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Are Making Marvelous Cures and
Hundreds of the sick Dally
Crowd Their Offices.
CATARRH of head, of lungs, of stom
ach, of bowels, of kidneys, and ail female
catarrhal disehn rtr-'S.
Cause, inherited or acquired.
end Bowels, pains In sides and back and
near the h--art.
WE CTliK PALPITATION of the heart,
fceart dcbiiuy. functional derangement.
Js'KSrt. pHinM, and displacements.
I-umbaro. in any ntatre.
Lepra, Psnranis.
WE CURE ASTHMA, Hay Fever, Bron
chltis. Chronic Coughs.
WE CURE CANCER by piaster no
Jtn.'fe or cutting.
WE CURE TUMORS by injection; no
cutting: no pain.
WE CURE PILES No cutting; all
rectal diseases.
TE 'X. bloating of stomach and bowels.
WE C URE RU PTURE, any size, any
ptae no cutting!
troubles. K you are a sufferer and can
frt't no rl'ff, come to u.
WE CURE lil.noD DISEASES whether
frM-cilic or scrofulous.
We cure every form of nervous debility
from every cause.
Our field Is the failures and blunders of
the profession, whether in medicine or
Offices 613 Topeka Avenue.
Office hours 9 a. m. to 6 p. m. No Sun
day hdirs. Stamps for reply must be bent
in all letters.
Railroad to
San Francisco
Santa Fe Route, by
its San Joaquin
Valley Extension.
The only line with
track and trains un
der one management
all the way from
Chicago to the
Golden Gate.
Mountain passes,
extinct volcanos,
petrified forests,
prehistoric ruins,
Indian pueblos,
Yo Semite, Grand
Canon of Arizona,
en route.
Same high-grade
service that has made
the Santa Fe the
favorite route to
Southern California.
Fast schedule; Pull
man and Tourist
sleepers daily ; Free
reclining chair cars ;
Harvey meals
Beginning: July 1.
General Passenger Office
The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe R'y
Topeka, Kas.
"A 8k!n of Beauty ! a Joy Forever."
rurifis a wail as Beautifies the Skin No
other ccsmeUo will do it.
RetnoTet Tan,
Fimpies. Freck
les, Moth Patch,
es. liasa sod
fekin diseases,
ndeery biem
lsti on be&Jtr,
and denes de
tection. It lias
stood the test of
ii year-., and is
so harmless we
taste it to be
sure it Is prop,
eny made. AO
cent no counter.
feit of similar
names. Dr. L.
the haul-too (a pa
use them. I recom
the least harmful
.-ayre said to a lady of
tieut): "As you ladies will
mend 'Gouraud's Cream' as
of ail skin preparations."
For sale by ad
Dealers In the U.
Druggists and rancy cooas
ft ( nris and KuroDe. FKBD. I. HOrM&
froD'r. Great Jones its.. N. Y.
Topeka Transfer Go.
509 Kansas
Office Tel. 320.
House Tel. 39J.
P. P, BACON, Proprietor.
Chicago and Return $14.00 via Santa
Tickets on sale June 25, 26, 27, good
returning July 3. Short line to Chicago.
Last spring E. J. Evans, Cairo, 111., was
so run down in health had to give up
work. Was also troubled with boils and
eczema, lie writes: "Doctors did me no
t"iod, but before I had finished one bottle
of Beggs' Blood Purifier. I began to im
prove and am now a well man. R. W.
fcuires. Pharmacist, 722 Kansas avenue.
The Second Annual Open Air
Will Open Next Wednesday For
Three Days.
Over a
Thousand Dollars in
II and red Entries; Many
Them Prizo Winners.
The second annual open air horse
show to be given by the Topeka As
sociation will open next week at the
golf grounds near Potwin, Wednesday
evening, June 27, and continue Thurs
day afternoon and evening and Friday
afternoon and evening.
Among the entries in the High School
class are Lime Stone Belle, owned by
O. I, woodward of Kansas City. This
horse is one of the champion high school
saddle horses and does the cake walk,
park walk, drill, Spanish step, etc.
Ashland Princess," owned by Dean
Low, is, another fine horse In the same
In the harness class are such well
known horses as "Jean Van Jean,"
Princess Reed" and "Richard Carvel,
owned by A. E. Ashbrook of Kansas
City. These horses are among the great
est prize winners of the last year at
St. Louis, New Orleans, Cincinnati
Kansas City and Denver horse races.
Among others are, "Mack Russell" and
"Cascara" and "Ashland V.," who won
roadster and champion prizes last year.
