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to smoke
After meals, after the theater,
riding, driving, hunting, playing,
working, idling, in office, or iii
home, always have a SpcrfsiSSa
at hand. A good
under all circumstances.
First-Class Workmanship,
Biraiqiiii lu.ni -
a - ' . r .
aZzsoSista nusriiif
recommends it to all smokers and makes it .
"The King of 5-cent Cigars."
Do you smoke the Sportsman? Stamped with the Name.
Sold Everywhere.
J" BW s sw
T. L. KING, Agent.
The first white man to set foot on
Utah soil, Father Silvestre Velez de
Escalante, who reached the GREAT
SALT LAKE on the 23rd day of Sept.,
1776, wrote in hisdiary: "Here the cli
mate is so delicious, the air so balmy,
that it is a pleasure to breathe by day
and by night." The climate of Utah
is one of the richest endowments of
nature. On the shore9 of the Great
fcalt Lake especially and for fifty
miles therefrom in every direction
the climate of climates ia found.- To
enable persons to participate in these
scenic and climatic attractions, and to
reach the famous HEALTH, BATH
Utah, the UNION PACIFIC has made
a rate to OGDEN and SALT LAKE
CITY of one fare for the round trip,
plus S2.00, from Missouri River, to be
in effect June 21st, July 7th to 10th in
clusive, July 18th, and Aug. 2d. Re
turn limit Oct. 31, 1900.
For full information, call on or ad
dress, F. A. Lewis, City Ticket Agt.,
or J. C. Fulton, Depot Agent.
Rest and Health, to Mother and Child
lias been used for over FIFTY YEARS
ri:iil'KI.T SKTESJ. It SOOTHES the
nil TAIN, Cl'liES WIND COLTC and la
the best remedy for DIARRHOEA. Soli
bv DruKists in every part of the world.
l;e sure to ask for "Mrs. Winslow's Sooth
ing Svrup" and take no other kind. Twen-tv-flvo
cents a bottle.
Via the Santa Fe.
Tickets on sale June 1st; stopover al
lowed at Colorado common points.
Chicago and Return $14.00 via Santa
Tickets on sale June 23, 26, 27, good
returning July 3. Short line to Chicago.
, Denver, Pueblo, Colorado Springs, and
Return $19.00 via Santa Fe.
Tickets on Bale June 21, July 7, 8, 9,
10. is and Aug. 18. Stopovers allowed
between Pueblo and Denver enabling
one to stop at Colorado Springs. Final
limit of ticket October 31st. See T. L
King, agent, for particulars.
JJradshaWjhand-iuade harness, S10 K. av.
inaiei - leaf
of the Sssoristsian
Last Train Load Started on Its Long
Yesterday afternoon Santa Fe engine
No. 813 with Engineer W. ... Sherman
at the throttle and Fireman F. McClain,
backed down the yards and coupled on
to the train of twenty cars laden with
Kansas corn intended for the starving
of India.
Shortly after this Jackson's military
band marched down Fifth street and
stopped directly in front of the ticket
office on the platform of the Santa Fe
Secretary Coburn mounted the steps
and in the following appropriate words
introduced the speaker: "Fellow coun
trymen, ladies and gentlemen, we are
told that it is more blessed to give than
to receive; that they serve God well
who serve His creatures. The time has
arrived when the Kansas cornucopia
pours forth a golden stream to 'the
poor and miserable beings beyond the
seas. Kansans do not stop to question
the creed or color of the sufferers. It
sufticies for Kansas to know that they
are in want. The proof of this is the
caravan which is about to start, the
magnitude of which Egypt never
thought of."
Mr. Coburn then presented Mr. John
Dawson who said: -'This train load of
corn from bountiful Kansas is proof
that the brotherhood of man is not an
idle sentiment. A cry comes from the
far off Ganges to the bloated corn hold
ers of Kansas and Kansas stands not
on the order of giving: to the famine
stricken India, The magnitude of the
suffering surpasses all belief. Kansas
does not stop to reason out what
brought about this suffering' and want.
"This train as it passes through the
country will attract attention and stim
ulate our sister states to make efforts
tending to the relief of the famine
stricken India."
This will probably be the last corn
which will be sent to India by Kansans.
