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k ,
When a brave admiral in war time goes
into an enetny's harbor he knows that
r'P!r'""'''''''"'''m''''''''''"'",',,m,s the life of every
tv..,,--5---- i man in the fleet
Vt,i., ti depends upon
- ,.-zel
( -.,-;,.- his skill and
".1.', .',. courage. It is
iti't,z.,- :-,,,' - -- a tremendous re
, ,s,.. . .0,L.'";rstpohielscibility ; a n d
,,'-' annot feel it
., s t' ,..;-, any more deeply and
ki ..-: ' i , trtily- than a conscien
i . t, ss',;-,J,"--; tious physician feels his
V responsibility for the lives
of those who are depend
ent -upon his professional care and skill.
He feels that his duty demands more
than a mere routine, stereotyped interest
in his patients; he feels that his work is
a serious matter; that it is often a ques
tion of life and death.
"You have my many heart - felt thanks for
your kindly advice to me in my sickness," writes
Idrs. Claus Nelson, of Pico Heights, Los Ange
les. Cal., Box 3T, in a cordial letter to Dr. R. IT.
kierce, of Buffalo. N. Y. -Also for your book
which I received two years ago, and which I
could not do without. It is al the Doctor I
bove had since I rot it. I had female trouble
and Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription, together
'With the advice given in his book, cured me of
five years' sickness. I thought my days would
mot be long, but your kindness and medicine
would not let me die."
For tnore than thirty years Dr. Pierce
has occupied a grand and mo4t unique
position for benenting his fellow laeinzs :
As chief consulting physician of the
great Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Insti
tute, of Buffalo. Almost countless thou
sands have sought his services and ads-ice
both in person and by- letter.
"He is one of the best men in the
'world," said the late President Garfield,
'' and he is at the head of one of the best
medical institutions in the world." Dr.
Pierce's great thousand-page illustrated
Common Sense Medical Adviser " is sent
free for 21 one-cent stamps to pay the
hare cost of mailing, or for handsome
cloth-bound copy, 31 stamps. kle makes
to charge for consultation by mail; he
only requests that sufferers will state
their cases to him fully, freely, and in
perfect confidence. Address f)r. R. V.
Pierce. 65,, Main Street, Buffalo, N. X..
POINTING THE WAY. 11 n , I MS city several weeks, departed this expired with this meeting. They were ,
r ,t, week for his home in St. Louis. re-elected with the exception of J. H. Irt.. AriN ; TT"'t 7,7 r, 77-N,
, ri A 77A .g
NITIten a brave admiral in war time goes El II IL Pam D
,2 ,,,, J. H. Briggs bas resumed his position Churchill w ho Was electeti vice president ' 1 7 L
11 ,7771, t '41 1 :
into an enemy's harbor he knows that 111 a a a
as inspector at Great Bend, and Harry arid T. A. ainbbard, the retiring presi- , !, '
the life of every
f, mart in the fleet ,
- Winneatt, who WaS filling his place tem- dent, was chosen to take the vacant ) , !: LI t , ' 4 Loý - t,2
Vn,1,,,f porarily, has again returned to Newton. place. The elected members are T. A. .6-"1"' 4-a-4.0w mA 446..4V deal. ia
a di-1, .
,-) The KawAalley Brand t
O - - .
0Ez ' -' ')
. 0
t IT
t I ince- Ti eat 1
Chzs. Wolff Packinfr Co. t
o ,. Is made of the very best, and i?,,
strictly pure and healthful 0
ingredients- Your grocer 9
keeps it buy some. It will 0
make the best. tlINCE PIES 0
you ever tasted. o
v 0
4 4 4-4-44-4-4-4 44 4-4-44-4-4-44-4 44-44
4t ii
I Kaczynski i
F 0 R -
: Itr .
0 0 -4
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-Ot 4
-it 4
-4 4
-4 e0al 4
4 -4
-K 4
-4 -it
4( Charcoal
-it 4
4 -4
AND--- 3
Kindling, 4,
fourth and Jackson. it
Tele. 530. -4,
4-4-44--1P11-44-4-11-4,-4-21,44 Jit-K-444-41
Ilroo -
4t Charcoal
liind ling,
fourth and Jackson.
Tele. 530.
E. O. Demos& L. M. PENWELL.
,,,,,,A, , e 0 e-ti
6 t,-,...j
I ,
de- ----.
Funeral Directors
and Embalmers. :
nrst-Class Service at reason-
able prices
51s Quincy St. Topeka. Kam
Telephone ipn
- W. T. LAWLESS. Proprtator.
519 Quincy Street.
New rubber-tired rigs.
Wanted Horses to board.
Call 'phone 170 for Hacks at one-half
regular rates.
r:::--- ELECTr.,:7 ti"7-.1-T CFFEll
. I ?- ..,
vi,T4 rim osiv sf;EE WEARike
,:- -" . R 4i. 3.d Tour peril home. an
. ... ' rui .t.,ta -the areneine end
,,,,I1X,PeLeabin et:teeNet
, . ,Nt tt likki,t Ele,(1- UK taki- I
, LO 4111, reader t., L. te paper.
