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the State Journal
Elaggie's Enlightenment
From Women's Life.J
"Jack!" ,
These exclamations the former in a
tone of tearful entreaty, the latter in de
lighted surprise burst simultaneously
from the two young people who faced
each other across an apartment which
was half parlor, half workroom and
evidently the abode of a bachelor.
"I couldn't stand it any longer, Jack,"
the girl went on to say. after certain
tender passages. "Mother has made my
life a burden, with 'Dr. Kerr this." and
'Dr. Kerr that' ... 'a most eligible
man, desirable partner,' and so on. Sh
is quite under his influence; and, if I
stayed at home, he'd influence me. too,
against my will, for there's something
about him tha.t fascinates as well as re
pels me. He reminds me ftf a hand
some boa-constrictor. Let's eret married
at once, dear, and face the future to
gether. I am a careful little housewife,
and I could do something to swell the
income till your position improves."
Jack, otherwise Mr. Johr Ludlow,
looked a little blank lor a moment, then
a smile lit up his face, and he said.
"What a little goose it is! I'm anxious
enough to be mated, goodness knows,
but people can't be married at an hour's
notice, even with the Bank of Knertfind
at hack of them." Then, noticing the
trifl's heightened color and distressed
expression, he: added, "But love will find
out a way, as the oid son-r says. I've
an aunt, a dear old soul: I'll take you
to her. She lives not far awav, at
Brompton, and we'll be married imme
diately on my return."
"On your return! Where are you go
ing:, Jack?"
"Stupid of m-e; but your advent has
sent my wits woolgathering, and I
haven't told you of a slice of pood luck
ti'r.t will put us above daily worries
about the butcher, baker, and ca-Tile-stkk-nviker.
A firm that I have done
s me lf siins for have employed me to
KO over to Paris for the exposition to
attend to a shew of art metal work,
for the first month. The honorarium
is a liberal one, and they have promise t
to find me .permanent employment after
ward here. What do you think of
"O. Jack, it sounds delightful! You're
not telling me this to cheer me up I'd
I rather face the truth."
"It's a decided f?.rf, darling: I start
tomorrow, and they have advanced me
25 toward expenses. L"t rr? give you
some; I shall get on all rigrht."
"No. dear: not a penny. I've brought
.my own little savings, and my poit
"manteau is at the lusgage cfli -e. I
o uldn't bring more tway, but mother
will come round to the inevitable an!
send my belongings and a!! she can
snare. I feel sure. Things lave come
ri;.fht f jr us. Jack." '
"Yo-i aie certainly a courageous and
optimistic little person." sail the young
fellow with enUtusir.sm. "Now come
along at once; we'll get your luggage,
have something to eat. and give aunt
a surprise. I must telegraph to your
mother, too."
"I left a little note," said the girl, -with
tears in her eyes. "Poor mother; I
hope she won't be very uni appy over
it, but really I couldn't endure the
"She'll take, it in the right spirit. We
shall have a scolding, and then things
n ill settle down."
But Mrs. Devon's mood, when she had
lead her daughter's farewell epistie and
the lover's explanatory letter, was far
from kindly. She apostrophized Maggie
as u "silly ar.d audacious little chit."
and Jack as a "penniless adenturer."ai..1
resolved to break oft the match without
scandal, if possible, during the lover's
sojourn on the continent. Her thoughts
turned to Dr. Kerr as an ally, and sha
sent for that gentleman when her mind
was fully made up.
The doctor1 very soon put in an ap
pearance, for- his friend's hastily sor, ta
bled note, "Maggie left home. Want,
your advice and help, please," aroused,
very mixed feelings in his breast. He
was a tall, rath'-r imposing-looking man,
undeniably handsome after his style, and
1 he re was much power behind the small,
steady yes eyes which had earned tor
him Maggie's title of "boa-contrictor."
"Oh, Dr. Kerr! I'm so glad you've
come; please read this," said Mrs. Devon
as she put Jack's letter into his hands
"Delighted to be of set vice," answered
the doctor.
"I'm determined that the marriage
shall not take place. I d..- not believe
the tale about 'regular employment, ' a,rd .
so or,; these unsuctersLUl uuuoors are
mendacious to a degree."
"I gather that the gentleman is an ar
tist," the doctor observed.
"He calls himself one. Yonder is his
portrait of Maggie. I've turned the faca
to the wall, you see. I can't bear the
sight of it."
