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The Topeka state journal. [volume] (Topeka, Kansas) 1892-1980, October 11, 1894, NIGHT EDITION, Image 7

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The Topek State Journal guarantees.
everydiiyRisprinced.ro jjive a local circula
tion more than double that of aoy other Tope
ka paper, h ad by tax Muia ihan nil - ""
i 1 ici . ui i Arns maKes mis ii
the cheap"-1, as wed as tho best daily advertis
ing ni'-d.i rn in Topeka. the classified aaverl-sd-tlienls
beio COStaig JUS
cr 20 cents & liaa for v week.; S3 cents by the
City circulation ptc ryday exceeds 5, OX) total
circulation over s.wd.
Sworn detai.ed iit.eineots of circulation pr
eute.t on appucatiott.
lycailnd see any afternoon between 4 and
6. the handsomest. fastest. Ino,t pertect pio
cprlntin.j raachinex v ,n Kansas a Web Perloefc.
li.-r pr-iss, winch pnLts from iwv to three com
plete b-page paper-i a econd-
Are you In need of work? If so, you are at
Vl'rrtf to use these columns for assistance in
that direction. While tnis notice apars tha
t r ati Jut U-iAL wil. pubi.sh free on Sa.urday,
Monday and l'ueday. for Topeka or Kansas
peopie, ad notices of 'hitu'itions Wanted." not
exceeding live lines or thirty-Sre words, in
length. T'rovided mat ait advertisement of
this nature ara iian le I in previous to
ten o"'i,)Cii .-saturdsiy mornmjr; also on Wednes
day, Thursday ami I ri day. all advertising of
tms Cisas hauaed In ay tea o'clock Wednesday
No aairertlsements of this nature to be started
except on haturdays and Wednesdays. No ob
ligation is incurred cn the part of the advertis
er. No worthy and needy man or woman need
hesitate to take adTaica;e of this offer. No one
in business or having employment is expected to
take iiu vantage of it. but all outers invited to
avail iheiiiseives freely.
ANTKIJ Four -ojd liovs with ponies to
carry papers, tali at 713 Madison at 8
o'clock p. m.
A N 11 -Good till He girl Swede prefer
red. Call at 1157 i uiniore St., corner 11th.
AN'TU A good
work, small family.
jirl for general house
till west 1-Lh st.
AVANTFD-Bya yvinsr lady housework or
writing in sonio jfLceca do. Address loo9
west Olh street.
"llTAM 1 1 A
work, no wa.
street. srood girl for general house
liiu or ironing. la3 Madison
"AN'l 1 D Sltuat on by regis tere-1 pharma-
Cist of 16 years experience, address B. t
Oxley, room -A, 415 Kansas ave., Topeka, Kan.
AAXTED Work huse cleaning, washing
ami anything I can iret to do to make
a living for my children. 4.S3 folk street. .Mrs.
W'ANIFI) A pos tion by a young lady eith-
small saiarv tor hrst mould. Address
Journal office.
'C. J.'
AN'Tr I Oood girl at candy store.
Kansas ave.
TANTKL)-Situat on Do care for children or
general h"iise work in sin dl family, by a
youn' lady. Address ' L. M.' Journal.
r AN I !-..-- s-tu v.ivx bv a voun? colored
man to work in private fainilv. Best ref
erences given. App.j Hid Kansas avenue.
yANTKK A yount; ladf wishes a position
as house keeper in small family. Wants
SDcommenee at once. Address i7o Topeka av.
TAXTED-Active, reliable man to repre
T sent us; Sis weekly. liive reference. Ad
dress Miepp & Co., l.o. iSox, 7S5, Philadel
phia, i'a.
'ANTED Sales n uiu; salary from start:
permanent place. Brown Bros. Co., Nur-
fierynieu, cuiea
;o, ill.
AXTI--D Every one to use Washburn's
pure apple eider. It is the bast. Send or
ders to tsM Kausaj avu., or P. O. box -6i
AVAMEH-Teams to haul brick, il Weishc-
mail. Ill west 6lh street.
AVAMED-Manaij wife to wori on farm.
Appiy s.xi Kansas aveuue.
V?irELTo blya gentle family horse
Address Horse' Journal oHiee.
A N rtl) lo trfcle a rubber stamp manu
fi'.ctiir.a; outiu (arranged for traveuu-)
SK.d e;vidty bicjcio. A rare chance lor
me wisiiias a vi od paying traveiin-busl-V
ail at laio Jva i. ave. after 5 o'clock.
for a
a n v i
'ANTED l ,e of horse tor its keeping
lull east 4tii sL "
children. Kl-i! itui
' a small pouy,
lianau st.
safe for
-ANTED Every
lady to know Sharum selis
r iiian any one on earth.
i, 5i5 Kansas ave.
