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The Topeka state journal. [volume] (Topeka, Kansas) 1892-1980, December 18, 1894, NIGHT EDITION, Image 6

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- -
Iteeeut Social Ilvents in Topeka
and Vicinity.
IVrmnal I'.fiui of rest .lout To-
1'i'l.a leo;;le ami I nituro in 'town.
M r. N at'an Prion of Otuaha is visitine
her tlaUirhT3, Mr. T. i. Wear and Mrs.
Paul Jiu-U'.(n aud 'viil reiuaiu till after
t J.o ho! ill iv s.
Mr. Pyur Markel of Omaha will be
the trutt (jf Mr. ard Mre. 'I'. G. Wear,
f r t:;o 1 n j fi pa -y FriJay niht.
Mr. a-j i .lr. I) J Hardin will spead
'!iristniai iiay i;i S.iti i-'raiici3'.-o, and
"ill lo in Tj-.eka a out January 8.
livery l)lv will j to hear tiie l'rentia
K';urt ' e-icff-.iay evening.
Mt-s.s t:u3ie Urodl is iu the city this
Mr. .Arthur Lacoy entertained a few
frieii.Ls a: daplicato wiiist last evening.
M SHio t'ornicj; will arrive 1 Uura
diiy from Caieaaro to soen.l the holidays
with her paronts at -jlenarie farm.
Miss Myrtle I), .vis entertained a few
friends Saturday evt-nin.
Miss Emma Whit, of Lawrence, will
spend Christmas with Dr. and Mrs. Jleed.
A new dancing ciub iu social circlt'3, it
is rumored by one of thoir number, has
taken the rather sur festive name of "The
15 in-!ers." Dest.Ue the name they are
practicing assidjouidv every Friday
ui'iit and learning all th new dances, in
addition to enjoying a social time. The
members ars Mr. au i Mrs. H. T. Lewis,
Mr. and Mis. Vill Ilcrton, lr. and Mrs.
W. T. Crosbv, Mr. at d Mrs. G. W. (dark,
.Mr. ami Mrs. C. R Hudson, Mr. and Mrs.
Georg-e Crane, Mr. and Mrs. George
Ea:,de, Mi. t.ad Mrs. A. A. Hurd. Mr. and
:.ira. C. M. Atwooi. Dr. and Mrs. C. B.
lieed, Mrs. Clara Wistriu. Mr. McKibben
and daughter, Mias Maud, aud Mr. Ed
Mrs. W. McFerran will entertaia
friends U,ui zhl.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Dolby, Miss Bulle
Ettlinger and Miss Ethel Palmer made up
a box party it the Gi and last evening.
Miss iUie IVu ni a.ier is staying
with her cousin, Mr:. Callie Hughes for
a few days.
MissAyn- a WaU'i ia very ill at her
Mrs. C. W. Snyder and ?tlrs. "William
Salomon uf llorton, Kansas, who were
the quests of Mrs. D.J. Mahoney, HO'J
kle,n street, left, for homo Sunday.
.Mrs. bharp of Hortou, Kansas, has
Leeii v biting her nu tl.er, ilr.s. Heed, at
Kansas avenue.
Mrs. J. K. Hudson's little book, "Two
L.ttle Maid- and Tbeir Friends," holds
uuusuul interest for a number of Topeka
people, 1 i us ;n int) tlie story as it does
little .foset :iine atd Kleanor Kei:?er,
Iary an i D r-thy led, Ethel Uutter
lieid and l'.iulina Hudson. Apropos of
the latter, the boot, has one mistake.
Little Pauline Hu l-on"a picture has Jo
bephuie's name under it.
Mr. and Mrs. George I. Stevenson left
yesterday fcr different pulnt in Colorado
for tlio beneritof Mrs. Stevenson's health.
Miss S .;:. Crosby will receive her
friends at her etudio the last three daya
of the week.
Mr. S. Ii. Hitch io will arrive Sunday
and v..-:t Dr. and r. C. 15. lieed till
after the hoiidavs.
Mr. iob!e iVentis of Kaaiij City will
vrlve his lecture on ' Art lor the Artless,"
f :ir the benefit of Uim Ladies' Aid society
jf Grace t atbedval. iu the church rar
lors, corner of Eijrhth and Polk. Wednes
day, December U, 1 iji. Doors open at
"f.'-i'X Lecture at b. Admission 23 cents.
Dr. V. lfoyt Pi c her of "Wintield,
superintendent of thaWiufield asylum for
Idiotic and Imbecile youth is here to
meet with t5te state joard of charities.