"There's a photograph of him in the
album, opposite to one of my daughter,
if you care to st?e it." Mrs. Devon said,
still in great irritation.
Kerr took up the album, found the
your.gr fellow's likeness, and studied it so
long that his hostess began to lose pat
ience. 1
"You seem attracted, Dr. Kerr," she
said, fanning herself vigorously; "I hope
his 'good looks' which do not appeal to
my notion, I may say have not be
witcheel you as they have Maggie."
"Nothing of the kind, I assure you."
retorted Kerr, blandly; "but I seem to
have a sort of recollection of the face.
I trust that I am mistaken, for the rec
ollection scarcely does the original cred
it." j
"Oh!" cried Mrs. Devon, impulsively,
"my poor girl. Doctor, you'll help me ro
fight against her infatuation, will you
"With all my heart, provided that my
memory has played me no trick. May
I take this portrait for a day or two to
attempt to verify the recollection?"
"By all means, Oh, I'm so glad I sent
for you, and Maggie will learn to thank
you for saving her from this designing
That young lady was uncomfortably
surprised to see Dr. Kerr ushered in. a
week or so after her flight. "He's senc
to fetch me back." she thought. "Well,
I'm of age. and he dare not use force.
We shall see."
"You see in me, Miss Devon," said the
dex-tor, "a man charged with an un
pleasant though kindly mission."
"I'm not ooming back," Maggie broke
in, rebelliously.
Kerr's face took on a pitying expres
sion, and he said in his most quiet and
impressive manner, "I sincerely regret
to have to destroy your romance. Miss
Devon, for I know your lovable and
trusting disposition. Will you oblige me
by looking at this? It is a snapshot ta
ken at Brighton by a friend of mine."
He handed her a carte-de-visite as he
spoksf. 1
Maggie took the picture, and, as she
scanned it. every particle of color faded
gradually from her face. It was Jack
her Jack seated in a nook on the beach
end beside him was a very pretty,
though pert-looking girl, and his am.
was round her waist.
Kerr kept a discreet silence, and look
ed steadily out of the window.
"I am reiady to accompany you. Dr.
Kerr," said the girl, suddenly, in a bro
ken voice; "but the lady of the house
must never know of her nephew's per
fidy. That carte must have been taken
almost at the same time as another
which he sent to me in the summe".
Cruel, unmanly deceiver."
"It was seeing his portrait in vour al
hum that enabled me to perform you
this service," Kerr said, kindly. "I you
will allow me, I will make a suitable ex
planation to the aunt, without any ref
erence to this incident."
Jack's aunt, Mrs. Solly, the dear old
soul, as he had fittingly described her,
scarcely knew w hat to naake of the girl's
sudden resolve, but Kerr's dipltvmatic
statement that the mother thought her
daughter's marriage should take place at
home appealed to her respectable ideas
of the fitness of things, and she offered
no objection when Maggie kissed her and
stated that she would acquaint Jack tvy
It was a bitter home journey for the
girl; wounded pride, and worse wound
ed affection, inducing a state of mind
which was pitiable. But Korr behaved
with the utmost tact and generosity, and
Maggie thought more gratefully of him
than she had believed possible. The
letter she wrote to her old sweetheart
was brief. It ran:
"I have changed my mind, and am at
home again. I wish you to understand
that all is over between us. M."
This came like a thunderbolt on Jack
at a most busy and profitable time. His
first thought was to throw over the
concern and go home for an explanation.
Then the specter of the old barren time
stared him starkly in the face, and he
hesitated. Finally he wrote a simple,
manly letter, which was worded so:
"My Dear Maggie Your cold and cruel
note has tried me sorely at this time
and distance. Do ycu really mean what
you say, and am I not worthy an ex
planation? I do not recognize your dear
sell in the words at all, and feel sure
you have been worked upon to write
them. But I am still ihe same, and do
not intend to give you up. unless you
have really ceased to care for me. Write,
my darling, and tell me more. Always
your own, JACK."
This communication, with the fatal
portrait in her possession. simply aroused
the girl's contempt, and outraged her
every feeling. She burned the letter
straightway, and did not reply to it.
Things went very smoothly for Dr.
