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The Topeka state journal. [volume] (Topeka, Kan.) 1892-1980, June 18, 1903, LAST EDITION, Image 9

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"TMt tH" woman was light it is very
tru-." - nrwnln.
-fjaliii. lYgiry! What brings you to
I'-: Thought you vm' in p.dy."
So I ua: hut it's :lays a i.'.'ic of
'her? tmiay nml Knv tomorrow- with
us y--u know."
What's the objf. t of r-ontmg to Paris
th:s t:n;-?"
"!'' !'." Isn't on". Momma thought she
would like to come, ami I trailed affr
h--T "
" Y'-u sourio !or..i."
' i.i.rp.i: My (i-:ir Ale.-, I'm in the last
f.iK of d.-aoiy Mii.ni. V-'v" cnrniv.tlrtl
fit Nise, wt-'vt' fi;nnll"i at Miir.tP Carlo,
w'v I....--U t I. "mi . 'i "ii' '. ! lori-iii f,
ft.-; lv-rn k:.ov:: w ;i-r" - Is -and tins
Is what I'm i-i'iMiiT-'i t."
A If.- !trr..nl l..uk-l at I'. ssry AMt-F'-n's
b' ;niti;'u! !irialiy. "You're
Jn a had a v, I.'l: Ton must t.e in
a vpiv had wiv in 1 not to to t ar,y
enjvmi n out if Italy oa a tirst visa."
"T--U ni sosivtliittit i don't know, and
take rne ..tit ! I' a wmw here."
As they uaik'-i 'io'An 1 he Rue up Ri
v.iii to th-'- t'amhon. wlure at1'1 to
lie foun t rcrtrh-h rakes and t--a, which
"m:ske:h L.o.i i rh- heart of woman. " sev
eral ta!i'-i o 1. tonok-la-a rderi French
men turned to look at JVkkv Al.iiwn,
thprrty ntusins A Iff. Itufforrt to say
"Y.a'i must not walk about rarin
Blori--. to-'v. 1 won't hove it."
".An-! -Aha! rUht hove you to com-man-1
toy t;..:.:- out an-! corning in',""
b I ey. ! ti.mtly. '1... ok: they've
P"i sotm- of those ravishing litiif cakes
we us. i ! ; . at a. y.-.-ir ;iito!"
Ail Vi-tcuyy l.ou-.tom si--ine-l to hnvo
vamsh'-'l. She niiiu-h" t rakes and talk--1
rons.--r.se as it' she had never known
v. hat it as to suffer from ennui.
jUurtord seare-dy sp..ke. lie was
tvat hittc h'-r far:- with a puzzled, angry
look in his eyes, and he frowned on- niy
tit her i-'-ft ha ti.l. on vhi h blazed a dia
mond ring.
"I would not flaunt my shamo in the
ey-fs i,f tho w.a-i.i if I wore you."
' I'll oik it off if it spoils your apne
t'tr. said l ow, ohftfully. "Why
(!'! y.-u rut s. .-nothing ? 1 shall be id
if I no ..n inn. Ii longer. Pictures bofii
:'.!!, fad'.y lately: that what's the
rna 1 1- i ":"
'You kno'.v p.-rf.H-tly well what's the
unit!, r. 1ce.-v, you shall not do it."
'd'on't F'-.ak so loud. Ail these po
X h- talk Knhsh, and that woman in
trs1 . . ruor thanks we hove quarr-le-l.
Sro- is f i.joir: tia? si'uaUon itntito nso-ly-"
"It's moi e than I am. tha n. Com-3 into
tta- 'rut'at'.-s (fard-ms, if you won't l-'-t
rue s; t.i y otj h.-ro. You shad n..t
mar ry t ha t man, Poey. Yoti don't love
him. and t ! o;i earth you eer cc.it
n ;."i to htoa I can't think."
f-'.. - a use he ask-.d me," replied Peggy
Fiv..e 1 y,
'l-orft he ridiftilnus. Yr.u' e tefused
tif..'-n of m.'-n."
