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The Topeka state journal. [volume] (Topeka, Kansas) 1892-1980, July 03, 1900, LAST EDITION, Image 7

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P3 DM JimJl
I I ? f -a f j
Endorsed by physicians for
Frrellrnce. lnviroratme
shavine-. or after exercise.
ols all pain, feieeaing- ana
Internally and Externally.
CAUTIOX: Refuse the -weak, watery,
Witch Hazel preparations represented to
be ""the same as" FOyV'S EXTRACT.
Thev easily soar and generally contain
"wood alcohol," a deadly poison. Fond's
Extract is sold OSLY in SEALED bot
tles, encloseU in outt wrapper.
n j t- . - "A C", frVi A vfnnt. New
TOVD'S EXTRACT OINTMENT enres itching or bleeding
iVr i Tr ic a cn.MH in skin diseases.
iriiC! v - - - t"- -
Corner Feed Box 5BS
for itself In one month. Made by
, Made of Cast-Iron
ive libera
to pay
The largest and finest
line in the city.
Successor to The Kellam Book &
Sta. Co. Wall Paper Department.
Tele. No. 3. 619 Jackson St.
Rest and Health, to Mother and Child
has been used for over FIFTY YEARS
the best remedy tor DIARRHOEA. Snlf
bv Druists in every part of the world
Be sure to ask for "Mrs. Wlnslow's Sooth
ing Svrup" and take no other kind. Twen-tv-flve
cents a bottle.
Summer Tours on Lake Michigan.
for passenuer service exeiuively, nie tri-w eekiy
tripe for Jhri-volx- lluruur priiiE, Bay V icw,
I'Ho.Li'v and MMfkiniM? ll-il connuciintc with ail
8iamsliip 1, inert for JL lis Superior, Extern ad
Caiirtdian. I'oinie.
Top, i u. m. 1' b urn- 1 1 a. m . httU -4 p. m.
Manitou Steamship Company,
DFEliE & COCKS, Rusti and N. Water Sts. ChiciflO.
Kansas City and Return via the
Santa Fa Route.
Special train from Topeka July 4,
leaving here 9:55 a. m., arriv ing at Kan
sas City 11:59 a. m.
Leaves Kansas City returning at 11:30
t. m.
We also have six other trains daily
between Kansas City and Topeka.
Tickets on sale July 2, 3 and 4. Good
returning July 9.
"White Kan Turned Yellow.
Great consternation was felt bv the
friends of M. A. Hogarty of Lexington,
Ky., when they saw he was turning yel
low. His skin slowly changed color, also
his eyes and he suffered terribly. His
mulady was Yellow Jaundice. He was
treat.'d by the best doctors, but without
lnvrelit. Then he was advised to try Elec
tric Bitters, the wonderful Stomach and
Liver remedy, and lie writes: "After tak
ing two bottles I was wholly cured." A
trial proves its matchless merit for
nil Stomach. Liver and Kidney troubles.
Only 5oc. Sold by A. T. Waggoner, drug
gist. 4th of July Rates via the Santa Fe.
to points within 200 miles of Topeka at
one and one-third fare (except to Kan
sas City, which is one fare for the round
trip.) Tickets on sale July 3 and 4, good
returning July 5.
Tfcey are Filters
Fop the Blocd.
Impare Blood
Causes Disease.
Few pfople understand
tho important piu t prrfor
irieti by the kidneys in t:it
eritiir "ttio biood. As th
fjIcKiti in it eireulatiim through th3 body pass
through thp kidneys, its impurity is 1 it in t
4cidntys, whUU m turn empti' S the secretious
xito tin bi.uider in tb form of urine.
. If the ki.Jneys are blocked ami tlitmtioncf
be bi'.od from poisonous or ciis-sed srnns ia
freventt-d th'-rt-by, the rrsnit is one or vM of the
ltowinsj: KiLT'pit-sne5is. Nervou Prostration,
Weak Back. Pains in the Ia'krmi L'nii. Scald
ing Dark and Clou iy Uriiu4 IZtmess. Kheuma
tiam. Diabetes. on.u'non of the Kidneys, Hri
j;Ut's Disease and iailauunation of the Bladder,
Tnkealtliy Eidres Enst 2a Treated
A roedierue is needed that -will properly pro.
mot ibe f:itralion of the blood and check Ui
over-secretion of urine.
Is the only rem-y absolutely and uncorditlnTi
allr uaranterd to cure every form of Kidney
r BUuiuer comprttilitK. Price 2a and 50 cento,
Prt-pared only by
Eiltia- OieE'-cal Co., os luuden iw, h. t.
For sale by the following drusrgists In
Topeka: Stannneld, tv!2 Kansas ave. :
Woolverton, 704 Kansas ave. : Sim, cor.
