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fctvrllftff HrMfdy (4M(iit, Ihleito, 9trral, ?fW fork. 3!!2A
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Report of Ag-uinaldo's Minister of
(Col -res p 'i; Jence of Associated Press.)
M:ir:ii.i. May 1.". The Filipinos are
a l.li. t -d to the pr servation of their
r, con's, no matter how unirn jortatit.
Ihiuii in Albay province our troops re-
.!!!' bum 1 tii" yearly financial state-
m-r:l of U.'1 r-'bel government. While
ii i-. thought its figure are untrue, it
is i..ier--stir:r a an example of how the
itb"!s do bu.-inrs and mainiain their
prestige among tln-ir people. In the
bul.i: oe sheet for WH-l!)!iO the Insurgent
r,iti.!u-r -f (ieai.ee states that during
l he '-ar iNMi-WT the expenses of the
pa:;!.-ii g e. . mm. -m in administering
affairs amounted to $17.474.iO. Mex
ii an. but o tanks to the capacity of the
ivvolu lionai y leaders, the total expen
ditures of the i-isurtrnt government f ir
last year only amounted to $i.;i42.47.
All tfi i oroiny was effected w hile
ttv .Manila custom house, a most lu
rutive ,-eairee of income, was in the
ha'itis 1 f tile A nieriear.s. It w;ia prom
ise, i that as s'.oii as the rebels gained
1 '"!.- ssi'in of .Manila, which w.iul'l be in
a f..-,v lin ks, they could manifestly re
('o;c. the ra'i ,,f taxation. In the iiirin
t,i: nion- y v i as neede,?. an i it was in
cumbent on all good patriots to pav
an the tax collectors asked of them.
"Vi ith a f-'',v words describing Aguin
a'e1 i s gl ,.iy and invuliu lability and the
gooo tim eeming to everybody when
iht Ameiaais are tina.lly driven from
tne islen ls, the minister of finance ac
counts l..r h:s ii.ionie as follows:
Income 'all in Mexican currency):
Ord'miry iielireet taxes. $ t.".2.i.T.o.
Ordinary direct taxes, $1.01ti.757.
Ppeeial t:ixs, $vt:'..'.
Kxtraorlmaii contributions, $4,050,-
Total, $:.n4:.tii:. '
The item if "extraordinary contri
butions" probably covers the multi
tude fl; forced payments not included
lu the other sources of income.
The cxtii nditures ar accounted for
as follows: tletieial obligations. $:ld,
"S: ton ign obligations. $v,.i.i40; depart
ment of tie- interior. J2ia.55i): war and
I a y, $1.0:'7.1.j4."S: law and order, J;;4,
.".mj; public instruction. $;.46X; public
v. fi ks. :::! ; agriculture, industry
(inJ commerce, f J 1 .6JS ; total, J6.344,
7 s.1 :..
Th.- statement shows a deficit of
l'v !
incurs- nt government undoubt-".anil'-il
considerable monev- last
J'.u. but w le th -r they collected S'Vikio.--
'ii is n it k"ow n to outsiders. Their
ex,,,-:.,,", bale been especially heavy
i'i tiie matter ,, arms. Filibusters and
others have made tlv m pay exorbi
tant pri s for everything.
Two of their generals. Panay and
I.iel ar.are. are said to have large ac
counts in the Hong Kong barks. Ac
cording t this annual ivport. the year
ly pay oi a li ut.-r.ant general is $7-U; a
geio ral commanding a division gets
S'.eO; a brigadi, r general gets $r,4). a
colori.-l $40. a lieutenant colonel J4'2o,
ii,w'T-J.S ?;'W- ,Vavpta"l i
raws J...M. a t,rst hei, enant $20 and
" --ei'ooi iieu.eiuioi i'i. llie WUgeS
cf a serg.-ant are $72 a year, a corporal
gets jvi. and the man with the gun is
allowed ? 12 for twelve months' sei-vk-e
t his country. This balance sheet fur
ther finds provisions for 22.eii0 soldiers,
eight thousand of whom are sergeants
and I.1""" corporals, and the cost of
keeping them in provisions for one year
is put down at JS1S.100, Mexican cur
rency. TO LAY 01 Tl'ATII
For Ships Between San Francisco and I
New York, June 11. A special to the
Herald from Washington say: I
Important work tor the benefit of
commerce in the Pacific is io be per
formed by the navy now that congress
has auth-'iized the appropriation of
JlOrt.Oi'O for oeea.li and lake survevs.
Rear Admiral Bradford, chief" of the
bureau of equipment, has approved a
recommendation submitted by Com
mander Todd for an elaborate charting
of the triangle formed by the Hawaiian
islands, the sotithermost point of the
Philippines and the islands of Japan.
