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VOLUME xxvir.
.No. 137
Official Paper of the City of Top.
Daily edition, delivered by carrier, 10
cents a week to any part of Topeka or
unburns, or at the same price In any Kan
nit town wtiera tha paper baa a. carrlar
l y mail, one year Si
I'.y mail, three months '. ?J
Weekly edition, one year
Topeka State Journal Building, w anO
tJ2 Kansas avenue, corner of Kignth.
Tempi Court Bldg.
A. Frank Richardson, Mgr.
Stock Exchange Bid.
A. Frank Kichanlson, Mgr.
12 Red Lion Court. Fleet Street.
Pns1ns Office Kel! 'Phone 107
Kfporters" Room Bell "Phone 57
The total of appropriation made by
the D6th congress indicates that the two
billion dollar congress is not far off.
Nearly a week has passed and almost
nothing: has been said about the signif
icance of the Oregon election.
It looks as though whoever fights the
rsoxeis will be compelled to fight Japan,
or Kussia or the Empress of China.
The Boers appear to have learned a
lesson from the fate of Cronje and have
no intention of being caught. in a vice.
In the hurry Incident to adjournment,
Senator Mason failed to get in a resolu
tion extending sympathy to the "Box
ers.' -
I'erhnps Ft. Louis will succeed in set
tling the strike in time to prevent her
world's Tair visitors from having to
The greatest man of his race, Booker
T. Washington, says that' he' will have
nothing to do with the proposed negro
political party.
Mr. Neely with all his faults must be
given credit fur his .liberality. He divid
ed with the government when he might
have taken the whole thing.
Uow'd you like to be the ice man?
Not very well, perhaps, if you lived in
New York. The ice men of Gotham
are being made miserable by the "yel
low Journals."
Russia will try to borrow some more
money in New York. If she can wait
until Kansas can market the growing
wheat crop, perhaps she can get what
she needs out here.
A New York church has adopted a
collection box for use. built on the plan
of the cash register seen in many stores
in Topeka. The size of the contribution
of each person is registered and held up
to the view of all the others.
Prominent Democrats in various
parts of the country are constantly and
publicly urging Mr. Bryan to drop the
silver question. Perhaps he is afraid
. that if he drops it while everybody is
looking somebody else may pick it up.
Later reports regarding the evacua
tion of Pretoria indicate that about all
Lord Roberts found was an empty
shell. The Boers got away with their
entire army, their artillery, their pris
oners and all their store of money and
provisions. All that the British have ac
required by the campaign is a small
portion of territory in the southern part
of the Transvaal. Botha's army is only
12 miles from Pretoria.
From the Washington Post.
While the spokesmen and organs of
the Republican party are eagerly pooh
poohing and belittling the postoffice
scandals, Mr. Bristo'v is busily engaged
in showing us that the scandals are real
enough for our national shame and sor
row. One very significant feature of Mr.
Bristow's work thus far is the dis
closure of his opinion that these extra
ordinary salaries and allowances in
favor of officials stationed at Havana
are not as indispensable as we have
been asked to believe. He has not only
obliterated a great many offices, but he
has reduced in a very marked degree
the emoluments attached to those
which are retained. Already he has cut
down the expense account many thou
sands of dollars. Before all is done, he
will have shown, to the satisfaction of
the entire country, not only how much
has been stolen, but how much wasted
in the wicked and licentious carnival
that has held the Cuban boards for the
past year or so. We shall know the
extent of the outright robberies and
the names of the criminals. We shall
know, also, the extent of the profligacy
and the Identity of the traitors.
Mr. Kristow may be said to represent
in Cuba the integrity and high purpose
of the American people. He i3 there to
show the Cubans that, while we have
robbers and spoliators among us, we
make it our business to expose and
punish them.
From the Atchison Globe.
nen some women become so ex
cited as to appear foolish, it is said in
excuse that they are "so emotional.'