"N..t rieh "la s."
"1'iiat's no aierin in your case. You
l ave mi-r.f-y en eif h of your own to sup
jay . n y our wants."
"N.i. 1 haven't. 1 want to be -a mii
l;oi .aire, or tile wife of one at any rate.
Y .a wait until y u see how I can spend
rnotif-y ."
"You are not the tf'.rl I thought you
we:-o. rescy.
, : ' 'I--:.- i ; '-' f. ' .-" '.:.-:.'." 'd
v- : ' i 1
J M') -L' -
LX )
. -Z- -' ' jV (
' Y yi-y ; ' - ;
She: "You are always saying such clever things!"
He: "Of course. When you are present, I am forced to think of some
thing clever."
Pat: "Sure, I've lost me dog, an' I don't know wot to do."
Reporter: "Why don't you advertise for him?"
rat: "But, faith, an' th' dog can't read it if I do."
I V. 1
j r, -
Tiy;J c
1 f
i 4
Landlady: "Our rooms are $4 a
Applicant: "What with?"
:ei k 3.H a
i . i 1 :i O
i f t -Xi
; i v J i 1
i 'j dp
WW .
)! j j
I i- J
4 1
"I'm not answerable for) your 1
thoughts." " "
"Do you mean to tell m. then, that '
you ;tre inanyiiig a man solely; for his j
money witi-out one jot of feeling- for
him?" !
"Not at all. I h-ivp a lot of feeding for I
him. only it is not of the right sort." I
"You are oummittins; a crime, that's i
what you ate doing. What on earth is
your mother thinking- of to allow it?"
"Of what she'll do when she lias got
rid of an unsympathetic daughter prin
cipally. I think."
i Huffurd gvoaned. "Good L,ord, can
nothirg he done?"
I "Tile haby looked up and said not'a
1 Inst whatever,' " quoted Peggy, moek-
iingiy. Then with :t sudden change of;
! tone, she turned to him. "Nothing, nota-
jing! Least of ail can you do anything, j
i You? t ill. it is too absurd." j
I "What do you mean'.'" asked TUifford, I
j entirely r u.zd.-d. .
"'ould ui like me to tell you? I i
: w id. th.- to" She spoke in quick, low (
j tones, and her eyes shone with urinal- ;
; oral brilliancy. "Io you remember the
j three months we were here last ye-.tr, j
!and how at and 1 were always to- I
. g-th. r? You taught mo many things'
' then. Yoti taught mo but what is the. j
i use- of tolling you nil you taught me?
.They ail culminated into one point in j
the end. You can guess what it was. I
iperh-is.s! Well, one evening the even- i
' iug b-fore we left Paris we dined at !
the C.-U'e d la I'alx. Ah. you remember.
; I mad - Jim Morton take mamma and j
; mo because I was miserable. I had ex- I
pected you to ask nie to go out with ;
.you. You were dining tlv-re, too, with'
;, cirl French, 1 think. and very pretty. ;
i 1 did not see you at tirst; Jim point--d ;
v-.,n out to me. then told me not to look ,
las though I had seen you. You never!
hooked once in our direction. I don't
I beijeye you. ever- took your eyo's from
I the giri's face. 1 never asked who she
i w as- 1 could see what she w as to you,
and wi -II, that's w hy I am going to
I marrv Oi.-aham Parr."
