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Daily edition, delivered by carrier. IS
cents a week to any part of Topeka or
suburbs, or at the same price In any
Kansas town where the paper has a car
rier svstem.
By mail, one year !
By mail, three months J
Weekly edition, one year jjj
Saturday edition o daily ona year x.w
Topeka State Journal building. 800 and
tOi Kansas avenue, corner of Eights.
311 Vanfierbilt Bldg.
Paul Block. Mgr.
Business Office Bell 'phone 10T
Reporters Room Bell phone o77
The State Journal Is a member of the
Associated Press and receives the lull
dav teletrraph report of that great news
organization for exclusive afternoon puo
Ucation in Topeka.
The news is received In the State jour
nal building over wires for this sole pur
pose, busy through the entire day. A
complete copy of the night report is also
Those who carry the gospel to the
benighted are no safer in Louisiana
than they are In China or Bulgaria.
One was murdered while conducting a
camp meeting In that state last Sun
day. -3.
Mr. Gage's attention having been at
tracted by the lowered quotations on
United States bonds, he has decided to
buy a few more. Now look out for an
advance in the price of government
Admiral Sampson is said to have lost
the use of his vocal organs. It would
have been better for his reputation if
the same thing had happened to some
of his friends shortly after the battle
of Santiago.
Citizens of San Diego are still work
ing industriously for a railroad to
Tuma, Ariz., where they would secure
connection with the Southern Pacific
and incidentally the shortest line of
railway between the two oceans. San
Diego citizens have been engaged in
this same work for many years, and
success seems no nearer than it was in
the beginning.
It appears that Admiral Dewey has
resigned the presidency of the Metro
politan club, as a dignified protest
against the harsh criticism of mem
bers that his rulings as head of the
court of inquiry were too favorable to
Admiral Schley. The Metropolitan is
a rather exclusive club of army and
navy officers, high government officials
and diplomats, and is somewhat inac
cessible to the average public opinion.
If a religious meeting carried on by
Americans had been broken up and
eleven of the participants murdered, in
a foreign country the whole world
w-ould have been shaken by the thunder
by our tones in demanding satisfaction.
Tet that is substantially what happen
ed in Louisiana the other day except
that all concerned were American citi
zens and almost no attention is paid to
it beyond giving the account of the
slaughter prominence in the newspa
pers. In the mean time we are going
right ahead with the business of send
ing missionaries to convert the heathen
and the government is backing the mis
sionaries with guns when occasion
seems to require it which by the way is
not so infrequently as it should be.
How long shall we remain oblivious to
tie beam in our own eye?
Sessions of County Association Eegan
This Afternoon.
The Shawnee County Sunday School
association convened this afternoon at
the Third Presbyterian church, on East
Fourth street.
The present officers of the associa
tion are:
President P. W. Griggs. j
Vice President T. H. Bain. j
Secretary Robert Stone.
Treasurer Philip Lux.
Superintendent Normal Department
Dr. Ida Barnes.
Superintendent Primary Department
Mrs. J. M. Foster.
The members of the executive com
mute are: J. H. Foucht, chairman; J.
B. Larimer, S. F. Wright. P. V. Griggs,
T. II. Bain. J. M. Shellabarger. and
Robert Stone.
The election of officers for the ensu
ing year will take place just before ad
journment for the noon hour tomor
row. At the opening praise service this af
ternoon the meeting was presided over
by Rev. F. E. Mallory. The lesson of
October 11, as taught to the interme
diate class, was brought out by Rev.
W. B. Hutchinson, and the discussion
of methods for teaching was opened by
Dr. J. T. McFarland, of the First Meth
odist church.
B. F. Hoover told of "The Teacher's
Incentive," and the discussion of the
question "In the absence of the super
intendent and other officers what would
you do?" was led by Bradford Miller.
Topeka Asphalt Pavements May
Soon Be Repaired.
Two small gangs of pavement re
pairers were set to work this morning
by the Barber asphalt people. The total
number of men working here is about
half of what it formerly was. The
main portion of the machinery form
erly used here is now in Wichita, where
extensive repairs are being made on the
streets where old car tracks have been
H. W. Buckley is in town, and says
that work will be pushed ahead rap
idly. "Weather permitting we will fin
ish up here in ten or twelve days." says
Mr. Buckley. "We have one gang at
work on Jackson street, and one on
Quiney." -
Lovers Died Together.
