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WE present a list of truly remarkable offerings. Heavy Winter goods
are marked at high (Summer? ) temperature prices, just when they
will come handy to the purchaser. We assure you that each item is not
only a big value at the price, but in every sense a genuine bargain.
Sea Island LL. Huslin, very fine quality, full yard
wide at 5"
Hope Muslin, genuine Lonsdale finish, come In
mill ends, per yard 6
20 pieces best quality fancy table oil cloth, in
very neat patterns, per yard 15c
20 bales pure white cotton bats, per roll during
this sale 4Vc
Zenda percales, an extra fine fabric in the latest 4
and neatest patterns, marked for this week at 6
An extra fine quality all wool indigo blue flannel,
worth 65c, nothing better for winter shirts, special,
at, per yard 50o
20 dozen unbleached hemmed Diana 81x90 sheets,
cheap at 55c, on sale here. . . i 45
The bleached sheets, same size 55
.We give you a full dress pattern of 5, 6 or 7 yards,
according to width of goods, of an exceptionally
large range of popular materials in both plain and
novelty effects, retailing up to 65c per yard, at, for
the pattern, per yard $2.75
Remember, as a further inducement, you will re
ceive FREE with the above, 6 yards of skirt lining,
1 yard selisia, hooks and eyes, ll yard canvas,
binding and set of dress stays. Truly an unparalleled
$1.00 Fancy Silks repriced at 59
f 1.00 Taffeta Silk guaranteed grade 75
Underwear Specials.
Ladies' Extra Heavy Fleeced Vests and Pants
of fine Maco yarn, worth 35c a garment, ask to see
them at, each 21
Children's finest quality silk finished Fleeced
Vests and Pants, priced specially for No. 16, rise 3c
per size 12
$1.00 grade Men's Camel Hair Underwear, of ex
tra reliable quality, at 83
Men's 75c Heavy Fleeced Shirts and Drawers.
come in natural grey or brown, a carefully finished
garment, at 49
Cloak Dept.
Our South Window contains a small exposition of
what this department comprises. We carry every
thing from an infant's coat to the tight fitting jacket
and long automobile. We are confident that these
garments will go rapidly; first because their price
will sell them on sight; second, because everyone, in
make and style, is strictly up-to-date.
See our fine "Wooltex" 37-10. Coats worth
$15.00 at SIO.OO
See our $20.00 Automobiles colors, tans, castor
and black, priced specially at $16. 50
Choice of an elegant assortment of Walking
Skirts perfect in workmanship, priced hitherto up
to $6.60, for this week, only $5.00
Carpetings and Curtains.
Items of interest and profit to every housekeeper.
Floor Oil Cloth in newest and - prettiest patterns,
marked specially per yard 183 lip
Oil Cloth Squares, for stoves and etc., 75c, $1.00
and $1.25 ones repriced at 58o75o and 98o
Linoleums of best imported and domestic manu
facture, marked for this week's selling at per square
yard 45 o up
Felt Shades with good spring rollers... Qo
Brass Extension Sash Rods 3o, 80 lip
Here and There.
Men's Heavy Suspenders Hills and other known
makes priced up to 40c, this week 25
Men's fine quality Unlaundered White Shirts
linen bosom, reinforced back, the well known Fav
orite brand only 43
Men's fine black all wool Hose some have slight
inperfections In weave, priced specially at, pair 15c
Vaseline, per bottle .... 4
25c Ladies' Belts, imitation seal, only: 15
15c Stockinet Dress Shields lOo
15c Metal Back Combs 9
Extra Specials
Blankets, Blankets.
Every pair in stock has been repriced for this
week's selling.
Our regular $1.65 heavy fleeced 11-4 cotton blank
ets, the best made and nothing larger to be had, on
sale at, per pair $1.35
All wool Grey Sanitary Blanket, 11-4 size, we
bought them from mill direct and hence price
them per pair at $2.98
1 aLOVES We this week place on sale a traveler's
sample line of Men's Leather and Kid Gloves. You
can save from 15 to 50c. on every pair of them.
