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The Topeka state journal. [volume] (Topeka, Kansas) 1892-1980, December 20, 1901, LAST EDITION, Image 6

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North Topeka. "N ' ' n.
Hi.Hi.4ii.4 I l l..4"l".l--l'M M'4"l'l'l I'l I I II I 1 I 'I IIH'lltHI"tUill"H I II HIH I H"HJ I ! 1 MM IHICMHM H ! 1 I I IWI ltMttlWftHtHlt
Extraordinary Inducements in Holiday Bargain
The largest stock, the best assortment, the lowest prices a visit is
convincing medium and the finest, all at Low prices for the Holidays.
We have too much Clothing, House Coats, Bath Robes, Night Robes,
Neckwear, Mufflers, Gloves, Hats, Caps, etc., etc., that must be sold. A
call will convince you. '
Saturday Morning, 9 to 10 a. m.
io per cent discount on all Muff lers Oxford or Square
Saturday, 2 to 3 p. ni.
10 per cent discount on all Lounging and Bath Robes.
Saturday, 4 to 5 p.m.
10 per cent discount on all House Coats.
We will continue this sale for three
days longer - -
Saturday, Monday and Tuesday.
Greater bargains than ever will be offered. We
are determined to sell any stock on hand that
shows the least indication of being damaged at
a price that will move every dollars worth of
merchandise by Tuesday night.
75c, 90c, and $1.00 Silks yard , 49 C
50c and 65c Satins yard 32iC
90c and $1.00 Dress Goo(ds yard 45c
35c and 39c Dress Goods yard X9c
15c and 18c Dress Goods lOc
10c and 12c 36-in. Cretonne yard 5c
10c and 12c 32-in. Fine Percales yard.... 5c
1.45 Ladies' Fleece Lined Wrappers 98c
$1.69 " " " .... S1.09
$1.95 " " " " $1.39
$1.98 Boys' Knee Pant Suits 9 80
$2.95 Boys' Knee Pant Suits. $1.39
$1.69 Ladies' Wool Waists 69c
$1.00 Men's Duck Coats, blanket lined 69c
50c Tam O'Shanters, red, gray and navy.... 25c
$1.50 Men's Hats.... 75c
50c Men's Caps 39c
75c Men's Caps-. 45 C
90c Men's Caps 59c
50c Men's Heavy Overalls 39c
50c Men's Blue Denim Jumpers 39c
50c Men's Work Shirts 39c
Don't get the idea our stock was badly
damaged. A great many of the above items
was damaged so slightly that it is not notice
able. The liberal adjustment of our fire insur
ance makes it possible to make the astonishing
Low Prices.
834 North Kansas Avenue.
oooooooooooo OO0000000O00
X A I Fin PlflriA fn I
X 623 Quiocy Street.
X Open evenings until after
x i
I Our Pianog contain the t
celebrated "Wessell, Nickell,
X and Gross actions. Same as t
j. used by the Weber, Brad-
bury, Ivers & Pond and X
X leading high-grade instru- i
ments. Our prices are the
- lowest in the city. X
before you decide.
Mrs. Olivia Hebb, died at Dodge City
this morning at the age of 74 years.
She was the mother of William Hebb
of 716 Lane street. The remains will
rrrlve In Topeka on Santa Fe train No.
early Saturday morning-. The funeral
will be held from the residence of her
ton at 10 o'clock Saturday morning. The
Interment will be at Topeka cemetery.
, Kvarybody cada the Stat Journal.
Clue Tet to the Murder of
Col. Dull aud Wife.
Parsons, Kan., Dec. 20. Excitement
over the finding last night of the bodies
of Colonel John E. Bull and bis wife,
Carrie Bull, at their home here contin
ues with no apparent hope of a solution
of the mystery. Owing to the decom
posed condition of the bodies physicians
have been unable to make a satisfac
tory examination and their opinions dif
fer widely as to the cause of death. A
theory advanced is that death was
caused by asphyxiation from natural
gas with which the house was lighted
and heated, but this does not seem to
be carried out. Another theory that has
gained some credence Is that the couple
had quarrelled over a real estate deal
and that Bull had murdered his wife
and then committed suicide. Colonel
Bull sold their home a month ago and
it is said Mrs. Bull refused to sign the
deeds at first, only finally doing so after
much protest. Bull was dressed when
found and bis wife had not yet removed
all of her clothing. The coroner's in
quest is being held today. A. W. Bull,
of Fiqua, O., a brother of the dead man
wired today that he is en route to Par
sons to take charge of Colonel Bull's
affairs and to solve the mystery if possible.
