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of the Buffering and danger in store for her, robs the expectant mother
of all pleasant anticipations of the coming event, and casts over her a
shadow of gloom which cannot be shaken off. Thousands of women
have found that the use of Mother's Friend during pregnancy robs
confinement of all pain and danger, and insures safety to life of mother
and child. This scientific liniment is a god-send to all. women at the
time of their most critical trial. Not only does Mother's Friend
carry women safely through the perils of child-birth, but its nse
gently prepares the system for the coming crent, prevents "morning
sickness, ana otner dis
comforts of this period. ,.
Sold by all druggists at
ti.oo per bottle. iiooic
containing ?iuuu . f 5 . , ,
Ilia Gradfieid Eegulatsr Co., Ailaato.Ga. U kJtkLsai
i .
, tiisiAdte
i .. ; s2.;m3is!;Rj?r?CTHfjs.j!is:
via -
Internationa! Lrive . Stocll
Tickets on sale Dec. 16 to 19, inclusive.
Limited for return December 24th.
Topeka, Kansas.
Especially low rates in effect December 19, 1905, in many
cases less than one fare. Ticket3 sold to all sections of the
Great Southwest that land of opportunity now attracting
the attention of discerning and shrewd investors, home
seekers, and others. Unexcelled train service.
For particulars apply to
IPeoifie Fending Items to this flepartment
of 'j he Statw Journal win confer a favor
. by giving the full first name or two
initials, with all proper names. Items
must be accompanied by the name and
Mr. and Mrs. Speed Hughes pave a
f.niiier hist night at their house 13.15
1 opeka avenue, their invitations in
clucliriff Mr. and Mrs. H. L. P. Hillyer
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Chaney, Mr. and
Mrs. H. O. Osrvoy. Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
i'. Spencer, air. and Mrs. Frederick
J reermui and Mr. and Mrs. Harrison s
The C. C.'s of Washburn, a sor.ho
inore srirls' nrpanlzatlon, pave a party
i ;J!!Fht in hnnor of 1he Washburn
tootba l team at the residence of Mr.
and Mrs. Lea Monroe. SC9 Harrison
street. The rooms were decorated with
renr.ants and the class colors, grreen and
white were in evidence throughout the
Fervinsr of the suprer. The table flow-
rZ W?re J0"5"3 and carnations and the
rlace cards bore appropriate sketches
find rhymes aimed at the football plav
ers wno were the guests of honor. The
company, hostesses and guests includ-
It malies no difference
how long you have been
sicE, if you are troubled
with indigestion, consti
pation, liver and Kidney
troubles, Ho Ulster's
RocKy Mountain Tea will
malle you well. 35 cents.
502 Kan. Ave, - -
. ; v- ; ! '
s x -.- "r-
Is sn ordeal wMch all
women approach with
indescribable fear, for
nothing compares with
the. pain and horror of
child-birth. The thought
i e ?
W V-
r" r.'or
u ;l 'u
ii 5 - trx 'fv!
Tfcar r- Si ii'im' f'li iHmiT m i igr''
CJty Passenger Agent, Topeka.
ed, Misses Laura Lux, Nettie Zimmer
man, Audrey Gardner, Jennie Arnold,
lone White. Lulu Healv, Vera Best,
lvian Tuttle, Nell McCrumb, Arline
Dietrich, Anna Kauffman, Grace Ware,
Hattie Embree, Ethel Keller, Mary
Gall,- Mary Fisher, Celia Smith, Jose
phine McCammon, Lu Schwartz. Allie
Winerett, Stella Bowman, Anna Ptrauss,
Ieboiah Guthrie, Lenore Monroe,
Liaisy Monroe, Mr. Arthur Bovd, Mr.
Irwin Snattinger, Mr. Edwin Cell, Mr.
Willis Gohismith, Mr. Rad Lee. Mr.
Glenn Hauerhey, Mr. Wistar Williams,
Mr. George White, Mr. Ray Ufford, Mr.
Grover Taylor, Mr. Pliny Snyder, Mr.
Arthur Smiley, Mr. Roy Pettis, Mr.
Elmer Sharp, Mr. Reuben Markham,
Mr. Albe King. Mr. Bulwer Lytton, Mr.
Glen Jones, Mr. Ralph Johnston, Mr.
Bob Forbes. Mr. Ralph Forbes. Mr.
Harry Cowgill, Mr. Arthur Carruth and
Mr. Talmage Atkinson. In a contest
of football knowledge the five football
men present cut for the prize, a '08
The following were in attendance at
the Winetlotta club dance last even
ing: Mr. and .Mrs. E. E. Carpenter, Dr.
and Mrs. C. B.. Reed, Mr. and Mrs. H.