There was silence between them when
she finished speaking. Kufford's head ;
i was bent, and his features worked as if .
in physical pain. At last, with an awful
' ( ffort, and in a hoarse voice, he said: j
- Peggy, I would give ten years of my :
! life not to have done you this wrong, :
but I can't do you another by telling you j
; a He." ;
"You moan you mean you love her j
that woman'." j
Pntii that moment she did not know j
how much Fhe had been hoping that his j
answer would h- different. And now
! the tire went out of her eyes, and she
I looked old and tired. Presently a reck- ;
; less little laugh escaped her lips. "I'm I
glad you are a tientleman. Alee. It
might have been much worse for me at
: this moment." i
! "Peggy!"
j "Le jeu fait, rein ne va plus"' said ;
i p..gg v with a little wave of iter hand, j
j "When are you coming to call on mam- j
j ma ? You've no idea how she thrives on
' the idea of ray approaching marriage, j
Good by."
He stood bareheaded until she was out j
of sight, then he lit a cigarette, and .
thought of many things which may not :
be set down here. The Free Lance.
If it wasn't for an occasional lovers
quarrel happiness would become monot
onous. WANTED.
' ' K
week, and I throw in your board."
! 1 i -,h,' ' 1 .i
A King Has His Little Troubles, but
Always Surmounts Them.
One day His Royal Highness jingled
his bell and sent for Abdul Hassin, his
Giand Treasurer. When the official bad
come in he was greeted with:
"Abdul, ;-mi will hand me over four
hundred ducats, that I may buy me a
new saddle horse."
"But we have not four hundred ducats
in the treasury, O Ruler," replied
"Then borrow from F"nele Levi."
"Put he will no longer lend."
"Then raise the taxes ten per cent."
"It would be in vain, your Majesty.
The people cannot pay as it is."
"Canst not pledge our royal crown for
such a paltry sum?"
"Hardly, O, King. You see, all the
valuable stones were knocked out and
put in soak long ago."
"Would my note of hand at the Sec
ond National bank fetch the money?"
asked the King after a silence.
"Jt was refused three weeks ago."
"And there is no wayj"
"We could not raise four hundred
ducats to keep out of jail, O King. I
am sorry to have to tell you this, but
such is the fact."
"Abdul, thou art a grood friend of
mine," said the King as he laid a hand
on his shoulder, "and I have a surprise
in store for thee. Plast thou ever heard
of a game cali-d poker?"
"Well, yes," reluctantly admitted
Abdul, "but I don't care for it."
"Put if thou cares t for me, thou also
cat est tor roker. We seat ourselves
so. 1 deal the cards thus. You ante a
dollar and 1 come in. Now, then, Abdul,
how many cards will you draw?"
"None at all, O King. As I was say
ing" "Never mind what you were saying.
I bet four hundred ducats on this hand.
What dost thou do?"
"J laj" down."
"Put you can't do it. You call my
hand, of course. That is, if you don't
call my hand, I'll call for your head.
I have three aces and you only have a
pair of jacks. Sorry for you, Abdul,
but better luck next time."
"Just hand me over the four hundred
and I'li have that horse within an hour.
Thou art a good friend, Abdul, and
thou art an honest treasurer but when
it comes to raising four hundred ducats
in half an hour you ain't in it with
your king."
The King took it into his head to dis
guise himself one day and go forth
among his subjects and hear what might
be said of him. By and by, as he travel
ed along a highway, he came upon a
cottage peasant and sat down for a
The peasant said little for or against
his sovereign, and the King was about
to pass on when he saw a beehive with
many bees flying about it.
T-Sv my troth." he observed. "but
never did I know before that potato
hues were kept over for seed this way."
"Hast never heard of the honey bee?"
asked the peasant in great surprise.
"If I hast. I hath forgotten about
him. He has long hind legs and takes
great jumps, doesn't he?"
"Thou hast the grasshopper in mind.
P.ehold, th? honey bee is before you, but
go no further. He hath a little way
with him.
"So hath I," laughed the King, and
he advanced and lifted the hive that he
might see the wheels and cranks con
cealed beneath.
Half an hour later the peasant found
him in the bushes with one eye closed
and lumps and knobs all over liim, and
after a look at him said:
"Surely, thou must be the king him
self?" "I surely am," ruefully replied the
sovereign, "but how didst thou get on
to me?"