Bth and Kansas ave.: Wilson. "414 East
4th.: Waggoner. 731 Kansas ave.: Miller
pharmacy, 6th and Topeka ave.: Rosser,
10th and Topeka ave.: Kliraman. 120
East 6th: Rowley & Snow. Cth and Kan
as ave.; Swift ft- Holiday Lrug Co.. 523
Kansas ave.: Gibraltar Fharmaev. 82i
Kansas ave.; Gunther's. 6th and Jackson.
For sale in North Topeka by Lncev, S31
Kansas ave.: Arnold Drug Co.. P21 Kan
ui ave.; Kana & Co.. 632 Kansas ava.
its Parity, Strength and General
ior ins xoiiei,
As a remedy, it
Are the Custom Housa Oases at
Havana, July 3. The customs cases
still continue to drag, secretary or me
Treasury Riiss hr.s protested against
exclusion from the- proceedings of Senor
Manduley, who prepared tne case, aim
who, Secretary Bliss insists, should
have watched the proceedings on be
half of the prosecution on the ground
that as no records were kept It will be
impossible to teil if justice is done.
At the present time the defense seems
to be endeavoring to impress the court
with the idea that Colonel KItss 13
anxious to make scapegoats of the ac
cused for the sins of others. They de
clared it was impossible tor tnem to
know what their duties were, and claim
that men were bribed to betray them.
Accounts- from various parts of the
island report that the newly elected
mavors were inducted into office with
much enthusiasm. El Cubano says that
vesterday was the first real entrance of
those who fougbt and bled during the
revolution into the management of their
country's affairs.
A plan is on foot among the Cubans
to petition the government to give the
admiralty building as a home for life
for Gen. Maximo Gomez and his fam
ily, as the American authorities have
no use for the building, and also to
grant, an allowance to General Gomez
sufficient for the maintenance of himself
and family.
Raised by the M. E. Church as Twen
tieth Century Offering.
New Tork, July 3. One-third of the
$20,000,000 called for by the bishops of
the Methodist Episcopal church as a
twentieth century thank offering has
been collected. Rev. Dr. Edmund M.
Mills, secretary of the commission, ap
pointed by the general conference to
tnke charge of the collection, announced
today that only two-thirds of the total
amount was yet to be subscribed.
The fund will be devoted to three ob
jects. Ten million dollars will be spent
on education in this country and in fot'
eisrn lands. The remaining $10,000,000
will be used for the carrying on of char
ity and philanthropic work, for city
evargelization, for invested fun-Is, for
the support of conference claimants and
for the payment of church property
debts. The Ohio Wesleyan university
subscribed $505,000 and Syracuse uni
versity $250,000. Other colleges and sem
inaries have subscribed generously.
Following is a list of fairs to be held
in Kansas in 1900, their dates, locations
and secretaries, as reported to the state
board of agriculture and compiled by Sec
retary F. T. Coburn:
Allen County Agricultural society C. H.
Wheaton, secretary. Iola: September 10-13.
Brown County Fair association John H.
Meyer, secretary, Hiawatha; September
Butler County Fair association Alvah
Shelden, secretary, EI Dorado; September
Chautauqua county Hewins Park and
Fair association: N. G. Marsh, secretary,
Cedar Vale: August S-ll.
Clay County Fair association E. E.
Hoopes. secretary. Clay Center; Septem
ber 25-2S.
Coffey County Fair association J. E.
Woodford, secretary, Burlington; Septem
ber 25-2.S.
Cowley county Eastern Cowley Fair
association: J. M. Henderson, secretary.
Burden: September 19-21.
loujzlas county Kaw Valley Fair as
sociation: A. C. Griesa, secretary, Law
rence. Finney County Agricultural society T.
A. Minis, secretary. Garden City.
Franklin Countv Agricultural society
B. C. McQuesten, "secretary, Ottawa; Sep
tember fy-21.
Greelev Countv Fair association T. B.
Newman, secretary. Tribune; October 2-3.
Jackson Countv Aqricultural and Fair
association S. B. McGrew, secretary.
Holt -n: September 11-14.
Jefferson County Agricultural and Me
chanical association Kdwin Snyder, sec
retary, Oskaloosa. September 4-7.
Jewell County Fair association Chas. F.
Horne, secretary, Manltato; September
Linn County Fair association Ed. It
Smith, secretary. Mound Citv.
Marshall county, Frankfort Fair asso
ciation C. W. Brandenburg, secretary,
Frankfort: September 26-2S.
Miami county Agricultural, Mechanical
Fair association Jos. P. Trickett. secre
tary, Paola: September 25-21.
Montgomery county. Coffeyville Fair
and Park association R. Y. Kennedy,
secretary, Cofreyviile; August 14-17.
Morris County Exposition company: E.
J. Ii!l, secretary. Council Grove, Septem
ber 25-2N.
Xeosho County Fair association H.
Lodre. secretary," Erie: August 2S-31.
Neosho county. Chanute Agricultural,
Fair. 1'nrk and Driving association A. E.
