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Boston May Be Taken in by the
American League
If the National Starts a Baseball
War This Year.
Kid McCoy Returns Home With
a Roll of $25,000.
Declares He is Willing to Tight
Any Big Pugilist.
Chicago, 111., Dec. 24. In an interview
today Ban Johnson declared that he had
no further news of the fight that the
National Leagne might make on the
American.- "The American League," he
continued, "is amply able to take care
of itself, and I am convinced that. the
National people are so well aware of
that fact that there is little prospect of
their making any fight. However, if
they do, wa will simply take in another
eastern city and let them go ahead.
Should the league expand further, Bos
ton will be the other city."
Arrives in New York and Tells How
He "Won $25,000 in England.
New York, ree. 24. Looking as spruce
end natty as possible in a nice, new Eng
lish suit of clothes, Kid McCoy walked
down the gangplank of the Campania of
the Cunard line. To. a reporter McCoy
eaiii: .
"I am feeling well and don't know tnat
I wis ever in better ealth. I am weigh
ing exactly 1SS pounds and will stop at
the Muldoon's farm, where I will begin
training in anticipation o meeting the
four big heavyweights, Jeffries, Fitzsim
mons, Sharkey and Corbett.
"I shall issue a challenge immediately to
all four and will post a forfeit of 15,000 as
a guarantee of good faith.
! have plenty of money to make good
nv statement I may make, for I won
J25.0C0 on the horses over in England and
consequently have very pleasant recol
lections of my visit.
"I want to emphasize, and very decisive
ly, that my fight with Corbett was strict
ly on the level, no matter what may have
been said or what the sporting public
may think. I never entered into a fake
hght in my life and never will. If I
was on my dying bed I would say the
same thing."
McCoy also said in reply to the ques
tion if he was to marry Marguerite Cor
neille: "No. I do not intend to marry
ilias Corneille, nor ever had any idea of
It. I have had enough of married life
and propose to remain single."
In regard to his futrue plans McCoy
said: "I want to regain the reputation I
appear to have lost by the false reports
of ray last right with Corbett.
"I say again that that light was abso
lutely on the level. 1 want to meet all
the best men, and first come first served
will be my motto. I do not have any fear
of the fighters refusing to meet me."
"When told that Jeftries absolutely re
fused to light with Jim Corbett, McCoy
seemed somewhat much surprised, and
said he had not heard of it before.
"Weil. I shall go into training just the
same up at Muldoon's place and be ready
fur anything that may happen."
While in Kngiand McCoy met and con
versed with the Prince of Wales at a race
meeting. The "Kid" said the prince was
a very democratic person and was re
markably well informed on pugilistic af
fairs and talked most understanding of
ail the prominent American fighters. Mc
Coy also said that all England was on
tiptoe to see Terry McGovern, whose rep
utation was second only to what he en
joys in this countrv.
The "Kid" flashed a roll of bills big
enough to choke an elephant, and said:
"I am S2S,WK ahead of the English book
ies, and more than made up the losses I
met with in Saratoga last summer. I
won most of nay money on Berri, an Irish
horse, ridden by Jockey Thompson. I
lost only once, and then on the horse
Hay B3 Matched to Tight in Hot
Spring-s, Arkansas.
Hot Springs, Ark.. Dec 24. Homer
Eelby, brother and manager of Kid Mc
Coy, has written the officers of "VVhit
tington Park club that the . Kid will
be ready to sign articles for a contest
with Jack Ptoot, of Chicago, to take
place in this city the last week in Feb
ruary or the first week in March. He
does not say anything about meeting
Sharkey, as eastern papers have an
nounced, but this match will no doubt
be made and pulled off some time in
March. The club is now corresponding
with Root's manager, with a view of
matching this pair for twenty-five
rounds on February 22.
Gus Greitzner Imports Champion i"ox
Terrier Broekenhurst Agnes.
London. rec. 4. The famous smooth
coated fox terrier, Champion Brocken
hurst Agnes, has Just left England to
go to the kennel of Gus Greitzner, at
New Orleans. She is one of the many
good dogs bred by J. C. Tinne. Her
last appearance in England was at the
Fox Terrier club's carnival at Chelten
ham last November, when she carried
all before her.