It is impossible to buy it. Farmers are
so busy tending to their crops that they
will not spaxe the time to haul the corn
to town.
Cash donations are still coming in
and as fast as received will be tele
graphed to Bombay so that they maybe
used the next day in helping to relieve
the suffering.
The train was in charge of Conductor
Walter Proctor. It will be taken as far
as Chicago on the Santa Fe. It left
the depot at 5:20 p. m. Wednesday af
ternoon to the strains of "America" ren
dered by Jackson's band.
coloreIToldiers meet.
Twenty-Third Kansas Will Hold a
Reunion August 22.
A meeting of the Twenty-third Kan
sas soldiers was held last night to ar
range for the reunion to be held in To
peka August 22. Capt. William Reynolds
was chairman of the meeting which
named the following committees:
On ways and means Captain William
Reynolds, chairman; William Hall,
Thomas McAdoo, William Goff, P. C.
llanforth. Benjamin Perkins and S. E.
M (-Carroll.
Transportation Colonel James Beck,
chairman; T. T. Jones and Prof. G. W.
Advertising and announcement
Major J. M. Brown, chairman; T. T.
Jones, William Vaughn, J. H. Childers,
and P. C. Thomas.
Arrangements Prof. G. W. Jackson,
chairman; J. H. North. Virgil Chatman,
Benjamin Burton and Arthur C. Harris.
Orders From New York to the Orient
Being Cancelled.
New York, June 21. The shipments in
transit at the moment from this port to
China are not as large as they have
been in other years at this time. It is
stated by a prominent shipping firm
that to Hong Kong alone there is prob
ably afloat some $125,000 worth of gen
eral merchandise sent from this city
which is to be distributed from there.
While there has been no very general
cancellation of orders to be shipped to
treaty ports of China. Jt 19 believed
however, that there will be a lull ir
trade while the present conditions exist.
The check will aftect principally ii
kinds of manufactured products.
Starvation never vet cured dyspepsia.
Persons with indigestion are already halt
starved. They need plenty of wholesome
food. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digests what
you eat so the budy -can be nourished
while the worn out orftans are being re
constructed. It is the only preparation
known that will instantly relieve and
completely cure all stomach troubles. It
is certain to do you good. All drug stores,
Denver, Pueblo, Colorado Springs, and
Return $19.00 via Santa Fe
Tickets on sale June 21, July 7, S, 9,
10, 18 and Aug. IS. Stopovers allowed
between Pueblo and Denver enabling
one to stop at Colorado Springs. Final
limit of ticket October 31st. See T. L.
King, agent, for particulars.
Unless food is digested quickly it will
ferment and irritate the stomach. After
each meal take a teaspoontul of Kodol
Oyspepsia Cure. It digests what you eat
Rnd will allow you to eat all you need of
what you like. It never fails to cure the
worst cases of dyspepsia. It is Dleasant
to take. All drug stores.
3 )
Miss Reita TJpdegraff returned home
today from . Maple Hill.
E. F. Caldwell, of Lawrence, was
a Topeka visitor today.
Dr. William Maclav Lyon has re
turned to Alma after a business visit
in Topeka.
There are one or two (dozen) bad
holes in the asphalt pavement on Kan
sas avenue.
The state reunion of the G. A. R.
will be held in Hutchinson the last week
in September.
Sergeant H. C. Sorenson is here look
ing for recruits for cavalry, artillery
and hospital corps,
A Lawrence baseball team will play
the Santa Fe Reds at Washburn park
Saturday afternoon.
Mrs. J. J. Duesler. of this citv. wns
called to El Dorado this week by the
death of her brother.
A large picture of Charles Curtis ap
pears in the window of a grocery store
on West Tenth avenue.
H. G. Rising, special agent is in Eii
dora today where he will establish a
free rural delivery route.
Presiding Elder H. J. Coker of the
Emporia district, is attending the Ep
worth League convention.
A. C. Allendorf, of Alma, one of the
largest cattle dealers in Wabaunsee
county, was in town today.
The work of paving the alley between
Fifth and Sixth from Jackson to Van
Buren, is being rapidly pushed.
Marriage licenses have been issued to
James R. Cowdy and Ella M. Hapgood;
Fred J. Burt and Jessie M. Tope.
