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The Topeka state journal. [volume] (Topeka, Kansas) 1892-1980, October 23, 1894, NIGHT EDITION, Image 3

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

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Tor Colds,
Croup, Influenza, and
the best;
of all anodvne
Prompt to act,
Sure to Cure
Topeka Vacuum Cure
fc at iblisUeU.
2Iedical and
Snr jiciil Treatment.
XtrToni a. id fhroaie tti&eaaea and
dtscMta of -women.
vacuum specialties:
Paralyaia. ttit old riirsnie diseases
that uiedirine Uare railed to cure.
VV. a FliANCIS, ManVr.
SOI Cell Alfnoo W
eM)r. (. . SVI I.TZ. :rj Kan. Ave.
'IJEy S'-''J'-'1S'"'iJ
Libr&rj? f Icll
KEY. 1)1 M AX Iici;UE(;oII. i. )., o
Iu Hi- Popular I.M'ture Kutitletl
Grip and Grapple of Great
Hen and Great Nations.
Ir. M;nl;rtin' is the aeltnowleclijetl
l'rlnre or" Oraturii of the Ameriran ros
trum. No one sl.oultt fail to hear liim.
Tickets w;ll be )u sale throe oi' days in at!
WDiv at KH.ian:'.
tietienu U'iin.s.oa .":e; reserved seat-, 75e.
GRAND Tuesday, October 23.
Brightest ami I. el:est Farce-tome. ly
Of tt.H St-US'lII.
A Laughing Surprise.
f csh
see T!. a-rjur: , JOWffl
The I'mmv I . 'iitchman. j . il,,
i he 'ri.ri 1 raiati. W Hit
'lilt- ti'rauc j'ea.
ll ,i'V i't-tt".
Ra Extra Claris for Passaje in
i'aliici) lleclinin Chair
Fast Yes'iliifi LipM Trains.
Ak your own H Jm Ti.'ket Asrent for t:-ketj
T.a the i l:it'rti;o & Ait'n Kaiiroai. or write to
I. IttnVEt. Ou'l Western 1'as-etiger Ajt..
'it; .VuKTH ta 1AOWAY, SI'. Lut IS, MO.
laeoerai Fiiifar aad Ticket Agent,
Is Yonr Hair Hry and Brittle. Fall
inar Out oar Turnlns iry?
Tht-se are only indications that the fol
licles or roots of the hair are getting
weakened or diseased. Iieg-s' Hair
Kenewer will itrjapthen and invigorate
th foliioies and the hair will regain its
natural color and tecome soft, glossy and
healthy, bold br W. Ii. Keaaadv.
Prescutt A Co. have removed to 2so.
We;t Eighth street
Spectacles and eyeglasses, 25 cents.
" $1 00
Chas. Bennett's Optical store, 713
Kansas avenue.
IOR SAI.K A ln.rd ant soft coal bas burn
enaiwlcoali.ua. llioorih Van turtn.
AN I KI Uul.t spr.ng waKon atTfrJK.au
sas avenue.
AN TKI Wmaaa. chamber work; l eoior--jgHi.eneral
.loiue wutt. so Kan. ave.
!r, finest ? j
It Along.
A Farm Hand Xear Wichita Shot
bva 31a n in Hiding.
Emporia Xorrnal Students Are
Preparing to Flay Golf.
An Abilene Farmer Killed by a
Fall from a J I ay Jiake.
Wichita, Oct 25. A queer attempt at
murder is reported fr ji Keel i town
ship, wherein a man named Jo:m Her
nia a, employed by Sctsvi.le. the milk man,
is the victim of a murdero is assault aud
may die from a wound receivrd at the
hands of an uuknowu would-be assassin.
It appears that JIeni.au had undressed
and guae to bed. Late i 1 the nltfht he
became thirsty and got up and went out
toward a water tank at the side of the
house. He was tarefooted and had on
only his night shirt
As he neared the tank his foot slipped
and he lurched forward, aid in doing so
he noticed a man standing by the iie of
the road. This stranger quickly raised a
pistol and tired a couple of shots, one of
which took effect iu the body of the hired
man. He sank to the grouud and the
stranger fled.