- iiniiincry rlieape
ja um oeaauiiui atoC
A N I 1 11 To ord
er stove repairs for you.
Mio;den it Sh
ur n, jviiusas ave.
- wanted -Uiie for e;
county, to ma a j;oo
OVED Eleven ,...
.eh township of Shawnee
d iive.iho id. We iiave a
experience required. Cur
3s hktf. Address lock
" 'i . -so a nor, no
terms easy and b'isin
oo.v oji. lopeka, Kan
WAN lED-ou
t -ail at C. A. Goodwin's
Kansas avenue Mti.l
rental aireacv,
have ilieiu fla.l yo.:i i
s.vo r.tui.tl ngeu'i; hi
- teuaat.
1 he oai.- eveln-
the eitv.
We Oevote our
V'.V.t- to re,1-in bnsmess houses, res
tL-- coueouuus muJa
f ' . Vr J asoui.oie commission, 6Si Kan-
sas ave.
t -N 1 u ' b " r QH 's to repair at tin shop.
-.' Kansas ave. G. G. Lee.
WAU-..S.MEN Every county. Salary or com-
missum No Ex. silence. New tanfl bill
fu "ul;'"K l J,ruIlt- motive men app y
i.'-.'w t!"'"' alaiy and territory wanted:
lanuiacturers. bo.x 5.J. Boston. "'oo-
Vlo rio10' ,v 'e' CV"k aud heat"S stores
Tir , , s.. 1 i3 'tot"s set up or stored. Iuk
j 1 LLi, .Muvk Kepsi CO.. lid East i-.ightti su
yAViKD To move. STOKE or ship house
hold goods, ire gbt. etc
MFPriTvT .IS,K1VV". 1-a E. cth St.
MEKChAMb iiiA;,ari.ii i. SioiiAGE CO.
jrUr sUed. front room, up
v r t , -s ! ! ""
I1 wiYi i,,V k!; ,lce.7' f".rtMhed rooms wIth or
ov sr li s. j.. i . tsarnes.
, 400 juui-
lrfvrnrr1".' uPstalrs apartments,
part.y furnished. Corner 4th and JacksonJ
Fbie. redTrTanVfi.rnHceUSe a
FOR RENT Desirable six room house vTTT
ern conviences i n..,,iw. . r!v 11 .Uie- Al'-d-
o o-i tiumooQ st.
174 KaaJal ave 8 ilaXP. O. iloore.
Iron SALE Horses, wagnn and harness;
cows, hogs and farming tools. 21IS i dLCoia
1, OH sa LE Miscellaneous house hoid goods,
a.'u wes. atii st.
JOK SALE Two nic e nomes cheap. Call at
14i West street.
1 ok sale A lirgt cow giving very rich
milk. Puce izl. Ill laaiou s
IOlt SALE Household furniture in good
coiidiuou, at tj incy s..
IOIt SALE Butcher's outfit. - Cuu s.ns, at
the Creiuune, 7-4 Kan. ave.
IOK HEAL estate or rental property see
Benedict & Co.. tiOl Kansas ave.
1,or r-Al-E A spien fid Scott's double barrel
ed breech loading suot gun, cue i p. Good as
new. Co.stSso. caaiat Van Bureu utreet,
lopeka. Kail.
IOlt SALE Choice suburban tra ts of 5 acres
or liiore. a.i joiuiu-: t.ie city on ute wesu, at
prices rui.ug Iroui sd5 to i7a per acre. One
in.ru casii. v . .U k u bai.
Sole Age'it.
IOlt SALE A hotel that makes money every
- munch iu the year, ims City. if you want
a good aimg, investigate. Address 'Good ilou
ey caie Journal.
Good buirtry for horse. John
-- Lawless,
154 Evahnj b... N. iopaka.
JJt. TUTTLE is in the plasteria busmess
aain. Kepairm piaseriug a sydciaaty.
Itesidence 407 madisou st.
I7o C N I The be is tip 1 ac e to renFfld d i ngci in i rs
and tables. The i'noemx Eurn.ture Co. 714
Kau. ave. W. M. Lcguun. M'r.
1," OCND Window shades for 0 t ents eai h at
tha Phoenix Eurnitura Co., 714 Kan. ave.
IOUXD The cheapest place to buy furni
ture. The Phoenix Eurnitura Co. , 714 Kan
sas ave.
TT'OTJN'D Sis bedroom suites reduced to J12.S5
at the Phoea.x Eurniture Co., 714 Kan. ave.
IOK EXCHANGE Jood c.ear vicaut lot for
a good young team of horses wed broken.
Inquire ac Keiiu's greenhouses.
1SS JENNIE C. PitlCE, manicure and hair
dresser, 715 Kansas ave.
