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The Topeka state journal. [volume] (Topeka, Kansas) 1892-1980, December 14, 1897, Part One, Image 2

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

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Senator Butler Urges the Pas
sage Iby the Senate
Of His Bill Establishing Postal
Sayings Banks.
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Issues of Gorernment Bonds.
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Pan Francisco, Dec. 14. Upon motion
of District Attorney Barnes, and it ap
pearing that the judgment of death
heretofore pronounced has not been ex
ecuted, W. 11. T. Dunant, the con
demned murderer of Blanch Lament
and Minnie Williams, has been ordered
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Washington. Dec. 14. Mr. Lodge (Mass.)
made an effort in the senate yesterday to
secure an immediate vote upon his immi
gration bill, which Is substantially the
same measure that was passed by the
Fifty-fourth congress and vetoed by Pres
ident Cleveland. Mr. Allen (Neb.) ob
jected to an immediate vote and suggest
ed that the final vote on the amendments
and the bill be taken, on Monday, Janu
ary 17, at 3 p. m. This suggestion was
accepted by Mr. Lodge and the order for
a vote at that time was made. Mr. Gor
man, chairman of the Democratic steering
committee, presented an order, which was
adopted, rearranging some of the commit-,
tee assignments of some of the Demo
cratic members, made necessary by the
incoming of some new members.
Mr. Butler (N. C) spoke at length upon
amendments he had offered to the bill
which he had previously introduced pro
viding for a postal savings bank system.
Such a system would, in his opinion, in
sure greater comfort in the homes of the
plain people of the land, as a great ma
jority of them would certainly become
depositors in such banks. This would
cultivate among them thrift and economy
and enable them easily to provide for
themselves in illness and in old age, which
was another argument in favor of such
a system. Mr. Butler argued that if the
system would be established there would
never be another bond issue by the gov
ernment in time of peace. It would giv
men of small means an opportunity to in
crease their capital; wouid place a greater
amount of money in circulation and afford
benefits to all of the people of inestimable
value. A bill providing for the erection
of an addition to the public building at
Los Angeles, Cal., to cost $250,000, was
Mr. Gorman (Md.) of the Democratio
steering committee presented an orde
making some changes in the Democratic
representation in standing committees of
the senate. The order provided that Mr.
Jones (Ark.) be appointed chairman of
the committee on private land claims; Mr.
Daniel, chairman of the committee on
corporations in the District of Columbia;
Mr. Turpie, chairman of the committee
to investigate the condition of the Poto
mac river front at Washington: Mr. Berry
of the committee on woman suffrage; Mr.,
Gray, chairman of the committee on ad
ditional accommodation for the library or
congress; Mr. Pasco (Fla.). chairman of
the committee on the five civilized tribes
of Indians. Other senators were assigned
to committees as follows:
Mr. Daniel (Va.), to the finance; Mr.
Mills (Tex.), to the committee on com
merce; Mr. Pettus (Ala.), to the judiciary;
Mr. Gorman (Md.), to District of Colum.
bia; Mr. Mallory (Fla.), to public health
and national quarantine: Mr. Walthall
(Miss.), to rules; Mr. Money (Miss.),
to agriculture and forestry, rail
roads, postoflice and post roads, public
buildings and grounds and geological sur
vey; Mr. Turley (Tenn.), to private lanil
claims, privileges and elections, transpor
tation routes to the seaboard, education
and labor and patents.
The order was adopted without debate.
Mr. Wilson (Wash.) presented a resolu
tion directing the civil service commis
sion to transmit to the senate a statement
by fiscal year's since 1SW0, showing the to
tal number of persons examined, the total
number passed and the total number ap
pointed in the several branches of the
government since, and the total number
of persons on the eligible lists of the sev
eral branches of the civil service at the
beginning of each of those fiscal years.
The resolution was agreed to and the sen
ate adjourned.