The wounded man dragged himself to
the house, and was taken in by .Mr. Sco
vilie, who then went out w.th a light and
fouud that whoever had tired the shot
had been there on horseback. .No idea as
to why the assault was made is advanced
aud Herman may die of hu wound. The
only theory advanced is that some one
had stopped for a drink aud seeing- a
white-robed figure advancing toward
him became frightened and tired t he shot
into the man.
AVj-.irilotte I'optilist eek to Prevent
Coalition U il'u the I liiorrat
Kansas City, et. 2d. IXssitistied
Populists in V.N audotte cjuuty have
asked for a novel injunction. They want
the courts to restraiu the Populist lead
ers from fusion with the Democrats. Fus
ion on the county ticket has been talked
of for some tima and the party leaders
were about ready to get together. The
suit for an injunction was I rought in the
court of common pleas by Attorney J. A.
Smith and thirty-three "middle of the
road" Populists. The petition states
that the Populists nominated a county
ticket with the understanding there
should be no fusion and that such a
movement woull be fraud against the
people who nominated the ticKet and an
irreparable damage to the party.
The Students of tl? state N trmalto I'lay
the l-"UNliion;tie 4.:ime.
Empoku, Oct. -23. W. Ii. Irwin has
received the golf supplies f,.r the nor
mal athletes. Golf is an old Scotch
g-ame, which is being- introduced in this
country. The tiald for lU-i game occu
pies about three miies in length and the
puiuts are made ty knocking balls into
holes about 100 yards ap irt.
The side that puts a bail in the hole in
the least number of strokes makes a
score. The exercise is said to be healthy
but not excessive and the game can be
played by children or elderly people.
Kust Horse to lit at Kinpai ia.
K.mi'okia, Oct 23. A splendid "pro
gramme of races, in whica some very
fast horses will go, is being prepared for
the matinee which will occur at the Km
poria mile track on Wednesday, Thurs
day and Friday, Oct 31, .Nov. 1 and "2.
Among the nuted horses that will go ia
the different races will be Waiter E,
with a mark of 2:10; iiiiey .Medium,
2A0'.,: Susie G. 2:11 4; Free Coinage,
2:11 J4 and Sunrise Prince, 2:lo;4.
Military I'risoner Sn flVx-ateil.
Lkaveskokih, Oct 2H. Mi.it iry Pris
oner Nicholas Lyji at Ft. Leavenworth
was killed while working in the stone
quarry. He was digging under the bank
several feet when it suadetily caved iu
and smothered him before he co aid be
rescued. Lygi has been ::i the military
prison for desertion since December,
lSl'.J, and had two more years to serve on
his sentence.
stole tlie Money for I n a.
Empokia, Oct 2o. Joe Haas was
brought back from Cottonwood Fails
Saturday night by SheriiT Evans. He
says he took the incmey from his brother-in-law
Kuhrt -for fun." 1 he joke isn't
so funny now. 1 ius had hi 1 the money,
li;.". by cutting a hole in the sideboards
of his wagon, placing the cast inside
and then nailing a piece over the hole.
Aethlentall v Shol Hi.nspl;.
At(hi-o, Oct. 2:i. Frank Y.Ucox,the
Central Branch i Wyandotte fetation
agent at Gotfs, accider.taiiy sh.it L.mself
.Monday morning. There was a loaded
revolver in the money drawer, and when
Wilcox attempted to open it, the re
volver caught ua something and was
discharged. The bail struck hi arm,
and it may have to te amputated.
V11 and ISroke His e-k.
Woodbink, Oct. 23. Frank Ivrause, :
aged 70, re-idiug with his gii, Caarles j
Krause, was kil.ed at his farm while
raking hay. It is supposed that he fell J
from the rake and broke his neck, but j
the accident was seen by no one and the
horse went to the son, who was working
in the tame field. Oa goii.g to his tather
the son found him dead.
Nancy Hank's record 2:Ji. Who can
beat it T The question is often asked
about Dr. l'r ice's Baking PoA-Jer.
Pound Dead WLh a Hole in Mis ilea.
FoktSott, Oct. 23. The body of an
unknown man was fouud tit ar tat- fair
grounds south of the city about o:ie mile,
lie was shot just behind the rigit ear
with a 32 calibre builet It is suscectei
that he is one of the party who er.terei
Greearieid's store here last Saturday.
A I5b- With a tlreal (rredt (iraiulmother.