Grand masque ball at Auditorium by
Capital lodge No. 3, A. O. TJ. W., Tues
day eve, December 24. Four prizes for
best costumes.
At the Battle Creek Sanitarium Food
Laboratory researches in detetics have
been conducted for over a quarter of a
century by skilled physicians and chem
ists, including very extensive experiments
made on animals and human beings. One
of the most interesting discoveries is the
importance of dextrlnizing the starch of
foods as a means of preventing and cur
ing indigestion, especially acidity, gastric
catarrh, constipation. v brain fag. rickets
In children, weak muscles In adults. As
a result of thousands of experiments a
new choice food has been produced called
Toasted Wheat Flakes, sweetened with
Malt Honey, which Is thoroughly dex
trinized and actually prevents and cures
these maladies. This sweet toothsome
food may be eaten moist or dry. Know
the genuine by a picture of the Battle
Crek Sanitarium on the package.
The Handsomest line
of House Coats
In the City
$3.50 to S 12.50
We have so many in
all the new styles, that
if you will but take the
time to look we are sure
we can please you A
great special we are
selling right now is a
Grey Oxford . Vicuna
Overcoats made up in
first class style
for 95.00
Large line of Boys'
Shirts, Waists, Neck
wear, Mufflers, Sweat
ers, Gloves, etc.
Boys' Reefer Coats.
Ages 3 to 6 years, $1.
Overcoats, '
Men's Black, All Wool Irish
Frieze Ulsters; $12 values,
for $7.50
Men's Fine Blue Kersey and Mel
ton Overcoats; $12 values $8.00
Men's Yoke Overcoats, in the
latest fabrics $10.00
Men's Fine Grey Clay Over
coats flO.OO
If you want an Overcoat equal to
any tailor made, : you can save
about one half the price if you will
take a look through our Fine Over
coats. Prices from $15 to $30.
Men's Suits.
Wool Cheviot Suits, value $5.00; to
close out $3.00
20 styles in Black Thibets, stripes
plaids, all new styles, $7 value,
for $4.50
Good styles in the late pattern,
with stiff front, $10 value ..
for $7.00
All $15 Striped and Fancy Worst
ed, in heavy weights $10.00
Blue Unfinished Worsted and Mel
ton Suits, in doublebreasted; sold
everywhere for $15; to close
1 out , $10.50
Handsome All-Wool Clay Worsted
or Black Thibet, in sacks and cut
away $10.00
Handsome Tailor Made Suits in
Unfinished Worsted, Thibets, Chev
iots, Clays, with hair cloth front,
hand-made collar, lapel and button
holes; a real $20 value, for..$15.00
All our $30. $25 and $22 Suits
for 920.00
Boys' Wool Irish Frieze
Ulsters 92.50
Boys' Fine Ulsters, $7 and $6
value, for 900
Men's Gray Oxford Overcoats,
$8 value, for 95.00
Men's Drab and Mixed Over
coats, odds and ends, $10 Values,
for 95.00
Men's Heavy Irish Frieze
Ulsters; $7.50 value 95.00
Child Union Underwear ......25c
Bovs' Fleece Lined Union
! Suits 5Ca
Boys Heavy Fleece Under
wear 25o
Boys' Wool Underwear 50c
Men's Heavy Fleece Under
wear 37c
Boys' Black White stripe
Shirts 19o
Men's Black White striped
Shirts 21c
Men's heavy Chambray Shirts re
inforced back and front 45o
Men's Blue Flannel Shirts 90o
Men's Knit Jackets.. 9 l.OO to $3.50
Men's Duck Coats rubber
lined $1.20
Boys' Long Corduroy
Pants t... 91.50
Boys' Blue Flannel Shirts... 75c
Men's 75c Fancy Shirts 50o
Men's Embroidered Night Shirts.. 45c
Men's Hem-stitched Bordered Hand
kerchiefs 5c
Don't buy "a Suit' until you have i goy' BlakCat nle,-:""'c 12?
seen ours. i xsoys guuu x auuy duu is uv
Black All Wool
Irish Frieze Ulsters,
that are worth full 910,
for $7.50
But we have a good
, many varieties, some as
low as $5.00, and a good
Plush Lined Frieze
Ulster for $14.00 It will
keep you warm in any
kind of weather.