Entire Session Wasted in a. Personal
Washington, Dec. 14. Excepting the re
porting of the legislative and executive
and judicial appropriation bill, the house
did no public business yesterday. The en
tire session was consumed in adjusting a
personal dispute between Mr. Hepburn of
Iowa and Mr. Norton of Ohio, which grew
out of a controversy that occurred last
week during the debate on the pension
bill. The point at issue was as to whether
a certain word used by Mr. Norton, but
which he afterwards disclaimed any in.
tention of using, should appear in the
permanent record.
The house by a party vote, 136 to 131,
sustained Mr. Hepburn.
Appropriates $21,562,425.
Washington. Dec 14. The legislative,
executive and judicial appropriation bill
as reported to the house by the commit
tee on appropriations carries a total of
$1 562 425. being JTsO.Sul less than the esti
mates. The number of salaries provided
for is 10.000, being 198 less than the num
ber estimated for and 23 less than the
number provided for in the current law.
Murdered With, a Ball Bat
Deputy t'nited States Marshal Will
Neek-y late yesterday afternoon
brought Private Joseph H. Lfn ?'
Ft Hilev to Topeka and placed him in
the county jail. Leach is the regular
soldier who on the night of November
26 attacked Corporal Thomas Fennell
with a ball bat. Fennell lingered untd
two or three days ago and died ana
Leach is charged with murder. At
the same time Loach struck a private
with the bat breaking his jaw. The
men had been at Junction City and
quarreled. Leach swore vengeance
and when the men were asleep he car
ried out his threat by the aid of the bat.
Leach savs that he was crazed with
liquor and morphine when he made the
assault. He will have a hearing be
fore T'nited States Commissioner Clark
next Wednesday.
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They Demand an Indemnity from the
Armour Packing Co.
Kansas City, Mo., Dec. 14. Organ
ized labor circles are agog over a de
mand for $50,000 indemnity made on the
Armour Packing company by a joint
committee representing Anchor Feder
ation, the Fireman's Union and the
unions of beef, pork and sheep butch
ers, in submitting a proposition looking
to a settlement of pending troubles and
the withdrawal of the boycott on the
Armour products.
Leading men in the trades unions In
the wo Kansas Citys say that the
joint committee representing live unions
acted without authority because the
settlement of the troubles was a mat
ter that should have been left with the
two central bodies, the Industrial
Council in this city and the Trades As
sembly in Kansas City, Kan. Further
more, they declare that the demand for
the indemnity was wholly inconsistent
with the demands of organized labor
in its fight against the Armour com
At a later called meeting of the two
main unions of the two Kansas Citys.
the indemnity action was denounced as
irregular, and a committee was ap
pointed to treat with the Armours with
a view of adjusting the matter.
The trouble originated in 1S93, when
the Armour firemen struck and issued
a boycott against the firm. The com
pany retaliated by discharging several
hundred union men from its other de
partments. After the strike was final
ly declared off. Armours agreeing to
employ the old men, the unions claim
ed that all had not been given their
places, and the boycott was again put
into force and has not since been re
A First Membership of 25,000 to be
Formed Before January 1.
New York, Dec. 14. Secretary Ko
palowitz of the executive board of the
United Brotherhood of Cloakmakers.
announce! that a national union of
cloakmakers, with at first a member
ship of 25.000, will be formed before
the first of the year.
The unions of Chicago, Boston, Bal
timore, Philadelphia, St. Louis and
Cincinnati favor it.
The nucleus of the national body will
be the organization in this city, which
has a membership of 8.000..
When the national union is formed
strikes, which will tie up the entire
cloak-making industry of the country,
will be ordered to enforce demands for
the abolition of the sweating system
and for a ten hour work day.
Russell Sage Says That Ha ia Not
the Owner.
New York, Dec. 14. A new financial
journal, the Herald and Maritime
Press, made its appearance in Wall
street today.
The paper is a financial review and
was said to be the property of liussell
Sage. Mr. Sage, however, denies that
he is the owner or that he has an own
ership interest in the publication. The
editor, H. C. Brace, he explained today,
is a friend, that is all.
San Francisco City Coroner Makes a
Discovery Which Accounts
for 66 Deaths.
