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The Tremendous System of Fee
(ual'.)inu- ia Our Courts.
The System J I n ( irown to lie an
Enormous Evil.
Hundreds of Thousands of Dol
lars Taken from tin People
l!y a ' 1 : ; 1 y 3Ianael System
Hut in Kery other County in
Kan -as.
Lawyers to Hold a I!ir Mass
31 f etiui;
Ami Organize H'rusaile Against
the Kvil.
The lawyers of Tor eka will shortly
call a meeting to protect against an J seek
to remedy that rc winij and already ab
normally biiT youag- in iu-try fee-crab-Li.'itr.
It is tlieir siui to have the justices
of the peace, t.'ia clerk of the district
court, sheriit and probate jude put on a
.salaried instead of a fee basis. They
want a ! ill pasted by the legislature
which will give di-ise ollicers a fctated
salary, an 1 provid n fir a reduction in
fees, after which all fees collected shall
le turnel into tho oninty treasurer for
purpi sos of irerseral revenue.
A 1 oj flu law er siid to a JufUXAL re
I orter tod ay : "V iu have no idea of the
enormity of fees that are collected every
Vi.-ar in rsi.avi ne-i County in the name of
law. There is no teilmtr how much tha
il.-tri ,'t cl -rk ari l h-j s.ierili' collect every
year, but if the cl?ra's fees m civil case
are as I l-r, relatively, as they ale iu crim
inal Ca-Ps. he iri-ts :;;. 000 a year in fees.'
The hn ;f tli :e i- conceded to bo
W'ir:l. r.t i iast lJ.(H'i ii year after all cs
peusts ;-.r-' paid. llveu the justicu Courts
I. ive caui.ht the fop liar iden, and their
i h iret-i a; jut ajout ti ve. tim es as Jarare
us they vv ere six or eight years ago. '1 he
recor is prove this
'As a rule the li.wyers ure reluctant to
c "usure t ue j Uslie 3 c(t;rtd for fear they
vv ill be worsted ia future dealings they
may have there. l.:t the fact appears
to me lo be that the justice courts are
tiotLiug less than fee-making institutions
for the benefit i f the jiutiee and coti
fctat !e. Theytakd suits, both civil and
i-riminal, that have ueitiier importance
nor merit at tho start, and beiore they
h-''p the c ase there Bra big 'coats' for
tome body to I ay.
'lhe lawyers a -e in a position to know
more about this f.e business than any
one else, excel t the ofiicera themselves,
l...r as a general thing the settlements of
os:s are ma ie tf.ro igh us. The bar
realises that fees are tettinsf entirely ou:
of proportion and it ought to le stop-jiel
in lairue-s not oi.lv to ourselves but to
nts. 'i he making of bills for fees
Las come to t u ni'un.zei & h:i art, and
tin- clerks can eh irre for little items 01:0
never dreamed of, and charge line fury
for t:ioi; he has Ire.uued of. I know it
tj be the purpose of the lawyers soon to
call a m-etig tc di.cuss a bill to ptit
district clcrii, t-ht rUT, probate judge and
justices nf tho P ica on a -stated salary
and turn the fees ir.to the public treas
ury. 1 cut all tti s information confiden
tially and 1 doii't want you to use uiy
. T. 1 1 aen. of the district
court, w.c seen I y a Joi knai, reporter
today. lie sai 1: ''I h.)pe to see ail the
county o 'dicers put ou a salaried baa is. I
am wholly opposed to the fee system. I
have heard that tho lawyers were in
te!idinf tu call a meeting in tho interest
of an and-fee bib, but I do not koow any
thing definite ( (jiu'erniiij it. Such a
meeting will have uiy entire sympathy
and approval."
The .lutire Court.
