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dZ4ii. t VESTS'
OU never cut of
cake of soap and
pay twice the price
' of "tinted" toilet
large. Your little cake of toilet soap costs you four
times the price of Ivory, for it lasts only half as long
and costs twice as much. No money 'can buy purer
or better soap than Ivory'. If it came in dainty
paper, all scented and colored, you would pay fifteen
cents for a very small cake of it.
Election Acts a3 a B rale a on Business
at Present.
New Tork, Oct. 27. R. G. Dun & Co.'s
"Weekly Review of Trade says:
"The elections mean a great deal to
all business interests and, although
confidence in the future is seen on every
hand, it is but natural that men do not
care to take unnecessary chances, and,
therefore, delay new engagements as
far aa possible until after the ballots
are counted. But contracts for steel
rails for the season thus far .re within
60.000 tons of last year's heavy bookings,
and the confidence in an ultimate mark
ed improvement is so strong that all
raw materials are firm, and without
any speculative activity to stimulate
tnem. The agitation for an advance
in biileta, though a small one, is an in
dication of what the iron and steel mar
kets expect in the next six months, and
in the great industries sellers of ma
terial could easily make heavy contracts
if they cared to attach political pro
visions to their agreements. However
unreasonable features may be, It is like
ly to be better for busij ss in the long
run that conservative ideas for the
present are entertained. The weather
over a great part of the country has
been favorable for agricultural opera
tions, which are progressing well, and
in the west the unseasonable tempera
tures have retarded general trade com
paratively little, as there has been no
great stimulus yet this season.
"Conditions in the iron and steel mar
ket steadily improve; orders gradually
swell in volume and buyers make less
effort to secure concessions. In most
cases quotations are not altered, but
there is an advance to $20 at Philadel
phia for billets, owing to the better
business in rails. Pi iron moves free
ly, especially at Chicago, where manu
facturers have contracted heavily for
finished stuff in excess of raw material
on hand. Cast iron pipe is in urgent de
mand and new plans for ship building
will take plates. Bridge builders are
buying structural forms heavily. Mak
ers of rails and other products cf iron
have been accused of quoting better
terms to foreign than to domestic buy
ers. If this is done, it would seem to
be the manufacturer's affair rather
A New Catarrb Cure Secures National
Popularity in Less Than One Year.
Throughout a great nation of eighty
million it Is a desperate struggle to se
cure even a recognition for new ar
ticle to say nothing of achieving popular
favor, and yet within one year Slaurt's
Catarrh Tablets, the new catarrh cure,
has met with such success that today it
can be found in every drug store
throughout the United States and Can
ada. To be sure, a large amount of adver
tising was necessary in the first in
stance to bring the remedy to the at
tention of the public but every one fa
miliar with the subject knows that ad
vertising alone never made any article
permanently successful. It must have
In addition absolute, undeniable merit,
and this the new catarrh cure certainly
possesses in a marked degree
Physicians, who formerly depended
upon inhalers, sprays and local washes
or ointments now use SStaurt's Catarrh
Tablets because, as one of the most
prominent stated, these tablets contain
in pleasant, convenient form ail the
really efficient catarrh remedies, such
as red rum, Guiacol, Eucalyptol, and
Tiw?y contain no cocaine nor opiate,
and are given to little children with en
tire safety and benefit.
Dr. J. J. Keitiger. of Covington. Ky.,
Bays: I suffered from catarrh in my
bead and throat every fall, with stop
page of the nose and irritation in the
throat affecting my voice and oftn ex
tending to the stomach, causing catarrh
of the stomnch. I bought a fifty cent
package of Staurt's Catarrh Tabl -ts at
my druggists, carried them in my pocket
and used them faithfully, and the way
in Tvhioh they cleared my heal end
throat was certainly remarkable. I had
no catarrh last winter and spring and
consider myself entirely free from any
catarrhal trouble.
Airs. Jerome Kl'-ison. of Wheeling. W.