It is also propdsed to establish a path
between Honolulu and the Philippines
to be followed by American wai ships,
so that if any become disabled others
following may pick them up. It is be
lieved that merchant vessels will be
prompt to adopt the route. There ia
now no general path
Germany has not been expected to
join the survey of the Pacific, though it
is belie'ed that when she learns of the
action of this government she will fol
low its example in making complete
surveys of her Pacific islands.
It is unil.'i stood, of course, that the
United States can obtain more expedi
tious results by co-operating with other
nations. Japan has expressed her will
ingness to chart the waters in the vicin
ity of her islands, and Great Britain
bas chartered to some extent the China
Sea and the East Indies.
Is it a burn? Use Dr. Thomas' Eclec
tric oil. A cut? Use Dr. Thomas'
Lvlectric Oil. At your druggists.
fT ft-3 rn
Mi) Lyy y
r- """ r-
Defeat of Boutelle is Considered Prob
able. New York, June 11. A special to the
Times from Washington says:
In making their calculations on car
rying the house of representatives next
fall most of the Republican arithmetic
ians concede the probable loss of Mr.
Boutelle's district in Maine. Mr. Bou
telie has been renominated, and will
doubtless be re-elected, but his physical
condition is such as to make it very
improbable that he will be able to at
tend the lirst session of the Fifty-seventh
One of the most significant indica
tions of the general belief that Mr.
Boutelle will be unable to resume his
duties for a long: time to come is the
announcement just made that Repre
sentative Foss of Illinois, will not take
a vacation. He intends to put in the
summer up to- the beginning of the ac
tive part of the fall campaign in studying-
matters pertaining: to the navy. He
will visit the different naval stations,
and otherwise study to make himself
thoroughly expert in all naval matters.
There is very little doubt that Mr.
Foss will be chairman of the naval
committee for a long time to come, if
the Republicans retain control of the
house. He is next to Mr. Boutelle on
the committee, and has been acting
chairman throughout this session. This
chairmanship has been held open for
Mr. Boutelle as a matter of courtesy,
but Mr. Foss will probably become
chairman tn name as well as in fact
before long.
Mr. Foss is one of the younger rep
resentatives. He has narrowly escaped
a blow which -would have ended his in
fluence in naval affairs in the house.
When "I'ncie Joe" Cannon, on the day
before adjournment, humiliated Fcss by
getting the house to take the naval ap
propriation bill out of his hands and
put It In those of Cannon, Moody and
Shafroth, the young congressman was
face to face with a serious blow to his
Had Cannon and his colleagues suc
ceeded in accomplishing what Foss did
not, the latter's influence would have
been badly broken. Cannon, however,
failed even more completely than did
Foss and the vote of lack of confidence
was followed the next day by a vote
of confidence. Naval affairs will there
fore probably be in Mr. Foss' hands,
unless Mr. Boutelle unexpectedly re
covers during the next session.
In Competition With St. Louis Transit
Company Cars.
St. Louis, June 11. The Central Trade
and Labor Fnion proposes to establish
a bus line in St. Louis to compete with
and run parallel to the lines of the St
Ixiuis Transit company, on which there
is a strike, to be operated by union men.
At a meeting last night, the first step
was taken toward this end by the adop
tion of a resolution to raise at least
Jl'iti.eoo to purchase and equip the nec
essary bus system.
From tiie resolution adopted and the
declarations of the speakers, henceforth
the policy will be to win the strike if
possible on the basis of a general boy
cott, which in all its ramifications is to
reach to all every industry in the city.
The fare on a bus for a distance equal
io that transvessel! by the street car line
will be five cents.
Union Labor in Chicago Starts Union
Label Lyceum.
Chicago, June 11. The Tribune says:
Union labor has taken a new tack, and
started what is to be known as the
Union Label Lyceum of Chicago. The
promoters of the movement declare that
it is a strictly educational one, in which
politics will not be allowed to cut any
figure and questions of religion will be
barred. At the same time it is acknowl
edged that the main object of the move
ment is to cultivate closer relations be
tween the members of labor organiza
tions and to assist one another as far
as possible.
Behind the movement is a scheme for
the oiganization of ward clubs ail over
the city, the preliminaries' of which were
settled at a meeting last evening at the
building trades headquarters. It is be
lieved by those acquainted with the
growth of the idea that the future of
the organization will have an important
bearing on politics, notwithstanding the
protestations of the promoters that pol
itics will be barred. . .
This Airship Flew.
Berlin, June 11. A new air ship In
vented by Herr Weissmann.a mechanic,
has been tried here. It ascended 20 me
tres ami Hew 13, landing safely. The car
rocked violently during its flight owing
to imperfect construction. Herr Weiss
mann will reconstruct the machine, us
ing papier mache and aluminum.
Same Rate via. Washington.