"Silk Wood," 2:07, won the prize at the
horse show at San Francisco, She is
owned by Jacob Willets.
In some of the jumoins classes will
b the great jumper "Queensberry,"
owned by A. Watson Armour of Kan
sas City, She won the high jump at
Kansas City last year. Also "Bonnie
Lassie," "Man from Mexico," "Arrow."
The entries for Topeka horses will be
open until Tuesday noon, June 26. None
will be received after that time. Entries
can be made with Dean R. Low at the
Rock Island offices or with C. H. Sam
son of the Topeka Paper company.
The prizes to be given aggregate near
ly $1,H0 in cash and many other hand
some and valuable special prizes.
The opening show will be Wednesday
evening at 7:30 o'clock with a concert
by Marshall's band. The show proper
begins at & o'clock. The grounds are
well lighted by electricity. The Wed
nesday night programme will include
exhibits of roadsters and tandem teams,
an egg and spoon race, horses in har
ness, gaited saddle horses, and jump
ing. Arrangements have been made so that
patrons may sit in their carriages and
view the show. A pretty effect will be
produced by the full livery of all the
attendants in the ring. The location
of the horse show is just east of Potwin,
the entrance being near the Potwin
street railway station.
The entertainment is under the man
agement of the Topeka Horse Show as
sociation, w hich has gone to large ex
pense in its efforts to produce an ac
ceptable and creditable entertainment.
An amphitheater 260x190, with a seating
capacity of 3.500, has been erected for
this special purpose. On the east side
of the grounds will be the horse tents,
adjacent to the amphitheater. Over one
hundred entries have been made. A
large number of these are from out of
town sources.
It is hoped by the management that
Topeka people with fine turnouts will
make entries and do what they can to
reflect credit on the show as a Topeka
institution. Nothing of this magni
tude of the kind has ever been at
tempted in the state before. Most of
the big prize winners which were in
the Kansas City show last season will
be here. Topeka people in a large num
ber of the classes will not be obliged
to compete with the outside entries, the
Topeka classes being to a large extent
confined to home entries.
The City Troop will drill every night;
and what is entirely new for Topeka,
a polo game will take place one even
Movement of Stocks in the "Wall
Street Market.
New York. June 23. Prices have
moved irregularly in the stock market
but the tendency has been towards a
lower level. The occasional rallies have
been due to beaF covering and liquida
tion has been in evidence all the week.
The feeding stocks and New Jersey
Central have been the only notable ex
ceptions to the weakness. The further
damage to the spring wheat crop,
rumors of harm to the cotton crop, the
growing conservatism displayed by rail
road authorities in dividend questions,
the urgent demand from Germany and
France for gold coming upon the low
level of surplus reserves in New York
banks and the dread of European com
plications growing out of the Chinese
outbreak, have been the dominant in
fluences of the speculation.
Straight to Nagasaki.
San Franeisco.June 23. The transport
Grant which is to leave this port on
July 1 for Manila will, be the first United
States troop ship to go to the Philip
pines by way of Nagasaki, the usual
route being via Honolulu. She will car
ry the Sixth cavalry, which may be sent
to China. The transport Lenox now at
Portland, Ore., will carry horses for the
Starvation never yet cured dyspepsia.
Persons with indigestion are already half
starved. They need plenty of wholesome
food. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digests what
you eat so the body can be nourished
while the worn out organs are being re
constructed. It is the only preparation
known that will instantly relieve an!
completely cure all stomach troubles. It
is certain to do you good. All drug stores.
Chicago and Return via "The Rock
Island Route."
Tickets on sale June 25, 26 and 27, final
return limit July 3.
Marshall's Band.
Marshall's band will render
teresting programme at their
tomorrow afternoon.
an in
concert No one would ever be bothered with
constipation if everyone knew how
naturally and quickly Burdock Blood
Bitters regulates the stomach and
Chicago and Return $14.00 via the
Santa Fe
The short line. Tickets on sale June 25-26-27th,
good returning July 3rd.
tContinued from Page 9.
A pleasant picnic at Garfield park
Thursday was composed of Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Crane, Mr. and Mrs. Ar
thur Murphy, Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Ling
afelt, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Eastman, Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Cole, Mrs. T. E. Pounds,
Miss Nell Clough, Miss Bertie Ryus,
Miss Kate Gunther.Mr. Ralph Peterson,
Mr. Ben Akers and Mr. John Waters.
The ladies went over in the afternoon
and the men joined them for supper.
