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Sound Kidneys Insure Good Health.
r i
Mr. John 11. Corlie9, Secretary o the Council Bluffs, la., Athletic Association,
ras cured of kidney trouble by Peruna, He says:
I am a firm believer In Peruna. For
trouble of the kidneys and other pelvic
out relief. I used Peruna faithfully lor
say it relieved me entirely of all pains.
"I am in excellent health, have gained
felt better in my life."
Hon. D. L. Jaycox. Chaplain of the
from 860 Broadway, Oakland, Cala. :
"I am an old war veteran. I contracted severe bladder and WUney trou
He, spent hundreds of dollars and consulted a host of doctors, but neither
did me any good.
"Finally some of my comrades who had been cured by Peruna, advised
me to try it. I at once bought a bottle and found it helped me so much that
I kept on using it for nearly four months.
'Peruna has proven the best medicine I ever used, my pains are gone, and
I believe myself to be cured. I feel well and would not be without bottle in
time of need for ten times its cost.
The kidneys are the natural gateway
cut of which much of the waste tissue
fin is its escape. This waste matter be-
onies a very poisonous substance if al
lowed to accumulate. The renal artery
brines th- bKod charged with impuri-tl-s
to the kidneys.
If the kidneys are hc-akhy they will
(xcrte the poison from the blood. The
r-nal veins return the purified blood
from the kidneys to the general circula
tion. Peruna stimulates the kidneys to ex-
"A Skin of Beatity Is a Jov Forever."
Xurifl a wea as Beaut. fies the bkiD Ns
uiber coime'.ic wm do it.
Estaores Tan.
Fimp.es. Freck
les. Alruh Paioh.
es. Kah aaJ
kji d.?eaec
aad ery t. etu
is h on beajET.
and defies u.
tecrioa. It Gas
scood the test of
52 year. and is
so "harm ess we
taste it to be
sure it is prop
er. y m;uie. Ac
cept no counter,
ie.t of siiii.iar
names. Vr. L,
th h.iui-son 1 a pa
use them, I rectu
ti.e :est harmiui
For sa.e by a.i
-k. ;-ayrej.aMto a ;ady of
l.ea:i- "As yoii !ad:es will
liiend "Go'.irau.i's 1 rum1 as
of a.i sn preparation
I'rue'sc and t- an
Goods Dealers in the C.
ti. tauadas. aud hurope. i hKD. 1. HOI"
free r. 37 crafts Jonas oi.. i".
Street Car Tickets. "
Tol the Public.
It havins come to my noticethat street
car tick-is are beini? adv-rtised as ob- j
tair.abie f...r one cent each, under cer- j
tain arrarpments which may be made j
with th- party advertising. I desire to"
say that the Topeka Railway company j
is in no nay connected with, nor inter
ested in the transaction. The promoters '
of the enterprise have purchased some j
tickets of the T'.peka Railway company j
at the regular price of five cents each.
This statement is made, solely that j
the public may be informed that the
Topeka Railway company has no part j
in the enterprise-, and is not selling tick- f
ets at reduced rates to any person.
lours resrieottui.v,
President and Treasurer.
Denver, Pueblo, Colorado Springs, and
Return $19.00 via Santa Fe.
Tickets on sale June 21, July
3, 9,
lO. Is and Aug. lv Stopovers
betweer. Pueblo and L.-nver enabling
one to stop at Colorado Springs. Final
limit of ticket October 31st.
King, agent, for particulars.
iee T. L.
In our store we are serving Ice Cream
and Cake at 2 ets. a dish.
103 East Sixth street
Chicago and Return $14.00 via Santa
Tickets on sale June 25. 26, 27. good
returning July 3.. Short line to Chicago.
I The II
1w"y"m l
Is in
The j
Sportsman I
I 1 j
It may not be generally known but it is a fact
that 95 per cent, of nickel cigars are made of scraps
and pickups and doctored to imitate good tobacco.
Such cigars cost almost nothiug to manufacture, and
yet you are asked to pay 5 cents for them. Aside
from the argument that you are entitled to the limit
for your money, these doctored cigars, for many
reasons, are unfit to be smoked.
is made of whole leaf exactly as grown, by the best
American workmen, and is not doctored.
Why not you a Sportsman Smoker?