Beading, Pa., Nov. 1. At noon today
the bodies of Walter Snyder and Min
nie Keichsteller were found on Mount
Penn with bullet holes through their
temples. A pistol was lying by Sny
chr's side, and it is supposed he killed
the girl and then committed suicide.
The couple left a letter, in which they
said that their love affairs had been
Interfered with, and that they decided
to die together. Snyder was 20 yeaxs
age and the girl 1.
For the Purpose of Being Tried For
Jackson, Mich., Nov. 1. Henry Wise
man, who nas coniessea to me mm uct
of Mrs. Ellen Huss, whose body was
j i, .... i ... i , n imHi; near Roval
Oak, was today released from Jackson
prison, wnere ne nas ueeu schuib
u . w.. anvprnnr Bliss com
.1 V- i t .. an that he could be
tried for murder. Officers from Oakland
county, in which tne muraer was com
mitted, immediately rearrested Wise
man, and he was taken to Pontiac
where he will be tried.
Considered by the President and Cab
inet at Today's Meeting.
Washineton. Nov. 1. The cabinet
meeting today was devoted largely to
the consideration of the recess appoint
ments which the president must send
tor congress when it convenes next
month. The president is going care
fully over these appointments with the
members of the cabinet.
Secretary Gage reported his action
in resuming the purchase of bonds
which was responded to today with an
offer of over JSOO.OOO. No announce
ment was made as to the length of time
the purchase is to continue.
Agent Told Assistant Labor Commis
sioner Things He Didn't Intend.
An agent for an eastern concern that
sells sewer pipes ran afoul of Assistant
Labor Commissioner B. F. Scott com
ing up town from the Santa Fe depot
in the street car today. The agent is
after a contract in Pittsburg, Kan., and
he has no use for the eight-hour working-day
law. It interferes with sewer
contracts and makes it hard to sell his
He was telling his neighbor this in the
car and waxed indignant. Ultimately
he became confidential with the stranger
and unfolded a plan for beating the
eight-hour law.
"I'll beat it, see if I don't." he de
clared. "Oh, no. you won't," replied Scott,
"you'd better not try it my friend."
And then Scott told him he was as
sistant to Labor Commissioner W. Lee
Johnson, whose hobby is the enforce
ment of the eight-hour law.
The agent got off the car at the post
office. He had burned his powder pre
Elmer Burns Must Pay $41.95 For
Going Out With Another's Wife.
Attorney Joseph Reed took a trip to
Rossville Thursday to defend Elmer
Burns, a young man charged with dis
turbing the peace of one Curtis. The
case was calied before Justice G. C.
Pierce, who is also the town druggist.
The disturbance for which Burns was
arrested consisted of buggy riding with
the wife of the complaining witness,
and a big crowd of Rossvilleites con
gregated in the little drug store, ex
pecting to hear some interesting tes
timony, but Burns fooled them all by
pleading guilty and taking a fine of Jl
and costs, amounting to $41.95. Toay
that the population of iRossvilier was
disgusted would be putting it mildly,
when they found that the scandal of
the case was not for their ears. Burns
was unable to pay the fine and costs, so
he is now engaged in thumping it out
on the stone pile at the county jail.
Curtis declares that the case will be
followed shortly by another, in which
Mrs. Curtis will be required to gie
good arid sufficient reasons why she
should not be divorced from her in
jured spouse.
Greater Portion of Them Devoted to
County Clerk Wright and his assist
ant, Oscar Swayze are at work prepar
ing the ballots for distribution for the
election Tuesday.
The new ballot law makes many odd
provisions. According to the law a cer
tain heading must be printed across the
entil e top Vf the general ballot. Then a
certain space must be devoted to the
party emblems and the circle for vot
ing the straight ticket. The result this
year is that there is a ballot large
enough for a stray notice to be posted
on and all except one line at the bot
tom where the names of the candidates
for county commissioner appear is de
voted to an explanation to the voter,
the party emblems and the circle.
Mean Temperature Five Degrees
Higher Than Usual.
October was S degrees warmer than
usual, according to the figures of Ob
server Jennings.
