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The Territory Outlaw is to Be
Shot on Sight.
All of the Deputy Marshals Are
bo Instructed.
Gibson Station hi Robbed by Six
Armed Men.
Fort S nTH, Ark,, Oit. 26. A report
Las reached this city to the effect
that the little town of Gibson Station
has been robbed in pretty much the
same fashion as the Watroba hold-up,
the express oSice .ni several stores
being: looted. The place Is six miles
south of Wag-oner, on the Missouri,
Kansas and Texas road, and there is
no telegraph office there, particulars
of the robbery have not been received
here. It is said that six men took
part in the hold-up.
Marshal (.rump re ceived a telegram
vesterday from .Deputy Lambton.who
had gone in pursuit of the Cook fan
saying a f pht between the barMits
and oEcers was expected at an r time.
The latest lobbery reported here uo
to this morning was t hat of a preacher
last night at Illinois Station by two
men. It is not kno vn how much was
The train from Wagoner, which ar
rived here at 1 o'clock this morning",
was guarded by a force of twenty
five into under the leadership of
sheriff Brown. The tame posse g-uarded
the west-bound train leaving- here
a few hours later, and were rein
forced by twenty-five, others at Ken
netia as the railroad people are expecting-
a hold-up a" Illinois station.
The Cook gang- is supposed to be in
that vicinity, as ten men were teen
at the water tank there when the
east-bound train came through. Con
ductor C'onklin wan on the lookout for
a hold-up at Bragg and later at Illi
nois, but he came t. trough all right.
lle reports the while country as up
in arms anil on th; hunt for outlaws,
saying there are fully 500 men in the
chase. Hill Cook is to be bhot on
War Department Aki aa Opinion Re
garding; tha Sealing of Troops.
Washington, Oct. 20. The officials
of tha war depart m:nt are by no
means of the opinion that the in
terior department has made out a
proper case for ths employment of
troops as a posse commitatus in the
Indian territory. Agent Wisdom's
dispatch on which t ie applicalion for
troops is based, states in one place
that they wanted to run down a
band of robbers and in another that
the treaties require tha Indians to
be protected. There is aa question
with the war tfepartment oflicials
that the employment of troops under
the first point would be clearly illegal
and as to the tecocd there is no evi
dence that the Indians themselves
have suffered or have appealed for
protection, Nevertheless,' to set at
rest all doubts in the matter. Acting
Secretary Doe has referred the appli
cation for troops to the attorney gen
eral for his opinion as to the legality
of their employment in this case.
Th Famous Patent Medicine Man Die
In an lmtace Asylum
Ttf.vtov, N .T.. Oct. 2. Dr. II. T.
llelmbold, of extract of Buchu fame,
died suddenly of apoplexy yesterday
in the state asylum for the insane, in
this city. He was 57 years of age,
and has been an in nate of the insti
tution about three years.
Transport! aj Gold.
WismxGTO.v. Oct. SJrt. The state
ment prepared lit the treasury de
partment shows that during- the
period betweeu March, 18'.3, and
October 1. Ib'.H, the amount of gold
transported Iwtweea sub-treasuries,
mints and banks at government ex
pense in consequence of exportation
of gold was SI 1 ! 307,5.00. The cost of
transporting the amount was 595,480.
The aggregate shipments between
the more important points are given,
as follows: Washing ton to N?w York;
tie. 000,000; Cincinn ati to New York,
$11,500,000; San Francisco to 2s ew
York, 87,500,000; Philadelphia to
New York, '''.. 9 o0 000; Philadelphia
to Boston, S5.9JO.OOO.
Iudiao Anioentf JBtll 1 aasl.
TffKAHOiiA, Ind. Ter., Oct. 83.
The senate passed the amnesty bill,
which, if it passes, the house, will
give the Wilburton political prison
ers freedom. This is the lst resort
for Silon Lewis, who is under sen
tence to be shot November 5 and tha
Indian agent has notified his attor
neys that the int?rior department
will not interfere t nv further in the
case. The conned adjourned to-day
and there has not been a general law
of importance passed yet.