Va.. writes: I suffered from catarrh
nearly my whole life and last wintet- i-v
two children a'so suffered from ca.ar, hai
coHs and sore throat so much they were
out of school a iarge portion of the win
ter. My brother who was cured cf
catarrhal deafness by using Stauri's
Catarrh Tablets urgad me to try them
so much that I did so and am truly
thankful for what they have don? far
myself and my children. I always keeD
a box cf the tablets in the house and at
the first appearance of a cold or sore
throat we nip It in the bud and catarrh
Is no longer a household affliction with
Full sized packages of Stuart's
Catarrh Tablets are sold for fifty cents
at all drusgii
three-quarters of a new
throw it away I Yet you
of Ivory Soap for a cake
soap less than half as
than the newspaper's. Minor metals are
quiet, except for further weakness in
tin. Silver has reached the highest
price in four years.
"Cotton showed little recuperative
power after last week's decline and
closed lower. The loss in price is J7.S0
a bale since October 9, and exporters
are still holding off. Wheat also con
tinued Its downward course, owing to
the good news here and abroad, but an
encouraging feature was the accelerated
foreign buying as quotations, declined.
Atlantic exports for the week were 2,
S35.02S bushels against 2,253.625 a year
ago, and Pacific shipments 878,043 bush
els against 658,583 last year. Corn is
slightly weaker, while pork products
have fallen sharply. Most other pro
visions are heavy, but linseed oil rose
sharply to 75c. The better tone of the
boot and shoe market was sufficient ex
planation for the advance in materials.
Is'ew England shops are busier than for
many months before, but thus far man
ufactured goods have not advanced with
materials. Sales of wool at the three
chief eastern markets continue to in
crease, exceeding 5,000,000 pounds last
week. Prices are not altered, and bids
slightly below the market are refused.
Cotton goods move rather more freely
as the price comes nearer parity with
raw material but wide sheeting3 are
dull at the advance to 22c.
"Failures for the week were 205 In
the United States, against 190 last year,
and twenty-eight in Canada, against
twenty-seven last year."
General Hudson Speaking Daily
In Missouri Campaign.
General J. K. Hudson la taking a
prominent part in the Republican cam
paign of central Mlssourl.speaking every
day. Today he is meeting Congressman
Shackleford In joint debate at Ver
cailles. The congreeman challenged the
general who promptly accepted. He
wrote a Topeka friend saying: "I will
eat him up." This meeting, it is said,
will be one of the biggest of the cam
paign. The Versailles Statesman in a
recent issue says: "General J. K. Hud
son of Versailles made the best Republi
can speech at Barnett last Saturday
night that was ever made there. Zn fact
it was the ablest speech of any kind
that was ever made at Barnett. There
was a big crowd present and they treat
ed the speaker with the greatest of
courtesy. This was the general's first
trip to that part of the county and on
his return to the city he spoke m the
highest terms of the Barnett neighbor
hood and its people. The general, who
is one of the best speakers in the coun
try was accompanied by Dr. J. D. Hub
bard and J. W. Mills."
Programme Being: Prepared For lit
ers aso of Navy.
New Tork, Oct. 27. A vaster program
for increase of the navy than has ever
before been contemplated on this side
of the Atlantic is now under considera
tion by the board of construction, says
a Washington dispatch to the Tribune,
and, if approved by the president, as It
is expected to be, it is to be urged upon
congress at the coming session. The pro
ject involves the construction of not
less than forty warships, including var
ious special types not hitherto built for
naval purposes. The board of rear ad
mirals, which has taken up the subject
under especial directions from Secre
tary Long is availing itself of the high
est expert opinions in the service in or-
j der that its report will not be open to
I unfavorable criticism among naval offi
cers, it being the expressed intention of
the navy department to discourage any
opposition to a line of policy when once
The program will include no less than
six ships of the heaviest armor and
j most destructive ordnance, with the
i highest practical and the greatest at
I totnabte radius of action upon a dis
j placement of about 15. CM) ton8 combin
ing the most desirable features of line
i of battleships and cruisers.
Marshall's Band, Attention.
Meet at band room at 7:15 prompt, to
night, for parade. Wear fatigue coat
and new cap. By order,
P. D. RUSSELL, Pres.
To Cure IaGripp Colds or Neuriria
Take Bromoline: it will cure a cold in
-ne day. All tlrugg st- are nuth r z d o
n fund morev if it fails to cure. Price 25
cents per package.
For sale by all druggists, a "Growler"
for 5 cents. Hand-made cigar.