Demurrers Filed in the Federal Court
by the Ex-Army Captain.
Savannah, Ga., Nov. 5. In the Unit
ed States court late Monday answers
arid demurrers were filed by the defend
ants in the case of the United States
against Oberlin M. Carter and others.
This is the case in which the govern
ment has proceeded to hold up certain
securities and other property hld in the
name of Oberlin M. Carter or those
closely associated with him.
Ex-Capt. Carter, Lorenzo D. Carter,
and Stanton I. Carter filed demurrers
alike. The affidavit of ex-Capt. Carter
Is dated at Leavenworth. Kas., October
85. It is contended that the government
has made no case that entitles it to aa
equity or relief, and that the bill con
tains no matter of equity whereon the
rourt can grant a decree or give any re
lief. It appears upon the face of the bill.
Bays the answer, that there is another
suit pending for the same matter be
tween the same parties. The discovery
Bought in the bill is in aid of a criminal
Buit and not in aid of a suit of a civil
nature. There are several causes in the
bill and- if the complainant is entitled
to relief, it should have sued at law
upon the several causes. The defend
ant, therefore, demurs to the bill and
isks the judgment of the court whether
or not he shall be compelled to make
further answer, and prays to be dis
missed with his costs and charges most
wrongfully sustained.
The answer of the Edison Electric
Illuminating company shows that on its
books when it was . the Brush Electric
Light company, Oberlin M. Carter ap
peared as the owner of fifty shares of
Its capital stock, six shares of which
were transferred to him June 3, 1S95, six
lhares June 23, 1S95, fifteen shares June
29. 1895, and twenty-three shares Oc
tober 5, 1S95, all of which were trans
ferred by Carter January 27, 1899, since
which date no stock has been owned by
Carter to the defendant's knowledge.
That except as stated the defendant is
a stranger to all the matters and things
jn the plaintiff's bill. The defendant de
nies all manner of unlawful comDina
tions and confederacy wherewith it is
by the bill of the complainant charged.
The vner of the Savannah BrewinSI
company shows that on June 1, 1894,
there was issued to Carter certificate
No. 431 for twelve shares of its capital
stock, and on June 23, 1895, certificate
No. 467 was issued to him for thirteen
shares. The stock is still in the name
of Oberlin SI. Carter on the company's
books. The rest of the answer is similar
to that of the Edison Electric company.
All of the above answers and demurrers
were filed by Walter G. Charlton, attor
ney for the defendants.
Ex-Captain Carter is in the federal
prison at Leavenworth.
Degrees Extending From Fourth to
Thirty-second Conferred.
Fort Scott, Kan., Nov.5. The seventh
semi-annual meeting of the four bodies
of Scottish Rite of Free Masonry open
ed in this city in Masonic hall last ev
ening, when degrees from the fourth to
the thirty-second were conferred upon a
class of 60 candidates from all over
southeast Kansas. These degrees were
conferred with full form and effect by
the four bodies that comprise the Scot
tish Rite, which are the Lodge of Per
fection, Mackey Chapter, Rose Croix,
Council of Knights of Kadosh and the
Consistory. The ceremonies performed,
by these four branches of Masonry are
very beautiful and impressive. ' The
reunion will continue through today,
ikill of tKe
Is (demonstrated to the family
through the medium of the
food she serves. Those cooks
show the greatest skill in
making delicious and whole
some hot-breads, cake and
biscuit who use the Royal
Baking Powder.
qxl auaa mwcu ea, 100 wiujam sr. mew vosjc-
Wednesday and Thursday, ending
Thursday evening with a bail and re
ception at Convention hall.
There will be about 100 visitors in attendance.
Ravages of Lockjaw Continue
Utfabated in St. Louis.
