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Friday, November 23rd, Begins the Third Week of the Greatest Sale We Have Ever Had THE DEPARTT1ENT MANAGERS' SALE
See Opposite Page for Full Particulars and Otlier Items.
The purchase of several numbers in Ladies' and Misses' Coats way below value from a wholesale firm who are selling out their stock to close a partnership and the arrival
today of a sample line of Ladies' Coats, Suits, Capes and Skirts from a manufacturer who favors us with his House Sample Lino Now instead of In December,
enables me to place on sale tomorrow a sample line of
ladies' Suits, Ladies' and Misses' Coats and Jackets, Ladies' Capes, Ladies' Skirts at Dalf the Regular Retail Price.
ress Skirts
"I have too many Colored Dress Skirt3, and while
the firm may not want me to sell them at half price, I
want to give you a better bargain than ever before."
The 16.00 ones go at $3.00
The 17.50 ones go at $3.75
The $12.50 ones go at $0.25 '
Notice these Special Numbers.
Ladies' Kersey Jacket, double-breasted, tight-fitting, high storm fur
collar of JNutna IJeaver, wide lapels stitched with narrow rows of OG
stitching, full romanie lined, colors are tan and castor.. uUiuJ
Just received, full line of those special values in Box and
Tight-fitting Jackets for Ladies and Misses Price
Beaver Cluster, Marten Cluster $10.00
Beaver Princess, Marten Princess
$15.00 $20.00 $22.50 $25.00
Mink Princess $25.00 $35.00
Also a line of Imitation Stone Marten and Ele. Seal Scarfs,
Muffs to match $2.95 $3.50 $5.00 $7.50
For the remaining days of this Department Managers' Sale, you will
find all our Fine Silk or Wool Wrappers at greatly reduced prices.
$15.00 $20.00
Silk Waists at Half Price.
We have about 20 Taffeta Silk Waists left of Curtain
lines that were 5.00 at first of the season, but for some
reason or another have not sold. Will bo marked
Tomorrow1 $2.50
Children's Cloaks at Half Price.
These are mostly Gretchens suitable for Children 2,
4 or 6 years sizes all the Staple Colors among these at
half price.
Corsets, Petticoats and
Muslin Underwear.
Corsets, 48 Cents.
"I have received for this sale a straight front French
gore Corset color white with Dresden figures, a corset
that you would expect to pay a dollar for, and I Qp
it's marked
A small lot of J. B. and P. D. Corsets, that we have
only a broken line of sizes, priced like this:
The 3.50 ones at $2.00
. .
The 2.00 ones at $100
A special value
IN j
"The response to my first advertisement, two weeks ago, was so prompt
and hearty that it has encouraged me to go still further into my lines of
Curtains and Draperies and single out other styles and numbers and mark
them at special prices for the closing days of" this Department Managers'
Sale. Prices alone will accomplish my purpose here they are : "
I still have some of the following items to sell:
95 cents
A good mercerized material, solid blacks, and some
black with colored cordings green, purple and
red have been $1.50, for
Silk Petticoats, $5.00 Each.
Taffeta Silk Petticoats eleven different shades
these have an accordeon pleated flounce and dust ruffle,
and is a bargain
Figured Silkalines the 10c quality,
yard 70
Riverside denims, figured both sides
the 15c quality yard I Gs
Figured Satines 20c quality
yard 160
Curtain Scrims yard . ..3 4 and 5c
Washable Art Tickings ) Still at
Hungarian Cloth V Managers
Figured Cretonnes ) sale prices
The greatest bargain yet in Couch
Covers 3-yds long and 50 inches
wide Figured all around
each $ 1 .48
Nottingham Curtains.
See how cheap these are.
My 11.25 quality for pair 98o
" 1.75 $1,45
2.25 " " u 1.78
" 3.00 " " " . 2.69
.Irish Point Curtains.
My $3.50 quality for
4.50 "
Brussels Curtains.
My $4.00 quality Brussels $3.69
Rope Portierres.
Single door size.. $2.75 instead $3.75
Double ' " .. 3.50 " 4.50
5.00 " 6.25
6.50 " 8.50
I want you to see, when in my de
partment, the new lines of Fire and
Folding Screens.
See my Made-Up-Pillows, 1 9c, 25c,
50c, 75c and up to $6.50 Each.
Pillow Tops of Oriental Tapestry,
Silk and Velour Materials.
There are some special bargains in
Pillow Tops at I5c, 20c, 25c and 37c
And finer ones you should see up
to.... $1.75
Silk and Cotton Cords to match pil
low materials.
Half Price on the following items in
A number of styles in Walking Hats and Felt Sailor
Hats. Also all of my Dress Shapes in Felts,
At Exactly Half Price.