Two very popular young people of the
city were married last night. Miss
Charlotte B. Griffith and Mr. Preston
B. Doty, and no prettier wedding has
been celebrated in a long time. The
ceremony was performed at the home
of the bride's parents, 42 Pitkin street,
in the presence of numerous relatives
and friends. Rev. W. H. W. Boyle offi
ciated, tying the nuptial knot in the
parlor which was profusely decorated
with roses and prettily appointed. Af
ter the ceremony a wedding feast was
served and it was a late hour when the
last departures were taken. Mr. Doty
is a trusted employe of the Exchange
National bank, and is well known
about the city. His bride is a very
charming young lady with a large circle
of friends, and congratulations are be
ing showered upon both. Colorado
Springs Evening Telegraph.
Miss Griffith formerly lived in Topeka
until three years ago when she moved
to Colorado Springs. She was very pop
ular in society and is remembered by
a large circle of friends.
West Side Club Entertained.
Mrs. E. W. Poindexter entertained the
members of the West Side Reading
Circle very pleasantly Tuesday after
noon complimentary to Mrs. J. W.
Bailey of Denver. The hostess was as
sisted in entertaining by Mrs. F. W
At six o'clock a dainty luncheon was
served on small tables which were dec
orated with pink carnations, the club
flower. Besides the club members pres
ent were Mrs. Andrews of Washington
Kansas, Mrs. W. T. Branstrup of In
dianapolis, Mrs. W. H. Roby, Mrs.
Llewelyn and Mrs. W. H. Lininger.
Interesting Lawn Party.
Miss Tina Wade was hostes3 last
evening at a lawn party given for Miss
Henrietta Mayo and Miss Alice Leggett,
who leave Topeka soon for the summer.
Brightly colored lanterns, rugsand ham
mocks made an attractive porch and
lawn. Each young lady was required
to write a brief account of the most
senseless thing she ever did, and when
the papers were collected Miss Mar
garet Goodrich and Miss Be'le Welch
alternated in reading them ail aloud,
the authors' names beins withheld,
and some of the experiences were very
interesting. When all had been read, a
vote was taken as to the most foolish
act of all, and Mrs. Geo. E. Lerrigo
claiming the paper she was awarded the
prize, which was a watei'color poster.
One young lady told of bundling a
quantity of debris in the kitchen range
one summer after house cleaning was
over, and after she had set it in name
remembered that the pipes to the range
had been taken, away for the summer.
Another wrote of one evening, when she
was very sleepy, tucking her shoes
carefully away under the dresser safe
from robbers and then throwing her
watch across the room. Still another
told of being out in a boat in a rain
stcrm, and in order to get out of the
storm she climbed over the edge of the
boat. There were numerous other ex
periences of getting aboard the wrong
train, etc.. all of which were very
During the evening there was music
by Miss Harriet Broad, Miss Laura
Tillson. Mrs. L -H. Strickler and Miss
Belle Welch. Refreshments were served
on the lawn.
Those present were: Miss Mabel Mc
Giffen, Miss Alice Leggett, Miss Har
riet Broad. Miss May Capper, Miss Lo
retta Strickler, Miss Henrietta Mayo,
Miss Belle Welch, Miss Mary Wilson,
Miss Lucy Shull. Miss Jean Wallace,
Miss Laura Tillson, Miss Martraret
Weiss, Miss Victoria Scott. Miss Marie
Scott, Miss Curry. Miss Ida Dennis,
Miss Jennie Cantwell, Miss Mary Lee,
Miss Agnes Radford. Miss Goodrich.
Miss Margaret Goodrich, Miss Martha
McCabe, Miss Whitson. Miss Grace
Nettles, Miss Bates. Miss Prudence
Kelsey, Miss Alice Davidson of Chi
cago, Miss Ella Wade, Miss Ella Sheetz,
Mrs. A. K. Van Hook. Mrs. G. W. Hunt,
Mrs. G. P. Wallace. Mrs. C. E. Caswell,
Mrs. Anna Gibb, Mrs. G. E. Lerrigo,
Mrs. C. VanNatta, Mrs. L. H. Strickler,
Mrs. A. S. Embree.
Annual Picnic.
The First Presbyterian church and
Sunday school will hold their annual
picnic at the grounds of the state re
form school on next Tuesday afternoon.
June 26. A special Rock Island train
will carry the members to and from the
picnic grounds. The train will leave the
Rock Island depot at 2 o'clock p. m. and
will return about 8 o'clock p. m.
Notes and Personal Mention.