St. Louis, Nov. 5. The twelfth death
from tetanus resulting from the treat
ment of diphtheritic patients with anti
toxine supplied by the city occurred to
day, when little Mamie Keenan suc
cumbed. Her brother is not expected
to recover. His death will make four
victims in the Keenan family alone.
Two other children, Blima Goldstein
and Mary Kammerer, are also in a crit
ical condition from the same cause, and
their recovery seems doubtfift.
Episcopal Church of Minnesota
lias a New Head.
St, Paul, Minn., Nov. 5. At 11 o'clock
today Right Rev. Samuel C. Edsall,
formerly of Chicago, but for the past
three years missionary bishop of North
Dakota, was formally installed as head
of the Protestant Episcopal bishopric
of Minnesota, at Christ Church in this
city. Bishop James 15. Morrison of Du
luth acted as instructor, guiding the new
bishop within the rails seating him in
the bishop's chair and presenting to. him
the books of the diocese. The service
was fully choral. The sermon was
preached by Bishop Theodore N. Morri
son of Iowa, following which the "Venl
Creator" was sung antiphonally by
Bishop Edsall and the congregation. In
the celebration of the holy communion,
Rishnn Morrison of Duluth. was the
celebrant. Coadjutor Bishop Williams of
Nebraska, the epistoler, and-"Coadjutor
Bishop Anderson of Chicago, the
The nffertorv anthem. "Send Out Thy
Light," was sung by the vested choir of
Christ church. Clergy were present
from all over the west.
Burglars Rob Jewelry Store and
Spill Stones in Flight.
Cincinnati. Nov. 5. Early today
burglars broke the big show window of
the Duhme Jewelry company's store on
Fourth street between Vine and Race
and stole about $20,000 worth of dia
monds. In their flight they left a trail
of diamonds indicating the direction
thev took. The nieht watchman who
was on the floor where the robbery took
place, says he heard no noise and saw
nothing of the robbers. The diamonds
stolen were loose in a tray and the
burglars are supposed to have taken
advantage of the noise of a passing
wagon, or car to break the glass and
seize the tray and run, as they over
looked much valuable goods in the same
window. v
Dodge City Miss Leaves Home
Arrested in Chicago.
Chicago, Nov. 5. Dorothy Hinkle, the
16-year-old daughter of William Hin
kle, manager for the Postal Telegraph
company at Dodge City, Kas., is a pris
oner in the annex at the Harrison street
police station, and involved in her
arrest is a story replete with romantic
features, presenting the pretty school
girl as the sweetheart of a railroad
brakeman who left home because her
parents objected to her suitor.
The young woman was arrested by
Detective Sergeants Brown and Buggie
of the central station on a telegram re
ceived earlier in the day from the girl's
father. She was found at the home
of a friend in the southwest part of the
city, where, it is said, she has been
most of the time since her arrival here
ten days ago. When arrested the girl
broke down and cried.
She declared she did not want to re
turn home, but desired to remain . in
Chicago to meet her sweetheart, whose
arrival she expected daily. The .de
tectives, however, refused to listen to
her pleadings and took her to the sta
tion, where she will be kept in charge
of the matron until her father can be
communicated with.
The girl's romance began two years
ago, when she first met William Gard
ner, 26 years old, who had gone west
from New York city and secured a po
sition as a brakeman on the Santa Fe
railroad running ' from Dodge City,
Kas., to La Junta, Colo.
Gardner's uncle Is employed as sta
tion agent for the same road at Dodge
City, and the young man was intro
duced into some of the best homes of
the town, Dorothy Hinkle at that time
was in short skirts, but she admired
the brakeman and soon an attachment
sprang up between them. They were
much in each other's company, it is
said, but owing to the ege of "the girl
it was thought they regarded each other
only as friends.
This friendship, however, ripened into
love, and it is said they engaged to
marry. Two weeks ago Gardner is said
to have asked the consent of Miss
Hinkle's father, and it was then for
the first time that the latter realized
the situation. Mr. Hinkle, it is said,
refused to listen to Gardner and in
structed his daughter that she must not
see him again.