Two forms of excursion tickets to
Philadelphia for Republican National
Convention will be sold via Vandalia
Pennsyivania Short Lines. One form
will be good over direct route, the other
via W ashington.. Fare will be the sam-
either way. and tickets via Washington
be for stop-over at National
Capital. Tickets may be obtained June
14th to ISth. inclusive. For special in
formation and sleeping car reservations,
address J. M. Chesbrough, A. G. P. Agt.,
i0S Century Building, St. Louis.
Philadelphia and Return $30.00 via
Santa Fe Route.
Account Republican National conven
tion. Tickets on sale June 14-15-16, good
returning June 25. Choice of routes.
See T. L. King, agent, A T. & S. F. for
Old Papers For Sale.
For this week only the Journal will
sell old exchanges at five cents a hun
dred. The Highland Park Sunday school
will hold a social at the Highland Park
school house on Tuesday evening, June
12. Ice cream and cake 10c.
For Infants and Children,
Tha Kind Yea Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
proved country or city real estate. Rate
low and ail privileges ot emi-annual par
tial repayments. Our mortgages are not
sold east, finite an advantage sometimes.
Stat? Savings Bank. t' Kansas arenue.
Cmital and surplus, $J5.5uO.0O; deposits,
MONEY TO LOAN on live stock, pianos,
organs, typewriters, household goods and
personal security. H. Kiseoe. 523 Kan. -ave.
TO LOAN Money on real estate. Month
ly payments. Low interest. See JSaat
mao, 115 West Sixth, su
PULL, a Postal Teteri-r'Kto Tin-
nr call by telephone No. 417 and have vour
Want Ads brought to The State Journal
office by free messenger. No charge to
you for messenger service. Cost of classi
fied ads. 5 cents per line of six words to
the line and every fraction thereof.
WAMTED By youna- lad v. a nlarp in
Small flimi'v in Which To mclre hw hvme
with small wages. KIderly couple pre
ferred. W. E., care Journal.
WANTED Work by a white boy of IS,
WHO is sober and industrious and willine-
to work for small wages: can give good
references. Address A., care Journal.
WANTED An experienced dining room
gin. sieauy employment and good
wages. Hotel Whitley, Emporia, Kan.
WANTED A girl for general housework.
i-ui uiay st.
WANTED A good white girl for general
nouseworK; good place, good wages to
right party. 1123 Kansas ave.
WANTED White girl for general kitchen
worn. h v est Sixth St.
WANTED Competent dress maker. Mrs.
fiercer, urosby sros.
WANTED A competent white girl for
general housework. References re
quired. Apply at 501 Tyler st.
WANTED Horseshoer, doorman; must
have good habits, married man wanted
Top wages. Address 212 West Seventh su
o. At. Walter.
YOUNG MEN Our illustrated catalogue
explains how we teach barber trade In
8 weeks. Mailed free. Moler Barber Col
lege, tot. Louis, Mo.
WANTED Active men of good character
to deliver and collect for old established
wholesale and exporting house. Bona fide
salary ot JHUO a year guaranteed with ex
penses. No experience reauired. Refer
ences exchanged. Enclose self-addressed
stamped envelope to holesalers and Ex
porters, third floor, 334 Dearborn St., Chi
cago. WANTED Man to take orders:
permanent. Call 13 V,'. 7th st.
WANTED Salesman to sell our full line
of choice nursery stock. We give a
printed guarantee that stock will be true
to name. Write to Mount Hope Nurseries,
Lawrence, Kansas.
WANTED You to know that
J. H. Fosdick cleans carpets.
J. H. Fosdick cleans Portieres.
J. H. Fosdick scours Carpets.
J. H. Fosdick washes Ingrains.
Jennie Fosdick cleans Lace Curtains.
Harraola Carpet and Lace cleaning.
9es Kansas avenue. Phone
WANTED A second-hand office safe
Address L. B., Journal office.
WANTED Orders for good home-made
bread: will have it delivered: and would
also like washing to take home, by a
widow with two little children to sup
port. Address V., care Journal.
WANTED Lace curtains and portieres to
clean. Mrs. Fosdick, 725 Quincy st.
FOR RENT Furnished rooms cooL
W. corner Fifth and Madison st.
FOR RENT Furnished rooms, every
thing new and modern. 1!1U E. 5th st.
FOR RENT Furnished rooms for rent.
314 Monroe st.
FOR RENT Recently modernized furn
ished rooms for light housekeeping. 421
Quincy st.
FOR RENT 5 room house at 1111 West
Twelfth and 9 room house 700 Madison
st. Enquire 611 Kansas ave.
FOR RENT A camping picnic wagon.
Clarence D. Skinner, 123 East 6th St.
FOR SALE 2 gasoline stoves, bought this
season. Will sell at a Dargain. J jiion
roe st.
FOR SALE A good road wagon, at 1026
Quincy st.