- r it
, ,,,,,,,,,...... , , -, - e lit mosey la adtteet very law
.., ,..-..,
,,,,,t:rasitinexaerantee. COSTS
ALY-7,ST erelltio 1 eimpar,d
with meet an other tree t-me ii , a. area wenn CI ether elven
ea. near., a:q,Enareta mad remedies ta!i. c,,cs coa fop
therettaNni,elitte'elat. ON LA ei ill, FRE t, r all narecats
,,,a,,,,,,,, wenknen,en sand tilsornieen. For eornp.ete
aeta.,,I c.,,nti,le,' ,n I ' ntn1,-,11e. eat 1 bin &dent and mail t.....
45 EARS, ROEBUCK ai. CO., Chicago.
Via "Great Rock Island Route.
Leaves Topeka 8:10 p. rn., arriving
Coloraci,) Springs 10.35. Denver 1.1:Cta
firclock next a..
Santa Fe Conductors' GrieTance
Committee in Session.
Discussing Local Questions With
lir. Mudge.
Reinstatement of Discharged
Trainmen Considered.
Chairman Says Relations With
Company Are Friendly.
The general committee of the con
ductors of the Santa Fe system is in
session here nOlk. This committee meets
annually, goes over certain routine mat
ters and if there are any grievances it
adjusts them.
This year there are a few local griev
ances to which the committee is g-iving
its attention today. They were in con
ference with General Manager Mudge
late last evening.
Chairman Hutton said: "Our relations
with the company are entirely friendly.
This meeting- is an annual one and it
does not necessarily follow that there
are any grievanees. This year, however,
there are a few local grievances regard
ing the reinstatement of men Ns-ho have
been let out."
The following conductors are attend
ing': Chairman, W. -NV. Ilutton, Argen
tine: secretarzv-, W. A. Hyde, Newton;
I. N .Mariott, Chillicothe, Ill.; A.
Elliott, Marceline, Mo.; William Shefen
decker, Argentine: J. NS Mohan, Em
Porta: J. W. Dodge. Dt)dge City; F.
Wright, -Wichita: C. Titsworth, Arkan
sas City; W. 0-Connor, l'ueblo, Colo.;
J. E. Hewitt, Denver, Colo.; G. T.
Bride-est. Chanute: J. N. Leseney, Las
Vegas. N. M.; C. O. Ellis, RatongN. M.;
J. Connors. ,San Marcial, N. M.
A nurnher of brakemen -are also in
conference. They are headed by R. C.
Scott of Topeka and Jacob Caldwell of
Argentine. They expect to remain in
session two or three dav-s yet.
The Bellevale Ice Houses Have Been
Jan. 12.The Rock Island
road W i this week finish cutting ice
on their pond here. At an aggregate ex
Pense of about $1.500 they will store
here and ship to -McFarland, Armour
dale and Herington over 6,000 tons of
ice from the Belleville pond, which is
from seven to ten inches thick, and said
to be the best of any they are cutting
on their system west of the Missouri
river. To cut and ship this Ice it re
quires about 150 hands.
Their immense ice houses here will
hold 3,000 tons, and their system of fill
ing them is a novel and interesting'
sight. Since the force of men went to
work :Monday last they have packed in
their ice houses here and loaded 1.000
tons daily. IL:p to Friday night the
company had loaded and shipped 125
cars of ice of 2.0 tons to the car. The
Men at work are from Belleville and
vicinity, which will put the larg-e out
lay of money in circulation in Belle
ville. t
Passenger trains have been a little
late the last two days, presumably on
aceount of weather conditions.
The Rock Island paid yesterday.
The railroad Y. M. C. A. gospel ser
vice for Sunday afternoon has been
called off, they uniting- in the meeting
at the First Presbyterian church.
The new Rock Island restaurant at
Wichita will be opened next Monday.
W. W. Wright of Chicago will be local
manager. and Mr. Abends, formerly of
Kansas City, will be chef. The place
will be open to both traveling and. local
The depot -which the Santa Fe will
build .ist Guthrie. Ok., Will be used by
that company, the Kock Island and the
Oklahtuna. and Eastern. It will be a two
story structure of pressed brick and cut
stone. with train dispatcher's office. di
vision offices and dining hall. It vvill be
completed within sixty days.
It is rumored that three Cottonwood
engine crews will be transferred from
Emporia to Newton to help with the
rush on tho vvest en-id of the division.
Charles K. Bannister, who formerly
held a high place in the engineering de
partment of the Union Pa,citic, died re
cently at Ogden, Utah.
J. H. Jenness. successively operator
and temporary agent, has been made
agent for the Rock Island at Abilene.
Hugh Leonard has been appointed to
take his place as operator. Leonard has
been operator at Longford.
New steel rail will be laid on the
Hutchinson and Kins ley branch of the
Santa Fe. the work to begin at once.
Robert Hutton will have charg-e of the
work, and it is estimated that it will
consume the entire summer before the
job is completed. The new rail is ba,dly
Bulletins have been posted In some of
tho Santa Fe roundhouses requesting
all Santa Fe employes to get vaccinated.
The company physicians will do the
work without cost to the men.