County auditor W. 1- Fagan has some
lijrure which vill l.e aa eye-opener to
people linacpiai ited with the operation
of Hie lee jyi'eiu. The three justice's
courts of 1'opek a for a single month du
ririiT the respective terms of C'ounty
Atk.rneya Char.es t"tirtis. It 15. Welch
an 1 11. C. SaiY..rt.;, coft tiie HtAte, that is
the county, i: crnnical business alone
t'lia in in. h:
"ii'h f'urtis
" ' .i:tt;.ir
.J u ru
I 1.T.J
..4.7t fi.4.'.. jtira.:
A noil, er tabiiation bhowiuy the
fee in us'ii'p cmirt criminal ca-es uai.l
by the siate (Sfia wuee county) durint; the
bit f-ix iiiontha as compared with other
adir: mistra'.iuus i-hjwa:
a:T,rd f:,973
eich -,olU
Curtis 1,5s")
To fully U!i l.;tunl tl.ia table it should
be 1 irti 4 in mind tiiatthe county does not
pay all t lie costs in criminal cases, and
also that crini'nial business is only a frac
tion of what is received from both civil
and criminal liminesi .lust how much
the just.ces of tua peace make out of
ther j !.s is a subject only for estimate.
Nobody but the justices know aud they
won't tell. If he lawyers are to be be
lieved however taey are operating', not
justice shops'' but "fee factories." Cases
are bro isrht wlich are possessed of nu
merit w Inch by fre quent continuances,
t-tu lle-J exarninutions of the fee laws and
the aid of a frost;!, imagination for ser
ices renderei, t i costs" ci be made
io accrue which ajmebuJy nr. .; pay, and
4-iV-'rt t-'aid. it appears IroLu reliable
sources that the justices of the per.ee'
one ia particular, have a "better t.nair',
than any member of the Kan-as supreme
The litigants in justice courts as a rule
are njt persons of wealth, 'i he j i:.ice
is calle i upon to dispense justice to the
people who can ill aiford to pay lees
bigger than the amount in controversy
for the purpose of t eiting a hearing.
There is less complaint regard. ug the
fees charged m the aigher cou:ity courts,
but there is no doult that the legislature
could make vast improvements ia the
manner ia which they are conducted.
For the last.quarter the fees in crimi
nal cases charged by District Clerk S.
Jl. Uardenhire were l.oti.'J. which the
county auditor by careful editing cut
down to l.1 f-i.oO. The court records
show that sis civil suits' are 1 rouiit to
one criminal case, aad estimating the
cost in each case to be tne same this
would make a cost of both in one quarter
to be $s,y.tl or ;j i,G.ji; a year. In
fairness it shotdl be said that
a large portion of this is never collected
and anotner large portion goes towards
paying otiiee help, for the obice is elf
BUpporting except iu the item ol" sup
plies. But even after these iterne are
subtracted there is mure left than any
ollicial is justly entitled to as other
oilicials are paid.
In claiming fees, too. the sheriff is not
far behind the dis'rict clerk in the size
of the voucher asked L.ke the clerk
the sheriff 'a criminal buduess is only a
drop in the bucket. For the last quarter
the sheriff was paid $l,oSo. 0 ) for taking
care of prisoners. Considerable of this
is represented as actual outlay. Then for
service of papers in criminal cases mere
was an additional $ 0 J'.t.Oo. 'lhe sheriff
was allowed .lo8 for services iu the pro
bate court. Besides these fees it should
be remembered that he is paid .l.o'J
every day the disti ict court is iu session
for his real or imaginary presence in
court, and another 1.00 for like s.uvices
lit the circuit court. All this is for c rim
inal business alone in the d. strict court
as in the just.ee courts, tne lees in civil
cases are paid by one of the two parlies
to the suit and the county auditor has
nothing to do with them.
The 1 i v iiiimI y .
It appears to be the plan of the law
yers to pay the she rill', distric; clerk and
probate j uiige a stated -alary, and afer
reducing the fees to an amou it in keep
ing with the actual expense of court ma
chinery, pay the fees into tho county
treasury. Th.s would be an immense
Sivhiy to the tax payers, ai.d the taxes
j could be reduced.
'1 here is probably no better disj osition
of the fuuc ion now occupied bv justices
of the peace iu cities of the lirst class
than the 'd.'uiuih plan" which has been
in force in lhe city of Duluth, Mian., for
nearly four years. Tais plan is a "muni
cipal court" created by an act of the leg
islature which performs the functions
now attended to by three justice c jurts
and the police court. The court has power
to issue full processes, but l civil and
criminal, aud has the authority to try all
misdemeanors ami attend to civil cases
where the amount involve i does not ex
ceed o0j. The Court has no juris lic
tiou in divorces and suits involving title
to lan 1 and actions against e.-tates.