The only women who have time to
enter discussions on "How to Make
Home Attractive live at boarding
A mistake has been made somewhere
ir a good cake maker doesn't finally
become the mother of a large family
ot ooys.
This is the season when one cherry
can be made to do the work of three
in a pie, by leaving the stone and the
worm in.
At an amateur entertainment, the
audience counts off every number on
the programrai as a weary traveler
counts oil the mile stones on his Jour
When a boy is invited out to tea with
his mother, he wanders out to the
bck jiorcb, to see If he can find an tee
cream freezer carefully covered over
with a piece ot carpet.
If a girl has a father, mother, uncles
and aunts, and a dozen brothers and
sisters, she still feels until some young
man comes along that no one in the
world "understands" her.
It takes a person of magnetic in
fluence to interest another for more
than five minutes when talking about
his own affairs, and yet people will
talk by the hour about nothing else.
The young men who went away to
college last fall have returned wearing
shoes a little more yellow than any
one else; ties that are gaudier, shirts
of a more startling design, and their
hair parted more evenly in the middle.
There is really nothing like a college
education for fitting a young man for
the struggle of life.
From the Chicago News.
A guiltless conscience makes a soft
Gratitude 13 the fond recollection of
the heart.
He is a poor actor who can't get any
one to take his part.
New styles are usually old one3 that
people have forgotten.
Probably the biggest thing about a
jealous woman is her suspicion.
If a row of columns is a colonnade
a row of lemons must be a lemonade.
Love is one of the few things that Is
never displayed in a bargain counter.
A man down in a mine who wonders
if he will ever get out is a deep thinker.
When love fails a girl she begin3 to
boast of her indifference for the other
His satanical majesty always smiles
when a boy is 'whipped to make him
attend church.
One way for a man to best a woman
in an argument is to state his version
of the case then run.
In talking of the meantime a man
probably refers to the next morning
after he has been having "a. good
When a Woman plans to do anything
out of the ordinary she always won
ders what the neighbors will say about
The modest friend who offers to lend
you money when you are broke is more
worthy of praise than the hero of 100
Fron the Philadelphia Record.
The soda fountain clerk is recognized
by his phiz.
It's about as difficult to win a. name
as to name a winner.
The doctor and the legislator both
amend the constitution.
The man with an itch for notoriety
can get it by lively scratching.
Hoax "Rorem is said to be a re
markably bright fellow." Joax "Bright!
Why, he knows as much as his wife
thinks he knows."
They were completely at the villain's
mercy. "Strike! cried the hero, defi
antly, as he bared his breast to the
glittering dagger. Piteous sobs escaped
the trembling heroine. Ha! ha!
chuckled the villain, nerving himself
for the terrible crime: "one strike and
one bawl."
The seashore girl, so tanned, so cute,
Is here. W e 11 see much of her.
Because her skimpy bathing suit
Her form will scarcely cover.
Duel Arises From Reports About
American Building.
Paris, June 8. As a result of the
statement published in New York that
the United States pavilion at the Paris
exposition is unsafe cards have been
exchanged and seconds have been ap
pointed on one side at least, between
M. Morin Gustiaux, the builder and as
tant architect, and M. Henri Dumay,
tho correspondent who sent the story
to America.
The two men were introduced last
night at a reception at the national pa
vilion by the assistant United States
commissioner general at the Pari3 ex
position, Benjamin I. Wood, who is an
ntimate friend of M. Gustiaux. After
some words, M. Gustiaux and Dumay
exchanged cards. Newspaper circles
are deeply interested.
Made by Colorado Democrats
Reaching a Business Basis.
Denver, Col., June 8. Wrhen the state
Democratic convention was called to or
der at 11 o'clock today the credentials
committee reports were presented.
