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-slS" - -
General Tracy Thinlia tho Iowa
" 1 Man Lead?
general Tracy Visited. Tsptki In
Vltfc Frealdeat ) lurrlan-He Talk!
to a "State Journal-' Repsrter.
General B. F. Tracy, ex-secretary of
the navy whoii here as one of the legal
aivisori for the Ate lisou Protective com
mittee, visited Topeka la 1S90.
la cenveraation ith a State Journal
reporter he said: 'I remember my visit
to Topeka very well, I came with Presi
dent Harrison ia the fall of 1890, the
soldier's reunion was being held at the
time and the presicent was warmly re
ceived by the peoplu."
In speaking' of national politics he
eaid; "It ia yet to? early to be able to
forecast the possibilities of the next
presidential campaign. When the smoke
of this fail's election has cleared away
and we know just where we are, the pins
for the next campaio will commence to
show themselves. The indications are
now that the next house will be very
evenly divided.
There are as yet I ut three men men
tioned in any way at all prominently ia
connection with the liepublican nomina
tion for the presider cy. They are Alli
son, Reed and McKinley. I am inclined
to think as it now stands Allison is the
most likely candidate on account of his
location. lie is the only man mentioned
who lives west of the Mississippi river,
while Tom Heed lives almost too far east
to be considered at all from a geographi
cal standpoint, although he is being fre
quently mentioned uul warmly endorsed
iu some localities.
. "From what I Lave heard and seen I
am inclined to think at the present time,
Allison would be th a choice of the east
ern Republicans."
"Is ex-President Harrison likely to be
a candidate for the nomination?" asked
the reporter.
"As far as being- an active candidate, I
am satisfied he will not, but should there
be a showing of se.itiment pointing to
wards him as the c.ioice of the party, it
mitfht be otherwise, although I an not
at all authorized 13 speak for him. I
have not seen Pres ident Harrison since
he was last ia New York, several months
"When we passed through Indianapo
lis Monday, I inquired for him and
learned that he had just that day left for
another trip to New York, where he is at
this time."
General Tracey sid he could not re
member having- met Major Morrill, al
though he aupposel he did meet him
while in congress. He expressed a great
interest in the Kan ias election, and said
it was "the general wish throughout the
east that Kansas might be redeemed."
General Tracey w.ts asking- some ques
tions about Jerry Simpson's district, as
to what part of the state it is in and how
large it is, when te was called into a
priv'Eite conference to give some legal
aivice as to how tho protective commit
tee might capture the Santa Fa annual
election tomorrow.
That $50,000 Had Been l.iveu 3Ir. Heath to
Uet 011 Lewelliuf.
A 6tory was circulated on the streets to
day to the etfect that the liepublican
state central committee had placed
money to the amou it of $50,000 in the
hands of II. A. Heath, to bet on the elec
tion of Lewelling.
When asked about the story, Mr. Heath
said it was liction, that he had not seen
any money from that source, but that if
ho had such an amount as that he had no t
doubt he would be able to place at least I
a part of it Mr. Heath left this after- 1
noon for Dallas, Texas.
lie Thinks Hi Candidacy Will Help the
lie 11 1 1 i i-a lis.
Col. H. L. Moors, the ooneressman
from tbe Second ilis.rict and Democratic j
c andidate for re-el action, is iu the city
"Do you expect to withdraw from the
race';-' asked a Journal reporter of Col.
"I know nothing about anything of the
High Government Authority. I
'No authority of greater experience on food products ex
ists than Dr. Henry A. Mott, of New York. Dr. Mott's wide
experience as Government Chemist for the Indian Depart
ment, gave him exceptional opportunities to acquaint himself
with the qualities and constituent parts of baking powders.
He understands thoroughly the comparative value of every
brand in the market, and has from time to time expressed
his opinion thereof. On a recent careful re-examination and
analysis he Ends
' Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
superior to all others in strength, purity, and efficiency. Dr.
Mott writes :
" New York, March zcth, 1S94.
I find Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder to be superior
to all others, for the following reasons :
1st. It liberates the greatest amount of leavening gas
uid is consequently more efficient.
2nd. The ingredients used in its preparation are of the
purest character.
3rd. Its keeping qualities are excellent.
4th. On account of the purity of the materials and their
relative proportions, Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder must
be considered the acme ef perfection as regards wholesomer ess
and efHciencj, and I say this having in mind certificates I
nave given several years ago respecting two ether baking
The reasons for the change in my op-."on. are based on
the above fa:ts and the new method adopted o prevent your
baking powder from caking and deteriora.t;-2 In strength.
Henry A, M.QTJS. A . D., L. L. D
kind," he replied. "I am now satisfied
that there will be 110 change, and that
the fight will be made on the present
"What will be the result? Dj you ex
pect to be elected?"