Timpane, secretary, Chanute; September
Osage County Fair association C. H.
Curtis, secretary, Burliugame; September
Kilev Countv Acricultura.1 society: R. T.
Worboys, secretary, Riley; September
Rooks Countv Fair association: Iavid
B. Smyth, secretary, Stockton, September
Saline County Agricultural, Horticul
tural and Mechanical association H. B.
Wallace, secretarv, Salina; September
Sedgwick county. Wichita State Fair
association H. G. Toler, secretary, Wich
ita: September 4-7.
Wilson countv, Fredonia Agricultural
association J. T. Cooper, secretary, Fre
donia; August 21-21.
Kansas City and Return via the
Santa Fe Route.
Special train from Topeka July 4,
leaving here 9:55 a. m., arriving at Kan
sas City 11:59 a. m.
Leaves Kansas City returning at 11:30
p. m.
We also have six other trains daily
between Kansas City and Topeka.
Tickets on sale July 2, 3 and 4. Good
returning July 9.
4th. of July Rates.
The Missouri Pacific will sell tickets
July 3rd and 4th limited to the 5th at
one and one-third fares for the round
trip. Minimum rate 50c. This applies
only between stations within 200 miles
No Reason Whatever For Loss of
Life in Iloboken Fire.
New Tork, July 3. President Cram,
at a meeting of the New Tork dock
board today, emphatically declared that
there need have been no loss of life as a
result of the Hoboken fire had proper
discipline been shown. He said:
"Such a' fire could not possibly have
occurred in New Tork city. It would be
absolutely impossible, owing to the su
periority of the docking facilities and
the fire and police departments.
"I was in Hoboken today, examining
the piers of the North German Lloyd
Steamship company. They are too nar
row, and the space between the piers is
very much too narrow.
"The piers themselves are rotten in
the first place and are nothing but tin
der boxes. The sheds are only made of
wood and very infiammable.of course.and
that's the reason the fire spread so
quickly and with such disastrous ef
fect. "The piers in New Tork citv are much
wider and much further apart. It would
be absolutely impossible even if a pier
should catch fire, for it to spread to a
vessel lying alongside the pier as the
piers are wide and there is plenty of
space for the fire department to work
on the pier and for the fire boats to
work outside betw'een piers.
"One thing I desire to say that there
is not a bit of excuse in this world for
the terrible loss of life that took place
on the ships at the fire Saturday. There
was in reality1 not the slightest disci
pline exercised during the fire. I found
on examination of the three burned ves
sels that not a single life boat had been
cut away from the davits. The unfortu
nate people in these vessels could all
have escaped roasting and drowning if
mere uau peen Due proper discipline.
There was no excuse for such a. holo
About 10:30 o'clock two more bodies
were taken from the water at the foot
of Fourth street, Hoboken.
The bodies of the following persons
were identified this morning:
All were employes of the North Ger
man Lloi-d line.
County Physician Converse of Hud
son county, N. Y., has directed Coroner
nonman to hold an inquest in the case
of Mary Cordess, stewardess on the
Ssaale, who was drowned.
The name of Paul Richter was added
to the list of missing today.
Topeka Board of Education Map3 Out
Summer Work.
Hot weather and school boards do not
e:o wen together, it was 8:45 last nisht
before the Toixika school board managed
to secure a quorum of seven by getting
mi. k. i kiuv uui ti ins nuine, wnere ne nas
oeen sick ror some time.
Those present were Messrs. Rnnphrakp
Griggs, Matthews. Wilson. Pridcty. Buck
and Mallory. Although, the meeting- was
small in numbers a good deal of business
was transacted and the usual report that
a heating plant was out of order was re
ceived. The board has just discovered that
all that was paid for in the new Branner
building was not put in. The heating
plant was defective. Mr. Matthews has
tound that the board paid for two tem
pering coiis and 11 sections of heating ap
paratus with 3,(RA feet of radiation, but
that two of the sections were used for the
required tempering coils. Architect Hol
land is held responsible for the construc
tion of the building. He has not been
paid in tuii and what is due him will not
be paid until the heatinar plant is la per
fect working order. At the next meeting
01 me uoara 10 oe neia juiy S. tne ques
tion of a new heating plant for the high
school building will be decided.
The building committee submitted rec
ommenda tions for improvements and re
pairs to be made on certain of the school
buildings this summer.
The report of the committee was unani
mously adopted and contracts will be
made as quickly as possible for the work.
The repairs and improvements will cost
from $HU"M to $12.(M. which with the four
room audition, to Polk school at a cost of
$12,000 and the two room addition to
Kuclid school at a cost of $2,500 will be all
that can be done this year with the SoO.
0u0 that will be available for building pur
poses, w nen tnese improvements are
completed the schools will be In first
class condition and next year" the money
In the building fund will be used In the
erection of new school buildings.