Atchison, Oct 23. A toy was born to
Mr. and Airs. Paul Tjij iij Monday
night The great great grandmother of
this baby is iivitsc. iirs. Maria Harres.
mother of 31 rs. W". I- Cha'.iiss, and grand
mother of Mrs. John A. M irtiu.the latter
being Mrs. Toning's niuthsr. Mrs.
Harres is ninety-six years oil
Burglar at W infield.
Winfield, Oct 23. Thieves broke in
to the store of M. Hahn & Co., by creak
ing through the tloor from theiellar,
and stole $2 0 worth of clota.ng and jew
elry. The firm offers a rt ward cf f 23
for their arrast and tonvictiga.
Police Commissioner Youtit Vouches for
the Ago of a Republican.
Sanitary Officer A. Barton was so ela
ted over his discharge in the police court,
where he answered to the charge of dis
turbing the peace of Deputy Commis
sioner of Elections Frank L. Whitaker,
that he gathered up a party of colored
Republicans at once ani marched them
up to the commissioner's office to be reg
istered. There was no challenge until the last
one of the crowd was reached. He was
a youthful looking colored man named
Wiil Ierry, and he told a straight story,
except that he 9aid he thought he was
born in 1S73. He was refused registra
tion until he could secure evidence on
his age, and he hunted up I'olice Com
missioner Vount, who went with him to
the commissioner's otiice.
"Let this boy register." said Mr. Yoiint
"He won't vote with us, but h is of ac-e.
I have known him since he was a little
Loy. '"
Perry was registered, and Sanitary Of
ficer Barton went away happy.
A I-'umily Tli at Believe They Are Heirs
to His 1'roperty.
New Haven, Conn., Oct. 2.'3. An old
gentleman and a young lady have been
searching for several days the records
of the probate court in this district for
evidence of the property left by Elihu
Vale, tne founder of Yale university, to
which they had an idea that they
were the legal heirs. The search
ers were named Yale and claimed to bo
the descendants of the founder of the
university. They come from Wailiog
ford, Conn.
It is said that a commercial traveler,
while in Wisconsin became acquainted
with a family named Yale in that state,
and informed that family that Elihu
Yale died possessed of about $10'J,UO0,
000, which was held by Yale university
in trust for the heirs, who had never ap
peared to claim the property.
The W isconsin family have relatives
in Wallingford, and the western Yales
asked the eastern Yales to make an in
vestigation. '1 he two who examined the
probate records were very caret ui to con
ceal their names. The couple have given
up the search, satisfied that the story was
untrue. They had also seen Prof. Dexter,
of Yale, aud he satisfied them that they
were on a w ild goose chase.
Shall we check immigration': Or shall
it go on unrestricted: Whether we
check it or not Dr. Price's will still rank
hrt of all the baking po Adors.
The Vil.son Hill has iiiven a tireat
Stimulus to i-oi'tinf.
Washington, Oct 2o In a report to
the department of state United States
Consul German at Matamoras says the
effect of the new American tariff is being
felt in increased trade with northern
Mexico. Large exportation of dressed
hides, mules, horses, etc, has been added
to the usual exports heretofore made,
and the prospects of a large spring busi
ness are most cheering.
Under the operation of the McKinley
act all live stock ceased to be exported,
the taritl on horses and mules being oi
each, from two to three times the selling
value of the animals in Mexico. This
amounted to a total prohibition and until
Sept 1 not a live animal of any kind had
been exported. Large exportations of
dressed hides and leather show another
feature that shares the benefit of the
Wilson schedule.
The iuateinalan Minister Relieves There
is No Truth in War ilrports.
Washington, (Jet. '2-1. Minister Ar
riaga, the Guatemalan minister, does not
credit the dispatches from Oaxaca, Mex
ico, that war is impending betwen Mexi
co and G uatemala, and that the latter
country has sent a large force of troops
to meet several thousand Mexican troops
at Acapulco aud Tehu antepec.
Senor Arriaga says he would
be quickly advised by his govern
ment if iiuy such warlike step had
been taken and he has received nothing
to show that such a move had been made
or was contemplated.
The boundiiry question, which is being
negotiated between Mexico and Guate
mala, is no more, says the minister, than
the boundary between Mexico and the
United States, and tiiat it has not at any
time reached a serious phase which
would warrant the reports of a war.
Declares Tliat Society Is Wrunj to Ostra
cise Piillen Women.