F. Guthrie, Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Rob
inson. Mr. and Mrs. Julius Snattinger,
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Logerstrom, Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Lagerstrom, Mr. and
Mrs. C. B. Jordan, lir. and Mrs. H. B.
Hofreboom. Mr. H. H. Hamilton, Mr.
and Mrs. W. H. Davis, Mr. and Mrs.
Ralph Clauser, Miss Rosser, Mr. Theo
dore Snattinger.
Miss May Short is giving an informal
afternoon musicals today, at her home
on Ciay street for her cousin. Miss
Grace Durfee of Marion, Ohio. Miss
Durfee is a pianist of more than ordi
nary attainment and her singing sup
plemented by vocal numbers by Miss
Fe Waters make up a delightful pro
gramme. The friends asked were: Mrs
L. M. Powell, Mrs. w. W. Strickland.
Mrs. -W. F. McGee, .Mrs. J. M. Greene,
Mrs. Albert liosten, Mrs. Mary Embree,
west li
1 1
Miss Mary Bunker, Miss Nettie Bunker,
Miss Ada Closser, Miss Grace Powell,
Miss Santa Waters, Miss Fe Waters,
Miss Helen Curry. Miss Lydia Bolmar,
Miss Adelaide Bolmar, Miss May
Schultz, Miss Blanche Hawley, Miss
way Hawley and Miss Ethel Hadley,
Mrs. William F. Whitmer's Invita
tions for an afternoon party at her
house, 1010 Sixth avenue west, today
were extended to Mrs. E- W. Pom-
dexter, Mrs. John Sargent. Mrs. F. P
Lindsay, Mrs. Celia Fordyce, Mrs. Ed
ward Walker. Mrs. J. W. Criswell
Miss Elizabeth Galbreath, Mrs. Susan
A. Chaney, Mrs. Mary Petro, Mrs. M.
F. Rigby, Mrs. Kate King, Mrs. G. R.
MUIice, Mrs. W. O. Rigby, Mrs. H. D.
Davis, Mrs. H. L. Larsh. Mrs. H. C
Short, Mrs. Etta J. Hadley, Mrs. Grif-
htt, Mrs. Geo. O. Wilmarth. Mrs. Geo
McCoy, Mrs. Rene Nesbaum, Mrs.
JNelson Petro, Mrs. Walter Thompson
Mrs. Harry Hobson, Mrs. Emma
VV hitmer, Mrs. J. A. Campbell, Mrs.
Samuel Cooper, Mrs. Anna Brusman,
Mrs. Thomas Hicks, Mrs. Henry Allen,
Mrs. C. P. Drew, Mrs. Geo. Givens,
Mrs. D. G. Kline, Mrs. E. O. Faulk
ner, Mrs. Ernest Voorhees, Mrs. W. M
Gregory, Mrs. W. T. Schaeffer, Mrs.
Mat Whitmer, Mrs. Geo. P. Lux, Mrs,
Norman Keller, Mrs. Silas Rain, Miss
Maggie Nesbaum, Miss Mattie Dugan,
Miss Belle Thompson .
The Duplicate Whist clut) w-as en
tertained by Mrs. Eugene S. Quinton
yesterday. Mrs. Ben Akers played
for Mrs. George Crawford. The club
will meet Tuesday, December 19, with
Mrs. Harold T. Chase.
Miss Calla Cuttell entertained the
Friday Afternoon Whist club yester
day. Miss Louise Kellam, Miss Alla
belle Troutman and Miss Edna Herbst
were substitutes. The club" will meet
in two weeks with Miss Ethel Davis.
Mrs. Willis Edson was the hostess
of the E. O. W. Whist club 'yesterday
afternoon. Miss Nan Beck played for
Mrs. T. A. Beck, and Mrs. York for
Mrs. R. M. Spivey. The club will
meet next Friday -with Mrs. J. "VV.
The S. S. club met yesterday after
noon with Mrs. Frank S. Thomas. Miss
Loretta Kinney was a guest. Mrs.
Harry Larimer was elected a member
of the club. The next meeting will be
held with Mrs. George Port Ashton,
Friday, January 5.
The Topeka U. C. T. will have a
social evening meeting at their rooms.
The M. XT. M.'s of the T. H. S. had a
meeting yesterday afternoon at the
home of Miss Helen Adams on College
Hill. Officers were elected as follows:
President, Miss Helen Morrow; vice
president, Miss Cora Trimmer; secre
tary, Miss Effle Mulford; treasurer,
Miss Margaret Wellcome; priestess.
Miss Louise Hoffman. The club will
have its next meeting at the home of
Miss Edna Campbell during the holi
days. The Tau Iota Gamma sorority of the
T. H. S. gave a dinner last evening at
the home of Miss Myrtle Whitaker.
The rooms were decorated with pen
nants, the sorority colors, green and
yellow, and Christmas greens. Broad
red satin ribbons - trimmed the table
and the favors were small pennants.
