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The Topeka state journal. [volume] (Topeka, Kansas) 1892-1980, March 28, 1901, LAST EDITION, Image 3

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, , tn tv.,v that the only way to overcome irjdl"
PeopU i ed " thctf and I many thlnt so etill. But the
?U?Bri21hftUndot twtment is the fact that to stop
only ""iVuiDP ludwecjn hardly cU that a cure.
'J??J&ol ww become known the whole
n?tb od o ftrSS inifgPest1oa b been changed. It digests
rnS . pat wd 1 permit you to eat all the good lood you Deed
rBd Testhe 8US perfect rest; and its use consulates a
ail commoa Tense method of curing dyspepsia and indigestion
Wot MF S
lib V' a,
Prepared by E. O. S.W1U Co.. Chicago.
f" Z . kiiunciist nr
fi A Profitable
Way to
See the West
Is to join one of the personally
conducted California excur
sions of the Santa Fe Koute.
Congenial companions are as
sured. Special conductors relieve yoa
of all care and contribute
materially to your enjoyment.
No extra charge.
Inquire of
T. L. KING, Agent,
The Atchison, Topeka Santa Fe
Railway, Topeka.
Sultan of Sulu Greets the Taft
Commission at His Capital.
Join. Island of Sulu. March US The
commission tas heartily received, the
lieaUiiuarrers of the sultan and the resi
dences of many of the people being dec
orated with fiajis. the stars and stripes
floating throughout the town,- while
thousands of fir -oraek- rs were exploded
In all directions. it was a beautiful
fummer morning, and when the sultan
i ad not put in an appearance upon the
arrival of the last launch, a cutter was
font with the secretary of the coramis
t ion to invite the sultan to visit the ship.
'1 hey brought back his majesty, clothed
in gold and purple, and decorated with
Jewels. He presented a comic opera
aspect as he came on board, followed
by his ministers and a score cf relatives
in motley court array. They were gre?t
ed with a salute of 17 guns. Commis
sioner Taft explained to hi majesty
that there was no disposition, on the part
-f the members to mi erf ere with the
ndmlnlsrration cf the sultan's affairs, or
1 ne habit.-, customs and religion, of the
people. He said that the only motive
poverning The commission was the pros
pective pr-)sperHy and happiness of the
people of the ftulu islands, and that the
people of the United Slates expected the
treaty to be strictly observed. The sul
tan then thanked Commissioner Taft,
and spoke proudly of the cable and
other improvements introduced by the
Americans, adding that his best friends
were the military officials ami that lie
expected to abide by the decision of the
commissioners and to follow their ad
vice. His majesty then inspected the
ship and during the afternoon received
the army officials and commission, at
Ills headquarters. Native sports fol
lowed, which were witnessed by the
commissioners and others.
30 Days in an Open Boat.
Ctk Town, March. 2S. The Nor
wegian bark Andromeda has landed a
part of the crew of the Psyche, which
foundered January IT. The rescued sail
ors were thirty days In an open boat,
nnii subsisted upon shark and albatross.
r5 e the members of the crew per
ished os a result of the exposure, and
the remainder were nearly dead when
rescued. Ti e Psyche's mate and five
men who put to sea in the second boat
are etill missing.
Geological Survey of Cuba.
Washington. March 28. Three expert
peologists from the United States sur
vey have been detailed to make a geo
logic and mineral recor.noissance of the
island of Cuba. They are C. Willard
Hayes, T. Wayland Vauglian and A. C.
fpencer. Messrs. Hayes and Vaushan
iiave reached the island and taken up
their work, after conference with the
military governor. It is expected that
these geologists' will accomplish results
rtt distinct economic value to the island.
Their assignment is at the request of
Secretary Root and Major General Wood
end is with the approved of Secretary
r-f the Interior Hitchcock. The expenses
will be met by the Cuban government
The lingering cnufrTi follrwiti!? trrfppe
cabs for One Minute Couph Cure. For all
Throat and lung troubles i.iiis is the only
harmless remedy that sives immediate re
ult3. .Prevents consumption.
Ths Mast Fcpular H3ir end Scalp
Preparation in this City.
The Retail Drug Trade Scarcely Able
to Keep It In Stock.
The demand for Coke Dandruff Cure is
something enormous. Not alone in this
city, but all over the world.
Mary physicians prescribe Coke Dand
ruff Cure and use it in their families.
The A. J. Arnold Dn:sr Co., North. To
peka. and Rowley fe Snow continue to
receive favorable reports.