Declares Ho Is Out of the Prize Ring
For All Time to Come.
New Tork. Dec. 22. "I am out of prize
fighting forever." declared Bob Fitlsim
rnons. "I say this once more as a. gentle
hint to those who get gay now ajid then
, and accuse me of flunking. Let them talk
as they may. I can oniv repeat that I
have earned the right to retire, and that
I shall consider my family first and the
roped square a long way afterward. If
t ever tight again it will be when I can
not earn my living by any other occu-
1 have been a sufferer from Rheuma
tism for more than six months. I could
not raise my hands to my head or put
my hands behind me. or even take off
my own shirt. Before I- had fi-iehed
three-fourths of a bottle of RABWAT'j
READY RF.LISP 1 could ttse mv arms
as well as ever. Tou can see why I have
such grrat faith in vmir Rel'ef. Yours
truly. w. C. BAKER.
Engineer at A. Mnntelnm's Boot find Shoe
I actory, 929 Julia street New Orleans.
Railway's Ready Relief is a Bore eura
fnr every Pain, Sprains. Bruises, Pains in
the Back, Chest and Limbs.
Taken inwardly there is not a remedial
aaent in the world that will cure Fever
and Ague and ail other malarious, bi'ious
end ether fevers, aided by RAPWAV9
PILLS. so quickiv as K AD WAY' 3
READY RELIEF. Sold bv druggists.
JUDIVAY & CO., 65 Elm St.. New York.
u kl Li U J 11 r
pntion. A retired banker has the same
privilege. But until 1 lose the money I
have made and the capacity for provid
ing for my family I shall not enter
the ring. - ' ,
"This is purely about as plain as I can
make it. It is not for advertising pur
poses. It is not to make a sensation. I
do not care for advertising other than
that which I legitimately pay for. My
show, 'The Honest Blacksmith," is making
monev, and it would not look well for
me to throw stones at other shows, and
I shall not do so."
Tanforan Track Feels J ustified in Al
lowing Him to Side.
San Francisco, Dec. 24. Tod Sloan's turf
standing, so far as California is con
cerned, has .been Fettled. He made ap
plication to the San Francisco Jockey
club, which controls Tanforan track, for
a license, and this has been granted.
As Sloan held a license from the New
York Jockev club, the local association
had ample justification for its course. It
now looks as if Sloan will be privileged
to ride on any of the American tracks
provided he does not apply for license in
England and get refused.
In case the latter event should occur,
it. would be tantamount to disbarment,
which the American association might
feel obliged to recognize. Sloan has not
signified his intention of riding here, his
action being taken solely with a view to
ascertaining his standing.
Cincinnati Fistic Carnival Turned
Oyer to the Eastern Promoter.
Cincinnati, Dec. 24. It is now cer
tain that Billy Brady will manage the
fistic carnival a.t the Saengerfest hall
here. Brady Is expected here next week
and will at once get things in shape for
the contest between Jeffries and Ruhlin.
The preliminary bout has as yet not
been decided on. McGovern and Martin
Flaherty are talked of, but this is not
certain, for the reason that McGovern
refuses to appear in a preliminary.
A ten-round go between Ryan and
Root has been suggested if this pair can
be secured under the terms offered.
Work on the building will commence
next week.
James Turner Successfully Ileld
Up National Hotel Elevator.
To his ' proverbial hardheadedness or
some other fortuitous circumstance James
Turner, porter at the National hotel, owes
his life. On his hands and knees Turner
was resting, talking flown the elevator
shaft to the engineer in the basement,
Sunday morning. The elevator descended
from an upper floor. The bottom of tie
freight compartment of theeievator caught
the top of his head and pinned him to
the sill face downward. Fo;i.inately the
elevator was being let down very slowly
at that point and Mopped when it struck
the obstruction. Another inch with Tur
ner's head thus weuged in tho small
space intervening would have crushed his
skull and caused his death.
