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The Topeka state journal. [volume] (Topeka, Kansas) 1892-1980, October 23, 1894, NIGHT EDITION, Image 7

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

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ThsTopek 3tt Jocrmai. guarantees,
everv clay it is pr.n'.ed. to e;Vi a locai circula
tion "in jre than d .i jle that of any other Tope
iaer. aud bflar .More than H
lilcLuinbioU. This mantes tiiis paper
the cheapest, as well as the best da.ly advertis
ing med.um in T ip-ta. tha Classified advertie
meats bflow costing bat
er 20 cents line for a week; to cents by the
C.ty circulation everyday bxceeds 5.000 total
circulation ov-r s.heu.
bw-ora ueuuet cutemeuts of circulation pr
sented on a pp, teat ion. .
Ifi 'aauJ s's any afternoon between 4 ana
C. me hamiuhiet t. fastest, most perfect piece
:!; r !j .u ma. hi i-ir y u Kansas a Weu Perfect
In 4 press, which pr.uts from two to three coia
p.ete 8-page pp rs a second.
Are you in ceI of woriT If so. you are at
P'-ercy to use tb coiumm for ass. stance ia
that d reeuon. While this notice appear tha
fri ATI Jol'r.vai wi.l pubiisa free on ria:'jrday,
Monday and ruoscay. for i'uDef a or Kansas
P-op:e. an notice .f "S. tuitions Wanted." not
rxceed.iiz ti m 1 ne. or liuny-flve words, in
l-riic:i Provided that a 1 advertisement of
tl. nature a haudei in previous t-
ten o'Cioci sarur ij morning: also on Wednes
day. Tuursday a! d Kr.day, an advertising of
ti.it. cias handed In by tea o'clock Weauosday
itura.i .
No a ivertlsemf nt of this nature to bo starts!
ecept on Saturd tys and Wednesdays. No oo
hfc'a.ioa . incurred on liie par. of tna advertis
er. .Nj worthy and nedy man or woman need
liesitato to taka a ivnt.i;e of this offer. No on
in business or ha 1.1 u em ploynient is ex pec tad to
take a ; vantage if si. but ali otnerat invited K
aaii tneiliseives freely.
rANTl'.D A i apprentice to learn millinerv
biisincs'i, w.hin to assist in housework
or board. Appiy w lvau. ave. N. Topeka.
TAM'KD At once IMmnir room girl
southeast corner th and Ou.ncy.
AVANTE U I'y a competent, sober younsr
man. posit rn as steiiorHpher and tren
eral nftine wrk;an ive best of references.
Address 1". V. 4u-4 Kausiis ave.
AA'ANTEP-t-a-ly arfendhitr school -would
1 ke toHssi,t in small family for hoard or
wouM like ti riMHii with anorher la ly; best of
r-fereiM Ks t:iven aid reiuirod. Address "X.V.,"
J ouruai oii.ce.
rANTKii Fit st-class baker at CO Kansas
avenue, Ni r:ti lopeka.
ANTHi-A ob by a joo(! lioy lSyears old.
Address J '. r.,'' tms onice.
-it lat or. as nurse
thu ('illce.
;irl. Address
"L. 1...'
AN X Eh-A eo-k Et 8--'l Fillmore St.: one
tisat lives i 1 the neighborhood preferred.
AVAMHi Fashion tble and plain sewing
ly Mrs. leji!in; ;.i fit feuaraiiteod;
prices reasonable. Snurey, Kau.
A ANTED rypewritinir to do at reasonable
ries; any oik- having sued work to be
done wi.i be proiiiiitiy cailei upon by address
ing Win. J-auib, il Ailainj xtreot.
i rAN IE1J V iv.3 salesmen to handle our
- line rh np.t.f incr S:i( in- T ,i,,.rl.
iiid expenses paid to Till, iiuods enrireiv nesv.'
Apply nini.-k;y. 1. O. iiuK Kostoa, .Iass.
ANTED Sal isinan; salary from start;
periniinent pi i i. Btuwu Jiros. Co.. Nur-
?ryineu. chica 'o. ill.
A'A If I) Two or three boarders pleasant
r joins, good board, ii.ou a week. 215 H.
10th st.
'AMUi-K.niners and boarders at U4i'
i..iue s ir-el .
AN I FI s,;,i jsinen or agents forcirvor
country; bu; 111. m-v. wotk easv; experi-en-:,s
not n;ir). C;nl between the hours of
to i.' a. 111., oiio .lacksou si.
AN "1 Ki. Horse to keep for Its fee.l iur
ii t ie -p. iu er. .vadiess "J. 11. Journal.
AN 1 Kt iio-se to w.uter for his feed.
Address.!. F.. Ballard. Auburudalo.