Boys' Fleece Lined Sleep Gar
ments SOo
Men's Embroidered Night Shirts.".50o
Men's Silkened Initial Handker
chiefs 3 for 25o
Fine Linen Initial Handkerchief s 6
for 91.00
Men's White Laundried Shirts.. ..50c
Men's and Boys' Fancy Colored
Shirts 50o
4-ply Linen Collars 3 for........ 25c
Boys' Shirt Waists with or without
Collars, Detached Bands 45c
Boys'-Heavy Sweaters 45c
Boys' Good Winter Caps 25o
Men's Cordigan and Stockinett
Jackets 9 l.OO to 95.00
Black or Blue Imported Kersey Over
coats with Skinner Satin Lining and
Sleeve Lining 915.00
The largest and best line of Gentle
men's colored and fancy Shirts in the
city SOc to 92.00
Boys Irish Fieze Ulsters 92.50
Boys' Handsome
Overcoats in the Yoke,
Raglan, Swagger Clipper.
Prices 92.50 to 918.00
This week
Men's $3.00 Stiff Hats
for $1.50.
2000 Hen's
fLeave items for this column with Kim
ball Printing Co., 912 North Kansas Ave.
Pictures framed at James'.
George Groshong was in from Kilmer
Game boards, $1.15 up at James'.
Mrs. Clara Bolz of Meriden is visiting
her sister, Mrs. Burley.
You should see that sun rise every
evening in our north window.
Mr. Luther Stewart of Arizona is vis
iting his cousin, C. D. Myers.
Pocketbooks, Bibles, miscellaneous
books. James'.
Miss Grace Detlor of Grantville waa
in town yesterday shopping.
Three more days to buy Xmas goods
cheap at COSTLET & POST'S.
Mrs. Ed. Stadel and daughter of Hoyt
were North side visitors yesterday.
Mrs. George Peabody of Horton is the
guest of Mrs. . CaL Matthews of 1010
Jackson street. 'i
For this week only, $2.00 oval Flatinos
for $1.00 dozen. Aldridge's studio, 1015
North Kansas avenue.
Fountain pens $1.00 and up. James.
Eugene lodge No. 79 I. O. O. F. will
confer the initiatory and third degree
at their meeting this evening.
1902 calendars and diaries. James.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Smith of Central
avenue, accompanied by Mrs. Smith's
sister, Miss Frances Elm, went to Law
rence today where they will be the
guests of relatives during the holidays.
Only a few days left before Christ
mas. For fine assortment of gifts at
low prices see '
Golden Rule lodge No. 90 A. K. and A.
M. conferred the third degree upon
Maynard Dibble last evening at their
meeting in Masonic hall, after which a
banquet was enjoyed.
Get your Xmas hat at Mrs. Court
ney's, 603 South, 917 North.
Last call All $8.00 overcoats for $3.75.
$12.00 and $15.00 coats for $6.50. Rlngel's
Quit Business Sale, 827 N. Kansas Ave.
Bargains in new and second hand bi
cycles! Closing out to make room for
1902 models, at Lacey's, 842 North Kan
sas avenue.
Ladies' trimmed and untrimmed hats
at half price. One lot trimmed hats at
25c each. COSTLET & POST.
Only three days longer to get the bar
gains in dry goods at the Fire and
Smoke Sale. W. B. SPEAR & CO.,
834 North Kansas Ave.
Attend the Fire and Smoke Sale.
Every dollar's worth of goods that
shows any damage whatever will be
cleared out at some price.