For October the main temperature
was 61, while the average mean for the
month is supposed to be 56. The aver
age maximum for the month was 71,
and the average minimum 50. The low
est minimum was 34, on the 14th, and
the highest maximum was 84, on the
21st. On the 13th and 14th the cold
weather and frosts injured the Kaffir
corn. The lowest mean temperature
ever recorded for October was in 18S7,
when the record was 53. The highest
mean was in 1&97, and was 63. The
largest rainfall recorded was 3.39, in
18S7, and the smallest .25. in 1&93. The
highest maximum ever recorded was 93,
in 1S99, and the lowest minimum 22, in
To Imprison a Princess.
Cape Town, Nov. 1. The affidavits of
Cecil Rhodes, repudiating bills, aggre
gating 23.000 drawn in favor of the
Princess Radziwill (of the German
branch of the Radziwill family) and
purporting to have been signed by Mr.
Rhodes, have arrived here. The su
preme court has issued a writ of im
prisonment against the princess, on ac
count of a minor debt for 113.
Drug Stores Raided.
At 3 o'clock this afternoon the police
raided the drug stores of Clarence Young
and W. F. Lake.
Sr3oGsSwG iPHIa
Are prepared from Na
ture's mild laxatives, and
while gentle are reliable
and efficient. They
Cure Sick Headache, Bil
iousness, Sour Stomach,
and Constipation. Sold
everywhere, 25c per box.
Prepared by C.I. flood & Co. JLo weU,Ms
The Most Successful Male Impersonator on
the American Stage Cures Her Cough
and Keeps Her Throat and Voice
in Perfect Condition With
Many letters are received daily, similar to
the following one from Miss Kawlston, from
prominent singers and artists who use noth
prevent hoarseness and cure coughs.
Whenever I have had a cough or been
troubled with hoarseness during my profes
sional career I have alwavs used DR. tHjLiLi a
COUGH SYRUP, which has worked like
magic. It cures my hoarseness and my
coughs almost ins-tantly. This is the kind of
medicine I must have so as to keep my voice
in condition, as you know my work as a male
impersonator is very hard ou the voice and
throat. I have never found anything that
cures as quickly and as thoroughly any anec-
tion of the throat as UK. in. 1.1. f I hi on
74 W. asth St.. New York City. Aug. 7, 1901.
For fifty years singers, actors, public speak
ers and clergymen have used UK. i L LL'h
COUGH SYliUP to prevent hoarseness and
to cure coughs and colds and all affections of
the throat on account of the absolute security
they feel in its curative qualities. Thousands
of doctors prescribe DR. BULL'S COUGH
SYRUP and many of the prominent hospi
tals use it exclusively for hoarseness, asthma,
bronchitis, coughs, colds, grip, influenza
and consumption.
Be sure you get ths genuine. See that the
trade-mark, " Bull's Head," is on the pack
age. Cheap substitutes are injurious. Large
bottles 25c. at all druggists.
FREE. A Beautiful Calendar and Medical Book
let free to anyone who will write A. C. Meyer. &
Co., Baltimore, jia., ana mention mis paper.
Early Release of Miss Stone la
Now Promised.
Constantinople, Nov. 1. The negotia
tions with the captors of Miss Ellen M.
Stone, the American missionary, appear
to be going on so successfully that her
release seems now to be only a matter
of days. So far from there being' any
confirmation of the rumors of her death
circulating in the Bulgarian border dis
tricts, it is said here that another let
ter written two days ago has been re
ceived from her.
If Saunders Resigns He May Be As
sistant Auditor.
N. r. Saunders, assistant state audi
tor. Is interested with Attorney General
Godard, A. D. Walker and William
Fisher in the new national bank that
these Kansans will start in Colorado
City, Col. It is expected that Mr. Saun
ders will be cashier of the- new bank.
In the event of Mr. Saunders' resigna
tion it is probable that Charles W.
Barnes, now chief clerk, will be ad
vanced to assistant auditor.
Pullman Company Cuts Off Two
Operating Divisions.
Chicago, Nov. 1. Important changes
in the management of the Pullman
company became effective today. C. A.
Garcelon became general manager and
W. H. Reed general superintendent of
the operating department. The six
operating divisions hitherto used were
abolished and four new divisions be
came operative, with appointments as
follows: Northwestern, C. R. Wagner,
superintendent, at Chicago; northeast
ern, J. S. Merrill, superintendent, at
New York; southeastern, James Martin,
superintendent, at Philadelphia; south
western, D. H. Martin, superintendent,
at St. Louis. A great saving Is expect
ed to result from the changes.
Pays Six Per Cent.