Mrs. I. D. Lewis has returned to her
home in Emporia after a visit in To
peka with her sister, Mrs. George Craw
ford. Miss Geneva Giles entertained the fol
lowing guests at a delightful 5 o'clock
tea Wednesday .evening; Miss Nellie
Kirk, Miss Rose Prescott, Miss Nannie
Veale, Miss Bessie Babcock, Miss Lulu
Ewart. Miss Kate Welch and Miss Lena
Mr.Albert Moore of Cornell university
is visiting Mr. Mac Prescott for a short
time on his way to Colorado to spend
the summer.
Miss Dell Frank, who carried off the
honors of the graduating class at Wash
burn this year, is spending the summer
with her brother, Mr. M. H. Frank at
Farmington, Mo. Mr. Frank is the
president of the Elmwood seminary.
Miss Ida Ryan will go to Kansas City,
Sunday, for a three weeks' visit.
Miss Mildred Poindexter will entertain
next Tuesday evening in honor of Miss
Elizabeth Hacker of Leavenworth who
is her guest.
Mr. William R. Arthur, principal of
the Kinsley schools, is spending the
summer in Topeka with his mother at
S13 West Eighth avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Dillon will leave
Sunday for Concord, Mass., to attend
the commencement of St. Paul's school
from which their son Jack is to gradu
ate. St. Paul is a preparatory school
DR. EADWAT & CO., New York:
It gives me great pleasure to voluntarily
state that your Pills are much superior to
others 1 have tried. Being greatly troubled
with headache and costiveness I find that
they give me instant relief, which other
T-,.11, ..1.1 Dr-PPD T.-TTT TT-T.
2530 North 2d St.. Philadelphia, Pa.
Purely vegetable, mild and reliable.
Cause Perfect Digestion, complete absorp
tion and healthful regularity. For the cure
of all disorders or the Stomach, p.oweis.
Kidneys. Bladder. Nervous Diseases. Pil3,
and all disorders of the Liver.
Price, 25 cts. per box. Sold by all drug,
eists, or sent by mail on receipt of price.
RADWAY &. CO., Elm St.. New York
for Yale. They will spend the summer
in the east-
Mr. and Mrs. Cale Jones are In Col
orado Springs.
Miss Marcia Spivey returned today
from a month's visit with her sister in
Lincoln, Neb.
Mrs. N. S. Wear and daughter Marian
have been spending the week In Kansas
City with Mrs. Wear's mother, Mrs. A.
Dienst, and are now visiting Mrs. Ted
Wear in Joplin, Mo.
Miss Elizabeth Gavitt is spending the
week in Clay Center, the guest of Mr.
and Mrs. W. P. Hamphill.
Miss Alice Davidson of Highland, 111.,
arrived in Topeka Wednesday to visit
Miss Harriet Broad.
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Holt and little son
Edwin, accompanied by Mrs. L. Blakes
ley, will leave Monday for their home in
Las Cruees, N. M.
Miss Dossie Stewart of Baldwin, Kan.,
ia visiting Mrs Delia Coblentz at 112
East Twelfth street.
The Rathbone Sisters. Templa lodge
No. 60, the G. I. A. division SS, and a
number of their friends gave a recep
tion Thursday afternoon in honor of the
birthday of Mrs. John Snyder. Miss
Diama Rochford and Miss Ida Dough
erty assisted in receiving. The after
noon was a very pleasant affair. Sev
eral musical numbers were iven by
Mrs. A. Beeler and Miss Dougherty.
Mrs. A. P. Anderson of St. Louis and
Master Neal Anderson are in the city
visiting Miss Pearl Sample.
Len Ralston and Percy McKirahan
are spending their vacation in Pratt,
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Barnes of Pratt
spent Friday in Topeka on their way to
Colorado Springs.
Scenes in the Chicago
Chicago, June 23. July wheat today
sold at 88 cents, the highest price of the
recent advance, 4c more than yester
day and more than 12 cents higher than
the close last Saturday, The pit was in
a tumult of excitement. The trade was
enormous, probably not larger than It
has been during other recent sessions,
but the fluctuations certainly were more
wild than anything since the Leiter
The advance was caused by continued
dry, hot weather in the northwest and
further reported deterioration in the
already practically ruined crops of the
Dakotas and Minnesota. These states
raised 200 million bushels last year and
today the estimate was for 75 million
bushels. More of the present weather
will reduce that estimate. Liverpool, onr
chief foreign market quoted an advance
from yesterday eaual to 3 cents ner
bushel here and also quoted flour 1 shil
ling higher. Bakers and others using
flour are greatly concerned over the ad
vance in wheat which has caused a cor
responding advance in flour. The mar
ket opened at 86 and 87c compared with
yesterday's close at 8314c and advanced
within the first hour and a half to 88c.