His face was cut and mashed severely
as it was. his right eyebrow ground oif
and the eye injured. Turner was given
medical attention at the hotel anil after
ward removed to his home. His. recov
ery is assured.
Poor Woman Ate a Whole Chicken
Pie and Then Died.
Malone, N. Y, Dec. 22. Mrs. Hattie
Goodale, a widow, 52 years old, has lived
for months in her house in Rockland
street in this village, all alone and en
tirely neglected, subsisting upon the
poorest and scantiest of food. She had
property, however, and a week or two
ago succeeded in obtaining money.
She paid off her few debts and then
hired a baker to make a large chicken
pie for her, which she proceeded to en
joy without check cr hindrance. The
sudden change of diet was too much for
her enfeebled system ,and she died as
the result of over-eating.
Big Theatre For Detroit
Detroit, Dec. 24 A contract was sign
ed at Detroit today by E. D. Slair, part
owner of the Stair circuit of theatrical
enterprises, in which the Fabst Brewing
company of Milwaukee agrees to erect
a theater and restaurant on "The Cir
cle," in this city, at a cost of $i00,0fj0.
The contract embraces a lease of the
theater to E. D. Stair, who will operate
the same as a popular-priced familv
theater. The building will be 100 by 140
feet in size, the longest side fronting on
Fifty-ninth street. The entrance to the
theafi- will be opposite the Columbus
monument on "The Circle."
1 J -.
i . ..
- V . - - - -
i - ? " -
v- - f :t . . - -
I - - - - .if,:---:.--:'-
-Orayr3ght:3by.Paxldusen,New Tork. ,
Twentieth Century maids do not prepare for the great feast of the dying century as did their foremothers. Here we see a brace
of pretty maidens spinning the flax for the Yuletide linen and whispering softly, mayhap, of the mistletoe's sweet significance.
Hill City Business Men Start a
Town Boom.
Organize a Commercial Club
With Paid Up Capital.
A Salina Joinlkeeper Shooting
at a Target
In His Saloon Manages to Knock
Out farmer's Eve.
Hill City, Dec. 24-The Hill City busi
ness men's commercial club has toeen
chartered with a capital stock fully paid
up of $2,000, J. A. Mellotte "Was chosen
president and W. H. Hill, secretary.
The object of the organization is to
work for the best interests of Hill City
and Graham county. The members of
the club have ample means to increase
the stock whenever necessary. ,
One of the first moves of the club was
the purchase of the Fomeroy hotel block,
which is undergoing a complete change,
bv the addition of a large veranda on
two sides of the building. The club then
leased the hotel building to the pioneer
landlord, William Keleher and his fam
ily, who have dropped the name Pome
rcy and rechristened it Commercial ho
tel. The hotel is being refurnished and
painted throughout.
The Commercial club have also under
advisement the early buiiding of an ele
vator and grist mill.
The new Methodist church is nearing
completion. It will cost to complete and
furnish about 3.500.
Rock is being hauled for the erection
of ether business buildings here next
The new hotel building built by J. P.
Pomeroy is about completed, but wil;
not be thrown upon to the public until
The newspapers of Hill City, as well
as all the others on the Salina & Oakley
branch of the Union Pacific road, be
tween Plainville and Hoxie, will soon
opn up a vigorous kick against the
train service this company gives the
towns between Plainville and Oakley.
The s?rviee is simply outrageous. The
business Hill City merchants give this
railroad deserves better treatment of the
R. V. Wilcox, member of Hill City
camp M. W. A., is a candidate for dele
gat? to the next national meeting of the
Modern Woodmen order which meets In
St. Paul.
There is a difference in the opinions of
our people as to who Alvih Law will
vote for rnited States senator. Some
claim him for Burton, and others say he
is for M. A. Low.
Dave .T. Hanna. o' Hill City, who can
get most any old thing he wants if Bur
ton is successful in his senatorial race,
is so busy selling Graham county lands
that he is almost nut of politics, but he
says he will go to Topeka when the fight
is hottest, and help Rurton pull through.
Postmaster Gordon's place is being
sought for by several. He is serving on
his fourth year. There are so many ap
plicants that space forbids mentioning
their names in detail.