Coke Dandruff Cure Indorsed by
Havingr used Coke Dandruff Cure with
surprising- success, I feel at liberty to
heartily indorse it as a clean, sweet,
tSclent remedy, doing- all as vou claim.
tui-djr Institute, .Boston, Mass.
t i W aa
-- a .jj ...
botUe Mlmi . 50a. toa.
ront!ratlon, ow the famous little liver
Tey never gripe.
Mild Winter Makes Shortage in
Natural Supply Prices For
Approaching Season.
The mild weather of the past -winter
has been unfortunate for ice dealers who
depend upon a, harvest of the natural
product. The same conditions have
been correspondingly favorable to the
ice makers of Kansas and western Mis
souri. Inquiries recently made of people
interested in these lines elicit the fact
that there is a bis shortage of the crop
of natural ice.
It is said that forty thousand tons less
than usual vvtre cut this seas en at (Ma
la, and that there is a similar shortage
of about iifty thousand tons in Kansas
on the Missouii river betv.-e',.n St. Jcseph
ami Kansas City. At Lawrence, in this
state, where are located several large ice
stcratse houses, it is understood ito ice
whatever was harvested. At Topeka the
estimate is that the ice companies put
up about fifteen hundred toils- of thin
natural ie. which is available for little
use aside from the icing- of cars and such
The warm srea existed all winter in
Kansas and Nebraska as far north as
Those familiar with the conditions ani
fiKtus say that no naturftl ice cm be de
livered in Kansas City on r ack ffm the
north duriTi.t; the coining seus-on for lets
than ?4 pf r tor, not counting- ?hrinkat;-:1.
V . L. liickey, niaraS'T -if the Peo
ple's Ii-e company, of TopeK.i. has this
to say upon matters of interest to ice
"The public does not seem to fully
understand or upt.reciate the uh-posi-lion
or intention of our coni-any. Last
year wo were accused of being a trust
and raising: prices. We were charged
with roboinsr the people. The facts wer?
exactly the r-'verse. Our prices wre
less than these charged in Kansa- City,
where die of the larccst eorH'auies has
six thousand customers to serve, and
where coal i- 75 cents a ton less than
it ccs.ts in Toneka-
"While pecple renerally frraoefullv ac
cept advances in prices on n' arly every
other article entarlnjr into the cost of
living-, no advance in i--e if caileu r ib
bei v . Aiaferi..ils and pr- ducts wio 'l
er-tt-r inti the munufactuj u -f is.e hr-ve
.i.lvaiKi.-.l heavily it cost. Steam crl
is 20 per cent, hihi': ; i-.e an 1 iron
products are from 25 rc A'f per ce;rt.
hitrhei-; ammonia ccsts 40 tr reit. more,
and all labor einploj.ed by ti- e rc.i .rjfT1
tcreres -f ioe are belir faid. yet vou
will iii'd r-e;pie horrib 1 at tiie iiiinor
that ice wilt advance even five cfnts per
hundred pounds.
"Notwithstanding these oondi' ions the
Pefiple's Ice c-rmpany will not make any
peneral advance r, too price of ice for
this season's cor sumpt ion in . Topeita.
All the dealers here will itroiuce the
coupon book system of selling ice wVoh
is in t'pi"-ati .n in eastern and southern
cities generally, and as.k cash in advance
for the books.
"The "prices will be revlstd and base !
upon a ouamity scale, as fellows. Cus
tomers usin? coupon becks-
"Ten pounds at one delivery. 65 cents
per leO potiods.
"Twenty-ri-e pounds at one delivery, 43
cents per too rounds.
"Fifty to yventy-flve pconds at one
delivery, 40 cents per Hitl pouuds.
"100 to 175 pounds at one delivery, 33
cents per ICO pounds.
"2t0 to 275 pounds at one delivery. 30
t-cems per 1 '0 pounds.
";100 to fi.ii! pounds at one deliverj-, 25
cents pr I'M) t'ounds.
"i)o0 to l.ioo pcutids at one delivery.
22' cents per 100 pounds.
"2. loo or more pounds at one delivery,
20 cents per 100 pounds.
"Higher prices to persons not holding
coujvon books.