The advaice sheets of Geo. W. Crane's
legislative hand book contain the name
and post office addrexea of all the mem
bers of the ptate -n and new house
of representatives.
lOU etylei of perfume atomizers at
Bwift vt HoLiday's. .New designs, lower
Topt k 'iei eu
Cj Jacksoa strvet.
n ' iu
tl T T " """ i
-I M M !
r i
WiULiiiiii vy m wuiiLiiaw cis i id etui1
-'; f T-5
X s J
-TT -l -V
Ami now i: i the sev.T.il '
i liar i;j t'. ii' i -v havr
Are tr.ki-ii i".r it period a
1 ill 'liristmas iid il s '-o
iiiiV I e.-u whole
,-OIU i II 1 Vt
i -1 in r i I.
aid next
The city employes will be
The First Christian church now has an
orchestra of six pieces.
The express companies will soon have
their auuual holiday blockade.
You can see the sun rise if vju get up
at half past seven those mornings.
Judge Foster will sit as United States
circuit judge to duish up the equity
The work of rellooriny tha Ivansas
avenue Lriitre is aoout one-half com
pleted. Eugene Ware says he does not write
poetry any more and that he has fully
The average man wishes his Decem
ber salary was about three tiaies as larye
as it actually is.
A series of revival service s ara to be
held at Westminster i'resby teriaa church
commencing January (i.
-A Railroad Ticket" played at Law
rence last niht at 2'j. 50 and 75 cents.
That's all Lawrence can otand.
This is the timo of year that every
young man with a small salary arid lots
of girl friends begins to trjinbie.
A Topeka policeman is part owner in
a mining claim in the territory which
he expects will make him rich.
There are now eighteen framed pic
tures belonging to th i art schooi on the
wails of the high school bull Log.
The representatives of the aardware
trade in the merchants carnival last
night wore veritable suits of mail.
Dauiel McKornan of 72) Hancock
street was killed in Missouri this week.
The remains arrived iu Topeka today.
There was bo much Lad spelling on the
theater programme last night that it
might have been printed ua a type
writer. There is one person on the police force
whose job isn t in danger lro;n the
change iu administration. It is Mrs.
The grade of theater attractions Tope
ka ia getting this whiter is alout what
would bo suitable for Arkansas City, Sa
lina and places of that size.
An onion in the hot air shaft made an
unpleasant odor in the main assembly
room of the high, school yesterday. It
was such an awful funny joke.
Deunis Hope has written a letter to
the Jolrkai,, saying that he did not sign
the hand-bill calling a "raeetii:g of tax
payers" at the court house last night. 1
General Secretary Lerrigj. of the Y.
31. C. A., says if there is to be a barber
shop at'acnel to trie association, he
would like to knosv it. The barber shop
will not be attached.
What better C hristmas present can you
make to your family tliau a subscription
to the State Joi knai. fur t ue year."
They'll get more pleasure out of that
than auy other thing.
The railroads will make a rate of oae
fare for the round trip to Topeka from ail
Kansas points for t:ie m-et:ng of the
Masonic grand lodge, which will ba in
session hero February 1 to -1.
The state board of charities is in ses
sion at the National today, auu will be
for several d.-ivs, letting: contracts for
supplying the state institutions with pro
visions for the next nix mouths.
Topeka chapter of the Royal Arch Ma
sons elected oilicers last niht as follows:
C J. Webb, higa priest; S. I Sabrook,
king: A. O. Wellmau, scribe; T. P. Roll
ers, treasurer, and Frank Druiamoiid,
The members of the Ministerial union
want to know why Judge llazea hain't
sentenced Fred Holler, who wis convict
ed of violating the prohibitory law sev
eral months ago. Holler's clerk has ap
plied for a permit to sell liquor at the
old place. j
Albini, the card shark who buncoed i
lopeka 1 hanlis?ivin j Uay, was to nave
played a two weeks' engagt-ment at
Crawford's Deafer opera housj", but Jim
Moore, who manage! Emily Kigl here
the first of the season aud now has charge
of the Denver JUoua, was so uirgusted
f( ! fill ) M I i:Hby
7 il
0 M
t :! r
18 KAN
that he had him removed at the second
Mayor T. W. Harrison, of Topeka, who
is one of Shawnee county's most exten
sive aud really successful farmers, will
address the annual meeting of the state
board of agriculture upon the very inter
esting theme of "The Kansas Steer and
His Brilliant Future," and O. P. L'pde
gralT, of Topeka. will speak upon "The
Horse Situation and How Beat to Deal
with Its Future."
Marion Harland's daughter strongly
indorses Dr. Price's Bakinor Powder.
Item of Interest from tlie Nortli Sitle of
lite liiver.
C. II. Rhodes has gone to Kansas City
to attend the poultry show.
Tlie little son of Mr. aud Mrs, A. B.