Stamped with the jYame
and Sold Everywhere.
tbree years I suffered with severe
organs, tryinz several remedies with
fourteen weeks ana am im glad
twelve pounds in weight, and never
Grand Army of the Republic, writes
Crete from the blood the accumulating
poison, and thus prevents the convul
sions which are sure to follow if the
poisons are allowed to remair. It gives
great vigor to the heart's action and
digestive system, both of whi:h are apt
to fail rapidly in this disease.
Kidney diseases are more liable in
summer than in winter. Send for a
copy of '"Summer Catarrh," written by
Dr. Hartmun. This book wi.:l be sent
free to any address upon application,
and treats cf the catarrhal diseases pe
culiar to summer.
Sunday, June 24th.
Via "The Rock Island Boute."
Only $1.50 For the Round Trip.
Special train will leave Tcpeka T:20
a. m., arriving at Beatrice 12 o'clock
noon. Returning will leave Beatrice
fi p. rn., arriving at Topeka 10:if p. m.
Tours in the Eocky Mountains.
The "Scenic Line of the World," the
Denver & Rio Grande railroad, offers
tt tourists in Colorado, Utah and New j
Mexico the choicest resorts, and to the i
tra ns-coctinental traveler the grandest j
scenery. Two seuarate and distinct j
routes through the Rocky Mountains, j
all through tickets avaiiabe via either, j
The direct line to Cripple Crsk. the !
greatest g' Id camp on earth. Three !
trains daily each way with through j
Puilrnan r-alace and tourist sleeping )
cars between Chicago. Denver. San
Francisco and L.s Ane-lfS, ar:d DeB- j
ver and Portland. The best 'line to J
Utah, Idaho, Montana. Oregon and
Washington via the ""Ogden gateway."
Dininir cars t service a la cartel on all
through trains. Write S. K. Hooper.
G. P. & T. A , Denver, Colo., for illus
: trated descriptive pamphlets.
Memphis Route Past Train.
The Southeastern Limited leaving
Kansas City daily at t:3M p. m. en
ables passengers to reach Memphis at
S a. m., Binr.ingtium 4:20 p. m. Chat
tanooga 8:45 p. m., Atlanta l:;i.:. p. m.,
Xew Orleans 7:25 p m., next day, Jack
sonville, Fla.. 8:30 second morning.
Corresponding time to ail points in the
southeast. Kntire train, with reclining
chair car "and palace buffet sleeping
car runs through to Birmingham, stop
ping only at important local stations,
as Olathe, Panla. Pleasanton. Fort
Scott, Lamar, Springfield.
Summer Tours.
The Grand Trunk Railway is the ideal
route for summer travel, reaching with
its own lines or direct co.ir.ecti :ns ail
the poular resorts: the Muskoka and
Kawartha Lakes. Lake of Bays (Hisrh-
t lands of- Ontario). Niagara Fall. St.
! Lawrence River and itapids. Thousand
Islands. White Mountains and the &ea
coast Resorts of the North Atlantic.
For copies of illustrated tourist litera
ture, rates and full information, apply
to J. H. Bursris, 249 Clark St., corner
Jackson Boulevard. Chicago.
Kaughman Bros. Cream at 2 ets. a
dish, at
i East Sixth street.
bee- Swan
Book Store,
Fountain Pens. Bennett's
730 Kansas avenue.
- 14'
f f Vs.
, j -
5 Cent
pure tobacco cigar
One of the charming affairs riven for
Miss Lillian Whitelock and Mr. Frank
Davis was a 9 o'clock supper Monday
evening. It was given by Misses Myrtle
and I van Davis who have an enviable
reputation as hostess. The decorations
through the rooms consisted entirely of
brilliant hued nasturtiums, while the
color scheme in the dining room was
carried out in pink. At either end of
the table was a candelabrum holding
pink candies; the center piece was pink
roses and sweet peas. A low cut glass
dish was filled with pink sweet peas
and rising from the center was a high
cut glass vase of pink roses. The name
cards were beautiful little souvenirs in
the shape of copies of Gibson's pictures
done in pen and ink by Miss Georgians
Wasson. The guests w ere limited to the
members of the bridal party.