The Commercial club and the. rraineil
will meet jointly next Monday night to
uisuuss me waterworks question.
A. Griggs won the running broad
jump at the Y. M. C. A. last night.
The distance covered was 17 feet.
Lillian Kinesland has filed suit for di
vorce from Frank H. Kingsland. She
charges drunkenness, cruelty and neglect.
lhe tickets given out by the Central
coupon Co. are the regular tickets is
sued by the Topeka City Railway Co.
Miss Martha McCabe, librarian of the
onege oitmporia, is visiting her broth
er. Judge Arthur McCabe of the city
The appellate court will convene on
July JO to hear the argument in the
case of Robert Semple vs. the city of
W . S. Brown, of McComb, III., clerk
Of the United States circuit court, is
i:i J opeka visiting his brother, Frank
Js. Brown.
John Murphy, the partner of E. F.
Estelle, the killer, who has been in the
county jail here, has been taken to
W. F. Nichols was arrested for riding
his bicycle on a sidewalk in front of his
yard. The case was dismissed by the
ponce judge.
Cale Gilke;'. who was arrested for
trying to kill Officer Lucas, will be tried
this week. It is expected that he will
pieati guilty.
Horace Swayze ha3 returned from
Denver. He is spending a few days
visiting with his parents before leaving
ior Bl. LOUIS.
The three-vear-old child of L. B.
Martin, 1325 Western avenue, fell out
of a chair and sustained a fracture of
the arm yesterday.
E. F. Caldwell, postmaster at Law
rence, was In town yesterday on busi
ness connected with the free rural de
livery department.
Several of the Santa Fe division su
perintendents, who have been in To
peka arranging the new time card, left
ior tneir nomes today.
The Republican flambeau club is
planning a reception and serenade for
Congressman Curtis when toe returns
home from Washington.
James Durkin was given a nominal
fine and costs, amounting to $18. in the
city court Wednesday. He was charged
witn slapping bis nephew.
Chas. II. Jett and his two children
Master Otho and Miss Bessie, who have
been enjoying a f evv days on Lake Mich
igan, have returned home.
A musical and literary entertainment
was given by the children of the Cath
olie parochial school at the church hall
last night. It was well attended.
Mrs. T. B. 'Welch and son are visit
rg her uncle, Dr. Hamilton, in Nauvoo.
111. She is accompanied by her mother,
Mrs. Mary Sparks. They will return
in about three weeks.
One of the weddings last night
brought out the man with a dress suit
and a straw hat. Another man wear
ing a dress suit rode a bicycle down
one of the principal streets.
Clarence I. Spellman, the young Kan
sas City attorney who assisted in the
defense of John Collins, is a candidate
for the Republican nomination for the
lower house of the Missouri uisla
ture. Mr. A. DeMuth, the proprietor of the
popular Topeka Cash Dry Goods Co.
received his coupon book at 2 p. m. yes
terday and in less than twenty minutes
his coupons were returned and his car
tickets delivered.
It is estimated that the height of the
high collars worn for the various wed
dings last night would, one on top of
the other, make a barrier so high that
the sun could not srnne on Toiseka
during the forenoons.
The Republican flambeau club has
elected the following delegates to the
Republican League convention June 28
J. F. Stanton, J. F. Snyder. John T
Chaney, J. A. Alexander, J. E. Larimer,
John Dudley, F. H. Jewell. A. Newman
B. B. Smyth, C. B. Tyler, W. F. Weber,
Frank Blanch and S, C. Garrard.
George Elliott. foreman in the Sixth
street shops of the Santa Fe yesterday
treated his friends to ice cream. He had
three ice cream tubs sent to the freight
depot. They were distributed throu
the offices on the second floor. One was
placed in the train dispatcher's office
one in the superintendent's office and
one in the freight office . He was cele
prating in nonor ot ms good luck in
winning a ?G0 watch.
Premium Stamps Will Soon Be
a Thinsr of the Past.
The premium stamp nuisance will
soon be a thing of the past in Topeka.
The following agreement has been
"We, the undersigned merchants.
hereby agree to discontinue the use of
all premium stamps on and after July
1, 1900, it being understood that stamps
will be given for all purchases made
during the present month of June, sub
ject to the same rules and conditions
now in vogue governing the issuance
of said premium stamps: Warren M.