A. E. Stilwell. president of the Kansas
City, Mexico & Orient isin the east look
ing matters pertaining' to, this new
route. The organization of the.United
States and Mexican Trust company
which is to float the bonds of the new
rttnel has not yet been completed.
The Union Pacific will spend over a
dollars in improving' its road bed
in Kansas. Steel bridges will take the
place of wooden ones, curves straighten
ed and grades reduced. This is the re
port from several western roads and this
year W see much work done on the
railroads. The Missouri Pacific is im
proving its track 'west of DOW 11 S, put
ting' in steel bridges, and there is talk
that it Will make a, through line to Den
vet The Northwestern road yesterday an
nounced its intention to make a rate of
1 cent per mile for the Grand Army en
campment in the event it is held In
Denver. In taking this action the
Northwestern swings into line with the
Eurlington, Rock island, Union Pacific
and Milwaukee roads. While recent
maces on the part of executive officers
of the G. A. R. have shown that it WaS
rot their desire to hold tne encampment
in Denver. it is now believed that the
matter will be reconsidered. The officers
demanded a pledge for the 1-cent fare
from each road, but in face. of the five
announcements that have now been
made they can no longer hold that indi
vidual pledges are necessary. All west
ern roads will necessarily make the rate
if the eneampment is held in Denver.
The 1N-abash Will put on a through
passerget train running front Kansas
City to New York for the Pan-American
exposition which ()pens Iklay 1. This
will be the first through train between
these two points.
Conductor James. K. Merrifield. who
has be-en a, guest or his son, W. E,,
this city several weeks, departed this
week for his home in St. Louis.
J. H. Briggs has resumed his position
as inspector at Great Bend, and Harry
Winneatt, who NV HS filling his place tem
porarily, has again returned to Newton.
Machinist Ira, Ditiow has been sent
to Dodge City for temporary service. He
has taken the place cf one of the
mechanics there, who is reported quite
Fireman Fred Gibbs is doing tempo
rary service on the pusher until some
"tallowpot," whose whiskers are longer
than Fred's concludes that he w-ants
the job.
Engineer Ira Small is laying off for a
trip or tvi'o. and Fred Becker is the
driver of his engine in the meantime.
Fireman Andrew Dunlap has pas-sed
up the pusher, and has been assigned
to the 7 and 8 run, between here and
Dodg-e City.
John Roper is among the indisposed,
and Bob Schlichter, of the repair yards,
has ta,ken his place temporarily.
Fireman Theo. Dishner has taken one
of the Jetmore runs. He has the Sun
day layover at the other end of the pike.
Fireman Dick Woodbury has fallen
heir to a passenger run, and has been
assigned to 7 and 8 with Engineer G. H.
Tommy Huntington has again entered
the employ of the Santa, Fe at this
Fireman Frazier has gone to Boston to
see a- sick brother.
G. M. -Wilson is a, new- machinist.
Tinner Breckener is visiting his folks
in Caldwell.
Engineer Patrick is laying off and
Engineer Barlow has the 89t.l.
Engineer George Amick took his train
to Phillipsburg the other day where he
was taken sick. EngineerWiley brought
the, engine home.
Billy Edwards, who use-d to be here, is
the first operator on the C. R. 1. &-
Mexican railroad, with an office at
Conductor Denny and family will live
in Pueblo while he is running passenger.
They have rented rooms and will do
light housekeeping.
The Order of Railway Conductors will
give a g,rand ball at the opera house on
February 14. No. expense will be spared
to have the hall decorated and good
music to dance to. Invitations will be
out in a. few days.
Brakeman. C. M. Lewis has quit the
Brakeman Harry Dwelle, of Denver,
has gone home sick.
Ted Griffin is a, new boilermaker from
Ed Downing- has gone east for a visit.
Engineer Hamilton is on the Denver
run while Engineers Daily and Berry
are, sick
Fireman C. H. Albrecht and family
are in the eastern part of the state vis
iting their folks.
Engineer Ifindison and wife are home
from their eastern trip.
The international correspondence
schools of Scranton, Pa., have had a car
at this place this week. It is in charge
of W. W. Irwin and a, corps of able
engineers and experts. Lectures. are
given during the day. A model locomo
tive and train of cars. complete in all
parts, is used to demonstrate the work
ings of air, etc. Quite a number of stu
dents here are taking instructions.
John Madigan has had the grip.
W. C. Roughton, former local editor
of the Jetmore Republican, has secured
a position on the Dodge City Democrat.
The reading room is now completed.
It is heated by steam and lighted by
IS'o. 3 is making better time lately.
Conductor A. J. Roder is laying off.
Conductor James O'Byrne and Engi
neer Amos Beeler took the 67 engine to
Meriden yesterday on its trial trip after
a general overhauling.
Conductor It. C. Scott off duty for
a few days.
Ergine 820, one of the ten-wheel Dick
sons which went into service about a
year ago, is in for general overhauling.
Conductor C. O. Verlin is laying off.
Nick Lauterbauck of the paint shop,
who has been sick a few days, is on
duty once more.