PUBLIC SALE I will sell at public sale
the household goods and effects of Mrs.
L. A. Burns, deceased, at 4.:z is.ansas ave.
June 12, 1'jijO, at la a. m.
J. R. MULVANE, Administrator.
for SALE Mv family horse and phae
ton. Safe for ladies. L. Blakesley, 623
W. Sth st.
FOR SALE Unclaimed freight at the A.,
T . s v. Rv. Co.'s freight warehouse.
commencing Thursday, June 14th, at 9
a. m.
FOR SALE Fifty-egg
Kansas ave.
Incubator. 910
FOR SALE 5-gal!on ice cream freezer.
North Topeka Carriage Works.
FOR SALE Four bicycles (nearly new).
N. B. Campbell, 600 Kansas ave.
FOR SALE Business and furnishings of
Pi-room lodging houss. Income $100 per
mo. Call 211 E. 4th st.
FOR RALE A nice clean stock of grocer
ies and fixtures, cheap. 331 Elmwood
ave., Potwin Place.
FOR SALE Cheep. 2 corner lots, 5 room
house, ceiler. well ana Darn, l.a reet,
brick sidewalk, plenty shade, no roort-
prnse. all in good repair. Call ajid see it.
5u2 Chandler st.
CARPET WEAVING done to order at
North Kansas ave., work guaran
BARGAIN BO ft. corner and 8 room house,
Buyers only call, liuu Monroe st.
Hull Stove & Repair Co., lie n;. ttn st.
at ill uuincy street..
TOPEKA CTCLE CO.. 112 West Sth St.
Tel. 706, Bicycles and sundries; bicycles
and tandems lor rent; repairing ox au
U. S. CTCLE CO.. 118 E. 8th st. National
and cnioa bicycles, buxidrles, repairs.
(First published in the Topeka State Jour
nal June 11,
AX ORDINANCE Authorizing "The To-
peKa irederal Light, neat and Power
Company" to construct, acquire, operate
and maintain gas and electric works for
the purpose of manufacturing, selling
" and supplying gas and electricity to the
city of Toieka ami the inhabitants
thereof, and denning the rights, privileges
and powers of the city of Tof?ka and
the said '"The Topeka Federal Light,
Heat and Pow.er Company" thereunder.
Be It Ordained by the Mayor and Coun
cllmen of the City of Topeka:
Section 1. There is hereby granted to
"The Topeka Federal Light, Heat and
Power Company" a corporation duly or
ganized under ejid agreeable with the
laws or the state of Kansas, for the per
iod of twenty years the right to con
struct, operate and maintain gas and elec
tric works in the city of Topeka with the
right of way along, upon and under all
the streets alleys and other public places
in said city, except upon and across the
Kansas avenue bridge across the Kansas
river, and the viaduct across the railroad
tracks In Sixth avenue east, for the pur
pose of placing, operating and maintain
ing one or more lines of gas maines and
pipes and all necessary feeders and ser
vice pipes in connection therewith, and
the right to construct, operate and main
tain a plant or plants and to construct,
repair, maintain, operate and use in con
nection therewith, through, upon and un
der the streets, alleys and other public
places, except the Kansas river bridge
and the Sixth avenue viaduct as above
stated a line or lines of electric conductors
to be used for the production, transmis
sion and distribution of electricity, the
gas and electricity, each in their respec
tive or combined functions, to be used for
the purpose of furnishing heat, power and
light, the transmission of sounds and sig
nals or either of them. .
Section 2. Said "The Topeka Federal
Light. Heat and Power Company" shall
not charge any person desiring to make
connections with any service pipe laid or
to be laid by said "The lopeka federal
Light, Heat and Power Company," but ail I
service pipes shall be laid by said "The
Topeka Federal Light, Heit and Power
Company" at their own expense.
Section 3. Said "The Topeka Federal !
Lisnt. Heat and Power Company" hall 1
not" do any permanent injury to any
street, alley or other public place, or in
any manner unnecessarily interfere with
or obstruct any water pipes, gas pipes or
sewers now laid or which may be hereaf- 1
ter laid by said city or any authorized
person or corporation, and when said
-The Topeka Federal Light, Heat and
Power Company" shall open ground in
the same, they shall forthwith restore the
street or alley pavtment, sidewalk,
ground, water pipe, gas pipes or sewer,
to a condition equally as p:ood as before
at its own expense; and if said "The To
peka i-ederal Jjght. Meat and Power
Company' shall fail or refuse to do so
when ordered by the city engineer, said
repair or restoration may he made by the
city of Topeka at the cost and exoense
of said "The Topeka Federal Light. Hat
and I'ower Company. Said The To
peka 1' ederal Liy;ht, Heat and Power
Company" shall not make any excava
tions in any street, alley or any public
place without lirst securing a permit
herefor trom the citv engineer and when
ever said "The Topeka Federal Light,
Heat and Power Company shall make
application in writing to the city engi
neer lor a permit or permits and shall
have complied with all the terms and con
ditions ot this ordinance and the ordi
nances, rules and regulations of the city
of Topeka relating thereto, it shall be the
duty ot the city engineer to issue such
permit or permits. Said "The Topeka
Federal Light, heat and i'ower Com
pany shall upon notice trom the city en
gineer, remove or change at its own ex
pense, any gas main, pipe, service pipe.