The court consists of a ju l;e, elective,
who is paid i-o.UjO, and a clerk who is
paid l,oJ0 a. year. lhe i-..ci also pro
vides for a court stenographer. The
police court of tho city is c -m polled to
serve all warrants, aubpa-aues a id civil
instruments, su that constat le fees are
abolished. This plan is s jmei h iug of an
innovation ia municipal siifaira, and not
only lawyers but j. e ople in other callings,
w ho know anything about city and coun
ty government, concede i: to be an ex
cellent syslt un, so far above the present
system in mt-ri: aj to be incomparable.
The success of the system is shown by
the fact th.it in one year it cost $J,5U4,
while its receipts were fib, i'-'T.
I hi meil lately Itenpjt loitctl Unit lie fan
ilolil tiiossli!' 1' ri a i-r-li i j.
I'Mwin if. Smow is more than a de facto
state printer today. lie is oilic.al state
printer made so by the appointment by
Governor l.eweil. ag.
lhe executive council lat yesterday
afternoon aj proved State 1'riu'er Sjuoa-'sj
new I'oud lor uU,0uiJ and tuea the an
iiounceine.it was hrst made that Mr.
fsnovv had resigned as Mute printer last
Wednesday, Decern :,er 12, aud had been
immediately reappointed by Governor
Le welling.
Saluruay he tiled a new bond an 1 yes
terday arteruoon tne execu.ive council
held a special meetme- to ai Drove jo
I Mr. Snow's hiinils-nnn i. If , 1 . r
C. T. sears and E S'. Hume of Franklin
county and C. li. Hamilton aud . J.'
Cosdgan of Topeiia.
'I he resignation and reappointment of
State 1'rmier Suiow is a part of ins scheme
to hold on to nis otiiee for two years more
ou the ground that the e.m.uig legisla
ture cannot elect his successor.
Se-lcn Thinks the I lefiion 'f I. eland Tor
Senator Would 15e a Haul Tiling.
John Seaton, who was the nu si want
ed man m the last legislature an 1 who is
likely to occupy the s.me position this
winter, says he is n:-t for Cy Leland for
United States senator, because he does
not believe it wuld be for tne best in
terests of the Republican party.
d'o a Stat ti Jolhnai. reporter Mr.
Seaton said: "l would like to see 'Cy'
iret something good, fjr personally I
like him: but 1 d.m't beliavo :t would be
a good thing for the party to elec t him
senator. Tne story that all of tae mem
bers in the First district are for J.elaud
is slightly cverdrawu; Atchison is in that
district, 1 believe."
Mr. Seaton refuses to av whom he is
for. "
Treasurer Kdward Wilder e
uiliii Out tiie
oueliers '1 oUmj
Treasurer Edward Wild'
ta Fe is today sending oui
the various county treasur
r of the San
c vouchers to
rs of Kansas
ixes due the
The amount
lauuer louay
the company
wages iu full
for the payment of the t
state from the company,
lieing distributed in tuat c
is about ' ',1 K ) '0.
All of toe employes of
were paid their .Soieuiii.-r
la.t Sat urdayv
The House Considers the Carlisle
Currenev Bill.
! 3Ir. Springer 0ens the Diseus
i si on in Its Favor.
Jir. Walker Protests Ajrainst
Sueh Undue Haste Now.
Jerry Simpson is Ou Hand With
an Objection.
Washington, Dec. is; Notwithstand
ing that tiie debate on the currency bill
was scheduled to begin in the house to
day less than 100 members were present
when Speaker Crisp dropped the gavel.
The attendance in the public galleries
was very liri.it. "lhe committee on rules
had prepared a special order under
which tiie house should operate, but had
decided in view of Democratic opposi
tion to the measure not to oiler it at
present but to allow Mr. Springer to call
up the bill by virtue of its privilege.
