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Topeka State Journal BuUdin S00 and
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Business office Bell 'Phone 1"7
Reporters' Rocm Bell 'Phone 5i.
New York address: 322 Potter Building,
care American Newspaper Publishers' 3-s-eociatlon.
where files of the paper are al
ways open to advertisers or readers.
In an effort to cut the government
coat according to the size of the cloth,
in other words to make the receipts
cover the expenditures there ap
pears to be a disposition on tiie
part of some members of con
gress to attack the pension rolls. Tha
customs receipts for the last fiscal year
show a small increase over those of the
previous year but the receipts from
internal revenue show a slight falling
off and the pension list is still growing.
The decrease in internal revenue re
ceipts is possibly due to reduction in
the number of saloons in the country.
The statistician has been at work and
lias discovered that the number of li
censed saloonkeepers in the United
States was reduced 10.340 during the
last year. In 1S16 the total was 215.
35S. in 1S97 206.018. Of the latter 11.071
are licensed to sell malt liquors only.
There is no state or territory without
its saloons even Alaska has 117 and
eix breweries. Prohibition Maine hrs
Sib, Kansas 2,2fl9 and Iowa 3 7S9. Ind -an
territory has only 13, the smallest
number. New York, of course, leads
off. and the other states follow in the
following order: New York 32 990; Il
linois, 17.339; Ohio, 14,849; Pennsylva
nia, 14,519; California. 12.767. There
are comparatively few saloons in the
south. Alabama has 850; Arkansas.
619; Mississippi, 326; South Carolina,
222. Georgia has 1.310, only 256 more
than the District of Columbia, 400 less
than Montana and 428 leas than Rhode
Island. Arkansas, Indian territory.
Maine, Mississippi, North Carolina,
Oklahoma and Vermont are without
The total number of cigars sold in
this country last year was 4.063.169,097.
The quantity f imported cigars used in
the United States is to be very much
iun. mon. IU8. woo. mur. rn. aai.
H l U Jl II Zi E
7F 1? TT ls u T7 J8
19 20 21 22 23 24 25 1
i . 1
4.26 27 28 29 30 31 .... tt
-n i i i i i i n-
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J ( trim's.
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week at 33 1-3 per cent
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mings also reduced
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tapes .Viw
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$10.00 Jackets
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Shoo -
"i 1 oszzssamK ANS AS
over estimated. Last year it was only
There has been a comparatively
small increase in the consumption of
cigars. There was a decrease of 172,
7S4.705 last year from 1896, and the in
crease from 1SS7 has been less than 400,
000,000. But this accounted for by the
enormous increase in the use of cigar
ettes, which has doubled almost twice
in the last ten years. The total for
1SS7 was 1.S25.2S7.0S2, which in 1397
jumped to 5.046,208.770. . . , , .
There has been a very large increase
in the consumption of snuff a habit
which people in polite society generally
suppose is obsolete. The total used in
1SS7 was 8. ICS. 609 pounds. In 1897 it
reached 13.26S.640 pouids. The increase
in tobacco has not been so rapid. The
total in 1S87 was 218,184,857. and in 1897,
260.734. S12 pounds. Of this 153.397,907
was plug. 11.761,690 was fine cut and
83.458.984 pounds was smoking tobacco.
The commissioner of internal revenue
reports that there are no manufactur
ers of opium in the United States so
far as he has been able to discover, so
that no revenue is derived from that
The tax on playing cards produced a
revenue of $251,306 last year.
It is urged by some that a lower tax
on whisky would produce more revenue
than is derived from that source at the
present rate of $1.10 per gallon. Moon
shining is said to have received a great
impetus since the advance was made
in the rate and the difficulties attending
collection have been increased. An in
crease in the beer tax, it is thought,
could not result in a similar condition.
For these reasons it is not Improbable
that an attempt will be made at the
present session of congress to restore
the old rate of 90 cents per gallon on
whisky and add about $1 per barrel to
the tax on malt liquors. The brewers,
however, wield a large influence in leg
islative matters and may be able to
prevent the change as they did at the
extra session.
