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f (73
Besult of a Prompt Reply. Two
Letters from Mrs. Watson, Pub
lished by Special Permission.
For Women's Eyes Only.
March 15, 1899.
To WHS. FINK HAH, Ltvtt, Mass. :
" Dkak Madam : I am suffering from inflammation of tlia
ovaries and -womb, and hare been, for eighteen months. I hav a
continual pain and soreness in ray back and side. I am only free
from pain when lyin? do-srn, or sitting in an easy chair. When
I stand I suffer -with severe pain in my side and back. I 'be
lieve my troubles -were caused by over -work and lifting some years
Lif a is s dr to me, and I sometimes feel like giving up ever
being a well woman j have become careless and unconcerned about
everything. I am in bed now. I have had several doctors, bat they
did me but little good.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has been recommended
to me by a friend, and I Lave mads op my mind to give it a
fair trial.
"I write this letter with the hope of hearing from yoa in regard
to my case." itas. S. J. "Waisoit, Hampton, Ya.
j ' ' : y
H u I
November 2T, 1899.
Teas Mrs. PrsrxBXM: I feel it my duty to acknowledge to
you the benefit that your advice and Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound have done for me.
" I had been suffering with female troubles for some time, could
walk but a short distance, had terrible bearing down pains in lower
part of my bowels, backache, and pain in ovary. I used your medicine
for four months and was so much better that I could walk three time
the distance that I could before.
I am to-day in better health than I have been for more thai
two years, and I know it is all due to Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
" I recommend your advice and medicine to all women who suffer."
Mas. S. J. "Watson, Hampton, Ya.
This is positive proof that Sirs. PLnkham is more competent to
advise sick women than any other person. Write her. It costs yoa
STAUD.-Wi bre dep. mi with the National City Bask of Lynn, $5300,
oica fee Mid to ut c.raoa who eo lad that t li. boT t.timonii tatters
axe not fanolne, or vor ygbJiahaq
A Skin of Beauty Is a Joy Forever.
KiroT ia. rinif'i. t rr r na,
t 5 t f?'!-rVr Uisaa, ana eviry fct.enitst: o
:-::-tioH. It BP
B .3. Lil w b i'lre It la pror
ttxliar came. Dr.
L. A. t-yre ta
a :aiy j? tbe iiatst-
f ,a U-i?1 w:il am
fai of ail okla pre
raaona." for o ati Ururzlsta and tacc? Goodl
I-i.-ni tn fh I'n'te-i Mte. a and Kurjje.
FRi T. HOPKiNS. Pro r. 37 fireatleneSt. M. Y.
England Reaches Out For 3Iore
Mediterranean Territory.
Near Tork, Dec. &. A dispatch to the
Journal and Advertiser says:
England is negotiating for the cession
of the .Balearic islands, the seaport cf
Ceuta, a port in Oalicia and extension of
territory at Gibraltar.
The arrangement is said to be in con
nction with the observance of neu
trality by Britain during the Hispano
American war. Ever since the conclus
ion cf peace, it has been suspected that
Britain has been moving in the direction
Whcleaala Vaccination Ordered.
Tacoma. Wash., Dec. 8 Dawson mail
to November 0, gives details of th
smallpox epidemic now prevailing there.
There have ben about 30 cases. Som
have re-ovr4 and is wer quarantined
on the oate r.arred. Cold weather jwms
to have rrad tfc cortagv-n mor- prev
alent than bef,.r. The Yukon counfi!
has ordered that everv person in the
Yukon territory from White Horse Rap
ids ta Forty Mile be vaccinate at onr
This district contains about u&a) peo
ple. v
Flood at Brussels. -
Brussels. Dec. R. Owing- to recent
rieavy rains the river Senne has over
flowed the suburbs an inundated a
portion of the city. The Rue du Cerele
is under water. The inhabitants are
imprisoned in th!r houses and some
stock has been drowned.
Demand For May's Release.