-- that my petition i ou hie in tue prooa.e
couri ajkiug tor a permit to se.l unoxica.iuj:
liquor at No. Ill East it'-h street, in the Second
ward of tue city of Topj.ia. il : 11 .u,' lor ths
same is set for October Z4, loJl. at a. m.
Topeka. Kan.. Sept. ?2. 1394.
'pEN SHOP Moved to SJ7 Kansas avenue.
o. G. Lku.
JUST found the place where you can get your
furniture repaired and aiso p i;koJ for ship
ment, cieauiug and laying carpets a spei;iait.
All kinds of general jouOui woric done ou s ur;
notice. Work guarauieeu oy a good uiecUAUni.
?o. 505 West Tenui siree..
C1UEAP FLOWcKS Ferns, palms, beonies.
'cnrysan.hemmus, everytiiui in our nu-i 111
stock; aiso cut liiiwers. Decoiating a speciality.
Largest growers of p alius in tue sut.e. Come
and see us aud be convincod. Xe.epUone 87. T.
K. Keuh & Co.
and shoe shop; paten: leatuer poush f -jc
busruy tops; repairs in ad kiuus of leaiajr
goods; shoes hail soied forty cenu. K. t. ilaa
derson, Hs-.-i West Sixta street.
CAHPENTER and repair work. Address.
Wm. rieedy, box North lopeka. Kaus.
MONEY LOANED on horses, pianos, house
hold goods and all kinds of chat.ei securi
ties. L. Biscoe, 5ii Kansas avenue, room i.
PAKTIES wishing a safe and paying invest
ment for their money, cad at once on s. M.
Wood & Co., 634 Kansas ave.
FRIDAY, Oct. 12,1 894.
John T. Tiernev. Harry Watson. J.is. P. Smith,
Jas. Ft Cook. Ed. J. HelTernan, J. B. Bra liey.
Ernest Wilsoa, "I hos. H. Humphries. M. O. Key
nolds. A 'ice Hutchinga. Ireu-j Hernandez,
Mamie Mayo, Jiiiia Tayior. Gel tie Milling ton.
M lie Sardou. Senorita Conchita and ether
ttrNo throaty, Charlotte Kusse hnmor, but
real, wholesome, anti-bilious, rip-roaring fun.
But Stomaon-Lau2h3.
WEEK OCT. S, Sat. Math-, 2:30.
Stewart & Ilallailay's Musical
Burl6SQU6 csop"S
23 PEOPLE. 2f
Sweet Singers! Clever Comedians,
.i-tngutiui uanotrs:
The Event of the
See Our Grand March.
12 EeatLtiful Ladies
Led by Nellie Elmer,
Every night, 8:30. Saturday Mat:nee, 2:H0.
No increase in prices 10, 20, 30 cents. No more.
First published on the 9th day of October,
laS4. In the ofiicial city paper. J
Office of Citt Clerk, )
lurF.KA, Kansas, v
October a. lst4.
Sealed proposals will be received at this cftice
until Monday October ISLh, I8i4. ai 5 o'clock p.
m.. to furnish coal in such quantities and at
such times as required for use of (he different
departments of the city of Topeka, from date oi
contract for one year.
Also to furnish best qualify of Vir City lump
coal for use at the city electric station, to b de
livered on the car at said station on Second aud
Adams streets, city of 1 opeka. ui such quanti
ties and a; such times as required by tiie super
intendent In charge of said station and subject
to his acceptance or rejections.
1 ach proposal must slate the kind of coal,
price per bushel or per ton: all tue coal must be
first properly weighed on city scales and proper
certificates of the weighinaster attached to each
claim, except the coal used a.t the e.ectric light
station, which may be weighed at such places
and on such semes as may be designated by
said superintendent of said electric sea ion.
All proposals must be accompanied by a cer
tified check of $100.00 b the credit of the city of
Topeka. that if any contract is awarded to the
party or parties, he or they will enter into con
tract within three days alter such award aud
give a good and sufficient bond to be approved
V.y the mayor, for the iaithiui performance of
the contract.
Payments to be made monthly la cash, after
claim shal! have been duly presented and al
lowed by the mayor and council.
The mayor add council reserve the right to
reject any aud ail bid s.
SHAL S. 8. McFaddik, City Clerk.
Rudy's Pile Suppository is guaranteed
to cure Pilea and Constipation, or money
refunded. 50 cents per box. bend stamp
for circular and free sample to Martin
Rudy, Lancaster, Pa. For sale by all
firstclaes drug trists, and in Tupeka by W.
R. Kennedy, comer Fourth and Kansas
ES2 calls up the FeerliiJ7
Xa Effect on and after Sept. 14, 1894.
"Wichita local. ..
Oklahoma &.
lex as local...
Pen. & Tex. Eim
California Lim..
Kansas City &
'lopeka plug..