Two styles of Feather Pompons, in Black only.
At Exactly Half Price.
One style of large, handsome Black or White Wings,
At Exactly Half Price.
One entire counter of Babies' Bonnets will be ready
for your selections,
At Exactly Half Price.
I will also make a sharp reduction in some Pattern
Hats for these closing day3 of the Department Man
agers' Sale.
Wide Colored Applique, Colored Passame:itrl?s,
Jet Ornaments, Silk Ornaments, Jackets and Yokes.
I have marked just half price. You must see them
to appreciate how cheap this makes them.
The last oT Mrs. T. B. Dixry-s at
fcomes tos hed Wednpsrlay afternoon.
She was assisted by Mrs. John Greprt,
Airs. Alice Clu.eston and Mrs. F. C. Gay.
A large number of her friends called
during the afternoon. She leaves Sun
day with Mrs. T. if. P. Dixcy far New
A Pleasant Affair.
Society has come to such a standstill
tht of late each -week is marked by a
eing-le social event of any importance.
Last week it was the Sweet reception
and this week it Was the reception given
"Wednesday afternoon by Mrs. Oeorge o.
"Wilmarth, Mrs. John Sarscent, Mrs.
Emma Evarts and Mrs. Edwin C. Fox
at the home of Mrs. Wiimarth on West
Eighth avenue.
The adtair was a delightful one and
the air of hospitality and cheer which
prevailed trtade the gruests feel at home
at nce. The decorations were simpl
but exquisitely pretty. The library is
& charming little apartment furnished
in red, and the color scheme was further
carried out with the quantities of bitter
sweet festooning the curtains and pic
tures, and the bookcases surmounted
with luxuriant ferns. Fruit punch was
served In the library during the after
noon by Mlf9 Lucy Knowles and Miss
Florence VanTassel. On one of the walla
was a boxer's suit which attracted much
Green and white prevailed in the din
ing room; the entire surface of the
square table in the center of the room
was covered with an exquisite Batten
burg cloth, over gTeen siik and with a
smaller piece of Battonburg in the cen
ter. On this was a high cutglass vase
filled with large fluffy white chrysan
themums aent from Indianapolis by Mis.
Branstrup. The buffet and china cab
inets were topped with foliage and beau
tiful ferns. Salads, sandwiches, pickles,
olives, coffee and bonbons were served.
The receiving party stood in the par
lor and it, aa well as the sitting room
was simply decorated with cut flowers
and foliaee. Miss Manie Mouldy met
the guests at the door and showed them
to the pretty little dressing rooms up
stairs. Assisting with the hostesses was Mrs.
J. L. Penney of Hutchinson; she wore a
handsome black silk grenadine with a
front of irridescent passementerie and
finished with ruffles of tulle. Mrs. Wil
marth was In black satin with garniture
of white silk applique. Mrs. Sargent
wore a black satin costume with a front
of heliotrope silk, and trimmings of jet;
at the throat was & chou of point lace.
With a black pkirt Mrs. Evarts wore a
pretty violet silk waist with a front of
violet velvet: she wore a bunch of vio
lets at her left shoulder and in her hair.
Mrs. Fox wore a pretty evening waist
of pale yellow silk: below the yoke was
a fall cream lace headed with a fold of
yellow velvet which ended in a pretty
bow at the left shoulder.
The assisting cies were: Mrs. X. M.
Fisk. Mrs. C. J. Drew. Mrs. A. t. Wil
liams, Airs. John Sargent, Mrs. William
Wadsworth, Mrs-John Ripley, Mrs, Wal
ter Bates, Mrs. Worden, Mrs. F. Ll Ev
arts, Mrs. John Dudley, Mrs. Walter
Barrett, Mrs. T. E. Bowman, Mrs. W. A.
Coates and Miss Etta Fox.
Card Club Meets.
Miss Edna Crane entertained her card
club very pleasantly Wednesday after
noon at her home on Harrison street.
The prize, a pretty picture, was won by
Mrs. Harry Williams; she cut with Miss
Edna McClintock.
Guests of the club were Miss Edna
Darrah of Leavenworth. Miss Zella Rob
inson of Columbus. O., Miss Lenna
Short, Miss Grace Weiss and Miss Ger
trude Devereux of Lawrence. The next
meeting will be In two weeks at the
home of Miss Helen. Wilson.
The marriage of Miss Minnie Carr,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Carr,
and Mr. Bert Hickerson took place Wed
nesday afternoon at 3:30. The ceremony
was performed by the Rev. A. S. Em
bi ee, and they were attended by Mr. and
Mrs. Will Rarnsberger.
The bride wore a pretty and becom
ing tailor made costume of mode cloth,
and turban to match; she carried a sin
gle bride rose.