AVAN ltD-liv) unfurnished rooms, first
11 or, wit 11 Foard or hoard near. Address,
'tiit:n- nx-aliou a .id size of rooms, "W. J. 11. ''
J ouruai oni:e.
AN I Fl Ho-sf s to winter, cheap. Call at
515 CJUini' street.
AN TED-I want to rent from fiva to ten
a res with house and barn. Address W.
.1 Pol st.
I!.. :i:
A ANT hi) Fvt ry one to use Washburn's
, pur - apple cuier. It is the best, send or
ders to a-3 Kansas ave.. or V. J. box Gi3
ANTED To order stove repairs for vou.
bheiden it Mm.a, TUJ Kansas ave.
X AN rtl-oi, t call at f. A. Uoodwin-s
rnnisii aK:i::; A Ki.usas avouue. and
nave t,te 1) find you a tenant. A'he only exclu
sive remit ajjenc tiie city. We devole our
entire t.me 10 reai.n hus;ness houses, resi
dences, rooms. ei., etc. Coileccious made
prompi.y ou a reas in voie uoaimusiou. oJJ Kan
sas ave.
A.N rF.ii Furnaces to repair ai tin shop,
s.Mi Kansas nve. U. U. Lea.
AN i F.D Gas ili ie. cook and hatin stove,
10 tir- M iv, set up or stored. The
lien. .iove KttP4itt Co.. liti Fast iLijjhth st.
y AN TED To move. STOKii or ship house-
tio.d yoods, tre.-ht. etc.
,'t SkiNNE it, Ijj E. 6th St.
JitMllA.Ms ' i iii.Nst ti; & siuKAGE CO
1?on KKNT-One large furnished room at S03
CMimcy slreet.
',uu IIKN r-Tvv ele?ant up stairs rooms,
pn.v L.r.i.s.nd. at iio Van Bureu st.
1 "'', KK-N f tu-ly furnistiea room
. 't"out ooaru. iirs. A.. A'. Uaruos, 41
witii or
40O JUiU-
l,",'!r'i:I;NIrE;ailt "Pstalrs apartments,
-- parti;, funilsiie u Corner 4tu and Jacisou.
I'OK TENT 1okI T-room house.
1110u.il. jjj 1 1st li-uili street.
TOU KENT S-r.nn house on tlttiave., west
r, 1 I- '''"Y- turn'"'f i stable. 3-rooiu cottage
1 .s ..,cc..ir,l aid una toft water. I'.ii
l'-'1; i'uses In Oakiaad. f. C. iioore.
l',J!:f 'L'i-VT Ood slTroom house, iaqaira
L,r- l.oby. i n Westoth t.
I''vr,8, eV.K- "A 1 K-i;o,M mui
Addrlss' I M" r,Xtl1- Wu:lC hyt you?
AIJurt" - b- cai e Journal ofliOe.
l0 c";V.. I-iar soit coal base heat-J-?at
hAJjry7i;3Q aud ae3 machine
1 rt'ui. u-anTl o, ,a res fa rly weil '"proved
ns at ..,'.. T -t 1 xVV i,iti-75 'er see
ave"xaiXop;laa '".Jiansas
f fnpT "'urlJ:"? coH,nty
J OK IU-.XT-6I0 Taylor streotTlTfOotu iiou
FOR SALE A hotel that makes morey every
month La the year. la.s city, if you waas
a good iir.ni;, investigate. Address 'Gcoii Mja
ey care Journal.
iOK P.EAL estate or r-'ntil property
iieneu.ct Si Co.. C01 Kaosas ave.
I?OVST The best place to rent folding chairs
and taoles. The Phoenix Faruuuie Co. 714
Kau. ave. W. 51. Diuou. M; r.
I'OCNI' VVmilowdlia liH for 20 cents each at
the Phoenix i'urmtura Co.. 714 Ji.au. ave.
IOUXD The cheapest placa to buy furni-
ture. Tha.iTioenut i-'uru. tare Co., J14 Kan
sas ave.
I70CXD 818 Ledroam suites reduced to $12. S3
at the riioua.x urmiure Co., 71 1 Ivan. ave.
ISS JENNIE O. PiilCK, miaicure and Lair
dresser, 710 Kansas av-i.
17OB EX( H AN' it $.i i.i o 1 worth o.ty prop
erty ior farm lands in eatsiem Kaiisa or
good .Missouri lari.is. Payne it ihouipsou, sJ
Kansas ave . Norm Topeiva.
1lANO IL'NTNie-A. J. Kint;. 5o3 Kansas av.
Has. charge of pianos at Kediany college.
li. TFT ILK is in the jia tertn 4 uustujss
ajzam. uepuinui; piaster uij; a spauiauty,
ilesideiice iiiau.so.
J CSX found the place wiiere you can jet your
furniture r-p:re I au i a.,, packed lor su.u
luent. uiea.iuii; and iayni-' carp -ts a sjeciaic.