Kerr within the next fortnight. He
wisely did not attempt to press his woo
ing, knowing well that a deceived wo
man at such a time i3 better won with
a show of disinterested kindness and
support; and Maggie's aversion began
to vanish by d. peers, and she even look
el forward to bis frequent visits with
something of relief. An accomplished
and experienced man, he knew very well
how to change the monotony and agony
of her thoughts.
Tne break came one ever.ing when
mother, daughter and guest were seated
at tea.. There was a ring at the bill,
aid in another moment Jack and Maggie
stood once more face to face.
It was Mrs. Devon who sooke first. -"I
am surprised that even your au
dacity sufi'eis you to come here, sir,"
sho said.
"I crn neit audacious. Mrs. Devon,"
replied the young fellow, as calmly as
l e could, "but I demand an explana
tion." Mrs. Devon took the carte from a
"Dr. Kerr, will you be so Vinti?"
Kerr bowed, took the likeness, and
handed it to Ludlow, without a word.
The young fellow looked at it.
"I can't understand it; it is I, and yet
not," he said, unsteadily. "But there is
S'me horrid mistake. I I Oh!
hang it all, Maggie, did you ever see me
betlizeneel in this fashion? Look at the
rings and the scarf pin."
The girl turned with a startled face
and locked at the man's hands and tie.
There were three massive rings on the
fingers in front of the girl's waist, and
a cameo as lar.se as a small brooch was
stuck in the ceckerchief.
"But it's you. . ,1 the face, Ja
Mr. Ludlow," she said, wavering.
Jack scrutinized the photograph more
closely. At last he said, with deliberate
and sure intonation:
'"Very clever, and a case for the po
lice. Some one has obtained a portrait
of me, and made 9 photograph of the
face and neck; these have been adjusted
to another body. It is merely a com
posite picture a trick that is done every
day by clever photographers."
There was an awkward silence, and
the women looked curiously at Dr. Kerr.
"I shouid like to assure myself," he
said, holding out his hard for the por
trait, and Jack passed it without hesi
tation or demur. v
Kerr looked at the card with an in
tertnesa which was rather overdone:
then he tore it across, and threw the
pieces into the fire.
"The rascal you are right, sir," he
ejaculated. - .
"A clever stroke to think to destroy all
evidence," began Jack.
"This is monstrous, sir." Kerr replied
hotiy. "Mrs. Devon. Miss Devon. you
believe in my single-mir.dedness, I
But Maggie's old aversion came back,
and she made no reply. Her mother, if
wrong-headed, was no fool, and replied,
"Doubtless Mr. Ludlow will be good
enougli to let the unfortunate affair
drop, for our sak'-s."
This was a left-handed blow, but a
hard one, nevertheless, and Kerr saw
that the game was up. But. assured that
his reputation woulel not be asseeiled out
of the house, he took his cue swiftly.
"This comes of taking another's trou
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bles on one's shoulders," he said. "I beg
to wish you all good night."
He bowed himself out in a heavy,
awkward manner, that was as apparent
to himself as to the others.
Deprived of her unworthy champion,
Mrs. Devon found occasion to leave the
room, too, to let matters take their
course, and the lovers were left alone.
"Oh, Jack, can you ever forgive me?"
said Maggie, tearfully, throwing herself
into his arms.
"With that diabolical .picture before
my own mental vision, I can find every
excuse for you," retorted her lover, ac
companying the remark with an expres
sive hug.
The teacher asked the class wherein
lay the difference in meaning between
the words "sufficient" and "enough."
" 'Sufficient,' " answered Tommy, "is
when mother thinks it's time for 'me to
stop eating pudding; 'enough' is when I
think it is." Tit-Bits.
"Why do you always tip your barber?"
"Want him to keep quiet," said Skid
poles. "It is not a tip, you know, but
hush money." Kansas City Star.
You may think you're smart in business,
and a rapid money-maker;
That you're galloping ahead while oth
ers crawl.
But it's well you should consider that
the plodding undertaker
Is the final overtaker of us all.
Philadelphia Press.
"The spectacle presented -in the Brit
ish house of commons yesterdav would
be utterly impossible here," asserted the
Practical Politician.
"I should hope so," answered the
Casual Caller. "To have members
dragged from the hall by the police is
not an edifying sight."
"Oh, well," said the Practical Poli
tician, "I'll not go so far as to say that
members might not be dragged out by
the police in this country. The point I
make is that this couldn't happen to
Irish members of sry governmental body
as was the case in London."
"Why not?"