Washington, Dec. . The tate de
partment has Instructed Minister Hun
ter at GuatemeU City to demand the re
lease of May. the American engineer
who was arrested while about to leave
Guatemala if May's statement is true
that he had undertaken to leave behind
bim aa attorney of record.
c :
twfor. vbtaminjg tae wnter'i ir&eetal ier-
CuU the Throat of a Baby and Eludes
New Tork. Dec. 8. Alice O'Donne!, 25
y?ars of ag", a trained nurse, while vis
iting Mr. and Mr. James Jones of
Brooklyn last night, killed their 15-months-ol
J child, Arthur Jones, cutting
his throat uith a razor. She escaped im
mediately after committing the deed.
Mi?3 O'Donnel. Mr. Jones says, evinc
ed considerable interest in the bringing
up of the child and has been in the na.b
it of calling at th Jones apartments at
intervals. Last night the woman was
1-ft alone with the child for awhile.
And All Other Forms of this Common
and Annoying Disease Cured by
the Pyramid Pile Cure.
Thousands of men and women suffer
from some form of piles without either
knowing the exact nature of the trouble,
or knowing it, carele&sly aliuw it to run
without using the simple means cf a
radical cure.
The failure of sajves and ointment to
sure piles has led many sufferers to be
lieve the only permanent cure to but a
surgical operation, but surgical opera
tions are dangerous to life and more
over very expensive and by no means
always or even often successful.
The safest and surest way to cure
any case of piles whether itching, pro
truding or bleeding ia to us the Pyra
mid Pile Cure, composed of heaiing
vegetable oils and absolutely free from
mineral poison and opiates.
Mr. Wm. Handscnu of Pittsburg. Pa.,
after suffering severely from bleeding
piles wrires as follows:
"I take pleasure writing these few
lines to let you know that I did not
sleep for three months except for a short
time each night because of a bad case
of bleeding piles. I was down in bed and
doctors did me no good.
"A good brother told me of Pyramid
Pile Cure and 1 bought from my drug
gist three fifty cent boxes. They com
pletely cured me and I will soon be
able to go to my work again."
The Pyramid Pile Cure is not only
the safest and surest pile remedy, but it
is by far" the widest known and most
popular, because so many thousands
have tried it and found it exactly as
Kveiy physician and druggist in the
country knows the Pyramid Pile Cure
and what it will do.
S--nd to Pyramid Drug Co., Marshall.
Mich., for little book on Cause and Cure
of Piles, mailed free to any address, or
better yet get a fifty cent box of the
remedy itself at the nearest drug store
and try it tonight.
I V '' . . I
w - -
The clubs are continuing with their
work of school room decoration, but
probably the Junior Atlanteans have
done more this year than any other
club. They have been devoting their
attention almost exclusively to Wash
ington school, the school for colored
children on Washington vmue be
tween Eleventh and Twelfth streets.
Four large picture have been bung
this year one of Washington, Christ in
the Temple, Peace, and one of Queen
Louise, and in addition to these each
member has given one passe partout.
Some are colored but all are of an ex
cellent school room size. Fifteen pic
tures have been placed in the first grade
room, and two in each of the other
rooms. Last year the fourth grade
room was furnished with pictures
through the exertions of Mrs. E. li.
Stotts, of the Junior Atlautean club, who
solicited all of the pictures herself. In
addition to the pictures, a number of
potted plants have been given by this
club. i i
Marquette Club's Party.
The Marquette club enjoyed its reg
ular dajieing party at Hudson's hail
Friday evening. Those who danced
were: Mr. and Mrs. Clarence 3. Bow
man, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Webb, Mr.
and Mrs. Frederick Fruer, Mr. and
Mrs. Schuyler Nichols, Mr. and Mrs.
Fred W. Freeman. Mr. and Mrs. Frank
S. Crane, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cole, Mr.
and Mrs. Arthur Murphy. Mr. and MrsL
W. H. Eastman. Mr. and Mrs. W. A.
Smith. Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Downing. Miss
Arlie Ewart, Miss Nora Mix of Chicago.