Ail kinds of yenerf joohui.; worc douo on siior;
notice. Wo; k uui'an. eed uy a ood nieouamo.
No. 5;.3 West lenui sii'ea;.
and she shop; pateji leaiuer ponsh t jr
busrjry l.ps; re pa n in a 1 itaiij of leatu-jr
iroods; siioas haif solo 1 fort coats. K. F i.iij.1
dorsoii, us-i West ivtu streji.
flAKPENl Fit
a.id repa.r vrork. Address,
Win. Keody, box Hi,
Nortii lopeka, Kau.
-March Co. , Kooius :
- or fchort time,
a. id 3, 7ut Kansas
MONEY IJPAM 1) on horses, pianos, ho use
hold ;?oods and a 1 1 kinds ol chaile, securi
ties. L. Fisooe, j-J ivaasas avcauo, room ;i.
IJA1M1FS wlshm 1 a safe and paying iuvest
ine:it for their money, call at uuca on S. 2d.
Wood Co.. 54 Kansas ave.
H. DeFord I'alee, 1
Topeka. Kaus. (
Uluce llo.ol TUroop.
WAKD, a.m.. m. d
T1V Kashs AVKrcrB.
2 tt 1 p. m. I'nvata hospital for womea
Creenwood avenue.
1!. MA11Y E. ST EWAEI, tU4 Harrison
-street. Cousu.tiiii; hours 10 a. m to 'l p. in.
private hospital. Oflice: No. 72 j Karisn Ave.
fUA C. JoAiUNLi. il. D.
Offlee 732 Kan. At. Residence, 13th and Clay.
Office Hours 9 a, m. m 11 1. m .and s p. m. to
5 p. 111. Phone 99.
tk. j. kT MULVANE
J- fcpaoiai attention iven to ehroala tlseasaj.
Ouiue cpcu ad uours.
600 Kas. Are. Phone 83.
U. a! RYDER, tt. D. ,
OFFICE and residence cor. Gordon street aal
Central ave.. North Topeka. Phone ihl.
Uses the Brmkerhort system t.f lleaiat treat
tneut, a successful and p.i.u. s treannane lor
piles, Hstula, tisiiuro, ulceration, etc.
First published cn the 18th day of October,
1&o4, in tile oCictal city papal. J
City of Toff'ca, i
Oct. 16, l-st.
To whom it may concern;
Notice is hereby tiveu tliat we the undersign
ed residents aud freeholders ot the city of To
peka. W. T. Miller. J- hn L . ll. verly an 1 Wil
liam Finch, v ere dt.iy appoinleu by the mayor
and council of the city of Topeka. and Having
duly quaiilied as appraisers to ascertain the ac
tual value of the land proposed to be taken un
der ordinance No. 1741. approved August 15,
lsi4. for the purpose ot opeiiiiij; and extending
(iariield stret-t between an liureu street and
Topeka avenue, in said city, aud also to assess
and appraise the damaxns and benefits arising
herefrom to the lots ami pie. es of property ly
int; and s;tua;ed in the benetit district crea.od
and estaished by said ordinance wnieti is de
scribed a, loi.ows, t jv t:
P.e'jinniii'j at the ijotthwest coiner of St. John
street and Jackson street: thence west aioni
the north hue of .-t. John street to ths east line
of Folk street; thence norm Hioas ilieeast line
of Folk street to the city limits o the city of To
pexa; thence easterly along tue northerii limits
of th 1. r . of l'opeKa to nold.er crees; th nce
easU r; " ;l .0114 the soutii baus ;f .-lohiier creek
to tl e west line of Jarkson street; thence sou n
alout; the west line of Jackwon street to the
place of beginning.
And also to make a true valuation and ap
praisement of ail the lots ana p.eces of ground
situated :n said benefit district without regard
to the kMiidincs or improve neuts thereon.
And notice is hereby furtaer given that we
wld meet as such appraisers on the teisi day of
October. lsH, at 10 o'clock a. in. 01 said day at
the northwest corner ot St. J hn aud Jacison
streets, city of Topeka. in sa.d oeueht c.isirici,
for the purpose of usrertainiu; trie ,0; ual vauie
and makstii; aijpr.iisement of t!i property, and
assessing the damages aud b-neti ts as aforesaid.
W. 1. MlLLKit,
J. L. RpvrKLY,
AVii. lTXcH. '
First published in iheOfucial city paper Octo
ber 12, l yjt. J
Office op CorTissro.-Ka or Elfction-s
Tupf iiA, Kans , Cict. 11, HiH. )
A meeting of the board of supervisors of elJ
tious for the cdy of ioi'SKa w ii be heuiatthe
oflice of the commissioner of e.ec.ioiis oa Satur
dav. October -7. iss4. at 10 o cuci a. ci.. for the
purpose of revising the registration of voters
in tue several voiiaij pr-ict.iet of sa d
city of Top ka. to bear a 1 appeals from
the commissioner of elections respecting
the registration of such e.ectois of said c ty,
and for the transact! jd of such 01 lerbusiaess as
may proporiy come before sai l board.