Relics of th U a pleasant net.
Middlesboro, Ky. , Oct. 26. In ex
cavat ng near Colo rel Cattrell's farm
st Cumberlaud pap, seven feet below
the serface, workuen found a case
containing- twenty-:ive Enfield rifles.
The case wns stamjed John H. Mor
gan, iSo3. indicaticg' that the rifles
had been buried there there thirty
one years ajo by thi famous Southern
jrueriUa, They are in a perfect state
of preservation, aad are not even
Two Prisoners Escape.
Fatette, Mo., Ocz. 26. Two prison
ers made their escape from the
Iloward county jail yesterday after
noon. One was C. F. Hoffman, the
desperate train robber and burglar,
recently caught aear Spring-held,
Mo., and was brought here from
Cooper county for mis keeping. Tha
other was Jim White, a negro, held
for tha murder of Delia Moorebead.
He is Hunting on a ltaucn. Xear Miller
Osawatomie, Kaa., Oct. S. President
George Gould, Vice President Warner,
General Manager Dodlndge, General
Superintendent (.dark and other Missouri
Pacific officials stopped here oq a tour of
inspection and pleasure. After a visit to
the car and machine shops at this place
the parly left for Mdler station, about
sixty miles west of here, on the Puebio
line, where they will" be the guesti of
Hon. William A. Miller of Osage City,
the owner .of a ranch at Miller station.
The party will spend the day in hunting
and fishing on tae riuch, and will then
proceed west to Pueblo. Superintendent
S. T. Shankland and Division Superin
tendent W. L. Dunaway accompanied
them from this place.
At Eldon, on tha Jefferson City, Le
banon & Southwestern ruad, the hunt
was a success, aa birds were plentiful, the
party bagging" in the aggregate over 2U0
on Tuesday. Mr. Gould is a kee:a sports
man and a good shot, and enjoyed the
6port very much. He will return to
Eldon in about ten days for another day
or two in the field.
They Kout the Chinese and Capture
Fort With a Itnh.
LoxDoy, Oct. 26. A dispatch from
Tokio says that Field Marsha! Count
Yamagata has telegraphed to tha
war ofUce that a detachment of 1,000
Japanese infantry crossed the Yalu
river on Wednesday morning- and at
tacked the enemy. The Chinese forc3
consisted of 600 cavalry and 100 in
fantry, with two guns. The enemy
fled. The Japanese capturei a Chi
nese fort, two guns and many rifles.
The Chinese loss was twenty killed
and wounded, while the Japaneso
sustained no loss. The Japanese ad
vance columns are marching- upon
A dispatch dated Wi Ju, October 24,
apparently delayed in transmission,
says that the Japanese were ferried
over the Yalu river at Sukochin at
daybreak. Chinese earthworks had
been thrown up to oppose the land
ing of the Japanese force, but a
slight deviation enabled the Japanese
to cross the river and lan ! without
opposition. The Chinese f'.ed after
the tirst few rounds were fired at them
and the Japanese captured the works
with a rush. The Cl inese fled to bat
teries that had been constructed
lower down the river, throwing away
their arms in their flight. These were,
found to be antiquated muskets.
Cleveland In t aihlatoa.
New York. Oct. 20. At 3:20 yester
day afternoon President Cleveland,
accompanied by Dr. Joseph D. Bryant
and Miss Bryant, left tha doctor's
residence and entered a carriage
which was in waiting. The party
was driven to the Pennsylvania rail
road depot in Jersey City, where they
were to meet Mrs. Cleveland ttnd tha
children, who were coming on the
Colonial express from Greenwich,
Conn. A cordon of detectives sur
rounded the president during his wait
at the depot, and no reporters were
allowed to speak to him. In answer
to a note, however, sent through one
of the'guardians. the president said
he had left no letter to be read at
Cooper Union. The president and
family reached Washington last even
ing. JTrla) of Vthite Caps.
