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Tlie Widow of A. S. Everest Sues
to Break His Will.
Efforts leaking to Establish a
Taper Mill at Emporia.
blow with a billy, sand bag or his fiat,
aud knocked him oS hia horse.
The fellow then took his handkerchief
and seventy-live ceuts from him. and told
him with an oath to pet on his horse and
po home if he had sense enough left.
Leroy came back to town in a dazed
condition, but recovered and started
home again.
How an Enen.y was Foiled.
Tho follow In? erar-bln statement will be
read with i-en-e interest : "1 cannot describe
tin- numb. oreenv sensation 'd.at evicted in my
arrnl, hands and 1 us. i had to rub mid beat
tho-- parts until tln-v 'etn sore, t o o ercome
In it measure the Cvn.il feelin'-T 1 hat had taken
(jioion o? tlierjj. In audition. I had a
stran-'t- weal:no-s iu ir.y back arm around my
wasl, toirct her v. li art indescribable Vone
fceiirr4 in ny stomach. Physicians said it
was cii'ffjini pa r lysis, from ! icli. accord
ina to t hei r e ti i v ersu 1 conclusion, there is, -o
relief. One it f:i-t('!is upon a person, iliey
sav.it oont inu-s its insidious progress until
it r -aches it ifil point and 1 !: suilcrer dies.
mi. -i w as my p) o-peot . 1 iiad been doctc.r:ii
it year and a half steadi.'v, Lut with o par
ticular benef t. when 1 s;"V an :d vert iscmeut
.f Iir Miles' l:e:-tora:ivc Nervine, procured a
l ot, ie and m nan usher it. Marvelous as it
ii:i v s. ?n. 1 i t .i ffiv da vs hud pa-si d before
eveiv hit of tlia t creepy iVeiin? liail left lne,
and then? h is not been tvtti tl.e slightest
Indication o." iis return. 1 now feel as
well as 1 ever did. aud have fc-aitied ten
pounds in wighl. though I had run uown
f mm 170 to Y,i7. four oihers have used Ir.
Mi li -s' Hestor it ive Nervine on my rcomen
dat ; in. anu it has been ax -tit isf actorv in t heir
cases as in rn i ne." - .1 a mes Kane. I. a Kue, O.
lr. .Miles" hestorative Nervine i--iiil by ail
dru.-iri-ts on a positive guarantee, or sen!
direct liv the Dr. Mi lest Medical Co.. Elkhart
lnd . mi recti nt of p. ice. 1 per bottle, six
U.t I les for -?.. express prepaid. U is free frouc
opiates or it -it ere ne i- .
For Nile by all lrujsit.
Good Printings
always speaks for itsslf, ani
o for y:u too. li yaii want soms
up-tc-iate, gesi printing send
your ceuy, or coras talk it ever
Y011112; Bourbon County Farmer
Singed by a Highwayman.
Tirst-olass LiTery. Boarding a speciality
Ts'.epbons 6. GILCESIST EP.CS,
TC5 Jackson street. Proprietors.
Crawford's $
Opera House t
Zing cf All Itasical Panailies.
Orehestra. Er-i- ivatul. Bowl Ilinwrs, Rect
titliuns. Duet-., 'M-al and iusirumentai Solos.
Week Oct. 29.
Clarke Parkinson's
Supporun Jit; Jolly Little Comedian,
In a p easing repertoire.
one solii wei:k-hf:i;inig
Monday, t in.
-Opeiilntr p ay-
'I- m h
me i wo fimcr cans
A patriutic comedy drama in 4 ac.s.
Ladies free on Meijday uisht I'ees 1C. -jo, 30e.
One Xl'M Oily: .Holiday, Ofto!cr 29
Fobert L. Scott,
Ids orijim&l character of t ommodore.
Chip o' the
s D.
Perk in
In his well kuovcti
i i n
. Fisher,
popular come. ii
Beth shows oo.nplet
Two bhf attraetu n tl
KKt.ll.AH AJMIslo.
Cold Day.".
and strictly tirst-class.
s line tiiulit tor ON K
MKKuiV HILL Tl!i:rtLiy, Aov. 1st.