"There will be no distinction between
residence and business house prices. The
above price list shows an advance upon
10 pound deliveries of 13 cer.ts per hun
dred )ounds. and on 25 pound deliveries
of live cents per hundred pounds. The
company does not wish to deliver 10
pound pieces of ice. and attention is
caiied to the fact that a 25 pound de
livery made every other day will est
the customer P-ss than 10 pounds de
livered daily did last year, and will give
to the customer 75 pounds more ice each
Marital Affairs of the Russslls Once
More Adjusted.
London, March 23. The Countess Rus
sell was granted a divorce today upon
the ground of tiie alleged bigamv of the
Karl of Russell with Mrs. SjmerviUe.
The suit was not defended.
John Prancls Stanley. Ear! Russell,
was married to Moihe Somerviile. daugh
ter of the late George Cooke of Cumber
land, Scotland, on April IS. Imoo. la Reno.
Nev. They had been living for several
months previous in Nevada, where both
had obtained decree of divorce. Karl
Iusseil obtained a divorce front Countess
Russell on the ground of desertion. He
alleged that she had left him nearlv ten
years ago. She was Miss Mabel Edith
Peon, youngest daughter of the late S;
Claude Edward Scott. The domestic trou
ble of the earl and his wife first came
to public notice in lss-1, when Countess
Russell broucht suit for a divorce, ba.sed
on cruelty and other chare-es. Countess
Russell's sua failed, and tiie judge took
the unusual course of requiring her to
pay Its cost, amounting to more than
J-'3.'X As a result of that suit The eail
obtained a judicial separation. Countess
Russell in April. Ps:c. successfully sued
for a restoration of her c-oniugal rights,
withdrawing the charces which she had
made in her suit for divorce.
Body Guards on Bikes.
Berlin, March 28. Among the safe
guards to be utilized hereafter for the
safety of Emperor William when he ap
pears in public will be four bodyguards
on bicycles accompanying the carriage.
The coachman and footmen will be
armed with revolvers. Experiments
wffrb these AT-rarorptnenrs in tirnTrpaa
under the supervision o aides-de-camp I
of the emperor. " 1
Attorney Evans of the Rock
Island in Washington.
Reports Favorably on the Re
survey of Indian Lands.
Permission Asked For a Sew
Line of Railroad.
New Freight Depot to Be Built
at Lawrence.
Press dispatches from Washington, D.
C, say that V. F. Evans, assistant at
torney for the Rock Island, is conferring
with the interior department regarding
the opening of the Kiowa-Comanclie-Apache
Several weeks ago Mr. Evans repre
senting the Rock Island road signed a
contract with the government by which
the Rock Island people were to make
the resurvey of the Indian lands about
to be opened. A large number of sur
veyors have been rushed into the terri
tory and the work has been going on
From the pre ress made he feels war
ranted in sayint, that the surveying work
will be completed by the last of June,
but in any event will be tlroshed before
August 6. the time when the reservation
is to be opened by proclamation. In
spector Ntssler, who is following the
surveyors in the work of alloting the
lands to the Indians, is ah'.o making sat
isfactory progress. Mr. Evans believes
Mr. Nessier will be throuch with that
pai-t of the woik as soon as the'survt y
ing is dore. Mr. Nessier is following
cluf-e bi. hind the surveyors with his corps
of assistants, and the ladiat.s are given
tli? lands they desire as rapidly as they
car. be satisfied and indicate their choice.
While in Washin.ton the department
wiil corsu!J informally with Mr. Evans
relative to the work of surveying '.lie
Wkbita reservation. It is the d -sire of.
the government to open the Wichita
reservation to settlement at the same
time the iviowa and Cormaiche and
Apache reservation is opened. At the
last session of congress SO.Ol'O was ap
propriated for the work cf allotment and
survt. and this added to the $10.K)i
which remained of the fund previously
appropriated, made it possible for the
government to proceed with tre work
as bt fore, fojn? qupstio.i has arisen as
to whether the department has authority
in law for lt-ttir.g a contract for the sur
veying work, and the matter has been
referred to the department of justice.
In any vent it is believed Mr. Evans
wiil do the work. Xf no other way can
be found he ar-d his corps of surveyors
will be employed by the day. with a
definite und. i standing as to the amount
to be done each clay. a;d with a view to
the ultimate cost falling below the
cmouc. appropriated.
From the txpicssions of Mr. Evans to
day it is possible the total cost of the
work will not exceed ' J2C.G00. The road
he represents is anxious a;:d admitted
ly from a selfish standpoint to have the
cc.ur.try opened to settlement, and the
department has used this fact to get co-or.--!
at ion in the worl:. much to the ad
vantage of the government and affecting
a nuiteiia! savins.
