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Is the Cry of All
Get summer clothing is our answer. We will trust
you if you haven't the money. Be comfortable as well
as the man who has money. You can buy when you
need it pay for it a little every pay day. The latest
styles at lowest prices.
jfn,m p r Will pr
Just the thing for summer wear
A Nice Skirt
A Handsome Waist.
Your word is as good as cash. One price for all,
cash or credit.
. iS 11,1 t.via s
I 1
509 ICansas Avenue
ILeave Items for this column with Kim
ball Printing Co.. 912 X. Kansas ave.
New drive wells. Pratt Bros.
Household goods for sale. 1016
Quincy street.
Mrs. C. Kaser is ill at her home, 910
Harrison street.
F. A. Harney was in town yesterday
from Silver Lake.
W. O. Hancock of Hoyt was a North
side visitor yesterday.
Mrs. A. F. Grear has returned from
a trip to Kansas City.
Mrs. E. D. Small and Miss Adelo
Small of Atchison are in town for the
Klussman-Priddy wedding this even
ins. Tomorrow will be Ascension day and
thre will be special services at the
Church of the Good Shepherd at 8
o'clock in the evening.
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Miller and fam
ily moved today from 510 Park street
to their new home, corner of Ninth
and Lane streets in Westlawn addition.
Mrs. Armstrong and Mrs. Sarah E.
Brown of West Curtis street went to
Kansas City todiy to attend the fu
neral of their niece, Mrs. Alphia
Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Skinner of 1016
Quincy street will leave the first cf
June for Belvue, Kansas, to join their
son, Mr. Walter Skinner, on a ranch
near that place.
Mrs. Jerome Colvin of 915 Van
Euren street went to Kansas City this
morning to attend the funeral of her
cousin, Mrs. Alphia Rambo, who was
, drowned in the Missouri river Monday
Since the item appeared in the Jour
nal of Monday evening telling: of the
large fish caught in Soldier creek, this
stream has become a popular resort
and the hanks are crowded with a
crowd cf anxious men and boys eager
for a bite.
Mr. and Mrs'. Will Klussman ar
rived last evening from Los Angeles,
jCal., for the Klussman-Priddy wed
'ding this evening. While in Topeka
they will be the guests of Mrs. Kluss
man's sister, Mrs. Carl Tinker, of 1529
Madison street, and of Mr. Klussman's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Klussman, of
1313 Madison street.
The Argonauts held their last study
meeting of the year last evening at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Skin
'irer, 1016 Quincy street. The lesson
.in American history was conducted by
I Miss Elizabeth Woodburn while the
'.paper for the evening, "Contrabands
IKiring the Civil War," was by Miss
Laura Beverly. The programme com
mittee made their report and It was
decided next year to study the history
of Spain in connection with the Stod
dard lectures. The question of the
annual picnic was then discussed. It
was decided to have this outing at
Teoumseh on the 5th day of June. Mr.
C. C. Nicholson was re-elected presi
dent and Mrs. Skinner re-elected vice
president for the coming year.
J. M. Baird has greatly improved the
San Francisco. Nov. 21, iro4.
IT. W. Blatchley. E--?q., Caldwell. Idaho
Pear Sir: Shortly after you commenced
the treatment of your diabetes with Ful
ton's Diabetic Compound you wrote that
you could notice no results, but would con
tinue it a while longer, tater you wrote
it was beginning to yield, and later still
that you were nearly well. We have not
ibeara from you now for neariy a year.
As you are a druggist, and we know that
orusgifts, like physicians, have looked
upon BTight's disease and diabetes ae In
curable, wo are specially Interested in
your case and would like to know how
you are getting along, and inclose postal
for reply. T hanking you In anvance for
name, yours very truly, J. J. FULTON CO.
Following is the replv:
Caldwell. Idaho. Nov. 25. lStfM.
Jno. J. Fulton Company: I am cured.
Respectfully, H. D. BLATCHLEY.
Comment is unnecessary. About nine
tenths of all cases of Bright's disease and
diabetes, heretofore fatal, are now .cura
ble by Fulton's Compounds. Send for
K. T. Sim, druggist, 732 and iOOl Kansas
When to suspect Bright-" disease weak
ness or loss of weight; puffy ankies. hands
or eyelids; dropsy; kidney trouble after
She third month; urine may show sedi
ment; falling vision; drowsiness; one or
tnore of these.
In diabetes the most noticeable features
frre weakness, with thirst, and at times
r -rac-iuis appetite.
appearance of his home place at 923
Kansas avenue by painting the house.
The Baird yard is one of the prettiest
flower gardens in North Topeka, con
taining as it does many rose bushes
and other flowering shrubs. One rose
bush is especially beautiful, containing
as it does a profusion of handsome red
blossoms. .Mrs. Baird takes great
pride and pleasure in her flowers and
spends considerable of her time in
caring for them. With all the atten
tion bestowed on this yard by the fam
ily it seems a shame that persons
would enter the place at night and
steal the flowers, but such is the case,
as the other night one of the rose
bushes was almost stripped of its
The following from the Taloga
Times of May 17 will be of interest to
the many friends of the McMaster
family in Topeka: "The grim angel
of death has once more descended in
our midst and laid his icy hand on one
of the fairest of our number, Loudell,
the beloved wife of Harry F. Swartz,
who died at 10 o'clock a. m. on the
12th inst., aged 26 years 7 months and
8 days. Loudell McMaster Swartz was
born in Topeka. Kan., October 4, 1879.
where she resided continuously until
December, 1903, when Mr. Swartz
brought her as his bride to make her
home in our little city. She was a
woman of fine character, accomplish
ed, and of kind disposition, and loved
by all who knew her. Unusual sad
ness prevaded the scenes surrounding
the deathbed of budding motherhood,
and there is a grip on the heart that
philosophy does not altogether heal.