W. II. Hill, of the Republican, the
youngest editor in Kansas, has a side
issue, that of insurance, and he will
clean up a good round $2,500 this year
outside of his newspaper proceeds.
Graham County Lands Being Set to
Alfalfa and Orchards.
Hill City, Dec. 24. Mere real estate has
changed hands in Graham county in 1900
than in any last dozen years, and farm
lands have sold from 25 to 50 per cent
advance this year.
D. J. Hanna, who is extensively en
gaged in real estate in Hill City and
Graham county, has sold to A. J. Rice,
cf Atchson county, thirty quarter sec
tions, all of them improved, and a large
amount of Solomon valley country in
cluded. Mr. Rice has 300 acres of alfalfa
sown last spring, and next year he will
sow several hundred acres more in th-
same cereal. He has put faith in Gra
ham county lands, and has already
started several orchards on lands adapt
ed to the raising of apples and peaches.
He has a large acreage of wheat out.
J. M. Helm, of Smitn county, who was
1 -
the Populist member of the legislature
from that county in the war legislature,
has recently purchased a half section of
Graham county land of Mr. Hanna, who
has also disposed of ranches to Dr. C.
M. Arbuthnot and R. M. Armstrong, Re
public county people, and many others
in the past few months.
There are other real estate firms here,
who have reported jood sales of Gra
ham county lands.
Idra. Lulu Hendricks Is Exonerated
For Killing Clyde Parker.
Wichita, Dec 24. The second coro
ner's jury In Grant cbunty, Oklahoma,
has returned a verdict of justification in
the case of the killing of Clyde Parker
by Mrs. Lulu Hendricks. She lived in a
"dugout" in an Oklahoma claim with
seven children. Clyde Parker came to
hev house a few nights ago with a white
handkerchief tied to a stick, and acting
strangely.. He would neither' speak nor
go away when she ordered him off the
premises. "Shoot him; shoot him
mama," the frightened children cried,
and taking aim with a revolver she sent
a bullet through his neck at a distance
of 75 feet.
The dead man proved to be Parker, a
local artist, who painted wild ponies and
prairie scenes. .
Ed. Young Found Guilty of Killing
Captain Casey Near Troy.
Troy, Kan., " Dec. 24. Sd Young was
convicted of manslaughter in the fourth
degree in the district court here Satur
day for the killing of Captain Jacob S.
Casey on an island in the Missouri river,
north of Troy, on the 2d of last March.
Casey lived in - St. Joseph and was a
captain In one of the companies of the
Fourth Missouri volunteers in the SDanish
war. Last spring, while on a eurveving
trip up the Missouri river, Casey found
this island and settled on it with the in
tention of acquiring title. The Young
family, who lived on the mainland near
the island, claimed the island as part of
their land and the killing was caused by
the disputed ownership of the island. The
punishment of Young can be. from six
months in jail to two years in the peni
tentiary. '
Blue Hapids People Like Lecture of
Tom McNeaL
Blue Rapids?, Kan.. Dec. 24. Tom Mc
Neal, the Mail and Breeze man, lectured
here Friday night on "What's Trumps,"
under the auspices of the Ladies' Opera
House association.
After hearing Mr. McNeal our citizens
wonder why it was necessary to import
Opie -Read into Kansas to amuse or
instruct her people. It is the general
feeling here that Tom McNeal can give
Opie Read cards and spades and then
win out.
If he ever comes to Blue Rapids again
he will meet a packed house. Eugene
Ware is billed for a lecture here in
Rural Mail Route Inspector Leaves
Kansas After Making a Record.
Pittsburg. Kas Dec. 24. Captain
Clarke, rural route' inspector In Kan
sas, has completed his work In south
eastern Kansas, and left for Denver to
remain until after the first of the new
year. He has made a splendid record
in Kansas, having established twenty
three routes in the past twenty-six
days. He has made two adverse re
ports. His work is as follows:
Girard, three routes, length 79 miles,
population served 1.620, carriers O. B.
