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The State Journal
C2cial Pajar cf the City cf Togeka.
Bi Fbask P. MacLennan.
Tresis cr s?r3:nirn::T.
Eaily edition, del-varel ty carrier, 13
certs a -week to any part cf Topeka cr
B-ohnrts, cr at the tarns price in any
Ea-sas town where this papjr has a car
rier system.
Ey mail, three noit is J .SO
By mail, one year 3.63
Weekly Edition, per year 53
Fcr the three dull turnrner months cf
1334 an increase cf orer fifty Fer cent
La cn year.
Tfca Issues of tho Topika Dailt Statu
Jot K.VAi. f-.r Ui itire months. Viz.. from the
1st dy of Juce. 184. to the sist day of August,
MM. Inclusive, have ben as follows:
1 .
H4 J
SI .
231, 90S
Sunday: no issue.
'iho total number of copiei priafe-I In tha
three mouths uauiei ibove. 695, S 7. rtiviJed
by 7'J. the uuirber of issi et, shows tlio average to
ba 8,8oa. This is a correct report of the issues
of the Topic k a DxiLf Htaw Joi'iuiit for cue
tkres moatlis a stated.
(SigQBd) I
Editor and Proprietor.
Swora to ao4 ubscr.le.1 Sept. U. 1SP4.
SfijlXj . M. tiARDRS H IRH,
Clerk of the lstnot Court,
Shii-vneo County, Kaunas.
paper in Zansis reci
Associate! Press.
3U21TAL is the enly
Arix.g the Full lay
CSfXIsraloer American Newspaper Pub
lishers's association.
handsomest and mcs
J3U217AL has the
t complete -web ster-
eotype perfecting p
r3fEastern eflce,
I'svr York, Perry I
73 TrihuneEuillin.
ak323, Jr., manager.
Weather J nJiatloti.
Washington, Oct. 20. For Kansas:
Forecast: Tonight and Saturday, fair
and warmer; winds oecoming southerly.
"Against stupidity the very gods fight
to no purpose;" both, political parties
think they have gocd use for this phrase
just now.
The emperor of Germany writes poor
puerlla poetry just like common people
and just like common people he isn't
ashamed of it.
Tae only drawback to Ft Scott's glory
iu its hlg aensatio l that of finding a
man murdered there was that he had
to be buried before they found out hia
A iouno professional woman at Kansas
City who cornea of a good old Irish fam
ily, has grown ashamed of the Emerald
isle and writes her name "Kelli; some
time ago a young man was visiting in
Topeka, who had hi name 3pelled Mack
Iness; but this couldn't conceal the fact
that it was plain McOianis.
Onb can't understand the cigarette
being sa universally reviled why the
novelist perpetually puts one in the
mouth of his or her hero. Now the cig
arette smoker is regarded by a majority
of the public in exactly the same light
as the girl who eta onions or the old
woman who chews assafoetida. Yet Sa
rah Grand following- in the footsteps of a
host of others, when she introduces us to
her artist in the drat page of her new
story in the Cosmopolitan, has him smok
ing & cigarette thj vile, ill smelling
cheap things! "Why doesn't she at least
let him smoke a cigar like a man; cigar
ettes are for badly trained little boys and
sickly, young men.
Sats the Cleveland Piaindealer, a stal
wart Democratio pt.per: "Is there no
danger from the cor.ditioa of the indus
trial world? Deep in his heart the most
optimistic taranguer on 'the progress of
the age" and the 'prosperity of the work
ing classes' feels thi.t there is. A change
of some sort is coming, how soon aad in
what form even the most far-sighted can
not at present see. "Whether legislation
can accomi lish, it by peaceful means or
whether some uceipected incident will
precipitate violent ctioa is beyond our
present knowledge. Ia the meantime it
may be of interest ml value to consider
the great uprisiags of the labor
element which have made their
mark in history, to see in
what they resemble and in what they
differ from the pre3 3nt situation. These
are the revolt of tho Jacquerie of France
about the middle of the fourteenth cen
tury, the rising of tie Eaglisa commons
later in the same cnntury, the peasants'
war ia Germany In .he sixteenth century
nd the French revolution ia the eigh-tsaiih.'
8, EDO
A traveling street corner doctor is
giving ''refined'' concerts at Severance,
A man at Sedan named his boy McKin
ley in order, no doubt, to give tim a hi,jh
sense of duty.