There was a decline follow ing this bulge
because of the heavy sales by holders
who wanted profits, but these sales were
absorbed by the elamorous buyers
whose orders came from all parts of the
From Harlem.
Mr. Wm. Goat. "I had a very narrow
escape from death today, my dear. I
ate one of those lawn mower siens and
in process of digestion, it cut me several
Nanny Goat. "Gracious! Wllliam,you
always were careless and imprudent in
eating. What did you do for it?"
Mr. Wm. Goat. "Just swallowed a
Fond s Extract sign. You know Pond's
extract is the best thing for cuts,
wounds and lacerations"
The recognized value of Pond's Ex
tract and the success achieved by it.
during tne past half century, not only
as a toilet requisite and household rem
edy, but also in the more exacting field
of medical science, has flooded the mar-
ivci vii.ii cneap "witcn Hazel prepara
tions wmcn are offered to vou as. nr th
same as Pond's Extract. They are not
Pond s Extract and cannot be used for
it. Ordinary Witch Hazel is Kolrt in hullr
diluted, easily turns sour and generally
wuiiuiis wooa aieonoi, which is an
irritant externally and, taken internal
ly, is a deadly poison. Pond's Extract
is sold only in sealed bottles, enclosed
in buff wrapper, is guaranteed strong
and pure and may be freely used by
t-uuuren, agea or lnnrm persons, inter
nally or externally, with perfect safety.
More Trouble For Riddle.
The Populists of Chase eountv have
another candidate for state senator in
tne person of Charles J. Schneider of
btrong City. Schneider is being boomed
as a man able to poll the German vote
or the district. Since Taylor Riddle's
candidacy has been announced .T. R
Jeffrey of Elmdale, also in Chase county
nas announced mat ne has decided to
make the race upon assurances from
Riddle that he has no thought of enter
ing tne race.
A Sprained Ankle Quickly Cured.
At one time 1 sunerea from a severa
sprain 01 tne anaie. - savs Cteo. E. Cary,
editor of the Guide, Washington, Va.
Arter using several well recommended
medicines without success, I tried Cham
berlain's Pain Balm, and am pleased to
say that relief came as soon as I began
its use aim a complete cure speedily lol
lowed." Sold by all druggists.
Daisy Collins Wants a Divorce.
Daisy Collins wants a divorce from
Solomon Collins and has filed a suit in
the district court to that effect. She says
in ner petition that they have been mar
ried two years and that he has not been
a good provider. It appears that he has
been other than a loving tender hus
band and besides accusing him of beins
very close nstea she says he became
A Wealth of Beauty.
Is often hidden by unsichtlv PimDles.
Eczema, Tetter, Erysipelas. Salt Rheum,
etc. Bucklens Arnica Salve will glorify
the face by curing all Skin Eruptions,
also Cuts, Bruises, Burns, Bolls, Felons,
Ulcers, and worst forms of Piles. Only
25 cts. a box. Cure guaranteed. Sold
by Waggoner, druggist, 731 Kansas ave.
The Hudson River Day Boat.
The Lake Shore Fast Mail No. 6 leav
ing Chicago daily 8:30 a. m.r with
through buffet sleeper, is the only train
from Chicago making direct connection
with the Hudson River Day Line boats
from Albany. The New England Ex
press is the only twenty-six hour train
between Chicago and Boston. Leaves
Chicago every day at 2:00 p. m. The
Lake Shore Limited is the only twenty
four hour train between Chicago and
New York passing through the beauti
ful Mohawk Valley and along the banks
of the Hudson River by daylight. Sum
mer tour'st tickets are now on sale.
B. F. Humphrey, T. P. A., Kansas City,
Mo., F. M. Byron, G. W. A.. Chicago.
Via the Santa Fe.
Tickets on sale June 1st: stopover al
lowed at Colorado common points.
Items intended for this column should
be left with the Kimball Printing com
pany. S35 Kansas avenue.
For sale or rent J. T, Bell's house,
Xo. 123 Holman street.
Lon Myers of Thompsonville was a
Topeka visitor yesterday.
Miss Emma W'Hlard of Hoyt Is ser
iously ill at the home of her sister, Mrs.
M. Gallaway, 1315 Polk street
Mr. Harley Hamilton of Kansas City
will visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.
Hamilton of Logan street, over Sunday.
Little Misses Hazel and Evelyn Miller
of Park street are in Kansas City visit
ing Misses Grace and Mamie Court
right. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Bowen of 1019
Quincy street will return Sunday from
a visit of several weeks to relatives In
Richmond, Ind.