Mr. Plva'-fi a f.-i filed with the depart
mem maps cf d-. finite location for twenty-five
ml!-: s of new road in Indian Ter
ritory. fr-m Ar.auarka to Fort Sill, and
hopes to have tarly approval of the loca
tion, so that the road may proceed with
oirsli uction as rapidly as possible. He
beii .yes that ti.e e.per.irg of the Kiowa,
Comanche and Apache and Wichita
reservations will mean great things for
the southwi st. and that the development
of the new country will be phenom
Safsty System For Santa Fe. and
Rock Island.
Wichita. March 2s. The Santa Fe and
Rrek Islcnd. jointly, are lettic a con
tract for the construction of an interlock
ing plant at the point where the Rock
Island crosses tiie mam line of the Santa
Fe. The irferlocltiny r.r-paratus wiil ob
viate all danper of a. collision, and at the
same lime wili be a saving of about three
or four minutes of time. At present all
trains oacsne this point are compelled to
cmo to full ston until given a clearing
sicnai bv l In operator. t'eder the new
sviem the Train that will arrive first at
the lock will htve the light of way. and
by a peculiar construction, of the track
a' trnin cor.n'Tg in the opposite direction
will i-e unille to obtain a clearance until
the oth"r train has passed. A system of
lights v i'l signal which of the two trains
lias the right ol way, and if the engineer
of the train not having the rit;ht of way
fails p ob.y the same, tile result will be
that his train will run eff the track, but
It cannot cause any damage to the other.
The interlocking plant will cost In the
neighborhood of .1,. and work of con
structing the same will begin in the near
"Work of Inspecting- G. C. fe S. F.
Time-Pieces Completed.
Annual watch inspection on the G., C.
&. S. V. line :f the Santa Fe system has
been completed. Four hundred and fifty
seven watches were found in reliable con
dition: thirty-three were turned over to
inspectors fur repairs and thirty-seven
were condemned. The condemned watches
were timepieces that were not up to the
standard in gracie. but were heretofore
passed on account of their good timekeep
ing; faihng to make a given rate this
year, were ruled out of service. The Santa
Fe s well known system of watch inspec
tion gives every make or kind of watch a
fair chance. No watches are passed on
account of name on the plates or other
feature of recommendation. Merit is th
only point of recognition. A watch may
be ornamented with jewels innumerable,
fancy dial and handsome hands, but if it
would not run within prescribed rules in
three piositions. the jewels and other em
beiiishments would not gain it an Intro
duction into the Santa .Fe's roll of honor.
The company established se-enteen jew
els as minimum so far as jewels are con
cerned, but the next and most important
virtue is timekeeping that's the secret.
It used to lie that employes would pur
chase the most elaborate eases and dials,
but utility is the motto now days, and
the best movements and plain case with
out frills or gewgaws arf the only points
which appeal to pratie&d railroad men.
The Santa Fe's time service has been a
revelation to the watch world, and has
been copied by little and big roads every
where. The Boston & Maine railroad
put it in vogue, and placed ll.AuO of Its
employes under its provisions. The
progress ot railroads includes a careful
conduct of time necessities as well as
special conveniences for passenger and
freight traffic, and the -Santa Fe reaches
out for the highest character In them all.
Northern Pacific and Great Northern
Want Control.
New York, March 2S. Tiie Evenin?
Post says:
Burlington and Northern Pacific
shares were etrong- and active on th
revival of the reports that there would
be a lease of the Burlington by the
Northern, Pacific and Great Northern
railways.. No official confirmation of
these reports could be obtained today,
and important stockholding interests in
the Burlington denied having informa
tion that any offer had been made for
the Burlington railway. It may also be
said that neither the Great Northern or
the Northern Pacific have considered
such a lease or terms for taking over the
Burlington. ; . ,
A strong effort is underway, however
to secure control of the Burlington and
to turn It over to the Northern Pacific
and the Great Northern. . These propos
als originate with President J. J. Hill
and the negotiations are entirely in his
hands. Whether he will be successful in
inducing the present management of the
Burlington to accept his proposals re
mains to be seen. It is believed that Mr.
Hill is prepared to bid a high cash price
f or Burlington, to lease it at a specified
guaranteed rental or to exchange the
Ftock for bondsj as the Lake Shore at d
Michigan Central was -acquired by the
New York Central.
Reduction in Horse Kates.