Crosby & Co., Crosby Bros., The Mills
Dry Goods Co., Chas. Adams & Co.,
W. S. Furman, G. M. Chase & Co., B.
M. Payne & Co., The Topeka Cash Dry
Goods Co., The New York Mercantile
Co., Kemper & Paxton, Gee. W. Moffitt,
Thompson Bros., M. C. Holman. The
New Era Department store, The Blue
Front Shoe store, Costley & Post, John
Lapp, S. P.arnum Dry Goods Co., Con
tinental Shoe and Clothing Co., Green
wald & Co., The Clements Co., Feroald,
Martin & Co., August Clothing Co., The
Hub Clothing Co., Palace Clothing Co.,
Burg E, Zeis.
New York Firm Offers to Loan $10,-
000,000 at 3 1-2 Per Cent.
New York.June 21 An offer of a large
brokerage firm to loan $10,000,000 on
New York real estate at 3 per cent
has established a new record for bond
and mortgage loans. The lowest rate of
Interest heretofore paid Dy borrowers,
even on Broadway property, has been
from 4 to 5 per cent, according to the
amount borrowed and the relative
amount of the mortgage to the value
of the property.
Many brokerage firms held that this
offer to loan $10,000,000 was an exception
and that borrowers in general would
have to continue to pay at least 4 per
cent. Other brokers said that in future
New York loans would rule at 3 per
cent when the amount borrowed did not
exceed 40 per cent of the value of the
property. Controller Coller said:
Money is very cheap at present. The
city of New York is borrowing money
on revenue bonds at 3 per cent and there
are millions of money ready to be in
vested at this figure. The rate on real
estate loans may remain at 3Mj per cent
it the glut of money continues in Wall
street," . .
A.--W. McLaughlin, member of a re
alty brokerage firm said:
With the. large exportatlons of gold
to Europe I cannot see how a rate of 3
per cent, can be maintained for any
length of time."
The brokerage firm which announced
that $10,000,000 was in bank ready to
loan in amounts from $100,000, to one
million at 3 per cent was besieged
with prospective borrowers. It was ex
plained to all customers that the money
had been placed in a fund by a number
of wealthy men and would be loaned
only on the. best security.
lhe rate charged for small loans on
homes and unimproved property is gen
erally 5 per cent on first mortgages pro
tected by guaranteed titles. The rate
for second mortgages is 5 to 6 per
cent. Many brokers said that thesi
rates wouia be cut materially within a
Thinks Republican Platform
Not Attract Voters.
New York, June 21. Mayor Carter
Harrison of Chicago, when asked last
night what he thought of the Republi
can platform, said that he had not read
it thoroughly, though he did not believe
it would attract many voters to Mc-
Bryan Is sure to win anvway." he
said. "Platforms are not issues and the
people nowadays vote for those whom
they think will best represent them.
The fight this year will be largely one
01 personalities. Colonel Bryan s per-
onality, his individuality, is attracting
votes to him, while McKinlev repels
them. Throughout the west thousands
of men who were against Bryan four
years ago are with him now.
'In Chicago particularly McKinley Is
losing ground rapidly. There is a great
deal of dissatisfaction with the admin
istration especially because of its atti
tude toward trusts and its imperialistic
"In our city there are thousands of
Germans who four years ago voted al
most to a man for McKinley but will
oppose him next fall because of the ex
pansion ideas set forth in the platform
and the actions of the administration
in the far east. - 1
"To these Germans expansion and
colonialism means a great army and
great army entails eventually a sys
tem of conscription and militarism. Just
what has driven hundreds of thousands
of Germans to this country, and they
won't see us make the mistake if they
can help it. I am inrormed by some
of the best posted Germans in the west
that the defection from Mr. McKinley
will be general throughout the country.
"Another thing that has operated to
exasperate the Germans is the admin
istration's apparent fondness for a hard
and fast alliance with Great Britain
and its opposition to an expression of
sympathy with the Boers.