Philadelphia, Nov. 1. The board of
directors of the Pennsylvania railroad
today declared the usual semi-annual
dividend of 2V6 per cent and 1 per cent
extra, which places the stock ou 6 per
cent basis.
Bain the " Mia you Have Always Bougnt
Men's Vici Kid and Box Calf Shoes
Kidlined, Goodyear Welt Soles
latest style lasts, sold by dealers at
$3.50 Sale Price Tomorrow
$3.00 -FURMAN'S
628 Kas. Ave.
i i- mi in' "in"""
Flans Ordered to Obliterate State
Souse Eyesore.
The executive council gave orders to
the state house committee and state
architect to prepare plans and specifi
cations for the finishing of the base
ment of the capitol today. The other
floors are nearly finished and the work
of completion comes down to the base
ment now.
After that there remains only the
completion of the pit and the dome.
The pit is situated directly under the
rotunda in the sub-basement and there
is an unofficial plan to put a fountain
in the center and keep plants and ferns
aoout it. The statute of Ceres is plan
ned to go on the dome, but it is a ques
tion wnetner it will ever get tnere.
Ceres' name was tabooed in the coun
cil meeting today.
There was not a word said about
her," Secretary of State Clark replied
to a question "Thank uod."
On November 14 bids will be opened
for the stairways that are to be put
F0R A CHURCH $1,000.
Third Presbyterian Will Soon Be Out
of Debt.
Rev. W. J. Hatfield, pastor of the
Third Presbyterian church, announced
at the prayer meeting last night that a
donation of $1,000 had been received
from a man whose name is withheld at
his own request, to be applied to the
church debt, provided an equal sum
was raised by the congregation. The
sum of $600 was pledged in the space
ot twenty minutes.
The offer is good until the first of
February. The pastor and members of
the church are hopeful of raising the
remainder of the $1,000 inside the re
quired time.
The church debt is $1,500. The re
maining $500 will be used to install a
Nearly a Million.
Washington, Nov. 1. The bond pur
chase so far made upon the secretary's
offer of yesterday amount to $965,959, as
follows: Short 3s, $200; short 4s, JS4o,
750; short 5s, $20,000; long 4s, $600,000.
We are all going to the
FootBaIl Game x
X Tomorrow afternoon X
Topeka Medics
Atchison Athletic
It begins at 3:30.
Washburn Field.
AT the
Queen Bee Market.
Sirloin Steak
Porterhouse Steak
Short Cuts
Porterhouse Steak (choice).. 15c
Chock Steak ... 8c
Chuck Roast
Rump Roast So
Rib Roast.. i 9o
Pork Chops 12o
Mackerel ,.3 for 25c
Queen Bee Market
The only exclusive Meat
Market in Topeka.
Special Inducements.
We offer a reliable instrument
for cash or $6, $8 or $10
per month.
A. J. King Piano Co.
623 Quincy St.
Sohmer Piano9.
Behr Bros. Pianos.
Schiller Pianos.
A complete new stock
just received.
Pianos For Rent.
Pianos Tuned.
Sold to
Saturday we shall sell the
same Suits you see advertised
by other clothiers at $15.00,
We ask every; man
the s.a.me until he sees our
ever saw.
Look at other
stores $15.00 Suits
then come here Sat
urday and buy one
For $8.00
Got. Durbin Was In Orerturned
Cedar Lake, Ind., Nov. 1. The fast
Monon train for Chicago was wrecked
here today and a number of passengers
had a narrow escape. The train was
under fair headway when one of the
rear sleepers left the track and turned
over. Governor Durbin and W. t.
Hart, auditor of state, were in the
sleeper. Mr. Hart was slightly bruised
about the shoulders but Governor Dur
bin was uninjured. The passengers
were transferred to the other cars, and
after a delay of 40 minutes the train
Grant and Quincy School Football
Teams flay.
The football teams from Grant and
Ouincy schools battled on the gridiron
yesterday afternoon without a victory.
The score was 10 to 10.
The Quincy school players thought that
the decisions of the officials were unjust
and claimed they should have won the
ame. The team 3 nnea up as iouows:
luincy. Position. Grant
Smith center Ervtn
Munsie right guard Fry
Young left guard Sharpe
Ward right tackle Shurbin
Dolman .left end Bridge
James left tackle Woodburn
Forbes right end Battles
Priddy quarterback Gabriel
Lutes right half Clark
Skinner left half Mathews
Morthland fullback Mohan
Negro Suspected of Being Assailant
ot miss uoies.