Wooley, J. R. Clarihan, J. W. Wilson;
McCune, two routes, length 56 miles,
population served 1.180, carriers John
Cranston, J. M Ford; Opolis, one route,
length 26 miles, population served 610,
carrier B. A. Bateman; Pittsburg, two
routes, length 49 mile3, population
served 1,420: Columbus, three routes,
population served 1,850. 1
From Osage City.
Osage City, Dec. 24. Mrs..Mary Lloyd
Is spending the holidays with her daugh
ter, Mrs. Fred Osborn, at Argentine.
C. C. Hudson, of ' the switch crew,
with his wife and son King, will spend
Christmas with Ttipeka friends.
Last Friday night Harry Calihan at
tempted to kill himself by swallowing
morphine. His brother found him and
not being able to arouse him, saw what
told the story an empty morphine bot
tle. Dr. Heller was called and with the
aid of pump and opiates, Harry was re
vived. Jesse Peery is spending a few days
with friends in Missouri.
"Doc" Goodwin, cf Topeka, was shak
ing hands with old friends here Sunday.
y v d
- Ed Roeser, of the State Reformatory
at Hutchinson, Is spending Christmas
with friends in this city.
" Sheriff Huffman and City Marshal
Jones had a lively chase from here to
Burlmgame, Saturday, after an alleged
horsethief named Ed J. Schwab, alias
Robinson who is supposed to have sto
len a horse and buggy from a woman
near Emporia. . He was overhauled near
Burlingame, and confessed to have ta
ken the horse and buggy, but as an
apology for the crime, claimed that th
woman was owing him. He was turned
over to the Lyon county authorities.
Mrs. Vernole was arrested for dispos
ing of mortgaged property and taken to
Lyndon where she now languishes m
William Thoorp, keeper of a notorious
joint and gambling den, was arrested on
a state warrant Saturday and taken to
School Boys in a Fight
Wichita, Kas., Dec. 24. Jess Pink
ston, Roy Minnick, Claude Jennings and
Frank Jones, all under 20, engaged in
a quarrel over a young woman at a.
public school entertainment Saturday,
and there were some thraats of shooting
when the police arrived upon the scene
It is alleged that three of the young
men made some insulting remarks
about Jones girl. The four left the hall
and renewed the quarrel in the corridor,
when it Is said Jones drew his revolver
and threatened to kill the other three.
They were all locked up for disorderly
conduct. . . . i
Railroad Y. M. C. A. to Build
Coffeyville, Kas., Dec. 24. Fred B.
Shipp, representative of the Railroad Y.
M. C. -A., was in the city today, and
stated that work on the Coffeyville
Railroad Y. M. C. A. building will begin
the first of the year. It will be a two-
story brick and will cost about $12,000.
The citizens of the town have subscribed
$1,700. Helen - Gould, $1,000; the Mis
souri Pacific employes, $1,500, and the
Missouri Pacific railroad the balance.
When completed this will be the finest
Railroad Y. M. C. A. building in Kan
Ditch Company Enters Suit.
The ditch company last week com
menced suit for $10,000 damages against
the township officers of Buffalo town
ship for filling a roadway across the
ditch. When the courts have estab
lished who the Lake Koehn Irrigation
company is, there will probably be suits
for damages by farmers whose crops
have been fnjured by overflowing of the
ditch. It would seem "that the ditch
people and the farmers cannot get along
agreeably without getting into court.
Great Bend Democrat,
Jessie Morrison's Bond.
El Dorado, Dec. 24. Hayward Morri
son, brother of Jessie Morrison, said to-
dav: "Six wealthy men ot tnis county
have volunteered to go on the bond.Ther
will qualify for over $100,000. We are in
no hurry to file the bond, and it Is not
worrying us like it is lots of other peo
ple. Jessie is feeling very well and sti'l
receives letters of sympathy daily. '
While Mr. Morrison would not say when
the bond would be filed, he left the im
pression that his sister would eat Christ
mas dinner at home.
News From Goodland.
Goodland, Dee. 24. Goodland and
Sherman county will lope two of their
best business men about the first of the
year. W. E. Comer will engage in the
drug trade in Denver, and Chas. F.
