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Element of Chance in the Busi
ness World
1 i
I Rheumatism
His Words Will Inspire Faith
Paine's Celery Compound.
IWho will doubt the wonderful efficacy
of Paine's celery compound in the face
of the following endorsement from the
Bishop of the diocese of Burlington?
.Wells. Richardson & Co..
Gentlemen: I have been, asked why
I recommend Paine's celery compound
and I desire to put on record franJUy
my reasons for this endorsement, hop
ing that my words may inspire those
readers, who need health and strength,
with faith to try Paine's celery com
pound and prove to themselves its
At the Fanny Allen Hospital, an in
stitution in which I am deeply interested
Paine's celery compound has been used
The Sisters of Mercy at Mount St.
Mary's Academy on Mansfield Ave-,
rely upon Paine's celery compound as
a tonic and strength-giver.
In my own household, one of the do
mestics has taken Paine's celery com
pound for liver trouble of long standing
and says, "It has done more good than
any other medicine."
Several priests have spoken to me in
praise of this remedy, and I believe it
has the confidence of my associates.
Even did I not know from personal
observation of the worth of Paine's
celery compound, I should feel like
praising it for the simple reason that it
is prepared by the Wells & Richardson
Co., a firm whose members I have
known for nearly a quarter of a cen
tury, and in whom I have perfect con
fidence. Very trulv,
Coadjutor Bishop of Burlington, Vt.
Father Michaud, one of the ablest
priests of the Roman Catholic church in
America, was consecrated Coadjutor
Bishop of Burlington in 1892 by the
Most Reverend John T. Williams, D. D.,
Archbishop of Boston, assisted by Rt.
Rev. D. Bradley and Rt. Rev. H.
Gabriels, D. D. The diocese then con
tained 87 churches, 64 priests, 15 con
vents, one college, 6 academies, one
orphanagje, two hospitals, 18 parochial
schools, and a Catholic population of
55.000. Father Michaud built the Provi
dence Orphan Asylum, a, commanding
structure that Is the source of much
pride, the Fanny Allen Hospital at
Burlington, and a church which is con
sidered the finest in the state.
His kind-hearted desire to be of ser
vice to the people and the great sin
cerity that breathes through every line
of Bishop Michaud's recommendation of
Paine's celery compound ought to leave
no doubt in anyone's mind of the tre
mendous superiority of Paine's celery
compound over all the remedies that
have recently been clamoring for atten
tion. Paine's celery compound will make
you well, and enable you to stay so!
The system strengthened, purified and
regulated by this greatest of remedies
will resist all invasion of disease!
There is no household that can afford
to be without it. Its praises have been
sounded by men and women in every
walk of life by the wealthiest, the
most famous, and by the humblest, but
equally grateful.
Paine's celery compound is within the
reach of every one. It is a simple mat
ter to test its astonishing efficacy.
Personal Attack on Senator Lodge in
One Atkinson Pamphlet.
Washington, D. C. May 6. Through the
lavor of free publication extended to Kd
ward Atkinson's seditious pamphlets, the
senate finds itself in the embarrassing po
sition of giving circulation to a scandal
ous attack upon one of its own members.
Senator CaftVry obtained the order to
print under one of the loose rules. An as
tonishing feature of Senator Carterv s per
formance is that he should have permit
ted himself to be used for the purpose of
placing on the senate records a personal
attack on a fellow senator. In the course
of his essay on 'Criminal Aggression" Mr.
Atkinson goes out of his wav to say:
'I claim no more foresight than any
other man of common sense, but when the
danger of war was disclosed I sent for
these documents and I have secured the
printing of these details In a senate docu
ment which Senator Lodge tried to stop
on the ground of saving the expense of
printing treatises by private persons. He
was olliged to withdraw his obler-tion
hen Senator Jones of Arkansas insisted
on the record being made. You mav con
trast, if you please, the elements of poli
tics and patriotism in the acts and
speeches of the senior and junior senators
of Massachusetts. Choose, then, who hon
ors or dishonors the state."