"In my opinion, however, the trust
problem is the most important con
sideration. Although the Kansas City
convention will doubtless reaffirm the
platform of 1S96, the campaign will be
fought on the two issues of trusts and
imperialism, and strong planks on these
subjects will be introduced in the plat
form. "Silver, if it is mentionehd at all
outside of the reaffirmation of the Chi
cago platform, will occupy a secondary
place, ad a supreme effort will be
made in the direction of bringing to
gether all elements of the party."
Lady Randolph Churchill Announces
. the Date.
London, June 21. Lady Randolph
Churchill has announced that her mar
riage to Lieutenant George Cornwallis
West of the Scots guards will take
place in July.
Lady Churchill is a daughter of the
late Leonard Jerome of New York city.
An Observation Car to Colorado.
The onlv Pullman observation sleep
ing-car line between Kansas City and
Colorado Springs is operated via Santa
Fe Route. Cars leave Topeka daily at
11:55 a. m., and Colorado Springs daily
at 10:45 p. m. They have exceptionally
large windows and roomy and comfor
table rattan chairs easily moved about
The rear platform guarded by railing
and gates, may be occupied when de
sired. Unsurpassed for viewing the
country traversed. Current magazines
and stationery provided for use of Pull
man passengers. Descriptive pamphlet
free, if you apply to
T. L. KING, Agent,
Topeka, Kan.
All who suffer from piles will be glad to
learn that De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve
will give them instant anu permanent re
lief. Ir will cure eczema and all skin dis
eases. Beware of counterfeits. All drug
stores. 1
Via the Santa Fe.
Tickets on sale June 1st; stopover al
lowed at Colorado common points.
. No one would ever be bothered with
constipation if everyone knew how
naturally and quickly Burdock Blood
Bitters regulates the stomach and
Via the Santa Fe.
Tickets on sale June 1st; stopover al
lowed at Colorado common points.
Awnings. The best in the world;
(made of wood, awning and blind com
bined) to be seen at and sold by J.
Thomas Lumber Co.. 614 Van Buren
Via the Santa Fe,
Tickets on sale June 1st; stopover al
lowed at Colorado common points.
Cheap Excursion Rates
to Colorado
0a June 21, July 7, 8, 9, 10 and 13,
and Aug1. 2
Tickets from points west of Missouri
River, and east of Colby. Kan., to Den
ver, Colorado Springs, Sianitou, Pueblo,
Salt Lake City and Ogden, Utah, and re
turn, will be sold by the
At rate of ' " -One
Regular Fare Plus $2.00
for Round Trip,
Return Limit October 31, 1900.
Only Direct Line to Colorado
Springs and Manitou... r;
Take advantage of these cheap Tates
and spend yur vacation in. Colorado.
Sleeping car reservations may be made
now for any of the excursions. Write for
tun information ana the oeauniui door,
sent free.
E. W. THOMPSON, A. G. P. A.,
Topeka, Kan.
JOHN SEBASTIAN, G. P. A., Chicago.
Tonight and Friday.
Kansas City $149
Round Trip.... $3.20
Tickets on sale only at
509 Kaasas Avenue.
Prince David of Honolulu Explains
Reasons of His Faith.
San Francisco, June 21. One of the
members of the Hawaiian delesation
to the Democratic national convention
Prince David Kawanakoa, a nephew
of the late King Kalakua. When asked
wny be was a, Democrat, Prince Havia
said: . .
"Annexation is a settled fact. We're
part of the United States now.' I'm
not kicking at this late day, but I want
to tell you one thins, the Hawanans
will always feel grateful to a Demo
cratic president, Mr. Cleveland, for his
stand on the question or annexation.
"It is true numbers ot the natives
have formed an independent organiza
tion. Such organization, in my opinion.
is preliminary to most of the natives
interested in it coming over to the Dem
ocratic party. I. together with many of
the natives, in fact most of them, be
lieve that the Democratic party can be
relied upon to secure for us, as well as
other citizens, all possible benefits and
privileges from the national govern
ment. We do not want heavy taxation
or the restriction of jury rights of the
natives. On the other hand, we want
more education, better industrial condl
tions and a larger commerce. I think
the Democratic party can be trusted
to aid us in these and other ways far
more than the Republicans.
"Will Receive No Credits by State For
Taxes Lost by Compromise.