Co.orado N.-Jiut
Man. & B. Acc.
Ex. Sunday. ..
113. 8:15 am 10:35 am
10:49 am
8 is am
9:30 am
1:35 pin
4:30 pnij
9:05 pm
:35 am
10:40 am
ai am 1 1 :." am
35 paij 8:43 pm
40 pmj
20 pin, 11:30 pm
7:30 am
Between Kansas City and lopeka cn.y.
Leave , Arrive
Topeka. Kansas
K. C. Local
Chicago Vesti
bule Lim
Columbian Lim.
Missouri Hirer
Night Ex
Topeka and
Kansas City
, P.ug
Man. & B. Acc.
Ex. Sunday...
1:50 pm' 2:00 pm 4:20 pm
I t
2:&5prai 2:55 pm 5:00 pm
7:10 pmj 7:30 pm 9:30 pm
6:40 am' 5:45 am; 8:00 am
i i
7:90 am 9:40 am
9:00 pm
Between Kansas City and Topeka only.
Train Vr I Leave j Leave j Arrive
xrams. --;st. Joe.1 Atchis'n Topeka.
Pacific, Mexico
&. Texas Ex- j
press 105 8:40 am; 9:37 am 11 :30 am
Nlht Exp 107 8:15 pmj 9:15 pm 11:10 pm
Leave j Arrive Arrive
Topeka. lAtchis'n St. Joe.
St. Joe Express. 108 5:45am 7:33 am 8:30 am
fat. Joe Eveuinjr
Express 106 4:30 pm 6:35 pm 7:35 pm
Buy railroad, Pullman or steamship tickets of
Agents Santa Fe route, southeast comer Sixth
and Kansas avenue. Topeka.
Or W. C. Gakviv, Agent at Depot,
Or AKNOLI) & Soi,
Agents, North Topeka.
In effect on and after Oct 7, 1354.
Arrive Leave
Topeka. jTopeka.
Through Fast
fcxpress B
Chicago. Texas
Express A
South western
Express A
Southwest Night
Express A
9:00pnvll:10pm 11:20 pm
10:50 am! 12:55 pmj 1:05 pm
i.v s. j.
9:33 am 12:50 pm
Lv S.J.
7:40pm'll:05 pm 11:20 pm
No. Arrive Leave Kansas
Topeka. Topeka. City.
3 8:55pm 4:00pm 6:15pm
Ar S. J.
14 8:55 pm 7:20 pm
Ar S. J.
4 5:39 am 5:40 am 9:25 am
26 6:a5am 8:40am 7:45am
Solid Limited
Vestibule Ex
press A
St. Joseph and
Mad -via
Joseph .. .
Express and
Mall via Kan
sas City C
A Daily. B Dally, exoept Saturday. C
Daily, except Monday.
For tickets, sleeping-car berths and general
information, call at City Ticket office. Col Kan
sas avenue, corner Sixth street, (telephone 4JU):
at Passenger (station, corner First street and
Kansas avenue, ( telephone h); or at Postoinua,
Nortii Topeaa, (telephone 3i4).
City Passenger Agent.
uiioj PAcino.
Change of Time. In EfTect October 7, 1894.
Eastern Vesti
buled Express,
8-20 pm
12.50 am
2:50 pm
7:00 am
5:00 pm
9:20 am
Denver Pacific
6:45 pmj 8:55 pm 1:40 pm
9:00amll:00 am! 3:45 am
Daily, except Sunpay. All others daily.
Train No. 8. solid vestibule to Ch.cago, illnlng
car. free chair cars, etc., running over the
Chicago & Alton from Kansas City, has through
sleeper for St. Louis via Missouri Pac. fie.
I rain No. solid vestibuie for Denver, mak
ing direct connection for Pacific coast, through
Puilman car for Sait Lake; through colonist car
to Portland, etc.. etc.
City ticitet office, 525 Kansas avenue.
L'v's Topeka
Topeka and Fort Scott ac
commodation 10:00 a. m.
A'v's Topeka
Topeka nnd Fort Scott ae-j I
commodation 286;
5:30 p. m.
L. T. fc S. W.
. r ,v. (via Meriden and ) .
Leave Topeka. .. -i Oskaioosa. 7:30 a m
Arrive Leavenwortn 11:00 a.m
Leave Leavenworth, via Oskalooa.. 4:50 p.m
Arrive Topeka g -.zii p.ni
Accommodation, daily ex. Sunday.
Trains will leave Quincv Street station week
davs lor Vinewood as follows: 6:45, ll:6l, 8:07,
i rains win leave Vinewood for Quincy straei
at 7:57, 1:02, 4:19, 6:50.
Leave Quincy street 8:Oi. :19, 10:33, 11:51,
1:60.3:07 , 4:24.6:41. 7 :M. 8:4"), 9:50.