Had any other senator than Caffery been
aware of the presence of such a passage
s this in the document for publication of
which unanimous consent was asked, ob
jection would have been made instantly,
and it is thought inconceivable here that
Caffery himself could have been aware of
the passage when he asked to hve the
pamphlet printed at government expense,
when Senator Jones made his orfelnal re
quest, on January 27. Senator Lodge, as
chairman of the printing committee, very
properly took exception to insertine the
Atkinson literature in the Congresplonal
Record, on the ground that it wa a rep
rehensible practice to involve the govern
ment in great expenditure by printing long
pamphlets in the record so that thev
might be sent through the mails free. He
withdrew his objection because Jones
threatened to read the pamphlet, and to
have done this would have taken up valu
able time near the close of congress. Caf
fery will be called on to explain his con
duct when the senate meets again.
21 Meals $&25.'
-Bote Oxford and Restaurant.
FRANK LONG, Manager.
War Department Deluged With War
Washington, May 6. There must have
been a3 many pictures' taken during the
war with Spain as there were s"hots fired.
The bureau of the war department which
is engaged in making a pictorial history
of the war Is simply deluged with photo
graphs. I'p to the present time Captain Scherer,
who has this work in charge, has received
or been promised about 8.000 pictures re
lating to the Santiago campaign alone.
He believes that he will have as many
more from the Philippines, while the oc
cupation of Cuba has been pictured in at
least 5.1100 different ways. The pictures
are sent in response to a general invita
tion from the war department to all ama
teur and professional photographers to
loan their negatives or prints to the de
partment for the purpose of selecting such
subjt-cts as will tend to make the proposed
collection of greatest value.
"We cannot begin to use a tenth of all
the pictures that have been sent to us."
said Captain Scherer today. "The story
of the Santiago campaign will be told in
about 600 photographs, beginning with the
training of recruits for the armv and
ending with Montauk Point and the mus
tering out of the troops in various cities,
with illustrations of the welcome given to
the soldiers on their return. As vou can
imagine, the photographs come to us in
all sizes and shapes, but we have arranged
a plan by which- when they are placed in
the final album they will all be of the
same size, about Tx&H inches. We enlarge
the miniature pictures which come to us.
remedy the defects which mav be appar
ent, and then rephotograph the enlarged
print down to the proper size. Each pic
ture, when it is placed in the collection,
will have its general subject, its individ
ual title and the name of the donor at
tached. The scenes will run In chrono
logical order, including mustering in of
troops, camp life at Chickamauga. the
Journey to Tampa, loading on transports
the sail to Cuba, the landing at Raiquiri.
the taking of Santiago. the triumphal
march of the soldiers into that citv and
finally, as I have said, Montauk Point and
the mustering out of various regiments."
"Are any of the pictures-unique?"
"If you mean freaks, I would answer in
the negative. We have many ot great
value, but all of them are straight goods.
I received one batch todav which gave a
panorama of a Cuban funeral, from the '
time that the corpse was placed In the
coffin until it was dumped out into the
grave. The series is intensely interest
ing, but. of course, has no place in a pic
torial history of the war."
It is estimated that it will take about
four months to recopy and mount the 600
pictures which are to be selected out of
the thousands which have already been
Pneumonia, la grippe, coughs, colds,
croup, and whooping cough readily
yield to One Minute Cough Cure. Use
this remedy in time and save a doctor's
bill or the undertaker's. Geo. W
Stansfield, W. H. Wilson, A. J. Arnold
& Son, A. J. Kane & Co.
San Francisco, Los Ang.eles $32.50.
Via the Rock Island Route.
For Five Nations.
Dr. Humphreys' Specific Manual tells
all about the treatment and cure of
disease, in five languages, is published
m English, German, French, Spanish
and Portuguese, that all may know
about Dr. Humphreys' famous Specifics.
By consulting this book you can doc
tor yourself and your family success
fully; it can. be found at all drug stores
or is mailed free on request.
Humphreys' Medicine Co., Cor. Wil
liams & John Sts., New York.
lias Been Almost Wholly Elim
inated Say, Dun & Co.
In Business Failures the Small'
est Ever Known
In That Month Since Records
Hare Been Kept.