"No, I do not, and there can te but cue
result the election or the Republican
candidate. Three candidates in the field
in the Second district insures Republi
can success."
"What do you think of the position of
Senator Martin in the campaign?"
"I have but little t say about it Sena
tor Martin is evidently anxious to defeat
the Republicans."
Mistake of tlie Chairman of a. I'opalifct
Meeting: N o r t ll of Town.
Ex-Sheriff John TI. Wilkerton came
into Topeka today from his farm north
of the city. He said he laid his scruples
aside, and attended a Populist meeting
this week at which John Seheack, can
didate for representative In that district,
was the principal speaker. "George
Harris was made tb.9 chairman of the
meeting," Mr. W ilknrson says, "and after
he had made a few re marks it became evi
dent he was not familiar with the order
of the exercises, or acquainted with the
orator of the evening-. He leaned over
to another Populist on the platform, aad
iuquired who was the speaker. He was
told, and 31 r. Harris announced boldly,
"Ladies and gentlemen, we will next be
addressed by Mr. Scaiup, candidate for
representative." It took several min
utes for him to understand why the Re
publicans who were present gave the
speaker such a cordial welcome.
Charged Vp to Jerry.
H. P. Myton of Garden City has for
warded to the State Journal copit-s of
two aijidavits showin g that Morning M.
Keim and Geo. W. Chase, two ex-union
soldiers, lost their jobs ia the government
service for having criticised toe action of
Jerry Simpson for signing a petition for
Mrs. Johanna Hettinger's saloon, within
three hundred feet of the Keller Memo
rial church in Washington, D. C.
Fourteen Criminal Cases Have lieen
IXrouglit Within Twenty U,ys.
The county wheels of justice have
been grinding well since the district
court completed its criminal docket
twenty days ago. In that time prosecu
tions have been commenced as follows:
Burglary, 5; prize fighting, 2: selling
liquor, 3; larceny, S; assault, 1.
This does not include "little cases"
commenced in the justice courts for min
or cilenses. There are a number of c-atea
pending which the justice courts have
not yet transferred to the district court.
These cases will be tried next month,
after the election.
Tbe Oxford Club Issues a Dec titration
Against StruiiR Urink.
The Oxford club, representing the
younger society set, xaet at the National
hotel last night and expelled the member
who was intoxicated at their last party
and was subsequently iu the police court.
At the same time resolutions were passed
denouncing his conduct, and declaring
that hereafter any memoer who shall at
tend a party in a stato of intoxication or
shall carry whit-ky, beer or other intoxi
cants upon his or her person, or smoite
cigars or cigarettes or chew tobacco dur
ing the said social function, shall be
liable to expulsion from the club.
J. li. AVatkins' Mortjjaje J'irm .Straigut
enfc Out Its Afl'airs.
An order was made yesterday after
noon in the United States circuit court,
discharging the receiver of the J. 15.
Watkius Land Mortgage company of
J. B. Watkins was appointed receiver
of the company on April '., by Judge
Foster, on application of the Girard Life
Insurance and Annuity Trust company
of Philadelphia. The company has
made a showing which warranted the
discharge of the receiver.
Have you moved? Change your reg
istration. Z22 calls up the Peerless,
Ilava you registered?
Friday night
Books close
li 6 ill 0 t
tW Owing to the bargains offered and. advertised from day to day last week our
store has been crowded from early morning to closing time with patrons and buyers.
All seem to appreciate what we were doing. Encouraged, therefore, by their appre
ciation of the very low price we had made on different goods, we wish to say this
we will make offerings that will surprise even the most economical buyers.
Cress Coods.
Read over carefully what
we are offering this week:
1,000 yards Silk Velvet,
splendid quality; all colors.
This was bought for a $'1.00
velvet but 59.0 will buy it
this week. You will save
some money on this article.
Here is another you can't
afford to pass. 1,000 yards
of all wool French Suiting
in the newest designs and
colorings. 85c would have
been cheap for this a few
days ago. 45c will buy it
this week.
We Are r.Zoney Savers.
2 m
One lot of half wool
Dress Goods in plain and
fancy. This line of goods
is well worth 30c. Only
22c this week.
One lot of 40-in. all wool
Dress Goods. These have
been sold as high as 50c.
Our price now is only 2Qc.
Here are four very good
things for you to buy this
week. You won't have
another chance to buy such
values at these prices.
Companies Org-anizetl To do liusine in
H-Uii.sHS lir-Liited Cliartel-4.
The following- charters have been filed
with the secretary of state:
The Kaasas Baptist Ministerial asso
ciation, with headquarters in Topeka.
The officers and directors are W. li.
Hutchinson, Topeka; O. D. Rodders,
Lawrence: li. L. Davidson, Kansas City;
C. S. Sheffield, Topeka; Georea Brown,
Beloit: V. II. Parker, WinOeid: 1L I.