Covers were laid for Miss W'hitaker,
Miss Barbara Ripley, Miss Helen Mor
row, Miss Grace Wilcox, Miss Jennie
Moneypenny, Miss Ora Moneypenny,
Miss Eva Curry, Miss Grace Rousseau,
Miss Grace Wilkins. Miss Baines, Miss
Gertrude Kitchell. Miss Fay O'Neil.
Notes and Personal Mention.
Miss Vida Wood and Miss Louise
Wood returned today from a visit to
Crawfordsville, Ind.
Mrs. S. E. Knight, who has been the
guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.
VV. Magill, has returned to her home
in Shawnee, Okla.
Miss Jennie Price of Atchison, who
was the guest of Mrs. Charles McClin
tock, has returned home.
Mrs. P. J. Clevenger left today for a
visit to Illinois.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Mackey of Junc
tion City, who have been guests of Mr.
and Mrs. George W. Martin, returned
home today.
Miss Mabel . Cuthbert has returned
from a visit to Denver.
Mr. Bert Walker, who has been in
Topeka for a few days, returned to
Osborne today.
Miss Lena Francis of Newton, who
has been the guest of Mrs. J. C. Bur
nett and Mrs. Harry Bowman, left for
home Friday.
Miss Eva Smith has gone to Kan
sas City to spend a few days with her
sister, Mrs. Eugene Sallee.
Mrs. J. B. Case, who has been with
Mrs. Edward A. Herbst, is now the
guest of Mrs. M. A. Low' and will re
main until Wednesday, when she re
turns to her home in Abilene.
Mrs. D. E. Cain has returned from
a trip to. the Indian territory with Mr.
Cain in his private car and went to
Kansas City this morning to spend the
day with Mr. Cain, who is returning
from a short business trip to Chicago.
Mr. George West, who has been the
guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.
G. West, returned to Omaha today.
Miss Maggie Bell Long of Lawrence
is the guest of Miss Corinne Coston.
The Washburn men's basket ball
team went to Glasgow- Thursday to
play against the Glasgow tea.m and
played two games at Manhattan Fri
day and two at Holton today.
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Wasson left yes
terday for Corpus Christ! to spend
the winter.
Mr. Frank West of Manhattan is
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. G. West.
Mrs. Frank Anderson and Miss
Ethel Ramsey of St. Marys are guests
of Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Merrick. Mr.
Anderson will come tomorrow to
spend Sundav with the Merricks.
Mr. W. F. Child of St. Marys is in
town for the day.
,Miss Violet Cammidge, one of last
year's Bethany students, will visit
Miss Lottie McNair at the college next
The Rev. C. A. Weed of Joplin,
Missouri, was the guest this week of
his daughter. Miss Celeste Weed, at
the College of the Sisters of Bethany.
Mrs. Coffin of Manitou, Colorado,
has been visiting her daughter, Miss
Bertha Coffin, at Bethany this week
and has returned home.
Object to Corn Kate.
The state board of railroad commis
sioners have announced that they -will
on December 19 hear the complaint filed
by shippers of Elsmore, Allen county.
If I had purchased all the materials
and the various things that have gone
Into the hats -which 1 have trimmed
this year, I believe I would not have
been able to spend anoiher cent for
anything else. Instead I bought Dia
Tnond Dyes. Many people seem to
think that velvet cannot be dyed suc
cessfully, but H can with Diamond
Dyes." Miss Virginia Yancey, Dallas.
They are as simple to nse as soap.
They are a boi sehold neces-Mty and a
bousehuld economy. Only 10 cents a
pa'.-kaee at all drusrlsts. Snd name
and secure a cops' of the famous Dia
mond Dye Annual and 45 samples of
(iyed ete?.ii. Address
DIAMO.NO DYE3, - Barllostoo, Vt.
that the railroads have in effect a dis
criminatory rate on corn between that
point and Rosedale, Kan. They say
that Rosedale is discriminated against
In favor of Kansas City. This case is
not involved in the general grain rate
case, but is a local issue. The board
also decided to request Attorney Gen
eral Coleman to co-operate with Carr
Taylor, attorney for the board, in the
defense of the board in the suits filed
by the Union Pacfic and Santa Fe to
test the validity ot the railroad board.
Leave items for this column with Kim
ball Printing Co.. 912 N. Kansas ave.1
J. C. Hastings was in town today from
J. C. Johnson of Silver Lake was a
North side visitor today.
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Belles
ui nio van Buren street is quite ill.
Miss Mary Ogee has been taken to Dr.
Keith's hospital for medical treatment.