It is a Uaddam. barber that has the
courage to run an ad. consisting of three
stanzas of rhyme.
A singing school and a debating socie
ty are keeping society at Denton on the
move all the time.
Senator PelTer and Susan B. Anthoay
spoke at Ft fccott last night fcr the en
franchisement of their sex and Fo u
lism. An all eight old-f tshioned coon hunt
was had by Ilauhnttiin sportsmen lt
week, and three coons were treed aad
All the fuss about the hanging of ttat
picture in the W hite House can't keep
the people at Hendena irom goiag to see
the "Beggar Venus."
A marriage took place in Riley county
the other day in which a fair "rep." was
lost and won when Peter G.eaa was
united to Hiss Josephine Repp.
Rev. Jlr. Daisie is holding protracted
meetings in Doniphan county, and the
way the sinners come into the fold indi
cates that his name ia ail right
At Manhattan the other day a man fell
down stairs and still preserves his good
name. It is when a man tries to fall up
stairs that his character is in danger.
The Medicine Lodge Cresset is not a
papr that can't stretch a poiat to please
its patrons. It says "i beautiful boy
baby" was born to a family in that town.
A pessimistic mathematical Severance
man estimates that there are just 7,(JUJ,
000 of those annoying biijrs in town
which are ju3t now so numtrous every
where. Someone lost a small leather satchel
containing $7 and a bottle of "eyewater"
between Medicine Lodge and Kiowa nd
the whole county is out ia an eager
search for it.
As if to rub it in oa the Democrats a
Bendena man has disc verei that the
present tariif law was passed on the lcth
of the month and thirteen Democrats
voted against it.
At a wedding in Medicine Lodge the
groom's present to the bride was a can
ary bird and cage. It was quite an em
blematic gift Lfke Sterne's starling, the
canary ia in and can't get out
The newspaper war at Manhattan
waxes fierce. One editor accuses anoth
er of writing a dime novel entitled
"Belshazzar Brick, the Bailiff of Blue
Biazes, or Four Horse Frank's Frolic at
Bad Luck Bar," which statement the
other editor says is '-saturated with un
truthfulness." NEW YORK'S PARTIES.
How tho Populist's, Prohibit ionists and
Socialist Expect to Vote.
New York, Oct 20. The three minor
parties, People's, Socialist- Labor and
Prohibition, in this city and state, ex
pect to largely increase their vote at
the coming e.ection. All three were
early in the field with tickets and have
conducted, considering the means at
their disposal, euergtic camnaigus.
Tee Populists poiled votes for
their first state ticket in ley.'. Ia ISiJ
they made a small gain, polling 17,0i:j
votes. This year they are ttiking of
raising the figures from 33.0JJ to 05,000.
They expect to treble the vole in this
city, to increase it six-fold in Brooklyn,
and to gain largely in Albany, Roches
ter and Buffalo.
Thn Prohibitionists nolled MS. 191 votes
! for president in the state iu lSyi, aad
82,241 for secretary of 6taie in
There is no discouragement among the
leaders at the loss in an off year of near
ly 14 per cent, and it is claimed that the
loss will tie more than made up this
election. The Prohibitionists' campaign
never stops a day during the year. The
amount of literature disseminated is
prodigious, and the energy shown in col
lecting names, in personal appeals and
in investigation of the enemy's weak
points may serve aa a model f r all the
other parties.
The general impression that the Socialist-Labor
vote is nearly all that of nat
uralized citizens having had no other po
litical affiliations is disputed by Fiitor
De Leon of the People. He has been
curious enough on this score to fre
quently test the matter by questioning
small groups of his comrades, and has
found as high as 75 per cent, former Re
publicans or Democrats. Yet that the
greater part of this vote is foreign aad
that its sentiments and methods ure
largely alien will hardly ba disputed.
The Socialists look at the Popnlists pretty
much aa Herr Johaun Most looks at the
Socialists they would be all right if it
wasn't for the fact that they are all
They polled in the states 19,!i34 votes
for secretary of state last year, 7,975 be
ing in this city. Both of these figures
were gains over 1892, and thesa in turn
over 1891. This year they are claiming
30,000 in the state and 12,00 to 13,000 in
this city.