Immediately after the call of commit
tees for reports therefore, the chairman
of the banking and currency committee
moved that the house go into committee
of the whole lor the consideration of
the measure. His motion prevailed with
out division, aud Mr. l.icnardson (Dem.,
Term.) took the chair.
.Mr. Walker (Kepi., Mass.) in charge of
the opposition to the measure, gave no
tice that at the proper time he would
offer a substitute.
Mr. Springer, before entering upon his
arguments, attempted to effect an ar
rangement by unanimous consent for
setting the limit of debate. lie asked
that general debate .should he consid
ered closed on Saturday next, when the
holiday recess would be taken.
Mr. Walker protested against any ar
rangements at this time. lie said he
felt convinced that no member would
discuss this measure in other than a seri
ous vein. l he subject was too grave. It
could not be trilled with.
When Mr. Springer's requests were re
ferred, Mr. Simpson, ( Pop., Kan. (prompt
ly objected.
The attempts to reach an arrangement
having failed, Mr. Springer took the
ll.jor and made the opening spjeech in
favor of the currency bill.
Mr. Springer declared that the com
mitiee had given the subject the most
careful consideration. It had carefully
examined the recommendations of the
president and the secretary of the treas
urer had called before it some of the
ablest financiers in the country, and the
result had been the presentation of the
pending measure as a measure of liuau
cial reform.
He did not pretend to say that tho bill
represented tiie views of individual
members of the committee. It was a
compromise, and as sueh harmonized
with the views of all.
Mr. r-ickles ( Dem. N. Y.) interrupted
Mr. Spirimrer to ask him how he recon
ciled the second aud tilth sections of the
The second provided that the
note holders ehould have a first
lien on the assets of the bank issuiug
them, then they gave the association of
banks contributing to the safety fund a
first lien on the assets.
Mr. Spr.nger re;ilie 1 that tho proposed
act gave tiie bill holders the tirst lien on
the assets, the banking association a lirst
lien on tiie "remaining'' assets.
"I5ut ihe word 'remaining is not in the
fifth section." s;'.id Mr. Sickle.
"That v ill be the effect of the law."
remarked Mr. Springer.
"It is not law yet, retorted Mr. Sickles.
You must vote u through lirst.'
.Mr. springer finally admitted that the
word "remaining7" should have been in
corporated in the lii'th section, but. said
'this was one of the slit'iit defect, of the
bill that could be readily corrected.
In case cd paeic if half tiie banks in
this proposed system" inquired -Mr. Ma
huae die!'. Pa.) "should fail, would ttie
cither half be assi sSed to redeem the
failed batik notes?"
"That is, the solvent banks would be
bankrupted to aid tiie insolvent r"
"I here would be no such result," re
plied Mr. Springer, "if all the ianka
suould fad under this system the note
holders would be secure."
In answer to an inquiry by Mr. Simp
son, (Pop., Kan.) .Mr. Sqirmger said that
as far as the retirement of the legal
tenders was concerned, lor every dol.ar
deposited in the treasury by the banks
iu circulating notes would be issued.
A ppropriation. for lubl:e Irlntiug:
In 1'it-sfd.
Washington, Dec. IS. One of the
first acts of the senate todav was to pass
an appropriation of JjilOJ.UOO for public
printing, Chairman Cockrell ot the ap
propriations committee saying that it was
absolutely necessary, for the public
printing would come to a stop this eve
niug. IJland has a flan.
Washington, Dec. IS. Representa
tive liland of Missouri, will move to
strike out all after the enacting clause in
the Carlisle currency bill now before
the house of representatives, and
substitute a measure he has pre
pared for a currency system based
on ooin and coin notes. Mr. Bland s
plan does not interfere with the existing
national bank pystem, but iustead of al
lowing banks to issue notes as the Car
lisle plan proposes, Mr. Bland proposes
that the government issue the notes call
ing them com notes. These are to be
redeemed in gold and silver coin and the
government is to coin both metals.
Five I'er-.on! I.i.lfd.