At 6:30 Mr. and Mrs. Carr gave a four
course dinner" for Mr. and Mrs. Hicker
son which was attended by the rela
tives and a few of the moat Intimate
friends. The guests were Mrs. A. G.
Hickerson. Mr. and Mrs. B. F. McGiffin,
Mr. and Mrs.. Jess Wright, Mr. and
Mrs. C. H. Steele, Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam Rarnsberger, Miss Pearl Carr, Miss
Mabel McGiffin, Mr. H. S. Steele. Mr.
Fred McGiffin and Mr. Lem C. White.
The table decorations consisted of roses
and chrysanthemums.
Mr. and Mrs. Hickerson' will be at
home to their friends after December 10,
at 513 Polk street. Both young people
are well known In Topeka and have the
good wishes of their many friends.
A Pleasant Musicale.
Miss Mary Sweet and Mr. Paul Sweet
gave a recital Wednesday evening in
Miss Tracy's studio. They were assisted
by the Ladies' Music club quartette. The
following programme was enjoyed by a
large number of their frienda:
Eonate Allegro. Andante Weber
Mr. Paul B. Sweet.
"The Cottage" Schnecker
Mesdames Thomas, Foster, Linga
felt. Ferry.
"Song Without Wards" Mendelssohn
Miss Mary Bailey Sweet.
"Valse, Op. 42 Chopin
Mr. Paul B. Sweet.
"Heart Throbs" Bendel
"She Was But Seven" . Hawley
Mesdames Thomas, Foster, Linga
felt. Ferry.
"La Pecadora" Costa
Miss Mary Bailey Sweet.
Nocturne, Op. 27, No. 1 Chopin
Mr. Paul B. Sweet.
"Good Night" Goldberg
Mesdames Thomas, Foster, Linga
felt, Ferry.
Tarantella Raff
Mr. Sweet, Misa Sweet.
Notes and Personal Menotio.
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Gossett left today
for a ten days trip to Terre Haute, Ind.
Mr. and Mra Willis Squire of Spring
field, Mo., spent Sunday in Topeka,
guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Myers.
Mrs. C. G. Hague has returned from a
two weeks' visit with relatives in Fair
field, la.
The Spalding Reading circle will
meet this evening at the home of Mrs.
H. Hedderman at 710 Polk street.
The Douze whiat club will meet Sat
urday afternoon with Miss Josephine
Shellabarger instead of with Mrs. Wal
ter Cust, as was intended.
Mr. Fred Gibson entertained a number
of his friends at his home on West Tenth
avenue Tuesday evening in honor of Mr.
and Mrs. Alexander Dryer. The evering
was pleasantly spent in playing various
games and refreshments were served.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Short and
daughter Lenna, who have returned to
Topeka from Chillicothe, 111., have taken
rooms ffr the winter at the C Opel and
hotel. Miss Short has entered the grad
uating eiass at Bethany college.
Miss Susan Nichols came over from
Salina Wednesday for a. week's visit
with her aister, Mrs. John Green, at the
There will be a business meeting of
the Helianthus club Friday evening at
7:30 in room 12 of the Columbian, build
ing. Mra. J. C. Gibson, of Albuquerque, N.
M., is in the city visiting her mother,
Mrs. C. E. Pitts.
Mra W. A. Price, Walter McAnder
son, W. A. Campbell and John Weaver
of Brazil, Ind., spent Tuesday after
noon in Topeka with the family of the
Rev. J. M. Crooks. They left Wednes
day morning for a trip to Oklahoma.
There will be a meeting of the Daugh
ters of the American- Revolution Friday
afternoon, November 23, at the home of
Mrs. Barkley, at 618 Harrison street. A
full attendance is desired.
Hon. H. B. Miller of Osage City spent
Wednesday in Topeka-
Mrs. M. Myers went to Osage City to
day to visit her nephew.
W. T. Morgan Is In Kansas City.
Harry McDonald Is in Kansas City.
Thanksgiving Iay is Just one week off.
H. M. Hadley is ill at his home, C34
Clay etreet.
The first mow didn't last long enough
to uit the gunners.
There will be two matinees Saturday
and a football game.
It is about time for the first of the
high school class parties.
Candidates are already training for tha
county primaries in the spring.
The third annual song recital was given
at Washburn college last night.
Anti-prohibitlonlst are already looking
for holes in the new city liquor law.
W. A. Seller is slowly recovering from
a four month's siege of typhoid fever.
The English Lutheran church gave a
very succesful nupper and fair last night.
The Republican Flambeau club met last
night and talked of the trip to Washing
ton. The rummage sale stilt continues to hold
out at the corner of Eighth and Kansas
Street car conductors have again be
gun to call the streets a the car pasaeu
them at night.