Leave Vuiewood 8:4J, 8:50, 11:16, 12:30. 2:30,
8:47. 5:04. 6:24.
Extra Sunday trami vrVA be run according
to company orders.
itmunv err t? mxt vnn nn
D.T. Triml. No bout travswi ia
T5,W0now fnn. Wor:a'aF.ir Mdta awarded oiaciiia. aDd.tl&cb-meu'-M.
Bav from facrorr ao4 aav. deaiera mod ae.t'a proevs.
FnPP CotlSiaOot and md to.davfor roarbioe or tarre free
t C ralalorar, Uatimon!. and feilmrweaof the WorM'a Fair.
CJLfORa hiFC. CO. 3i2 W'o.ti At. CHIuAC9,ILL
' -4 I Bovs ocr s dr.wpr walirat or omk I
' 1 V7 ' Bq1t toi&hcd, nick.i pi.wd ,oapt.d to lixbt
il . , .n,i L . . . I f .1.1 h.
T f Atiloiskliir Bbin W lndr, Hlf-ThrrB41i.(f Cyli
" M 'r ffciul,8.ir-8lUn fc'Ni!e.Bd . cmplet.
. t rf At tart-nmeai.; dipped uy wiser, am
J") D.T. Trim I. Nonourtfaamd in idunc.
Housemaids in England receive an
average of 75 cents a week and 'found. "
In Korea the inhabitants go to bed
before sunset and get np before fauxtrise.
Charitable societies axe to be organ
ized in Franco to aid convicts whose
terms have expired.
In Boston are the headquarters of th
Ramabai association, whose purpose it
is to rescue child widows in India. This
iociety is flourishing and reports an in
come of 161,784.
First published October 10th, 1894, In the To
peka State Journal. J
Proposals for tha Construction of
a System of Sewerage in
Sewer District ITo.
17, City of
Cur Clebk'k Office, 1
crrv of Toi-eka, V
October lo, 1894. )
Sealed proposals will be received at this office
until October 15th. 1834. at 5 o'c.ock. p. m . f'T
tue con .traction of a pips sewer wi.h all the
necessary appe.jdages, complete alonf certa.n
streets, aveuue and aney, coma u ?J iu an 1
coustitu ting ewar d.strict No. 17. in .he city of
Topeka. and fuJy described in ordinance No.
17 , approved ilie 24th day ot Juiy, HiH.
. Au work necessary to co.up.ete said system of
sewerage iu said seer dis.rn't No. 17, a aiore
said to be ujna in strict aciTr.lance wild the
Beverai plana, a id the spe :ilioations duiy ap
proved by the mayor and council of said city,
and now on liie In the city eug.neer's o.hce of
the city of lopeka. and a.l of said wort to be
doi.e under the supervision and airec.ion of tiie
city engineer or omor authorized parson desig
nated ly him.
- Fayn e us for all of said wprk to be made on
peop.r estimates of the city engineer, and sub
muied to the mayor and counc.i ol s ml city for
fur her action, enher in internal improvement
bonds issued by the city of loneki, according
to nw governing the issuance of tiu same, or in
ea-o, as the mayor and coau -il may elect.
- All proposals must be strictly observed and
conform to the 'following instructions to bid
ders, tow.t:
1. Proposals under different names wlU not
be received from one firm or association.
. 1. The city council of the city of Topeka re
serves the right to reject any or all birls or parts
of b.ds which may not be advautageoas lo the
8. Each bidder will be required to deposit
with the city Cierk to the credit of the city of
Topeka a certified checiv of deposit for two hun
dred dollars, that he will emof into contract, if
awarded to him, according to the terms of his
bid, wuhin live days after the certification of
the award.
4. In ail bids made by a firm, the individual
names of the members must be wr rten ont aud
must be signed in fun. giving ths christian
names; but the signers may, if iney choose, de
scribe themselves iu a Idition as doing a busi
ness under a given name and style as a firm.
5. The place of residence of every Didder,
with county, and state, must be given, after his
signature, which must be written in fuil.
b. Any one signing a proposal as the ajrent of
ano her or others, must n,e with it legal evi
dence of his auilioruy to do so.
7. Alterations by erasures or Interlineations
should be explained or noted in the proposal
over the signature of the bidder.
8. Ail prices mast be written as well as ex
pressed in figures.
9. Proposals should be addressed to the city
clork, city of fopeka, and endorsed "Proposals
for the construction of sewers in district No. 17,
in the city of Topeka." tonelier with tue signa
ture of the individual or firm bidding.
10. Four per cent of tha c m. rae; will be de
ducted and retained by the city for expenses of
SitALj S. 8. McFauden-.
City Clerk.