Miss Olivia O'Brien, Miss Edna Crane,
Miss Glenna Cross. Mr. Frank Edson,
Mr. J. E. Weaver. Mr. John C. Waters,
Mr. Ben Akers, Mr. Dick Alden, and Mr.
Al T. Reid of Kansas City.
The Niade Chautauqua.
Following is the programme of the
Ninde Chautauqua circle for Monday
Roll-call, quotations from Shakes
peare. "The French Revolution," chapters
14 and 15. Mr. E. Turner.
"The Rivalry of Nations," chapter 9,
Mr. F. Slater.
"Reading Journey through the Ori
ent," Miss Nellie Lercher.
A Sapper Party.
Miss Roberta Wasson entertained a
dozen of her friends very deiigrftf uily
at supper Friday evening. The guests
were seated at one long table and a
three-course supper served. The center
piece was of deep red roses and aspara
gus fern, and at each cover was a red
carnation. After supper each guest was
given a sheet of paper containing a
number of questions, all to be an
swered with the names of men who
lived during the past century. The
prize, a pretty book, was won by Miss
Margaret McGifHn.
The evening was enjoyed by the fol
lowing guests: Miss Mayme Haliarin,
Miss Blanche Bear, Miss Margaret Mc
Giffin. Miss Callie Welihouse, Miss Min
nie Wingert, Miss "Vesper, Miss Blanche
Steele. Miss Jennie Moore, Miss John
son. Miss Olive Jones, Miss Eme King,
and Miss Brewer.
A Thimble Party.
Mrs. G. A. Bailey entertained at a
very pleasant informal thimble party
Friday afternoon at her home on Jack
son street. The guests of honor were,
Mrs. V. M. Gregory of Chicago and
Mrs. Charles Rhinehart of Carthage,
Mo. The afternoon was profitable as
well as pleasant as most of the ladles
had their Christmas fancy work and
exchanged ideas. At 5 o'clock a three
course luncheon was served, the guests
seated at small tables. Mrs. Bailey was
assisted in, entertaining by Miss Mildred
The invitd guests were. Mrs. W. H.
Lininger. Mrs. C. T. MnLellan, Mrs. D.
N. Furdge. Mrs. John Sargent. Mr W.
W. Cook. Mrs. Clement Smith. Mrs. F.
A. Snow. Mrs. George O. Wilmarth.Mrs.
A. A. Rodgers, Mrs. Charles F. Thomas,
Mrs. W. B. Robey. Mrs. E. W. Poindex
ter. Mrs. Curtis ?. Bailey. Mrs. E. H.
Anderson. Mrs. W. F. Schoch. Mrs.
Luther C. Bailey and Miss " Mildred
A Birthday Party.
About twenty-five little people -Were
delightfully entertained Friday after
noon in honor of little Miss Helen Wells'
sixth birthday. Pink was the color car
ried out in the decorations, refresh
ments and the gown worn by the little
hostess. Games of all kinds amused the
guests. Refreshments were served in
the dining room. In the center of the
table was a large pink and white mock
cake, ablaze with six candles. Ranged
about the cake were a number of pretty
little dolls which were given to the erirla
as souvenirs and the boys were given
baseballs. A box of candy was also given
to each guest.
For "The Neighbors"
"The Neighbors," a newly organized
ladies' club of Garfield avenue, enter
tained their families at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Williams, 1035 Gar
field avenue, Friday evening, in celebra
tion of Mr. and Mrs. Williams' nine
teenth wedding anniversary.
The evening was occupied with music
and games.
Refreshments were served in two
courses. The guests were, Mr. and Mrs.