The Knights of Columbus will initiate
a class of about twenty at their hall,
117 West Sixth street. on next Monday
evening. Several engineers and firemen
belong to this class.
The Potter and Bilhorn meeting to
night Will be at the Jefferson Street mis
Believed to Have Been Started
by Friends of Kidnapers.
Omaha, Neb., Jan. 11.--A small blaze
occurred in the basement of the E. A.
Cudahy house early last night. The
fire was insignificant in money loss. The
threats received by Mr. Cudahy through
the tnail since the abduction of his son
several weeks ago are the basis ,of a be
lief that the fire was incendiary.
The policeman who has been stationed
at the Cudahy mansion ever since the
kidnaping positively refuses torelateany
of the incidents of the fire. The record of
the fire chief is merely "spontaneous
combustion," and "fire out in fifteen
minutes." The members of the neigh
boring fire company which was first on
the scene sa,y they knew nothing of the
cause of the blaze and that it was prac
tically out when they arrived. The fire
was in the basement and one of the ser
vants. EL female. says it was caused by
the lig,hting of lamp and throwing
down of the match.
Arctic Explorer Is Executive Officer
of Kai:teas Fackners.
At the annual meeting of the Kansas
State Poultry association at the Com
mercial club rooms the following direc
tprs v,-ere chosen:
Thomas Owen, Topeka.
J. W. P. Hughes, Topeka.
Prof. L. Dyche, Lawrence.
D. A. Wise. Topeka.
George H. Glides. Topeka,
'AL L. Canfield, Belleville.
E. C. Short, Leavenworth.
Chas. Steinberger, Topeka.
G. W. Roberts, Earned.
The directors met and selected the fol
lowing officers for the ensuing year:
Prof. L. h. Dyche, president
D. A. Wise, vice president. -
Georg-e H. Gil lies, secretary.
Thomas Owen. treasurer.
J. W. P. Hughes, superintendent.
Kansas City Nan President of State
Board of Agriculture
The state board of agriculture which
has been in session at Representative
hall for the past three days adjourned
last night. The following officers were
elected late in the afternoon yesterday:
President, Edwin Taylor, Edwards
ville. Vice president, J. H. Churchill, Dodge
Secretary, F. D. Coburn, Topeka
Treasurer, Edwin Snyder, Oskaloosa.
The terme of six members of the board
expired with this meeting. They were
re-elected with the exception of J. H.
Churchill 'Rho ivas elected vice president
and T. A. Hubbard, the retiring presi
dent, was chosen to take the. vacant
place. The elected members are T. A.
Hubbard, Rome; Chas. E. Sutton. Rus
sell; George W. Hanna, Clay Center;
George W. Glick, Atchison; E. R. Smith,
Mound City, and J. T. Cooper, Fredonia.
Washington, Jan. 12.--SecretarY 'Long
has received a cable dispatch from Ad
miral Remy announcing that the board of
officers convened to select the most suit
able site in tile Philippines for a perma
nent naval station has fixed upon Olan
gapo, on Subig bay. As a result of his
recommendation Mr. Long has sent to
Congress a recommendation that S1,000,000
be appropriated for beginning work on
the proposed new naval station.
Denver, Col., Jan. 12.Ex-Governor Alva.
Adams has issued a. letter in which he
withdraws from the senatorial contest
and urges his supporters to vote for
Thomas M. Patterson. This is regarded
by the Patterson followers as insuring- his
' New- York, Jan. 12.The Pan-American
Steamship company. whieh was incorpor
ated three weeks ago in New Jersey, will
begin the operation in the spring of a reg
ular freight service between this port and
C'hina, Japan and the Philippines, via the
Suez canal. A weekly service will be es
tablished. ,
New York, Jan.12.--Papers in a demand.
for S25,000 damages from the g-overnment
of Morocco in favor of Antonio Buyn of
this city, an American citizen, are to be
tiled with the secretary of state next
Monday. Boyn, who was a. stock farmer in
the province of Casiabiuca. Morocco, al
leges that in .April, 1M-07, the government
seized his property and killed his native
Boston. Jan. 12.Charles E. Bockus, for
many years an editorial writer on the
Boston Herald, was instantly killed last
night by an express train at Dorchester.
Shanghai, Jan. 12.--The China, Gazette
asserts that three Italian warships have
anchored off San Mun bay. This state
ment is not confirmed officially, but there
are rumors of Italy's intention to acquire
a station north of San Mum
Denver, Col., Jan. 12.--4t is announced
that an agreement has been reached for a
senatorial caucus of the filSiOn members
of the legislature at S o'clock Monday
evening. January 14. The first ballot for
senator will be taken in the house sep
arately January 15.
San Francisco, Cal., Jan. 1.2.As a re
sult of the investigation conducted on
board the transport Grant by Colonel
Morse, Captain John F. Schiller has been
relieved of command of the vessel. The
treuble arose from differences between
Captain Schiller and Quartermaster Baker
of the Grant on the homeward trip of the
Tacoma., Wm, Jan. 12.-T'he torpedo boat
Goldsborough has been repaired and Will
be taken out for a speed trial. She w011
be submitted to the government test as
soon as possible.