Weber will locate in Guthrie, Ok., and
engage in the grain industry. They have
lived here and engaged in business hve
and thirteen years respectively.
Dr. F. H. Smith, Democratc member
of the legislature-elect from Sherman
county, will vote for a Democrat for
United States senator rather than give
any comfort whatever to either Burton
or Baker, or any other Republican. He
says he can vote with grace for either
Overmyer or Johnson.
Firebug Johnson as a Lecturer. 1
Parsons, Dec. 24. Firebug Johnson de
livered his lecture here to an Intelligent
audience of rather small size on ac
count of the storm. His lecture is a very
plain recital of blood curdling incidents
in the Missouri penitentiary, which he
says are tacts and can be proven in
many instances by official reports. Two
men said to be from Jefferson City, were
present. Johnson had a suit of convict
clothing and was dramatic in some
places. "Man's Inhumanity to Man" was
his subject.
Coffeyville Commercial Club.
Coffeyville, Kas., Dec. 24. The an
nual meting of the Coffeyville Commer
cial club was held last night. The fol
lowing board of directors was elected:
' - if '
. -a t V
g Tele. 771, 133, Hi.
C. M. Ball, II. W. Head, G. B. Boswell,
J. F. Savage, K. K. W ilson, F. D. Ben
son, Daniel AYellsv E. B. Rea and A. Ij.
Wagstaff. They are all enterprising
citizens and will at once complete the
work of locating two or three large In
dustries with which the Commercial
club has been negotiating.
Pensions for Kansans.
Washington, Dec. 24. Pensions have
been granted to Kansans as follows:
Additional Jackson Buckingham, Oska
loosa, $10.
Increase Adam Turpfe, Argentine, is;
Thomas Barron, Chas. $10; Berymon
Roberts, Leavenworth. $30.
Mexican war widows, special net De
cember S Nancy A. Miller. Wlnfield. $S.
War with Spain Original) Albert C.
Hauson, Ottawa, $10; (widows, etc.)
Mary F. Cooper, Bazine, $12.
Car of Cattle Burned.
Burlington, Kan., Dee. 24. A car load
of full-blood Hereford cattle was burned
up on a southbound Katy train just
south of here. The car was next to tl-.e
engine and caught fire from a spark, tu
tor the train could be brought back to
town and the fire extinguished all of the
cattle but three were dead and the three
were badlv burned. The cattle were being
shipped from here to Caddo, O., by L.
Dulancv, who- intended to start a Here
ford farm. The car was badly damaged
by fire.
Holdups at Salina.
Salina, Dec. 24. The police department
here is at work on two holdup cass
which have occurred in the last few
nights. Several of the suspects, includ
ing Ida Moslfer, "the queen of the band
lands," and Alf Shinn, Ross Hatten and
a man named Riley have been arrested.
These two holdups are the first that
have occurred for some time.
Emporia Teacher Famts.
St. 'Louis. Dec. 24. Alice Bartlett, a
school teacher' of Kmporia, Kon., wns
taken suddenlv ill In Union station. Shw
was en route from Cincinnati. O., to her
home, and as she was fatigued by the
long journey she fell fainting in Union
station. She was pent to the city hospi
tal, where her condition was pronounced
not serious. Her illness is due to a nerv
ous affection. She has been in bad health
for soma time.
Contested Election Cases.
Emporia, Dec. 24. Two election con
tests have come to trial In Lyon county
and in each case the contest board ha
declared that they were prematurely
brought. The election of W. A. Snoddy
to township trustee was contested by
Stephen Hinshaw. The election of J. CI.
Kean to the office of prooate judge was
contested by M. M. Mason, Republican.
Abilene' Temperance Fight
Abilene, Dec. 24. The temperance cru
sade here by H. O. Fraser. of Topeka,
has quieted down. Fraser met with bit
ter opposition and has left town. No in
junction suits have been started. A. TV.
nice ana ai. rsicoiay, eiectea treasurer
and president of the local union, have
published cards denying that they en
couraged anyone from outside to come
here, and deny any active connection
with the movement.
Girl Catches a Coyote.