The majority report favored the seat
ing of the Thomas delegation but made
no argument in support of the rec.om
mendation. The minority report signe
by 24 members of the committee argue
that the Maloney delegation was regu
lar and therefore entitled to admission
Ex-Governor Adams, of Pueblo coun
ty, offered a substitute for both reports
providing for the seating of both dele
gations with full votes, the sending ot
both Ihomas and Maloney to the na
tional convention and the appointment
of a committee to frame laws for the
government of the party to prevent fu
ture trouble of this kind.
The debate which followed Wasat times
very heated.
At 12:25 the convention took recess
until 2 o'clock without having reached
a vote on the Arapahoe county contest.
Women's Club Directory Will Consist
of Eight Members.
Milwaukee, June 8. An amendment
to the by-laws provides that the board
of directors shall hereafter consist of
eight members instead of nine.
Presidents of individual clubs are no
longer to be vice presidents of the gen
eral federation.
The Illinois delegation, most of whom
are disappointed that Mrs. Robert Far
son was not placed on the board of
director", held a meeting today. The
failure of representation for Illinois is
due. it is said, to opposing forces within
its own sanks.
Ruftalo, Atlantic City and Boston are
canvassing fofc the next biennial meet
ing. .'-'.
. Parsed Out to Sea.
Lewes. Del.. June. S. The battleships In
diana and Massachusetts passed out to
sea at 12:30 p. m., for Hampton Roads.
Elks Notice.
Delegation going to Lawrence will
leave here on Santa Fe at 4:40 p. m. Sat
urday. Awnings. The best in the world;
(made of wood, awning and blind com
bined) to be seen at and sold by J.
Thomas Lumber, Co., 614. Van Buren
Scott Owes Thousands
"With Small Assets.
City Council Decides on
Heroic Measures.
TLat is the Measure of Relief
Decided Upon.
Tax Every Conceivable
Branch of Business.
Fort Scott, June 8. The city council
has been called upon to meet on next
Tuesday evening in special session for
the purpose of trying to enact an oc-
upation tax. in the meantime me city
attorney will draw up an ordinance
placing a tax on every conceivable
branch of business, and at the meeting
of the council they can alter and add
as they like before the matter is
formally presented to the members.
This movement grew out of a state
ment made by Mr. Fredericks or tne
finance committee at the last meeting,
in which he said that the city would not
be able to meet the necessary obliga
tions at the time first set upon.
Mr. Fredericks of the finance- com
mittee reported that at the end of this
month the city would owe at least $14,-
000 with only about $4,600 to pay the
As a matter of retrenchment Mr.
Fredericks made a motion that all the
salaried street employes, " with the ex
ception of the cart driver, of the city
be discharged and that the cash col
lected by the poll tax collector be used
n each ward as it is collected, for the
hiring of teams to help in the street
As an amendment Mr. Tite moved
that the hiring of street employes be
left to the street committee and city
engineer. Mr. Myers offered as a sub
stitute to the motion an amendment
that the street commissioner be allowed
to employ necessary help to carry on
the little work ordered, not to exceed
$100 per month, which was carried.
Greenwood County Cattleman Sues a
K. C. Commission Company.
Emporia. June 8. John Edwafds,
formerly of Emporia, now in the cattle
business at Eureka, is begimng a suit
against two parties for $10,000 dam
ag"S on a cattle deal. Yesterday, VV in
field Freeman, of Kansas City, was in
town taking depositions in the case, as
an attorney for Edwards.
Some time ago, Edwards was buying
a big bunch of cattle. He- alleges that
he mr.de a deal with E. A. Guilde
meister, of Council Grove, who repre
sented the Kansas City Live Stock
Commission company, for a big bunch
of cattle; that after he had closed the
deal by paying" the commission com
pany $4,000 in checks, the commission
company refused the transaction and
returned to him his checks. He thinks
that he would have made a big profit
on the cattle.
The commission company, on the
otner hand, claims it had not made
the deal, that Guildemeister was not
authorized to make it for them, and
that if he did so it was without au
thority from the company, and they
had a perfect right to turn it down.