Vancouver. B. C. Jan. 12.-The city of
New -Westminster escaped a catastrophe
last night. The accumulated weight of
snow casised the roof of the opera. house
to collapse during a performance. The
audience bolted. but no serious injuries
resulted from the crush.
London. Jan. 12.--According to advices
from Berlin the health of the Dowager
Empress Frederick is again causing anx
iety. New York, Jan, 12.--Henry Amy of the
banking house of H. Amy & Co., Wall
street died today at his home in this city,
aged 72, years. He was active in the or
ganization of the Denver & Rio Grande
London, Jan. 12.-M. Dewitt, the Rus
sian minister of fina,nce, will be created
a count at the Russian New Year. ac
cording' to a dispatch from St. Petersburg
to the Daily Express. in recognition of his
services to the empire.
London, Jan. 12.-According to a dis
patch to the Daily Mail from Shanghai.
Captain Chou. who participated in the
Chu Chou massacres, has been sentenced
to death.
London, Jan. 12.--It is reported that Sir
William Butler will be appointed lieuten
ant general commanding 'troops in Canada.
suecessiort to Lord William Frederick
Ernest Seymour.
London, Jan. 12.--The Daily Mail pub
lishes a two column article signed by
Mark Hanna discussing the aspect of the
merchant shipping- question in the United
States and giving his reasons for support
ing' the bill now before the United States
Washington. Jan. 12.-Bepresentative
Eoud (Cal. ), from the postoffice commit
tee, has reported to the house a bill revising-
and codifying the postal laws. No
radical change in existing' laws are pro
posed in the bill.
Omaha, Jan. 11-Notwithstanding the
decision of the Grand Army not to bold
its encampment at Denver. the Chicago
& Northwestern has just issued a notice
to the effect that it vvill make a. one cent
per mile rate to Denver in case the en
campment is held there. This action of
the Northwestern is harmonious with that
previously taken by the Union PaCifiC,
Rock Island and Burlington.
Princeton, Ind., Jan. 12.-Joseph Keith,
who on April 3. in Norwich county, mur
dered Nora Kiefer, whose body was found
on May nea,r Evansville. was today sen
tenced by the jury to be hanged.
St. Petersburg, Jan. 11,--Dispatches from
Sebastopol deprecate the sufferings of 3,-
000 southbound passengers on ten trains
throughout the southwest as extreme. One
train was inaccessible fOr a whole week
and &titers for two or three days. 'The
passengers wera largely school children
and others going home for the holidays.
Kingston, Jamaica. Jan. 12.--The leit'isla
tive election is proceeding here. The re
sults thus far are against Joseph Cham
berlain's desire to revert to crown govern
ment Colon, Colombia. Jan. 1.2.--The few reb
els IN-ho were outside the town of Panama
have been driven back to the bush by
the government troops. There is no ex
tensive revolutionary movement.
Kingston. Jamaica, Jan. 12.-The mail
from Demarra brings a report of larg-e
finds of diamonds in the interior of Brit
ish Guiana,. A company has been formed
in England to work the claims
St. Petersburg, Jan. 12.--The Sarkoe
Kelo palace, the summer palace,seventeen
miles south of St. Petersburg, is being
prepared for the reception of the czar,
who is expected Ja,nuary 22.
London, Jan. 12.--The liabilities of the
sixteen stock exchange firms which re
cently failed aggregate 2.000.000 pOUTVIS, in
ot- case the figure reaching 900,000 pounds.
Washington. Jan. 12.--The senate com
mittee on judiciary has authorized a fa
vorable retart upon Senator Hoar's bill
for the punishment of train robbery. The
bill provides a penalty of twenty years'
imprisonment and a fine of $5,000, or both,
for the offense.
, A
Tastnit's N 0
tOt medicine to
4 equal the Bitters
for strengthen
ing the stomach,
stimulating the
liver and kid
neys. cleansin
the entire sysZ
, tem. or to pre
: vent
t: Constipation
LaGrippe and
et. Fever and
Ague. ,
Try it.
ier i ; -Z
y-, -,,' -
L . -,7-','..,. ---, '
, A,
,,,, t
. , ', i i,
,. ,-
k tit 4 4.
, , :
Proof From All Sections That Perun:1
Cures Catarrh 'Wherever Located.
.---- '''',
.:-,-----,- --,,,-
-,-. -7,,,-,,,-:,;.: , ,
( , r-----
t . .
oi i ,,;',-' ".---;': -,
, .:5-..--.,
..--.--,,-,--,: ..,
0- ,.:-.,:,-,..-- .
i e,-: ,,,,"
v t è' - -
,, ,, ,. '4.4,
le. 1.', '7-- -
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- ,:-.1 . .
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N ; , -,- ,
''''', 6..-;;-- '
- I
-,,, ',-,.---,
n,---,--- - ;
' "!- '
, .
.. '--, I ''''''i '-''-'-','''''
' llikob-04,;,. ---, .----,----" , , 11 , .-,--
i ---...... , :',-,-.2 I , !
- -- - ' - - - - --- - '- - ' . -- - -- - ', : '' ' ' ' ' ' ''' '' 41 $ Z M 1
Congressman. Smith of Illinois.