The following report from the treasurer
was received for June:
Ieposit in banks $T2,93S.07
Fiscal agency remittance 1.220.70
Interest and sinking fund 113.112 21
General fund 41-63
Building 1,004-93
S14, 158.77 $14,15S.77
Balance J158.S5
Received band interest 38.96
Warrants paid J15o 9S
Balance 41.63
$197.61 J197.61
North German Steamship Co. to Bury
Unidentified Hoboken Bead.
New Tork, July 3. Coroner Hoffman
of Hoboken, has been directed by the
North German Lloyd Steamship com
pany to see that all the unidentified and
unclaimed dead have a respectable bur
ial at the expense of the steamship com
pany. In many cases the victims
bodies had been burned and charred in
such a horrible manner as to be beyond
recognition. These remains will be bur
ied first. The bodies that can be identi
fied will be kept a reasonable time for
identification by friends.
. Coroner Hoffman also stated that the
North German Lloyd Steamship com
pany has purchased a plot of 50 grave3
in Elower Hill cemetery, at North Ber
gen. The bodies of the victims unclaim
ed will be buried there.
It is probable that a single monument
will be erected to mark the plot.
$2.00 Kansas City and Return $2.00
via the Rock Island Route.
Tickets on sale July 2. 3 and 4, good
tor return juiy tn. oee notice oi special
train juiy 9tn.
Garfield Park July 4th.
For privileges apply at Park from 10
a. m. to 1 o clock each day, or address.
840 Kan. Ave., N. T.
$2.0O Kansas City and Return $2.00
via the Rock Island Route.
Tickets on sale July 2, 3 and 4, good
for return July 9th. See notice of special
train July 4tn.
A gentleman recently cured of dvsnepsia
gave the following appropriate rendering
of Burns' famous blessing: "Some have
meat and can not eat, and some have
none that want it: but we have meat and
we can eat Kodol Dyspepsia Cure be
thanked." This preparation will digest
what you eat. It instantly relieves and
radically cures indigestion and all stom
ach disorders. At all drug stores.
Foi the best of feed and hay, at lowest
prices, try Geo. vv headon, at 933 Kan
sas avenue. Tel. 4S3.
None better, Swan Fountain Pens.
Bennett's Book Store, 730 Kan. Ave.
Anticipated at Stock Yards Due to
German Meat Inspection Law.
Chicago. July 3. A heavy increase in
the force of government inspectors at
the stock yards has been made neces
sary by a rush of orders in anticipation
of the inforcement, beginning October
5 of the new German meat regulations,
which are expected to restrict the sale
and use of American meat and canned
goods in the German empire. Chicago
packers are receiving each day orders
from Germany for 100,000 pounds or
sausage and canned goods and in order
to get this increased amount of their
product inspected by the government
they asked Dr. O. Hi. uyson, chief of the
government bureau of animal industry,
to put on 25 more microscopists, which
was done. This makes the force of
microscopists now employed here to 100.
First Fatality in Years Takes Place
on Mount Washington.
Fabyans, N. H., July 3. The first fa
tality on Mount Washington in ten
years took place as the result of a
frightful storm last Saturday when W.
B. Curtis, 63 years old, and Allen Orms
bee, about 30 years old, both of New
Tork, and both experienced athletes
lost their lives on the Crawford bridle
path. Their bodies were found foday by
the members of the Appalachian Moun
tain club, now at the summit for their
annual field meetings. Curtis was for
merly one of the best known athletes in
America, acting as referee at nearly all
lnter-collegiate sports and amateur ath
letics for many years and was one of
founders of the New Tork Athletic club.
He was an expert mountain climber.
Ormsbee, a member of the Crescent A.
A., of Brooklyn, was an expert athlete.
Endeavorers Who Were Booked on
the Saale.
Chicago, July 3. The western delegates
to the World's conference of the Youne
People's Society of Christian Endeavor to
be held In Edinburgh, commencing July
14, and who were delayed in Chicago be
cause of the burning of the steamship
SaaJe in New York Saturday evening,
which they had chartered, will leave Chi
cago this evening on a special train for
New York- Arrangements have been
made to take the Christian Endeavorers
to London on the Trave, instead of the
Saale. They were sister ships.
V. S. Walsh, the Boston representative
of the society, arrived in Chicago today
and will escort the delegation east-
London Chnrch Too Small
Hold Topeka Pastor's
London, July 3. Londoners fought
their way to Christ church, Westmin
ster, Sunday night to hear the Rev.
Charles M. " Sheldon of Topeka, Kan.,
but only 3,000 persons were able to
wedge themselves in, and so the
preacher-editor was compelled to ad
dress an overflow meeting in the ad
joining hall and still another that con
gregated in the streets. So intense was
the demonstration accorded Mr. Shel
don's address that the great audience
forgot the sacred ) surroundings and
burst Into frequent applause at his ar
raignment of the liquor traffic and the
trusts and his optimistic prophecy for
the world's religious future.