W. B. SPEAR & CO.,
834 North Kansas Ave.
Chicago. Dec 20. WHEAT Grain start
ed today with, a tendency of recovery of
price. In wheeX several bull factors gave
a firm early tone arid May opened 5ic
higher, at 79-79c. Higher cables and
small shipments to Liverpool were the
principal factors. Receipts were still
small because of the cold weather and
railroad tie-uus and the southwest report
ed that the fields there were unprotected
by snow and that crops would probably
be damaged by the extreme cold. Trade
was fairly active at the opening with a
food demand all along the line by New
ork houses. Mayresponded slowly but
sold up to 79c. Local receipts were 37
cars none of contract grade; Minneapolis
and Duluth reported 356 cars, making a
total for the three points of 3i)3 cars,
against 914 cars last week and 611 cars a
year ago. Argentine shipments this week
were ltit,000 bushels, compared with 292,000
bushels last week.
Small receipts at primary points, a good
demand for red winter cash wheat and a
commission house demand pushed May
wheat up to 80c where it closed strong
and c higher than yesterday.
CORN Corn opened firm but nervous
and trade was very light. Shorts were un
easy and orders were hard to execute.
May opened o to .Mi&o up, at 6OTic to
66Vi66e, and hung around 66(gStc.
Receipts were 102 cars.
Corn continued dull In an indifferent
market, closing firm with wheat, at 66c.
OATS Oata were quiet to start, with
May 84c up, at 44(&45c,on the strength
in other grains. Trade was small and
almost featureless and prices stayed
around 4434(544c. Receipts were 89 cars.
PROVISIONS Provisions opened lower
on easier hogs. Some small demand and
the grain strength, however tended to
ward a reaction in prices in this pit.
May pork opened 57c to 2H5c down,
at $16.52V16.56, and "sold up to $16.60; May
lard TJa6c lower, at $9.60S9.67, and ad
vanced to $9.70, and May ribs 2AS5c to un
changed to 2c lower, at $8.47&.50. and
sold to J8.52.
WHEAT Cash: No. 2 red, 8183Hc: No.
3 red, 7883c; No. 2 hard winter, 7678c;
No. 3 hard winter. 76S77c; No. 1 northern
spring, 77g78c; No. 2 northern spring, 76
677c; No. 3 spring. 7276c
CORN No. 3, 64c.
OATS No. 2, 4C&46J4c: No. S, 45V46c.
FLAX Cash: Northwestern, $1.59;
southwestern. $1.59; Dec and May, $1.59.
RYB Dec, 6314c; May, 67c
BARLEY Cash: 56&62c.
TIMOTHY March, $6.556.60.
Allen Is Selected.
Henry Allen, of Ottawa, has been
selected by C. S. Finch and D. A. Val
entine, the officers of the Kansas Day
club, to carry the message from Kansas
Republicans to Missouri. Mr. Allen was
not chosen because he is an orator but
because he makes the kind of a speech
that pleases on occasions like banquets
and that sort of thing. He made a hit
at a Kansas Day banquet a few years
ago, and last year was considered one
of the most effective Republican speak
ers in the state campaign.
Parlor Organs
If you wish to hear the very
latest real improvement in
Reed Organ call now and ex
amine the
Peerless Organ
It has separate stops which
produce the PIPE TONE ef
fect, and the usual stops for
ordinary reed tone effect. It
is in large, handsome, sub
stantial Oak case, and the
price is $60 on monthly pay
ments. E. B. GUILD MUSIC CO.
Chicago Livestock Market?
Chicago, Dec 20. CATTLE Receipts,
4,000 head. Market dull. Good to prime
steers, $6.00(67.00; poor to medium, $3. 759
5.90; stockers and feedsr, $2.004.25; cows.
$1.00(&4.e5; heifers. $1.50(85.26; canners, $1.00
(&2.0O; bulls, $1.75(84.66: calves, $2.505.76;
Texas fed steers. $4.31X515.25.
HOGS Receipts today, 30,000 head; esti
mated tomorrow, 27.000 head; left over, 13,
412 head. Market 10c lower. Mixed and
butchers', $5.8OCa6.40; good to choice heavy,
$6.256.50; rough heavy, $5.80(56.00; light,
$5.00(&5.85; bulk of sales, $5.70t.25.
SHEEP Receipts. 8,000 head. Sheep and
lambs steadv. Good to choice wethers,
$3.7&??4.50; fair to choice mixed, $2.75rd3.40;
western sheep, $3.004.25; native lambs,
$2.5ft5.50; western . lambs, $4.25(35.00.