San Francisco, Dec. 14. The startling
discovery has been made that the il
luminating gas used in this city con
tains from IS to 28 per cent of deadly
carbon monoxide. Even if a window is
left open in a room Where the gas is
escaping it will not save the inmates,
as the gas sinks to the floor.
During this year there were 66 deaths
by gas poisoning in this city alone, and
for the last four years there has been
an average of a death a week from this
cause. In England, where the law lim
its the amount of carbon monoxide in
gas to 7 per cent, there were but three
deaths this year due to gas. The coro
ner held inquests yesterday on two gas
victims, and censured the gas compa
nies in both cases.
New Hampshire Officer Has Colors of
a North Carolina Eegiment.
Raleigh, N. C, Dec. 14. Adjutant
General Anglin, of New Hampshire,
writes Adjutant General Cowles that
Mrs. Persis P. Chase, sister of the late
Colonel Edward Cross, of the Fifth New
Hampshire, has placed in his possession
the state Hag of the Fourth North Car
olina, captured by Colonel Cross at
Sharpsburg; that be had suggested to
her, and she fully agreed, that if there
is an association of survivors of the
Fourth, they would be glad to have the
flag returned, and if there is not, it will
be returned to the state authorities.
Secured by the Railroads Which. Dis
criminate Against Boatmen.
New York, Dec. 14. According to the
Herald the trunk line railroads have
succeeded in obtaining control of nearly
the entire water front of Greater New
York. It is claimed that independent
lighterage men are not allowed to touch
at their docks in many cases. In other
cases the railroads, it is asserted, dis
criminate against independent boat
men, allowing them only two cents a
hundred pounds on freight. It is also
announced that many of the lighterage
and barge concerns are going out of
business on account of the alleged dis
Sister of the Author is Dying at
Chicago, Dec. 14. A special to the
Chronicle from Toronto, Ont., says:
Janet Carlyle Hanning. sister of the
great Thomas Carlyle and the last sur
viving member of the family, is dying
at the residence of W. J. Laing, her
son-in-law, in this city. She is 85 years
of age.
The medical attendant entertains no
hope of her recovering, and her death
may take place at any hour.
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Minneapolis Man Secures a Patent
for a New Kind of Fuel.
Moline, 111., Dec. 14. Charles W.
Smith of Minneapolis has just secured
through Moline attorneys a patent on
a process for converting soft coal into
a fuel which is pronounced superior to
It is claimed that a ton of soft coal
produces 1,300 pounds of hard coal, be
sides 6,000 to 9,000 cubic feet of the best
illuminating gas and 300 pounds of tar.
The inventor is arranging to start a
big plant in this city and will make
Moline his headquarters.
Johnson Passed Amorously Inscribed
Losenges Around at a Prayer
Greenport, N. Y., Dec. 14. Louis
Johnson, a colored youth, was arrested
last evening for flirting at a prayer
meeting. The charge was made before Justice
Bowditch by the Rev. S. V. S. Gumbs,
pastor of the A. M. E. Zion church of
this village.
Johnson, in addition to flirting, pass
ed around lozenges on which were
stamped: "Do you love me?" and "Are
you jealous?" He acknowledged his
guilt and was fined $5.
i0c TirjP all
25c "50c DRUGGISTS
HmaiClfti. Sold by ml 1 f
Oro. Barcnarl. Hakar, SOI Kam. A
s i Sells 6oal
An Embryo Metropolis Disposed of
at Auction fnr $90,000.
San Antonio.Tex., Dec. 14. The town
of Texas City, which was started about
three years ago as a great coast re
sort and commercial metropolis by a
syndicate of capitalists, was sold in
bulk Saturday at public auction for
$90,000. J. L. Greatsinger of Duluth,
Minn,, was the purchaser.
The city contains a fine hotel, sever
al large store buildings, and some fine
residences, built for citizens who never
First Cuban Tobacco in Months.
New York, Dec. 14. The Ward Line
steamer Orizaba, which arrived today,
brought from Havana 391 bales of to
bacco, being the first shipped from that
port in many months.
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