The famous Kansan chose "Signs of
the Times" for the subject of his maiden
effort in London, declaring that the love
of money was the international evil.
He defined "Anglo-Saxon acquisitive
ness" as "Satanic greed." In the course
of his denunciations he held the man
agers of the New Tork ice trust an
swerable to God for murder. Then,
turning to his favorite temperance
theme, Mr. Sheldon startled his hearers
by the statement that he had seen more
drunken men and women in England
and Scotland in a month than in Topeka
in twelve years. He followed this home
thrust with an expression of horror at
his discovery that many ministers of
the gospel and church dignitaries iii
Great Britain were stockholders in Brit
ish breweries.
Speaking of religious brotherhood, Mr.
Sheldon announced that a great evange
listic propaganda would soon be under
taken in the United States by Newell
Dwight Hillis of Brooklyn and other
prominent American divines.
To the Christian Endeavorers of the
world, whose convention Mr. Sheldon
had come to attend, he suggested that
politics was one of the most inviting
fields of activity that lay open. He
said that the present mayor of Topeka
was elected by the Christian Endeavor
vote and declared that organization
was all that was needed to make the
society a political power.
" As a mark of esteem for the Ameri
can guest the name of the president of
the United States was incorporated in
the prayer for the royal family at the
conclusion of the evening's services.
Receivers Will Stay.
St. Louis, Mo., July 3. Judge Thayer,
In the United States circuit court, has
denied the application of eastern stock
holders of the Kansas City, Pittsburg
& Gulf for the removal of Charles H.
Chappell and James Hopkins as re
ceivers of the Omaha. & St. Louis and
the Kansas City and Northern connect
ing railways. Judge Thayer reserved
his decision on the request that he
rescind his order allowing the receivers
to borrow $525,000 on certificates for the
purpose of reironing the Omaha & St.
Louis road.
Compulsory Retirement
New York July 3. A special to the
Herald from Washington says: Two of
ficers who took part in the battle oi"
Manila bay have been selected for com
pulsory retirement in accordance with
the provisions of the naval personnel
law. They are Lieut. John Gibson, who
served on board the Boston, and Lieut.
Stokely Morgan who fought the for
ward S-inchvturret of the Olympia. Both
were selected on account of their physi
cal condition and w ill be retired as lieu
tenant commanders.
Rainy River Indians.
Ottawa, Ont., July 3. David Laird,
Indian commissioner at Winnipeg, tele
graphs today that he is advised Trom
the Rainy river district that the In
dians are dispersing and that there is
no longer any trouble there.
Ideal Summer Tour.
The ideal route for Summer Tourist
travel is the Grand Trunk Railway sys
tem reaching directly all the most pop
ular Lake, River, Mountain and Sea
shore resorts of the east.
Full particulars and copies of Sum
mer Tourist literature on application to
J. H. Burgis, City Passenger and Ticket
Agent, 249 Clark street, corner Jackson
Boulevard, Chicago.
The Union Pacific have arranged for
extra equipment on all trains for Kan
sas City July 4th and special train will
leave Kansas City for Salina at 11 p. m.
in addition to usual evening trains.
Colds, Coughs,
T : rhUl A4tims
t I j ti ri
the Throat and
Lungs. - T ,
CTlonds of Medicated Vapor tri Inhaled
through toe mouth and emitted from the nos
trils, cleansing and vaporizing all tne inflamed
and diseased parts which cannot ba tactie4 tor
medicine takea Into the btomach.
Jt reaches the tare rpalsIt heal the rate
places Jt goes to the seat of disease Xt acts as
a balm and tonic to the whole system fl.00 at
druaaUU or tent bimaiU HQS jtrch Phila.
Woodworkers and Employes Reach an
Chicago, ' July 3. The Amalgamated
Woodworkers' association has effected
a settlement of the trouble -which for
the last three weeks has been threaten
ing a strike of 1,200 men in that in
dustry. The settlement was reached
last night at a meeting attended by
sixteen manufacturers and by Samuel
Beattie, president of the Woodworkers'
association, and four of the business
Under the terms of the agreement the
woodworkers are granted a ten per cent
increase of wages after March 1, 1901,
providing the manufacturers of Mil
waukee and Cincinnati grant a similar
increase to their employes at that time.
The men at present are receiving J2 a
day working nine hours, which is about
18 per cent more than is being paid in
other manufacturing centers.
It was agreed also that the date of
the new compact should be changed
from September 1 to July 1, this being
a distinct concession on the part or
the manufacturers.
Eleventh Annual Tournament to Be
Held August 21-24.
Abilene. July 3. The Eleventh annual
Kansas State Tennis Tournament will be
held at Abilene, Kansas, August 21, 22. 23,
and 24. 1900. for the state championship
in singles and doubles. L. C. Bronson,
president; W. A. Matteson, secretary and
Match Race Arranged Between Col
ored Boy and Cooper For
National Meet.