New Tork, May 6. R. G. Dun & Co.,
in their Weekly Review of Trade say:
The failures inApril were the smallest
in any month since records by months
began, 38 per cent smaller than in April
of last year, not a third of the amount
in 1897, and not half the amount of
April of any previous year. Both in
manufacturing and in trading they
were the smallest ever known in that
month and "in trading the smallest ever
known in any month, as in manufac
turing they were if the larger failures
were omitted. The ratio of defaulted
liabilities to solvent payments through
clearing houses was less than 70 cents
per $1,000 against 90 cents in January
and $1.19 in March, $7.89 In August, and
$8.02 in September. 1896. A great share
of the risk in the business world has
been eliminated.
It is not inconsistent nor strange if
business halts, because it has been
crowded to the utmost for four months
in anticipating future needs on account
of new combinations proposed. In some
cases prices have been advanced so far
as to check new business and in others
works have been engaged so far ahead
that new orders can not be taken. Yet
new business in amount which would
have been astonishing two years ago is
still coming forward, and the voluntary
advance in wages by the firms of the
central association and by the Frick
coke works, whose shipments in April,
30.452 cars, were the heaviest ever
known, show confidence in the future.
At Buffalo, and in Idaho strikes are
causing trouble, but labor questions
elsewhere do not affect general busi
ness. The grain movement has fallen off,
only 2,464.148 bushels having been re
ceived at the west during the week,
against 4.765.519 bushels last year and
of corn only 2.62.41i bushels have been
exported, against 4.545,749 bushels last
year, while wheat exports from both
coasts have been better 3.545,706 bush
els, flour ' included, against 2,654,237
bushels last year.
Nearly all iron works are crowded for
months ahead, but a good many are
catching up with their orders, which
have recently diminished.
The report that all the great com
panies are to be melted into one influ
ences the stock market, but is still
scarcely credited, and the raising of
foreign prices where American compe
tition is no longer felt, is suggestive.
Pig is nowhere higher, nor has any
class of finished products established
higher prices, though in many the de
mand exceeds supplies. London specu
lation made a higher price for tin at
$25.85, although Atlantic receipts in
April, 5.105 tons, were the largest on
record, and copper is stronger at $19.25
for lake, although European stocks are
Shipments of boots and shoes from
the east in five weeks have been but
14.8 per cent larger than last year, 14
per cent larger than in the next
largest year. 1S95, and 44 per
cent larger than in 1892. Factories
are busy with orders for months at old
prices, and 2V2 cents advance is paid on
new orders for several grades. But the
only change in leather Is a small ad
vance in union sole and hides are half
of one per cent stronger at Chicago.
Wool sales for the week have been
larger 8,859.853 pounds, owing to sales
of over a million pounds Australian in
bond for export, and heavy speculative
purchases of territory. The wool year
ends with heavy stocks on hand and
prices about 10 per cent lower than last
year, British prices averaging about 11
per cent higher for Australian fine but
about 10 per cent lower for English and
cross-bred wools. Sales of domestic
wool in four months have been 83,593,735
pounds, more than in any year except
ing 1897, when speculators were taking
in the heavy stocks which some of
them have recently been selling at a
loss, but sales of foreign have been 31.
725.S03 pounds for the year, against 93.
264,350 pounds in that year. The market
in goods is a little stronger, with an ad
vance in clay mixtures, but in general
is waiting for the outcome of new com
binations and about some of these
there is still doubt whether -they will
be completed. The worsted combina
tion has gone into operation, but with
out interfering with deliveries of goods
under previous orders. The cotton
goods market is the more steady be
cause some strikes still limit produc
tion a little, but is quite encouraging
and active. and in some staples has fur
ther advanced.
Failures for the week have been 158
in the United States, against 238 last
year and 23 in Canada, against 25 last
Why the Second Mrs. Rivenburg Asks
For a Divorce From Her Husband.
Albany, N. Y., May S. Because she fan
cies that she saw the ghost of her hus
band's first wife. Mrs. Anna C. Rivenburg
of Preston Hollow demands a. separation
from her husband, with a stipulated al
lowance. She declares that the wraith of the for
mer Mrs. Rivenburg made a wild nightly
tour of the Rivenburg household, wept
and wailed, banged doors and generally
upset the mental poise of her successor.
A score of witnesses have testified that
Mrs. Rivenburg complained that while her
husband, Eliaa Rivenburg. a prosperous
farmer, was a fairly good spouse, she
could not endure his iffmtom consort.