CoUiiuisSioner of Eiections.
lie it known
that mv ietilio:i is on hlo l i the probate
court ask.uu' t or a j ermit to se.l iutoxicat
liquors at No. a Kansas avenue, in the -iecoi.d
ward of the cUy of lc rek:i. liearine for tue
same is set for November i-'. lsi-4 at s a. rn.
F. li. Waliack.
Toffka. Kan., Oct. 13. 1394.
The Stats Journal's Want aud Mis
cellaneous columns reach, e tea working
day in the week more than twice as
many Tapek3 peple aa caa be reichei
through, any other paper. This ia a fact.
Headache ia the direct result of indi
gestion and stomach disorders. Remedy
these by using De Witt's Little tariy
Risers and your Headache disappears.
The favorite Lit 1.1 o everywhere. J.
EL Jonea.
Nothioe Illae .om!
But "Saow'i Vine Exrectorant"
coughs and colda. Is caaraateed. 25
and 50 cent bottlea. I'ur aaia ty ail
Dandruff ia an exudation from the pores
of the skin that spreads and dries, form
ing ecurf and causing the hair to fall out.
Mall'a Uair lienewer cur j ii.
Xa Xffnt sad rtr Sept. 141, 1S94.
Arrive 1 Leave
Topeka.. Topeka.
"Wichita local. ..
'lexas local...
Den. & Tex. Lirn
California Lira . .
Kansas City &
Topeka plug. .
Co.orado flight
Idan. &. B. Ace.
Ex. Sunday . ..
113' 8:15 am 10:33 am 19:40 am
lis; 8 liiain 10:35 am 10:40 am
6 8:3(1 am 11:) am IhWim
8 1:35 pin j 3:3opm 3:45 pm
109 4:30 pmj 6:40 pm!
! t I
7, 9:05 pm 11:20 pm 11:30 pm
1 I i
1531 i 7:30 am
Between Kansas City and lopeka on.y.
j Arrive I;ave . Arrive
luuoka.1 Topoka. Kansas
! t'tty.
K. C. Local
Chicago Vesti
bule Lim
Columbian L!m
Missouri Kiver
Niifht Ex
Topeka and
114' 1:50 pm 2:00 pm 4:20 pm
6 2:85 pm1 2:55 pm' 5:00 pm
4 7:10 pm 7:30 pm 9:80 pm
8 5:40 am, 5:45 am 8:00 am
7:80 am; 9:40 am
Wan. i B
Ex. Sunday...
9:00 pm .
Between Kansas Ciry and Topeka only.
i Leave j Leae i Arrive
(St. Joe.J Atchis'n Topeka.
PaciCe. Mexico
& iexasj Ex
press Xiht Exp
t i
8:40 am 9:37 am 11:30 am
8:15 pm 9:15 pin 11:10 pm
Leave I Arrive Arrive
Topeka. -Atchis'n, St. Joe.
St. Joe Express,
tt. Joe Evening
losi 6:45 am 7:33 am 8:30 am
10eJ 4:30'pmj 6:35 pmj 7:35 pm
Buy railroad. Pullman or steamship tickets of
Agents Santa Fe route, southeast corner Sixth
and Kansas avenue. Topeka.
Or W. C Garvev, Agent at Depot,
Or AHXOLi) & Son.
Aleuts, North Topeka.
ah effect on and after Oct 7.
Iave I )
Kansas Arrive Leave
City. jTopeka. ,Topoka.
Through Fast:
Expiess Bi 8
Chicago. Texas,
Express A; 1
South western
Express.. ....Ai 13
Southwest N ight;
Flxpress A 25
9:00 pm 11 :10 pm 11:20 pm
i j
10:50 am 12:55 pm1 J :05 pm
9:35 am 12:50 pm!
7:40 pm 11:05 pm 11:20 pm
No. ! Arrive
Solid Limited
Vestibule Ex
press A
3:55 pm
4:00 pmj 6:15 pm
Ar S. J.
3:55pm 7:?0pm
Iat s. j.
5:40am; 9:25am
St. Joseph and
Eastern Ex
press A,
Express and;
Mail via St.
Joseph C)
Express and'
Mail via Kan-I
sas City Ai
5:35 am
5:85 am
5:40 am 7:45 am
A Daily. B Daily, except Saturday,
Dany. except .Monday.