Attorney General Godard has passed
untin a nnint of law of interest to every
eounty in Kansas. It is one of the old
Questions concerning taxation. Hereto
fore the state has given counties credit
for state taxes, in cases of double ana
erroneous assessment where personal
property warrants have been returned
because no property naa been .rouna.
Also, in cases where the boards of
county commissioners have compro
mised outstanding tax sale certificates
and permitted redemptions or assign
ments to be made tor less tnan me
amount of taxes due.
Recently State Auditor Cole submit
ted to the attorney general the question
whether it was proper to so credit
eounties for state taxes lost by compro
mises. Mr: Godard advised the auditor
that such credit is improper. Thereafter
the board of commissioners of Harper
county commenced in the . supreme
court, an action in mandamus to
compel the auditor to give that county
credit for about $&00 state taxes, so lost.
The supreme court took the same view
of the matter as did the attorney gen
eral, denying the writ.
The question now arises whether coun
ties are likewise liable to townships,
cities and school districts for the
amount of their taxes lost when out
standing taxsalecertificatesare compro
mlsed. Mr. Godard has given an opinion
to the county attorney of Lane county
that counties are not so liable, as there
is no statute relating to counties, town
ships and cities, fixing a responsibility
upon the county, such as is found with
reference to the state.
Grand Trunk Railway System.
The most popular tourist route to the
Muskoka and Kawartha Lakes, St. Law
rence River and Rapids, White Moun
tains and Atlantic Coast Resorts.
Solid vestibule trains.
For copies of tourist publications and
full information apply to J. H. Burgis,
City Passenger and Ticket Agent, 24a
Clark street, corner Jackson Boulevard,
An Observation Car to Colorado.
The only Pullman observation sleeping-car
line between Kansas City and
Colorado Springs is operated via Santa
Fe Route. Cars leave Topeka daily at
11:55 a. m., and Colorado Springs daily
at 10:42 p. m. They have exceptionally
large windows and roomy and comfor
table rattan chairs easily moved about.
The rear platform guarded by railing
and gates, may be occupied when de
sired. Unsurpassed for viewing the
country traversed. Current magazines
and stationery provided for use of Pull
man passengers. Descriptive pamphlet
free, if you apply to
T. L. KING, Agent,
Topeka, Kan.
Destroying its victim, is a type of Con
stipation." The power of this malady i
felt on organs, nerves, muscles and brain.
But Dr. King's New Life Pills are a safe
and certain cure. Best in the world for
Stomach, Liver. Kidneys and Bowels.
Only 25 cents at Waggoners' drug store,
31 ivansas avenue.
Ice Cream and Cake, 2 cts. a dish.
108 East Sixth St.
PULL a Postal TeleVranh-Cable Box
or call by telephone No. 417 and have your
Want Ads brought to The State journal
office by free messenger. No charge to
you for messenger service. Cost of classi
fied ads. 5 cents per line of six words to
the line ana every traction thereof.
Jj jP Hyj TS
WANTED By a young lady attending
school. & place to work for her board
Call or address The Standard Shorthand
school, 630 Kansas ave.
WANTED Position as stenographer, so
licitor or salesman, bv exnerienced man.
Achiress F., care Journal. i
WANTED Use of horse and carriage for
iva lare. iio west sixth st.
WANTED Lace ctirtains and portieres to
Clean, flira. osaiCK, l j 4umcy Bt.
WANTED Girl for general
bz iayior sc.
WANTED Girl for general housework In
iamuy or two. Apply 513 Kansas ave.
WANTED At Hotel Oxford, experienced
uimiis room gins, fs.m per week.
WANTED An experienced dining room
girl; steady employment and good
wages. Hotel Whitley. Emporia, Kan.
WANTED A- teoy 17 or 18 years old, at
402 K&Deas ave. Reference required.
$2,500 CAN BE MADE during next - six
monms oy nustnng agents handling our
white and fancv rubber collars onffa
bosoms and neckties. Patented and guar
anteed goods. Enclose stamp for special
Plan. M. & M. Mfg. Co., Springfield.
WANTED Calves and fat cattle, all
kinds; leave word or write 921 Kansas
WANTED Carpets, lacs and chenille cur
tains to ciean. sus js.3. av., J. tt. .Foadiclc,
Tel. 860.
FOR RENT Furnished room.