West Bav Citv. Mich.. Dec. ls.By
the explosion of the boiler in Russell
Bros.' placing mill and box factory this
morning live persons were killed and
several others were iujured and one is
S. H. .Snider Turn it Over Toil ay to the
j State TreftMirer.
Superintendent Snider, of the state in
surance department, today deposited
with the state treasurer something over
$11,000. the balance on hand of the recip.
rocal tax money received from the New
"i ork tire insurance companies in the set
tlement of the light between the com
panies ana the state insurance depart
ment a few weeks ago.
W hen the money was first receive-!,
1',U00 in all. Superintendent Snider de
posited it in one of the local banks. He
then paid $1,000 to Judge W. C. Webb
as attorney fees for assisting in the col
lection of the money.
. He has now received an opinion from
the a'torney general to the effect that
the money should be turned over to the
state treasurer under a provision of
the statutes discovered by Super
intendent Snider a few days ago,
which provides that all public money re
ceived from any source shall be turned
over to the state treasurer on or before
the fifteenth of every month.
In depositing the money in the bank,
Superintendent Snider was acting under
the law which provides that the money
shall go to the paid lire department of
the elate, and he was holding it until the
legislature would make some provision
for its payment to the proper piarties.
X. Van Laeys of Noi l h TopekaSue 1. llolt
lkouse for Malicious Slantler.
Alphona Van Laeys of North Tope k a
brought suit against Bernard Holthouse
today for if.j.UJO damages fifr malicious
slander. Holthouse is a resident of Ne
braska, is said to be a millionaire, but is
also said to be a fugitive from justice in
Europe. Van Laeys charges that iu
a -North
I loltbouse
Laeys stole
on numerous
him of beincr
Topeka barber shop
said "Young Van
my watch," and has
other occasions accused
guilty of larcenv. lhe
suit 19 also an attachment, and a writ in
garnishment was issued for the ifo.OOO,
wiiich Holthouse is said to have on de
posit in the Bank of Topeka. This writ
was served todav.
Dll. 31'CASEY TO I1E3I0VE.
11. tt ill Go to ( oni Didin W here He Will
2ri-(-tice .Vledilue.
The suit brought by Mrs. Dr. Kneiberg,
the assistaut superintendent of the state
insane asylum against Dr. McCasey for
assault and battery, was dismissed this
morning before J uslice Boimar of Pot
win, lhe various other suits against Dr.
McCasey iu the district and circuit courts
will all be dismissed aud the doctor will
be allowed to depart in peace.
lie will return to his home iu Concordia
and resume the practice of medicine. He
is said to be an aide physician, but the
position of superiutendeu t at the insane
asylum is one that requires more gen
eralship than Dr. McCauey. was able to
bring into play.
lie bays II AVill stay at tiie Imbecile
Anylum L'iktil July.
Dr. Piicher, superintendent of the im
becile asylum at Wimieid, who is in d'o
peka today, said that he does not intend
to resign his position when the Republi
can administration takes charge, but will
hold on till July 1, lbJo, when his teru
! The Cholera. Fund Cas is
I'l4.'l- irk tlio
't IMslriet Court.
The cholera fund case which involves
i Dr. Dykes' rignt to grab the .ys, (too
1 c.iolera fund, was again before Judire
i Hazen iu the district court yesterday
! afternoon. K. W. Dawes, the attorney
' general-elect, who is defending
trie 1 to convince the court that
; tiie ciia should Iu thrown out of court
i on a demurrer ou the ground that the
; (' j'.irL has no jurisdiction to try it. Mr.
' Dawes contended that there was no more
uppeul from a niifer ieft to tne cliscre
I tion of the secretary of the board of
health, tliau there was from the authority
i of the president to call out troops iu time
' of dancer.
! Air. Dawes is an attorney for the de-
' fense simply because one of the defend
ants is an old friend and family physician,
Dr. Stewart, and charges the state no fee
. whatever.
Lawyer J. G. Waters replied to idr.
i Dawes' argument. Judge ilazea took
! the matter uuder advisement.
Morn ClolJ is Withdrawn from tiie Sub
Trcusu ry Totlu.