An Atchison Man Serving Under the
British Flag.
Atchison, June 8. Atchison figured on
the victorious side of the British-Boer
war, Charley Price, of this city, having
rendered most important service for
England. He was one of several men,
in charge of a regiment of engineers
who constructed the bridges for the
English army to cross rivers. His rel
atives in Atchison have been receiving
inters from him regularly, always writ
ten in the field.
His regiment carried an elaborate
system for making pontoon bridges,
and one of the achievements of the
regiment was the rapid construction of
a pontoon bridge across a stream as
wide as the Missouri, and Lord Rob
erts' army passed over it. The work of
Price's men is now at an end. He was
constantly at the front, and his regi
ment probably saw as much real war
as any regiment in the army. His
regiment was composed entirely of en
gineers who volunteered their services
when such a force of men were soreiy
needed by her majesty. He is now at
Johannesburg, which town he left in
gi'eat haste at the outbreak of the war.
A Winfl-eld Man Back From Europe
Roasts the Exposition.
Winfleld, June 8 F. K. Robinson has
returned from Europe. Mr. Robinson
says the reports of extortionate prices
at Paris are not exaggerated. He was
there in April, and the hotels were then
charging about 80 per cent, more than
regular rates. Slay 1 rates were ad
vanced 50 per cent., and he understood
that June 1 the rates were to be again
advanced 50 per cent. This will make
anything like a decent room cost $3
P"r day with board about $2 extra. He
estimates that a person can go to Paris
and stay three weeks at a total cost
of about $300. This would not permit
of extravagance, but he thinks it
would enable the person to live com
fortably. FOR A STREET FAIR.
Wellington Starts the Ball Rolling
For a September Jubilee.
Wellington, June 8. This crty is to
have a three days' street fair Septem
ber 18, 20, 22.
There will be two big political day-s,
both parties being allowed to select
their very best speakers.
Work liias begun raising the money
for premiums and to pay the expenses
of entertainment, and $500 was raised
in ten minutes.
Cottonwood Falls Commercial Club
Starts a Number of Projects.
Cottonwood Falls, June 8. The Com
mercial club of this city is working
hard to push forward the best interests
of the town. An enthusiastic meeting
was held at the court house this week.
A large number of committees were
appointed along the line of develop
ment of all the industries of the county.
The club authorized the building of a
creamery or station with George
George recommended as chairman.
Committees were appointed on cattle
and hogs, stone quarries, irrigation,
roads, writing up the city and its old
settlers and new settlers, water and
electrical works, development of home
i. tas and cil wells, etc. Most of the time
was taken up in providing ways and
means for building the Kansas City &
Orient railway. It was resolved that
the stations on the railroad line tn the
county be named after prominent citi
zens who have insured the building of
the road and paid for the right ot way.
Closing Day at Baker.
Baldwin, June 8. The graduation ex
ercises of the college of liberal arts.
Baker universitv, was held here Thurs
day. The address was by Bishop Hart-
zell of Africa on "The Briton and the
Boer in South Africa." He called Pres
ident Kruger "the George HI of Af
rica." Iegrees were conferred by
President Murlin upon fourteen grad
uates. Among the honorary aegrees
given was that of the doctor of divinity
to Guy Potter Benton, president ot
Upper Iowa university. Bishop Hart-
ze'.l conducted the ceremony incident
to the laying of the cornerstone of the
D. Fogle gymnasium to be erected this
New Free Rural Delivery.
Atchison. June 8. Five new rural
mail delivery routes will be established
in Atchison countv next month, ii.
Rising, a special agent of the postoffice
department, is in Atchison to locate the
routes. He will go over each and their
their establishment will result in the
abolishment of six or more country
poetoffices. One of the routes will ex
tend southwest from Atcnison eignt or
ten miles and may do away with both
the Highbridge and Hawthorne post-
offices. Another will run northwest
from Atchison, taking in the territory
served by the Good intent ana KaeB
DostolHces. A route will start from
Farmington and run south to the Par
dee neighborhood and the Pardee post-
office will likely be abolished. The
fourth route is northeast from Norton-
vllle, into Center township, and the
fifth is south from Horton through
Grasshopper township.