A reduction in the rate on horses from
the state of Washington to points in th
east has been announced by the Great
Northern road. Since the outbreak of the
Spanish-American war the Great North
ern's traffic in horses has been exceed
ingly large. Last season's traffic over th
Great Northern was estimated at twenty
Pve train loads of horses. The traffic not
only proved profitable for the road, but
for the horse breeders of central and
easteru Washington, and they have gone
into that line of stroek raising quite ex
tensively. The -Great Northern is anxious
to encournse them all it can. It is with
that object in view- the reduction in rate
has been det ided upon. According to the
new tariff issued th - rate will le $142 fnt
a i hirtv-foot car. $15'! for a thirty-three
foot car and 171 for a thirty-six-foot car
to St. P-Hil. To Chicago the rates will bft
ibW. S1-2 end ?n resoectively. The old
rates were JITl.uO. $lNi.9 and re
spectively, to St. Paul, and S2ey, $214 and
respertiv-elv. to Chicago. The new
rates will en into effect April 1. The
Northern I'aciiic will meet these rate
and apply them from Montana.
. To Absorb Mexican Roads. -
Mexico City, March 2S. The air is full
Of rumors of .ureal and sweeping changes
in the railway situation and a division of
railways of this country into two groups,
one eoiitr.jMuig the Mexican National,
which will be standard gauge, and the
other taking over the Mexican Central. It
is said that llvj Southern Pacific is ab
sorbing the Mexican National and wi1!
control the Monterey and Gulf and possi
bly the cid Vera Cruz line. Prominent
ca'oitaiists -have their agents here, who
are in Oaily consultation with the highest
government people. one report has it
that the Mexican Centra! and Santa Fe
wiil consolidate, and another that the
Kock Island wiil absorb the Central.
Freight Depot For Lawrence
Lawrence . Mtu ch 28. Santa Fe en-
prmt'rs I'atnc t. U'rence from 1 opeka
ucsuav tn make u;e preliminary .vara
Plii've-ys for Hit hp w freight depot which
t he ('bmp;! uy pmpij.ses to construct this
Hummer at the foot of Henry street. The
firss work tt" tiie neeineers was to lay
out the pLm for a rearrangement of tha
i trucks in ttie yards so that they will be
i convenient f'-r the transaction of business
at the new d"piit and for the public busU
! lioss truns;n cted at the depot,
j There will be considerable of this pre
: linunary work necessary before the actual
work of construction of the new depot is
begun, and all of the tracks will be built
) to confor mto the plans adopted for th
construction of the depot.. before the work
on that building is commenced.
XT. P. Gets New Line.
Kw York, March 28. Confirmation
was had yesterday of the report that pa
pers have been signed between the Ore-
i gxn Short Line company, which is a
I pan of the Union Pacific company and
rhe White Knob company, limited, co;--.surrHnati'g:
a contract for about 800 mil-'s
of railroad. This road will run from a
point near Blaokfoot on the Short Line
to Houston, located in the central part
cf Jdano. The distance has been tiie
scene of extensive mining: operations for
the past 42 years.
Thomas S. Stevens, signal engineer, is
in Oklahoma.
O.- W. Towsley, superintendent of trans
portation, and James Collinson, assist
ant superintendent of machinery, are west
on a tour of inspection.
John Neiswanger, who has worked in
the tank room at the- shops, has been
promoted to sheet iron work.
C. G. Sholes. superintendent of tele
graph, is in Oklahoma
Trains 1 and 6 were both run in two
sections yesterday on account of the tour
ist passenger traffic.
H. McCreary, auditor of the Santa Fe
news service, was in Topeka vesterday.
Conductor C. L.. Short of the Kansas
City plug Is laying off for a couple ot
days on account of business.
Some of the englp.es which the Santa Fe
recently leased from . the Union Pacific
are already doing duty on passengo
Albert Parker, fusion candidate for
mayor of Topeka, was at the shops Wed
nesday noon.
The Epworth league of the First M. E.
church will give a "match" social Friday
evening at the Railroad Y. M. C. A.
Engine OS. which blew up a few days
ago. was taken out for service yesterday
by Engineer Sherman.
F. G. Mitchell of the city T. M. C. A.
addressed the men at the coach shop this
The work on the elevated track In the
field continues,
E. E. Jenks. gang boss, in the machine
shop, is laying oft on account of sick
ness in his family.
Machinist Joe Spendlove has reported
for duty after a lay-off of several days.