'mere is a case of diphtheria in the
iamny or J. M. Murrell, 122S Garrison
Mrs. W. Walton, who has been ill at
uer nome, zza East Laurent street, ia
improving. ,
Alpha Robinson of station "A" is con
fined to his home by illness and Ernest
Priddy is doing his work.
Dr. G. W. Ellinger, who has been ill for
some weeks at his home, 426 Harrison
street south, is now very low.
Miss Ollie Beal returned today to her
home at Valencia after a visit to Mrs.
Joseph Warnock of 1213 Polk street.
A box social was given last evening at
the Rochester school house by which
$9 was made. This sum will be applied
on the piano fund.
Mrs. , C. D. Tew and little daughter
Dorothy, who have been visiting Mrs.
Tew's parents, . - Mr. and Mrs. J. N.
Stump left this morning: for their home
in Little Rock, Ark.
Bibles for Christmas-65c; all of the
latest books $1.08; children's books 5c
to 50c; crepe and tissue paper, all
shades; pictures and picture frames.
H. H. BAIR, 917 Kansas avenue.
The services at the Congregational
church tomorrow will be: Sunday
school at 9:45, preaghing by the pas
tor. Rev. T. J. Pearson, at 11 a. m.
and 7:30 p. m., Junior C. E. at 3 p. m.
Funds are being solicited from the
north side business men to build the
west approach to the Sardou avenue
bridge. This bridge is about com
pleted now with the exception of the
At the Church of the Good Shepherd
Friday afternoon the Right Rev. F. R.
Millspaugh, bishop" of Kansas, adminis
tered the rite of baptism to Willard Rus
sell, the little son of -Mr. and Mrs. D. T.
Gabriel. Mrs. Joseph Davies was the
Mr. Krapf has sold out his interest
in the laundry at 10J4 Kansas avenue
to Lee Bouslog a brother of the other
member of "the firm this new firm is
making many improvements to the
plant by putting in new machinery and
making other changes.
The regular services will be held at
the Central Avenue Christian church to
morrow. The pastor, Mr. F. H. Bent
ley, will preach both morning and even
ing. In the evening he will speak on
"What the Disciples Believe and Teach
Concerning the Holy Spirit."
Marion, the 12-year-old son of Mr. and
Mrs. Marion -W. Kifrres of 1206 Kansas
avenue, died last evening at 7 o'clock at
the family home of diphtheria. The
funeral, which- will be private, will be
held Sunday aftesnfrig t 2:30 o'clock
from "the house! andjtije "tetermenl will
be in Rochester cejryetery.
Ex-Sheriff J. M. "Wilkerson, who is at
the bedside of his father at his home
near Meriden, has. -telephoned friends
here that his father is very low and it
is doubtful if he can survive the day.
Mr. Wilkerson's son, O. D. Wilkerson,
who has been very ill at his home, 1010
Kansas avenue, for tha past few weeks,
is now much improved.
Blue post No. 250, G. A. R., elected
the following olficers! for next year at
their meeting last- night which was
well attended: Commander, S. T.
Cromwell; senior vice commander,
W7m. Henthorn; junior vice command
er, Cyrus Reamy; chaplain, George R.
Lugton; surgeon, Dr. J. F. Buck; ofii
cer of the day, F. E Williams; officer
of the guard, F. H. Gerthler; trustee
for three years, Fred Deppe. Dele
gates to next encampment, F. H.
Gerthler, Wm., Henthorn; alternates,
J. Q. A. Peyton, "VV.- T. Perdum.
The thieves who broke the window
of the Pratt hardware store Thursday
night and stole two rifles and some
cartridges were captured this morn
ing and proved to be three little boys,
probably ten and twelve years old. One
was a white" boy named Ernest Barrett
and the colored children were named
Leval. They spent yesterda out
hunting and boasted that they had
lately bought some new guns and were
going hunting again today. unis
boasting was their undoing, for sus
picion immediately pointed to them as
the guilty parties, and this morning
they were arrested and taken over to
the police station in the patrol. The
boys really had no intention of break
ing into the store to secure the de
sired guns. They had procured a
rusty key and expected to unlock the
store door. Thinking that the avenue
door was too. public, they had even
gone to the work of climbing a six
foot wire fence which encloses the
rear lot and tried to unlock the back
door. The key failed to work so the
boys then threw the brickbat through
the window. :
Tourist Cars Popular.
The idea that an inferior class of
people patronize the tourist sleepers is
an error. On many trips only the best
class of travelers are found. They are
merely men and women of good sense
who would rather travel to California
in this manner and save a snug sum
of money to be used elsewhere. It is
beginning to be understood that it is
by no means necessary for the traveler
to spend a large sum of money in or
der to enjoy a trip to the Pacific coast.
If you cross the continent in one of
the tourist sleepers of the Union Pa
cific you will enjoy your trip and save
considerable money.
Convict Frank Bowman Doesn't Like
System of His Imprisonment.