'I lie I'henonienal Ranjoist. supported bv the
he-t loi'al talent,
111 GEA1T2 CZ11ZZ2.7.
Seau on sale at iinLU'S and KHI.I.AM'S.
A oar Hair Dry and Kt ittl rail.
Ins Out p Xiirniiix iray
Thee are only indications that the fol
liciea or roots- of the hair are getting
weakened or diseased. Beggs' Hair
Kenewer will Etrenthen and invigorate
the folltcies ani the hair will regain ita
natural color a ad become soft, closay and
healthy. Sold by V. li. Kennady.
Spectacles and eyeglasses, 23 cents.
" " 50
1 00
Chah. Bevmctt's Optical store, 713
Kanaas avenue.
A Ten I SOX, Oct. J6. A sensational snit
was tiled in the district court yesterday
afternoon to break the will of the late
Aaron ti. Everest. The plaintiff is Mrs.
Belie Kvereu, who has been assigned
the interest cf her huLa.,d, Frank Ever
est, and one of thi he;ts of A. S. Ever
est. W. W. Guthrie and B. P. Waggeuar
are attorneys lor tue phuutiif.
It 13 alleged that A. S. Everest and
Prank Everest were partners at the time
of the death of the hrt named, and that
Frank liverest has an interest, amount
ing to !io,0Ui, in the estate. Kittte Ev
erest, ilane Fleming1, rs. A. ,S. Everest,
and David Martin, who drew up the will,
and who has charge cf the affairs of the
estate to some extent, are named as de
fendants. .
The will of A. S. Everest, which was
signed a few hours before his death, left
-0,0u0 in government bonds to
Kitt.e Everest, !jiJ.l'UJ in govern
ment bonds to Marie Eteraing,
-0,l)ijO in Rush county bonds
to Aaron Everest, jr., atd the remainder
of the estate to Mrs. A. t-. Everest. So
far as is apparent, the estate is not large
alter paying the bequests named. The
government bonis given to hlittie Ever
est and her daughter are the most valu
able part of the estate, the Kusu county
bonds given to Aaron Everest being
somewhat shaky, as the interest has not
been j aid on them for two years.
Mrs. A. 8. Everest also reee.ved $27,
000 of the Rush county bonds, in addi
tion to the homestead, the place at Big
Stone lake, aud some other property. It
is claimed by th ; plaintiff that A. S.
Everest was worth .Vjo.O ) at the time
of his death, and that f :JJ0,ut0 iii gov
ernment bonds have not bi-eu accounted
for. The court granted an injunction re
straining the defendants from disposing
of any of the properly until the suit can
be heard, and appointed R. E. Pease re
ceiver, w ho quautied.
The petition alleges that Frank Ever
est holds thri note of A. S. Everest for
f 32,300, executed August 3d, lt-y;j, with
no credit thereon; that in December,
the Missouri Pacitc owed Frank
Everest $3,000, which A. S. Everest col
lected; that Frank Everest had $2(),000 in
a bank at Cedarville, which A. . Everest
disposed of fur his own interest, and a
number of other items are detailed.
The claim is made, though not in the
petition, that during A. S. Everest's sick
ness he turned over a large amount of
government bonds to His daughter which
were not accounted for when lie made
his will. The daughter took care of the
father during his sickness, and was no
kind aud attentive that he was greatly
attached to her.
K X. G. Otiicer's Leg Broken.
Xewtox, Oct. 26. Dr. Everets of
Brigadier General Kettiagern staff was
among the officers that came up from
Wichita to take part iu the drill exercises
of the K. .X. G. Saddle hores were in
wadmg for the party at the Arcade. All
mounted their horses preparatory to pro
ceeding to camp, when Dr. Everet'a
iioroe in prancing slipped on the wet
s.reet and lelh The doctor was caught
under the horse and his left leg broken.
Mayor lirU' Faneral.
Kin'slkv. Oct. 26. The funeral of
John F. -virtrsh, mayor of Kinsley, who
was shot by bandits Moudiy night, took
piace yesterday afternoon. All business
houses were closed. Services were con
duced by liev. Busser and Rev. Tomson.