The internal revenue taxes have
hitherto been depended upon to meet
the pension payments and unless they
are kept up and the pensions kept
down, some other way of raisins reve
nue must be devised.
Secretary Gage does not anticipate a
sufficient increase from the Dingley
tariff, for two years yet, to mest the
government's requirements,, even if the
internal revenue and the pension fig
ures should remain where they are.
Chicago Record: It will surprise no
one to hear that Gen. Grosvenor in the
early sessions of congress is lifting up
his voice in praise of the spoils system.
Gen. Grosvenor's whole training has
been in the school of politics which
teaches that every man who enters
public life does so with an interested
motive and that his services should be
paid for out of the magnificent supply
of government jobs. Men of Gen. Gros
venor's antecedents sincerely believe
that the matter of distributing the po
litical prizes is necessarily of more im
portance than that of providing honor
able and faithful service for the nation.
President McKinley, following the
lead of President Cleveland, has taken
his stand boldly for the merit system.
His famous "order" extending the op
erations of the civil service law was
greeted everywhere with approbation
as a sign that this administration was
committed to civil service reform. It
remains to be seen whether the major
ity In congress stands with the presi
dent or with the spoilsman from Ohio,
but none xtt the congressmen need have
any doubt that if civil service principles
are violated at their order the people
will be sure to visit their condemnation
upon the legislators responsible for it.
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Dolls, jointed, 5c each
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Dolls macle entirely
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Brownies, Esquimaux
and other novelty Dolls
25o to 98c each.
A great variety of
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Dolls 5c to 25c each.
Toy nursing bottles
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chains given gratis
with all Dolls from
lOc up. r
P 1
Railroad Trains, 10c to
Magic Lanterns,
Fly Rockers.GSc to $1.25 49c, 75c, 9Sc, $2.50.
- sa. V EN UE,
"When Gen. Grosvenor says that the
merit system Is not sustained by public
sentiment he speaks not for the public,
but for the coterie of politicians with
whom he has worked and shared polit
ical patronage for years. The men who
want offices seem to have peopled Gen.
Grosvenor's world almost to the exclu
sion of the men who really form the
mass of the voting public.
(From the Atchison Globe.)
There isn't a man living that you
can't honestly compliment about some
thing. After a woman becomes a widow,
she begins to say a great deal about
her extreme youthfulness when she
If you will take stock of your assets,
you will find that 50 per cent of your
wealth is represented by the determin
ation to save more money in future.
"When a woman fails to "take on" at
a funeral, her friends say that her self
control is wonderful; that she shows
but little of the deep emotion stirring
her soul.
Though every widow says a great
deal about her late husband's goodness,
the truth is that if she meets him in
heaven, the surprise of seeing him
there will cause her to drop dead a
second time.
A breath of Klondike passed over an
Atchison man's heart last night, and
he has been so depressed all day that
even his dog noticed it. He forgot that
his daughter had "company," and went
into the parlor. He backed out as soon
as he became aware of his mistake,
but both his wife and his daughter be
came very angry about it. A man can
furnish a parlor, but he has no busi
ness to go into it when his daughter is
entertaining some $3 a week young
man. Some fathers are very slow about
learning such things.
Some guns kick: revenge is one of
"No man can help his belief." Unless
he has brains.
A poor picture is not helped by being
put in a good light.
The dullest man has in him some
thing original. It is sin.
. In religious controversy, ferocity is
not the only sign of fidelity.
For a certain class of minds, infidelity
is the hall-mark of genius.
The man is usually in the right, who
owns himself in the wrong.
He who casts stones at others, makes
of himself a target for their return.
Take care of Number One, but take
care it is the right one the soul, not
the body.
The confession of past folly may be
only the profession of present wisdom.
Who would refuse the offer of eternal
life, it" he could put a mortgage on it?