The chief objection to the marriage is
said to have been the tender age of the
girl. Both were told to wait until she
had at least graduated from high
Gardner apparently was satisfied, but
the girl was obstinate. She decided to
run away from home, and late one
afternoon took a train bound toward
Chicago. Nothing was known by her
parents of her intention, and when she
failed to return home at the usual time
it was feared she had eloped.
Gardner was found, however, ajid he
claimed he was unable to explain the
strange disappearance of the girl.
Later it was learned that she was at
the home of a married sister living at
Tolona, III., but when a letter reached
there she had left for Chicago. An
other married siter lives in this city,
but the girl last night refused to give
her name or address.
It is believed the girl had planned to
meet Gardner here, as she frequently
inquired for him last night. The police
say they have been informed that Gard
ner recently resigned his position anu
left Dodge City, Baying he was going to
the home of his parents in the east.
Adventurous Canadians Make
6,100 Miles in Small Boat.
Apia, Oct. 12. Captain J. C. Voss and
A. K. Luxton, the adventurous Canad
i ., a hn sailed from Vancouver early
in July in an Indian dug-out canoe for
a voyage around the world in her, ar-
riv.H here safe and sound October 10,
having traveled in that time a distance
of 6,400 miles. After leaving Vancouver
they sailed for 56 days without seeing
land or sail of any description and on
a . oiot- ..ir 1 j ti wl at Ppnrhvn Isl-
and. From there they cruised to Apia,
arriving octooer ja. xne vcului ?au
travelers remained but a few hours in
Apia only long enough to secure a sup
ply of water and provisions and then
set sail for Sydney by way of Fiji. Both
men were in good health and expressed
themselves as satisfied that they would
be able to complete their undertaking.
New Yorker Who is in Dark About
the Election.
One New V'irk man who is not helping
to elect anvbody in that city today is
John F. Monroe, who is in Kansas on a
business trip and is stopping at the
Throop. , ,
"No. I am not running the New York
election today," said Mr. Monroe to a
State Journal reporter. "Tammany will
probably do that."
Mr. Monroe is a great grandson of the
fifth president, but notwithstanding his
distinguished ancestry he makes no
claims to being a political prognosti-
COtr'is impossible to tell anything about
how New York will go today," he said.
Or Feed Them on Food They Can
Study On. (
When a student begins to break down
from lack of the right kind of food,
there are only two things to do; either
take him out of school or feed him
properly on food that will rebuild the
brain and nerve cells. That food is
A vmr writpq frnm Jamestown. N. Y.
savinc 4 short time aeo I got into a
bad condition from overstudy, but
Mother having heard about Grape-Nuts
Food began to feed me on it. It satisfied
my hunger better than any other food,
and the results were marvelous. I got
fleshy like a good fellow. My usual
morning headaches disappeared, and I
found I could study for a long period
without feeling the ertects 01 it
After I had been using Grape-Nuts
Food for about two months I felt like a
new boy altogether. My face had been
pale and thin, but is now round and has
considerable color. I have gained greatly
in strength as well as flesh, and it is a
ni.aniro tn stnriv now that I am not
bothered with my head. I passed all of
my examinations with a reasonamy goou
irood in some of them.
and it was Grape-Nuts that saved me
from a year's delay in entering couese.
Father and mother have both been
improved by the use of Grape-Nuts
TPrvnrf iMntho- was troubled with sleep
less nights, and got very thin, and look
ed care worn. She has gained her nor
mal strength and looks, and sleeps well
nights." Don E. cooper.
Are you happy? Not if your liver and bowels don't work.
Happiness depends on the bowels. Every time you eat, you
put into your body not only good material for repairs and
fuel, but a mass of useless stuff that has to be removed
promptly or it will clog your machinery, poison your blood,
throw, your liver out of gear, and make you act mean to those you love.