Sixth st.
611 West
FOR RENT Newly papered rooms, bath,
gas, etc 10LJ Topeka ave. . - -
rt a.N i r-urmsnea rooms, witn or
wiinoui ooara. lust Polit St.
i'Oit RENT Furnished rooms, single or
u&uitir. tin Lit. sevemn st. jmj-s. ioraeen.
FOR RENT Large front room,
cove. 118H W. 6th St.
with al-
i-UK. rent-Recently modernized furn
ished rooms for light housekeepingalso
FOR RENT Furnished rooms cool.
W. corner Fifth and Madison et.
FOR RENT New modern house, 9 rooms,
; 921 Monroe, Geo. Hackney.
FOR RENT Small 4 room house. Inquire
........ , , J .) 1 .1 TtrSL 1 ,) L II a L.
FOR RENT 5 room house, city water and
cisiern, no. zza xyier St. X. a. Sweet.
FOR RENT House, 4 rooms, stable.
Inquire at 1043 Lawrence.
run i-ii xyier St.. seven room
house and barn. Call 1. Thomas Lum-
Der -o.
Ij-O.H SALE Good refrigerator, gasoline
stove, and baby carriage. 1412 West
sixtn st.
FOR SALE At 1115 Quincy. new draw-
-cui ttiampion mower; farm wagon;
year-old all-purpose mare.
FOR SALE Farm wagon,
eery, 1319 W. 15th st.
Davies' Gro-
FOR SALE Household goods, horse, bug.
gy and harness. 1022 Tyler st.
FOR SALE One Jersey cow. giving four
Kciiioiis Qiim. xi-a ni. dc n. i, vesper.
FOR SALE Two sets single harness, also
Jersey cow. W. T. Lawless, 619 Quincy
FOR SALE Nice new stock millinery at
a uargiun. Address ta. a., care Journal.
FOR SALE 200 pedigreed Belgian hare
does. io just received bv the Annie M.
Trapp Co., 112 and 114 West 7th at., 2nd
FOR SALE Computing scales, fruit case
spice chests, oil tanks, etc. Address
itacuett store, Alta Vista, Kan.
FOR SALE Good mandolin and case: or
- win exchame for good guitar. Address
J. iv., care Journal.
TO TRADE for clear improved Kansas
f lan.V.-,best corner in Beloit. It is renting
.,v.w, uu an, onerea itxj.w tor the
part occupied by me, making $676.00 rents
Best town on Central Branch. What have
soi. w. n. nougnton, Beloit. Kan.
xiuii oiuvb oc, xvepair jo., in, lu. 8th Bt.
LOST From carriage, Tuesday evening,
.uiic jx, auiiicwnere in i nnpua nr tnj t,
peka, ladies' black serge jacket, striped
silk lining. Finder please return to 801
Topeka ave.
itAiHLHS renovated, old mattresses
made over as eood as new tVn.L- ,,0.
anteed. T. W. Pickett, 114 E. 4th st.
MrSt Jr.R HASV5 orlst, successor to
u- J- Groves, 817 Kansas ave. Phone 02
ansas ave. Phone 602.
CUT FLOWERS and floral designs at
Hayes'. 107 West Eighth st. 'Phone 684
NOTICE My application for a permit to
sell intoxicating lirmara u,, T-.ii .
law at 400 Eat Fifth street, in the Second
, '"'s. is now on ttle
In the office of the probate judge of
Shawnee county, Kansas. The hearing of
the same is set for Tuesday, at o'clock
a. m., July 17, 1900.
WATCHES cleaned, 75c; clocks. 50e: main
springs, ioc; crystals. 10c Cash paid for
old gold or silver. All work guaranteed.
Old jewelry exchanged for new. If hard
up. Bee Uncle Sam. Sxi Kansas avenue.
DR. C. H. GTJIBOR, Diseases of the Nose.
Throat and Lungs. 7u6 Kansas avenue.
aesign io oraer. r ace treatments, jars.
Hattie Van Vleck, ZX East Fifth st.
2-6; Tues. and Sat. 8-11 a. m. 635 Topeka
(First published in the Topeka State Jour
nal june id, xwu.)
Office of City Clerk,
Topeka, Kansas, June 19, 1900.