A temple to Venus wras erected on
Calvary: it was the best the devil could
Encyclopaedias have to be re-written
every ten years; the Bible is still up to
He who always complains of the
clouds, receives little of life's sunshine,
and deserves less.
The mind, like the lens, may be con
cave and scatter brain power or con
vex and concentrate it.
When the X rays are so perfected as
tfi reveal a man's thought, there will
be a radical change in thinking'.
Giving an inspiration to another, is
like filling a lamp with oil, some time
the light will brighten a dark corner.
The man who denounces the existing
order of things, should speedily suggest
some means of improvement.
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Pension Bureau Brings a Virginia
family Together.
Parkersburg, W. Va..Dec. 14. Thirty
five years ago Henry Warner, of Lewis
county, enlisted in the Federal army
and went to the front, after which all
trace of him was lost, and he was sup
posed to have been killed in battle. As
his wife could not obtain a pension
without producing proofs of her hus
band's death, his son George, who was
born after the father left home, has
spent 2t years in trying to secure such
evidence. ' ' "
About two weeks ago the pension bu
reau notified the searcher that his
father was dying at Cottagevllle, Jack
son county, and was drawing a pension
for services during the rebellion. A cor
respondence began, and this week the
veteran and the son he had never seen
met at the home of George Lawson,
where the old soldier had lived for 30
years, believing his wife and child dead.
A. H. Barnes Tramps From Leaven
worth to "Washington, D. C
Washington, Dec. 14. A. H. Barnes,
a gray-haired old soldier, who under
took to walk from Leavenworth, Kan.,
to this city, 1,301 miles, in 65 days, has
arrived here, having covered the dis
tance in 51 and one-half days. He lost
13 days by rain and other causes.
Barnes is 56 years old, but is a hale
and hearty man. He had no sickness
nor accidents on the trip, though he
walked off something like eleven pounds
of flesh. He made the trip to prove
the staying qualities of an old soldier,
and to settle a wager of a piece of
property located in Leavenworth, val
ued at about $300.
Purchase of a Tract of 8,750 Acres in
Old Mexico.
Casas Grandes, Mex., Dec. 14. The
Mormons are so well pleased with their
colonization work in this locality during
the past 12 years that they have just
concluded the purchase of another tract
of 8,750 acres in extent at Galeana, 30
miles south of Casas Grandes. on the
Santa Maria river, and will start an
other colony there at once.
The concessionary is Andrew J.Stew
art. and the chief promoter of the enter
prise is Bishop G. W. Sewey, of Colonia
Juarez, the leading Mormon colony
here. Profiting by experience, the Mor
mons have secured the title to the new
ly purchased tract before undertaking
to occupy it. A town site has already
been laid out and platted. The colon
ists will pay from $2 to $5 per acre for
the land. A large reservoir is to be
built in the canyon above the town site.
The purchase does not include the site
of the old Mexican town of Galeana.
The new colony will be called Colonia
How tli a Engineers' Struggle is Par
s'.yzing Industry in England.
London, Dec. 14. Official estimates
show that 201. 63S workmen were af
fected by strikes during the past year,
and that the loss hereby entailed to
British trade was $75,000,000.
The industrial situation improved
somewhat during the week, for al
though the engineering strike is no
nearer settlement, the threatened con
current strikes in the cotton industry
and on the railroads have been averted,
at least for the present.
But that a Titanic struggle between
London unions and capital is impend
ing, is still true, for the Kmployers'
Federations are determined to pursue
in other directions the advantages the
combination has secured against the
engineers, whose union is deemed the
most powerful in England.
School Board Ka3 No Funds.
Minneapolis. Dec. 14. The board .at
education decided to close the schools
in Minneapolis, March 1. 1898, because it
has no money and no legal right to bor
row. We do mending and sew on buttons
free of charge. Peerless Steam Laundry.
Gift Cooks -J
Picture Books paper
and linen, lc to $1.00
Calkins' series stories
from Youths' Compan
ion 25c each.
Block patent Animal
Books (movable letters)
20c each.
D. & H. COc Dresden
series Popular Authors
25c each.
