't say yet, not till our
debating society has passed on tho ques
tion whether a woman's first duty is to
her fireside or her country. " Washington
Very Much Taken.
The crowd at the fair were going to have
their pictures taken in a group as a souve
nir, and tho pretty girl, who had ben
making eyes at the tall young man, smiled
up at him and said softly:
"I want to be taken with you."
He loolsed down into her eyes ineffably.
"I am already taken with you," he
murmured, and she liked to have had a
conniption fit right there. Detroit Free
Enough to Support.
She I am afraid there is no hope.
He Eh! What did your father say
when you fold him that I wanted to marry
She He said he oouldn't afford it.
New "iork Weekly.
Limited Affection.
''Dees she love music?"
"M yes. But not enough to keep
away from the piano. " Washington Star.
The Mock Island
Will run a special to and from Ivansas
City, account of Priests of Pallas parade,
leaving Topeka at 3.50 p. m., and re
turning after parade, leaving Kansas
City 11.30, running direct to Topeka
without a stop. Remember, only $2
round trip.
tut. l.ouiN I' siir
Tickets atone fare ($9.50)
For round trip, will be
Sold on Sept. US, to Oct. 6, by
Rock Island Route to the
Great Fair at St. Louis,
Good returning to and including
Oct. 8. Accommodations
First class in every respect
A Remarkable Achievement la Rail
road Affair
Was the running of the Exposition flyer,
the famous twenty hour train between
Chicago and New York, via the Lake
Shore route, in service during the World's
fair. A handsome litho-watc-r-color of
this train may be secured by sending ten
cents in silver to C. K. Tilber, Western
Passenger Agent, Chicago.
The State Journal's Want and Mis
cellaneous columns reach each working
day in the week more than twice as
many Topeka people a? can be reached
through any other paper. This is a fact.
Ia Your Hair Dry aad Mrittle. fall
Ins; Oat or Tnrnliie Gray!
These are only indications that the fol
licie or roots of the hair are getting
weakened or diseased. Beggs' Hair
Renewer will strengthen and invigorate
the follicie3 aud the hair will regain its
natural color and become soft, glossy and
healthy. Sold by W. Ii. Kenuady.
It's Huen's
Pin Expectorant, that ia guaranteed to
cure coughs and colds. For sale by all
druggist Price, 25 and 50c bottle.
If the care of the hair was made apart
of a lady's education, we should not see
so many gray heads, and the use of Hall's
Hair Renewer would be unnecessary.
American Steam Laundry, 112 West
7th street, tele, 34L
Foundry & machine Works,
Topeka Foundry and Machine Works
R. L. C0FRAN, Proprietor.
Write for Prices.
V, J 7 ; it '-itv, ..-3 twv.c n:v
4.. - ' --Wi p .
.i we
If you wish to buy or rent a first clss
j upon the MuiT favorable tkrms. call
For a short time, in order to ma'.ie room for our winter's make, tha Gas Company
trill deliver coke at the fol'.owin-r greatly manned rate, viz: Lump coke at $4. 00 per
ton of fifcy bushels, and crusiiad coke a: $5. OO per ton. As to tho valim of this coke,
especially fnr furnace and baseburners. we havo only to refer to those of 0111 citi
zens who are already lamillar with Its use. How Is tho time to get ia your winter's
supply at a littis over hif price.
Corner 5th and Kansas Ave.
Home seekers' excursion to Texas,
j Colorado. New Mexico. Utah, Wyoming,
Arizona, Idaho, Arkansas, Louisiana and
southwest Missouri. Tickets sold October
9. good for twenty days. One fare plus
$2.00 for the round trip. Santa Fe route.
St. Louis and Return $9.50.
Tickets sold September 28 to October
6 inclusive, good to return iucluding
October 8. Santa Fe route.
Lawrence and Tteturn 78 Cents for l'is
lnarck .Fair.
Tickets sold September 23 to 29, good
to return including September 30. Santa
Fe route.