J. S. West, assistant attorney gen
eral, has gone to Leavenworth to rep
resent the state in a habeas corpus
proceeding brought against Warden
Haskell of the state penitentiary by
Frank Bowman, a convict serving a
double sentence in the penitentiary.
Bowman was sent up from Gove
county for larceny of domestic ani
mals. The crime 'was committed on
April 1, 1903. and Bow-man was not
arrested until April 5, 1905, when he
finished a previous term ' for cattle
stealing. Bowman's attorney holds
that he should have been arrested on
the second charge while an inmate of
the prison, and taken back for trial,
instead of being permitted to first
serve out his first ter;n.
Thij case is being heard in the
Leavenworth district court.
-- -
L.f r-a --a
want advertise
ments than J
other Top
newspapei. -;t
same vuo
from theer?
Z- State J.o 7
bus n.ore readers in Toceka than au "
i.t 1
How to Answer Advertisement.
Advertisements Blsroed in eare of State
Jourxai, such as "Address A, B. C, care
Stats Journal," or "Address Owner, care
btate Journal." should ba answered tn
writing on l.v. Write your answer and
man ji ce-ie Etate Journal or leave It at
the State Journal office. Do not ask the
filerke in the State Journal office to K"v
you the name of the advertiser; they can
cot five Utie Information.
Ad vs. Not Accepted Over Pbonc.
The State Journal doea not accept
int advertisements over tho telephone
cor does tt make charge accounts ol
them. The most satisfactory plan to to
bring; your want advertisements to tne
Btate Journal office. If you cao not oo
this, call tbe Western Union telegraph
office, either 'phone 51, and tell them that
you have an advertisement for the State
Joarnal. They will send an A. D. T. boy
to your bouse. You pay the boy for the
advertisement, the State Journal pays tor
his services in bringing it down town. Cost
of classified advertisements is 6c per lino
Sli oroinary words make one line.
C. M. Hill and wife to J. W. and
M. A. Koontz, lot 488 and part
4S6 Topeka avenue $2,700
J. C. Kimball to G. A. Lambert,
lots 142 and 44 Liberty street 175
East Hill Mount Zion Baptist
church to M. Shull, part east
half northeast quarter 4-12-16... 2
L. C. " Brown and wife to R. L.
Bott, tract in section 1-12-15 2,000
W. F. Synder and wife to E. G.
Miller, lots 395-97 and 99 Oak
land avenue, J. W. Morris addi
tion. . , 150
E. L. Kelsey and wife to J. R.
Switzer, lots 671-73 and 75 Har
rison street, Walnut Grove ad
dition 150
A. M. Higgins and wife to I. G.
P.'omig, northeast quarter 11-12-15
Real Estate Improvement Co. to
C. W. Davis, lots 900-2-4 and
942-44 and 6, block H, Golden
avenue. East Hill subdivision... 100
W. F. Snyder and wife to C. Rey
nolds, lots S95-97 and 99 Win
field avenue, J. W. Morris addi
tion 150
J. W. Coberly and wife to S. A.
McQuiston. t al, , lots 4-5-6-7-8 .
.and 9 CoMriy Addition to iSer.- -ryton.
.". . ISO
D. B. Williams and wife to P. M.
Herrick, northeast quarter 2-13-
16 6,400
W. J. May and wife to M. A.
Tripp, west half northeast quar
ter 2-10-16 2,000
J. Huntoon to E. Von Langen,
lots 519-21 and 23 Fourteenth
street, Huntoon's addition...... 900
R. Wr. Gqodrich and wife to E. L.
Walker, lots 74 and 76 Wash
burn avenue, Euclid park addi
tion 90
C. Smith and husband to J. Griley,
lot 25 Hancock street 4oO
E. Ridley and husband to E. Fink,
lots 2-3 and 4 Oak street, ear
nest's addition 2,600
J. S. Earnest and wife to R. V.
Riley, lot 2 Earnest's addition.. l
Via Kock Island.
On December 19th, Rock Island
agents will sell you tickets to points
in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Indian Terri
tory, Louisiana, New Mexico and
Texas at 7 5 per cent, of the one way
rate for the round trip with minimum
of $10. Tickets will be limited for
return 21 days from date or saie.
A. OL. X1 UlvljUirC,
C. P. A., Topeka, Kas.
Via Rock Island.
On December 19th, Rock Island
agents will sell you tickets to points
in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Indian Terri
tory, Louisiana, New Mexico and
Texas at 7 5 per cent, of the one way
rate for the round trip with minimum
of $10. Tickets will be limited for
return 21 days from date of sale.
C. P. A., Topeka, Kas.
The New Seth Thomas Clocks
Selling at cost. Chas. Bennett, jew
eler and optician, 730 Kansas ave.