"Because of the nationality of our po
licemen, of course. What a foolish ques
tion to ask!" Chicago Evening Post.
Bill What would you call a short ac
quaintance? Jill Why, Gill: I tried to borrow a
quarter from him, and he didn't have it.
Yonkers Statesman.
She The opera was a bore positively
no one there of interest.
He How about the de Reszkes and
"How silly of you. I meant to say
there were no prominent people there!"
He Look here, my1 dear. I cannot af
ford to entertain on such a scale as you
have indulged m of late.
She John, I really believe you are just
the kind of a man who would be per
fectly happy if you lived within your
income. Li fe.
"The safe have fell over, ma'am, on
top of the new sample haht, and mashed
it," said the apprentice, producing a
jumbled mass of flattened millinery.
"Ah, now it is a perfect dream! Put
a rew card on it, 'Crushed shades: latest
out. .1 Price $Sft.99,' " said the delighted
St. Catherine street milliner. Montreal
Blind Bill (who has just received a
copper "Thankee, sir; thankee. I noo
as you wouldn't fergit the poor blind
man d'rectly I see yer come 'round the
corner." Tit-Bits.
"George, dear, you and I would get on
better if there were a little more give
and take between us." "Humph! A lit
tle more give on my part and a little
more take on yours, I suppose." Brook
lyn Life. l
Feminine Feeling. Miss Gush "Isn't
Mr, Fresh lei gh a dear! He told me yes-
terday that he loves rne!" Miss Thrust 1
"I'm not surpriseel; he wouldn't wound
any one's feelings for' the world by tell
ing them the truth." Ohio State Jour
nal. It Would Save Trouble. "Oh. dear!"
she sighed, "I wish it would get to be the
fashion to write letters in dialect."
"Why?" "Then I could reply to those
Boston cousins of mine without taking a
conrse in the firtionary every time."
Chicago Times-Herald.
He'd Settle Old Scores. Tommy "Oh!
Ouch! Stop that!" Mamma "Why,
Tommy, aren't you ashamed? I would
n't cry that way if it was my hair that
was being combed." Tommy (fiercely)
"I'll bet you would if I was doin' the
combing." Philadelphia Press,
A Moral Lecture. Miss X'pperten
"They-say there is a great deal of misery
among the peor." Miss Gotrox "Well,
it's their own fault. There is Reggy
Van Pelt, for instance, wdth only ten
thousand a year, trying to keep a yacht
and a stable of horses no wonder he's
miserable!" Puck.
Quite a Relief. Husband "What do
you do when you hit your thumb with a
hammer? You can't swear." Wife
"No; but I can think, with all my might
and main, what a perfectly horrid,
mean, inconsiderate, selfish brute you
are not to drive the nails yourself."
New York Weekly.
The Artistic Tousle "O, May! how
did you get your hair arranged so beau
tifully? "I did it up carefully and then
played two games of basketball."
Puck. I '
"Now, darling, I don't want you to
give me anything for my birthday, ex
cept the promise you will be a good
girl." "Oh, mamma, that's too bad, I've
buyed you somefin else." Brooklyn Life.
No Rival. Mr. Blinks Who has been
here? Mrs. Blinks No one. Mr. Blinks
Huh! Who's been smoking those ci
gars you gave me last Christmas? Mrs.
Blinks No one, my. dear. - The lamp
was turned up too high, that's all. New
York Weekly.
Carrie Charley thinks my new gown
just beautiful. He said last evening it
was a perfect dream. What are you
grinning at? Madge Oh. nothing. I
was only thinking that Charley told me
only today that he has such horrid
dreams. Boston Transscript.
The Improved Plan. "Do you read a
novel as most women do?" asked Ar
dent Admirer; "read the last chapter
and then the rest of the story?" "Oh,"
said the Loveliest Girl, "that sort of
thing is out of date. We now read the
last chapter and then go tb see the
dramatization." Indianapolis Press.
Placing the Blame. "My dear," said
the meek Mr. Newliwed. "I don't like to
complain, but this omelet you made "
"What's the matter with it?" she in
quired. "Well er it's rather hard to
cut it, and " "Gracious! I was afraid
that man would send me tough eggs.
I'll stop dealing with him." Philadel
phia Press.
Jackson "The baby's getting more
like its mother every day." i
Johnson "That so?"
Jackson "Yes; it's learning to talk."
Indianapolis Sun.
t- 1 at
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