Judge Ensmlnger Pines Each of the T hree
Colored ltaptists $15.
Judge Ensmiuger has decided that R.
M.-Frazer, Nat Williams aud Lewis
Denny are guilty of disturbing the petce
of a recent business meeting of the
Second Baptist church (colored) on First
street, and fined each of them lo.
It was proved that Frazer struck the
minister. Rev. Mr. Olden, and it looks
very much as though the men of the
church were rather aisturbed because of
the fondness the women display for the
pastor. Frazer had attempted to intro
duce a set of resolutions deuouncing the
pastor, and by an overwhelming vuie it
had been "laid cn the taole." It
was at this point that the trouble
began. . Mr. Frazer would not al
low the resolutions to be laid
on the table and as fast as they were he
would pick them up, and it was finally
moved that the resolutions ba liid under
the table, which was donedurlcg the en
suing difficulty.
There was an army of witnesses and
lawyers on each side of the cast), anl the
arguments of the attorneys were splend
id efforts.
All of tha convicted men ere out on
bond and the case will probably be ap
pealed. The Statb Journal's Waat and Mis
cellaneous columns reach eaoa worsiaj
day ia the weak more than twice as
many Topeka people as caa be reached
hrouga any other paper. Ttis is a f aot
Prescott &. Co. have removed to Na
113 West Eighth street
te Meets Up With a rive Iraed Wolf,
and His Owner Gracefully Relinquishes
lllm Then the Moving Panorama Is
Taken on Without Trouble.
I take great pleasure la In form in the
euthoosiastlo public that I hev added to
tha strength and interest of my monster
aggregashua. cf
J ) medical remedies
yj U . and animal Intel-
legged wolf ever
born in a state of
captivity and a
pacoramy which
fills the soul with
gladness and as
tonishment as ehe
slowly unwinds
herself by the aid
"leadin the five LEG- of a boy and pre
gedwolf." sents pictur' arter
pictur" to the eyes of the intelligent au
jeence. As I was wendin my windin way across
the kentry to'rds the peaceful and highly
moral town of Pilgrims' Roost, drivin my
eddecated hog afore me and treatin my
jumpin frog and exhibishun grasshopper
with a father's tenderness, I meets tip
with a female of the opposite sex. She
was on foot and kiverin four feet of ground
at every step, and ehe was carryin a clut
on her nigh shoulder and leadin the five
legged wolf with a piece of bedcord. She
stops and looks at me and spits on her
hands and gits ready to wield tho club,
and my nateral feelin's to'rds her sex
makes me take off my hat and bow befcre
her as the hollyhock bends to the mornin
breeze and say:
"Fair lady, pass thee by in peace, and
my best wishes attend thee!"
"Fur which?" sez she in a shoutiti way.
"Because I luv ray feller men and wim
min and wouldst hev no riot with any
body." "What sort of a reptile hev ye got yen??"
she asks as she gins my eddecated hog a
tap with her club, which causes him to
fetch a groan of anguish.
"He was born a hog," sez 1, placin my
hand on my affectionate heart, "but has
bin eddecated till he kin almost pass fur
a human bein."
"Kin he sing?"
"He kin, ma'am, though I never In
couraigo Llm to do so in the presence of
strangers, perticklerly when them stran
gers hev moosic In thar souls themselves,
as I think is the case with the purson
aforo me."
"What's his best holt?" sez she, smilin
in blandness at my words of praise.
"A-playin two handed euchre, ma'am."
"That's no eddecashun to brag about.
How ar' ho cn tho fout?
"The ways of a hog ar' ginerally ways
of peace, ma'am, but I'm thinkin Earn
lus might take -s-keer
of hisself in v C-ZSt
a scrimmage. r-zj -t
Mebbe yer five "5sci--
legged wolf might 5
. . . , -
be wisnin to tac
kle him?"
"That's what
he sartinly
wishes, and if he "he had the wolf OS
cau't wreck the THE lluS."
life of that ar' varmint inside of two min
its I'll go back on him forever."
"Let him purceed to bizness, rna'arn. I
should hate to go back on my hog, fur ho
plays a fa'r game, but if he's tho sort of
critter to be downed by a five legged, hump
backed wolf, who hasn't even got a sun
burned nose to make him bewtiful, then
I'm no longer a friend of his. Incite yer
varmint to wade in."