Land Near Wasliburn Sold.
A deed was filed in the register of
deeds' office this morning conveying
the 160 acre tract of land lying ad
jacent to Washburn college and
known as the Higgins farm to Ira G.
Romig of Huchinson. The price
paid makes the farm cost Mr. Romig
one hundred dollars per acre.
President Abolishes a Land Office.
Washington, Dec. 9. By executive or
der President Roosevelt has abolished
the Sidney, Neb., land office, and trans
ferred the work to the North Platte.
Neb., office, to take effect February 28,
$ioo REWARD, $ioo.
The readers of this paper will be pleas
ed to learn that there Is at least one
dreaded disease that science has been
able to cure in all its stages.- and that is
catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only
positive cure known to the medical fra
ternity. Catarrh being a constitutional
disease, requires a constitutional treat
ment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken in
ternally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.there
by destroying the foundation of the dis
ease, and giving the patient strength by
building up the constitution and assist
ing nature in doing its work. The proprie
tors have so much faith in its curative
powers that they offer one hundred dol
lars for any case that it fails to cure.
Send for list of testimonials. Address
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold bv all druggists, 75e.
Take Bail's Family Pilis for constipation.
i it x -
-, i
v.-. -
... y.
for sheriff, subject to the Republican
primary of Shawnee county.
for the probate judgeship, subject to
the Republican primaries. - -
candidate for sheriff, subject to the Re
publican primary of Shawnee county.
r'ate for sheriff of Shawnee county, sub
ject to the Republican primaries.
experienced officers in Topeka, an
nounces his candidacy for sheriff, sub
ject to the Republican primary.
WANTED Position by lady stenographer
of two years' experience. Address H.,
care Journal.
WANTEDJPlace to care for horses and
work around house. Call or address M.
Ormond, 421 Lincoln st.
WANTED A situation in the country to
do housework. Address T. M., Journal.
WHEN you want to hire a man or boy,
call up T. M. C. A. Ind. tel. 808 or Bell
tel. 907 red. We have a list of men and
confidential references concerning them.
Y. M. C. A. Employment bureau. 107 E.
8th et.
ANYONE having work that college sto
dents can do this coming year, please
write Seth L. Cov, president Washburn
college Y. M. C. A., station B, city.
WANTED Sewing bv day. tailor system
used. Miss Hollingsworth, 1305 Garfield av.
A YOUNG MAN may now havo an ex
cellent opportunity to work for his tui
tion if he calls immediately at the Stan
dard Shorthand school, 630 Kansas ave.
WANTED Kor array, able Bodied unmar
ried men between ages of 21 and 35. cit
izens of the U. S., cf good character and
temperate bablts. who can rpeak, read and
write English. For information apply to
recruiting officer. b22 Kansas ave., Topeka,
MAN wanted in the real estate business,
experience unnecessary, if honest, am
bitious and willing to learn the business
thoroughly by mail and earn $300 to $500
monthly as our local representative, write
immediately tor full particulars.- Address
National Co-operative Realty Co., T-ti B.,
Athenaeum bldg., Chicago.
WANTED Men fair education travel,
staple line, salary, experience unneces
say, expenses advanced, advancement. Ad
dress Manager, 1613 Manhattan, Chicago.
$5.00 DAILY for man to distribute circu
lars. American Distributing bureau, Mil
waukee, Wis.
DETECTIVES needed everywhere, $5 per
day earned when qualified. International
Detective Co., Milwaukee, Wis.
WANTED Men to ship south for R. R.
work, corn huskers. farm hands, men
for machine shops, man and wife for
farm, ranch hands O! S kitchen help,
cooks. Cap. Emp. Agency, 735 Kan. ave.
WANTED Young man to act as city
salesman for Topeka firm. Call 50o Kan
sas ave.
WANTED Men to learn barber trade: "10
positions for' every gradeuate, topffages
paid, course includes tools and diplomas,
can nearly earn expenses if desired. Write
nearest branch Molor Barber college, St.
Louis, Mo., or Omaha, i'eb.
WANTED 200 boys to sell newspapers on
Sunday morning. Call at Johnson's
news stand, Kansas ave.
WANTED A. boy to -fitrip tobacco. Frank
Klingaman,. 827 Kansas ave "" -
CIRCULAR and sample . distributors
wanted everywhere; no canvassing; good
pay. Co-operative Adv. Co., N. Y.
WANTED At once, responsible parties
to do house to house work, nothing to
sell. Call at 10S E. Cth St.
WANTED Men, everywhere; good pay;
to distribute circulars, adv. matter, tack
signs, etc.; no canvassing. Address Na
tional Distributing Bureau, 100 Oakland
Bank bid., Chicago. 111.