Milwaukee, Wis., July 3. Major Taylor
and Tom Cooper will race here at the L.
A. W. meet July 10 to 15. They will wheel
three heats on three succeeding days for
a purse of $1,000, the winner to take all.
A time limit haa been made which will
prevent them from loafing. They are ex
pected here In a few days to do prelimin
ary work on the track, which will be
ready for them July 4.
Bout Declared a Draw at End of
Twentieth Round.
Titthnre Pa.. Julv S. The boxinK con
test last night at Milvale opera house be
tween Jack McClelland of this city and
Oscar Gardner of Wheeling, was declared
a draw after twenty rounds of fast and
clever fighting.
Jeffords Defeats Weinig.
RniTnlo TJ V .Tnlv 3. .Tim Jeffords, of
California, knocked out Al. Weinig, of
Buffalo, In the eighth round at Olympic
Atmetlc ciuo last nignt.
Smith is Champion of Indiana.
South Bend. Ind.. Julv 3. Melvln Smith
won the twenty-five mile bicycle race for
the Indiana championship here today, tie
defeated Irvin Peyser by a quarter of a
mile in i:iu:uu.
Kansas City and Return
Santa Fe Route.
via the
Special train from Topeka July 4,
leaving here 9:55 a. m., arriving at Kan
sas City ll:o9 a. m.
Leaves Kansas City returning at 11:30
t. m.
We also have six other trains daily
between Kansas City and Topeka.
Tickets on sale July 2, 3 and 4. Good
returning July 9.
Was It a Miracle P
"The marvelous cure of Mrs. Rena J.
Stout of consumption has created intense
excitement in Cammack, Ind., write3 Mar
ion Stuart, a leading druggist of Muncie,
Ind. She only weighed 90 pounds when
her doctor in Torktown said she must
soon die. Then she tveiran to use Xr.
King's New Discovery and grained 37
pounds in weight and was completely
cured." It has cured thousands of hope
less cases, and Is positively guaranteed to
cure all Throat. Chest and Lung diseases.
50c and $1.00. Trial bottles free at Wag
goner s drug store.
Homeseekers' Excursion via Santa Fe
On July 3d and 17th we will sell tickets
to points in Arkansas,- Arizona. Indian
Territory, New Mexico, Oklahoma and
Texas. Also to Rocky Ford and local
points east thereof in Colorado, at rate
of one tare plus jz.ou ior rouna trip.
Final limit. 21 days.
See nearest Santa Fe agent for further
It Saved His Leg,
P. A. Danforth. of La Grange, Ga., suf
fered for six months with a frightful run
ning sore on his leg: but writes that
Bucklen's Arnica Salve wnolly cured it
in five davs. For Ulcers, Wounds, Piles,
it's the best salve In the world. Cure
guaranteed. Only 25 cents. Sold by A. T.
Waggoner, druggist.
The Appetite of a Goat
Is envied by all whose stomach and
liver are out of order. But such should
know that Dr. King's New Life Pills,
give a splendid appetite, sound digestion
and a regular bodily habit that insures
perfect health and great energy. Only 26c
at Waggoner s drug store.
Homeseekers' Excursion via Santa F
On July 3d and 17th we will sell tickets
to points in Arkansas, Arizona, Indian
Territory, New Mexico, UKianoma ana
Texas. Also to Rocky Ford and local
points east thereof in Colorado, at rate
of one tare plus ior ruunu trip.
Final limit. 21 davs.
See nearest Santa Fe agent for further
It has oeen aemonstratea Dy experience
that consumption can be prevented by the
i.. . t ttr... f ; .1 . . . t. t-Vl ora
This is the favorite remedy for coughs
colds, croup, asthma, grippe and al
throat and lung troubles. Cures quickly
At all drug stores.
Denver, Pueblo, Colorado Springs, and
Return $19.00 via Santa Fe.
- Tickets on sale June 21, July 7, 8, 9,
10. 18 and Aug. 18. Stopovers allowed
between Pueblo and Denver enabling
one to stop at Colorado Springs. Final
limit of ticket October 31st. Bee U. L.
King, agent, for particulars.
WANTED- Situation, by lady stenog
rapher: thoroughly compatent; reference
furnished. Address Stenographer, 1131
North Topeka ave., Topeka, Kaa.
WANTED Sewing by the day. Chil
dren's clothes and knife pleating a spe
clalty. 1110 Throop street.
WANTED Situation as clerk In hard
ware store. Address box 45. Lyndon.
WANTED By a young widow, position
as housekeeper for elderly couple, or to
nurse invalids, or plae in small private
family of adults. No washing. Call at
the Mission, 212 North Kansas avenue.
WANTED By a young man who carries
papers, a place to worn tor Doara. Ad
dress Student Board, Journal.