feeder or any electric wire or wires which
may be in the way of. or interfere with
the construction or erw-tion of any public
bullning, or other public structure within
said city-
Section 4. For the purpose of electrical
transmission, a-s provided in this ordi
nance, said "A he Topeka federal Light,
Heat and Power Company" shall have the
right to erect a system of poles and wires
thereon, m any ot the streets, alleys or
other public places in said city, except
that portion of the city of Topeka bound
ed on the north by Oordon street, on the
east by Quincy street south to First ave
nue: thence east to Monroe street, on the
south by Eleventh street and on the west
by and Including Van Buren street, and
ul wires in the above described district
shall be placed under ground in proper
conduits, and said "The Topeka Federal
Light, Heat and Power Company" shall
have the right by and with the consent
of the owner of any private building, to
string wires over said building, and in
going over one building to another, if
necessary, said "The Topeka Federal
Light, Heat and Power company" may
cross the streets, alleys and other public
places, but before any such poles shall
e so placed, the plans merer or snail ue
tiled with and approved by the city en
gineer of said city; provided that said city
shall, if it so elects, have the right to
the one ton cross arm of each of said
poles, free of charge, for the use of the
city hre alarm, or any other use that it
desires to make of the same. All poles
shall be erected under the provisions of
this ordinance and such other ordinances
and rules of the city of Topeka now in
existence or which may hereafter be pass
ed, and said poles shall not he less than
thirty feet hiirh and of symmetrical form,
unless the city engineer of said city shall
approve of poles of a different height
upon application being made o him lor
aid purpose.
Where the consent of the owner referred!.'
to in this section is refused, then said
"The Topeka Federal Light. Heat and
Power Company" shall have the right to
erect poles on, or conduits in which sam
"The 1 opeKa Federal Light, Heat ana
Power Company" may place the neces
sary wires for the purpose of. distrlbu-.
tion. as aforesaid. All conductors and
wires for the transmission of electricity
owned and operated by said "The Topeka
Federal Light, tieat and i'ower com
pany," tinder the provisions of this ordi
nance, shall, in all necessary places, be
properly insulated and protected- with
suitable insulating material and safety
Section 5. Said "The Topeka Federal
Litrht, Heat and Power Company" shall
not open or encumber any more of any
street, alley or public place at any one
time than may be necessary, or as pro
vided by the ordinances of the city of
Topeka, for the purpose of laying mains
or pipes, nor shall said "The Topeka Fed
eral Light, Heat and Power Company"
allow any street, alley or other public
place, to remain open or encumbered for
a lunger period of time than shall be. nec
essary to execute the work for which the
same shall have been opened, . or. without
putting up the necessary barriers and
lights as provided by the ordinances of
the city of Topeka, to effectually protect
such opening or encumbrance; said "The
Topeka Federal Light. Heat and Power
Company" shall be liable to and .shall
com pensate said city or any individual
interested in any property adjacent to any
street, alley or public place opened or in
jured by it: for all damages which shall
result by reason of the negligence of said
"The Topeka Federal Light. Heat and
Power Company." or its failure to protect
or guard any street, avenue or public
place in said citv.
Section 6. Said "The Topeka Federal
Light. Heat and Power Company" shall
be subject to all general ordinances. "rules
and regulations of the city of Topeka now
in force in regard to gas companies, and
said city shall have the right at any time
to provide for the appointment of an in
spector of gas with the power and author
ity incident to such position, when said
city deems it necessary to protect its
rights and the rights of consumers of gas.
against oppression or fraud on the part
of said "The Topeka Federal Light, Heat
and Power Company." All meters
used by said "The Topeka Fed
eral Light, Heat and Power Com
pany' for measurmg gas shall be
subject to inspection or approval
by such person or officer appointed by said
city for such purpose, and said "The To
pkea Federal Light. Heat and Power
Company" shall pay all reasonable cost
and charges for such inspection as may
be fixed by said city.
Section 7. Said "The Topeka Federal
Light, Heat and Power Company" shall
supply illuminating gas, the quality of
which shail be as nearly uniform as prac-
ticable. being for any one month not less
than twenty-two sperm candies burning
1-U grains per hour to be determined bv
thorough photometrieal test, a five foot
burner being used for such test. Said
"The Topeka Federal Light, Heat and
Power Company" shail also furnish elec
tric current and equipment of standard
quality, ' test and manufacture.