Washington, Dec. IS. A telegram
from the sub-treasury at "New York to
the treasury department announces that
up to 2:' $1.0U0,0JJ iu gold had been
UirU i:rarieil V.n Diihnli lie.
Tk.irf. Hute, Ind., Dec. IS. Fire
was discovered in Coates College for
Women last night. Little damage was
done, but there was great excitement
among the young lady pupils, who
rushed out of the dormitory building iu
their night robes.
Bernard l.eil.- Iitter.
Dr. S. G. Stewart says th.s afternoon
that his patient, Rev. Bernard Kelly, is
improving and is doing as well as could
be expected. He is out of danger but is
not a tile to have any company or do any
John Gerdom was lined $10 in police
court this morning for keeping a vicious
Lil Tack was fined $25 in police court
this morning and wiil appeal her case.
She is out ou bond.
Wm. Berry, who was caught at shop
lifting in a North Topeka store yester
day afternoon, pleaded guilty ia police
court this morning and was lined $115.
He is in jail.
Daniel McKernan, who died at Baring,
Mo., a couule of days ago, was buried at
the Topeka cemetery this afternoon.
McKernan was a stone mason, aud whs
5a years old. He lived at 720 Hancock
street. The Knights and Ladies of Se
curity had charge of the services.
The Two Japanese Armies Have
Been United.
They Are Marching Direct on
. Tien Tsin.
NUMBER 72,000 3IEN.
Xiu Clnvang and Several Other
Cities Captured.
Shanghai O-lieials Remove Their
Families for Safety.
New York, Dec. IS. A dispatch to a
morning paper from Shanghai, dated
Dee. 17, says:
The first aud second Japanese armies
are marching direct on Tien Tsin. Thoy
are now north of NiuCliwang.which place
has been captured. Several other cities
have also been taken, all without any
serious lighting. The force of the two
armies combined amounts to about
7,ii00 men.
The Shanghai officials of the native
city have removed their wives and fami
lies to the foreign settlement for safety,
iu anticipation of an outbreak which is
feared in consequence of the imposition
of the war tax.
Genuine Itegret J'elt A iiiimc Literary
Men at His Death.
New Yokk, Dec. 18. The news of the
death of Robert Louis Stevenson has
caused genuine regret among literary
men in this city. Many of them had
known him personally, and all or most
of them agree in assigning him a high
place among contemporary writers in
Richard Watsou Gilder said: "I knew
him aud have spent delightful hours
with him in this city, but others knew
him more intimately. He was one of the
very lew living rreat masters of literary
expression aud he had an imagination of
unusual power. His style was so
poignant and admirable that there is no
telling how long it will last."
William Dean llowells: "My lirst ac
quaintance with Stevenson begau some
years ago. When I was editor of Atlan
tic Monthly he sent some poems which
1 liked, and accepted on tiie spot. I have
always admired Stevenson's verses and
his essays 1 have read with great pleas
ure. His btories are not my idea, as per
haps you know, of what liction should
be, but of course 1 recognize that he was
oue of the greatest writers of tiie day.
"Some years ago when 1 was getting
pretty hard raps ou ail sides, Stevenson
came out and spoke a good word for me.
1 appreciated it the more sincerely,
knowing' how many worlds apart we
were. It was characteristic of the man."
Edmund Clarence Stedmau said: "Some
of Stevenson's works seem to be written
in purer Eriglssh than that of any other
modern novelist. I met him iu England one
lime, I believe, and was charmed
with him. We had a part of an after
noon together. Stevenson was a true
poet as well as a story writer, within the
limits he adopted. Daly a few weeks
ago I had a letter from him written at
Samoa telling me that he should ask
Sidney Colviu to send me the proof
sheets for a recent volume iu verse."
Hut Nov' I'aul .lone!) is in London Wit it
to liis Credit.