When VOU Cannot rteen fne pMiohlno- t
Is hardly necessary that any one should ;
ten yi'U that you neoii a few d sea of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedv to al ay the
irritation of the throat, and make rleeo
possible. It is good. Try It. For sale by
all druggists.
Try the new cigar "Growler."
Brief Review of Important Local and
General Happenings.
Ex-Secretary of State John Sherman
died at his Washington home, and re
mains were taken to Mansfield, O-.where
interment was made Thursday.
A tornado in Texas kills six persons
and damages ungathered cotton crop.
John Wanamaker begins brief tour of
Pennsylvania in the interest of the anti
Quay legislative candidates.
Lieut. Hobson is quoted as saying
that Admiral Sampson is dying of a
broken heart owing to the Sampson
Schley controversy which followed the
Santiago naval engagement.
Commencing next week volunteers in
Manila are to be sent home at the rate
of 5,000 monthly.
The First National bank of New Tork
city discovers a defalcation of $700,000
by an employe of 20 years' standing.
Jennie Bosschieter found dead on out
skirts of Paterson, N. J., and five men
are in custody charged with the crime.
Charles Dudley Warner dies suddenly
from heart disease at his home in Hart
ford, Conn.
As a protest against the appointment
of Gen. Weyler as captain general of
Madrid, Premier Silvela and entire
Spanish cabinet resign.
President and Mrs. McKinley return
to Canton to remain till after election.
Negotiations for settlement fore
shadowed in proposals submitted by Li
Hung Chang and Prince Ching. China
acknowledges fault and is willing to pay
indemnity, as well as to guarantee safe
ty to foreigners in future. Mr. Conger
is given full authority to conduct negoti
ations for United States.
A magazine explodes at the govern
ment proving grounds at Indian Head,
destroying 25 tons of powder.
The Mine Workers' strike has been
declared off against all companies which
have complied with the strikers' de
mands and the miners will return to
work Monday.
Cresceus' average record of 2:06 In
17 heats this season marks him as the
great trotting stallion of the nineteenth
The American Missionary Association
holds its 54th annual meeting at Spring
field. Mass.
Governor Roosevelt completes an en
thusiastic canvass in New Tork state,
culminating in an immense meeting in
New Tork city last night.
Vanderbilt interests secure control of
Southern Pacific railroad system, as well
as Pacific Mail Steamship line. This
gives, one management control of trans
portation facilities from the Atlantic to
the Pacific and the Orient.
Bryan enters the home of the trusts
and speaks before New Jersey audi
ences. Chicago Republicans organize a mon
ster sound money celebration and expect
100,000 men to take part in the parade
Sims Reeves, the English singer,
dies at his home in Sussex.
Treasurer Cornelius N. Bliss of the
national Republican campaign commit
tee, admits that by means of forged
checks, H. M. Cook and others have suc
ceeded in gettisig away with $100,000.
American ex-consul of Singapore
makes statement that America entered
into a compact with Aguinaldo prior to
Battle of Manila Bay, in which he was
led to believe that United States would
co-operate with Filipinos in organizing
a government of their own.
Degeneracy is the defense of Rosslyn
Ferrell for the murder of Express Mes
senger Lane, testimony being submitted
that his grandmother married her uncle,
and his father and mother axe first
The question of the United States buy
ing the Danish West Indies is again ag
itated. The Boers force British garrison at
Jatobsdal to surrender after a hard
fight in which British lose 24 out o 62
Americans attack a superior number
of Filipinos in Luzon and after a desper
ate fight are forced to retreat, with a
loss of five killed, nine wounded, and
four missing.
Census returns show New Tork, with
3,500.000 population, Philadelphia with
1. 300,000, and Chicago with 1,700,000 head
the list of cities in the United States.
High Chinese officials, whose punteh
ment has been demanded by the power3,
and against whom edicts have been is
sued, have committed suicide to escape
Senator William V. Sullivan of Mis
sissippi, is sued for $50,000 damages for
breach of promise of marriage.
Dr. J. C. McClintock is robbed of
money and diamonds of a total value of
$450 by a burglar who entered his resi
dence. Superintendent Uhls of the Osawat
omie insane asylum makes his annual
report showing that there are 1,027
patients in the institution.