An Informal Affair. -
Misses Santa and Fe Waters enter
tained a few of their friends at an in
formal torch party last FTiday evening
at their home on Buchanan street- Their
guests were nearly all members of their
last winter's bowling club and includ
ed Miss Virgie- Payne, Miss Mary Ham
bleton. Miss Pearl McFarlartd. Miss Lil
lian McFarland. Miss Mabel Hiliis. Miss
Marie Brooks, Mr. Will Chaney, Mr.Lee
Forbes. Mr. Earl Case. Mr. Charles El
liott, Mr. Horace Macferran, Mr. How
ard Huey and Mr. Frank Smith.
' Miss Low's Luncheon.
Miss Whitelock was also the guest of
honor at a luncheon given by Miss Vera
Low Monday afternoon at her home on
Fillmore street. The luncheon was an
elaborate affair served in five courses at
1:3U. In the center cf the table was a
mirror which reflected a taH Venetian
glass vase of feathery pink blossoms,
t supplemented w ith pink carnations. Ihe
rooms were all decorated with cut flow
ers and foliage for the occasion.
Besides the guest of honor those pres
ent were Miss Libbie Hazlett of Chi
cago. Miss Lottie Page of Denver. Miss
Winifred Wagner. Miss Edna Crane,
Miss Myrtle Davis and Miss Ivah Davis.
Notes and Personal Mention.
Miss Libbie Hazlett arrived Monday
from Chicago" and is the guest of Mrs.
George Port Ashton.
Mrs. Caie Jones will go to Colorado
Springs this week for a month's out
ing. Miss Helen Curry Is entertaining the
members of the Junior Atlantean club
this afternoon at her home in Highland
The engagement is announced of Miss
Lena Josseiyn of Manchester, N. H..
and Mr. Frank Lamsoa of Lowell. Mass.
Miss Josseiyn is quite well known in
Topeka. having visited Misses Myrtle
and Ivah Davis for several weeks three
years ago.
Mr and Mrs. Edward Herbst and
daughters will go to Abilene Wednesday
for a several weeks" visit, and from
there they expect to visit in Rochester,
N. Y., their former home.
?.Iiss Maud Bates. Miss Bessie Rates,
Miss Lulu Ewart and Miss Emily Elliott
will go to the Bates farm near Pauline.
Wednesday, to spend the remainder of
the week.
A pleasant reception was given Mon
day evening at the Central Congrega
tional church as a farewell for Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas Gray who will leave in
about a week as missionaries for the
Fonopa. Islands, in Micronesia. Mrs.
Gray was formerly Miss Leta Dan ley,
' one of Topeka's popular musicians.
Miss Olive Wilson of Leavenworth is
visiting Miss Lottie Atchison at the
heme of her sister Mrs. W. J. Black on
; Harrison street.
; S. S. Ott has gone to Denver on busi
ness. Miss Bessie Elder has returned from
the Illinois university where she has
been attending school the past year: On
j her way home she visited friends in
I Hillsborough, III . for a week.
Miss Anna M. Parry Bundy left today
for Des Moines, Iowa, to attend the Na
tional Music Teachers' association.
Miss Emma Baie of Chicago is spend
ing several weeks with friends in To
peka. Torrence Ewart came up from Kansas
City today for a short visit with his
parents, Mr and Mrs. A. J. Ewart.
Hugh McFarland is visiting Florace
King. a.t the Kick ranch near Valencia.
National Building Trades Conn
cil Takes Vigorous Measures.
Chicago, June 13. New life has been
injected in the strike and lock out in
Chicago by the action of the national
building" trades. council to which the
local body is subordinate. The national
body indicated that labor is more than
ever determined to triumph by taking
official notice of strikes and lock out3
in difficulties where the membership of
its affiliated members is involved. The
national officers are endeavoring to give
the unions assistance by an organized
effort to prevent artisans who might
be seeking new fields in which to find
employment from going to these cities.
Vnder direction of the national execu
tive board Secretary H . V. Steiabiss
has sent the fofiowiny official notice to
every" city in the country where there
is a building trades union:
"Every one must keep away from
Chicago until further notice owing to
a lock out of all building trades men.
"Carpenters must keep away from St.
Louis and East e-t. Louis.
"Plasterers must keep away from
Kansas City.
" Carpenters and wood workers must
keep away from Omaha.
""Tinners must keep away from
"Carpenters and painters must keep
away from Duiuth.
"Carpenters, tinners, painters and
wood workers must stay away from
Dallas. Tex.
"Tinners must keep away from Cleve
land. "Ail building trades men must keep
away from Savannah, Ga."