"Oh, that was easv. No one but a
king would he fool enough to lift a bee
hive and wait for results."
Having heard it reported that he
wasn't the greatest thing on earth, the
king called his grand secretary to au
dience and began:
"See here, ivluley, T hear that some
of the people are losing confidence in
me as a kingdom on wheels."
"I grieve to say 'tis true, your ma
jesty," was the reply.
"Well. I'll either be the whole show
or nothing. I want you to send out
crirrs through the town to pm-laim the
fact that this evening I shall prevent
the sun from going down at the regular
hour. I'll show that I have not lost my
grip yet."
"But the sun hath its way, O sov
ereign." "It truly hath."
"And no man hath yet prevented ii
from rising and setting at its own will."
That's k'rect."
"Put thou wilt, command it not to set?"
"That's what I shal do in the presence
of about ten thousand people, and you'll be
right alongside of me."
"But it wil set just the same, O ruler of
ff,p ?even moons. Excuse me if I seem to
doitbr your power, but there are some
things ra man can On. What wilt thou
say to the people when the sun fails to
obfo- t litre?"
'There won't be anything to soy. my
friend. At 6 o'clock you will rol lout 20
barrels o f rum and invite all my loyal
sohlects to make hogs of themselves. They
will do it riKht off the reel."
"Rut at i:30. O King, when thou wilt
command the sum?"
"At 3:"l there won't be over a dnzn
sober men left in town, and they'll be so
busy dodging your requests for loans that
tiuv won't know sundown from sunup.
Get along, eld hoy, and give the people to
understand that I'm all fly-wheels and
making tij'cO revolutions per minute."
V K ElllSTOltlcltA C E.
Theory as to Skulls Found in a Mis
souri Cave.
Prof. C. N. Gould of the University of
Oklahoma recently visited a cave in
southwestern Missouri where excava
tions have heen goinst on for a fortnight,
and will hi Ft as much lons-er before they
are completed. The cave is 70 feet Ions
in the solid rock, and the bottom is
covered with a layer of ashes over three
feet deep, and this is being dug up and
searched. Out of the debris of ashes and
clay have been dug four human skele
tons, together with bones of other ani
f ve : "S . , i -lv r' '
( '
n n r? n r nr
III Jf r.0
Call Box or call
either telephone
No. 51 and have
your Want Ads
brought to the
, State Journal of
fice by free mes
senger service.
Cost of classified
ads Ave cents per
line of six words
to the line and
every fraction
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dress Mi5s A. Topeka Business college.
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have a list of men and confidential ref
erences coneersuti? them. Y. M. C. A
Employment Bureau, 117 K. -Kiyrhth st.
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Park to carry State Journal route in that
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summer. Apply at carriers' room 3 p. m.
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no washing or ironing. Apply biM Tope
ka ave. alter 7 p. m.
WANTED A good competent man; also a
good delivery horse. Shawnee Grocery.
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work: no washing: small family. Call
forenoons. Old 'phone 754.
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family of 2; good wages. W. R. Smitxi,
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sas ave. Mrs. Courtney's rriiiiinery sto:.
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eral housework. 219 Monroe st.
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R. R. men. Ml Kansas ave. Capital Em
ployment office.
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W. Sth fst.
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eral housework in family of 2 : must
know how to cook. 1273 Harrison st.
WANTED Salesmen for full line of
fruit and ornamental trees: pay weekly;
outfit free; steady work. Lavrence Nur
sery Co.. Lawrence, Kan.
W A N TE D T o b u y Em i ir. pro v ed far m
from 20 to 40 acres in size, south of the
river, within 5 miles of Topeka. Address
South Side, Journal.
STORE your stove with Miller for season,
$2. 'Phone 'Sob. 423 Kansas ave.
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young mare weighing not les sthan 1,200.