The Masonic lodge attended in a body.
It was the largest funeral procession
ever known in tnis city.
Pittsburg Coal .Miners .Strike.
Pittsbl kg, Oc.. 2(S. The meu of Ham
ilton aud Braidwood coal mines are out
on a strike, rei using to work for 3(5 cents
per ton, which they claim is a reduction
of four cents per ton for screeued coal.
The company today gave its miners the
ultimatum to go to work or take their
tools out of the mines, which is a dis
charge from further service.
Threw Jdiiuself I'mlertlie Wheel.
Lkankx vvortit, Oct. 20. The Missouri
Pacific through express from Omaha to
St. Louis ran over an unknown man a
few miles above this city and ground him
to pieces. The man was bent on suicide
for it is said he deliberately threw him
self in front of tiie engine when it was
only a few feet away.
loe Donahue Acquitted.
Atchison, Oct. 2G. Joe Donahue re
turned from the Cherokee strip today,
having been acquitted of the charge of
cot spiracy to defraud, which was brought
by Preston Irwin, the man who is eon
testing Donahue's right to a claim in the
Tlie Koof of a. Cluralirr Caves in Killing
ieoi-ge Howell of Itan-olui tile.
Ottawa, Oct. 2i. A fatal accident
occurred near Rausotnville by which
George Howell, son of Charles
Howell of this city, lost his life. Howell
was engaged as a miliar in the Morgan
drift and was in a chamber soaie hun
dred or so feet in a tutinel. Fellow
workmen in adjoining chambers heard a
fall of earth, and, conjeo.uriug a catas
trophe, investigated.
They found that the roof of Howell's
chamber, which was of earth and soap
stone; had fallen in, burying tlie unfor
tunate man completely. llelu from ad
joining mines was summoned, and after
long dangerous labor, for at any mo
ment other portions of the overhanging
mass might be dislodged, they reached
the body but life was exti ict.
The remains were brought to this city
today and take j to the residence of Mr.
Charles Howell.
11 e
Wa-t on the Slan.l Testifviiiu: iu a
vorce iso.it Wucii Accused.
Kansas City, .o., Oct. 26. While tes
tifying in couri here against his wife iu
a divorce sua, in which she sought sepa
ration, William L.icey, of Iola, K.m., was
arrested yes.e.day, charged with tiie
murder at that pi ace last August of Wil
liam M. Cummiugs. .
According to Mrs. Lacey's story her
husband had tvvu e threatene i to take her
life, aud ior this reason she wauled a di
vorce. Lacey was on the stand testifying
against her when .Mrs. Lacey audlenly
sprang to her feet ani declared him to
be tlie murderer of Cumniings.
After h.s arrest his identity as the mur
derer was made positive upon therece.pt
from Ioia authorities of his description.
'1 ne murder ws coldblooded and at the
time caused a decided sensation.
A Hoarding House Novelette Find It
Way Into the Courts.
A boarding house romance found its
way into tlie district court today. The
case is one of spurned love at the ex
pense of a foreclosed mortgage, and now
the heroine wants her household lixtures
back and 4(1,000 damages.
Jennie Oliver has kept a select board
ing house in the so-called "Marmont
property" on Fourth street near Kansas
avenue. But this week Constable Stone
street, armed with a writ of replevin,
took possession of everything she had.
He seized not only the furniture, bed
room sets and carpets, but also her bible,
refrigerator, underwear, handkerchiefs,
dresses, stockings, books, piates, saucers,
table silver, wash tubs, clocks and lamps.
The unfortunate plaintiff literally had
not where to lay her head.
Now Mrs. Oliver seeks to recover the
replevined goods. She says she
is the head of a family, the
family consisting of herself, a child and
the servants, and that her household
goods as such are exempt from attach
ment under the laws ot Kansas. She
makes the defendants in her suit, Con
stable Stonestreet and W. V. Townsend,
the latter being the one who had the
property replevined iu his brother's
name. Townsend is said to have been
infatuated with the widow 01iver,aud said
if she would marry him on or before
January 1, he would not foreclose on the
goods. Townsend is stiid to have pressed
his suit so persistently, that Mrs. Oliver
had him arrested once for disturbing her
Overmyer and Isenhart and John Wat
ers are the attorneys for Mrs. Oliver.