Stephenson, Salina: P. G. Shanklin, Gar
den City, and C. J. Pope, Ottawa.
The Saliaa Telephone company. Capi
tal stock $10.00J. Directors: I). A. Van
Trine, Ira S. Van Trine, A. M. Campbell
;iud J. O. Wilson of Salina, and li. 1L Al
iertou, Kansas City, Mo.
The Kiirollment in the Hiilli- Si-liooJs
Larger by "2 " Tlian & Vtar Ajjo.
The enrollment iu the Topeka public
schools for the tirst month of the present
session shows an average increase of '225
pupils every day over last year. The en
rollment is:
103. 1894.
Bovs 2,463 2,r,24
Girls 2,715 2,S7y
Total 5.178 .'.,403
The enrollment this year is divided
among the various public schools as be
low: High school, 402; Grant school,
439; Quincy, 3J; Lincoln, 527; Brauner,
414; Parkdale. 29t; Garfield. 191; Van
Buren, 82; Jackson, 171: Polk, 23: Low
man Hill, 13J; Clay, 422; Sumner, 12S;
Harrison, ."4ti; Lane, 181: Madison, 105;
Washington, 143; Monroe, 130, Buchanan,
-C liip o the OM Hlook" AV'ill be at tlie
Ornnd Monday Niglit.
The show at the Grand opera house
last nig-ht "4-11-44"' was not a partic
ularly new one excepting in name, but
it caught a good house that seemed to be
rather top heavy if one could judge from
the applause that dropped in great
chunks into the parquette.
There was ordinary singing-, rather
antiquated but still funny jokes, and the
regulation dances.
Kinile Heusel and Rheta Mann seem
to own the show a3 they have the most
prominent parts and are the poorest peo
ple iu the company. Miss Mann did only
one thing well and that was her sonij
"And Her Golden Hair was Hanging
Down Her Back," and that was too
broadly sugerestive to appeal to
the admiration of any part of the
house below the balcony. Wni. II. Max
well, who played the part of the "Dutch
Professor," was funny in it and gained a
good deal of applause on his dances.
.ionte Collins iu his medley of three
characters did the smoothest work of the
evening. Miss Norma Weils as the
widow was much better than the star.
The next attraction at the Grand will
be "Chip o' the Old Block," -which
cornea to the house next Monday night.
At t he Crawford House.
Among the many specialties that the
Doubt family presents to its audiences ia
the bowl ringing. You have seen the
glass ringing and the bell ringing of
former times and this is much like it bat
to Make tags
New things arriving daily
in this department. By the
way, have you xisited this
department this fall? Most
everybody has. If you have
not do so before you make
your selection.
Everything exhibited is
new, the latest designs and
colorings, and we sincerely
believe that a better line of
goods can not be found in
the west.
We have just received
another invoice of Fur
Capes. Come and see our
assortment and get our
prices before you purchase.
500 dozen Handkerchiefs
received this week. All
prices from the 4-cent qual
ity to the fine Duchess avill
be found in our stock.
25 dozen Ladies' "YVTnte
Handkerchiefs with fine
lace edge. See them, only
5c each.
50 dozen China Silk
Handkerchiefs; plain white
and colored embroidered
edges. This lot will be sold
for cents each.
& COMPANY, 717 and 719
newer. There are also vocal and instru
mental specialties and dramatic readiutra.
They will be here three nights. beginning
There is a new billiard hall ia town.
There are only two more days in which
to register.
Frank Junod ia dangerously sick at
his home.
Violets are in bloom along some of the
A social club has been organized in
Chicago called the Meuoken.
The mosquitoes are almost all gone,
but we still have "Sweet Marie."
Be careful how you move out of your
precinct now. You can't vote if you
TLe Henuesy-Leroyl company that
played at Topeka at $1, played in Law
rence at cents.
The Imperial club will be reorganized
tonight at a meeting to be held at Pres
cott & Co.'s store.
Four new emergency dressing rooms
are being built under the stage at the
Grand opera house.
There are more prisoners in ths city
jail tit present than there have been be
fore for several months.
There will be a called meeting of the
local suffrage association tomorrow after
coon at Dr. Eva Harding's office.
The drug stores have put their chig
ger remedy on the back shelf and ad
vanced their cough syrups to the show
A man has been discovered in Topeka
who is willing to admit that he isn't
quite sure which way the election is
The Texas railroad commissioners have
authorized Fred Close's North & South
railroad to issue bonds to the amount of
$ 8,000,000.
Ite state board of railroad commission
ers have ordered the Hutchinson A:
Southern Railroad company to erect a
new depot at Lashmet, Kingman county.
An article written by Fugene Ware
which recently appeared iu the Green
Bag will be published in the History of
the Nations now being prepared by John
Clark Ridpath.