J. M. Kennedy, general delivery.
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board. 17 Jefferson st.
or without
WANTED You to know that the White
Sewing Machine office has removed to 7i5
Kansas, ave., where we still give bargains
in our line ; new woodwork furnished on
water soaked machines. J. C. Harding
Sewing Machine. Co.
WANTED To contract for sweet corn and
tomatoes; we can furnish tomato plants
and seed corn at once. Topeka Canning
Co., 3uii Kansas ave.
WANTED Cucumbers grown for pickling,
will come after them if raised on vacant
city lots for seed. For further information
call on Topeka Vinegar and Preservixig
mals. The arms are unduly long and
the leg-s unduly short, which argues that
the skeletons belong to an ancient per
iod. Flint instruments of all kinds,
knives, spear heads, drills, as well as
bone, and stone instruments, are found
in pteat abundance.
The surface of the cave is of lime
stone, worn perfectly smooth probably
by long generations of use by the cliff
dwellers. rr. Feabody tells of a sheep
fold at Jlycene of similar limestone
worn smooth in a like manner by long
use by the sheep. Along: the back wall
01 the cave the water pouring off the
limestone has formed huge stalactites,
which Prof. Gould says must have been
in process of formation for thousands of
years. As these stalactites have formed
above the coat of ashes in which the
human skeletons and other relics of an
cient times have been found, the cave
must be one of extreme age.
As far as known, the discovery of
these four skulls in southwestern Mis
souri is the first positive discovery of ft
cave man in America. Their antiquity
is yet to be proven. The stalactites,
however, the three foot coating: of ashes
and other evidences of like kind seem to
prove that the discovery is indeed an
important one. Prof. Gould was the
only geologist present at the investiga
tion of that cave, and as almost the
whole question of antiquity must be
settled by a study of the geological
formation his opinion in the case is of
great value. Prof. Gould is of the opin
ion that the cave is the greatest find of
its kind ever made in America. The
work of excavation has only begun, and
the greatest discoveries are yet to be
made in all probability. He thinks
there is little question as to its anti
quity, and that the discoveries being
made in the cave will be of invaluable
aid in solving the problem of the pre
historic race of man which Inhabit?. 1
the American continent at one time.
i New York Post. .
Chiacgo and Return $16.00 via San
ta Fe.
Tickets on sale June 14, 15, 30 and July
1. Final limit returning September 15.
ft...- 1
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keeping. Inquire 1JS4 Topeka ave."
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erate conveniences. 1624 College ave.
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r2i Kansas aye. ';
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nee county or anywhere in Kansas, and w c can find buyers at fair prices.
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see counties.
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Both 'phones M.
manufacturers and jobbers of trunks.,
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Hosstcld, proprietor. Tel. 4J3.
DEMOSS & I'E.WVELL Funeral Direc
tors and Einualmers. First class service
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GEO. B. PALMER, undertaker. Estab
lished 1871. Prices reasonable. Tel. office
146. Resilience 87. 621 Jackson st.
J. A. ROSEN. Patent Attorney, 413 Kansas
ave., Topeka.
THE OFFICE of the Capital City Vitri
fied Brick and Paving Co., haa been .re
moved to lli W. &th st.
WANTED Ynu to let us make you' old
carpets into rugs. Call phones 421 or
addres3 McCormick & Peake, 527 Jackson.
F. TV. EWEARINGEN, jeweler and grad
uate optician. W:e guarantee every pair
of uiaeses to fit and every watch we re
pau. We carry the largest line of
watches, clocks, diamonds, cut glass, etc..
in the city. Watch inspector Li. p. R. It.
724 Kansas ave.
M. TV. MULL, Carpenter and Builder.
Shop 11214 West Eighth st. 'Phone 163
Job work promptly done. Topeka, Kan.
J. C. ELLIOTT, i"2S Kansas ave.. general
sporting goods, guns, ammunition, base
ball supplier, tiahuig tackle, refrigerator
baskets, Sprat's du food and medicines;
'phone 675.