She is, it is said, a daughter-in-law of
Joe Oliver, the well known Silver Lake
Dolitician who died a short time ago.
Efforts Ueing
A I'Al'El!
stablisli One in
Made to
That Tow 11.
Emporia. Oct. 26. A Mr. Bright, of
Kauaas City, will arrive in Emporia to
morrow to consult a committee of the
Commercial club in regard to the feasi
bility of establishing iu this city a paper
Considerable correspondence has al
ready been carried cn iu regard to the
matter. One question to be determined
is whether the water here is suitable. If
so, it is not improble that arrangements
will be made to put in tiie mill.
S. Strauss, president of the Commer
cial club, Judge Randolph and .Mr. Hard
castie constitute the committee to confer
with Mr. Bright in regard to the enterprise.
Young Bourhon County Farmer Knocked
Or?" His Horse Ity a Highwayman.
Ft. Scott, Oct. 26. Charles Leroy, a
young farmer living on Drywood creek,
was slugged over the right eye by an un
known man. Leroy was cne miie south
of the city at about 8 o'clock riding
horseback on hii way home, when a fel
low drove up beside his horse ia a cart,
hitched to a dun horse, and hit him a
A Suit Over Prince Albrrt Court Lodge No.
Sj, Order of the CalantUe.
A suit was tiled in the district court to
day to determine which is the constitu
tional and legally organized lodge en
tilled to the name of "Prince Albert
Court No. 85, Independent Order of
Calanthe, auxiliary to the Knights of
Pythias." It is a colored lodge, and the
su.t is tiled in the name of W. W.
Pi u nib, William Love and Dora Elherly,
aga.uc liutus Fiazier.
1 he plaintiffs say iu their petition that
th hold the special authority to organ
ize lodges and initiate ai.d confer degrees
00 members aud that their Prince Albert
Court lodge is the only legal one of that
name iu the state.
hey allege that Rufus Frazier is run
ning a lodge under that name, out that
the same is a shift, a trick, a suh.eri uge,
fraud u.l infringement on tiie plain; id'.-.
nghls. They say also that Frajjier re
fuses to turn over to them the charier,
books aud tog gilt seal of the ord jr, al
though a demand nas been repeatedly
made tor the same. V hereiore the
piaiutilfs ask that Frazier or
11 is officers and agents be
enjoined and restrained from assem
bling any body of persons together as
Prince Albert Court lodge of the order
of Calamhe, aud that they be further
enjoined from using the sea.1 of the
'lhe temporary injunction has been
granted. A. M. Thomas is the attorney
for the plaint. ffs and W. I. Jamison rep
resents the defendaut.
To bediven It Hamilton Hall Tomorrow
The members of the Women's Pro
gressive Political league of Topeka,
have arranged to give a reception to .Mrs.
Mary E. Lease tomorrow afternoon at
Hamilton halL
The reception committee composed of
Mrs. D. I. Furbeck, Mrs. Gracia Potts
Dr. Eva Harding and Dr. Agnes Havi
land announce that Mrs. Lease will talk
to "the mothers" of Topeka during the
af iernoon.
At the Freurli Bakery,
813 Kansas avenue.
Boston brown bread.
Hot at 5 p.m.
Every day.
Xotliiaz Klve liora !
But "Snow's Pine Expectorant"
coughs and colds. Is guaranteeL
and 50 cent bottles. For sale by
Where the City Voters Will Cast Their
The mayor and city clerk have agreed
upon the polling places in the city at the
coming election, as follow:
ITrst Ward.
First precinct, 810 Kansas avenue;
Second precinct, ; Third precinct,
1001 Topeka avenue.
Second AVard.
First precinct, 2u2 Monroe street; Sec
ond precinct. 239 Jefferson street: Third
precuict, 810 East Fourth street; Fourth
preciuct, 1118 East Sixth street; Fifth
precinct, 627 Quincy street, Veale block.
Third AVard.
First precinct, 104 East Tenth street;
Second precinct, 311 West Tenth street;
Third precinct, 1101 Western avenue.