Your stomach is- sour, your skin yellow, your breath offensive, and you hate
yourself and all mankind. Winter or summer it's all the same, when you
are unclean inside, you are unhappy and so is everybody near you. The
cure is pleasant, quick, easy, cheap, never fails. Cascarets, the worlds
greatest bowel cleaner and liver tonic. Cascarets are guaranteed to cure
constipation, lazy liver, bad blood, bad breath, sour stomach, biliousness,
and all summer and winter bowel troubles. Don t be un
happy buy a box today. All druggists, tOc, 25c, 50c.
Write for health booklet and free sample. Address Sterling
Remedy Company, Chicago or New York.
"The fusion reform forces are putting up
a hard fight against Tammany rule and
they may defeat Tammany. On the other
hand, Tammany has put up Shepard.
who is one of the best known lawyers in
New York city and is a thoroughly good
man "
"What effect will Shepard's utterances
and his fight on Tammany heretofore
have on his candidacy :
1 doubt if It will have any noticeable
effect." said Mr. Monroe. "Tammany had
to get hold of somebody who would give
it a clean bill of health and it selected
Mr. Shepard. There is no doubt that the
Tammany organization will support him
solidly. What he has said against Tam
many heretofore cuts littte figure with
Tammany's supporters as long as he is
their candidate. It is a peculiar situation.
Tammany wants to win and this is the
reason a man like Shepard was selected
as its candidate."
New York Letters Delivered In
London a Day Early. -l
New York, Nov. 5 Business men were
surprised by the delivery of mails that
left New York on Tuesday last, says the
London correspondent of the Herald.
The delivery was at least a day in ad
vance of the usual time. Often it is
Wednesday before they are delivered.
This remarkable record is due to the
rapid passage of the Kron Prinz Wil-
helm, which arrived at Fly-mouth at m
minutes past midnight on Sunday, thus
covering the 2,978 miles in five days.
eight hours and eighteen minutes.
This is only about an hour more than
the fastest passage ever recorded, which
was accomplished by the Deutschland.
Everything that can be said of the very
best butter is true of Primrose.
hi,.. enV nilTTFn. Wti
.11' 1 I
;n,. . i"
WUm... l
Adds One to Her Record of Negroes
Burned Alive.
Gulf Port. Miss., Nov. 5. A? negro
was burned at the stake in Ferry coun
ty. Mississippi. Saturday night. The
crime for which the negro suffered was
committed early in the morning, and
Mrs. Fortenberry is the victim, bne io
wife of one of the prominent men in
that section. She was beaten into un
consciousness by the negro. After re
covering consciousness, and while al
most too weak to move, she began cry
ing for help.
When assistance reached her she told
the storv of the crime and described
'the negro. A posse wps organized and
a negro answering tne description given
by Mrs. Fortenberry was caught and
identified by her. She stated positively
that he was the man who had com
mitted the crime. The negro then made
a confession, telling all the details he
had previously denied. An informal
court was organized by the members of
the posse. The trial resulted in a de
cision to burn the negro, who was car
ried from the house to the exact scene
of his crime and there burned at the
Miss Stone and Mme. Tsilka De
clared to Be Alive and Well.
New York. Nov. 5. A dispatch to the
World from Samakov says:
Miss Ellen M. Stone and Mrs. Tsilka
have been seen within the last two days
by emissaries sent by American Diplo
matic Agent Dickinson from Sofia to
treat with the brigands who abducted
the missionaries, about a ransom for
the American woman. Both captives
are safe and well. It is expected that
their release will be arranged soon.
Price of Claims on Conglomerate
Creek Go Up With a Bush.
Vancouver, B. .C, Nov. 5. News of a
new Klondike strike was brought here to
day by the steamer Amur. The new find
is on Conglomerate creek, a tributary to
Montana creek. The prices of claims
jumped from $100 to $5,000 in a few days.