Official receipts and shipments yester
day: Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
Receipts 12.481 46,344 16,412
Shipments 4,941 2,031 06
Kansas City Livestock.
Kansas City, Dec. 20. CATTLE Re
ceipts. 3,000 head, including 200 head of
Texans. Market steady. Native beef
steers, $4.75(56.25; Texaa and Indian steers,
$3.00Si4.50: Texas cows, $2.253.50; native
cows and heifers, $2.50iS5.00: stockers and
feeders, $3.004.25; bulls, $2.254.00; calves,
HOGS Receipts, 18,000 head. Market 5
JOc lower. Bulk of sales, $5.506.30; heavy,
$6.5056.60; packers'. $6.104i6.30; medium,
$6.0066.25; light. $5.256.15; yorkers, $5.00
6.00: pigs. $4.005.00.
SHEEP Receipts. 1.000 head. Market
steady. Muttons, $2.2594.2S; lambs, $4.507,
5.25: western wethers, $3.50&4.00; ewes, $3.00
Si 3.75.
Kansas City Produce.
Kansas City, Dec. 20. Close WHEAT
May, 7Sc. Cash: No. 2 hard, 74751,4c;
No. 3. 73?i(?i74c: No. 2 red, 87Hc.
CORN Dec, 6Sc; Jan., 68HS68 c; May,
68 c. Cash: No. 2 mixed, 684c; No. 2
white, 691c; No. 3, 686s"c.
OATS No. 2 white, 48A(S49c
RYE No. 2. 66c.
HAY Choice timothy, $13.0013.50;choice
prairie. $13.75(S14.00.
MUTTER Creamery, 22c; dairy, fancy,
18c. v
EGGS Fresh. 25c - -
WHEAT Receipts; 21 cars.
New York Stocks.
Wall Street, New York, Dec. 20
STOCKS Opening sales of Amalgamated
Copper of 8,000 shares at quotations of 655
down to 64. the stock was immediately
supported by buvlng of 1,00 to 1,500 share
lots which rallied it to 66. Anaconda
dropped IVi points. There were sharp
To Ow Patrons 1
siiid tiHe Public &
Our Store was threatened by fire
this morning', and our entire front de
stroyed. We've made settlement with
insurace companies, and are now ready
for business.
6.00 Shoes, $6.00.
55.00 Shoes, $5.00
4.00 Shoes, 4.00
53.50 Shoes, $3.50 '
AH kinds of Christmas Slippers, 6oc lo $2.00
E.ast Sixth
Hast Sixth
fractional declines in Sugar and Western
Union, the latter selling ex-dlvidend.
Railroad stocks as a rule showed small
fractional gains, but dealings were on a
Bmal scale.
The market had fits of animation when
large purchasing orders appeared for
the Western, Pacific and southwestern
railroads. Prices generally were main
tained at the best, despite a ruling rate
of 7 per cent for money. The Atchisons,
Missouri Pacific, Louisville, Northwestern
and Southern Pacific were consplcuously
strong. United States Express rose 24
points and American Express 44 points.
Amalgamated Copper was quiet and kept
within a half point range.
' Market Oossin.
' Furnished by A. G.- Goodwin. Commis
sion Merchant, 601 Kansas ave.J
Opening Liverpool cables: Wheat and
corn d lower.
Second Liverpool cables: Wheat and
corn 4d lusher.
Chicago grain receipts: Wheat, 37 cars;
corn, 102 cars: oats, 89 cars.
Kansas City grain receipts: Wheat, 21
cars; corn, 63 cars: oats, 10 cars. Same
day a year ago: Wheat, 96 cars; corn, 31
cars: oats. none.
Closing Liverpool cables: Wheat and
com yd higher for the day.
Kansas City: May wheat Puts, 77fec;
calls, 78c; curb, 78Ve. May corn Puts,
68?e; calls, 6914c; curb. 68c
New York Honey Market.
New York, Dec 20. Noon MONEY
Money on call nominal at 5(c?6 per cent:
prime mercantile paper, 5t534 per cent;
sterling exchange fairly steady with ac
tual business in bankers' fpills at $4.86'H:
4.86'' for demand and at $4.834.83 for
60 days; posted rates, $4.84&4.S714; com
mercial bills. $4.82W4.83.