Gus Osman. foreman of the brass cor
ner in the machine shop, is able to work
again after a few weeks' severe illness.
Engineer Rollo has reported for work.
Fireman M. O. Smith Is laying off.
Switchman E. E. McFadden has been
called to Cheyenne. Wyo., by the death
of a brother. If Is expected he will return
to Topeka in a few days.
J. M. Meade, resident engineer, was In
Chicago yesterday.
Switchman John Crawford is laying oft
today. i
The report that James McCrea, flrst
vice president of Pennsylvania lines west
of Pittsburg, would succeed John K. Cowen
as president of the Baltimore & Ohio has
been denied.
E. W. Thompson, assistant general pas
senger agent of the Rock Island, was in
Kansas City yesterday.
The Topeka Railroad T. M. C. A. has
issued a special edition of the "Santa Fe,"
devoted largely to the Santa Fe bonds.
Effective April 1. B. C. Tomlinson of
Philadelphia is appointed division super
intendent of the Choctaw, Oklahoma &
Gulf railway, with headquarters at Soutit
McAlester. I. T.
The Rogers locomotive works at Pater
son, N. J., have been sold to New Xork
capitalists. ,
Fireman Fred Gibba has again report
ed for -work.
Davis and Schlichter went to Macks-
Now is the time to cleanse your entire
system and drive away the accumulated
impurities or the winter. Hostetter's
Stomach Bitters will purify your blood
banish indigestion, biliousness, consti
pation, insomnia, flatulency, sourfiess of
the stomach, and all disorders of the di
gestive organs. It will also strengthen
your nerves and prevent malaria, fever
and ague. See that OUR PRIVATE
REVENUE STAMP covers the neck of
the bottle.
i Stomach.
i' K f
1 smith's I : " - - w .
l OreenMountlTi
f'"t' 5 1 DIRECTIONS' I j J
g I i 1 n -.ir.'in t-JM' I f n .'.-vi
:.; ' :X Y.ms-
j7 n.j imsM.,s
Mi o- -i WkJ
. m "'If :i 9
1 ' y jffleV -'w-s-
and children are especially benefited by its wonderful medicinal properties.
Smith's Green flountain Renovator makes pale, sickly women look bright and beautiful and strong. It seems
to be possessed of the power to renew youth, and many a fagged woman has been made to look ten to twenty
years younger by its use, Jt makes the sallow cheek ruddy with health, the tired eye bright with youthf id
vivacity, the lagging step elastic, and the shrunken features plump and round and full.
A. C. KLINGAI1AH, Druggist, 120 East Srsth St.
ville Tuesday night to repair a bad order
Dr New, the scale inspector, is in
Pureell this week, looking after some im
portant work he has there.
Engineer Frazier of the back shop Is
laybig off and Fritz Miller is the eagle
eye in charge of the plant.
Engineer Gilroy is officiating on the
pusher is place of Billie Stevens, who is
laying off securing a much needed rest.
Machinist Robert Hughes is among
the indisposed and is reported to be quite
ill. He is under the physician's care.
' Mrs. Al Harker, who has been quite
ill for several days, is reported some
better, which will be good news to her
friends. ,
It i3 rumored in railroad circles that
J. H. Banker and family will soon mov e
from Cleburne to Temple, Tex., which
will be Mr. Banker's headquarters in the
near future.
Superintendent Avery Turner accom
panied by J. M.Wells, foreman -of bridges
and building of the middle division, de
parted for Emporia Tuesday, on business
pertaining to their departments.
Earl Evans and a man named Zimmer
man of Sterling, have enrolled as Sarta
Fe employes and have begun work in the
roundhouse. There is hardly a day pass
es that. some one is not employed by this
company at Newton.
Firemen Shipman and Morgan have
been assigned to the extra board, while
the following knights of the pick and
shovel, will officiate on the switch en
gines: Fred Hooper, with Adam Cox,
Mike Purdy with Charles Rittenhouse,
and Earl Gordon is first assistant to
Sam Kinney.
C. N. Goodwin, a former conductor on
the Rock Island, has been made a co;f
ductor on the second district of the U.
P., and is running Conductor SyIv'".V
crew during Sylvies sickness at Ellis.
They went out on the snow plow to the
Lincoln Center branch last night.
Mr. Welch, division superintendent of
the Katy, was in the city the first of tre
week with Road Master P. T.King. They
were looking up the work of putting in
the spur to the Electric Light company's
power house.