PlcL ' Rl",er
IMUlna ( iiinioim.
Made of colored stone
in three colors in ex
act imitation of nature
scientific and amus
ing, largely used in kin
dergartens. A set of
them is worth a hund
red others. Prices from
25c to $4.00 per set.
We are sole agents here.
Don't wait till the last
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you probably cannot get
D. & H. 35c
cloth bound Books 19c
An assorted
Books worth 50c
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half price.
Oxford Bibles Teach
ers' edition, worth $2.00
for 98o.
Full line of fine
Jardinieres at20 per
cent, discount.
The voting for the
f 25.00 Doll increases
in Interest every uUiy.
up to 35c
10c to 98c.
Rescued by Sailors While Swimming
at Sea.
New York, Dec. 14. "Sea serpents!"
cried the crew of the sloop Elk of
Keyport yesterday afternoon, as she
lay in Raritan bay, near the southwest
ship buoy at Matawan, N". J. Near the
Elk was the sloop Imogene, also of
The attention of both crews was con
centrated upon a pair of horned heads
and two pairs of flaming eyes which
were making their way through the
water toward the sloops.
When the curious animals drew near
er they were found to be a pair of
steers. By the time the steers had
reached the side of the sloops, the
boatsmen had arranged a rude sort of
a tackle upon the decks and the ani
mals were lasoed and drawn aboard.
The steers were brought to Keyport
and will be sold for the benefit of the
boatmen who captured them. They
are worth $100.
They were probably lost overboard
from the cattle boat Glasgow, which
collided with a coal barge off Sandy
Hook yesterday morning.
A Movement to Find Tenants for
Abandoned Farms.
New York, Dec. 14. A company has
been organized in Springfield. Mass.,
to colonize the abandoned farms of
New England.
John Wanamaker and other capital
ists are said to be interested. A. Wil
lis Lightbourn, secretary of the wool
exchange of this city, is the president
of the company.
"We are incorporated under the laws
of Maine," Mr. Lightbourn said today,
"with a capital of $50,000. Mr. Wana
maker is interested as a promoter. An
option has been obtained on 10.000
acres, located in the five New England
states, and the farms will be divided
in size varying from 30 to 50 acres
"Any person of good character can
lease one of the farms for a year at a
time and pay an annual installment for
the privilege. Good buildings will be
placed on the farms and the land will
be brought to a high state of cultiva
tion. The orchards will receive spec
ial attention, and where the lessees are
beginners, or lack knowledge of farm
ing, thorough instruction will be given
in the tilling of the soil, poultry rais
ing and the cultivation of crops. Our
object is to divide the land into small
farms and settle on them good, pros
perous and ambitious people. The syn
dicate includes business men, bank of
ficers and others."
Lonely Prisoner Says a Sparrow Was
Sent to Kim.
Upper Sandusky, O., Dec. 14. Out of
a. double quartet of prisoners confined
in the Wyandot county jail, there is a
confirmed epileptic, a young rrftin of
the name of Frank Swalley, who is
awaiting a vacancy in the hospital at
Swalley is alone in the world, but
has tjow for his companion a saucy lit
tle English sparrow, which he claims
was sent him by the Lord.
Several nights ago the bird flew into
the jail from an open window and
perched itself near a burning gas Jet.
It has since been Swalley's sole solace
in his lonely residence, and he caresses
and fondles it like a child.
Nothing will drive the feathered vis
itor from the cell, and Swalley says
that as he is alone in the world the
good Lord has not forgotten him and
sent this companion.
Sale of C garettes in Tennessee.
Chattanooga, Dec. 14. In the case of
the State of Tennessee vs. J. Bans
field, charged with selling cigarette
from broken packages. Judge Clark, of
the United States court in a decision
rendered today held that the term "Or
iginal Package" could be applied to
small packages of 10 cigarettes. This ef
fectually settles the cigarette question
in Tennessee, and gives the dealers all
the liberty they desire.
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pjl fjPf

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