She incited, and Ramulus was tackled.
In the innercence of his speerit he wasn't
ppectin anythin and was rolled over at
the fust pop and purtynigh licked. Then
he rekiver3 from his astonishment and
humps hisself, and 30 seconds arter the
first hump he had the wolf on the run.
"Was it a fa'r fout?" sez I to the female
when the conflict was over.
"She was," sez ehe, "and ye kin add
the conkered to yer colleckshun. I raised
that wolf from a pup and was on my way
to Last Chance to sell him to a sideshow
man fur .f 3 in cash. Take him along to
enhance the enthoosiasm of yer show, fur
I wouldn't be found dead with anytbia
which a hog could wallop!"
That's tho way I cum by the wolf,
which hain't eddecated nor moosical nor
up to tricks, but will nevertheless dangle
his extra leg in a way to amoose the chil
dren while thar parents listen to the lec
tur' I deliver from the platform. On that
same arternoon, while I was ylt two miles
from Pilgrims' Roost, I brings up agin
a man drivin an ole hoss and a wabblin
wagon. 1 sees
that the man was
rippin mad about
sunthin and was
passin him by in
my humble way
when ho jumps
down and yells at
"What's the
pood of a man
Levin amblsbun
and enthoosiasxn
and a speerit to
hustle out yere in
this blamed ken
try?" "To whence?"
6CZ I.
"Look at that
ar hoss!" he yells.
''Look at that ar
'look at that ar'
wag-in! Look at the trick that waa
played on tho most childlike reptile In all
Cherokee as the shadders of midnight lay
upon the airth last night!"
"Kin I take it that sum gTeat sorrer has
entertd yer soul!" sez I as I gits ready to
shed tears with him.
"Of course ye kin. That's what I'm a
cussin about and grievln over. Last night
I cuius upon the camp of the pilgrim who
owns this oatfic. It looks to me to be a
likely outfit fur tQ jump a claim cn, and
-il. Ve Ul XL
We are showing them
in the newest shades in
the GENUINE . . .
I sails In on the pilgri u and run h'.tii j
around till ho drops dead cf heart failure.
Then I hitches the bos to the wagon pud !
pulls out, and I've bin in sich a hurry :
that I didn't examine the plunder till an !
hour ayo. Has suiu great sorrer entered
my soul? Jist look at that, will yor?"
"As nigh as I kin make out, " tez I as I
examined the cargo of the wagon, "ye've
got a panoramy cn hand."
-'W hat's her lnishun?"
"To instruct and amoose. While she
winds her graceful way across the ta;:e
her owner stands with Lis hand on his
moral heart and explains the picbur's.
The fust one "pears to me to be a paintin
of the Alps."
"The Alps! What do I keer fur the
Alps? What I want ar' clothes and grub
and tools! Pilgrim, ye 'pears to hev a
tender heart."
"As tender as a child's."
"Then help me out of this yere. Take
tho hoss, and the wagon, and the pano
ramy and gin me $10 in cash."
''As hosses and wagons r.nu panoram
ies ar' way down, owin to hard times,
I'll gin ye $7."
"Say $3, and the outfit ar' yours, and
on top the cash yo'll hev tho bljssin's of a
grateful man.'
I gin him $3 In cash and two bottles of
my Cherokee sassyparilly, warranted to
tech the vital spot if taken accordin to
direckshuns, and he went away a happy
and incouraged man. The panoramy
will be a feacher of my next stand. It
has pictur's of the Alps, the Rhine, Nia
gary falls, Paris, London and other
p'ints, and I shall explain them to the au
jeence in conneckshun with the sale of
my Cherokee sassyparilly and Magio ce
ment, both wanted in every respectable
fam'ly. I now feel that I hev got together
a combinashun of intelleck, varchew and
enthoosiasm which will ensoore me a bos
tile welcome in every town and settlement
in this Oklahoray kentry.
Austin Keeke.
Original Calendar.
It was one of those country towns where
every man is as good as his neighbor and
no one feels obliged to exert himself over
much merely because somebody else ex
pects it of him. On the evening before a
certain holiday the man who supplied the
"cottagers" with ice came round with it,
but as he made no announcement of hi
Intention to remain at home the nexi
morning few persona availed themselves
of his stoak.