Ladies: You'll have to hurry! if you
get any of those 10c Percales we are sell
ing at 7V4c; we only have 2,000 yards
Mrs. Claud Mase and little daughter,
Vera of 1S23 Polk street, returned yes
terday from a few days' visit to her
brother, Mr. William Deppe of Osawkie.
Seven hundred and fifteen people were
in attendance at the band concert last
evening. So far this is the largest at
tendance of any of the Friday evening
Mrs. A. P. Goodhue of Emporia has
returned from a visit to Iowa and will
be the guest for a few days of taet
brother and sister. Dr. L. A. Ryder and
Mrs. Rhodes.
The Woman's Christian Temperance
Union will meet with Mrs. K. F. King,
115 East Gordon street, Monday after
noon at three o'clock. A good attend
ance is desired.
At the Church of the Good Shepherd,
corner of Laurent and Quincy streets
Sunday there will be Sunday school at
9:45, evening prayer with sermon by
Canon Bywater at 8 o'clock.
Miss Flora Shields who has been the
guest of friends and relatives in To
peka and vicinity since January, will
go to Omaha Sunday for a month's
visit. From there she will return to her
home in Denver, Colo.
Mrs. Crandall and son Hugh, and
daughters, Mrs. Martin of California
and Mrs. Green of Indiana left this
morning for Mrs. Green's home in Ris
ing Sun, Ind., w here Mrs. Crandall and
her son w ill probably make their home.
Miss May Knox, who has been teach
ing in the Hesperith Indian school in
Colorado for the past year, has accepted
a similar position in Montana and will
leave for that state in a short time.
MissKnox is now spending a week at her
home north of town.
The funeral of D. W. Flock, whose
death occurred Wednesday at Christ
hospital, was held this afternoon at 2
o'clock from the undertaking establish
ment of Willits & Conwell. Rev. Mr.
Maver preaching the sermon.
Rev. H. H. Fowler who has been at
tending the Epworth league convention
left today for his home in Hone. Kan.
Mrs. Fowler and little daughter, Anna,
wm remain here the guests of Mrs.
Fowler's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. N.
Henry, until after the Fourth.
Central Avenue Christian church, cor
ner of Grant street and Central avenue,
Frank Abram Powell, pastor. Preaching
Sunday morning at 11 o'clock, subject.
me bora s u&pper. " Subject for 8 p.
m., "The Fruit of the Spirit." Y. P. S.
C. E. at 7 p. m., Jr. C. E. at 3 p. m., Bi
ble school at 10 a. m.
A gay crowd of young people will
drive to Wakarusa Monday prepared to
spend the week camping. They will
be chaperoned by Miss Maud Brazier
and Mrs. H. C. Safford will go down
Thursday. The following young people
will compose the party: Misses Alice
Safford, Jessie Priddy, Nellie Iles.Ethel
Ellis, Ethel Pattison; Messrs. Fred Mo
Master, Clarence Matthews and Harry
Little Miss Ruth Taggart celebrated
the seventh anniversary of her birthday
Friday afternoon in a happy manner by
entertaining a number of her little
friends. The children spent a merry
time at Garfield park chaperoned by
Misses Hope Clark and Ida Taggart.
After luncheon they went to their homes
voting many thanks to their little hos
tess for a delightful afternoon. Those
present were Anna Myers, Aggie and
Minnie Clark, Ruth Peronto, Lela and
Laura Pratt, Marjory Holland, Ethel
Hubbard, Vivian Herron, Grace France.
Mabel Swickard, Fern Groendyke and
Vera Myers.
If you want your hair to grow, don't
waste time with hair tonics. Get at the
foundation, which lies in the hair cells
and blood vessels that supply them with
life. Beggs' Hair Renewer will do it. It
has grown hair on hundreds of bald heads
and will do it for you. R. W. Squires,
Pharmacist, 732 Kansas ave.
Marshall's Band.
Marshall's band will render
teresting programme at their
tomorrow afternoon.
an in
concert "For five years, I had bleeding piles and
could not work. I was induced to try
Beggs' German Salve, and it gave me
such quick relief and the cure is so per
manent, I want everybody troubled with
this annoying disease to know of it." E.
F. Walker. Alton, 111. R. W. Squires,
Pharmacist, 732 Kansas avenue.
Chicago and Return via "The Rock
Island Route.
Tickets on sale June 25, 26 and 2"', final
return limit July 3.
Small in size and great in results are
De Witts's Little Early Risers, the fam
ous little Pills that cleanse the liver and
bowels. They do not gripe. All drug
Marshall's band concert at
park tomorrow afternoon, 3 p.