Gets an Insurgent Gun.
Ottawa. June 8. J. H. Baker has re
ceived an old shotgun from his son.
S. W. Baker, who is director of the
Sixth United States artillery band in
the Philippines. The gun was picked
up on a branch of the Pasig river
known as "Weyler canal," and is sup
posed to have been used ny tne in
surgents against the Spanish. It is
rustv and has only one hammer left.
It is not a muzzle loader, but has no
plungers for exploding a shell, but a
couple of notches in the barrel were
apparently made to permit the Use of
a rim fire shell.
Endeavorers Close.
Hutchinson, June 8. The last day of
the State Christian Endeavor union was
devoted to business. The officers elect
ed for the ensuiner year are: President,
J. A.' Sankey, Cottonwood Falls; first
vice president, C. L. Milton, Fort Scott;
Garnnil vif nrMiiipnt. A. M. Keltzell,
Hutchinson; secretary, Clyde R. Boyd,
Strong City; treasurer. Otto Newby,
Sterline-: director. T. W. Emerson, To-
neka: iunior superintendent. Miss
Adrtla Main. Osaere City. Fort Scott
was chosen as the next place of meet
ing. New 'Phone Line For Junction City.
Junction City, June 8. The cily coun
cil has eranted a franchise to ti. r.
Wareham. of Manhattan, to construct
an independent telephone exchange in
ttiia ritv. This means that Junction
Citv la tn he another link in the chain
rf indenendent exchanges that reacnes
out in every direction ana covers neany
every town of importance in tne state.
a on pumnlp of the extent of the in
dependent telephone the three cities
nearest lis. Abilene. Manhattan and ha
lloa, have over 1,000 lnaeaenuem
'phones, and only 124 Bell 'phones.
Pensions For Kansans.
Washington. June 7. Pensions have
Original Alfred a. tjnurcn, a.iiuiu-i
Military Home, i,eavenwortn, o.
inprMap .lonn t; Maior. maize-. w.
John W. Brumfield, Lucas, $8; Samuel
Vernnm. St. Paul. $12: Albert Hamilton,
Oskaloosa. $17; William E. -lmoers,
Sterling, $10; John C. Tayler, El Dorado,
Reissue Harman Hinkhouse, Paolo,
$12; Henry Nye, Oakley, $8.
To Paint Fort Riley Barracks.
Junction Citv, June 8. The contract
for nainting all the barracks, govern
ment buildings, etc., at Fort Riley has
been, awarded to Mr. Chas. Langdon.
Tho bidders were: Durbon Bros., F.
Horton. Marvin of Manhattan. A. J.
Wntline and C. Langdon. This will
be auite a contract, as it will call for
about $3,000 worth of labor alone.
Sentenced at Yates Center.
Yates Center. June 8. The negro.
Walter Brown, captured in Kansas
City by the police and then turned over
to Sheriff Patterson or tnis county, on
the oharee of stealing $80 In money.
a valuable gold watch and two suits
nf nioihes. was sentenced to eleven
year? in the penitentiary by Judge
Stillwell today.
Scalded to Death by Coffee.
Paola, June 8. The 11 weeks old baby
girl of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Conner, 12
miles east of Paola, died Thursday from
being scalded with hot coffee last Mon-
dav. After preparing supper, jvirs. Con
ner took the baby in her arms and sat
down by the table upon which stood the
pot of boiling coffee. The pot was up
set on the baby, cooking the flesh from
his hips down.
Big Elevator Destroyed.