Appellate court decides Semple habeas
corpus case by ordering R. H. Semple's
release and declaring the Topeka liquor
search and seizure ordinance invalid.
Santa Fe railroad provides for erection
of 500 additional hopper coal cars.
It is announced that John Martin still
owes the state $1,700 on account of his
term as clerk of the supreme court. The
amount was paid to him as fees.
Marshall's band gives the first public
concert In their new uniforms In the
Topeka Auditorium. The concert is
heard by 3.000 people.
W. D. Vincent, Populist nominee for
congress in Fifth district, challenges his
opponent, W. A. Calderhead, to a joint
Topeka retail clerks march before
stores that refuse to close at 6:30 p. m.
Chairman James E. Larimer of the
Republican county committee accuses
Assistant Postmaster A. K: Rodgers of
tampering with the United States mails.
Mr. Rodgers denies the charges.
District Judge Hazen reproaches Chief
of Police Stahl for not supporting him
for re-election.
Resident of "the strip" enjoin the
collection of city taxes on the ground
that they are not a part of the city.
Plans made to organize a local freight
agents' association in Topeka.
H. S. Lawrence, a Topeka man, ap
pears with Frank Daniels in the Ameer
and is given a tremendous ovation.
Coffee injures growing
children, even when it is
weakened. Grain-O gives
them brighter eyes, firmer
flesh, quicker intelligence
and happier dispositions.
They can drink all they
want of Grain-O the
more the better and it
tastes like coffee.
Ail grucen ; 15c ml tSOm
Only One Pile Cure Which Can Be
Considered Such.
The Pyramid Pile Cure is strictly sci
entific both in its composition and in its
therapeutic action, and the best fea
ture is that it Is perfectly harmless. No
ill effects ever result from its use.
The cure is accomplished painlessly
by the astringent properties and healing
oils contained in it, which cause the lit
tle tumors and congested blood vessels
to contract and the obstruction to the
circulation to be removed.
The Pyramid Pile Cure is In suppos
itory form and far superior to any salve
or ointment for convenience.
It is applied at night and absorbed
into the sensitive rectal membrane, act
ing both as & local and a constitutional
One 50 cent box of the Pyramid has
often been effectual, even in cases of
many years' standing.
Relief from pain and itching is so im
mediate that patients sometimes imag
ine that the remedy must contain some
form of cocaine or opium, but a careful
analysis shows it to contain no cocaine,
anaesthetic or injurious drug of any
kind. It is guaranteed free from any
deleterious substance.
The ligature treatment, the knife, or
the still more cruel treatment by dilata
tion, besides causing intense pain and
sometimes collapse and death, are now
known to have little value aa fax as a
permanent cure is concerned.
Thousands of pile sufferers bear wit
ness to the value of the Pyramid Pile
Cure and even in cases where a danger
ous surgical operation has failed to cure
surprising results have been obtained
from this remedy after a week's use.
A complete treatment of the Pyramid
Pile Cure is sold by druggists every
where at 50 cents.
The Pyramid Drug Co., of Marshall,
Mich., will mail to any address a little
book on cause .nd cure of piles, and a
list of cured? patients from, all parts of
the United States.
The test of the steam fixtures in the
city building has proved satisfactory.
The total registration is 10,187, one be
ing added today by the board of election
Dean Sykes and Canon Bywater re
turned this morning from the council
at Louisville, Ky.
The street commissioner's force is re
placing the cedar block paving on the
Sixth street viaduct.
The registration books- closed last
night with a total registration of 10.186,
the largest in the history of the city.
There are eight applications for the
use of the Auditorium which will be
considered at the next council meeting.
Opie Read stopped in Topeka a short
while today between trains. He was en
route to Osage City, where he speaks to
night. There are three cases of genuine
chickenpox in the city. These cases are
not Cuban chickenpox, but are the ral
old fashioned kind.
Among the odd "wants" coming to
Mrs. Thorpe's office, was the call "for
some unemployed preacher to hold a
service west of town."
The sanitary department continues to
disenfectants as does the police depart
ment. They are taking no chances on
the recurrence of the smallpox epidemic.