Chicago Steel Mills Besom e.
Chicago, June 19. Three departments
of the Illinois Steel company at South
Chicago, the slab mill, employing 400
men. plate mill, of") men and the open
hearth furnaces, 300 men. which were
closed down two weeks ago, resumed
operations today.
Denver, Pueblo, Colorado Springs, and
Return $19.00 via Santa Fe-
Tickets on sale June 21, July 7. 8, 9,
10, IS and Aug. IS. Stopovers allowed
between Puebla and Denver enabling
one to stop at Colorado Springs. Final
limit of ticket October 3' st. See T. L.
King, agent, for partieulS-s.
Denver, Pueblo, Colorado Springs, and
Return $19.00 via Santa Fe
Tickets on sale June 21, July 7, 8, 9,
1.0. IS and Aug. 18. Stopovers allowed
between Pueblo and Denver enabling
me to stop at Colorado Springs. Final
limit of ticket October 31st. See T. L.
King, agent, for particulars.
Ice Cream and Cake. 2 ets. a dish at
103 East Sixth.
Bradshaw,hand-made harness.SlO K. av.
Alfred Benjamin & Co., $J8
and $15 Men's Suits Tomor
row and all this week at
(Blue and Black excepted.)
duett Peabody & Co.
Crown Brand
Collars, regular 15c kind,
3 for 25c
Cooking apples have appeared in the
Grocers report that spring chickens
are scarce.
Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Quinton left Mon
day for Denver.
George Watson of Kinsley is in the
city on business.
J. W. Hecker of Wamego, is in the
city on business.
The fireworks dealers are booming
their business for July 4.
Polon Sunimerfield, of Lawrence, is
visiting friends in the city.
Topeka will have no celebration of
the F"ourth of July thi3 year.
George Irwin is in Li s Angeles, Cala.
He was called there on business.
Miss Georgia Nichols, of Abilene, is
the guest of Miss Louella Rudolph.
The state oil inspector has gone into
the insurance business at Fort Scott.
Governor Stanley and George Clark
spent Monday fishing at Lake View.
Judge Guthrie is rapidly recovering
from the injuries sustained in his recent
C. J. Rolfe and J. P. Colville have
leased T. V. Vogenitz photograph gal
lery. Bank Commissioner Breidenthal has
onened the new state bank at Ells
worth. The first session of the Epworth
league convention is being held this af
ternoon. Charles Smith left Sunday to go to
Denver. He will ride the distance on
a whieeL
The parish schools of the Church of
the Assumption will close tomorrow
John McKee, of the general manager's
office of the Santa Fe, has returned af
ter a vacation.
The stone for the addition to the gov
ernment building is being unloaded as
fast as possible. ,
Frank Hungate, formerly of Topeka,
has taken a position with the Santa. Fe
in Albuquerque.
W. O. Day has returned from Lajunta,
Colorado, where he has been employed
by the Santa Fe.
G. W. Closson, Santa Fe fuel and ice
contractor, has returned from a busi
ness trip to Albuquerque.
Harry Beard left Sunday to attend
the exposition at Paris. He will tie
away about three months.
i The first annual reunion of the
f Twentv-third Kansas volunteers will
j be held in Topeka, August 22.
j The plate glass front in the vacant
J room f :merly occupied by the Epicur
; ean restaurant has been broken.
; Mr. Charles S. Gteed delivered an ad
; dress at the reception of the Argentine
! Raiiroad T. il. C. A. last night.
! Professor and Mrs. L. Heck left
! yesterday for Zanesviile, Ohio. They
uiil spend the summer irt the east.
Two new office rooms are being built
on the west side of Kansas avenue be
tween Ninth street and Tenth avenue.
A marriage license has been issued by
the probate judge to Gwine Louis of
i;..Ar I
s 1Errt
:m mi
V KV V - CAC. ? N.V.
Alfred Benjamin & Co. $22
and $20 Men's Suits in Wor
steds, Scotches and Cassimeres
Tomorrow and all this
week at
Topeka, age 21, and Clifford Bail, of To
peka, age 23.
Greenwood avenue has been paved
and opened up for travel for the dis
tance of four blocks, from the postoffic
to Laurel street.
Warm weather seems to have little
effect on the attendance at the Topeka
Whist club. About thirty players turn
ed out last night.