For ticket. sleepaiV-car berths and freneral
Information, call at Citv Ticket oflice. Col Kan
sas avenue, corner Sixth street, (telephone 4Ju:
at Passeiurer station, corner F irst street and
Kansas avenue, (telephone 3s4); or at Postollice,
North lupena, (Usepnone 3oi.
City Passenger At;ent.
uaisn PAcinc.
Change of Time. In il fleet October 7, 1894.
I Arrives
Trains. N"o. Leaves I Leaves Kansas
Denver. jTopeka. City.
Eastern Vesti-
buled Express,
Limited 8 8:20 pm: 2:50 pin 5:00 pm
2 12.50 am 7:00 am 9:20am
Lea ves i j
Trains. No. Kansas J Leaves Arrives
City. iTopeka. jDauver.
Denver & Pacific
Express 7 6:46 pm 8:55 pm 1:40 pm
1 9:00 am ill :00 am 3:45 am
Daliv, except Sunpay. All others daily.
Train So. 8, solid v-subuie to oh cago, dining
car. free chair cars, etc., running over tiie
Chieairo & Aiton from K ansas Citv. has through
sieeper for St. Louis via Missouri Pacific.
drain NIo. 7. solid vestibule for Denver, mak-
ing direct connection for Pacific coast, through
'uilrnau car for Salt Lake; through colonist car
to Portland, etc.. etc.
City ticket office, 525 Kansas avenue.
Train. N"o L'v's Topeka
Topeka and Fort Scott ac "
commodatlon 235 10:00 a. m.
A'v's Topeka
Topeka and Fort Scott acT
commodatlon 2SC 5:30 p. m.
r T. S. TV.
f via Meriden and 1 -
T Osknvv f 7:30 a.m
Leave Topeka. .
Arrive Leavenworth ll:00a.m
Leave Leavenworth, via Oskaloosa.. 4:51 p.m
Arrive Topeka a p.m
Accommodation, dally ex. Sunday.
Trains w 11 leave Quincy Street station wee'-c
davs for mewood as follows: t:45, 11:51. 3:07,
drains win leave Vinewood for Quincy street
at 7 07, l:OS!, 4:VJ. ti:50.
reave Quincy street f:in. 10:36, 11:51, 1:50.
8:07. 4:24, 6:41. 7:30. 8:40. 9:5o.
LeaTe Vuiewood 9:50, 11:16, 12:30, 2:33, 3:47,
5:i4. tl:24.
Extra Sunday trains will be run according
to company orders.
.'flh.4!tk.j4& 4f&.4ftki ttLpl
for ladles
8 p. m. Social par
ry?s FEIDAV even
ings. C Invitation
Mr. & Mrs. J. H.Wetherell,
Masonic Building. 623 Jackson Street.
Fisrt published on the 17th day of October,
ltt4. In the official city paper, j
OrncE of CMHiissioyFR op Ki.rcTriys,
Topeka, Kan., Oct. lu. isii. t
Notice is hereby given that the books for the
registration of vot- in the various wards and
precincts of the city of Topeka w ill close at
it o'clock p. m. on the iCth day of October. 184
and will remain closed until after the eectiou
on the tih day of November, isih.
Frank Hkraid,
Commissioner of Eioct.oiis.
TE5 Storlc In the lleavena Knoweth
Her Appointed Time, but My People
Know Kot the JFudg;u.ent ot the Lord."
Jer. 8 : VI I.
Brooklyn, Oct. 21. Rev. Dr. Tal
mage, who has left India and is nov
on his homeward journe3r, has selected
as the subject for his sermon to-day
throug-h the press, '-October Thougrhts,"
his text beinar Jeremiah 8:viL
When God would set fast a beautiful
thoug-ht, he plants it in a tree. When
he would put it afloat he fashions it
into a fish. When he -would have it
g-lide the air, he moulds it into a bird.
My text speaks of four birds of beauti
ful instinct the stork, of such strong
affection that it is allowed familiarly
to come in Ilolland and Germany, and
build its nest over the doorway; the
sweet-dispositioned turtle dove, mingling-
in color white and black, and
brown, and ashen, and cheistnut; the
crane, xvith voice like the clang- of a
trumpet; the swallows, swift as a dart
shot out of the bow of heaven, falling-,
mounting-, skimming-, sailing- four
birds started by the prophet twenty
five centuries ago, yet fly ing- on through
the ages, with rousing- truth under
g-lossy wing- and in the clutch of stout
claw. I suppose it may have been this
very season of the year autumn and
the prophet out-of-doors, thinking- of
the impenitence of the people of his
day, hears a great cry overhead.