Fourth AVard.
First precinct, 121 West Fifth street;
Second precinct, 213 West Fourth street;
Third precinct, 711 West Fourth street;
Fourth precinct. U G W est Sixth street.
Fifth AVard.
First precinct, 1700 Topeka avenue;
Second precinct, 6J5 East Tenth street.
It is not F.xpected that He will Survive
the Night.
Berlix, Oct. 26. Tue Lokal Anzeiger
publishes a dispatch from Livadia saying
that the czar has suffered a very serious
relapse and it is nat expected that he
can survive the night or tomorrow at the
very farthest.
Keedguation of the lermau Chancellor
Tendered and Accepted, It is Said.
Berlin, Oct. 26.- -It is rumored here
that Chancellor Von Capri vi has ten
dered his resignation, and that it has
been accepted.
Color is given to the rumor by the fact
that Emperor WilJiam has suddenly
abandoned his visit to Blankenburg for
which place he should have started this
Tried to Bm-n a Krlionl ISuilding.
Chkkokkk, Kan., Oct. 20. An attempt
was made last night to burn the Chero
kee public school building, a large two
story brick. The flames were discovered
and extinguished, but not until the main
stairway was nearly consumed.
An Oltl t'liproliee Itewident Head.
Cherokee, Kas. , Oct. 26. Capt, Jacob
Jamison, one of the founders of Chero
kee, died this morning, aged 70 years.
Senator W. E. Sterne says today that
at the Kansas City pool rooms bets are in
Morrill's favor by $10 to
Wiiliam Harvey of Kansas City, who
is one of the leading Scottish rite Ma
sons in the country, is visiting in To
peka. John M. Walker, who supervised the
construction of the new Topeka water
plant, is the latest applicant for the ap
pointment of city engineer.
Brof. Wm. Davis of Holton has been
engaged as organist at the First Presby
terian church by the trustees. He is a
musician of high rank and has played
organs in big churches in Chicago.
Frank .i oatgomery of the Hays City
Sentinel did not go on the Kansas City
Star as was reported a few days ago. lie
was in Topeka tod-iy making arrange
ments with Tom McXeal to write for the
Laura Stewart died last night at the
home of her parents at the corner of Sew
ard avenue and Grattan street of pneu
monia. She was 12 years old. The fu
neral will be held tomorrow at 10 a. in.
lhe W m. Jlerritt case will come up
for hearing in Justice Chesney's court
tomorrow morning at U o'clock. William
is the young man who, it i3 believed, on
the 27th day of September stole some
jewelry, money and clothing from the
home of A. G. McKiuzie on Jackson
Louie Charowhas and his mustache
are on trial for selling whisky without a
right to in Justice Furry's court this
afternoon, or will be if the court suc
ceeds in getting a jury. The principal
witnesses against him are Eila Huston,
Nellie Loure and Bessie Lane, who are
trapeze performers, etc., with Verry's
show that is wintered at Carbondale.
The great Transsiberian vail way is
the longest line iu the world.
The cigarette has been interdicted on
all passenger trains runuing through
Springfield, Mo.
In Sweden the railway stations where
meals are served are known by the sim
ple but suggestive picture of crossed
knife and fork against the name of the
The steamer Bieln, from New York
direct, the first vessel to bring a general
cargo from the United States to Man
chester, passed through the ship canal
successfully last month.
China has only 200 miles of railway
in actual operation. Japan's total length
of railway lines for which concessions
are granted is 2,320 miles, of which
1,912 miles are in actual operation.
A freight car on the electric road run
ning between Albany and Troy makes
three round trips daily. There is a
freight depot in each city, and delivery
wagons are run about the city to gath
er goods.
A Menace to His Health.
The Housewife (handing out platen
Here my good man. I haven't a piece of
pie., but here is a plate of boiled pota
toes for you.
Wayside Walks I'm sorry, mum,
but I must refuse, hungry though I am.
Didn't you know that the experts at the
pure food exhibition have decided that
the potato is lackin in wholesome sus
tainin elements? Chicago Record.
A Great Help.