Hon. Geo. W. Smith, Mem
ber of Congress. in a. recent
letter from Murphysboro,III.,
to The Peruna. Medicine Co.,
sa2Ts the following in regard
to Peruna, for catarrh:
The Peruna Medicine Co.:
Gentlemen"I take pleasure
In testifying to the merits of
Peruna. I have taken one
bottle for my catarrh and I
feel very much benefited. To
those who are afflicted with
catarrh and in need of a good
tonic I take pleasure in rec
ommending Peruna."Geo.
W. Smith.
Major Longstreet
MajorRobert L.Longstreet,
who served on the staff of
General Lee, General Francis -
V. Greene, General Arnold, of
the Regulars. and General
Williston, in the latewEirwith
Spain, is the son of the great
ex-Confederate Veneral. Maj.
LOngstreet was mustered out
in June, and he is now in
Washington trying to get rid
of the pernicious malarial
fever which he contracted in
Cuba, He found Peruna
benefit on his return to the
-United States, and says the
following' in regard to the
great catarrh cure and tonic:
"I have taken Peruna as a.
tonic on my return from the
Cuban climate, and find it
Miss Jennie Johnson.
Miss Jennie Johnson, Vice
President Chicago Teachers'
Federation, 3118 Lake Park
avenue. Chicago, writes:
"Among the differentreme
dies I have tried whenin need
of a tonic none have helped
me more than Peruna. I find
it especially helpful in cases
of catarrh of the stomach; it
restores the functions of na
ture, induces sleep and builds
up the entire system."
Catarrh of the pelvic organs
is the bane of womankind.
Most' cases of backache are
caused by catarrh of the kid
neys. Peruna is iust the
medicine for catarrh of the
kidneys. It stimulates the
kidneys to excrete from the
blood the ac2umulating poi
son. It gives vigor to the
heart's action and digestive
system. Peruna sUould be
tzsed in all eases of catarrh of
the kidneys. ,
n Is Personally Conducted by Gen.
Manila, ,Tan. 12.The campaign in
northern Mindanao is directed personal
ly by Brigadier General Kobbe, with
headquarters at Cayagan. Colonel Birk
heimer, with five companies of the
Twenty-eighth regiment, has swept the
country and destroyed Filipino strong
holds in the vicinity of Santa, Ana.
Alajor Case, of the Fortieth regiment,
is operating In the mountainous region
of southw-est Cagayan. He has destroy
ed. several strongholds and captured
some prisoners.
Minor captures and surrenders con
tinue in Luzon.
The civil officers of several towns in
Zambales province met a,t San Antonio
recently and signed an ultimatum to
send to the insurgent leaders, notifying
the insurgents that they will be paid
thirty pesos apiece for rifles and lib
erated if they agree to keep quiet, set
ting forth that since General Mac
Arthur's proclamation it is Impossible
to any longer contribute assistance and
announcing that if the insurgents do not
return to their homes by January 34,
they will be considered enemies of their
people who will then assist the Ameri
cans to pursue them.
The Mother's Favorite
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is the
mother's favorite. It is pleasant and safe
for children to take nad always cures. It
is intended especially for coughs, colds.
croup and whooping cough,and is the best
medicine made for these d'Iriases. There
is not the least danger in giving it to
children, for it contains no opium nor
other injurious drug and may be elven
cortildentiy to a babe as to an. adult.
For sale by all Cruggi6ts.
rr's,- .
1 ,
1 ( ' 4) 4"
1:74'. .
. :',
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:,,-,-:- ; ,,,.,..,,,,,, -
.',4r: ,
-'...-',,'-,--...--..-,:t4: , . ,,,,,,,,,,
..;-2 '4:
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;11, .10
z ;
, -4
Peruna riot a Cure-All.
Peruna is not a "cure-all"; it cures
just one dis.2asecatarrh. But since ca
tarrh is able to fasten itself within the
different organs of the body, so it is that
Peruna cures atTections of these organs.
But we insist that Peruna cures one
disease only. We claim that Peruna is
the only internal. ,scientitic remedy for
catarrh yet devised. We claim that
catarrh is a systemic disease; that is to
says, it invades the whole system. We
claim that Peruna is a systemic remedy:
that is to say, it eradicates catarrh
from the system. Catarrh is not a local
disease; Peruna Is not a local remcdy.
Since catarrh invades the system, only
a systemic remedy can reach it. This is,
in brief, our claim in assigning to the
diseasecatarrhour remedy, Peruna.
Booker T. Washington, .IVsident, of
Tuskegee College, Tuskegee, Ala., says:
"I have used one bottle of Peruna and
I can truthfully sa3.- that I have never
taken any medicine that khas improved
me as much as Peruna."
There is no medicine that can take Its
place. Address The Femme. Medicine
Co., Columbus, O., for free catarrh book,
F- Niii I , r,
otri j4113iLt:' ',.77,'')17-?177 .,1
ii li N 1 ,,,,,1
" '' li : ,,,:-'k
COLDS ' ,:t.,---,L GRIPPE
N, , !,
y .
A , r
i i.