New York. Oct. 23. Dr. Charles A.
Parkhurst Sunday preached a sermon in
his church which was a plea for fallen
women. Dr. Parkhurst said society lias
a way of scaling sins for which no war
rant can ba found iu the scriptures.
"There seems to be,'' said he, "one char
acter of crime that if one sex practices
it, it is all right; but if the other prac
tices it, ostracism invariably follows.
Men can do as they choose on tiiis score
with women for whom they have no re
spect; but with a woman it is di'.Terent."
He continued: ''Society says there are
several unpardonable sins. They say it
is a crime for a woman to transgress the
seventh commandment, but it is not so
for a man. One of the great trou
bles when a woman wishes to lead
a better life is that she does not receive
the help cf her sisters. What hope,
then, is there for a woman to try and do
better? There are a great many Mag
dalene in New York. Probably thou
sands of them who will get to heaven.
They are children of Ood just as good
in his sight as you and you should do
all you can to help them.
"If your fallen sister has reformed and
has been washed in the blood of the !
Iamb what is it your business what her
former life has been? His blood is suffi
cient to redeem her. Some of you gather
your skirts about you to escape from
them, while they are just as precious to
hini as you are. They want recognition
from women as women. If they don't
get it they invariably live a dishonorable
life, die a dishonored woman and their
bodies are buried in the potter's tieid,
where your pitilesaness has driven them.
There is no reason why an ex-convict or
a fallen woman should not be received
into society when they have again be
come good persons and the past is blotted
Rudy's Pile Suppository is guaranteed
to cure Piles and Constipation, or money
refunded 50 cents per box. Sand stamp
for circular and free sample to Martin
Rtriy, Lancaster, Pa, For sale by all
Crstclass druggists, aud in Topeka by W.
R. Kennedy, corner Fourth and Kaasaa
Hoke Smith Asks the War De
partinent fur Soldiers.
To Pnt Down Lawlessness in
j the Indian Territory.
U. S. 3rarshals Either Can't Do
It or Don't Care.
Express Ofiieiuls Say Statdtuod
is the Onlv Knnedv.
Washington, Oct 23. Secretary Hoke
Smith has requested the secretary of
war to send troops to the Indian Terri
tory to suppress the lawless bands which
have been operating there and in the
adjacent country. Accompanying the
request was the communication Secre
tary Smith received from the Indian Ter
ritory, detailing the deplorable condition
of affairs there.
WTiy Troops Are Necessary.
St. Locis, Mo., Oct. 23. Bankers and
business men living in the towns in the
Indian Territory, as well as those living
outside the territory but doing business
with territory firms, has been greatly
worked up over the condition of ailairs
which has made it necessary for the Pa
cilic Express company to refuse money
shipments either into or out of the terri
tory. So far as the express company is
concerned, however, they take a philoso
phical view of the situation and not a
complaint has been registered.
"The situation in the Iudian Territory
today," said Superintendent (J. W. Case,
of the Pacitic company, "is worse than it
ever was. There ia absolutely no protec
tion for life or property, except as we
furnish it ourselves. This continual car
rying of such an armed force makes the
busin&ss too expensive to be prolitable.
"We have lost more by the expense
than we ever did by tlie actual robberies.
Now this Saturday robbery, by it we lost
just $ol7. This consisted of return C. O.
D.'s w hich we are till handling, and our
own and the railroad's remittances. But
you can see that to protect even a small
amount what it would cost when such a
! gang as that attacked the train. The I
other companies are still carrying
money but 1 am informed by .Mr. Simp
son, of the Weils-Fargo that he has ask
ed the general superintendent to issue
an order similar to ours.
"To give you a iittie idea of what we
have paid out I will speak of the
h Oliphant robbery. Our loss there was
about $ 300, but it cost us $S,3J0 to cap
ture the robbers. At the present rates
for carrying money we would have to
take into the territory $S,3XJ,000 to get
tnat back, ror sume time betoro tne
Dalton gang was w iped out the Missouri,
Kansas i Texas and the Pacitic had a
standing reward of ",Uj0 each on the
eight men comprising the gang.
This had only been shortly before
withdrawn. Why, unless there is a re
ward, or we pay the expenses of the
deputies, the United States marshal
doesn't seem to think it is bis duty to
attempt to capture these robbers.