The colored M. E. church has been
granted the use of the Auditorium for
Sunday, October 28. At that time the
annual conference of the church will be
A load of hay was turned over in
front of the police station yesterday as
a farmer attempted to drive on the
scales. The sight of so many policemen
frightened the horses.
Bishop Millspaugh will be present at
the anniversary services at St. Simon's
church on Sunday morning and will cel
ebrate the Holy Communion at 11 a. m.
with Canon Bywater as gospeler and
German Methodist Episcopal church,
corner Fifth and Tyler streets, Rev. G.
J. Jaiser. pastor; residence 514 West
Fifth street Sunday school at 10 a. m.
Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m., by
the pastor.
Sell Field was arrested last night
charged with selling liquor. His place
is at 806 North Kansas avenue and when
the police went in they found a keg of
beer and a bottle of whisky. He gave
bond for his appearance on Nov. 5, whiri
his case will be heard.
Ton Tensen, that is as close to his
name as the police could get, was ar
rested for ,agrancy this morning. He
was discharged because he could not
talk English well enough to tell whether
he was guilty or not.
The city council will meet Tuesday
nisfht at which time the city building
will be accepted and the report of the
water committee will be made. The
council will also consider the applica
tions for the use of the Auditorium.
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Dreyer were
very pleasantly surprised by their deaf
friends at the home of Mr. Dreyer's
parents on Harrison street. Mr. and
Mrs. Dreyer were married October 17 at
Newton, Kan., and the affair was really
a kitchen shower, each guest bringing
some useful cooking utensil. Those pres
ent were Mr. and Mrs. Dreyer, Mr. and
Mrs. Oscar Rader, Misses Martindale,
Hargreaves, Hatch and Brummitt, and
Messrs. Becker, Gibson and Burson.
Miss Pearl Sheldon Hull was married
to Mr. Guy W. Ludington Thursday
evening in the presence of about forty
friends and relatives. The marriage
ceremony took place at the home of the
bride's parents on Fillmore street. The
house was artistically decorated with
palms, ferns and autumn foliage. Miss
Laura Taylor sang "Oh Promise Me,"
while the Mendelsshon wedding march
was played by Miss Taylor and Mis3
Nellie Harrison. Promptly at 8 o'clock
the bridal party entered and took their
places under the arch between the two
parlors and Rev. Mr. Seaman performed
the ring ceremony. They are at home to
their friends at 616 Polk street.
A Story of Two Well Known
The Cosmopolitan for November has
an intensely interesting story entitled
"Successful Personalities Sketched From
Real Life," written by John Holms. The
author says: "I propose to write the
story of two boys brothers." Then fol
lows a graphic picture of the early strug
gles and the later achievements in life
of two well known Kansans.
The article gives neither names nor
locations, yet it is plainly a true story of
two highly esteemed Topekans, who
have won for themselves literally hosts
of friends, as well as fame and good
fortune. They are Charles S. Gleed and
James Willis Gleed. Mr. Holms, but one
of a host of admirers, has told a good
story well.
County Central Committee Adjourns
Without Action.
The Republican county central com
mittee held an executive meeting this af
ternoon, but adjourned without bringing
up or tmking action towards removing
Chairman J. E. Larimer on account of
his utterances concerning A, K, Rodgers.
A 20th Century Jubilee.
Prices: 75c, 50c, 35c, 25c
Wood & Wards Jolly Jingling Farce
An Indian Ragtime Operatie Com
edy in three acta. A Refined
Comedy. Prices: 15c, 25c, 35c, 60c.
That funny fellow, John M. Welch,
In the Comedy Cyclone
Bigger, brighter, better than ever.
New Songs, New Dances, New
Friday Evening:, Wo v. 2.
Romantic Irish Drama
Startling and realistic features.
A carload of special scenery.
See the Leap from the Tower. See
the Flight of the Eagle. See the Re
volving Tower.
Prices: 25c, 35c, EOc, 75c
"3 tns E3
A bottle of SHOE
POLISH with every
pair of Half Soles
Shop Men Present Mark of Esteem to
Theirng Retiri General Foreman.
As a testimonial to their retiring gen
eral foreman, the employes of the Santa
Fe shops gathered at the northwestern
corner of the machine shop just before
noon today, and presented Frank J.
Gunther with a handsome gold watch.