Her husband's attorneys "enter the plea
that her complaint is an intangible one
and should not stand a ghost of a chance
in court.
The case is in the hands of City Judge
George Addington as referee. One hearing
has been had at Preston Hollow, where
neighbors for many miles around attended
the court and shivered and gravely shook
their heads when testimony concerning
the ghost was brought out.
The next hearing is set for May 12 in
If you suffer from tenderness or full
ness on the right side, pains under
shoulder-blade, constipation.biliousness,
sick-headache, and feel dull, heavy and
sleepy your liver i3 torpid and congest
ed. DeWitt's Little Early Risers will
cure you promptly, pleasantly and per
manently by removing the congestion
and causing the bile ducts to open and
flow naturally. They are good pills.
Geo. W. Stansfield, W. H. Wilson, A,
J. Arnold & Son, A. J. Kane & Co.
is a disease of the blood. Local applications may furnish
temporary relief, but to CURE the disease it is necessary to
treat it through the blood.
Locomotor Ataxia
is a disease of the nerves. The one successful method of
treatment is by a remedy that will restore nutrition to the
nerves. Such a remedy is .
Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for Pale People
These pills are a specific in cases of Rheumatism, Locomotor
Ataxia, Paralysis, and other diseases of the blood and nerves,
because they supply the necessary elements to build up the
blood and strengthen the nerves. It is in this way that the
pills effect so many cures in diseases of apparently widely
different character.
Frank Long, who lives near Lennon, Mich.,
says : " On starting to get up from the dinner
table, I was taken with a pain in my back.
The pain increased and I was obliged to take to
my bed. The physician pronounced my ease
muscular rheumatism accompanied by lumbago.
" My disease gradually became worse until I
thought that death would be welcome release
from ray sufferiugs.
" I was finally induced to try Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for Pale People. I took the pills
according to directions and soon began to notice
an improvement in my condition. Before the
first box was used I could get abont the house,
and after using five boxes was entirely cured.
"Since that time I have felt no return of the
rheumatic pains. Am confident that Dr. Wil
liams' Pink Pills saved my life and I try to in
duce myfrieuds who are sick to try the same
remedy. I will gladly answer inquiries con
cerning my sickness and wonderful cure, pro
vided stamp is enclosed for reply."
Frank Long.
Sworn to before me at Venice, Mich., this
16th day of April, 1898.
G. B. Goldsmith, Jutliee of the Peace.
Edwin K. Tripp. Postmaster of Middlefield
Centre, N. Y., said: "In March, 1892, I was
attacked by what I afterwards learned was loco
motor ataxia. Two skillful doctors did every
thing they could for me. I steadily became
worse. Was unable to dress myself.
"Later I could not move even about the
room, but was carried in my chair. I gave up
hope. The doctors gave me no encouragement.
I did not expect to live very long. I was mora
helpless thau a baby.
" In June the tide turned.
" The taming point was a newspaper article.
- " It told how a man, who suffered as I had
suffered, had been cured by Dr.Willis.nis' Pink
Pills for Pale People.
"It gave me faith and hope. I took two
boxes of the pills; then four more boxes.
"My gain was steady; my return to health
was a source of daily gratification.
" In all I took eighteen boxes of the pills be
fore I was entirely well. At first I paid 50 cents
a box, but afterwards I saved money by getting
six boxes at a time, paying $2.50.
" I owe my cure entire r to Dr. William'
Pink Pills for Pale People."
Subscribed and sworn to before me.
Homsr Hamxa, Notary Public.
The blood and nerves rule the whole body. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
Pale People are the best blood builder and nerve tonic. But be sure you
the genuine. Substitutes neVer cured anybody. All druggists sell
Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People, or the remedy will be sent postpaid
receipt of price, 50 cents a box, or six boxes for $2.50, by addressing
Williams Medicine Company, Schenectady, N. Y.
at Baltimore,
Score by innings:
Tt H E
Baltimore 0 0001001 2 4 9 i
Philadelphia .. 3 0 1 0 0 0 2 0 06 15 4
Batteries Baltimore. Nops and Robin
son; Philadelphia, Wheeler and McFar
Cincinnati 2 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 o' 13" 3
St. Louis 2 0000000 02 4 2
Batteries Cincinnati. Hahn and Pietz;
St. Louis, Young and O'Connor.