Co. packs, ships and stores household
goods. Tel. Ib6. Clarence Skinner, IZi Ji.
Dill i
MONEY TO LOAN on live stock, pianos,
organs, typewriters, household goods and
personal security. L. Biscoe, 523 Kan. Ave.
Hardware, stoves, fine tools. iu6 Kansas
ave. Tel. 606.
SWITCHES, pompadours, all kinds of
hair work. Mrs. Van Vleck. 222 B. 6th.
FLOUR, feed andToal TvTTrilfiths'
203 TV. 6th ave. 'Phone 8-13.
MRS. L. V. WIKEL, fashionable dress
making, 214 E. 5th St., Crawford block.
FOR SALE 6 room house and 2 corner
lots W. loth, bargain if sold immediate
ly. See owner this week at 135 Madison.
One of North Topeka's nicest locations,
8 rooms, on corner, 2 lots, less than naif
what was offered a month ago. Sure bar
gain. The Strauss Agency.
FOR SALE A fine residence 700 Garfield
ave., near Potwin. See J. C. Thomas,
517 Kansas ave., or telephone 417.
FOR SALE An up-to-date S room house,
large stable, sewer connections all com
plete, SO i Polk st. Call on Geo. Mayer.
SEE me for feed and seeds at the Alexan
der & Goodfellow stand. 119 E. 6th st.
Both 'phones 330. House 'phone, Bell, 33ii
3 rings. D. O. Coe.
WAGONETTE for picnics, etc., holds
couples. TV. T. Lawless, 'phone 170.
WASHED away from 127 N. Quincy st., a
green wire fence, gate attached. Reward
if returned.
LAWN mowers sharpened. 15c. free de
livery. Union Machine works. 315 Kan av.
FELLOW Traveller, to the bar of God,
who drinks! Do you wish to get on
with the sober world? If so, call or write
De Voe Liquor Cure Co., 534 Kansas ave.
and 102 E. bixxth St., Topeita. Kan.
LOST During flood dress suit ease con
taining new silverware and other lrti
cles. Return to Stella Smith, !21 Jeffer
son. Liberally rewarded.
LOST Dtiring flood brown mare, weight
about 100; two white front feet; mono
gram on left hip. Liberal reward for in
formation. E. J. Meehan, Box 76, Oakland,
LOST Black mare, 2 white hind feet, star
in forehead, shod in front with bar shoe,
had halter on, weight 1,000 lbs Corner 21st
and West sts. Thos. G. Shiilinglaw.
FOUND Fine collie dog. Call 1029 Harri
son st.
FOUND A red yearling heifer. T. Por
ter. 3d and Lawrence sts.
FOUND Red boat near Teeumseh. Owner
apply at 3.1 Kellam St., Oakland.
60X Jackson St., Topeka, Kan.
FOR BAGGAGE and moving call t
phone 69S, Atherton Bros. Office 13
East Sth st. .
All Kinds of Coal.
Best Quality. Full Weight.
Prompt Deiivtry.
Co. Tel. 7e. Bicycles and sundries; bi
cycles and tandems tor rent; repairing ft
ad kinds.
L. S. CYCLE CO., IIS E. Sth st. National
& Iver-Johnson bicycles. Supplies, repairs.
MRS. M. E. HGLCRAFT, S17 Kansas ave.
Cut flowers and llorai designs. Pnjne i.i.
CUT FLOWERS and flcral designs at
Hayes', lui TV. ta St. Both "pnones 877.
O. McGEE, wall paper, paints and brushes.
House paimutg and paper banging. CttU
and get puces before ouying eisewhej.
610 Jackson st. Bell telephone tj; ixiu
pendent telephone 557.
THE J. C. DARLING CO., 734 Kan. Av.
Rubber stamps, brass and aluminum trads
checks. Prices low. Catalogue free. TeL 44.