Belleville, June 8. The elevator of
Mayor H. T. Crawford burned last
night. The origin of the fire is un
known. The loss is $5,000. Insured for
$3,00. 4
Boer Envoys Are Given a
St. Paul, Minn., June 7. Dr. Abraham
Fisher and C. H. Wessels, two of the
three Boer envoys new In this country
arrived in this city b. few minutes be
fore noon. Mrs. Fischer accompanied
her husband. A special reception com
mittee welcomed the visitors to the
northwest. There was a large crowd
at the depot and the Minnesota state
band played a number of patriotic Am
erican airs. The visitors were taken at
once to the Ryan l;otel where lunch
was served. Governor Lind called on
them soon after their arrival. A public
reception was held from 1:30 to 3o'clock
this afternoon and a drive about the
city will follow late in the afternoon.
A mass meeting will be held in the
Auditorium tonight.
Mrs, Sherman's Funeral.
Mansfield, O., June 7. The funeral of
Mrs. Celia Steward Sherman, wife of
ex-Senator John Sherman, occurred at
the family residence at 11 o'clock this
morning. Business houses closed and
the postoffice suspended for two hours
as a mark of respect. Services were
conducted by Rev. A. B. Putnam. The
pall bearers were: George F. Carpen
ter, Henry P. Davis. Dr. William B.
Loughridge, Lyman A. Strong. Henry
M. Weaver, Captain A. C. Cummings,
S. W. Ward and C. K. Carr. The burial
was private.
Mysterious Death of Mrs. Mary
Mrs. Mary Elliott, wife of "William
Elliott, who lives at 315 East Laurent
street, in North Topeka, died Thursday
morning under peculiar circumstances.
Mrs. Elliott had been sick for some
time and had been taking a great deal
of medicine. Thursday morning she
took a dose of medicine that had just
been gotten at the drug store by her
husband and died a short time later in
convulsions. Today her niece, Mrs.
Alice Hillor, announced that she was
ready to make an affidavit to the effect
that Mrs. Elliott died from being slowly
Coroner Hogeboom was summoned
and ordered an autopsy held this after
noon. A jury has been drawn and a
coroner's inquest will be held Saturday
afternoon at 1 o'clock. The funeral will
take place Saturday morning.
Deputy Sheriff Stewart has in His pos
session a bottle of medicine that Mrs.
Elliott had used. It is marked "sarsa
parilla" and contains a dark brown sub
stance. Mrs. Hillor claims that Mrs.
Elliott told her that her husband had
threatened to poison her and that she
did not care if he did. Mr. Elliott has
considerable money and lives without
working. Many of the neighbors and
refidns have been subpoenaed to testify
at the inquest.
Says He Has Practiced a Fraud For
New York,- June 8. Knowing that
death is near, Alexander Keegan today
made an affidavit confessing fraud and
deceit in an attempt to recover dam
ages from the Third Avenue Railroad
company. In 1894 Keegan was injured
in a collision between a car and a cart.
He subsequently sued the road and the
owner of the cart. There followed
years of litigation. Keegan succeeded
in making judges and doctors believed
that he was afflicted with epileptic fits
as the result of the accident, and he
secured a verdict for $3,000. The case
was appealed and is now on the court
of appeals calendar.
Keegan asserts in his affidavit that
he never suffered from epileptic fits,
and that whatever pain and loss of
memory he suffered was the result of
a bullet wound inflicted by himself
eighteen years ago.
American Socialist Would Lead the
New York, June 8. The Socialist La
bor party, Daniel De Leon faction,
which has been in session in this city
since last Saturday, was continued to
day. A motion was adopted that the
delegate of the party to the interna
tioral oociety in Paris in September be
instructed to demand that the prin
ciples and tactics advocated by the So
cialist Labor party convention in re
lation to trade unions be adopted by
the congress as the proper principle
of all socialist parties and bodies in
Europe so. far as the industrial, po
litical and economical conditions per
mit. A motion introduced by Mr. De
Leon was adopted declaring that if any
Socialist party from this county send a
delegate to the Pans convention the
Socialist Labor party delegate protest
against his being seated and that the
delegate request that he be allowed to
sit apart from any such impure delega
Piaeerville, Cal., June 8. A report
from Diamond Springs says Zachariah
Zumwalt today shot and killed his son,
George and fatally wonded his wife.