17 Jewel, Adjusted, Hampden
Watch for railway service. Special
prices to street railway and railroad
724 Kansas Ave.
State Board of Education Completes
Work and Goes Home.
The state board of education today
adjourned after examining the papers
submitted by applicants for certificates
of various characters.
The board approved the course of
the Marietta, O., college, which entitles
its graduates to state certificates after
passing examinations in the following
professional branches: Philosophy of
education, history of education, school
law, school management, and methods
of instruction.
Life certificates were granted to the
following persons: Emma M. Clark,
Hutchinson: A. H. Hill, Lenora; C. L.
Hollen, Carrier, Okla.; W. W. Jones,
Le Roy; L L. Mitchell, Lithopolis; Mag
gie Al. Moore, Salina; Mattie McCurdy,
St. Marys; John D. Orr, Big Timber.
Mont.; W. C. Pearce. Santa Fe: Bar
bara Geiger-Penix, Salina; W. H. Pe-
nix, Salina; C. N. Poe, Lincoln; Etta
Race.- Appleton, Wi3.; Alta Stanton,
Lawrence; C. B. Taylor, Delphos; A. A.
Ward, Ellinwood.
Three-year state certificates were
granted to the following persons: Edith
Allen, faolomon; Geo. S. Anderson.
Eureka; Bertha B. Baker, Wichita;
Carrie Beery, Lawrence; Anna Bow
man, Glensted, Mo.; J. S. Brooke, Le-
compton; W. H. Carney, Scranton; Mar
agret Cowgill, Baldwin; Mary Edwards,
Clifton; Adaline Finn, Sedgwick; Cath
erine Gemmill, Salina; Harry Gordon
Baldwin; Lilly M. Hunsicker, Osage
City; Alta Howard, Norton: L. C.
Howard, Salina; Wilma Howard, Sa
lina; Mary Jenney, Salina; Lillian Jen
kins. White City; Anna T. Jones.
Wichita: Sarah E. Jones, Altamont:
Leona Kuhn, Baldwin; Sarah Lund, Mar
quette: Amanda Magnuaon, Lindsborg:
A. J. Martin, Winfield; Mabel Millison,
Wichita; P. G. Morns, Scant! La; r . T.
McClung, Wichita; Bert E. McLeod,
Ottawa; N. M. Nelson, Norway; John
Oakleaf, Lindsborg; L. C. Reynolds,
Media; Clara Richards, Wichita; Ellen
Robinson, Benton; Bessie Ryan, Alta
mont; Dora Sherfy, Topeka; Cora
Sho waiter, Baldwin; Arelia, Swenson,
Lindsborg; Axtel Vesting, Lindsborg;
Bertha Watt, Baldwin; Lizzie Wieand,
McPherson; Luther Weeks, Lindsborg;
Paul White, Winfield; Foster Wolf, Sa
lina; Claude Wright, Frederick; Daisy
Zeininger and Lily Zeininger, Wichita-
Conductors' certificates for institute
workers were issued as follows: H. W.
Eiliott, Chanute; W. A. VanVoria, Em
poria. Instructors" certificates: B, A. Ader,
Mound City: Ida M. Case, Norton;
Hugh Ewing, Osawatomie; Bessie R.
Graves, Plainville, special kinder-
gartner; Emma Johnson, Stockton;
Simon Kennedy, Mapleton; Ida Kit-
lauss, Helena, Mont.; Sadie B. Mann.
Osawatomie; D. R. Reed, Emporia;
William Redmond, Hiawatha; Tillie
Swanson, Erie; Jessie M. Walker, Bur
lington; A. A. Ward, Ellinwood; Marie
Wilhelmlna Warner, Girard; Helen M.
Williard, Hutchinson; Mrs. Jennie M-
Wolcott, Kinsley.
New Hampshire Friends of Mission
ary M. A. Chapin and Wife
Keene, N. H., June 23. In view of to
day's Chinese dispatches considerable
anxiety is felt among the many friends
of the Rev. and Mrs M. A. Chapin, for
merly of this city, who for the past 20
years have been missionaries in China
and who were at last accounts stationed
at Lin Ching, a short distance south of
Tien Tsin.
Opens Kentucky Treasurer's Safe
After Officials Had Given Up.
Frankfort. Ky., June 23. The inside
doors to the cash and bond boxes in the
state treasurer's vault cell, the combi
nation of which was lost when the new
state treasurer took charge of the office,
were opened today. Frankfort machinists
have been at work on the doors for 3
days and made no progress. This morn
ing a message was sent to the peniten
tiary for the loan of a convict that
could blow open a safe. Frank Simmons,
who was sent up from Floyd county for
safe blowing, was selected by the prison
authorities and he opened the safe in 30
Can Not Be President of Lindsborg
College Because) Not a Preacher.