Memphis, Tenn., Oct. 20. The trial
of twenty-five white caps was re
sumed yesterday at Helen;;. Ark,
The sensation of the day was the tes
timony of Gus Bryant, the leader of
the gang who turned state"s evidence
last spring and made a confession.
Bryant's evidence was directly oppo
site to that contained in his confess
ion. The prosecuting attorney open
ly charged that the state's witnesses
have been tampered with. Three ne
groes identified several of the de
fendants as b ing members of the
white cap organization. The trial
will continue several days.
rrlncesi Alix Not Vet Kaptizeil.
Losroox. Oct. 20. A dispatch from
St. Petersburg says the baptism of
Princess Alix has not occurred yet.
Whether the delay is due to her pro
tests against declaring the Evangeli
cal church accursed, as the Greek
church dignitaries insist she shall do,
or to the condition of the czar is not
known. All hope of sustaining his
majesty's life has been abandoned
and the worst may happen any mo
ment through heart failure. j
An lidltor's Crvntal Wedding.
Mexico, Mo., Oct. 26. Mr. an
R. M. White entertained in a
manner about 500 people last
d Mrs.
th J ef
teenth al ed
guests one I
at their elegant home on Sou
ferson Street. It was their tif
wedding anniversary. Sever
itors were among the many
present from a distance. e
White is secretary of tiie M
l'reai association.
Wanted to IMe Together.
Watehtown, N- Y'., Oct. 20. James
Pierce, aged 27, with his wife, caino
here from Ontario a few days ago and
registered at the Harris hous.-. Be
cause of financial di:;ieulties they de
cided to die together. He admin
istered choloroform in an overdose t3
his wife, and then took poison him
self. He is dead. Mrs. Pierce will
t'hTU-lau Stricken With r"arslyls.
Nabaville, Tenn., Oct. 26. During
the performance of the Sousa band at
the Tabernacle last night. Dr. J. P.
Dake, the oldest and moat prominent
homeopathic physician in the city,
was stricken with apoplexy and is
now in a critical condition.
Killed br a locomotive.
Atchtsok, Kan., Oct. 25. A man
was struck by a Missouri Pacific pas
senger train five miles south of Atch
ison yesterday afternoon and killed.
A card found on the person bears the
name of John A Young of Oakland,
Fatal Collision fa Ruxiia.
St. Petkrsburg, Oct. 23. A collision
between two freight trains has taken
place near Prybilkows station ea the
Kosloff Worrenesh. Twenty-to cars
were demolished; tdn trainmen wete
killed and a quantity of tenzme wus
112 and 114 West bt j, Peerlesa Bteain
X. Y. Democrats Are Unable to
Settle Their Troubles.
Cliairrnan Faulkner Admits He
Could Do Nothing.
Xo Diminution in the Efforts of
Either Faction.
New York, Oct. 6. Senator Faulk
ner, chairman of the Democratic con
gressional campaign committee, re
turned to Washington yesterday. He
admitted, prior to his departure, that
his mission hither had been a failure,
so far as the Democratic congressional
situation was concerned. He has
been unable to bring the factions to
an agreement. Congressman Dunphy's
retirement in the Eighth was his own
act and will have no bearing upon tha
situation in the other districts. In
Brooklyn, Senator Faulkner says, the
ouslook is better. The independent
Democratic candidate in the Fifth dis
trict accepted the decision of the re
form executive committee and has
tiled notice of his withdrawal John
Ij. Xostrand will probably withdraw
also. In the otiier two Brooklyn dis
tricts there will be no concessions on
either side, according- to present un
derstanding. The campaign orators of both par
ties are both now under full swing
and the general political situation ail
over the state is indicative of the
fierce right that will be fought out on
election day. The most prominent
men Republicans and Democrats
alike have been drafted into service,
and the headquarters of both forces
were never so alive with bustling poli
ticians as the past two days. The
declination of Congressman Dunnhy
of the nomination of the New
York Democracy for the Eighth
district was received yester
day, leaving J. J. Walsh, the
Tammany nominee, a clear field. The
Eiffhth district was one of those
which a few days ago was thought
might possibly be sacrificed to Tarn
many in the interests of harmony.