London, Disc. IS.- Paul Jones, the ec
centric young man who last. February
wagered that he could start naked from
Boston to go around the world and could
accomplish the teat and rei urn with ,
0 ou, ia in London. He was entertained
last night by 'he Concentric club. lie
made a speech in which he said he had
nearly accomplished his purpose ami had
!i,S .10 of the required o,0 U. Said he:
"Tha newspapers wrote me up aud I
soon found that 1 could make money. I
was hired by proprietors of various kinds
of business to work for them. Some
paid me .?-25 a day for three days. 1
have got. as much us 00 for a week. 1
traveled over a great part of the United
Stales. I exhibited my paper suit every
where. I rode on bicycles and was paid
for it by the manufacturers."
Jones received o pounds and 10 shil
lings as the result of ids speech.
A. His Hank Follows the Kimnple of the
C'HieuK" & Alton.
New York, Dec. IS. Iu consequence
of the recent defalcations by ban It em
ployes a discipline extending to the pin
vate lives of thoue in the service of the
Bank of the Republic has been insti
tuted. All the employes were summoned be
fore the vice president aud offered the
alternative of promising never to enter a
liquor saioou again or resigning, the as
surance being made that they would be
watched to ascertain whether their prom
ises were kepit. The alternative of prom
ising was unanimously embraced with
much smothered indignation.
Iidii"t -..now It v Loaded.
A boy employed in Alien's plumbing
shop at bl8 Kansas avenue accidentally
discharged a musket iu the front portion
of the building. lhe load tore a hole
through the frame portion of the door
and knocked the glass out. Al'.hourh
many people were passing at the time
nobody was hurt, or if they were they
didn't say anything about it. The dis
charge attracted a large crowd.
I hane. on tUm I-. '.. I.
Kansas City, Dec 18. O.ricial an
nouncement is made of chauires iu the
management of the Kansas City, Pitts
burg i5c Gulf railroad, whereby Mr. Mar
tin, the president of the road, takes
charge of the operating department and
Vice President Gentry resumes his duties
as chief engineer in charge of construction.
After Looking Throiih Treasurer VVild
i er's llookk Uiey Are Weli l'leanl.
The three receivers of the Sauta Fe,
Mr. Aldace F. Waiker, Mr. J. J. ,'ucCook
and Mr. J. C. Wilsou, who h..ve been
holding a meeting at the general oliico
building iu lopeaa, le 1 1 for Chicago tuis
Receivers Walker aud Wilson left 5u
a special train, in Mr. Walter's private
car, at 1 o'clock this afternoon for Chi
cago, aud Mr. alcL'uuk went ou the reg
ular train, which left 'lopeka at :1J
p. m.
During their stay iu Topeka the re
ceivers who arrived from Galveston Mia
day night, were entertained by (.jeueral
Manager J. J. Frey aud Rece.ver ilsou.
Last night the "enure party was at Mr.
Wiison's home lo dinner.
While here the receivers went care
fully through the books c,f the treas
urer's otlice, and they lound everything
iu Mr. VViiUer's department m good
shape. This morning Uiey made a hur
ried inspection of tue snops, and both
Mr. Walaer and Mr. MeCoon expressed
themselves as being well pleased with
what they saw.
To a Si ate Jot it N a I. reporter Receiver
Walker said: "'1 his is my lirst trip over
the cystem and to Topeka. 'lhe physical
condition of the road is good, muen bet
ter than I anticipated and the linancial
condition is all right. From
the books I have examined in the
treasurer's office I am satisfied that
everything is working to the best advan
tage possible, and our iinauces will soon
be in much belter shape."
Mr. Walker says lhe recent applica
tion to the federal court for authority lo
terminate existing contracts between tho
Santa Fe and the Atlantic V Pacific
was misunderstood by the general pub
lic. He explained that the roads are
separate and distinct and that the samo
men are receivers cf the A. .V P. ju-l hi
they are of the Santa Fe aud the traflic
agreement between the l wo loads
will be maintained as here
tofore, the only tiling the
receivers wish to change is the existing
contract by which the Santa Fe and
'Frisco agree to make good the loss of
the A. i.v P. This agreement the receiv
ers are unable to meet und they want it
He and Hia C oinpauioiis Will tS'ot I itit
' (lie I'l'iialty.
Chicago, Dec. lb. -Lutreno V. D-bs,
president of the A. R. I', and hi-, ( ol
leagues, have decide 1 to t ike the pen
alty imposed ly Judre Wood-, v ithout
appealing. They will tro to the t...k
county jail next Monday.