Road Master King of the Katy came
up from Emporia recently.
Conductor Joe Bergin is once mou
able to be out after a very serious siege
of sickness.
Conductor Vance came in, on 11 a few
nights agro. , i
lAssaria now has a telegraph office.
Joe Ollinger is ill with an attack of
the grip.
F. C. Tork has been 111 at his hom.
307 South Eighth, since Sunday. He is
feeling a little better now.
The Union Pacific is preparing to make
station Improvements ail along the line
between Junction City and Ellis.
Conductor Richards and Engineer
Klingman run a special to Junction the
other day in place of No. 4 which was
several hours late. ,
The report is current that the Union
Pacific railway will in the cburse of a
few months establish division headquar
ters in Salina.
Rheumatism Cured in 24 Hours.
T. J. Blackmore, of Haller & Blackmore,
Pittsburg, Pa., says: "A short time since
I procured a bottle of Mystic Cure. It got
me out of the house in 24 hours. I took
to my bed with rheumatism nine months
ago and the Mystic Cure is the only medi
cine that did me any good.- I had five of
the best physicians in the city, but I re
ceived very little relief from them. I know
the Mystic Cure to be what it is repre
sented and take pleasure in recommending
It to other poor sufferers." Sold by Swift
& Holliday, 523 Kansas avenue, druggists,
Visit My New Place
111 W. 7th St., Security Building. See the
new spring styles.
'OLGF EKBERG. Merchant Tailor.
Like Oliver Twist, children ask for more
when given One Minute Cough Cure.
Mothers endorse it highly for croup. It
quickly cures all coughs and colds and
every throat and lung trouble. It is a
specific for grippe and asthma and has
long been a well known remedy for
whooping cough.
power to those
endure, power to
it never whips or drives any part
goes with it and kindly smooths
acting abnormally and under unnatural conditions. Smith's Greem
Mountain Renovator removes the disease, soothes the part into natural,
healthy action,. and assists in its duties. Weak and debilitated women
Hold a Meeting to Look After Legis
lative "Expenses."
The sheriffs of Kansas had a meeting
here yesterday to attend to business mat
ters the business matters were in refer
ence to making assessments for the ex-
enses attached to the lobby which was
lere during the session of the legislature.
The lobby had to have its expenses and
the sheriffs were only too willing to put
up the amount providing the biennial
election law will stick.
The sheriffs in the stae got out mighty
well in the last session: the parole of
ficer was knocked out. and that meant
that they would still get their fees for
watching the prisoners who were parole
from the Reform school and the peniten
tiary, but, best of all, they gut the bien
nial election bill through, and that meant
that they wouid have an extended term of
one year on the office which they now
hold. Of course that did not affect the
officers who were holding their first terms
as much as it did the ones who are now
serving the second term, but they were all
affected to a certain extent, and that ex
tent was enough to make them all favor
the biennial election law.
They were Interested In the biennial
law so much that they talked of nothing
else. -If Mr. Garver decides that the law
Is unconstitutional the .sheriff's propose to
show. Mr. Garver that they are from Mis
souri. They will not willingly give up a
term-of office without an effort, and they
will stand pa.t until the case Is decided
by the supreme court and that is where
it will go if the men who think they can
get the nomination for county office in
their respective counties want to push it
that far.
As It stands now, the sheriffs are very
well satisfied and they are willing to let
the matter rest on the law as it was in
tended. It would be impossible to meet a
sheriff of Kansas who would not say that
the biennial election law would not save
$1125, OUT, a year to the state, and, although
it may benefit -the sheriffs who are now
in office, there is no question but the
are right. .
Three : Thousand Express Sympath y
With Oppressed Countrymen.
New York, March 28. Fully 3.000 peo
ple were crowded into the new Irving
ball last night at a mass meeting of
Russian sympathizers.
The object of the meeting was to dis
cuss the recent political demonstrations
in St. Petersburg. Vladmir Stalechnik
off presided at the meeting. He is a
Russian nobleman, now an architect by
profession, who was prominently con
nected with the Nihilist movement in
that country and who fled some years
ago In order to save himself from being
transported to Siberia. Fully one-third
of the audience were women and they
were enthusiastic in their applause as
the men and all the addresses were en
thusiastically received.
The chairman in his opening remarks
said that he wanted it understood that
he and his colleagues are opposed to
violence. "But what can we do whon
our friends and relatives are thrown into
Jail, driven into insanity or suicide; or
drafted into the army, or hustled off to
Siberia because we ask better conditions
or higher wages?" he asked. "We .ire op
posed to violence," he said, "but there
are times when violence is necessary."