The New Church Workers of the First
Baptist church will meet tomorrow af
ternoon at 2:30 with Miss Lola Pankey,
510 Topeka avenue.
Harvey Wood who has been visiting
his brother, O. J. WTood, of 1231 Tyler
street, has returned to his home in
I.aJunta. Colorado.
I The Kansas City, Kas., delegates to
the state convention of the Epworth
i League came to Topeka in a special
J car on the Santa Fe today.
A Topeka parrot has the happy fac
j ulty of being able to carry on both sides
j of a conversation. The parrot amuses
I itself by the hour in that manner,
j Sam Emmons, a laborer who has been
I in the habit cf spending every cent he
i earned for drink, has been adjudged In-
sane and was taken to the asylum,
j A colored man named Johnston was
' severely injured Monday by a larg
' stone falling on his leg while working
: in the yards of Cuthbert & Sargent.
Frank L. Erown told the Kansas City :
newspaper reporters the other day that
! the talk of so much strength for Bur-
ton made him tired. Brown is a Baker '
' man. j
Professor Herriek of Washburn col- I
; lege is spending1 the week in addressing
the county institutes which are Being
; heid in the different counties of the
I state.
The Kansas delegates to the national
convention have 'made Dave Muivane
; a present of a cane. They will reniem-
ber Cyrus Leland with something ap
j propriate.
John Durkin says that he was m no
way implicated in the trouble between
his brother and William White, as an
nounced in the State Journal Saturday
The respectable Republicans In To
peka have secured recognition In Phil
adelphia. Nick Chiles is an assistant
doorkeeper in the national Republican
In a recent ball game between the
Harpy Hopper team and a team com
posed of students of Strickler's Business
college, the score was 34 to 3 in favor of
the college.
The probate court has ordered A. S.
Embree and S. S. Ott. administrators
of the estate of Eliza Chrtsman, to sell
29 shares of stock of the Columbus &
Xenia railroad.
Rev. D. M. Houghtelin of this city
will have charge of the London Heights
M. E. church in Kansas City during
a three months' absence of the regular
pastor in Europe.
The Christian Endeavor societies of
the First Presbyterian church will hold
a social in the church parlors tomor
row evening. Vocal music will be fur
nished by the Swedish North Star quar
tette. Lincoln Post No. 1 has been present
ed with a photograph of the late W. D.
Alexander and a complete set of the
Encyclopedia Britannica by Mrs.
Charles F. Spencer and Mrs. Harry O.
Dana Davis,Nesbit Smith, Arthur Me
Cliniock, James Stewart and Bernard
Crosby have returned from a two weeks'
camping trip to Maple Hill. They come
home with a story of catching a 20
pound fish.
Citizens living in the neighborhood
have raised $150 for the construction
of a fence around Holliday park, and
the fence will be built by the park com
mission. The commission will supply
the remainder of the money necessary.
The park at the Intersection of Green
wood and Parit avenues in Potwin is
being made in circular form. If the case
pending in court is won by Judge
Clark, it is probable that a new con
tract will be let to have it changed
from a circular shape to an octagon
shaced nark.
The First Presbyterian Sunday school
is planning a picnic to be held at the
reform school grounds in North To
peka. If arrangements may be made
the icnie will be held Tuesday after
noon and evening, June 26. A special
train will be run out of the Rock Islajid
and about 500 will attend:
Items Intended for this column should
be left with the Kimball Printlns cons
par.y. S35 Kansas avenue.
20 boys' crash suits, handsome styles.
only iji-c per suit, for ages 3 to years.
The Union Pacific nay car came in
this morning.
Ladies' trimmed hata worth $1.9S for
49c. Deep cut in all ladies' trimmed and
walkinghats. COSTLEY & POST.
FOR SALE OR REXT-J. T. Bell's bouse,
No. lis Holman st.
Miss Ina Tyler of Silver Lake 13 at
tending the teachers' institute here.
If you want millinery don't waste
your time running around but come
where they are aelilng it cheap.
G. W. Petro left today on a ten days"
business trip to the northern part of the
state. , ,
The G. D. Chicago waist reduced from
J1.00 to 75 c-ents-
50 cpnt sailors for 25 cents at the
Albert Kopp and C. F. Hawkins
Our regular $12 and
Men's Suits in Worsteds
Cassimeres Tomorrow
all this week at
(Blues and Blacks excepted.) (Blues and
Kansas Avenue
graP CS-SW. ,T7n'i
h xnr
!(! inn
I Cent
73"75 Kansas Avenue.
have gone to Rossville on a short fish
ing trip.