Following this official announcement
comes the resigna ion of a number of
members of the New York State
Democracy organization in the Twenty-fourth
assembly district, the des
erters from Grace's organization at
the some time announcing their in
tention of supporting the entire Dem
ocratic ticket.
At both headquarters there was the
usual rounding up of oflicial state
ments with none that mitrht material
ly affect the situation either one way
or the other.
Vice I'resident Stevenson in "ew Torlr.
New York, Oct. 26. Vice President
Stevenson arrived in this city and
went direct to the Park Avenue hotel
jesterday Tha vice president said
he was too tired to speak: at Cooper
Union lust night and that be would
rest until to-night, when he would
speak in Poughkeepsie.
Although at 6 o'clock last night he
decided that he was too tired to
speak at Cooper Union with Senator
Hill, half an hour later he decided he
would speak at Brooklyn with Amos
J. Cummings. About 1,000 people
greeted the vice president at Tivoli
hall, Brooklyn.
Kndorsed Senator Hill.
New Yoke, Oct. 26. A vast crowd
assemble I at Cooper Union last night
to hear Senator David B. Hill speak.
The gathering assembled under the
auspices of the combined labor or
ganizations of the city. Hill's guber
natorial administration was made the
sjibj 'ct of laboring men's demonstra
tions, and resolutions were adopted
indorsing his political career in New
York state, and pledging to him the
support of the gathering at the com
ing election. John Phillips presided.
WomnD'l Fight on .tmmany.
New York, Oct. 20. Seth Lowe,
president of Columbia college; the
Kev. Dr. Charles H. Parkhurst. Henry
George and ex-Secretary Fairchild
spoke yesterday afternoon in Cooper
Union to a crowded meeting of the
Women's Municipal league. Tam
many hall.
Etniila's Ruler Calmly Views Death
Ill.H Strength Decreasing Daily.
St. Petersburg, Oct. 26. A bulletin
issued from Livadia at 8 o'clock last j
evening says: "Neither somnolence j
nor spasmodic symptoms wers ob- !
served to-day. His majesty's appetite
is satisfactory. The oedema did not
increase as usual." The bulletin is
signed by the five doctors in attend
ance upon his majesty.
The czar's strength is daily decreas
ing, but he -awaits death with perfect
composure. Ia order to counteract
the depression of those about him, he
has ordered that the band at the
palace pi a v during 1 unch. The czarina,
though suffering sev rely, never quits
her husband's side. She sits for hours
beside the arm-chair occupied by the
emperor, and watches by hi-; bedside
when he is unable to sleep. The cza,r,
it is said, has made all his arrange
ments with a view to death.
Fleven Men Imprisoned in the
Mine, Northern Michigan.
Detroit, Mich., Oct- 2G. A dispatch
from Ironwood says what may prove
to be the wor.lt accident in the history
of the Menominee range occurred on
the fourth level of shaft No, 1 at the
Pewabic mine at 3 o'clock yesterday
afternoon. One man is known to have
been killed and eleven others are en
tombed and their fate will not be
known for eighteen hours.
Murderer IIine Captured.
LiBERir,Mo.,Oct 23. Jim Hines.the
negro who stabbed and killed William
Lida, a white man, here October 16,
was captured at Oskaloosa. lo.va, last
niht by Sheriff Letton of this city.
th New Treatment as Practiced
France a Wonderful Success.
Washtsqtox, Oct. 25. The new
treatment by innoculation of diph
theria and croup, as practiced ia
France, is the subject of a special re
port to the state department by
United States Consul C. W. Chancellor
at Havre. He aays that by this
method of -treatment only one out of
four diphtheretic patients succumbs,
whereas the figure is double for other
methods of treatment heretofore ap
plied. Consequently the consul, who
is a Baltimore physician of repute,
6ays that it would seem very desir
able that the anti-diphtheretic' serum
6hould be introduced and come into
general use at the earliest period
practicable in America, where many
thousand children and numerous
physicians, students and nurses dha
from diphtheria and croup.