"There ia but one way to stop this
lawlessness, that is to make a state out
of the Indian Territory. Oi course, if
the federal government would send a few
regiments of soldiers down there instead
of keeping them iu the barracks and in
there eastern military stations, it might
do some good. A war of extermination
such as Oov. Crittemien waged agam.-t
the James gang in Missouri is what is
needed. This can only properly bed jne
by admitting the territory to statehoo b"
General Superintendent L. A. Fuller of
the Pacific company, and General Super
intendent b'eck of the Iron Mountain,
iiave gone to Waggoner and will spend
several days in the territory in an attempt
to have the Cook gang, which perpe
trated the last robbery, captured The
information received here is that BUI
Cook is a young man not yet 22 year old
and Cherokee Bill, his chief lieutenant,
is but IS.
Superintendent Case says they are des
peradoes, simply for the notoriety and not
lor the money they can get. Still they al
ways take ail they can. The gang wnich
effected the robbery at Claremore
a snort time ago was the Means gang,
headed by Columbus Means. This is a
bad gang, as is also the Bill Dauian
gang, which is said to have sprung from
the ashes of the Dalton gang.
Superintendent Simpson of the Wells-Farg-o
is now in the territory also look
ing into the condition of the country in
which his company opurates. It is stated
by some who are familiar with the situa
tion there, that the trouble is largely due
to the character of the deputy United
states marshal. It is a well known fact
Ihey are largely recruited from the des
perado class, and it is often charged that
they some times stand ia with the train
Bismarck has always been particular
about the quality of his cookery. So is
every one who uses Dr. Price's Cream
Baking Powder.
The Condition of Attair at Pourei.KO
Marque. Bet omilig C n bearable.
Louuenzo Makolkz. Delajroa Bar.
Oct. 23. The Chamber of Commerce has j
cabled to the JJortuguese government,
baying that the condition ot ailairs ex
isting here is unbearable, that business is
ruined and that an epidemic is threat
ened Consequently, Portugal is urged to ac
cept the offer of the Transvaal govern
ment to send a force of Boers to relieve
the town from the siege to which it has
teen subjected by the hordes of Katlirs
for some time past
Prescott . Co.
113 West Eighth .
removed to No.
The Eudora Creamery has a full line of
imported and domestic cheese 105' West
Eighth. '
Call up Phone 153 and have our wagon
call for your bundle.
Topkka Steam Laundry.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla is the quickest core
for all blood diseases. Its eifects are al
ways beneficiaL
Tapeki "it earn
623 Jackson street
Highest of all in Leavenin'T
f i N """A
1 1
Commencement P.xercises Are to he Mod
eled After the Pnejiish I ui versify.
Nt Havkx. Conn., Oct 2;5. A com
mittee of professors in Yale university,
representing all its departments aud the
corporation appointed about a year ago
to revisa the exercises of commence
ment day. have reported, and many
changes have been recommended and
The programme of exercises have
been drawn up to a certain extent mod
eled after the Oxford commemoration.
The only speaking will be an address by
the president on the condition and pro
gress of the university. This will be in
English, but will not supersede thf simi
lar address at the alumni dinner.
The candidates for a degree are all
required to be present A new officer
will be introduced, called the "Orator,"
who will perform the same duties as a
similar dignitary does at Oxford. It will
be his place to introduce the various can
didates to the president. The candidates
for honorary degrees will have their qual
ifications for the honor put before the
faculty and president by this oilicer,
after which the customary "pro auctori
tate mihi commissa" will follow from the
This ctlicer is a resurrection of a
former one at Yale. His place was form
erly liiled by the senior tutor, who pre
sented the seniors to the president for
degrees. The formula was somewhat
quaint and was entirely in Latin. '1 he
valedictory and the salutatory address,
together with ail other speaking, will be
One might as well be without money
as without Price, that is Dr. Pr.ce's
Cream Baking Powder.
Tli ree Tho usaml Norwegians oiiii to Ps
tut.lisli a settlement lit Hritish Colum
bia. Victoria, B. C. Oct. 23. Rev. Smon
Saagstadt, pioneer minister of the Luth
eran church ia Minnesota, and his lit
tle band of eighty Norwegian farmers,
have got thus far on their way to Bella
Cola, where they, with about 3,000 of
their countrymen, propose establishing
a new Norway among the British Co
lumbia mountaius and fjords, so like to
those of their native land.