Central National Bank,
Of Topeka, at the close of business, October 2,
1.S94, as called for by the Comptroller of the Cur
Loans and discounts $3Gl,S67 2?
Overdrafts 55 99
V. a. cov. bonds to secure circulation 50,ooo oo
Other U. S. bonds 15.00J 00
Premium on U. S. bonds 9.WU 75
Stock bonds aud securities. 8n,5i6 94
Furniture and lixtures 4,5o0 00
Ifeal estate and mortgages
owned 15,697 C2
Due from other National
banks, not reserve agents 1.446 49
Duo ir.m slate ban sis 25,o3d 10
Due from approved reserve
agents 161,954 23
Checks and other cash items i..rs 43
Exchange for clearing house. a.s(7 74
l'.iils of other national banks 27 ,s o oo
Nickels aud cents 1-6 to"
Ijegal tender notes 25.ooo oo
Specie, goid and silver Iii.'.us oo
$326,553 25
Kedemptlon fund with United States
treasurer 2.250 .00
Total $875,134 83
Capital stock paid in $250 .ooo oo
Surplus fuuL lo.soo 00
Undivided profits less expenses and
taxes paia 4.504 71
National bank notes outstanding 41,auo 00
Due. to other National banks 1 SO 20
Due to state banns 3,3l7 2:1
Individual deposits subject
to check $513,C0 60
Demand certificates of de
posit 45,542 22
Cashier's checks outstand
ing 5,149 82
5C7.930 12
Total S-sTl; 63
State of Kansas, i
cou.mv of shawn kb, j
I, Edwin Knowles, cashier of the above
named bank, do soienimy swear that the fore
gouig statement is true according to the best of
my kuowiedge and bene!.
Kinn.N K.Nmvi.ES, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before melius 5th
dav of October, laa4. Crto. 1!. Uasxixu,
l&KAL. Notary Public,
i Commission expires Angus, s. ls.i;.)
P. I. lio.VKBitAlil,
li. P. Dillon,
C F. JlLaox.
it. DeFord Patee
ToueKa. Ivans.
Ollice Ilolei Throop.
B. WAKD. A.M.. M. D
717 Kansas Ave.vur.
Hours: 2 to p. m. private nospttai ror women
83 tireeiiwood aveuue.
Street. Consulting hours 10
634 Harrison
a. m to 2 p. m.
K. D. li. Coicord,
Kidney and Private dis
725 Kansas aveuue.
lOfEKA, Kansas.
private hospital. Office: No. 72U Kansas Ave.
DA C BAatES. M. D.
Office 732 Kan. Ave. Residence, 13th and Clay.
Oftice Hours 9 a, m. u u a. m .and a p. in. tj
6 p. in. Phone 99.
XJ apeciai attention given to chronio diseasei.
Oince open -ati hours.
COO Kas. Ave. Phone 82.
L. A. RYDER, M. D. .
OFFICE and residence cor. Gordon street and
Central ave.. North lopeka. I'lioue
Usts Uie Brmkerholl syste n of E-ecai treat
ment, a succesiui and pauiiess treatuieiii; ior
piles, hslula, nsUure. Ulceration, etc.
nr . tJAvX St ..I. A .... .
04 an 436 kausas Ave. and X43
.orlh 'I a. p k. a. ftioMe S.
13tli and Walnut S:reet. Kansas City. Mo,
Telephone 54.
1 belong to no Undertakers Com Dine. Manu.
facture my own ooriius and casket. My pfiCwa
are from 25 to 50 per cent lass than any under
U.p er id the city.
fe'iumiiiu. CarieU and States cold oa time.
Worst of All.
"A prophet is not witbout honor save
ta his own country," ia onoof the old ay
lugs that arw never out of data.
"You have been very naughty, Kelly,"
said a writer of children's 6tories to her
little daughter one day, ''and I shall have
to punish you."
"What are you going to do to rne, mam
ma?" inquired the tearful Nelly. "Shall
you put me to bed now ia the middle of
the day?"
''No," replied her mother.
"Well, I don't think anything else
would be so bad," said the child, with re
newed cheerfulness, "unless Oh, main
ma:" she wailed as a sudden thought
struck her. "I haven't pot to sit still and
hear you read one of the stories you've
written, have I?" Youth's Companion.
Educsvtioaavl Item.
Professor Does dat tjueshun boddei
you, Alelchisedek?
Melchisedek Not In de leas'. Hit's dc
answer what bodders me. Texas Siftings.
Expecting Too Much.
Mrs. Lynn Linton has taken to preach
ing the gospel of pessimism, and hero is
her latest summing up the conditions ot
"It is always the same thinfr. We ex
pect too much. We expect gratitude from
all when it is the rarest quality from any.