Table oil cloth, the best quality, 15
cents per yard.
Miss Gertrude Allen has taken a posi
tion as stenographer in the Inter Ocean
mill oruce.
1,000 yards India linen, good QualltK
at 5 cents per yard.
The Ladies' Aid society of the Chris
tian church will meet tomorrow after
noon with Mrs. Parrish of 1525 Harrison
Trimmed hats at greatly reduced
8. E. Post, of the firm of Coetley &
Post, who has been visiting in town
since Saturday returned yesterday to
his home in Aurora, Mo.
The very best quality of gingham for
apron" d cents per yard.
The Ladies' Guild of the Church of
the Good Shepherd win meet Wednes
day afternoon at the home of Mrs. An
derson, 403 East Gordon street.
Mrs. Patterson of 150S Van Buren
street who has been suffering from
nervous prostration was taken to Stor
mont hospital last evening for treat
ment. AH our best brands of calico former
price 6c and. 6Vc reduced to 5 cents
per yard.
Eugene lodge No. 79, I. O. O. F., will
hold their annual meeting next Sunday
afternoon at two o'clock at the Baptist
church. Rev. Mr. Maver will preach the
Clyde Ward of Gypsum was the guest
yesterday of Topeka friends. Mr. Ward
To do Clothing basinesa Is to advertise early in the season a
great display of $20.00 suita special for opening week at $15.00, in
cluding the famous EL S. & M- Suits made by Hart, Shaffner &
Man, and Cane, McCaffrey's little Captain Suita, call them $5.00
values special for $2.95, and all the popular brands of $1.00 Shirts
the world over, advertised as 1.50 values reduced to 99 cents.
That's the usual method of booming the clothing business twelve
' xaonths in the year.
To do a Clothing business is to take those same H. S. & M. Suits
early in the season, all the fancy checks and stripes, also Blue
Serges and Black Claya, and hang $10 tags on them. That makes
one of The Imperial $10 Suits for $10, worth $10 see the argu
ment? Then take the little Captain 6uits and sell them every
day for $2.75, and sell $1.00 shirts for $1.00, instead of calling them
$1.50 Zephyrs, Cyclones, Botanies, Astronomies or Zoologies special
for 89c. That's the way The Imperial does business, while the
Robinson, Marshall & Co.
" Security Building. 703 Saasas Ave.
$10 N.
and I
Blacks excepted.)
For Tomorrow Only regular
50 cent English Square Ties in
Rumchundas and Twills'
This week only at
From 9 o'clock until
9 minutes after 9
Fancy Waist Silks,
9c per yard,
9 lbs. Mixed Nails,
For 9c
has a commission in the regular army
nd left todav for San Pranrispn and
from there he will go to Manila.
Miss May Wamock has returned from
Oklahoma where she has been head
trimmer in a millinery store for the
past season. She Is now at the home of
her brother, Mr. Joseph Wamock.
Ralph Kennedy of the A. T. & S. In
junction has been promoted to nis?ht
ticket agent at the Santa Fe depot To
peka. Frank Giilium from the superin
tendent's office succeeds Mr. Kennedy
at the Junction depot.
Mr. and Mr. John Nystrom went ta.
Kansas City the first of the week ta
visit their son and daughter, Mr. and
Mrs. Louie Nystrom. Mr. Nystrom re
turned today but Mrs. Nystrom will rei
main several days longer.
Mrs. Price of New London, Canada,
who has been visiting her daughter.
Mrs. L. P. Coultis of Central avenu
for several months, left Saturday for
St. Joseph where the will visit friends
for two weeks.
Mrs. McCall and daughter, Misa
Minna' McCall, will leave Thursday for
Colorado. They will visit Colorado
Springs, Manitou and other points of in
terest. During their absence Miss
Clyda McCall will be the guest ot
friends in Hoyt.
Via the Santa Fe.
Tickets en sale June 1st; stopover al
lowed at Colorado common points.
For the best of feed and hay, at lowest
prices, try Geo. "Wheadon, at SS3 Kaa
sas avenue. Tel. 433.

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