General B. F. Tracy says every indica
tion points to the election of Levi P.
Morton as govemorof New York by over
50.0J0 majority, and the election of the
anti-Tammany candidate for mayor by a
similar majority.
The Topeka Letter Carriers' associa
tion holds one of the important offices in
the cational association. S. J. Hodgins
is chairman of the executive committee
aad us such is one of the officers who
dictate the policy of the association.
Have you
Friday night.
registered? Books close
The ladies auxiliary of the B. of R. T.
will give their third annual ball Wednes
day evening, October 31, at the City hall
corner of Seventh and Kansas avenue.
Tickats 30 cents.
Have you moved? Change your reg
istration. Good work done by the Peerlesa
Have you registered? Booka close
Friday night.
Lively in m
One let of Dark Challies
that have never been sold
Tor less than 5c. Our price
to close out 3' cents. If
you are going to make some
comfortables this winter,why
not save a few cents by buy
ing the material now.
Take a sample of our 4-4
Fine Brown Muslin that
we are going to sell you for
3't cents this week and see
if you can match it for less
than 5c or 6c. You can't
do it.
One lot of full Standard
Prints that we have been
selling for 7c; will try and
close them out now for 4;c a
A 1
"2 1
4-4 Bleached Muslin in
manufacturers' remnants,
running from 15 to 30 yards
in the piece. These goods are
usually sold for 7c when we
buy in regular sized pieces.
You can buy from 15 to 30
yards for 4c a yard.
I. M. Knight, Undertaker 0 Embahncr
7, -":
Anti-OOXIlbinC Eealer ia Hey ijht Tzll Ornament Kstallio Carle;:;.
-----Crape Cloth with Sink and Copper Linings. Children's
"White Caskets, Full Ornament Metallic. A full line of Wood and Ckth C;r.r.s
and Caskets. 4)4 46 Kas Aye jlone j2.
Attorney Cieneml Little Won't Allow an
Organ i zation.
Attorney General Little has given out
an opinion which prevented the secretary
of state from filing the charter of tho
Shawnee County Police and Detective
association. D. V. Wilkerson, Arthur E.
Wellman, F. W. Jacobs, S. Watts and W.
H. Williams were named as the directors
of an association which was organized
for the "purpose to f urnish watchmen fur
the guarding and watching and protect
ing of private property, and to aid in the
arresting and convicting of persons
charged with crime, and the doing of
general detective and police patrol duty."
General Little says such an organi
zation would be dangerous to the liber-
' ties of the people and is unwarranted by
! the laws of the state of Kansas.
The Cliaritalde llequest of a Stiu Franclaco
M an to le Contested.
Sax Francisco, Oct. 24. The charita
ble bequests of J. V. Delavaga amount
ing to $775,000, are to be contested on
the ground that they violate section 1313
of the civil code of California which
provides that no bequests bhall collect
ively exceed one-third of the estate of
the testator leaving legal heirs.
Where there is such excess the code
provides that the bequests shall be re
duced pro rata until the aggregate equals
only one-third of the estate. Delaveasra's
entire estato is valued at $900,000. The
greater portion being left for the estab
lishment of a deaf.dumb, blind and para
lytic institute at Santa Cruz.
At tli FrncH liakcrr.
815 Kansas avenue.
Boston brown bread,
Hot at 5 p. m.
Fvery day.
Have you registered?
Friday night. .
Books close
At the FrencU ilakcry,
815 Kansas avenue.
Boston brown bread,
Mot at 5. p. m
Every day-
Booils te
Another lot of KJ-in. cot
ton Twill Crash, bleached
and unbleached. Some lik
it better than linen. Only
5 c.
Will buy genuine Iml ;
Blue Prints this week; the
best grade; our regular 7!
cent quality. Supply your
self when they are 5c.
Yill buy this week, mi
Fine 4-4 Brown Muslin.
You are paying 8;V cents for
the same goods. Buy when
you can save 2';c yard.
"V ill buy the choice of a
full line of Dark Outing
Cloths, just what you need
for winter wear. The e arc
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yard. Only C cents.
Will now buy our Fine
Zepher Ginghams, sold in
town for 20c. They won"!
last very long at lie yard.
Buy them now when they
are selling at He yard.
One lot ladies' fast black
Hose this week only rfc v.
Kansas Ave.
fiS WE
Told von. we aro r
out of "business, "but still
take a snap Tiicn xro cz:i
get it and givo tho trade
tho henent of it. Wq hr.
"bought 350 "basket
a vr celled car. V7c -Till
Y7hich is less than Gc p:r
Oue word describe it "perf -x-ti
We refer to De Witt' Witch llzel !vc,
cures obstinate sores, burns, tk ia dU t--
and is a well known euro for pUan. J. i-.
l 1 x J3 , -

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