These Norwegians purpose engaging
in mixed farming aud development of
the deep sea lisneries. They are the first
to take advantage of the British Colum
bia government's Dew terms to settlers.
Their families and friends will follow
as soon as they have completed building
the houses whose construction will be
their first duty. Kev. .Mr. Saagstadt says
that iu all his settlements will have a
population of about 3,000 souls and will
have a capital of $3jo,000.
Entertainment and supper to be given
by Ladies Auxiliary to O. It. C, Wednes
day evening, October 24.
Overture, Hague orchestra: vocal
solo, comic. Prof. Breunan: recitation,
Francis Collin: Prof. Lawrence's mando
lin club; recitation. Miss Lenna Short:
vocal solo, Mr. .damson; recitation, Stel
la Furbeck. Prof. Brenau's banjo club;
vocal solo, D. G. Coolev; duet, by Misses
Porter McCafferty; recitation, Miss Edna
Carpenter; instrumental music, Annie
Purcell; recitation. Myrtle Furbeck.
The most interesting feature of the
evening will be a New England dinner,
served from to S:3 J p. m. ; 25 cents in
cludes all. Benefit Orphans' Home aud
Associated Charities. Public
come to K. of P. hall, corner
invited to
Sixth and
E.Vll'lHION' AN NO L" N'C F M K S T S.
Harvest Pxcurions.
On ctober 23rd and November Cth we
will sell harvest excursion tickets to all
points in Texas, and all points in New
Mexic .. on the Pecos Yalley railroad, ami
to Dcrning, at one lowest first class fare,
plus f 2.U0 for the round trip. Stop-overs
allowed within the limit in both direc
tions. Limit of tickets twenty days from
date of sale.
Dallas, Tex., and Itetiiru.
On October 2i:h and November
2nd. with transit limit of two days in
each direction, and good returning No
vember 10th, we will sell round trip
tickets to Dallas, Tex., on account of the
state fair and Dallas exposition, at $15.30.
We have abiolutely the bet and shortest
route to all Texas points, with unexcelled
U. O. Garvkv, Agt,
k)l Kansas avenue.
"There is a Salve for every wound"
We refer to DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve,
cures burns, bruises, cuts, indolent sores.
As a local application in the nostrils it
cures catarrh, and always cures piles. J.
K. Jones.
Peerless Steam
Steam Laundry.
Laundrv I'eerlea
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ToptKA Steam Laindrv.
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tion. Indigestion and Biliousness J. K.
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ery ia fine. Try it
103 West Eighth Street
Phone 153. Topeka Steam Laundry.
Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Re
' i 1 ' ",s
- y
To Make a Test of Soutiier
Wa-iiin4Tun', ct. 23. - Or i
been issued to the Montgomery
that vessel to reach Mobile, Ai
2uth of November. Slie iii ;
cruise ia the waters of th go
purpose of making te-ts w i:h c.
in the southern states. Tne 1
inteuds to make Key We.it a o
tion siillicieutly larg to ao-.j
the ships cruUing iu its vicm.t-
-r -
Oxford beat Yale at Athl.
competitor, foreign or dome-
Dr. Priee's-Cream H
lug 1 ..
TODAY'S MAKkET llbiMili.
Furnllhtd ijr th .A.tneUteJ I're.-t ts
Nlata .) ii u rim :.
Chicaoo. Oct 23. There w u
little doing in the grain ;ti t .
Wheat was dull, though cal-b-s v
firm and reports ean.e from New
of an active demand from f regs
Northwestern receipts were i u
10S0 cars. December starte ! 1 L I
aud advanced to 52 'sc.
Corn was easier on outsi Je rt,
ders, though cables were st i ty t ;
and New York reported exports i 1
up. May opened Jsc lo wer at i J '., e.
vanced tt!c and then declined to 1
May oats started '8c lower at.'y.'
advanced to 2 'H.
Provisions were easier.
January pork opened 2! .0 lo. -,
?12.25, and declined to f 1 g J K
January lard opened uricii.i'ig" 1
f7.1u, and declined to if 7.' ''..:, 7.v7 ' ...
Estimates for Wednesday:
cars; corn 75 cars, oats 115 c
! S. L.
Of ) head.