Score by innings:
Cleveland 0 001010002 8 4
Chicago 0 3 1 0 2 0 3 2 11 14 3
-tsatienes uieveiana, tjareey ana dim
mer; Chicago, Callahan and Chance.
Score by innings:
R H" E
New York 0 0100100 3 3' 8 2
Washington 1 2001000 0-4 8 2
Batteries New York, Doheny and War
ner; Washington, Weyhing and MiGuire.
Score by innings:
Pittsuunr 1 0 0 0 0 2 2 2 0 f 11 i
Louisville 2 0000120 05 10 Z
Batteries Pittsburg, Leever and Bower
man; Louisville, Phtlippi and Kittredge.
Score by innings:
Brooklyn 5 0 1 0 2 0 1 2 011 12 1
Boston ,..0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 2 6 7
Batteries Brooklyn, Hughes and -Far-rell;
Boston, Lewis and Clarke
Won. Lost. P.C.
St. Louis 11 4 .733
Philadelphia 13 ' 5 .722
Chicago 12 8 .6u7
Brooklyn 11 7 .611
Cincinnati 8 6 .571
Boston 10 S .556
Louisville S .471
Baltimore 8 10 .444
New York 6 .4110
Pittsburg 5 10 .33
Cleveland 4 12 .230
Washington 4. 13 .2i5
Score by innings:
R. H. E.
St. Paul 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 03 11 1
Kansas city oouuuzou 2 4 s z
Batteries Denzer and Spies, Gear and
Score by innings:
R. IT. E.
Minneapolis 0 1 000000 12 6 3
Milwaukee 1 2 0 1 0 2 0 0 6 9 2
Batteries Menefee and Dixon: Ketteer
and Spear.
Score by Innings:
R. H. 13.
Detroit 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 02 8 2
Indianapolis 0 000011 03 9 2
Batteries roung ana Bueiow: f oreman
and Kahoe.
Won. Lost.
Kansas City 5 3
uetroit o
St. Paul 4 3
Milwaukee 4 3
Buffalo 4 4
Indianapolis 4 4
Columbus 3 5
Minneapolis .' 2 S
Rheumatism Cured in a Day.
"Mystic- Cure" for Rheumatism and
Neuralgia radically cures in 1 to 3 days.
Its action upon the system Is remarka
ble and mysterious. It removes at once
the cause and the disease immediately
disappears. The first dose greatly bene
fits. 75 cents. Sold by Swift & Holliday.
d resists. 523 Kansas avenue, Topeka.
in in in m ii ii i in in ii iii in h 11 in i nun "I
Odd Fellows' Building, 523 Quincy St.
Finest Ambulance in the west.
FREE to the public day and night
Our Prices are Reasonable.
De Moss & Penwell, I
PHONE 192.
Phone 192 Undertaking Rooms.
Phone 627 Barn.
yt i HI
Phone 778 Penwell Residence.
Phone 776 De Moss Residence.
Topeka Seed Mouse
ML (Established 1876.)
Wholesale and Retail Garden, Field, and Flower Seeds.
Flowering Bulbs and Plants, Flower Pot, Vases, Qardelmipjements
THIS SEASON'S SPECIALTIES : A large assortment of Two-year-old
Clematis and other Climbing Vines and Climbing Boses,
Crimson, Yellow, White, and Pink Ramblers. A large assortment of
hardy Two-year-old Standard Roses. - Sweet Peas, Nasturtium and
other Fresh Flower Seeds put np from our bulk stock. Lawn Grass,
Lawn Fertilizers, Flower Food, and Insect Destroyers.
Headquarters for Poultry Supplies. Address,
ti if itmi'VD f - 80S Kansas Avenue.
g B. II. UV 11.13, JlOllUfl, TOPEKA, KAS.
The Original
" Is adapted for every variety of dish from Turtle to Beef, from Salmon
to Steaks, to all of which it gives a famous relish."
Undertaker and Embalmer.
The largest assortment of fine goods In
the city at reasonable prices.
417 Kansas Ave. Telephone 387.
'Phone 31. Catalogue Free. Day and Night Sessions. 21 aid 523 Quincy St

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