Sealed prooosals will be received at this
office until Monday, June 25th. 1900, at 5
o'clock p. m., for furnishing ail material
and building an addition to the city pri
son, as reauirftd bv nlans and srteeifica-
tions now on file in the office of the city
engineer. All proposals must be accom
panied by a certified check of one hundred
dollars (JluO) in favor of the city of To
peka, as a guarantee that a contract will
be entered into within three days from
the time of award.-
The mayor and council reserve the right
to reject any or all bids.
J. H. SQUIRES, City Clerk.
At the close of Business June 4, 1900.
Loans . $ 925.238. 1
overdrafts 7,.i.i
Real estate ' 6,6'.3.S
Bonds and stocks 60.164.s2
Cash, exchange and clearings... 422.509.7$
Total J1.4S1.640.72
Capital stoclc. surplus and pro
ms Zi.D-KV. 14
Demand certicates
Bills rediscounted .
Certified checks ....
Dividend unpaid ...
CHARLES C. BRADLEY, M. D. Office 513
Kansas ave. Phone, 67S-2. Residence, 514
West 7th street, 'Phone 678-3.
H. T. THURBER, M. D.. Physician and
Surgeon: graduate University of New
Hampshire Licentiate, Conn., board ot
examiners. 12jj0 Kansas ave.
Henry W. Roby. M. D.,
T39 Kansas Avenue. Residence. Twenty
first st. and Kansas ave. Topeka, Kan.
L. A. RER, M. D.
OFFICE and residence eorner Oordon St.
and Central ave.. North Topeka. 'Phon
M4. Uses the Brinkerholt system of rectal
treatment, a successful and painless treat
ment for piles, fistula, fishuxe. ulceration,
Office 733 Kansas ave. Residence TMrs
teenth and Clay. Office hours: 9 a. m.. to
11 a. m., and 8 p. m., to 5 p. to. Telephone
598 rfcstdfcEOO Mid 16 office.
avenue, over Wallace's drug store.
Phoned: 476, residence, G3S office.
DR. EVA HARDING, Homeopathist. 62
Kansas ave. Telephone 402.
THE 3. C. DARLING CO.. 734 Kan. Ave.'
Rubber stamps, brass and aluminum trsde
Checks. Prices low. Catalogue free. Tel. 292.
PORTRAITS taken at your home or our.
studio, day or evening. Nichols Flash
Light Studio, 708 Kansas ave.
In class or private, terms reasonable.
Mrs. Hannah Klhlberg, 316 Harrison au
Co., packs, ships and stores household
goods. Tel. 186. Clarence Skinner. 123 IX.
6th st.
MACHINE SHOP Lawn mowers sharp
ened, razors and clippers ground. Base
ball and sportinfr good'j. Golden Rule
Machine works, 514 Kansas ave.
TOPEKA CYCLE CO.. 112 West 8th St.
Tel. 706. Bicycles and sundries: bicycles
and tandems for rent; repairing of all
U. S. CYCLE CO., 118 B. 8th St. Nation!
and Union bicycles. Sundries, repaint.
MILTON BROWN, lawyer, Practice In all
state and federal courts. Suite 41. Craw
ford bldg. Topeka. Kan.
JAMES B. HATDEK. Jeweler and Opti
cian. Complt-te stock of watches, dia
monds, silverware, etc.. Eyes examined
and spectacles properly fitted.
MONEY TO LOAN on live stock, pianos,
organs, typewriters, household goods and
personal security. L. Biscoe, 523 Kan. ave.
TO LOAN Money on real estate. Month
lv Davments. Low interest. See East
man, 115 West Sixth st.
THE OFFICE of the Capital City Vitrified
Brick and Paving Co.. has been removed
to 118 West Eighth street.
Su?.it.iER Excursions.
The Union Pacific will place in effect
on June 21, July 1 to 10 inc.JuIy 18th
and August 2nd, Summer Excursion
rates of
plus $2.00 from Kansas and Nebraska
points -TO !
Heaver, Ooloralo Spring, Faeols,
Ofiea anl Salt Lake.
Tickets good for return until Oct. 31st.
For Time Tables and full information
call on F. A. Lewis, City Ticket Agt.,
or J. O. Fulton, Depot Agent.

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