Wheat October, 51 H tti 5gc; 1
ber 527Bc-e53c; May57 '4.- Hc.
Corn October, 50 ''c; Nu.f ;i! (
December. 4j'bc; "day, 5 1tse b. i.
Oats October, gsj: Novem: e
bid; December, 2S.?8c; May, ;; , (
Pork - October, $12.5"; J
f 12.20.
Lard October, T7.22',; N , v
$7.12'; January, f7.u5 bid.
Short Ribs October, f 0.45; J
f 6.17J
Hoos Receipts today 2o..i i:
receipts yesterday, 2'.), 31'. bead. -hi :
3,037; left over about -1,0:1.). i.jj
little better. Market opened act!
a shade higher, but la'er ea-e i i
and sales are in ik in cr at y ester l.tv's
Sales range at 4. f'J' PtM for lig!.
1.00 for ritl7tl p iexing 3.1V.'
mixed, $4. 05'. 5.03 lor heavy yu--t
shipping lots and $2.25',. 4. 6'J foi
Cattle Receipt, 7,5 ;o.
Unchanged with a fairueman 1.
Sheep Receipts, 12,oJJ. ur
and weak.
J nn a i jr 'ljr'('.
Kansas (.'itt. Oct 23. Catim- ii
ceipts. o,20J; shipments, g. l -. ' ! i
ket steady and eeuer ally active. i -,
steers, 2.15d.O. ; tiativi ckh, ?).
2.25; etockers an i feelers
3d !5.
iiooa Receipts ,!0); shipmer.'. i,
Market opened live cents j ::.- c .
closed with advance lost. iJuik of -
4.50U-L75; heavies 3 A)iLi h".; !
ers, ? 1.1)5 l.s.3: mixed. 4. g. !. .
lights, $3.75fr4.45: pigs. . i .
Shkkp Receipts, 3,f,.j; -n-.; -,
300. Market stc.itv. Natives
3.00; westerns $2.2 ', 3.'. 0; s'.jo.o,
feeders if .'.0 H;2.5J; lambs f:oo;, 1 g
Whkat Market slow; No. g !. ,r
4Sc; No. 2 red, 45 ! i : .
42 & 4 3 c.
Sales by sample on Change f...! - . .' .
sissippi river, No. 2 hard, otic: N x - r
Corn Market active; No. 2
43.H43''2c; N o. 2 white, 43.,i- 1 :
O a T s U n changed.
Rte No, 2, nominally. 5 c.
Flax Skko Stea iy; t$1.3:;--l.:
Bran Very !lrm at 5V" ;
Hay Market firm: timoi.'iy,
9.00; prairie. t?0.5 j",.-s.,y).
lilTTKK Dili! an 1 weik, fatu,
ator. Ist20c; dairv. 13 irt 1 tic.
Eo,s Market active and :
!y.M .
Good Prin ting-
a! -ways Epaaks f:r i'. t:
m f:r ycti t::. If -war.t : :
up-to-date, geii prir.tir.7
year eery, cr c;rg-3 talk it :v
vith ....
Charles Worraii
Electric Printer,
807 3fWSflS iVEiri
7 " 7 T;
v v m L"
55. cor.now
rtoEj? 2-v. ,. , - ,,.
'. LAD f'lli -
f -JZ? CtrsTt- "-'1,
fg ' ' VlD C U C L. f: ,
'- s BRocrtrroN, .?, ; .
You can eaic Ttinfiry l;v Durclatiim V. . I...
1 ' o ii c 1 Si
Eecause, we are txie lartet VMn-zUrXwx 4 ' '
avenised shoes ii the wotM, and tusn '.r
the value by etaui;ias the name a ad fr-. -e -
tfce bottom, which protect yon agaci -t I
prices oad the tra irllctaaa prot'.v cir -!.-.'
cjiial custom work, in s'v!e. easy tv-.'.-f ' '
weariag- qualities. We hae tem ' '- '--vhere
at lower prices for t i.e v t : . o"":
- ny other mate. Take no substitute.. It '. r
vrrifaril srs vnn, we -.. .X I.
C. NATTSEN, 219 Kansas A v r.
JNO. WATTS, 50:i Kn Av -.
LUCKIIAIIT &: I'I3ilI CI1 ll.O ' ,
818 Kansas Ave.,
s .... N F K H

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