Section 8. The maximum prices to be
charged by said "The Topeka Federal
Light, Heat and Power Company" for gas
and electric current furnished to consum
ers, shall be as follows:
FIRST. FOR GAS: For gas to the city
of Topeka for use in anv of its ftreets.
alleys, public places or buildings, seventy
five cents per one thousand cubic feet.
To all other consumers, as follows: For
the use of gas in gas ranges and for il
luminating purposes during the first two
years after the actual turning on of gas
into the street mains for all services, one
dollar per one thousand cubic feet, and
for the same used during the next fol
lowing three years, ninety-five cents per
one thousand cubic feel: and for the re
mainder of the term of this ordinance,
ninety cents per one thousand cubic feet:
and for use in gas furnaces and other
heating apparatus and for power pur
poses, fifty cents per one thousand cubic
leei; i-ro video mat said "The Topeka
Federal Light, Heat and Power Com
pany" shall have the right to charge and
collect an additional ten cents per one
thousand cubic feet upon all bills that a1"
not paid within fifteen davs after sucr
bills shall have been nrosehted for pav.
merit. The city of Topeka reserves the
right to require said "The Toneka' Fed
eral Light. Heat and Power Company" In
addition to furnishing gas for street
lamps, to light and extinguish the seme,
and in which case said "The Topeka Fed
eral Light, Heat and Power Compinv"
agrees to furnish gas for street lighting,
including the labor of lighting and extin
guishing the same, at not to exceed twen
ty dollars per annum for each lamn con
suming five cubic feet of sras per hour
RENT. Said 'The Topeka Federal
Light. Heat end Power Companv" shall
not charge a sum exceeding nine-tenths
of one cent per hour for each sixteen can
dle power incandescent lamp: one and
three-fourths cents per hour for each 32
candle power incandescent lamp, and ten
dollars per month for rh lirrht
2,0"0 candle power when such arc light is
operated the entire night: and when the
same is operated onlv until 12:3 o'clock
a- rn., $7.5o per month. Said "The To
peka Federal Light. Heat and Power
ompany" shall have the right to charge
$l.-u per month as a minimum price for
supplying light for incandescent burners.
For electric current for power purposes
said "The Topeka Federal Lisht, Heat
and Power Company" shall have the ri:ht
to charge a sum not exceeding eight cents
per Lin) watt hours: for four hundred
thousand or less watt hours monthlv.
bringing the scale of prices down cent
for each additional two hundred thousand
watt hours consumed in any current
month to four cents per one thousand
watt hours for two million or more watt
hours monthly in any current month. Said
"The Topeka Federal Light. Heat and
Power Company" shall have the right to
make a minimum charge of eight dollars
for any quantity of current under one
hundred thousand watt hours in any cur.
itriiL morun.
Section 9.
The rlc-hfa nnd nr.' i-i lcroa
hereby granted are upon the express con
dition that said "The Topeka Federal
Lisrht. Heat and Power Companv" shall
within three years from the date of the
acceptance of this ordinance, build and
Complete or otherwise acquire gas and
electric works within the cornorate lim
its of the city of Topeka sufficiently ex
tensive to manufacture and diribute gas
to the amount of not less than ten mil
lion cubic feet in everv thlrtv davs and
electric current equal to thirty million
watt hours in every thirty davs and shall
have expended on such works at leat one
hundred thousand dolin rs within twpntv.
four months from the date of the accept
ance of this ordinance.
But the time during which anv legal
proceedings may be pending whereby said
"The Topeka Federal Light. Heat and
Power Company" shall be prevented from
or delayed in building or completing or
acquiring such gas and electric works, or
in expending- such sum of money, pro
vided, said "The Topeka Federal" Light.
Heat and Power Company" shall not be
a voluntary party to such legal nroeeed
ings. shall be excluded from the time
herein prescribed for buildiner. completing
or acquiring such gas and electric works,
and the expending of said one hundred
thousand dollars.
Section 10. This ordinance shall not take
effect and be in force as to said "The
Topeka Federal Light. Heat and Power
Company" until it. shall have been ac
cepted in writing by it and such accept
ance filed with the city clerk within nine
ty days from the passage of the same, nor
until said "The Topeka Federal Light.