WANTED 4 dining room girls, 3 cooks
and 2 dishwashers. American Emp. Co.,
Sixth and Kansas ave.
WANTED A girl for general housework.
a cnestnut st.
WANTED A young white girl to help
witn ngnc nouseworn. xiub western ave.
WANTED A good cook. Immediately. 509
narnson st.
WANTED White girl; housework. 809 W.
leata st.
WANTED t bridge and 2 house carpen
ters and 10 labores. American Emp. Co..
oui ana Kansas ave.
$2,500 CAN BE MADE during next six
months by hustling agents handling our
white and rancy ruBher collars, cuns,
bosoms and neckties. Patented and guar
anteed goods. Enclose stamp for special
plan. M. & M. Mfg. Co.. Springfield,
WANTED To buy a second-hand soda
fountain, call at 929 Kansas ave.
WANTED Good driving horse for its
keeping: good pasture. 301 Kansas ave.
WANTED For purchase or hire, an in
valid a wneel cnair. ai. r, care journal,
WANTED Carpets, lace and curtains to
clean, 908 K.s. av., j. ti. t'osdick. Tel. u.
WANTED Lace curtains and portieres to
clean. Airs, uosuick. iza yuincy at.
FOR RENT Nicely furnished room, with
electric ngnt ana oatn. enquire even
ings at 925 Quincy St.
FOR RENT Office rooms or for light
nouseKeeping. Kansas avenue.
FOR RENT Furnished room for gentle
man: modern improvements. Ill To
peka avenue.
FOR RENT Furnished room. Gentleman
only. 500 Harrison street.
FOR RENT Furnished rooms, first floor.
for light housekeeping. 807 E. 8th. In
quire at 119 w. 6th street.
FOR RENT Unfurnished rooms. 801
w est Twelfth street.
FOR RENT One suite of five rooms, for
omces only, situated on second noon
Enquire at the Hub Clothing Co., 606 and
bo Jvansas avenue.
FOR RENT three nice rooms for house
keeping. 825 Monroe.
FOR RENT Four rooms. 813 Tyler St.
FOR RENT Recently modernized furn
ished rooms for light housekeeping; also
single rooms. 4Z1 vtuincy st.
FOR RENT Furnished rooms cool.
W. corner Fifth and Madison st.
FOR RENT Modern 8-room house.
and cistern water in kitchen and
room; barn. 1266 Tyler.
FOR SALE A good road wagon, cheap.
Call at 611 W. Stn St.
FOR SALE Cow, at 366 Arter avenue,
FOR SALE Lady's bicycle. 619 Lane
at. Please call arternoons.
A BIG HORSE SALE at Silver Lake,
Julv 4. 40 head of icood work horses will
be sold to highest bidder. For further
particulars address Jno. Hummer, Silver
liaxe, ivas.
Cottage in west part of city, 7 rooms,
bath, laundry in basement, barn, sewer,
$iy lots, $150 ea-sti, balance $25 per month,
Stock of general merchandise in Ne
maha countv. Kan.. $3,500.
Stock of general merchandise, $4,000;
good town In Missouri.
Stock general merchandise, $3,500, Jef
ferson county, Kansas.
Stock of general merchandise In Mis
souri, $4,500.
Stock $9,000 clothing and gents' furnish
ing goods.
3 lots, corner of Sayweil and Kansas
avenue; must be sold. Make an offer.
3 lots, east front, 3 blocks from state
house, $1,200. See
627 Kansas ave.
FOR SALE; New 6 room cottage, west
side, cheap. Must be sold quick. Ad
dress Cottage, care Journal.
NOTICE My application for a permit to
sell intoxicating liquors according to
law at 400 East Fifth street, in the Second
ward of the city of Topeka, is now on file
in the office of the probate judge of
Shawnee county, Kansas. The hearing of
the same is set for Tuesday, at 9 o'clock
a. m., July 17. 1900.
NOTICE My application for a permit to
sell intoxicating liquors, according to
law. at 607 Kansas aveue. in the Fourth
ward of the city of Topeka, is now on
file in the office of the probate judge of
Shawnee county, Kansas. The hearing of
the same is set for Tuesday, at 9 o'clock
a m., July 81, 1900 G. W. FLAD.
WE WILL GIVE a new drop-head $40.00
sewing machine for a good road horse.
Singer Office, 114 East Fifth at.
Hull Stove & Repair Co., 116 E. 8th st.
Fashionable dressmaking, by the square
Inch tailor system. 114 W. 8th Su
LOST Two shirts wrapped in Palace
wrapper. Reward for return to the Pal
ace or 2101 W. 10th St.