Schenck is dangerously sick.
J. W. Banks will go to his old home at
Davenport, Iowa, for the holidays.
10 por cent oil on Banquet cook and
Oak heating stoves for Curistmas pres
ents. J. II. Foueht.
"Wanted The boys to know that, the
best place to buy skates is at Brill &,
N elsou's.
Miss Alice Goodhue wdll spend the hol
idays with friends at La Junta, Col.
Charles Laird of iS'ickerson, was the
guest of George Stanslieid while spend
ing a day at the capital.
Genuine imported Canadian maple
syrup at Heller's, 1002 Kansas avenue.
Don't forget that Heiler has mince meat
just like your mother used to make, 1002
Kansas avenue.
The only pure Pennsylvania buck
wheat Hour in the city at Heller's, 10o2
Kansas avenue.
Caudy and candy at Heller's, 1002
Kansas avenue.
You can buy everything you want for
your Christmas fruit cake at Heller's.
1002 Kansas avenue.
Try a ton of Camden coal. E. P. Ewart,
1012 Kansas avenue.
Mrs. C. W. Anilo will open her house
to the ladies of the Congregational church
lor a social tomorrow evening.
No home is complete without one of
those smokeless soap stone griddles, for
sale by Brill A; Xel son.
C!i ristm is goods of all kinds at Brill
& Nelson's.
Bjvs and girls- If you want skates,
sleds, or a wasron, get prices at Brill &
N'elaoa's before you buy.
Mail Carrier Cas Matthews has been
notified of th i death of his brother, Mel
Matthews wlucn occurred at Omaha Sat
urday. The big stick of candy iu Proudlil's
window, which is attracting so much at
tention, is to be given to some one of his
customers about January 1.
Wanted You to know that we will
sell vou a pump or auv part of a puma.
Brill tV Nelson.
According to custom of many years
standing Santa Claus has established his
headquarters lor the holiday season, at
tlie 10 cent store 8)8 Kansas avenue. The
collection of goods suitable for Christmas
presents is larger and better aud cheaper
than ever.
A thief who gave his name as Berry
was caiiitht in the act of purloining a
pair of trousers from a north side cloth- .
ing store yesterday afternoon and was '
taken to tho station by Officer Owens. j
Lecture by Ethel Frances Baker on !
the Passion Play,' ( ber -Ammergau, !
Knights of Pythias hall Friday eve, Do- I
cemoer 21. Admission 10 cents. Every- !
body welcome. j
Ed. MoCieilan, colored, and his son I
Orna, who live north of town, were rid-
ing ia a cart iasi nigiii, lieu me uor.-o
became frightened at au electric car just
north of the bridge, and started up the
avenue at a terrific rate. Trie father
jumped and received no injuries, but the
boy stuck to the cart until it collided
w ith one of the iron poles of the electric
line, when he shot through the air about
twenty feet, striking the pavement on
his head. Ho was picked up uncon
scious and carried into a restaurant cdose
at hand wjiile Dr. Hibbeu was called to
determine the extent of his injuries. The
doctor soon restored him to conscious-
ness. and thought there would uo serioes
results from his falh
wv Tin imi ii trn
. -A, ..Jt., -..n -A,. 4-,.
-$-? S" -.S- -tfr-f -
i-- 'r'Si 4
'"v7'4 v
The Epworth league of the Kansas
Avonue M. E. church will hold their
regular business meeting this evening,
followed by a Bible .study, lead by Mrs.
Several Topeka suffragists are prepar
ing to go to Atlanta, Ga., to attend the
twenty-seventh annual Woman Suffrage
convention, which will be in session from
January 31 to February o.
The Y. M. (J. A. will have a aeries of
indoor athletic contests commencing to
night. The contestants are to be R. C.
Osborn, Geo. Brandon, F. Clark, R. S.
Montgomery, U. S. Dweliy, E. R. Marsh,
G P. Howard, Joe Reisner, A. F. Baugh
inan, Fred Frost and F. A. Benson.
Georiro Weaver, the young colored
man who had trouble about his registra
tion before election, says he was held up
by three white footpads last night in
front of the livery stable on Tenth street
between Topeka avenue aud Tyler street.
"I was scared most to death," he said,
"but 1 would know them again. No, 1
didn't run, but I walked avvay right
pert." The footpads made a water haul.
T Ii A I N 11 it E A K S O ! T.
ifo OeJivers "Sermon" in 1'nioii hiiuare
Hall, Nf w Vorli.
Nkw York, Dac. 18. George Francis
Train has begun a series of sermons in
Union Square hall. In the tirst one
last night he said: "You'll notice,
that I call myself the Rev.