"Miss Blankly complimented me to
day by saying she enjoyed my new book
very much. "
She I'm sure she dees. I noticed
that it just fitted in under one end of
the bookcase where a roller was missing.
Chicago Inter Ocean.
NTo Wonder.
"Don't talk to me about compulsory
vaccination!" exclaimed the man who
had his arm in a sling. "I'm sore on
tkaSjsabject. " Chicago Tribune.
Highest of all in Leavening Tower. Latest U. S. Gov't II-r j -: t.
f t
' -
it tti ir"" '" - ii iwm tin iif 1 ... - .
Nebraska People Trying to Save Their
Lives From the Prairie Fire.
Omaha, Oct. 26. A special to the Bee
from Gordon, Neb., says: The prairie
tire is now sweeping over the saud hills
in this vicinity and is doing immense
damage. The flames are traveling
with almost lightning rapidity, and
are consuming every thing in their track.
Last night tiie lire was driven by the
wind through the central portion of
Shendau and Cherry counties.
Iu the track of the flames were the big
Osboru and Spad ranches, and a number
of smaller ones, 'ibis morning not a ves
tige of these ranches remains, except the
bare aud scorched grouud.
At noon the lire is reported to have
reached Pullman and the whole country
in that neighborhood is a raging furnace.
It is not known whether any lives were
lost today, but thousands of head of cat
tle have perished. People in the track
of the lire are fleeing for their lives,
leaving all their property to the mercy
of the flames.
J. J. fvei l ti ru nn" Failure.
Denver, Oct. 26. J. J. Reithman,
who has made an assignment
for the benelit of his creditors,
says that his liabilities will
probably amount to $730,000 and his
creditors are amply secured. His assets
are estimated at two million dollars. No
schedule has yet been tiled in court.
Eiperienred With Tables.
The hardships of the cuisine were expe
rienced in another form by a resident of
this city who has been looking for a but
ler. The rnimlwr cf men out of work has
made the recitation of qualification de
ferred in a ' ielp wanted" advertisement a
useless precaution. Men are willing and
anxious to try their hands at anything at
all and trust to luck in discharging the
duties. It was a Hibernian who answered
this gentleman's advert i.-emenr.
You know nil about looking after a
table, do you!'" he said.
Oi do, sor," whs tlie prompt response.
"Oi hov had experience in thot same."
" Wid the Wash'n't'n an Georrudgetown
railroad. Not only hov Oi tinded the turn
tahle, but Oi hov superintended the toime
table." Kate Field's Washington.
And the Hammock 15roke Down.
"Hear the wind moaning through tho
orchard!" exclaimed the nrtless girl. "It
Founds like some unhappy spirit. Do you
suppose, Mr. Hankiiison, that ghosts ever
ever frequent apple trees!""
"I think it not at nil unlikely, " re
sponded tho disagreeable young man.
"'By their fruits ye shall gnome.' "
And tho night winds moaned and
shrieked through the tree tops like a lost
6011I wailing in agony. Chicago Tribune.
The Charter for It Is Filed a I I
II nun'.
The charter by which the I'u'.U
operative club j roposi s to g in
ness at Hiawatha was t h is a! tc n. -in
the ol!ice of tin .secretary of .-(
The corporation is to be kn..!
Hiawatha Co-operative Car an 1
facturiug company, and its eapit
is placed at .530,000, which is t.
vided into 3-'0 shares at find e.iel
The members of tlie Pull man (
ative club are, according to tin
ment tiled with the charter, to U
privilege of selling their tool
company at an appraise. 1 value, a
are to have an option on the pm !,
ail the stock for a period of three
The directors named iu thee! no
Charles Knatib, J. I . Blair, H. S. 1 -
M. G. Mann and Elias .M r of ii
tha, and Lewis -Myers, C. . Allen,
Cochran and W in. F. Hesioji of t'Li
Telephone No. for a Webti'-i
bon for your typewriter. Do' s 1
the type, permanent, and best j
Sole agents, the Smith Premier Ai;
110 West Sixth street.
Hamilton Hall.