STRAYED A young heifer, black and
white spots. P. O. box 28. Topaka. ti
(First published in Topeka Stats Jour
nal June 2, iwu.j
At a. meetincr of the council of the city
of Topeka held June 25, l'.00, the follow
ing resolution was adopted:
Resolveu. That the mayor and council
of the city of Topeka deem it necessary
for the best Interest of said city that
Tyler street from the south curb line of
Fourth street to the north curb line of
Fifth street be graded and paved thirty
feet wide with vitrilied brick on sand
foundation, and curbed with Colorado red
sandstone. W. 9. CHANEY.
I herebv certify that tne above is a truo
copy of the original resolution now on fiie
in my on ice.
In witness whereof; I have hereunto set.
my hand and official seal, this 26th day
of June, 1900, at Topeka, Kansas.
j. tx. DuiKr.a.
(Seal.) City Clerk.
(First published in the Topeka Slate Jour
nal juiy , aj.
Sealed nronosala will be received at the
office of the eocretarv of stale until 12:"0
o'clock noon. July Eth. 1900, for furnishing
ice for the several onices in trie staia
house for year ending June 1. 1V01. The
sn.ma to be delivered In such tiucmtitlc ,
as may be ordered. Proposals- should bo
addressed to tne secretary oi siais.
jtsy oraer oi tne exei-uuvo council.
Secretary of Suite.
CHARLES C. BRADLEY, M. D. Office 515
Kansas ave. rnone, bn-d. r.csiamicc,
West 7th street. 'Phone B78-8.
H. T. T1IURBER. M. T.. Physlc'an and
Surgeon: graduate University of Now
Hampshire. Licentiate. Conn., board of
examiners. 1200 Kansas ava.
Hnry W. Roby. M. TV,
730 Kansas Avenue. Residence. Twenty,
first at. and Kansas ava. Topeka, Kan.
OFFICE and residence corner Gordon st.
and Central ave.. Nor'h Topeka. 'Phons
814. Uaes the Brinkerhoff system .f rectal
treatment, a successful and palnlees treat
ment for piles, fistula, fishure. ulceration,
Office 732 Kansas ave. Residence Thir
teenth and Clay. Offica hours: 9 a. m.. to
11 a, m., and $ p. m., to 6 p. m. Telephone)
691 rfcildentn Mid 16 office.
avenue, over Wallace's drug store,
Phonaa: 476, residence, CJ5 off lr.
DR. EVA HARDING. Homeopathlst. 21
Kansas ave. Telephone 402.
THE J. C. DARLING CO., 734 Kan. Ava.
Rubber stamps, brass and aluminum trada
checks. Prices low. Catalogue frva. Tel. 2M.
PORTRAITS taken at your home or our
studio, day or evening. Nichols Flash
Light Studio, "08 Kansas ave.
In class or private, terms reasonable.
Mrs. Hannah Klhlbere. 816 Harrison at.
Co packs, snips ana aiores nouswuum
goods. Tel. 186. Clarence Skinner. 128 &
6th et.
MACHINE SHOP Lawn mowers sharp
ened, razors and clippers ground. Base
ball and sporting goods. Golden Rule
Machine works, 514 Kansas ave.
TOPEKA CYCLE CO., 112 West Mh St.
Tel. 70tfc iiicyeies ana sunanes; oicycies
and tandems for rent; repairing of all
U. S. CYCLE CO., 118 E. Sth at. National
and Union bicycles. Sundries, repair.
PR. c. H. GUIBOR. DIsea-ea of the Noes.
Throat and Lungs. 706 Kansas avenue.
WATCHES cleaned. 75c: clocks. DOe; rrialn-
. t. -ll, rash foP
old gold or silver. All work r-isranteed.
Old jewelrv exchanged for new. It tuna
up. see Uncle Sam. 512 Kansas avenue.
, . n . rtMi'M T ..I. mrA 0tl
clan. Complete stock of watches, d ta
rn ongs. silverware, etc.. Eyes examinaa
and spectacles prupuy uiw -
MILTON BROWN, lawyer. Practice In all
state and federal courts. Suite 41. Craw
ford bids. Topeka, Kan.
MONEY TO LOAN on farm and city pro-
15 Columbian Bids.
MONEY TO LOAN on live stock, pianos,
organs, tvpewriters, household grods and
personal security. L. Blscoe. 525 Kan, ave.
TO LOAN Money on real estate. Month
ly payments. Low Interest. See East
man. 115 W st Sixth st.
THE OFFICEof the Capital City Vitrified
Brick and Paving Co.. has been removed
to 118 West Eighth street.
design to jrder. race treatments. r
Hattle Van Vleck, 220 East Fifth st.
2-6; Tues. and Sat. 4-11 a. m. 63a Topeka
FEATHERS renovated, old mattresses
made over as good as new. vv or e ui -anteed.
T. W. Pickett, 114 E. 4th st.
MRS. J. R. HAGUE, Florist, successor to
K. j. Groves, 817 Kansas ava. Phone 603.
CUT FLOWERS and floral designs at
Hayes. 107 West Llcatb st, 'Phone 6
i -AtlXT fl.AT.T.AW

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