Ben Williams. Mr. and Mrs. John Gar
diner. Mr. and Mrs. L. BadgHy. Mr. and
Mrs. Geo. Larimer, Mr. and Mrs. Mc
Bride. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Miller. Mr. and
Mrs. W. W. Decker. Mr. and Mrs. Tom
Shumate, Mr. and Mrs. G. Stewart. Mr.
and Mrs. B. M. Sullivan: Mesdames
Immasson. Coulson. Mitchell. Smilley:
Misses Davis, Lommasson. Mary Coul
son. Florence Williams. Florence
Mitchell. Lucile Decker, Lois McBride.
Helen Miller: Masters Marshall and
Lawrence Lommasson. Geo. Williams.
Delbert Mitchell. Glen Sullivan. King
Larimer. Roger Coulson, Donald and
Laurie Badgeiy, Artie Stewart and Jud
son Williams.
Notes and Personal Meatioa.
Mrs. L M. Briggs of Atchison is the
guet of Mrs. J. C. Wilson at her home
on Topeka avenue.
Mrs. John Chaney has issued invita
tions for a thimble party Thursday af
ternoon. December 13. complimentary to
Mrs. Frederick Fuller.
Miss Helen Thompson will entertain
her card club next Friday afternoon in
honor of Miss Ruby Nickerson of the
City of Mexico.
The Helianthus club will meet Friday
Timely Hints that will save
bought these Holiday Goods in large quantities in
discounts. We
saving to you.
J other stores. We have these goods in all kinds of
cheapest, to the
Ladies' Pocketbooks. Gents' Pocketbpoks. Playing Cards in Dress Suit Cases.
Purses. " Pass Books. Trunks.
Toilet Cases. " Card Cases. Travelers' Drinking Toy Xrunks
Music Rolls. Bill Books. Telescope Cases.-
Safety Bags. " Bill Rolls. Desk Pads n . . .
J Comb and Brush
Chatelaine Bags Flasks. Desk Sets. Cases.
" Boston Bags. " Letter Cases. Military Brush Cases. Steamer Trunks.
Card Cases. Collar and Cuff Pocket Folding Lunch
44 Grips. Boxes. Grips. Boxes.
" Toilet Sets. Toilet Sets. Satchels. Pat. Drawer Trunks.
afternoon, December 14, at the home of
Mrs. H. L. Millard.
A. J. Stout ia visiting relatives In
Mrs. Charles Rhinehart returns to her
home in Carthage, Mo.. Sunday after a
week's visit ia Topeka with Mrs. W. H.
Mrs. E. H. Anderson has invited
guests for a thimble party Monday af
ternoon at her home on Tyler street In
honor of Mrs. Gregory of Chicago. Mrs.
E. W. Poindexter will entertain in the
evening for Mrs. Gregory.
Mrs. W. W. Webb spent Friday in
Kansas City.
Mrs. A. W. Lacey has returned from
a visit in Kansas City.
The Cosmos club will meet next
Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs.
C. J. Drew at 614 Ciay street.
Mrs. Frank Quinton spent Friday In
Kansas City.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Horton of Salt
Lake City are visiting relatives and
friends in Topeka.
Miss Sue Sharitt has issued invitations
for a dancing party Thursday evening,
December 13. at Hudson's hall.
Lawrence Journal: The many friends
of Miss Dollie M. Tilford of Topeka. will
be glad to know that she is again in
school. Miss Tilford has created quite a
stir in art circles in some of the larger
cities by producing a calendar called
"The American Boy," which is a new
departure in art
Mr. Frank Peacock entertained a few
of his friends informally Friday evening
at his country home.
The Woman's Foreign Missionary so
ciety of the First Methodist church will
meet Wednesday afternoon, December
12, at 3 o'clock in the church parlors.
Mrs. W. M. Gregory will leave Tues
day for her home in Chicago, after two
weeks' visit in Topeka.
Albert Sidwell will go to Kansas City
Sunday for a visit and to attend grand
Mrs. W. E. Stanley has arrived from
Wichita to spend Sunday with the gov
ernor. Friday night R. B. Welch was surpris
ed at his home. 501 Fillmore street, by
about 40 oX his friends. Games, music
and recitations were the amusements,
after which coffee and doughnuts were
Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Carver. Mrs. E. D.