George Francis Train. The reaons
1 do it is because I am so d d irreverent.
But I don't mean to swear. I say
damn' very often, but I don't mean
to swear. When I was in the South
Sea Islands I said 'damn' one day.
and immediately a native went ami
brought me a banana. In the native lan
guage 'damn' means banana, so when I
am talking to savages aud say 'damn' I am
not swearing.
"My people," the Citizen went on,
"were good, old Methodists, and when I
was a boy they did nothing but talk hell
and damnation to me. So I think that 1
am but showing what a good Methodist
training I had when 1 use the words in
every other sentence."'
A Kodak makes a good Christmas
present. Swift fc Hoiliday have them.
fSoiidc.v Irrecnt!
In great variety. Vases, Cups, Saucers,
Fancy Plates, Carving Sets, Nut Crack
ers and Picks, Chocolate Pots. etc. J.
W' F arnsworth, 503 Kansas aveeuu.
Of every description and prices
Wo seil the "B fc II," the only
center draft burner made. Call
our line. J. W. Farnsworth, o' li
a von ue.
to suit,
and see
Vellow. Irietl Sli and Wrinitld.
Is this the way your face looks? If so,
try Beggs' Blood Purifier and Blood
Maker. It not only purities the blood,
but renews it, and gives your face a
bright youthful appearance. Sold and
warranted by W. R. Keanady.
112 calls up the Peerless
of the Infant Classes iu the various
Sunday Sehools in Topeka of every
denomination arj invited to call on
us Friday of this week, when they
will be given a little jJti ft for each
boy and Uirl iu their classes.
Plea-e firing the number of
scholars with yon.
!,.fl foc- ivf li trppt
i IO3 ST. IXin street.
Thn Tnor
I 110 100
. .
-Jt-, .-A t J
fr Hb f- 'vo fSK- ---c p-j
1 :-;'-!(-
Glairvonant Mind Mer,
Tells vou all vnur present eireiiinstanees niel drives vou valnaMe information on all uiat
ters ot ini'iort.in('e. As he is the original I'HOIKssok at A s I It it V o si V , lie will give a
t'RKK '1 hi ST. Tells the month and date you were horn in I llhll Or (IIAKill.
Lovers United. Hidden Treasures Located.
Troubles ami .Sickness Healed. Reunites the Separations from Whatever Causa, aud Causes
Speedy ami Happy .Marriages.
Good Luck to All Who Call On Him.
Can "be Found at the SIBLET HOUSS, 103 East Sisth St. (up stairs.), Topeka, Ha:.,
Office hours from tt a. m. to fi p. in. Private Sitings .(i) ami lip.
X. 15. The KCIYI'TIAN Pit' I'll KT. who does I-'.X t(Ti,V as this lireui.ir .'at.es.
" would not have the public eiassitv iiim with siieli importers as are so-nel line ; kuo vti to de
ceive tiie puid e. Mien as Fortune K-iltTs. eaile.l spiritual .Meibiiius, and many oth.T
pretenders who obtain money under false pre.enees.
j. M. Knight, Undertaker Embalms.
i '") o -1 a
lit y-'c tl w tvi
Lllti-COIilTsillG EsaIer in Heavy Weighs Fall Crnarasnt Kstallio Caskets.
" " -- Erape Cleth -with Sink and Copper Linings. Children'
White Caskets, Full Ornament Metallic. A full line cf Wood and Cloth CefZm
and Caskets. 4Q4 4o6 KaSm Ave. Phone 52.
I 1 X
Favorite ton-cent Citar. Roid by all Crst-olast
. .
... jet- rj. rv s x
t . X
L , '
' ' , ,
FOR rrrTZ.
r . -..
vi., X 1V-t ,." fw-?pei:ial orders and repairing promptly attoiideil to.
fa vf r--s
v e -
A Firstclass Lunch and Short Order Mouse
Opposite Transfer Station. Cars From All Eepota to Cur Do:rn.
V y
V r
v-- j-" "
irrrirARiRniH r
O-rer C-aitcrs. CDc, 73o, SI. 03. 1
Wool 3l3s. 25o.
Warm Felt Congress, 11.50.
Warm Felt Laca Shoes, $1.&3. 4
Varm Feit Clippers, $1.03.
"Warm Felt P.orrteos, $1.03. ?
Warm Felt Juliets, 73c.
Varm Felt Juliets, $1.50.
Christmas Slippers from 53s to $3.
ETT PA vww & CO
h)iIii da d Mmal W- W w.
705 Kansas Aw. 7
dnalars. Marf. by Geo. Burg hart. SQl K-.. A fa.
1 . 9. i-A si st -. -m.
3 1 V' .
Ul 1-1

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