SILVER Mexican dollars, 43c
BONDS Government bonds heavy. To
day's CAiotations: '
U. S. refunding 2s, registered 108
U. S. refunding 2s. coupon H1914
U. S. 3s, registered 108
TJ. S. 5a, registered
U. S. 5s, coupon
Butter Market.
New York, Dec 20. BUTTER Firm.
State dairy, 1523c: creamery, 16625c;
June creamery, 1521c; factory, 12iiO
SUGAR Raw steady. Fair refining,
3 9-32c; centrifugal, 96 test, 3c; molasses
sugar, 3 l-32c. Refined steady. Crushed,
$5.40: powdered, $5.00; granulated, $4.90.
COFFEE Steady. Na 7 Rio. 6&
Cotton Market,
New York". Dec 20. COTTON Spot cot
ton closed quiet. Middling uplands, 8c;
middling gulf, 8c. Sales, 612 bales.
Galveston, Dec. 20. COTTON Steady at
Range of Prices
fFurnlshed by J. E. Gall. Commissions.
Grain, Provisions, Cotton and Stocks. Of-
flee 110 West Sixth street. 'Phone 486.
Correspondent Christie Grain and Stock
Co., Kansas City, Mo.
Chicago, Dec. 20.
Open High Low Close Yes
Dec 75 76 75 76 754
May ... 79- 8014- 79V4-54 79
July ... 7954 80 79- 80!4 79-
Dec 63 '
May ... 66- 67 6614 6674 63
July ... 66- 66 66 66 66
Dec 44
May ... 45 45 44 44-46 44
July ...38- 38 38 8S 38-
Jan 16 10 16 20 16 17 16 17 16 12
May ...16 55-5216 72 16 65 16 72 16 57-60
May ... 9 65 9 72 9 62 9 72 9 67 )
Jan .... 960 967 9 57 967 9 72
Jan 8 30 8 32 8 30 8 32 8 30 I
May ... 8 47 8 57 47 8 57 8 50
Kansas City Oram.
Furnished by A. G. Goodwin, Commis
sion Merchant, 601 Kansas ave.
Kansas City, Dec 20.
Open High Low Close Yea
Den, 1 "
Mayf "I. 77- 78 77 78 77
CgN 8 6S
Jan 6X 6x14 6S Ks'i-H 68
March . 68 6X 6X 6S
May ..! 68 6 66 68 6S
Ranee of Prices on Stock.
Furnished by J. E. Gall, Commissions,
Grain Provisions, Cotton and Stocks. Of
fice 110 West Sixth street. "Phone 4s.
Correspondent Christie Orain and Stock
Co., Kansas City, Mo.J
New York. Dec. 20.
Op'n H1i?h LowCI'se Yes
Sugar 11!4 190 Wi 11 12"
People's Gas 101 102 101 101 101
Amal.Copper .... 65 67 4 67 6jH
B. R. T. 62 64 62(4 64 3
XT. S. Steel 44 44 41 ..... 41
Texas Pacific .... 38 89 3, 39 38
M K. & T 62 B2 62 52
C'O W 24 24 24 24 24
Rock Island 151 K2 151 152 151
St Paul M2 164 12 163 M'
Atchison, com ... 77 70 77 Jh 77
Atchison pfd .... & 101 9 1074 99t
Manhauan .7 .... 133 134 133'! 134 132
Western Union . 91 91 91 91 93
Mo. Pacific 103 101 103 102
Wabash 42 42 41 42 41
So7 Pacific 59 61 69 59
U P., com 101 l' 101 102 101'i
U P., pfd...' 88 9H 8 89 88
Southern Rwy. .. 82 33 32 33 33
4xii 44 4SV 4 4X
N. Y. Central .... 165 1; 165 166 lr,
T. C. L 62 63 62 6.1 62
T .
Parlfio Mail 46 45 45 46 46
r C. L 62 63 62 6.1 62
Srle 39 4' 4o 4' 30
-AO 46 46 ! 46 46
3. & 0 101 102 101 12 101
, & N 105 106 105 HW 106
Ex-dividend of 1 per cent.

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