The same people who assassinated
Nicholas I sent letters of sympathy to
this country and universally condemned
the act when Garfield was killed by Gui
teau, because the conditions in this coun
try did not warrant such action. -
The principal address of the evening
was given in English by Abraham Cahan
and his speech, by a vote, was adopted
as the sentiment of the meeting. He
"It is not the czar but czarism. It Is
not the throne, but the system. This
system is personified in those who make
a cat's paw of Nicholas H for if there is
one man in the empire who is not the
master of Russia it is the czar. The
system of which Nicholas is the figure
head is embodied in Poboyodonostzeff.
The Russian government is agovernment
of the tenth century, while the European
culture of today is the culture of the
"Russia is made up of people who have
the same hopes and aspirations as those
of other countries and the descrepancy
between the mental and spiritual status
of the people and the political regime is
at the bottom of the situation.
"But the Americen spirit of 177S Is be
ing revived there. The educated classes
are panting for breath and the working
people want the right to struggle for
the improvement of their lot. Hence the
bond between the two."
Smith's Green Mountain Renovator
in its medicinal energies is as strong
as a lion, but as gentle as a lamb.
It is powerful in removing disease
from the body and despair from tiie
brain. It cleanses the blood of every
taint of Malaria, Scrofula, Rheuma
tism, or Catarrh, and cures all diseases
of theLiverand Kidneys all ill-weariness,
weakness, backache, nervous
ness, etc. Smith's Green Mountain
Renovator, instead of permitting dis
ease to prey upon the body, preys upon
the disease, and exterminates it It
searches the blood, and purges it of
every impurity. It rescues tha
-f"j despairing dyspeptic, assists his
stomach, liver, kidneys, bladder,
- 3rJ. etc. assists them to prepare, di-
body and to carry off that which
is rejected. It pursues diseasa
wherever it may be located, and
promptly arrests and destroys it.
It takes possession of the blood-
and with masterful skill eradicates its every ini
purity,and surchargesitwith buoyancy and rich,
vigorous nourishment. . It will not permit dis
ease to exist in the same bedy with itself.
Smith's Green Mountain Renovator gives
who use it, muscular power, brain
power, nerve power power to achieve, power tm
be and to do.
All this it accomplishes with the gentleness of a lamb.
As the bereaved are comforted by the tender words and
gentle touch of a loving friend, so are the sick, the debili
tated, and the weary comforted, benefited, strengthened,
built up by the gentle, insidious, soothing influence of
Smith's Green Mountain Renovator. It is never harsh:
of the body or brain into action, but
its way. The part that is diseased is
.yon g
GOih Pev;
Used by people of refinement
for over a quarter of a century.
I f
Ome-Way Exouslen Kat.a t
of 25.00. I i
From Xaasti City aa4 H.kraika (j
Foist. -I
Al50t.pol.ts In L wb.Idah.. Mooto.., --;
Oregon, a.d Wasblngt.u. tv. Ie.wt j
Of dan and Btvlt Lake City,
Utah, ..
Butte and Helena, Mont...
Portland, Ore
SpeSaae, Tacoma. and
Seattle. Wasa
..23 00
2 3 00
29 0
Tlokets wHl be lold
March 6, w, la. tm,
Aprils. 6, 1. 23. .
. a. LEWIS, City Ticket Ac.
6iO ATHia
JT. 0. Pulton. Depot Agent.
) I Sot every one can be beautiful.
J jY'et all can be at leixt attrao-
A .T ( TComr.! h,-!YilhV. Clear
IklD. a brilliant complei ion,
-.1 K. .,... .ma . f- 1 r, .nil
lustrous balr can be produced at your home.
Full information with IxkjIc mailed free.
Seventh and Quincy
at Low Prices.
Call for ambulances. iT-
Hacks furnished for
Phone 52.
0i P
Monthly-payments. Long or Sh sri
Time, privilege to p y.
; Capitol Iliiiliins and Loan sin':i,
; i 4
ti ! j i .
Cnres all Triroat and Luna: f'-
; , iJ 13 L2 i I a. ' - t
V. r-Hhpfrrnuillf. T?r-1 1 Hi) hSt ' 1 1 i Ca.
t alvauua OU cure. Haeumatuiia. ig At af eta.
V ' ! f- 1 i S i ..;

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