Mr. Gunther accepted the token of es
teem with a few appropriate remarks
of thanks and good wishes.
F. P. Hickey, the new general fore
man, is here, and for several days past
has been familiarizing himself with his
future duties.
Official notice has been bulletined that
Mr. Hickey will succeed Mr. Gunther
and assume charge on November 1, with
the usual instructions that employes
should be governed accordingly.
A Private Bureau Undertaking; It For
Residence Portion of City. ,
An effort is being made for a private
watchman service to be established for
the residence portion of the city. The
matter is in the hands of the Inter-state
Secret Service bureau, an enterprise of
which M. W. Gilmore is manager and
Roy D. Marsh is secretary. The plan
has been endorsed by Mayor Drew,
Chief Stahl and Fire Marshall Wil
marth. It is proposed to divide the res
idence parts of the city into districts
of twenty to twenty-four blocks; put on
two men in each district, with full po
lice power, frequent rounds from 6 p. m.
till daylight, and reports at a headquart
ers four times during the night. The
service will be paid for by private sub
scription. Full Information can be ob
tained at the bureau's headquarters, 529
Kansas avenue. The first district now
being arranged for is from Tenth ave
nue to Huntoon and Jackson to West
ern avenue, with the Topeka avenue
portion Tunning down to Fourteenth
street. The authorities say the number
of policemen is limited by law to a num
ber too small to properly police the city.
Dowager Empress III.
Toen Tsin, Friday, Oct. 26. Informa
tion has been received from Japanese
sources that the empress dowager is ser
iously ill at Tai Chuen Fu and that the
most prominent physicians in the em
pire have been called to attend her.
This is the season when mothers are
alarmed on account of croup. It is quick
ly cured by One Minute Cough Cure,
which children like to take. At all drug
Marshall's Band, Attention.
Meet at band room at 7:15 prompt, to
night, for parade. Wear fatigue coat
and new cap. By order,
P. D. RUSSELL, Pres.
The best method of cleansing the liver In
the use of the famous little pills known as
DeWitt's Little Early Risers. Easy to
take. Never gripe. At all drug stores.
Mrs. S. Murrett, East Eighth St., says:
I have suffered for years with terrible
headaches. At times they were unen
durable. I tried various remedies with
out relief. The glasses you fitted for me
have given perfect relief. I cheerfully
recommend your work to others.
fiffire 12 West Street Ton-La Kans
utnee uoa west street, i opeka, Kans.
JO! ill
S. u. Rohring
if v 3
a I TEL. w
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Gents' and
Watches, in
Gold and
Cases, as
good as new.
GENTS' WATCHES Partial List.
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B. W. Raymond Elgin, filled case 1 8.50
Santa Fe Route Watch, best filled case 2 1.00
Fine, non-magnetic, adjusted Waltham, filled case 10.50
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Solid gold case, Springfield movement ,....'..T. 12. 50
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Real Estate, Insurance, Rents,
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A number of properties especially desirable for shop men,
f 7Jk
110 of Its Stenographers Holding Positions in Topeka.
A large hlsh grade Institution. Demnt' famous rvitrm. "Tonrh Method" of
typewriting. Inotructlona xtrlctly Indlvulual. The only prhonl In Ihf wit v!n
a practical department furntahed with new typewriter unJ ail modorri applUn. .
where advanced pupils do work fr the public and rfcive ihpir entire enr-iln.
Every graduate groea out an experienced a tenogrraplier and Kutrntd a p .sitl n
or money refunded. Lay and night seaalona. I'upila can enter at any time, call
or write for circulars.
628 and 630 Kansas Ave.
Established 1S87. Tele. 89S.
It you wish to get a nice, neat-fitting: Suit made without
spending a whole month's salary, call and inspect my line.
Republican Oversight.
St. Louis, Oct. 27. A BrxIal to the
PoBt-Dispateh from Frankfort, Ky.,
says: The Republicans failed to certify
,nelr congressional nominee. Mr. Wil-
j UtunBt ln the EiKhth district, to th
A "
Every watch
has been put
in first-class
and is
12 OO
Jeweler and
. -"
county clerk of Mercer county to be
placed on the official ballot arid he will
not be voted for In this county.
"Growler" hand-made cigar & cants,
Try oua.
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