COUGHS0)( i. 'Ili iii .: CROUP
, 1, 1.,-,, ,,, i
5011E6- ;:;'4.3q-, i.- : HOARSE
B.. ,,,,,,4..,,,..,,,;,,,,..-!,,,,.:. . --
.TIIROAi,i).-.:,1:- r.,-,,, HESS
,t,-- - ,1,,A,4 s ,
.. .. , . l i'., t. :.1. ',, It:,...
ir ....; v.; , iv4.,, , ,,x' IN 1 , . '-, ,
,,,,..., 1,1 1 . !, lk., 7.k...:.:., '
ik.1 r, b. . '.' .1 ',,,,44
Pi '''''$:', , ,' , ' i 17t. ,,,'I
i''' 1,,fd i ',,,I If t qk, , i.; N . Ni: .
. til
F tt -
, b. I I ':A : ,
1 , ... '. 1 4,,
,----,' 444 - ,, , ,ff
i if (4,1, ,th. . ' A t- 1 i;' 7,- -.'-', y.
f: 1 Tifi .,11 ' ,It , ; 0 . 0
I:',.- 1 . '- - , 6,44v,..,..wwii. ,-,,,, '
, 4, .':'
, , -,, .
'' ,,- GEV. JOE WHEELER , ,
' r
t ' : , ,
Says of Peruna: ,' I join Sen-
-, .,;-:-
- z- ators Sullivan, Roach and , , ,
. ; ItIcEnery in their good opin- . - I
- .. - I011 Of Peruna as an effective ..,-':- 1
..1,---; -. catarrh remedy." t I
,, ,,-
A --
- A - ,:),",--.1:;''-z--- ,
4- - 4 - -:,-1,3 -:,.4.:.- :
- , c,4. - "'''-'-- '
', . iç'')11-, , ,,,: i
-4". N ,
, eif.,' '' i '',,' , . .V. ---
, , ?, ' ',' ,', -' ,-. : ::
,1:7'-', - ,,. t ' . :- , .:, -s ,,
, z,,,,,-7-,:-. ,,,-7... ' -- . ' ',,
' -, ,,X, , t
. ,,, ,,,,,", r-s, - - 1,(,!;,-;,,,,, -y...:;),,, , -.,
, -z,s- . . ' lil, ,,,,-,,,- -',,, x ' ,,, ,
, ......,..,-.
-,) 4',1, I, ,4,
' -;,- -: -. --------';', ,. - ,',
; '-',--14. -' -
,-,- i "''', - i;0441.,4'.-,t- ':. -.
. ,- ,,,... - - -
' ' '' ' , . 8', 4,--, ;t 4 -.1
' -.,-------'..-- - 2 ,..., , -
,ttr,-,,--4- " '''', ' AeS.-::,,;''.: '4 :I
'V-- i
( ,,,,,,),
,.A .,,,. c,
A. ,,,,,, , t., ,,,,,,:, ,
7) .,,.., 4., A.., ,
,:,,,,; ,,,x;x,-: .1
--, -x-- --
,.'.--:'-'0 ,,,,,,, . A , . , 2,...:,-,' ,....,,..,:,,,,:2,,,,z,-,, I, .. I,
V ,, ., ,,, --,-,.:,,,...F.
- ,,,,,:,,,,: -, ..,- ,
,, ,,,A ,t.--i,--,-
s; .,,, , . : , ,,:;,,,. ,,,..
, . ,.) ,t,,,,, 4.,,k2-..---1;,,,, .
,94,-,--",,,, i.,,, . i ,,,.....-; , ...:S.
i:: . - N -1-,---,'-----;---,,,-
-',.:1-, - U ; ' '''''-''-'-ft'::-q?;.-- .
-., ,
1 -..- .4; .,, .0, :',',,,i--,--- ,
' 4:.,
.,- ---- , ..,.,- ,
, -
-- ,
,, F. .-.. , ,,,? ., -----,--.-,-,
-:..-- :, . - v ----: Acil..1,-,..-----A-1-----------------
, ,....,
- - -,---,-,-, ,
- -..... 4SIZE----,----;-::--:,-
-1.,,l't,,b,,.,.,..,t:...,.,., .... , ..r:,.,.,,,::,-,,,,,,--..,,- ,
-----'----,--Ei-- '
,, ,
, ,
Says of Peruna: " 110117 Sen
ators Sullivan, Roach and.
McEnery their good opin
ion of Peruna as an effective
catarrh remedy."
He Was the Founder of Berea College
and Friend of Cassius M. Clay.
Chicago. Jan. 12.---A Tribune special
from Berea. Ky., says:
John G. Fee. founder of Berea college.
a famous abolitioniFt, die,d last night at
his home and the s::,.ene of his life's la
bors, sur,ounded by his surviving
daughter and grandchildren
Mr. Fee was born in Bracken countY,
Ky., on September 9. 1816. His fathe7'
vvas a slave owner, Ile studied in Aa
austa. (Ky.) college and Miami univer
sity. Oxford. O., and entered Lane The
oiogical seminary in 1842. ' Here he be
came an exponent of abolition,the result
of prayer. as he tells in his autobiog
raphy. He decided then upon his life
work. Fee's early years were tempestu
ous. His staunchest friend was Cassius
M. Clay. He was more than once as
saulted. Finally. in 1853. he came -.0
Berea and formed a church the lend be
ing acquired by Gen. Clay. Then corms
a story of mobs. of entreaties to leave
and his decision to hold on- Finally
there was born Berea college, open alike
to black and white. where people have
been educated regardless of color.