Tho otlicials readied th i d "ci ,ion to
d iv without tiie advice of th.ur atb.rn"vs
and their decision is positive. Debnsayj
an appeal would bo probably of no avail.
The worry aud expense wero ul-, con
lianmiH Avenue W h- 1 be S. cue of 1 w it
.Narrow Lsi-;ims Tod i.
There were two ruuav.-ay , ou l-iri.-.u
avenue this morn m g. At tue Corn--, of
Kigh'h. street Vesper's I rea 1 vv.iv m,
drawn by two spirited horses, du-h'd
dinguu ally across the street and would
l,.,ve run "into 11 ileli.uil's i-t ue ha 1 lher
I not. been a tebquione pole iu the way.
d'iie tongue of the wagon struck tho
i pole bquarely and the horses ou
I both sides were thrown by
(the collision. Guy Moiyau, the
i driver was tent sprawling tea U-et away
but wasn't hurt. lhe tongue , i.m
wagon pierced the irmi rtnps that j !-.-tceie.l
tne post and left a 1 lg dent ne..: iy
two inches deep.
Batweeti Fourth and I- ifth streets a
carriage drawn by one lo.rse bd' lhe
or,.,.: iiiul ,!n-.;..-d full'.' a hull a hi i i, ou
i the oidevvalk. At Kigi.v's fruit, i-.t.d nuts
' wero ae-it-ere 1 over ihe u iewalK aid
street. Boxes were smashed a-.. 1 I h- col
on d buy who was driving v. as thrown
out and hurl siigntly.
MC N A 31 A i. AS LECT U 11 ES.
j Bishop Me Nam an has con-en'o 1 to
j deiivet anotner i-ouisu of D'Curcs in To-
pel. a, o emmeiiomg in Hamilton h-di,
Thursday night, iu a-.-cor lain with th"
j request of li's audience 1 '-t evening.
"T .ire:! I" -ii'r '.d ;;-.
Sol in Bki. Ind., Dee. 11. -The Indi
ana, Illinois -vt l.-w.t, u. nvii .'tht
l iiree I" ruiir:-ad, running from S reator,
lib, to South B -u I, opened lor j a-seu er
buvness this morning. 1 'he road tonus
a belt around Chie.'.go connecling with
twentv impoilaiH I -ads It has just been
exteu'le 1 here, bu' h,i for a long time
past done a heavy fie!rht tra:..-ler busi
ness between tiie great trunk linei.
" JneU tbe II MZ ! " "rn eiired.
Windsor. Ontario, Dec. IS Aftvr ter-
e i .... i . . i
1 rorizuig me women oi iim-iui or
I nearly six months, so that none of tlouii
i dared venture on the street at iih.miI
! without an eseurc, William Marshall, alias
j "Jack the II tigrer," was sentenced to tho
penitentiary for three years.
Lawyer V unt a tlfj; Mian'.
Washington, Dee. IS. Reprsenta
i tive Aitken of Michigan, proposes urg
! ing a vigorous warlare again certain
lawyers in Washington who are harg-
I ing 2o per cent commission on claim al
lowed mad carrier, lor extra tune.
I. lee ted. 1'resident or Ifepmiem.
I'ARlf, D c IS. M. Prison, who was
' prime minister on the 1 ai I ol .M. Jules
! Ferrv iu 18So. was elected president of
the chamber of deputies iu succession of
the late Burdeaii today bv a vote of
249 to 21o cast for M. Melims, the Freuch
protectionist leader.
Herliner Tele one I'atetit Voil.
Boston. Dec, 18 The United State:
circuit conn iu the case of the b'u.iel
States vs. the American Bell Tol-j hone
comuany. has handed down a d-'cisiuu
declaring the Berliner telephone- patent
onwideratioin or rie v.toieei I'nt OIT,
Washington, Dec. IS -The considera
tion of the gievances of the employe of
tho Southern Kail -a ay was indeiiaiiely
postponed today by mutu.d agrfemeut
of the representative of the road aud
th employes.

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