There has been a suggestion that per
haps Frank Nelson, state superintend
ent, would be called to the presidency of
Lidsborg's Bethany college in the event
Dr. Swennson accepts the call to an
eastern college.
Mr. Nelson is not eligible to the presi
dency of this institution because the arT
tides of incorporation and the constitu
tion provide that the president of Beth
any college must be a minister.
As Mr. Nelson is not a minister of the
gospel he could not be chosen to the
Good Citizenship Meeting.
The Young People's Good Citiaenship
Federation held a public meeting at the
Christian church in North Topeka last
evening, xne Rev. r . W. Emerson de
livered a splendid address on "Christian
Citizenship." A committee was appoint
ed to nominate officers for the ensuing
six months, to report at the July meet
ing of the Federation. After consider
able discussion the state enforcement
movement was endorsed by a majority
01 mose present.
A Monster Devil Fish.
Destroying Its victim, is a type of Con
stipation, me power or this malady is
But Dr. King's New Life Pills are a safe
and certain cure. Best in the world for
Stomach, Liver, Kidneys and Bowels.
Only zo cents at Waggoners drug store,
731 Kansas avenue.
Neill and Moflatt Matched.
San Francisco, June 23. Al Neill and
Jack Moffatt have been matched for a
return bout of 20 rounds on July 13,
under the auspices of the National Ath
letic club of this city. Neill conceded
all the conditions named by Moffatt,
who is to receive 80 per cent of the
fighters' share of the receipts if he wins
and aO per cent if he loses.
J2.500 CAN BE MADE during next six
months by hustling agents handling our
white and lancy rubber collars, currs.
bosoms and neckties. Patented and guar
anteed goods. Enclose stamp for special
plan. &L. ec M. Mfg. Co., Springheld.
Chicago and Return via " The Rock
Island Route.
Tickets on sale June 25, 26 and 27, final
return limit July a.
All who suffer from piles will be glad to
learn that De Witt s Witch Hazel Salve
will give them instant and permanent re
lief. It will cure eczema and all skin dis
eases. Beware of counterfeits. Ail drug
Marshall's Band.
Marshall's band will render
teresting programme at their
tomorrow afternoon.
an in-concert
For disorders of the
feminine organs havo
gained their great renown
and enormous sale be
cause of the permanent
good they have done and
are doing for the women
cf this country m
If ail ailing or suffer
ing women could ho made
to understand how ab
solutely true are the
statements about Lydia Em
Plnkham's Vegetable
Compound, their suffer
ings would endm
Mrsm PInkham counsels
women free of chargem
Her address Is Lynn,
GZasSm The advice she
gives Is practical and
honest m You can write
freely to her; sho Is a wo
0, What a Grand
Parade and Rally
July 26th, 27th, 28th, 1P0D!
Jefferson Davis, the President cf
the Topeka Advance State Charitable
Institution, says that be went to the
Ministers' Union Monday, June 11th,
and was called on by Elder Price to
state bis business, which be did with
much pleasure.
Tbe gentlemen addressed seemed
to be delighted in hearing the plans.
He said to them that he was glad to
meet them. That we, as directors,
have formed a parade and rally of
SO, COO by taxation of the colored peo
ple of the State, and asked them to
take charge of the matter and call
the people together. They said they
These pastors know the wants of
our people. This money is to make
a general employment for colored
people over the State of Kansas. Our
treasurer is supposed to give a good
company bond for all money that
may come into bis bands. Eight
hundred of the best business men are
behind it Out of these, 31 white
ministers, 14 colored ministers, and
19 colored principals and school
This invitation ia extended over
the State of Kansas, This parade
is supposed to be thirty blocks long,
and beaded by fifty carriages and
backs, and led by the Kansas City
Brass Band, and a special invitation
is extended to Kansas Ciiy, Mo., and
St Joseph, Mo. These bands are
supposed to be used at tbe Crawford
Opera House at night, and at the
Grand Opera House. Tbere will be
a State Band Contest after dinner at
Garfield Park.
Rev. S. S. SCOTT.
YOU can get style and
quality and "idea"
at our print shop at 110
extra cost. Try us.
i 711 Kansas Ave.
Rest and Health to Mother and Child
has been used for over FIFTY YEAR3
the best remedy for DIARRHOEA. Sold
by Druggist in every part of the world.
Be sure to ask for "Mrs. Wlnslow's S 00 trac
ing Syrup" and take no other kind. Twenty-five
cents a bottle.

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