Heat and Power Company" shall have 'de
posited with the treasurer of the citv of
Topeka. the sum of one thousand dollars
as an earnest or guarantee that the terms
and conditions of fection 9 of this ordi-
nance shall be strictly complied with, and
men. nit- laics iu w cnaiKea ior g-as ana
electricity furnished shall not exceed
those specified m section S of this ordi
nance, which deposit shall remain in the
hands of the treasurer of the city of To
peka until said "The Topeka Federal
Light, Heat and Power Company" shall
have expended at least the sum of one
hundred thousand dollars in the construc
tion of said gas and electric plant, and
upon submission to the mayor of a state
ment, duly certified, that "the said sum
has been expended as aforesaid, which
statement shall be approved by the city
engineer, then said "The Topeka Federal
Light. Heat and Power Company" shall
be entitled to receive back and the citv
of Topeka shall pay to said "The Topeka
Federal Light, Heat and Power Company"
said sum of one thousand dollars de
IMsited as aforesaid.
i Section 11. The linbility of said "The
Topeka Federal Liftht. Heat and Power
Company" to said city or any person who
may be injured by the exercise by said
"The Topeka Federal Licrht. Heat and
Power Company" of any of the privileges
or rights hereby planted, shall not be lim
ited by this ordinance, but said partv
shall have the usual remedv at law
neainst said "The Topeka Federal Liirht.
Heat and Power Company" for the same.
Section 12. The rights and privileges
hereby erranted are -upon the express con
dition that there is hereby reserved to the
cits; of Topeka. all of the rights and privi
leges contained in Chapter 2 of the ses
sion laws of the state of Kansas of 1 S'i7.
the same being article 2 of chapter 39 of
the general statutes of Kansas of 197 and
entitled in the session laws of 1S'7: "An
act authorizing and empowering cities of
the first, second and tbird class to obtain
$ras lights, electric lights, electric power,
water or heat by contracting with private
corporations to furnish in such city and
its citizens with such licrht. water, power.
and heat under the conditions of this act
imposed, and to obtain such gas. lights,
electric lights, electric power, water or
heat, by purchasing vr contracting owning-
and operating gas-plants, electric light
plants, electric power plants, water works
or heating plants by such cities, and for
the purpose of owning and operating any
such plants,- to purchase or lease, gas or
other lands, to repeal paragraphs 14"1 and
14"2 of the statutes of .Kansas of lfcvi. and
of other acts and parts of acts in connict
with this act." Approved March 13. 1V..
Including the rfght of the city of Topeka
to acquire any property constructed or
acquired by said "The Topeka Federal
Light, Heat and Power Company" as 'pro
vided in chapter 2. as before referred to.
It being understood that this ordinance
and all of its provisions, and conditions,
shall be controlled and construed in the
light of said chapter 2. before referred
to. Provided, however, that if said chap
ter 2 before referred to or any such part
thereof as relates to this section of this
ordinance should be repealed or in any
manner become Inoperative then this ordi
nance shail be in force and effect for the
full twenty years as provided in section
one of this ordinance, but at the expira
tion of the said twenty years the said
city of Topeka shall have the right to pur
chase the entire plant of the said "The
Topeka Federal Light. Heat and Power
Company" and all the gas and electric
works, property and effects of every de
scription and kind connected therewith
within said city of Topekalat an appraised
value which shall be ascertained and de
termined by three competent and disin
terested appraisers, who shall have full
access to all books, papers and others
documents bearing on or appertaining to
the subject and such appraisers shall be
selected in the following manner. to-W!t:
One of said appraisers shall be appointed
bv the said city of Topeka. one by the
said "The Topeka Federal Light, Heat
and Power Company" and the two so se-
lectcd shall choose a third and if said
two appraisers can not agree up"n a
third, then such third appraiser shall be
selected by the judge of the district court
of Shawnee county, Kansas, and the said
three appraisers so chosen shall, within
six months after the appointment of the
last appraiser, make a report in writing
of the value of said property, to the city
of Topeka and to the said "The Topeka
Federal Light, Heat and Power Com
pany" and the said city of Topeka shall
have the option within six months after
the receipt of said report, to purchase said
plant and property, together with all its
appurtenances and equipments at the ap
praisedvafue so fixed by said appraisers,
provided, however, that If said city shall
so elect to so purchase said plant, then
eaid "The Topeka Federal Light. Heat
and Power Company" shall have the
right to operate the said plant and receive
the profits therefrom during the time such
arbitration is in progress and tin til the
same shall be completed and the purchase
price as fixed by the arbitration has been
Section- 13. The franchise and rights
hereby granted are upon the express con
dition, that until such time as the pas
and electric plant or plants that may be
hereafter erected or acquired by said
"The Topeka Federal Light, Heat and
Power Company." shall earn an amount
sufficient to pay the legitimate expenses
of operating said plant or plants, and an
amount equal to six per cent per annum
on the capital invested, said "The Topeka
Federal Light. Heat and Power Com
panv" shail pay annually to tne city of
Topeka for the franchise and rights here
by granted, the following: sums jf money:
At the end of each year, excepting the
first, after gas shall have been turned into
the pipes for public service, U sum equal
to three per centum upon the gross re
ceipts from the sales of gas and electric j
current for term of four years; ami four I
per centum per annum on the gross saU-s
of gas and elertric current for each of the
next five years, and five per cent per an
num for the remainder of said franchise,
unless the proceeds from said plant or
plants shall be sufficient at an earlier
date to pay the legitimate operating ex
penses of said plant or plants. and six per
cent per annum upon the capital invested.