In his autibiography Mr. Fee tells cf
his early struggles.
Texas House Will Look Into the Con
, gressman's Record.
Austin, Tex.. Jan.11The house of tho
, Texas legislature has ordered the ap
pointment of a committee of seven to
investigate charzes preferred against
Corgrcssman J. 1.V. Bailey, that he Wa Et
interested in securinvf a re-issuance GL
permit to the, Wa,,rs,-Pierce cm coin
pany tck do business in this state after
ri A, v"."
dit io
Hon. Wrn. A. Deane, of San Franci,,0.
HOT1. 1Vm. A Doane. r!ta i,-.
of the city anti county et Sa a
r Francisco, in a lett,r writt, n
.Tit. from San Francisco, s.a s:
Pe' rlu n'T,''Lls' I I nh':itvelftf.ou'r.v,'it li); "t!,t)
') be the best remedy ,fttr ea
Attic tarrhal complaints that I ha
, ever used. I have ti lett liatt.a.
all of the so-called (L:kilit.
remedies advertised. nod I :i,1
'All:' P''' conscientiously say that (4' ;1.1
k 1 the rern,ðivs for elt 1.4 t 1 h i
complaints reconimervie.1 1,o
me none have been sa hen,
tivial as reruna."Wro. A
jp ane.
Everybody is subject to e t
tarrh. Peruna. cures cata t rh.
acute or chronic, whcrev,r
- , , ' ,,'
' ,.,1. .2.
...; -1
,,, w. ,
r., , , ' , 7 ,- . . . ' s ' . . : :
HUM Thomas Gaham
Hon.'lhornas Clahan of Chi
cago. member of the National
Committee of the I ternonrat
party. writes as follows:
'I was attlicted with ca tarrlt
forfourteen yearsand thoneh
I tried many remedies ati
applied to several doctol s
was not able to find a mile.
FinallY I learned of the rem.
edy, Peruna. through a ft
who had used A. I took re
runa for twemy-two WO. kS.
and am pow entirely cur,d.
have every reason to think
my cure a permanent one, as
it has been a year Sirlef. i!,
I can heartily recommend pe
runa a,s a catarrh remedy; it
will cure when all other r,
edies fall."Thomas Galata.
.Mrs. Brackett
- 3,1r F. E. Brackett, 8 Sald.
street, Medford. Mass., si,:
1. have been treating mys-lf.
for catarrh for tir,out tVV!11t y
four years. During thai titre
I have used many
kineos of medicine. but minc.
using your medicin,s to,,i
them far superior in every'
respect. The tonic effect of
Peruna Crl me is truly won
derful. My wife uses 41,1. t
recommends Peruna."F.
Few stop to realize in bow
many wayscatorrh. can effoct
the body. Every organ, evcrY
duct, every paSSitgO. eVeq V
opening of the human b,idy is
liable to catarrh. Peruno i
an inferno), syStelnic
remedy, a 11,1 WAS.
on all of the mucous mom -
branes of the human 1),..1y.
Consequently it is equally ef
fective to cure catarrh in any
A New loc
for Packages, Bundles, Parcels,
Etc., Ring up
Telephone 831
and we will call for and deliver
your things for 100
'Merchants whose Delivery Sys
tem is not satisfactory will be given
rates that will save them money
upon application to LIB.
Prompt and satisfactory service.
Pakage Ðzlivery
624 anza3 Avenue.
that com--)any's charter had bech
The prel:minary movcrtionts tho L-
vestigation bo awattod with tneca
interest by all polities' factims, as t.0
legislature will have to voto for a .17'
ted States senator un Tuesday nal NI,.
Bailey is a candidate fur tewt
with enough instructed VOt,S tO
Such little pillst as De WPCs Lit Ilt 1,,,r1,-
It,sers are very eH,ily taken wc,1 ,
are wonderfully effccti,,e rie,1?,l,,; t!.0
liver anti bowels. drug btures.
'"'"'"..11,7,-... '-.',...,,.
( ,,,? ,,,,f,- -''''-.,,-, - - -' ""1t,' -
,, ..., ,-,.. -
, -, ; 1 ,-1'"'''.. -, 't
l'N'e) --.-,---.:'--4
' 1 ri-,,.1...,4,
, . ,
, 1 '
N 7
,,,,, ..
,,,:,:,7- , N
I ,
: , s,, , ,....,' , s,:7.
e''''.''''',,: ' ''''',;,,..-.,,,,,'''''''-' - --:,' -,,i
0,;;,,,,,, , ......,2' ,, ,, ;:, 4,..-
, ,,-;;- -,, t
I -7- ''
, ,.,,
- - - ýol
-..,: .7:r-...,... N - 0,0
, , Ir
",4 -

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