McKeever, Mrs. J. C. Allison, Mrs. Eii
G. Foster. Miss Mame White. Miss Lil
lian White, Miss Edna Wood. Miss Jean
Parkhurst and Mrs. John Kieinhans are
among the Topeka people who will at
tend grand opera in Kansas City next
Mrs. James P. Rowley entertainned
Mrs. Eli Lewis, cf Kansas City. Mr. and
Mrs. James L. Kirig and Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Lewis at an informal 7 o'clock
dinner Thursday evening. The table
decorations consisted entirely of aspara
gus ferns.
Miss Nellie Lincoln entertained the
following guests, informally Friday
evening: Miss Carrie Mize. Miss Lena
Mize. Miss Bee Hayes, Mr. Harry Beard.
Mr. Abner Torrence and Mr. C. Henri
The Thespian Dramatic club will give
a vaudeville entertainment at A. O. IT.
W. hall. No. 11. Tuesday evening, De
cember 11.
Misses Ella and Franc Scoville, of
Seneca, who are attending Smith col
lege, at Northampton. Mass., will re
turn for the holidays, and expect to
spend a few days in Topeka with Miss
Mabel Knowles.
Little Daisy Dewey Grubbs was given
a party Friday afternoon at her home on
Van Buren street, in celebration of her
second birthday. The guests were:
Russell Naylor, Guy Naylor, Maggie
Elliott. Fannie Shimer. Frank White.
Fay Gsborn, Grace Green. Johnnie
Grten, Joe Seymore, and Nigel McCoy.
give you the benefit of the discounts. A great big
Come in and see
R. M. Ruggles has gone to Chicago.
Christmas f but two weeks and three
days off.
H. D. Crosby is secretary of the Fort
nightly club.
"Knobs O' Tennessee" will be at the
Crawford tonight
Senator Baker will return from Wash
ington next week.
The invitations to the Century ball axe
being issued today.
A party of Topeka men are fishing to
day at Cottonwood Falls.
Candidates for minor positions In the
legislature are appearing.
It is rather hard on a photographer
for people to call his studio a shop.
S. Barnes, who is in Arizona for his
health, is reported to be convalescing.
There are 25 applicants for appoint
ments as judge of the supreme court.
The betting men took M. C. Holrnan as
the favorite in today's primary election.
Roy Wilson was fined 15 in the police
court for stealing chickens from L. D.
The brick haulers work early and late
on paving contracts during this fair
Wade Moore, of the Washburn football
team, is at his home in Iola, nursing lis
broken leg.
The high school ard alumni football
teams play on the Washburn grounds
this afternon.
Nearly 100 papers fn the state are run
ning fac-similes of the Kansas Exposi
tion trade mark.
The various fraternal organizations
are having the annual campaign for the
offices therein.
The State Teachers' association an
nual meeting comes to Topeka during
the holidays.
Miss Ethel D'Obert is convalescing
and is able to see her friends, after a
prolonged illness.
The floor of the Auditorium has been
oiled and will b in shape for the meet
ing Tuesday evening.
It is said that the city paid $430 lat
month in securing evidence against the
Joints and gambling rooms.
The third number, the Gamble musi
cians. In the high school lecture course,
wiii be Wednesday evening.
The State Temperance Union is mak
ing preparations for the mass meeting
at the Auditorium Tuesday evening.
The cases against H. Manaker and
O. Kempton. both charged with selling
liquor, have been continued until next
The next monthly meeting of the Ohio
association of Kansas, will be Monday
evening, December 10, at 111 East Sev
enth street.
Rev. Ainsworth gives) a spiritual
seance at Crawford theater Sunday
night. Miss Maud Russelle will assist
in vocal music.
The city engineer was instructed to
make estimates for the cost of putting
up the fire bell, but has not had the
time to do it.
Several hunting parties of Topekans
are hunting souirrels today, believing
the sunshine to be an attraction which
the game can not resist.