Is'ow, you know it is no easy thing
for one with ordinary delicacy of eye
sight to look into the deep blue of
noonday heaven; but the prophet looks
up, and there are flocks of storks, and
turtle doves, and cranes, and swallows
drawn out in long- lines for flight
southward. As is their habit, the
cranes had arranged themselves in two
lines making- an anple, a wedge split
ting the air with wild velocity, the old
crane, with commanding call bidding
them onward; while the towns, and
the cities, and the continents slid un
der them. The prophet, almost blinded
from looking into the dazzling heav
ens, stoops down and begins to think
how much superior the birds are in
sagacity about their safety than men
about theirs; and he puts his hand upon
the pen, and begins to write: "The
stork in the heaven knoweth her ap
pointed times; and the turtle and the
crane and the swallow observe the
time of their coming; but my people
know not the judgment of the Lord."
If you were in the field to-day, in
the clump of trees at the corner of the
field, you would see a convention of
birds, noisy as the American congress
the last night before adjournment, or
as the English parliament when some
unfortunate member proposes more
economy in the queen's household a
convention of birds all talking- at once,
moving and passing resolutions on the
subject of migration; some proposing
to go to-morrow, some moving that
they go to-day, but all unanimous in
the fact -that they must go soon, for
they have marching orders from the
Lord xvritten on the first white sheet
of frost, and in
changing- leaves,
ed kingfisher,
the pictorial of the
There is not a bclt
a chaffinch, or a
tire crested wren,
or a red legged
or a plover,
partridge but
expects to spend the winter at
the south, for the apartments
have already been ordered for them in
South America or in Africa; and after
thousands of miles of flight, they will
stop in the very tree where they spent
last January. Farewell, bright plum
age! Until spring weather, away! Fly
on, great band of heavenly musicians!
Strew the continents with music, and
whether from Ceylon isle, or Carolinian
swamps, or Brazilian groves men see
your wings or hear your voice, may
they yet bethink themselves of the
solemn words of the text: "The stork
in the heaven knoweth her appointed
tims; and the turtle and the crane
and the swallow observe the time of
their coming; but my people know not
the judgment of the Lord."
I propose so far as God may help me,
in this sermon, carrying- out the idea
of the text, to show that the birds of
the air have more sagacity than men.
And I begin by particularizing and
saying- that they mingle music with
their work. The most serious under
taking of a bird's life is this annual
flight southward. Naturalists tell us
that they arrive thin and weary, and
plumage ruffled, and yet they px sing
ing all the wa3"; the ground, the lower
line of the music, the sky, the upper
line of the music, themselves the notes
scattered up and down between. I
suppose their song gives elasticity to
their wing and helps on with the jour
nev, dwindling- a thousand miles into
four hundred. Would God that we
were as wise as they in mingling Chris
tian song with our every day work! I
believe there is such a thing as taking
the pitch of Christian devotion in the
morning and keeping it all the day. I
think we might take some of the dull
est, heaviest, most disagreeable work
of our life, and set it to the tune of
"Antioch" or "Mount I'isgah."
It is a g-ood sign when you hear a work
man whistle. It is a better sign when
you. hear him hum a roundelay. It is
a. still better sign when you hear him
.sing- the words of Isaac Watts or Charles
Wesley. A violin ehorded and strung,
if something accidentally btrike it,
makes music, and I suppose there is
such a thing1 as having our hearts so
attuned by divine grace, that even the
rough collisions of life will make a
heavenly vibration. I do not believe
that the power of Christian song has yet
been fully tried. I believe that if you
could roll the "Old Hundred" doxolog-y
though the street, it would put an end
to any panic! I believe that the dis
cords,"and the sorrows, and the sins of
the world are to be swept out by heaven
bora hallelujahs. . Soine one asked
Haydn, the celebrated musician, why he
ihvays composed such cheerful music.
'Why," he said, "I can't do other
wise. When I think of God my soul is
so full of joy that the notes leap and
dance from my pen." I wish we might
all exult melodiously before the Lord.
With God for our Father, and Christ
for our Savior, and heaven for our
home, and angels for future compan
ions, and eternity for a lifetime, we
should strike all the notes of joy. Go
ing through the wilderness of this
world let us remember that w e are on
the way to the summery clime of hea
ven, and from the migratory popula
tions flying through this autumnal air
learn always to keep singing-.
Children of the heavenly King,
As ye journey, sweetly sing,
ting your Savior's worthy praise,
Glorious in his works and ways.
Ve are traveling home to God,
in tne way your fathers trod ;
They are happy now, and we
SSoon their happiness shall see.
The church of God never will be a
triumphant church until it becomes a
singing- church.