Last Friday a girl of 11 years of age.
of the north part of the county, caught
a large coyote in a trap and killed and
scalped it herself and sent the scalp to
town by her father, who delivered it to
the county clerk. This is the first time
that a girl's name has ben put on the
scalp list, as the clerk calls it. Haskell
County Republican.
Boy Missing From Home.
Iola, Kas., Dec. 24. Roy West, a
nephew of Register of Deeds Homer P.
Fowler, disappeared from his home, early
Monday morning, December a, and al
though diligent inquiry and a" thorough
search have been made no trace of him
has yet been found. Young West had
been in Iola but a short time.
Sudden Death at Emporia.
Emporia, Dec. 24. H. D. Porter, editor
of the Geneseo, III., Republic, died very
suddenly here. He and his wife came
here a few days ago on ft visit to his
eislf r-in-law. Mrs. Elizabeth Coot. They
Intended to start home Saturday. In the
morning he complained of not feeling
well and exactly an hour afterward he
Jointkeeper Shoots a Farmer.
Salina. Dec. 24. John Bush, a farmer
was accidentally shot in the eye Satur
day afternoon by J. E. McDaniels, a
jointkeeper. McDaniels was shooting at
a mark in the bar room of hie joint, ana
Bush passed in front of him just as he
fired. The ball cut the bridge of the
nose and penetrated the left eye, de
stroying the aight.
Death of Carl H. Briee.
Blue Rapids, Dec. 24. Carl IL Brlce,
only son jf E. M. Brice. editor of the
Blue Rapids Timves, died of typhoid fe
ver, at his fathers residence, aged 24
Chicago Department Store Image
- Throws Animal Into a Fit.
Chicago, Dec. 24. "Sport," a Great
Dane dog, owned by Godfrey Johnson,
threw Christmas shoppers into a pania
at Washington and fctate streets this af
ternoon. Johnson- brought the dog down
town for exercise, and all went well
with the man and dog until the corner
of Washington street was reached and
the dog found himself beside one of the
big iron lions that guard ad the door of a
department store.
The minute "Sport saw the lion he
went into a fit With a bowl of fear he
bounded out into the middle of the
street.. In his dash for the street
through the crowd the dog upset a half
dozen women, whotarrled arms full of
purchases, and they added to the noise
incident to the dog's discovery of the
lion. Johnson had a hard time catching
and quieting the dog, but many women
will always believe that the animal was
Holiday Excursions via. Banta Fa
miles west of Missouri river. On. rn
for round trip. Tickets on sale Dec. 22,
23. 24. 25 inii SI. 1900. Jan. 1. Anal limit
Jan. 2.
Full I
Measure I
Is it worth your while to
get full weight of bright
clean coal? Then let ua
fill your next order.
an! 0SAG2 CUT SHA77.
634 Sansas Avenus.
by '
Doctors, k. -
Us4 exclusively in the Santa F
and Stormont Hospitals.
1919 East Seward Ave.,
Telephone 620-3 Rings.
No Danger
Of contracting
If you use
Pure Mater
That's the kind fur
nlshed by the
TtxErsoira 121
625 Quiflcy Street.
lie' i .v. !
"The Overland Route
to and from the Pacific Coast"
Two train 8 daily from Topeka to
Denver and Colorado points.
Two train daily from Topeka to
Ban Francisco and California point.
Two trains daily from Topeka to
Bait Lake City and Utah points.
Two trains daily from Topeka to
Portland ana North I'aeifio CoanC
points, with direct oonnecUoaa tor
Taeoma and Seattle.
Buffet Smoking and Library Cars,
with Barber Shop and PieaHant Read
ing Rooms. Doubie Drawing Room
Palace- Sleepers, Dining Cars, Meals
m la Carte, Ilntsch Light.
K A. LEWIS, City Ticket Agent.
J. a FULTON. Xspot Airent
Holiday Excursions via. Banta Fa
Tickets on Bale to points within ?
miles west of Jlisourt river. One fars
for round trip. Tickets on aale 11,
23, 24. 25 and El. 1!X0, Jan. 1, tinaj ltnut
LJ Lz3 UVj u LzsUU

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