Few people in the world know the true
feeliny of gratitude, and only those of a
higher morality than falls to the lot ol
most. Pleasure, a scantling of personal
affection for the time being, relief because
of the lift over the stiba these, yes, but
gratitude in the sense of an obligation to
return by sacrifice what has been given by
sacrifice not one in a million has the
faintest conception of this! All through
the litany of life we ought to pray against
the pain accompanying too great expecta
tions. We expect from fame too much
personal gratification; from work too
much fame; from money too much happi
ness; from friends too much stability;
from those in whom we believe too many
perfections; from those we help too much
gratitude; from those we love too much
love in return. If we would find true peace,
we should expect nothing at nil. Then
what we got would be of the nature of aa
unexpected find and an unsought for treas
ure. "
And women who have lived with expe
rience accumulating behind them cannot
gainsay Mrs. Linton, although they have
kept closed lips through all their painful
C navoi tliabl y Prevented.
Captain Bliss was, like all seamen, a
strict disciplinaiian, and his crew respect
ed him beyond measure. Not one of them
would have dreamed of interpreting a
command otherwise than according to the
strict letter of the law. Things must be
done "shipshape" under his rule.
One day while the ship was in a certain
small port the captain gave a dinner to
some town acquaintances, and as the re
sources of the ship were not great some of
the sailors were deputed to wait on the
table to re-enforce the insufficient num
ber of stewards.
As these men were not used to such
work each one was told exactly what
service would fall to his share.
The hour came, and the dinner went
merrily on. Presently, however, one of
the ladies wanted a piece of bread. There
was none very near her, and the finely
disciplined stewards seemed to be quite
oblivious to her need. She turned her head
and spoke very softly to the man at her
el bow.
''Bread, please, " she said.
He looked regretfully at the bread and
then at her. It was evident that he would
fain have helped her if it had been in his
power. He saluted in fine naval style.
"Can't do it, ma'am," said he. "I'm
told off for 'taters. " Youth's Companion.
Why He Moved.
Kiddem Sellers has moved out of
the apartments over his store.
Koddem That's queer 1 Any particu
lar reason?
Kiddem Yes; he wan afraid the
firms from whom he buys goods would
not like the idea of his living above his
income. Buffalo Courier.
Without Character.
"Going to the Browns' fancy ball to
morrow?" "Yep."
"What character are you going to
"Just going as myself. "
"Oh, no character at all, eh?" Indi
anapolis Journal.
No Ivicli. ede(L
"Why don't you get a boy to keep
your desk in order?" inquired the caller.
"It looks awfully littered up."
"I keep it this way, " Baid the man at
the desk, "to enow that I'm always
"But why oh, I seel Good day 1"
Chicago Tribune.
In Chicago. j
"Wasn't that a friend of yours you j
just now spoke to?
Mrs. Lakeview Yes.
"Why didu't you introduce me?"
Mrs. Lakeview I haven't called
upon her for a week, and I didn't know
what her name might he. -Chicago la
ter Ocean.
Artist's Friend (pointing to sketch)
-I say, Harry, where did you get that?
Harry Why, I got that out of my
Friend Well, it's a lucky thing for
your head that you got it out. Ex
change. Ber Reason For Oiving Notice.
Mistress And, pray, why do
want to leave ns, Anna?
Cook The doctor has ordered my
grenadier a more generous diet! Base
ler Nachri.hten.
Grand Secretary of North limkwta C lii
From the Temple.
Bra Frank J. Thompson, (fraud
retary of the grand lodge of North 1 i k
, - ta, is probably tt
.r"' best know n ' i
; At the tn'tfim.'i-
f J J tion of t! tr.'u.cl
111-iilr t'l I . .1
Dakota be w--
elected de r it y
(jrund iimir niiil
in l-:i bc';tm
y Vi',VN grand liu.-u-r
grand m-cu t;ry ft
V the
and grand red -hi
er of the (inui'l
eiiiiifn.'ii.i!f rv ii
T. J. THOMPSON Junt) ibl!i "w h
offices as well as grand secretary cf t f
grand chapter he now holds ly virtu
a unanimous ballot lu eat h. IJro. Thm s i
son was coroneted an honorary tn-p"-t.r
general of the thirty-third degree 1 1, c. -J,
The history of Masonry is but the tri
umph of man man redeemed by the p- '.i
tico of those preempt which wifdotn h ,n::i
es and heaven prescribes.
Baltimore was selected us the j im n nf
meeting for the thirtieth (centennial tii
ennial convocation In lKS)7jf tiif r .!
grand chapter of lioyal A reh Mason of f b
United States, tho date to be determin it
upon by the council of general grand i !i
When a secretary asks a brother f- r bin
dues, he Is not bogging for birtiat if. Init
he is discharging his own duty and re
minding the brother of his.
Fidelity, obedience, secrecy nnd chuiify
are unmistakable characteristics of lint
true Mason.