WANTED Four men to travel in each
state, distribute samples and advertise
our goods. Salary $21 per week and ex
penses, guaranteed. Expenses advanced.
Experience unnecessary. Address, with
stamp, stating age and occupation. Reeve
Co., 413 Dearborn St., Chicago.
CIVIL service examinations will be held
in several places in each state, 50,830 ap
pointments last year, only common school
education required. Write Columbian Cor
respondence college, Washington, D. C,
and get its free announcement containing
dates, salaries paid and questions recently
used by the civil service commission.
WANTED Everywhere, hustlers to tack
signs, distribute circulars, samples, etc.,
no canvassing, good pay. Sun Advertising
Bureau, Chicago.
SALESMAN to sell first class nursery
stock, pay" weekly, stock guaranteed
true to name. For terms write G. L.
Knight, Lawrence. Kan.
LADIES to do piece work at home: we
furnish all materials and pay from $7
to $12 weekly. Send stamped envelope to
Royal Co., 34 E. Monroe, Chicago.
WANTED House girls, waitresses.cham
bermaids. lunch counter help, woman $20
mo., board and pass, woman cooks, hotel
help. Furman, 72o Kansas ave.
WANTED Good white woman or girl for
housework, references, highest wages.
1434 Topeka ave.
WANTED Girl for general housework.
Good pay. 1118 Topeka ave.
WANTED Girl for general housework,
must be good cook, 2 in family, no wash
ing, $4 a week. 1115 Topeka ave.
WANTED Dressmakers for all kinds of
work. Mrs. Mercer, Crosby Bros.
WANTED A cook, good wages to an ex
perienced rnnk wirti rpfprpnrps S1S
Western ave.
$3 TO $5 a day, 200 easiest and quickest
selling household specialties. Send 2c
for catalogue. Kirn Score & Co., 332 W.
Belmont ave., Chicago.
OUR new novelty catalogue is what you
want. -Send a 2c stamp today and ve'll
mail you one. Address Marion Supply Co.,
box 1S8, Marion, Ky.
AGENTS wanted for otir Mendarip and
ranchman's 8 tools in one. Send stamp
for cuts. M. Foote Co., Los Angeles, Cal.
AGFNTS, send 2c stamp for latest puzzle
and terms. Imperial Supply Co., box
104, 22S W. Erie St., Chicago.
AGENTS, self-lighting mantles, soli on
sicsht, turn on gas. it lights, chemical,
everlasting, agents' price ISc, retail 35c;
write quick. Matchless Lighter Co., De
troit, Mich. .
THREAD cutting thimble, saves your
teeth, makes a dandy present; you'll be
pleased, lie catalogue free. W. J. Dor
gan, 314-ltrth ave., N. Y. city.
$so A MONTH salary and expenses to
men with rig to introduce our guaranteed
poultry and - stock remedies. Send: for
contract; we mean business, and furnish
best reference... G. R. Bigler Co., X 624,
Springfield, 111. .
Stats Journal, 10c a Week.
BROMIDE portrait- and up-to-date ve
neer frame complete, 39c; sells $1.93, no
delivery troubles. Al. A. Beali, 666 Van
Buren st Chicago. -
AGENTS, make a success, we furnish
the goods and start you, $25 week guar
anteed. Start an office at home. Great
Western Supply Co.i 275 W. Adams St.,
Chicago. -
' business for vouraelf. No canvassing.
Enclose stamp for renly. E. Miles Brad
ley Co., box 6SS. New Haven,. Conn.
BIG money in squabs, cheaply raised in
only 4 weeks, sell for fancy prices, won
derful market; write for free book and
learn this rich industry. Plymouth Rock
Squab Co., 203 Howard St., Melrose. Mass.
SALESMEN, notice, a larare well known
' Chicago house selling staple, well ad
vertised line to dealers, wants traveling
salesman for Kansas. St;iie ase ana ex
perience fully. Drawer U. 756, Ch'.cag:.
EXPERIENCED salesmen or women to
travel exclusively for greatest Hue cal
endars, novelties, liberal commission. On
ly successful salesmen need apply, stat
ing experience, references. Making con
tracts for 190S. Spotswood Specialty Co.,
Lexington, Ky.
WANTED 2 ambitious salesman for hdw.
sideline, straight salary when proficient.
Address with references Caledonia Chem
ical Co., Caledonia, N. Y.
BOOK sellers wanted for unrivaled holi
day books at unequal commissions, our
offer is exceptionally profitable. We want
addresses of live canvassers. M. A. Don
ohue & Co.. Chicago. - -
CIG.AR salesman wanted in your locality,
city and country trade, salary und ex
penses or commission, experience unnec
essary. Inclose stamp for particulars.
National Cigar Co., dept. 32, Toledo. O.
SALESMEN Tobacco; experience -unnecessary.