The nolice have in custody a colored
man named J. Howard who is suspected
of being the man who attacked Misa
Edith Coles on Wednesday night in Au-
Miss Coles is still suffering from the
nervous shock attending her encounter
with the negro. She was unable to sleep
all Wednesday night and secured but
little rest yesterday and last night. She
has not felt equal to the task of going
to the city Jail to see the negro. The po
lice do not have more than a suspicion
that Howard is her assailant but think
it best to hold him awhile as he does not
live in Topeka.
A Bearer of Condolences.
Washington, Nov. 1. Secretary Hay
today presented to the president Dr.
Geo. Munez as special minister and
plenipotentiary from Guatemala. Dr.
Munez was accompanied by Dr. Tela,
the secretary of the Guatemala legation
here. The former is not to replace Min
ister Arriaga, but comes in a special
capacity, as the bearer of the condol
ences of the Guatemalan government
upon the death of the late President
McKinley. Guatemala is the only
country which has thus specially hon
ored President McKinley's memory.
The following from Topeka attended
the session of the Mystic Shrine at Sa
lina yesterday: Major T. J. Anderson,
A. J. Whitmore, C. H. Pattison, H. EL
The girls of the U. S. club entertained
a number of their boy friends at an en
joyable Halloween party Thursday eve
ning at tne home or Miss va tscnencK
at T01 Garfield avenue.
that intends to buy a
Suits. This is truly one of
to 50 Per Cent
discount on
' '
Moved from former location.
EIT'No discount on New Goods.
High Mass la Celebrated at Catholic
High mass was celebrated at the
Catholic church today at 9 o'clock, the
occasion being the celebration of the
feast of All Saints' day.
Tonight at 7:30 vespers will be sung
and the ceremony of benediction par
ticipated in. The day If celebrated the
same as on Sunday, and all members of
the church who may, obey an unwritten
injunction to refrain from labor.
The celebration of the feast of All
Saints' day is in honor of the unknown
saints who perished during the days
of Roman persecution. The calendar
of the church includes holy days for the
known saints, and the day set apart
as All Saints' day is to give reverence
to all those who perished but who are
unknown so far as historical record is
Tomorrow is All Souhs' day, and
prayers for the repose of all souls of
the Christians who perished in the
Roman persecution will be offered. On
Sunday afternoon the services will be
held at the Catholic cemetery west of
town, when members of the church will
go to the cemetery to pray for the de-
Each time the United States Government
has officially tested the baking powders
the report has shown Dr. Price's Cream v
Baking Powder to be of superlative
leavening strength, free from alum, abso
lutely pure and wholesome.
This is gratifying, for Dr. Price's Cream
Baking Powder is depended upon by mil
lions of people to raise their daily bread.
Price Baking Powder Co.,
Sold to
Other 4
Suit tomorrow, to defer
the greatest . Suit Sales you
We are going to
sell more Suits Sat- t
uraay tnan an otner
clothiers combined.
Any 8-year-old Am
erican boy can see
m-wpv w'uibia hjctwu.i. ucajr .
Star Grocery.
112 East 6th Street. Phone 252.
20 lbs. Granulated Sugar.. 31.00
Fresh Roasted Coffee, lb lOo
6 lbs. New Beans 25c
Starch, per pkge 3C
California Prunes, lb 5c
Clothes Pins, dos J0
Rice, per lb 5c
Pepper, per lb 15o
Kansas Potatoes, bu 75o
White Fish, each Q
3 cans New Peas .-25c
2 cans New Corn 15c
parted members of their families and
In the belief of the Catholics those
who have unwittingly sinned while on
earth go to a place between heaven and
hell called purgatory, where their souls
remain until they have suffertHi pun
ishment for their sins and their, souls
are purified, that they may enter
heaven. It is for the welfare of tho
souls of those known to be in purga
tory that the prayers are offered at the
This ceremony Is carried out once
each year, usually the first Sunday In
Drs. C. I. Conway and J. M. Hamme
of Cottonwood Falls are In Topeka at
tending the meeting of the Santa Ks
Miss Jeannette Lord entertained a few
of her friends informally Thursday eve
ning. bwder
oh uvjj;
Notk. These Government inquiries also
developed the fact that there are many
mixtures upon the market made in imi
tation of baking powder, but containing
alum or other caustic acid, whose use in
food is dangerous.

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