The consul gives in detail a history
of the development of the treatment
by Dr. Pasteur and his assistant. Dr.
Boux, who have been experimenting
with it for five years, keeping it
secret until they had satisfied them
selves of its efficiency and had sub
jected the animal (the horse) best
adapted to transferring diphtheretic
poison into an anti toxine. A trial of
the new treatment at one of tha
largest hospitals of Paris resulted ia
reducing the death rate from dip
theria from 51.70 per cent to 24.33 per
cent. In a Idition, it is stated that
children vaccinated with tlu serum
were protected from the disease even
while liv.ng in close contact with
diphtheretic patients.
As the Pasteur institute can not
meet the great demand for the serum,
movements are on foot in different
localities to establish auxiliary sta
tions. In slight cises one injection
of the serum is sufficient, while the
ordinary case yields to two.
Superintendent Stump Itetnrns Frona a
1 uropean Tour of Observation.
Washington". Oct. 20. Superintend-
! em iterman stump or the tmmigra
i tion bureau returned to Washington
yesterday from a six weeks' to-irof
European cities. While Colonel
Stump's tour was wholly unoilioial,
the subject of immigration was in
vestigated with more or less care in
all the cities he visited. In Italy i.e
found the government willing-, and
indeed very anxious to co-operate
with the United Stat'S in wip.n" out
the admittedly pernicious padrone
In Germany the officials were tak
ing unusual precautions to prevent
any of the prohibited classes from
sailing to America from Gernvm
ports. Colonel Stump had several
conferences with agents of lliroa
Hirsch in regard to exodus of the
Jews from Russia. He was assured
that the persecution by the Russians
had practically ceased and that in
consequence comp:irativel3r few were
now leaving Russia.
Speaking generallv. Colonel Stump
was of the opinion that a far better
cla--s of emigrants were now coming
into this country than at any time in
the past.
Bi? Kansas City Fire.
Kassas City, Mo., Oct. 20. Th
Baird building on the southwest cor
ner of Sixth and Wyan.Iotte streets
was almost totally wrecked by fire
and water last night. The loss on
the building is probably 840.000. It is
insured for $."".0,000. The fire started
in the boiler room, extended to the
elevator shaft and from there to all
parts of the building.
Chief Arthur Denies a Rorjr.
Cleveland, Ohio, Oct. 2G. Chief
Arthur of the Brotherhood of Loco
motive Engineers returned yesterday
from St. Louis. He denies as absurd
the story sent out from there that
his mission in the city was to confer
with the heads of other railroad em
ployes' organizations with the idea of
consolidating them.
Heavy Shipment of Tin Plate.
Baltimore, Md., Oct. 20. A train
of fifteen cars left Canton last night
over the Pennsylvania railroad for
Milwaukee with tin plate brought
from Swansea, Wales, by th-3 Atlantic
Transport 1 ne steamers Maryland
and Menantic. There were about
500,000 pounds of plate in the ship
ment. Small Strike at i'ittsbarjf.
Pittsbcrg, Kan., Oct. 26. The men
of Hamilton & Braldwood coal mines
are out on a strike, refusing- to work
for 56 cents per ton. The company
yesterday gave its miners the ultima
tum to go to work or take their toois
out of the mine.
Justice Stephen J. Field has re
signed as trustee of the Iceland Stan
ford, Jr., university.
Hon. J. C. Dahlman, Democratic
candidate for statJ auaitorof Nebras
ka, has withdrawn in favor of the
Populist nominee, John V. Wilson.
A special Republican mass meeting
has been arranged to take place at
Music hall. New York, next Wednes
day night, at which ex-President
Harrison will speak.
Mrs. Cleveland has consented to
christen the steamship tat. Bouis of
the International Navigation com
pany, which will be launched from
Cramp's shipyard November 12.