Excellent opportunity; good in
come. Steady employment. Address
Belle Meade Tobacco Works, Louisville,
WANTED High class specialty sales
men to earn $5,000 net next year; only
a few positions to fill. The Barton-Parker
Mfg, Co., Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
WANTED Side line traveling salesman
can make $30 to $50 per week handling
our latest production of advertising fans.
Liberal terms. Apply at once. United
States Calendar Co., Cincinnati. O.
SIDE line traveling men can make $25 to
$50 per week carrying side line of most
up-to-date advertising fans of our exclu
sive and special designs, season now
opening. Apply at once. The Kemper
Thomas Co., Fan dept.. Station H, Cin
cinnati, O.
WANTED By mfgr. Hustling salesmen on
everyday necessities, no competition, sal
aries guaranteed. Write now. Colonial Co.,
723 Hennepin ave., Minneapolis, Minn.
WANTED 2 rooms furnished for light
housekeeping. Address James P. Divine,
care Brunswick hotel.
WANTED Piano and organ repairing,
refinishing and action work a specialty.
Geo. D. Butts, 921 E. 6th St.
WANTED Man to train good bird dog.
Bell tel. 508.
Complete line of driving and team har
ness riade at J. M. French's, 71S Kan
sas ave.
WANTED Neglected east Kansas timber
watered farm at yz price. Snap, Journal.
WANTED To exchange choice building
lots for good team. Apply at 920 Jackson.
WANTED" Horsofi nd cattle to winter,
Vfz miles east tianta Fe shops, Seward
ave. Bell tel. 3B25 red. H. P. Coursey.
WE PAY highest cash prices for you cast:
off clothing, shoes, hats, overcoats. Drop
us a card or call Ind. tel. 1538. Abe Ja-
cobson, 500 Kansas ave.
MY magazine. "Investment for Profit."
for Dec. which I'll send free) is worth
$10 a copy to any man who intends to in
vest any money, however small; who has
money invested unprofltahly, or who can
save $5 or more per month, but who has
not learned the art of investing for profit.
It demonstrates the real earning power
of money the knowledge of financiers
and bankers hide from the masses.
It shows how to invest small sums and
how to make them grow Into fortunes
the actual possibilities of intelligent in
estments. It reveals the enormous profits bankers
make and shows how one can make tha
same profits safely. It explains how stu
pendous fortunes are made and why they
are made how $l,0u0 grows to $22,000.
To introduce my magazine, write me
now, mention this paper, and I'll send it
or.a year free.
79 Jackson Bldg., Chicago.
All harness sold by J. M. French ia
made in Topeka at 718 Kansas ava.
BROKERS, investors, hava good facil;
ties for buying and selling reliable min
ing stocks, leading markouv telegraphic:
service; let me know your wants Win. B.
Harrison, 610 Citizens' National bank, Pes
Moines, Ia.
MORPHINE, opium, laudimim, cocaina
habit; ruyseii eurea; win intorm you vi
harmless, permanent home cure. Mrs.
Baldwin, box J21Z, Chicago.
horse foot remedy, gall cure and hoof
packing. See J. M. French, 718 Kansas
ave. '
rn-TTr1!!' O 1 .-,11 tn find a rn m f ri
bed wetting try Penine. Sample box free.
Guaranteed cure. Missouri Remedy Co.,
dept. 242, St. Louis, Mo.
FOR RENT 4 room house 323 Harrison.
Inquire first door north.
FOR RENT A 4 room cottage, newly
painted and papered, 71S Hancock St. In
quire next door north.
406 Clay, 8 rooms, barn.
1606 E. 3d. 7 rooms.
1-109 Huntoon, 6 rooms, bath, etc
700 Polk, 5 rooms.
1251 Polk, 6 rooms.
1263 Van Buren, 4 rooms.
And some others.
J. E. TORRINGTON. 109 W. Sixth.
FOR RENT 1 room house, chicken house,
stable, good water, 1 acre of ground, la
blocks car line. J. Chubb, Highland park,
Ind. tel. 2671.
FOR RENT 5 room house and barn 1713
Harrison. Inquire 115 E. 8th St.
FOR RENT New 6 room house 1316 Kan
sas av. Inquire 122S Kan. ave. Ind. tel. 4334.
FOR RENT house 701 Lawrence, $6.00.
FOR RENT Modern 9 room house Tope
ka ave., near Sth St. Rent $22.50 if takea
soon. Tel. 7&9.
Big list of houses and stores.
&j acre farm near city. .
S. M. WOOD & CO.,
534 Kansas Ave.
FOR RENT Convenient cottage, bath,
gas, furnace, cistern, wide hall, fire
place, suitable for natural gas, $5. g?s
Lincoln st., corner 6t,h. Inqairo at i-4
WSth, lad. tel. E.52, .

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