Zumwalt, who is armed with a rifle
and pistol, refuses to surrender to the
constable, who has telegraphed for a
sheriff's posse. Domestic trouble caused
the tragedy.
Washington, June 8. Lieutenant Col
onel Edward Field, Third artillery, has
been placed on the retired list on ac
count of disability.
Berlin, June 8. In the reichstag to
day after a debate on the amendments
to the stamp law, necessitated by the
increase In the navy, it was agreed to
raise the stamp duty on home shares
to two marks and on foreign shares to
2 marks per 100.
Paris, June 8. Delcasse, the minis
ter of foreign affairs, announced at a
cabinet meeting today at which Presi
dent Loubet presided, that the house
of representatives at Washington had
approved the address of sympathy al
ready voted by the senate in connection
with the inauguration of the Lafayette
statue in Paris, July 4.
Split in Irish Party Denied.
Dublin, June 8. "This suggestion of
fresh split in the Irlnh party is absurd.
said Mr. John Redmond, ehairmnn of the
L-ruted Irish parties, to a representative
of the Associated Press. "The difference
of opinion among the committee on one
detail of the arrangements lor the con
vention, ne added, will not intertere
with the great representative gathering
ot June i. wnicn l am doing an in my
power to promote.
John Kleinhans Sued.
H. Webb today filed suit
in the
district court to recover $455 from John
Kleinhans. The amount is said to be due
as a share of the revenue resulting from
tne revision and puoncation ot the Kan
sas statutes. Mr. Webb Is a son of the
late Judge Webb, and Mr. Kleinhans is a
More Affidavits.
St. Louis, June 8. Additional affidavits
were filed in the United States circuit
court today in support of the application
for an injunction against W. I. Mnhon.
president "National Association Street Car
employes and others. The hearing on the
motion for the injunction was continued
to June 13. at the request of W. S. An
thony, counsel for the defendants.
Hoad'o PIMa
Are prepared from Na
ture's mild laxatives, and
while g-entle are reliable
and efficient. They
Cure Sick Heada'che, Bil
iousness, Sour Stomach',
and Constipation. Sold
everywhere, 25c. per box.
Prepared by C. L Hood & Co.,LoweU,Mas3.
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Feather Weight Clothes
You can be neatly and stylishly dressed and still
in the new Summer Garments made for business or out
ing." The most popular garments are being shown here.
Cricketing Flannel Suits, Blue Serge Suits,
Tropical Worsteds and Unlined Scotches,
$8.00 to $18.00
Fancy Hosiery. New Neckwear.
Light Weight Underwear.
Decided Upon by the General Synod
of the Reformed Church.
Asbury Park, N. J., June 8. At to
day's session of the general synod of
the reformed church in America con
sideration was given to the first ten
resolutions submitted yesterday by the
committee on the growth of the church.
The first resolution adopted was that
recommending the observance of the
first week in January as a week of
Resolutions were presented by a com
mittee favoring changes in liturgical
offices, especially those for the ordina
tion and installation of elders, deacons
and ministers. Special committeeswere
appointed to revise the form of these
and to revise the baptismal form.
A motion was submitted by the Rev.
Cornelius N. Wells requesting churches
to fill their pulpits with graduates from
reformed colleges.
After a long debate the motion was
declared unconstitutional and was
Commission of Lieutenant Gen
eral Given by the President.
Washington, June 8. In accordance
with the provisions of the military
academy appropriation bill the presi
dent today issued commissions to Lieut.
Gen. Nelson A. Miles, commanding the
army and Major General Corbin, ad
jutant general of the army. These are
recess appointments and will be nom
inated to the senate at its next ses
sion in December.