It being the intention of the parties here
to to comply with the intent and spirit of
section 4 of chapter of the Session Laws
f 1807, that is to say, as soon as the
gross receipts from the sales of gas and
electric current from the plant or plant
to be constructed or acquired by said
"The Topeka Federal Light. Heat and
Power Company" shall equal an amount
sufficient to pay the legitimate operating
expenses of said plant or plants, and six
per cent on the capital Invested, then at
said time the royalty heretofore provided
for in this section shall cease, and the ex
cess received from the sales of gas and
electric current, after deducing the legiti
mate operating expenses and six per cent
on the capital invested, the surplus shall
be paid into the treasury of the city of
Topeka for the use of the streets, alleys
and other public grounds in the citv of
Topeka. Said "The Topeka Federal Light.
Heat and Power Company" shall file with
the city cK-rk on the first day of January
and July of each year a sworn statement
showing the amount of the gross receipts
of said gas and electric plant or plants
for the preceding six months, and the
right is hereby reserved to the city of To
peka, and said "The Topeka Federal
Light. Heat and Power Company" hereby
consents that any officer or committee
appointed by the mayor and- council of
said city shall have free access to. and
mav examine in detail all of the books.
records and papeVs kept by said "The To
peka Federal Libt, Heat and Power
Company." showing the receipts and dis
bursements of said "The Topeka Federal
Light. Heat and Power Company," in the
operation tf said plant or plants. But it
is hereby especially provided that if said
chapter h2 referred to in this ordinance
or such part thereof as relates to this soc-
l tionof this ordinance should be repealed or
in any way become inoperative then tne
amounts to be paid by said "The Topeka
Federal Light. Heat and Power Company"
to the city of Topeka under ths ordi
nance shall be the taxes upon the gross
sales of gas and electric current as pre
viously provided herein.
Section 14. If said "The Topeka Federal
Light, Heat and Power Company" or any
corporation which it may organize, shall
at any time during the term of this fran
chies, transfer the franchise or rights
hereby granted, to any other gas company
or electric light company now operating
in the city of Topeka. or make any con
solidation with such company, or shall
any gas company or electric light com
pany now operating in the city of Topeka,
acquire the franchise or rights, hereby
granted, the corporation acquiring such
franchise or rights, or the consolidated
company, shall be subject to all the irms
and provisions of this ordinance, and shall
operate its plant or plants under the pro
visions of this ordinance. All the rights,
privileges and obligations herein granted
or imposed upon said "The Topeka Fed
eral LiErht. Heat and Power Company"
shall apply to and be operated in favor of
or against any successor of said "The
Topeka Federal Light. Heat and Power
Company." or any corporation that may
t te organized oy It.
Section 15. This ordinance shall take
effect and be In force from and after its
publication in the official city paper.
Passed the countil April 2, 1'JoO.
Approved April 12. W.h
(Seal: C. J. DREW, Mayor.
Attest: J. H. SQUIRES, City Clerk.
First Published in the Topeka State
Journal June 8, 1900.
At a meeting of the council of the city
of Topeka held June 4th. 1900, the follow
ing resolution was adopted:
Resolved, That the Jiayor and Council
of the city of Topeka deem it necessary
for the best interests of said city that
Piercy street from the west line of Lane
street to the west line of Williston street
and Walnut street from the west line of
Williston street to the cast curb line of
College avenue be graded and paved thir
ty feet wide with vitritied brick on sand
foundation, and curbed with Fort Scott
blue sand stone. J. W. F. HUGHES.
I hereby certify that the above is a true
copy of the original resolution now on file
in my office.
In witness whereof. I have hereunto set
my hand and official seal this 7th day of
June, lioO ,at Topeka. Kansas.
(Seal) City Clerk.
(First published In the Topeka State Jour
nal June S, HMO.)
At a meeting of the council of the city
of Topeka, held June Sth. It'oO, the follow
ing resolution was adopted.
Resolved. That the mayor and council
of the city of Topeka. deem it necessary
for the best interest of said city that Lane
street from the south line of Thirteenth
street or Williams avenue,' to the south
line of Piercy street, be graded and paved
thirty feet wide with vitrified brick on
sand foundation, and curbed with Fort
Scott stone curbing.
I hereby certify that the above is a true
copy of the original resolution now on file
in my office.
In witness whereof.' t have hereunto set
my hand and official seal this 9th day of
June. IDuO, at Topeka. Kan.
(Seal) J. H. SQUIRES, City Clerk.
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