The correspondence of the Kansas Ex
position company has grown to such
proportions that it requires the time of
one stenographer and clerk.
"Fair weather is to our advantage." is
the claim made today by the supporters
of the two candidates for representa
tive to succeed Harry Safford.
Mrs. J. H. Klein will speak to th-
members nd friends of the Christian
Catholic church cf which John Alex.
I Vw I I I I
you lots of time and worry! We
how our prices compare with the
Dowie is the general overseer, tomorrow
afternoon at 3 o'clock at 6";9 Clay street.
Arrangements have been made to put
lights, heat and water in the Sheldon
addition to the city prison. It will
probably be in shape by the time Mr.
Sheldon returns.
The contest bing made by the Santa
Fe shopmen for the reinstatement of
the three discharged boilermakers was a
topic of general conversation on the
streets last night.
John J. Dalton of Vankato is an ap
plicant for secretary of the board uf
railroad commission in the event the
legislature this winter enacts a law cre
ating such a board.
Ninety days will be required for the
completion of the rooms on the fourth
floor of th state house which have been
assigned by the executive council to the
historical society.
Councilman Betts was one of the
eleven contractors who bid for the con
struction of the Kansas City. Kas..
postofflce. His bid was $110.81"; the
lowest bid was $$7,471.
Mrs. Q. A. Hull, who has recently un
dergone an operation at Christ hospital,
has so far recovered as to be moiil to
the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. A.
Jones, 6ii Fillmore street.
During the time the Topeka herd of
Elks was in Emporia a man lost an
overcoat. He telegraphed the Topeka
Elks to return it just as if there was no
doubt that a Topekan borrowed it.
IJnooin Circle No. 1. Ladles of the
G. A. R., have elected Mrs. Drew, presi
dent; Mrs. Jennie Cast, S. V.; Mrs. Guy,
J. V.; Mrs. Anna E. Brusman, treas
urer; Mrs. Carrie Hanley, conductor;
Mrs. Lou rong. guard.
Of the 15 physicians in the city of
Topeka only 55 have complied with the
requirements of the law in registering
at the city physician's office. The last
day to register is Icemher 20, and the
violation of the city ordinance in this
respect is punishable by a fine of $5.
Borne of Your Friend
are probably Interested in the territory
through which the Frisco line rasse
its resources and possibilities. Perhups
they would like to know Just how profit
able farming, fruit growing or mining
is in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and
Texas. Send us their names and we
will forward free a copy of the illus
trated publication giving reliable and
up-to-date information concerning our
great southwest. Homeseekers' excur
sions at very low rates, twice a month.
Address W. C. Melville. N. W. P. A.,
Frisco line, Kansas City, Mo.
1 1 r
order to get big
leather from the
An Ideal Christmas
'Waterman's Ideal Fountain
Prices 82.50
33.50 Si.00
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Each Pen in a Christmas Box.
Moore's Capitol Fountain Pen,
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Via "Ore at Rock Island Bouta."
Leaves Topeka I " p. m . .nlvl-je
Colorado Springs 10:So, LSTtr Xa.uJ
o'clock next a. m.
Now Is th tim when rmup urnl 1-ig
troubles (rWf rpi.iiy f.tr.il. TH -t.. r
harm!-." T-m"dv That r r'vd'jr Inim'!' i;
rsuita H One JUinuc Couko 'jr-, j- t
very pla-Ant to t.;ke ard i;,n r. r.i- i
uimn to fjuii k;y t ur" isrh. u ,d
ail lung iilserr. It will i,rvrit c.iiun.
At Turner Hall. Sunday. Ic . H"0,
theatrical perf.irman'- by Oscar l.e M -j-an
uJ company, from Kacsas City.
P Witt's Little Kariv R-- r ere A.,n'r
little iwii. but thy nvrr fail to -:.
the ll-r. rem ob' ructi.mx and . -urate
(b system. At ail dru twreM.
Try tb new cigar ' 'lro lr."
j GuLj

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