The Amur had a very rough trip com
ing south and had several narrow es
capes from being run down by icebergs.
News by the Amur tells of the highest
tides of the year at Skagway. Water
from Lynn canal flooded the lower streets
of the town and caused considerable dam
age in cellars and warehouses.
s Items From Jewell City.
Jewell City, Kas., Nov. 5. This sec
tion of the country has had two splen
did rains recently, the best rains since
the first of last May.
The Concordia M. E. district Epworth
league closed its third institute at
Jewell City Saturday. The other two
institutes were held just previously at
Clyde and Belleville. Dr. Grosse, of
Kansas City, was the principal speaker
at all three, giving his lecture on "The
Evolution of Bob" and representing
the M. E. Book concern.-
The transfer of Dr. MeGuek "to the
upper Iowa"conference has left the M.
E. pulpit, without a regular pastor. A
superannuated preacher is filling the va
cancy until other arrangements are
The Trego Mining company is at
work, and expects to reach the 35-inch
vein of coal in four or five weeks. The
Prairie township citizens are respon-
l sible for the enterprising effort.
New Buildings
For business or residence purposes
should be wired for
j Electric Light Service
I Edison Company
by people who axe experienced in this
work, as the
Rtinrslv the lisht. they are interested in
doing good construction worR for you.
AsK for an estimate,
'Phone 369. 722 Van Buren St.
Several Sales and Papers Established
in Jefferson County.
Oskaloosa, Kan., Nov. 6. There has
been several newspaper changes in Jef
ferson county recently. C. B. Martin
has sold the McLouth Times to W. M.
Pennington. W.A.McDuffee sells the Os
kaloosa Times to Emmet Gardner. Mr.
Gardner has also sold the Winchester
Star to Oscar Kirkpatrick. Mrs. Car
ver has started a paper at Williams
town and one at Grantville which will
be published from Oskaloosa.
Garden City Raisers Send First Four
Carloads to Rocky Ford.
Garden City, Kas., Nov .6. The sugar
beet men here commenced shipping
their beets today to Rocky Ford, Colo.
There will be beets from about 1,000
acres, and considering that our farmers
have had no experience in growing
them, have been quite successful, and
demonstrated that it will be a paying
business. As they are testing 13 per
cent, sugar, and our farmers have com
plied with all conditions required by
the sugar company and the test is sat
isfactory, all are expecting the erection
of a $500,000 factory next spring, as that
was the agreement of the sugar com
pany. Land is already ad vancing in ex
pectation of the factory. Six cars were
shipped Monday, and about the same
will be each day this week if. cars can
be procured.
Forbes Defeats Attel.
St. Louis, Nov. 5. Harry Forbes, of
Chicago, received the decision over
Abe Attel, of San Francisco, at the end
of the fifteenth round of fast milling at
the West End club: The bout was one
of the very best seen here in a number
of years. The fortunes were' shifted
from one principal to another through
out, and it was only Forbes' superior
strength that brought him victory In
the closing stages. Attel had Forbes all
but out in the second round, forcing the
Chicagoan to take the count. The Call
fornian weakened under heavy punish
ment towards the close of the bout, the
bell saving him on two or three occa
sions. The boys fought at 116 pounds.
' n "i
No woman's happi
ness can be complete
without children ; it
is her nature to love
and want them
as much so as
it is to love the
beautiful and
pure. The critical ordeal tnrougn wnicn tne expectant motner mu.i
pass, however, is so fraught with dread, pain, suffering and danger,
that the very thought of it fills her with apprehension and horror.
There is no necessity for the reproduction of life to be either painful
or dangerous. The use of Mother's Friend so prepares the system for
the coming event that it is safely passed without any danger. This
great and wonderful
remedy is always
has carried thousands
of women through
the trying crisis without suffering,
Sena lor xree dook ooni&imng jnionn.Mo.
of priceless value to all expectant mother.
Tbe Bradfleld Regulator Co Atlanta, Ga.

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