The Eastern anthracite coal sale
agents have decided to alvancj the
prices 25 cents on stove and 15 cents
on other sizes. The prices for No
vember will be S4 for stove, S3. To for
egg and chestnut and 3. 6-J lor giape
coal. It was also decided to mine dur
ing November to the full cipac.ty of
the companies without restriction.
Commodore William Evlyn Hop
kins is dead, aged 73. He was ap
po.nted to the naval academy from
Virginia. His last command was the
receiving ship Independence, sta
tioned at Mare island.
Professor Wiley Mellete, son of ex
Governor Mellete and instructor in a
department of the Agricultural col
lege at Brookings, S. D., cut ns
throat with a razor Thursday. He
had been sick during the night and
committed suicide. When fo.ind ha
was dead. No cause is known.
Popular Low
Good thing aad netting "but gooi thiss to eat,
at tha lowest prices any cna in the town has ever
quoted. Sea tha list that tells tha Etcry. Especial
attention is directed to tha Flour departasnt. G::is
warranted satisfactory cr yocr money tack.
Just received a carload of choice
Colorado Potatoes that we will
close out at 70 cents bu. Less
price in 10 bushel lots.
22 lbs Finest Granulated Sugar fl 00
24 lbs Extra C Sugar 1 l(
Dry Salt Side Meat, per lb. OS
California Hams, per lb t'S
No. 1 Sugar Cured Hams, per lb I54
Sugar Cured Breakfast Bacon, per lb 1
4 lbs White Lard.
Choice Native Potatoes, per bu
Sweet Potatoes, per bu
3 1-lb package Tea Siftings 23
2 packages Rolled Oata 15
California Raisins, per lb. t5
7 bars Kirk'n While Iiuasiau Soap
6 lbs Gloss Starch '"-5
Lewis' Lye, per can 10
7 lbs Hand Picked Navy' Beans 23
Cornstarch, per package 03
2 sacks Table Salt. 03
New Whitefish, pail
New Mackerel, pail 85
2 cans 3 lb Tomatoes , 15
2 cans Sugar Corn 35
4 cans Oysters 23
Best Ginger Snaps, per lb 03
Soda Crackers, per lb by box S?
2 packages Parlor Matches 3
All Package Coffee 22
8 packages Mince Meat 23
California Table Fruits
2 In Sugar Syrup.
cans Peaches
2 cins Pears
1 can Plums
1 can White Cherries
1 can Black Cherries
1 cau AjTcjts
1 can .V nsrat Grapes
1ST Quotation
Blanks mailed
owe I HP .
M, -
ii2 East 6th.
To Mra. Strauss, a Washington lady,
belongs the honor of having the largest
rose farm in the world.
The report that the Prince of Naples
visited Greece iu search of a bride H
laughed at by London society period
Colonel Casey is called the corn kin?
of Henry county, Ky. ne owns 1.5GG
acres ia corn and has been figuring on
62,400 bnshels.
Dr. and Mrs. W. T. Bull of New
York are receiving congratulations upon
the birth of a son. Mrs. Bull was for
merly the wife of James Q. Blaine, Jr.
Lord Randolph Churchill is in luck. !
The very eccentric Miss Raine has left !
hi in her mansion and extensive estate j
in Oxfordshire as a token of admira- !
tion for his commanding political gen- J
ius. J
Sir Arthur Sullivan at 51 is por- J
trayed as a short necked, thickset, bee
tle browed man, with curly black hair,
mustache and side "whiskers. He is
somewhat fitilted in manner and has
been composing for 85 years.
The Tranby Croft Wilsons of bacca
rat scandal fame, 6eem to be right Iu
the swim. Among their guests at one
time recently were six lords, three peer
esses, one viscount, two viscountesses,
two honorables and two baronets.
Patrick O'Leary of Chicago is dead. :
His claim to remembrance and notice
lies in the fact that he was the husband
of the Mrs. O'Leary who owned the
cow that kicked over the lamp that
started the fire that burned down a large
part of Chicago in 1871.