While Masonry is not a religion, hnilr y,
no creed but the fatherhood of ;d ni;ii
tho brotherhood of man, it is iiii n-i !y re
ligious in that it teaches its votaries to
reverence all that is holy and gnd and n
abhor all thut is vicious and bad.
The well informed Mason will be kept
humble becauso of his attainments. 1 i u
will never bo heard boasting of bis knowl
edge. Tho first Masonic ttrmun pn ac bed i r
90 years in Limerirk cath.-drid, in !.m !,
was preached to the Masons of Norih Mun
ster on euminer St. John's day l.iht, ( 'n i
on Wills of Katbki alo ofheiating ui i-pu
ciul Jireacher.
St. Andrew's chapter of Boston, tha
oldest Royal Arch chapter in Mw!iii
setts and one of tho strongest cnpn ul..r
bodies in existence, recently celebrated
one hundred and twenty-uTth atuiivi r ...r,. .
The Order Perpetuates the History of the
Indian Along tho Trail.
The time must come when thehi-'ory
of the aborigines, their traits and 1 l
will become a subject of supreme inter;-. i
to every student of American 1 1 t. r--. I e i n
or American history. The Improved ii
dor of Rod Men. in the guise of a f rater'. .tl
beneficial organization, seeks to pf rji'-iu
ate the history of the peculiarities ur-d ti e
virtues of these liberty loving men and
women. If the order bought no other t t t,
it should inv ite a large member.--! .ip, ami
when combining the best feature. -f fra
ternity its success seems hut n lint imt ai, 1
projer sexjuence. Philadelphia Press.
On the whole the order has progress!
aud is stronger in mniiy ways than t r.
Governor Flower participated in t'.i
parade at Binghamton, N. Y., during t b-j
meeting of tho great sun council of l
United States.
For the last six months it -oi-t '.he '.I. I
Men of Massachusetts ii fathoms i field s
per member for management.
The great sun council of the degn-e of
Poiiliontas is lieen aill horij-1 ii-!- t a
past sachem to be its represeiitativ- in t he
great council cf Massachusetts.
New York has U,42& iminbeis ol tl..j
oi-der, a gain of l.H'.'tt for the pa.-.t, year-
Oood ItAult JEroin Lxlrr- tisiiHti
'orksliop OleauIiiaC.
Illinois is experiencing good n Milt I n
the syt-U-m of lod vipitnt ion nr,d kii:
vision inaugurated in tlmt jut isda t ion
one lodge vicitisl by depot y 4' new j
plications wire rteelveil, and in all I
lodges vrsited a great revival of inn n
was observed.
Mem bur in go'sl standiii'j' Au;;. 1, 1
33,118. A new Iud: f .".il iih-ioMth !
bet.'ii instituted at Monson, Me., by rn
Master Workman Mitchell.
Missouri ha1 two use.Kment s for
tern ber.
The lat of the kuuuik r Lt-ing ov
there is no reason wliv lolg-es slamhi .
.' t
1 11
; i.
meet weulftrly, have their meet I r v.
attended aid build up their member;.)
The A. O. U. W. is tholdet soob'ty
its kinil in the world.
Dearborn lodge, Roxbury, M.i-., bus
membership of 47W.
Secret Society Xe:l!on.
A cane of unusual interest t o member '
the Home Forum Benefit order und ul'e
cret societies was decided In the cir .
courtof Moline, Ills., recently. -Mrs. Bri;
etMooney iJrought suit to recover on a
OOO policy held by her husband in t
Home Forum. In September, lh'.j2, i
made application for mem 1" rhi p. 1 i
certificate was issued and received by t;
clerk Dee. So. Mooney left the city hi-fi,
being initiated or receiving bis eertilient
Jan. IS following he died in Daonp-i
The following day members of the fun
ly called for and received his iur.ur.aii
certificate, payiii8 one advance ii-'-ment,
which was received by the : -t I
who did not know that Mooney wns d .
The order refused payment on tiie poii
but after a hotly contested case a venin
for plaintiff was returned.
Knlchts of the Itrd frcss.
Tle sovereign grand council of 1 .' ; ,.
of the Red Crows and Cons' a i -
Knights of St. John and the Holy nj"
cher, held at Rochester, elected in.
cers: Sovereign grand master, (J. L. c-'ov
ell, Rochester; grand viceroy, (n o ,
Scott, Paterson, N. J.; gr ind se-i. r j
eral, George F. L..k1t, lioeln ster, j.
junior gcne.nl, William II. W 'hm rev. I.,:- .
ester; grarnl treasurer general. Ill''
P. Knapp, Bioomsburg, I'a.; grami r v
trar general, Charles K. DtJaii-.-, I
ijrand marshal, J. L. ILarrty, Now U.
X v - 1

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