, Kansas City and Return $2.00.
For Priesis of Pallas parade, for grand
ball, for Karnival Krewe. the Santa Fe
will sell tickets to Kansas City and re
turn at one fare for" the found trip.
Tickets sold October 1 to 7 inclusive,
good to return including October 8.
Special train from Kansas City to Topeka
after Priests of Pallas parade October
2. Santa Fe route.
i'rlest of I'alla Parade at Kansas City
October 2.
Special train leaving Kansas City after
the parade by the Santa Fe route. $2.00
fur the round trip.
To Bismarck. Fair.
Beautiful Birmarclc Grove, September
24 to 29 inclusive. Only 81 cents for the
round trip. Hi;' agricultural and horti
cultural displays; if 5 0J0 cash purse in
the speed ring. Wild herds of buffalo
and antelope. Three grand political
days. Indian school band. Great sham
attle. Three trains daily via the Union
l acitic: all stopping at the gate. Ad
ission to all only 25 cenia. Call at
your nearest Union Pacific agent for full
programme. A. M. Fuller.
City Agent, U. P. Kailway.
Your liloou Yoor, Life.
Without good blood coursing through
your veins you will soon look wrinkled
and dried tip. A few doses of Beggs'
Blood Puritier and Blood Maker will
change your whole system, giving you a
healthy, fresh and youthful appearance.
Sold and guaranteed by your popular
druggist, W. Ii. Kennady.
For instance, Mrs. Chas. Rogers, of Bay
City, Mich., accidently spilled scalding
water over her little boy. She promptly
applied Da Witt's Witch Jlazul Salves,
n-ivinsr instant relief. It's a woaderfuliv
good salve for burnes, bruises, sores, uad
a sure cure for Piles. J. K. Juuei
I nily .!. JSectiu-r.
No Griping, no Nausea, no Pain, when
De Witt's Little Early Kises are taken.
Small PilL Best PilL Best PilL J. K.
A stimulant is often needed to nourish
and ?trengthen the roots and to keep the
hair a natural color. Hall's Hair Renewer
is the best tonic for the hair.
"There is a Salve tor" every wound."
We refer to De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve,
cures burns, bruises, cuts, indolent sores,
as a local application in the nostrils it
cures catarrh, and always cures piles.
J. K. Jones.
Every household should be prepared
for emergencies, for how often, "like a
thief in the night" croup or whooping
cough may come upon a dear child
without warning and in a few hour3
place its sweet life in balance by a slender
thread. Cubeb Cough Cure promptly
used, will avert all danger. Delays are
dangerous. Sold by Rowley Bros.
Silver Leaf vinegar remains In the
front. It is the best table and pickling
vinegar. Ask your grocer for it and take
no other. It ii the cheapest.
We put on new neckbands on shirts.
Peerless Steam Laundry, 113 and 111
Weat Lihth atreeU
Hardest and most complete
in th.& State.
SHIRT FfifiTflRY .COXIn.?-
- - - uon wuero
repair our customers' faliirta
Ilioiio 153.
G25 JTncIiSon St.
new or second-hand Piano or Organ,
upon us.
Smoko Klauer's
JCanufaOturoi at 03 If an. Ave. Tcpeka.
Good Printings
always speaks for itself, aci
o for yen too. If you want soma
up-to-date, good printing- send
ycur copy, or come talk it over
with ....
Charles Worrall,
Electric Printer,
fi Hiram Hulse,
A Cor. Elmwooi and Willow Ave.,
Potwin Place, Topeka, Kansas.
Grows and sells Plants. Makes
a specialty of Cut Flowers. Does
all kinds of floral work in firt
class maimer. Telephone S.
Transfer Company,
Tela. 220. F. P. EACCIT. Frcp. )
Practical - Horse-Shoer.
Telepi033 488, - - - Tcpala.
Horses with diseased -feet skilfully treaiuO.
Track and road-shoemK a specialty.
fill 111
1110 MIL
v-.. '

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