Consequently the supply in several re
frigerators ran short, and those who had
taken no thought for the morrow were
highly indignant with the dealer for his
defection. One lady met him in tho street
a day or two after and accosted him eonie
what severely:
"You know, Mr. Stone, we really must
have ice every day!"
"Sartain," said
"Course ye shall."
'But how are we
come round?"
he benevolently,
to get It unless you
"Well, ye can't, but I come round reg
'lar enough unless somethiu splits."
"But you don't, Mr. Stone. One day
last week you didn't come at all."
He paused to consider, wiping his heat
ed brow with a checked sleeve.
"Law, yes!" he said indulgently at
length. "Yes, I did too. Last Friday I
came Thursday night" Youth's Com
panion. The Last Kesort.
He was plunged into the vortex of per
plexity, and the girl was standing reso
lutely upon the brink, gazing down at
He looked up at her helplessly.
"And you object to my calling so fre
quently?" he said.
"Yes," she nodded.
"And I am not to be your escort on all
occasions, aa heretofore?"
"Nor call you by your first name?"
"Nor think of you any longer aa my
He gazed upon her as one standing upon
the shore gazes upon a receding ship.
"Well," he groaned, "the end of our ro
mance has come, and we must get mar
ried." The light that shone in her faco gleamed
In triumph. Detroit Freo Press.
A I'.rmarkablr Achieve-meat Iu flail
roai A IT a : r
Was the running of the Exposition flyer,
the famous twenty hour traia between
Chicago and New York, via the Lake
Shore route, iu service during the World's
fair. A handsome litho-waler-color of
this train may be secured by sending ten
cents in silver to C K. Wilter, Western
Passenger Agent, Chicago.
Sliver Leaf vinejrar remains in the
front It is the best table and pickling
vinegar. Ask your grocer for it and tune
no other. It is the cueapest
fj. ' 0 i
Successors to VIQQIJJ, CROSBY
We are the
C:iS AGSST3 :rS TZI3 ciiT.rc
Each paiTi stampeo with one Of the
VuiJ. :i."-K V.aiaar- Jim. J
( ( ffeM ) (. (&Z$) )
-yj rroS vxio1 fay
Remember this is for tomorrow only,
and not more than 25 pounds to any
one party
Respectfully ask you to compare our
prices with others.
The finest Butter, per lb I5c.
Fresh Country Eggs, usr doz S5c.
Large Package Fie Preparation at 5c
8 bars Kirk's White Russian Soap 25c.
fOO lbs fiigh
fitc CaM!aI Grocer
109 E. 6th. St.
J. AL "Knight, Undertaker Embalmcr.
"lUti-CclllTsiSlO Deaer a Ksavy 'Weight Full Crnarnint I'.tilli: Cr ;-t:.
!... Drape Cloth with Sink and Ccpper I.ir.ir.-. Z':.'.l - s
White Caskets, Full Ornament l-'stallio. A full Hie cf Wool ar.i C.ctb C: s
and Caskets. jnA . A ic a Dlumr- r--
li 0.
l(e are receiving more goods than any Iioiho in
y in any line we carry, and as a eoriM qiu neo
.elling more than any one in the city, simpTy bee
ire known all through the city and surrounding
",s the cheapest place to buy goods west of Chic;
We give you just a few prices:
'.il Hods
stone Cover Lifters.
Nutmeg (? raters
IV i S rxiners
Coffee Pots
1 gal. Galvanized Oil Cans.
1 giL Tin Oil t aus
2 gal. O.l Cans
3 gal. Jacket Oil Cans
LAMPS Will you
RsacEiTssr it Pays to
Sibv &
& CO.
They give the very be: t
The GENUINE . . .
t!!D C3-OV:
ioo barrels Grantilxitctl
Sugar. We are goinc
to sell this tomorrow
;T) i qc; bop
-, Sw-t IP n-
Patent Flour GL
t 3
1 :
r I
JjL JL 1 li. 11 -
he eir
we ar
u -1 v,
1 o.
22c I Lamp Chimneys t
4 Lamp Wick, j.er yaid
2 Lamp Burners
2 Flue Stops
2 Stovepipe Collars ;
b Tooth l'ick-. box
25 Mascot Bracket Lamps
li Flower l'ot3
2'J Hanging Baskets 5 -
4 Ail Copper Tea Kettles iA
look at our South wi
Trado ct

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