Afternoon and night, Saturday, 1
ber 27th, Mary E. Leano. Every I o t
Good work done by the Fecrh
"There is a Salve for every 1 1
We refer 'o De Witt's Witch H i !
cures burns, bruises, cuts, indolent -Asa
local application in the to-M
cures catarrh, and always vurea pi!v
K. Jones.
At tln J'l-eneh flattery,
813 Kansas avenue.
Boston brown bread.
Hot at 3 p. 111.
Kvety day.
One word describes it "j -.erf - '
We refer to Do Witt's Witch 11 f
cures opstiuate sores, burns, skin b
anl is a well known cure for pil"-c
J ones.
J. I. St. John, Hamilton bail, O-
Shirts mended by tho I'c .
Hamilton fi ll!.
Afternoon ari l night, Saturday, 1
ber 1:7 ill, Mary E. Lete. Every I I
Rock Island
Playing Cards.
No. 001 Ivans. Ave.
Mother It won't do to take our daugh
ter to the theater so of ten. I urn afraid she
already imagines herself an actress.
Father Has . she taken to studying
Mother N-o, but within the last six
weeks she hiis been engaged to half a doz
en different men. New York Weekly.
At tin- Fri'iirli t;nl i ;, ,
813 Kansas avenue.
Home-made mince pic.
We make our own mine; !..
bl3 Kansas avenue.
Bishop Vincent used to tell a story about
his son, now grown to useful manhood, to
whom he was accustomed on leaving homo
to say, 'Remember whose boy you are,"
and ho on one occasion anticipated tho
conventional injunction by saying: ' (jood
by, papa. Remember whose father you
are." Tit-Bits.
fitop That Cnir;ii
With Boggs' Cherry Cough .'-. 1
the most ell'ective medicine ev
tho market for ail throat ;
troubles. Price 23, .V) and l.oo. ' .
Kennady your enterprising dr.i
keeps it
All tlie talk in tho worl 1 will n .,; r
viuce you to quickly as one triil 1 f
AVitfs" Witch il.i..;l Salve for n .
Bums, Bruises, Skin Aliocti ons at- 1 p.
J. K. Jones
TiiUe rSiiiiivs.
Guaranteed to euro coul'Ii
'"Snow's Pine Expectorant."
and 30 cents bottle. For
Briags I should think you would be
wild in that rough camel's hair under
wear. What did you got it for?
Griggs I'm learning how to dance.
Clothier and Furnisher.
Amanda Chatmond brought suit for
divorce today from Miles Chatmond on
the grouud of abandonment. She savs
thev were married ia Tennessee in 1878,
and he deserted her thirteen years ago,
and she hasn't seen him since. They had
three children, one of whom is living.
Fine work at Topeka Steam Laundry.
D. Holmes, druggist, 7iil Kansas ava.
XmL Jo, Jk. j-x j. s
Curei Safely and. Pernio"
the lAJectica Ksthsd cf 'Ir'.
I have made' this --iil'j " t a spi
study and prepared mjv.-li
special instruments for tee !r
incut of Hernia, and can po.it,.
sale, permanent and spe.-.iy ,-
F. "W. Bailoy, A.
Office, 631 Kans
We are Buying
New Goods Every Day.
All our Canned Fruits and Vegetables ixm
new pack of 1894r.
We received a car of California Dried Fruit
today the best Fruit packed in California.
Fancy Golden Apricots 12-lc per lb., 9 lh 'l ('
Lemon Clin- Peaches 121c lb., ;i lbs 1 '
White Hertli Peaches 12-ic lb., 9 lbs 1 '
" Yellow Crawford Peaches 12Ac lb., lbs. 1 (hi
" Y. 11. Nectarines 12ic lb., .Ubs 1
11 Pitted Plums 12ic lb., 9 lbs 1 :
Bartlet Pears 12Ac lb., (.) lbs 1 "
Choice Pitted Plums, 11 pounds for 1 ' '
Fancy Prunes, 4 pounds for --:
4 Crown Raisins, 5 pounds for - . 2.
Fancy Colorado Pototoes 75c per bushel. 70c
in ten bushel lots.
22 pounds Granulated Sugar 1 ('
JyilOMabii,likL I " . t

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