JAMES B. HAYDEN. Jeweler and Opti
cian. Complete etotk o tvatcnes, u
monds, silverware, etc. Eyes examined
and spectacles properly fitted.
TOPEKA DRUG CO., 732 Kansas ave. T-L
' isew:jiitjia iuiupu. ana accurate
ly tilled. All kinds soda minks at lountaiii.
Office 726 Kansas ave. Residence Thir
teenth and Clay. Office hours: i a. m. to
11 a. m. and 3 p. m. to 5 p. m. Teiepaon
residence, and 16 office.
Kansas ave.; graduate in medical mas
sage and gymnastics. Stockholm. Sweden.
easc corner 12th arid Tyler sts.. from I
to 2 p. ni., except Sundays. Conducted by
regular piacticjng phsicians for iba
benent of persons without means who
need medical attention and treatment. Pa
tients are assured of careful aiid coasi'l
erate treatment, iledicine furiusbcd la
most cases.
WOBHAU 715 Polk, piano lessons, pupil
home, 6214c. Church & lodge playing free.
WANTED You to have your carpets
cleaned. McCormick & Peake. Tele
phones 421.
Co., in our new location, 406, 40S and Hi
E. bth St., where we will have over three
times our former storage capacity. Stora
your goods with us and we will give care
ful attention to all details" in receiving,
packing and shipping.
F P. BACON, Prestdent
J. H. GAYHART, Superintendent.
LAWN mowers sharpened, 75c. Golden
Rule, 503 Kansas ave. Free delivery.
JACKDAW, the most successful sire la
the Missouri valley, and The Shamrock,
the handsomest and best bred staliion In
Kansas, are at 32 Jackson st. R. L Lea.
LESSONS on piano or stringed instru
ments 25c at pupils home. Mrs. C. M.
Smiley, 300 TV. sth st.
MONEY TO LOAN on good real estate.
Alfred Zane, 1715 Clay st.
iL kJ Topeka, Kansas.
The "Right Road" to and from and baton,
And Everywhere Beyond.
(Effective April sth, liu3.
No. 12, Chicago Mail and Express.. 1 35 pm
No. 14, East Ex. and Mail 6;0yam
No. 4, El Paso and Chicago Ex.... 6.1a pm
No. lu, Colorado and K. C. Flyer.. 7:46 am
No. 36, Chick, and K. C. Ex ?;oopuj
No. 11, Chicago and Texas Ex 1:10 pm
No. 9, Colorado i-lyer S. lu pm
No. 13, Te::as Ex i-l.iay a.n
No. 3. California and Mexico Ex.. 1:15 ara
No. 35, K. C. and Chickasha Ex.... 5tu um
No. 26. St. Joe Ex S.Hin
No. 24, St. Joe and Chicago Ex.... .3 cs
No. 23, Chicago Ex 12:4Spn
No. 45, S. TV. Ex ii .53 p.Ti
All trains daily except Nos. 35 and
daily except Sunday.
For sleeping car reservations, tlckett.
time tables, etc , apply to any Rock lataad
Ticket Agent.
Assistant General Passenger Agent.
Lines West of Missouri P.iver,
' m
Unloa Pacifls.
Arrive. Leav.
Den. A Pac. Coast No. E.12;40pm 12.40 pra
Limited No. 1 fe:50 pm S :' t m
June. City pass. No. 3 6:10 pm 15 pro
Saiira Ex. No. 7 19:06 am 10.05 aa
Atlantic Ex. No. 4 3:00 pm J 00 pm
Limited No. 2 5:40 am 6:40 am
K C Pass. No. 6 8:05 am S.ro ara
K' C. Ex. No. 8 6:40 pm 6;3 pa
Nos. 7 and 8 daily, except Sunday.
Missouri Pacific.
Topeka -Ft. Scott Accom-
modation No. 2S5 5:00 pm 7:Saai

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