I go further, and remark that the
birds of the air are wiser than we, in
the fact that in their migration they
fly very high. During the summer,
when they are in the fields, they often
come within reach of the gun. but
when they start for their annual flight
southward, they take their places mid
heaven and g-o straight as a mark. The
longest rifle that was ever brought to
shoulder can not reach them. Would
to God that we were as wise as the
stork and crane in our flight heaven
ward. We fly so low that we are with
in easy range of the world, the flesh
and the devil. We are brought dow.i
by temptations that ought not to come
within a mile of reaching' us. Oh, for
some of the faith of George Miller of
England, and Klfred Cookman once of
the church militant, now of the
church triumphant! So poor is the
type of piety in the church of God
now, that men actually caricature the
idea that there is any such thing- as a
higher life. Moles never did believe in
eagles. Hut, my brethren, because
we have not reached these heights
ourselves, shall we deride the fact that
there are any such heights? A man
was once talking to Brunei, the famous
engineer, about the length of the rail
road from London to Bristol The en
gineer said, "It is not very great. We
shall have, after a while, a steamer
running from England to New York."
They laughed him to scorn; but we
have gone so far now that we have
ceased to laugh at anything- as impos
sible for the Lord? I do not believe
that God exhausted all his grace
in Paul, and Latimer and Edward
I'ayson, I believe there are
higher points of Christian attainment
to be reached in the future ages of the
Christian world. Vou tell me that
Paul went up to the tiptop of the Alps
of Christian attainment. Then I tell
you that the stork and crane ha ve found
above the Aljis plenty of room for free
flying-. We go out and we conquer our
temptations by the grace of God, and
lie down. On the morrow, those
temptations rally themselves and at
tack us, and by the grace of God we
defeat them again, but, saying- all the
time in the old encampment, we have
the same old battles to fig-ht over.
Why not whip out our temptations,
and then forward march, making- one
raid through the enemy's country,
stopping not until we break
ranks after the last victory. Do.
my brethren, let us have some novelty
of combat, at any rat, by chang
ing, by going on, by making- advance
ment, trading- off our stale prayers
about sins we ought to have quit long
ago, going on toward a higher state of
Christian character, and routing out
sins that we have never thoug-ht of yet.
The fact is, if the church of trod if we
as individuals, made rapid advance
ment in the Christian life, these stereo
typed prayers we have been making
for ten or fifteen j-ears would be as in
appropriate to us as the shoes, and the
hats, and the coats we wore ten or
fifteen years ago, Oh for a higher
flight in the Christian life, the stork
and the .-rane in their migration teach
ing us the lesson!
Dear Lord, and shall we ever live.
At this poor dying rate
Our love so faint, so cold to thee.
And thine to us go great ?
Ag-ain, I remark that the birds of
the air are wiser than we, because they
know when to start. If you should go
out now and shout, "Stop, storks and
cranes, don't be in a hurry !" they would
say, "No, we can not stop; last night
we heard the roaring in the woods
bidding us away, and the shrill flute
of the north wind has sounded the re
treat. We must go. We must g-o. "
So they g-ather themselves into compa
nies, and turning not aside for storm
or mountain top, or shock of musketry,
over land and sea, straight as an arrow
to the mark they g o. And if you come
out this morning- with a sack of corn
and throw it in the fields and try to
get them to stop, they are now so far
up they would hardly see it. They are
on their way south. You could not stop
them. Oh, that we were a.s wise about
the best time to start for God and
heaven! We say, "Wait until it is a
little later in the season of mercy.
Wait until some of these green leaves
of hope are all dried up and ha ve been
scattered. Wait until next year."
After awhile we start, and it is too
late, and we perish in the way when
(rod's wrath is kindled but a little.
There are, you know, exceptional
cases, where birds have started too
late, and in the morning you have
found them dead on the snow. And
there are thosi who have perished
half way between the xvorld and Christ.
They waited until the last sickness,
when the mind was pone, or they were
on the express train going at forty
miles an hour, and thev came to the
bridge and the "draw was up"
thev went down. How long
repent and pray? Two seconds!
do the work of a lifetime
to prepare for the vast eternity in
And It's- Place Where Wurkluj i.it
JArm tor S3 at WVek.
Cabiclea are Euglish, sya Mury
Humphreys in Tho CbautAtxjar.n. 'i 1
English system of uoiiclatur -ways
puzzling. . It reminds sn .f
conundrum. When the answer is Kv,
it 6eems simple enough. Tln-ro t. r t .
derivations of the word givi u. C'-!. :
pertains to a cube. A room is a 1
even if it does not often occur 1 1 1 s 1
to regard it. Thus a cubicle is a i-,
ol room. Another derivation of t
word is from the Latin cubical, i, a l.u
bed. So cubicles are room. ia v!.i
there are little bed.
As wan said, cubicle aro Jin; ?. '.
They originated in the Loh.1o:i If
housos designed for working girls,
I know of nothing iattnde.l for t!,.
welfare more admirable nor rutin- v.,.i : 1
of imitation. They are the al t : 1 1.
for dormitories and obviate 1
less disagreeable nt cut-si ty, the
of two occupants in one room.