A friend of George Gould says that
the millionaire yachtsman is bitterly I
disappointed over the result of the Vig- ;
ilant's contests in English waters. He'
asserts that Mr. Gould had no social
ambitions to gratify by his yachting ex-!
ploits in foreign waters. i
Tha new postoSice at Omaha is par-!
tially built on land owned by Mrs. !
Cleveland, for which the government J
paid f 60, 000. Mrs. Cleveland has ether!
property in the same neighborhood ;
worth about $50,000. These lots she in- j
herited from her uncle, Ben Folsom. j
Ayer's Sarsaparilla is the quickest cure
for all bloo l diseases. Its effects are al
ways beneficial.
For instance, Mrs. Chas. Rogers, of Bay
City, Mich., accidently spilled scalding
water over her little boy. She promptly
applied De Witt's Witch Ilnzal Salves,
giving instant relief. It's a wonderfully
good se.lve for burnes, bruises, sores, and
a sure cure for Piles. J. K. Jones.
New neck bands put on your shirts at
Topic k a Steam Lacsdht.
Rock Island
Playine Cards.
Na 601 Kani Avn,
Do you want fine laundry work?
the Topeka Steam Laundry.
Toprka iteam Lauodry,
L 623 Jackson street.
Price Grocer.
Sheets and Order
f .
K, '
' d b-v aa V ft"
The gymkhana has invaded London.
Extremes met in the Direct um an i
Kelson race California and Maine
War chariots appeared for the la-at
time during the Persian Invasion of
Tiny Williams, the heavy woight
jockey, hails from that trotting cetit- r.
All tho 2:10 trotters, 33 in number,
are living, save two Palo Alto, 2:0s,
and Pamlico, 2:10.
But four trotters have gone mi!"3 ia
2:07 or better, while 15 pacers are in
cluded in the same list.
Cicero J. Hamlin, it is reported, will
cut Fantasy loore and send her out to
break Directum's record of 2:03 '4.
Since 2:30 was frst be t 11 in l -13
the record has been lowered li'.i dit':'-r nt
times, but by only 14 dillcreiit hoi-
The supremacy has been established
beyond donbt. "The grty Navarre" is?
the king, by right of might, of race
horses. In Japan a man can hire a horse,
keep two servants and live on the fat
of the land, all for a little over 20 a
The fastest pacing rnaro is Mary Mar
shall, 2:08 M, and out of 47 pacers that
have records better than 2:10 only four
are in ares.
The horses most highly esteemed iu
ancient times Arabs, Persians. Barl-u
and Spanish jennets were al! inferior
in size to the horses of today, tho aver
age Arab steed being between 14 and 15
hands and the others smaller. Horncs
flian. Rudy's Pile Suppository is guarantee 1
to cure Piles and Constipation, or in j i ;y
refunded. 51) cents per box. S.-n-i sUji;i
for circular and free sampio to .Mdrn i
Rudy, Lancaiter, Pa. For sal Of a.l
firs'class druggists, an 1 in Topcka I y v
R. Kennedy, corner Fuurth aad
lnily Jfa 33"tiij-r
No Griping, no .Nause;:, no Pain, !i a
De Witt's Little Early Hi" -.re t a
Small Pill. Best PilL B-: i'. i. ' i'
Headache is the d'rect rsuit of ini.
gestion and Stotanch Disorder-".. J'eia si v
these by using Ds Witt's I.i'ti h-rly
Risers and your Heilac'ie d.sappe--"-The
favorite Littlb Pill everywuetu. J.
K. Jones.
Rock IsUnd
Playing Cards.
Xo. tiUl Kans. Av-6.
Call up Phone 133 and have our wago
call for your bundie.
Toi'EKA Steam Lacndhv.
Prescott & Co. have remove 1 to .
lid West Eighth street
Rock Island
Piayiny Card-f.
No. tSJl Kiins. Ave.
Read the "W.mts." Many of iha u n -s
as interesting ai new iteaii & i . ;
U not fci

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