The Washburn econd football eleven
goes to Ottawa Saturday to play the Ot
tawa second eleven.
Housemovcrs had no great difficulty In
drawing a small barn through the Audi
toriumunder the archway, of courne.
Those who don't know exactly where
they are going to take their Thanksgiv
ing dinners are ready to receive "bids."
The city council will have a sperinl
meeting tomorrow niht to consider bids
for improvements at the city electric light
Kansas millers want the mllling-in-tr:in-sit
rate restored and are contemplH tins?
suit against the Santa K to get It al
lowed again.
John Legan, who waji tried In the dis
trict court for stabbing Caspar Jacobs,
wan found guilty of aaaault and battery
by the jury.
The football game Saturday between
Washburn and the Emporia (State Normal
team will undoubtedly be a hard fought
game, and exciting.
Chief Wilmarth is looking for horses for
the fire dopartment. He need some horses
very budly. but has been unable to tind
any suitable for the service.
Pince the Btate Normal team from Em
poria has shut out the K. 1'. team IS to
0. the wie ones claim that Washburn will
have to play bail Saturday to win the
The Topeka high school football team
will play a game with an eleven compo.'l
of aiumnl on Thanksgiving to take the
place of the fourth game called for by the
season tickets. "
Santa. Ke office young men are obtain
ing passes and making other arrange
ment necessary to permit them to witness
the interstate football game at Kansas
City next Thursday.
Clerks !n the cashier's department of the
Eanta Fe offices are much exercised ovr
one of their number having appeared with
a new hat when they knew he voted for
the losing candidates.
The aspirants for the flag offered for
the largest Increase In the Republican
vote this year are now quarrelling over
the interpretation of the conditions made
by the donor. T. W. Harrison.
Kansas City Times: F. L. Vsndegrlft.
Topeka correspondent for the Star, has
purchased from ft. R. Stlnson and wife
a frj-foot lot on Garden avenue, near Wal
rond. for a ca.sh consideration of ti.TM.
Deputy Judge Advocate General J. W.
A Skin of BeButv l a Je rwvr,
DK. T. FFIJX Uit B' tiUII'Ml.
Ktmri IbA, Plcit,. I i '-
wist v! ty V
rUoti." reft mnW h) nil L
fthD- T. HOPKINS, Prop r, a 7 6rt it . M. V,
t'm iff ftlMl ti''Tt-
); iniMtMlC t
o h nr h I
r f '- A" -t
1. A, k rm mmA tw
of -
to 1 1 Am
no tf1 Ml t
t.ij fl 1 r' i'
ai t tr fMt Iturtu
f ul 'if it- U it, jr -
rioui, TT. B, A., wn In T'jMk hort
ttrrm yi-tr'Ja y. Hf In TnM stafM at
torney in the ("aiitnln Cart r hl-un "r -pug
proteeotnttK, wtich torn b"rr U
court In LrfJivt'ii worth tomuiro.
In ordr to t do to Am t ri-n 1. Frunk
Crlmcw. unU ttlso n nncnt to hi li-w i
quartrg in th- offW nf th 5tni !r-,i-iirer,
J, II. Hyton ht" r ntl Ui hvi-i
now oocupl-f1 by T. H. lMx y, t
corner ti Tenth avenue and J k'ti
Mtmbfri of th Toj.ek Wb't r!ub nr
tryinic to arrsne h. h.)-! tf fciuKlnv
v"tiinir TH.m-s iu Mi! ,n to th- r xiii.tr
tfturns mem. A t'uirr.'i mTit nrn y h n r
rnr.Kd of HtaHonarv efmr ty f -: -
Fin?. to lv it different Plyle ut pi.'O
th;m that in Vugue a trial.
Thin Iff rontr1butl by a "Knftfkff ;" It
I wuftunlvd t hat iiri' t hw riiy fmn Si
haw pu-hti to ir.dum riuuwl y tii Imvihk 'f
brirk i1-waik' In the wtwt pari t.X . n t
that ome n-ry - tuw (li- ptn yp.1 fu
puUlnic In street troMlngi connei Hut th
Wfi ! k .
lh tifwbor mt at t J . fr t . ri
ft rt l. K. rnij(ori lxt ni:ht in hi
t hHr v "it-en tefti i Uy rimk Welt: ttt m i
to drierniin wtio Rbull nivf a pt.' u
the 1out! e f uart- i e. which t a In if ! o
the Aulltorium TlmnsU r1 vtn rta v. Th
hoj-R choHfn m-f-r-: N r r.. Kmr I m
France. Harr1-m Will lama, vr l)ijjm K.r
fjwin ; r d K ney H u. W h i t e bo y
John anU Frt'd YotUi, Lir kfyuuiu
an4 li-i'

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