General Miles said today that he
would make no change in his staff in
consequence of the legislation the
principal effect of which will be to give
Major Micheler, Fifth cavalry. Major
Bailey and Major Whitney, General
Miles' present aides, the rank, pay and
allowances of colonels of cavalry.
Otis Expected Tomorrow.
Washington, June 8. Major General
Otis will arrive here tomorrow morning.
He will remain in Washington for a few
days only and will no to his home at
Rochester. N. Y.. in time to attend the
public reception to be given by the citi
zens of that place in his honor on the
lath instant.
Armed With a Sword.
St. Louis. June S. Joseph Alfred, armed
with a sword, led a crowd of 3"0 men and
women in a charge on a car of the South
ern Electric line today. He was captured
by a squad of police, who dispersed the
mob. As far as known, nobody was ser
iously injured.
Postoffice Loss $4,000.
New Orleans, June 8. There is yet
r.o clue to a robbery at the postoffice
yesterday in which $4,000 was taken
from a pile of money lying just inside
one of the windows of the money order
department. The local postoffice in
spectors think a sneak thief reached
through the window while the clerk in
charge had his back turned and took
the money.
Rough Rider Dies.
HarrisbUrg. Pa., June 8. E. N. Hill,
of Oklahoma, who served with the
Rough Riders in the Cuban campaign
of the Spanish-American war, died to
day at the Harrisburg hospital of a
fever contracted in Cuba. His remains
will be shipped to relations in Okla
homa. -
r A Wealth of Beauty.
Is often hidden by unsightly Pimples".
Eczema. Tetter, Erysipelas. Salt Rheum,
etc. Hucklen's Arnica Salve will glorify
the face bv curing all Skin EruptiMiis,
also Cuts. Bruises, Burns, Boils. Felons,
Ulcers, and worst forms of Piles. Only
25 cts. a box. Cure guaranteed. Sold
by Waggoner, druggist. 7U1 Kansas ave.
A Sprained Ankle Quickly Cured.
"At one time I suffered from a severe
sprain of the ankle." says Geo. E. Carv,
editor of the Guide, Washington. Va.
"After using several well recommended
medicines without success, I tried Cham
berlain's Pain Balm, and am pleased to
say that relief came as soon as I began
its use and a complete cure speedily fol
lowed." Sold by all druggists.
f splay
Of the newest and latest
in SUMMER SHIRTS is a treat
to the eye, and an education to
man who realizes the busi
ness importance of being well
dressed. Madras, Cheviots and
the E. & W. Linen Shirts
Prices from
$8.00 P-
Kansas Avenuo
Gasoline Stoves
and Hammocks
702 Kansas Avenue.
TEL. 606.
Petition Denied.
Washington, June 8. The supreme court
of the District of Columbia today denied
a petition to restrain John W. Hayes, secretary-treasurer
of the Knights of Labor,
rromlnterferingwith John M. Passons ana
other members of the executive committee
in taking possession of the books of the
Attacked by Pirates.
Hong Kong. June 8. A steam launch,
owned by Chinese merchants here, towing
rour junks, iaden with kerosene oil from
Hong Kong for Canton, was attacked last
night by pirates in an armed junk on
Cape Suiman. eight miles from Hong
Kong. After looting the junks the pirate
made off in a westerly direction with the
launch and her crew.
Call For $5,000,000.
Washington, June 8. The secretary of
the treasury today made an additional
call on depository banks for $5,000,000.
Via the Santa Fe.
Tickets on 3ale June 1st; stopover al
lowed at Colorado common points.
Awnings. The best in the world:
(made of wood, awning and blind com
bined) to be seen at and sold by J.
Thomas Lumber Co., 614 Van Buren
Your Balance
Your bearing, your gait,
your personal appearance,
depend to a considerable
extent upon the shoes you
High - Grade Shoes are
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general run of " bargain "
shoes, for a variety of rea
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