The success of the London n
has inspired the first attempt t
duce thorn in New Y'ork, aud th
11 r s
1 1.
tiou chosen is at 178 Suffolk di..-. ' .
the heart of the east side. A thii-.l r
was taken in a tall building. This.-; ,
which was happily not broken ly ;
titions and subdivisions, is 2( ) t
long and has three windows in , .. h
and one in the side. One sido win-!
in 200 feet of the wall din s nut s
to amount to much, but iu a city t!
glimmer of light ia precious.
Tho cubicles are suhdi visions ef t:
space confined to one sido of tho r
They are defined by partitions of wn
between four and five feet hip-h an 1 i
close 8 feet by 10 feet ppace. Thu i-; 1
above is screened by chintz our' ..i
hanging from Iron rods. In e.ich cu' i
are a cot bed, a tasteful iron st.-tu.l.u 1 f
washbowl and pitcher, a table :u
little rockine chair. On the l! rr
green and brown ingrain rug. Ti.er i
space also for a trunk and any s:::-j!1
furniture the occupant may I rut;.;. On
the solid brick wall of the sid: h.uv;
picture panels, which soma ona has
kindly furnished, aud tho top f tl.
wood partitions makes a sort of sdndf.
Ic will be understood that only
end cubicle has a window, but U.- sur
rounding curtains of the cubit!- s ixno
easily, and the vast space is welt )'. ,'t.
ed. The great advantage of the cti! i 1 ,
next to its privacy and the i.- e f 5 1 1 -vate
ownership for which it allows, u
its perfect ventilation. Through li
long room tho east and west wind si! ,
swaying the chintz curtains, an i 1 ,j i
warm day it is yet delightfully coo.
But cubicles imply soniothiug n.'.t
than these cozy sleeping and du-win
rooms. Ar-ross the front cf'ti.e ihih.
runs another low partition, bv .ikiii ; 1
make a doorway. This divides oft" a frit
ting room, and above the partition t
curtains of more imposing chintz, o.i
the floor are several green and brown
rugs. Tasteful oak furniture ami wh .
prints upon the wall, including it l.u
engraving of the head of Christ, . 1 v
to make the room comfortable mid ;u
tractive, and such a nook as fiiils ..v,
piled np with pillows, lias lt n i 1
by the low partition.
An even more important dejutrtmr n
is that of the dining room ami kirch -w.
This is a subdivision opposite the ul i
cles made in the same manner by low
wood partitions and curtains. Hern ate
the range and the necessary quij.in it
for cooking and eating. Hero the ,.; t!
start off to work in the morning 1 i t:
tied by a cupof coffee and other c-mf a t
ing things. They return hero for 1
plain but nourishing dinner, alwavs in
cluding a simple dessert. Thoo who d
not earn enough to warrant th n buy
ing lunch take one away to work, i i
addition to these comforts there it a
bathroom, probably tho only one in
large and thickly populated ret.
But it must be undersi ood fhat t Li
is not a charity. By dispensing wjtu
much iu the way of wood wnl mort.tr,
and by substituting that which is t ; 'm
ful and inexpensive, cubicle ni !..
maintained at moderate 00 t. The 1 i ci
est price paid is The regular pti o- i t
$2 a week for each occupant. Tho Wnt i 1
are the care each of her own room.
There are no rules. Each jnrl is f r
to invite her friends to visit b r, t y.
in and out at will, with th e-tr
prayer on the part of the hou f kf r
that she will not be out l it'-, 111 i-.-i.,.;
one must sit up to let her in. 1 1 .. t th.tt
kindly consideration for rm another'
comfort which it is possible to ealiivro ?
is relied on to regulate this iuatt 1,
These cubicles have been uno-r wy
only a short time. Walking ulufg th,
narrow hallway, we hear inside the ,,r
taius merry chatter like that of b .n fl
ing school girls. One of the pirl 1,1
us she came from a home in a t--n r 0"
house where she slept in a room witU
two young men, two girls and a I ..
A Cli-ico liefonnrr.
The Itev. William (i. Chiii.
leader of the war on gambling ii.
cago, is described as "a youngish
ing man, with dark hair and
slightly inclined to bahbioss !i
although only in his thirty-fourth
IA simple mannered, mild voH"!
who speaks deliberately and ch'M
rect language, who wears the !
frock coat aud white tie, but il-
otherwise show himself u ehuiohi.
He was born in Adrian, Mich., to
degree at the Northwestern uni v
at Evanston, Ills., and afterward
ied theoloary at Princeton. In b
became p.tstor of the Cainj
MM p
Presbyterian church iu Chicago.
Don't Kwfar In Ilrn.b !. i..
The town authorities of I !
Pa., have passed an ordinance irn;
a fine of 67 L cents for every j ro"
word used by any person on the s i
of the town.

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