But the ways of Providence are be
yonu our short human vision. There is
a Oivinity that shapes our ends 'rough
hew them as we may." The reasons
which guide Him cannot be penetrated
by the feeble sight of human wisdom
and we can only bow our heads in
meek submission to the divine decree
and say, 'Thy will be done.' The fact
that Mrs. Swartz had two days before
her death become a mother and left
a tender little plant that needed her
care and love has made the death an
unusually touching one. The de
ceased had been sick about two weeks
and the immediate cause of her death
was uraemic poison. Everything that
tender hands and sympathetic minds
could conveive was done to alleviate
the suffering and pain. The entire
community feels and deplores the loss
it has sustained in the death of Mrs.
Swartz, and in common with all we
extend our heartfelt sympathy to the
bereaved husband and relatives in
their sad hour of affliction. The par
ents of Mrs. Swartz. Mr. and Mrs. Mc
Master. had been summoned from
California by wire and arrived in time
for the last sad rites but just too lffte
to Fee their only daughter alive. The
afflicted grandparents will take Lou
dell Marion, the little new born babe,
to Topeka to live with them In their
old home. The services were held at
the family residence on the 13th at 2
o'clock, Rev. Mr. Beach of the M. E.
church officiating. The remains were
followed to the Taloga cemeterv by a
large and sorrowful concourse of rela
tives and friends."
Cost $25 to Carry a Revolver.
C. W. Wilson, who came to Topeka
last night for the first time, had been
here .but a few minutes when he was
arrested for carrying a deadly weapon,
and this morning he received a fine of
$25. Policeman Wonderly met the
man at 2 o'clock in the morning, and
directed him to a hotel. Instead of
taking the tip, the stranger began to
wander around on the side streets, and
was arrested. A large revolver was
his only baggage.
IYr One Hog. $100.
"Doc" Manson, a negro who stole a
hog from a Union Pacific car in North
Topeka three weeks ago, entered a
plea of guilty to larceny in the citv
court this morning and was fined J100.
At the time of the theft Manson
created considerable excitement by
outrunning two policemen with the
hog on his shoulder. He was Induced
to drop the swine after a long chase,
and the porker wandered back to the
railroad yards.
I.irlitninr Destroys a CTiureh.
Jewell City, Kan., May 23. The
Evangelical church was destroyed by
fire here. In the midst of a downpour
of rain, lightning struck, the high
tower and in a few moments it was all
ablaze. It was a total loss with partial
Insurance, to the amount of $2,000.
Great Norwegian Poet and
Uraniatist Passes Away.
Was Two Years Short of the 80
Narrowly Escaped Imprison
ment at One Time.
Has Written Slany Well Known
Christiania, Norway, May 23 Henrik
Ibsen, the Norwegian poet and drama
tist, died this afternoon.
Ibsen was born at Skien. a small vil
lage on the Langesund Fjord, Norway,
March 20, 1828. While in his twentieth
year he became an apothecary's clerk
in the village of Grimstad, during which
period he wrote several poems which
were published in country papers, and
of which but one, Til Ungarn, survives.
While preparing for Christiania uni
versity he wrote a drama, entitled Cata
lina, which was rejected by the theaters
and publishers, and was printed at last
at the expense of a friend, the total
sales being but thirty copies. The same
year he entered Christiania university
and began writing for the daily and
other periodicals, and he closed the year
by obtaining the presentation or a one
act play, Kjaempehojen, at the Chris
tiania theater.
0k J
w vj m A
i . w : f
Henrik Ibsen, Great Xomegian Poet,
Who Died Today.
At this period Ibsen was a radical and
a pronounced socialist, a contributor to
the famous Michael Thrane's paper and
or . of a party of students who made
an organized protest against the ex
pulsion of another leading agitator from
the country'. Ibsen narrowly escaped
imprisonment with Thrane when the
latter was arrested and his paper sup
pressed. Ibsen also afterwards joined
two other young radicals in founding
the weekly Andhrimmer. His Chris
tiania career was cut short by the offer
of the post of theater director at Ber
gen, the second city of Norway, with a
trin abroad to study methods ana an
engagement for five years.
No doubt the poet's remarkable liana-
ling was largely due to his having ac
cepted this proposal and thus having
long studied the drama rrom the stand
point of the actual presentation.
His first drama at Bergen, sanc-
thansnat, was not successful and was
not published. The next, Fru Inger til
Ostraat. a play based upon that period
of Norway's history when her ancient
kings were making their last stand
against the triumphant Danish in
vaders, was well received and. Is still
considered one of his best acting
dramas. It is especially noteworthy
as furnishing a female tragic part
only comparable in modern tragedies
to that of Lady Macbeth. Two other
dramas based upon the almost mythi
cal stories of the Viking period, Gildet
Paa Solhaug and Haermaendene paa
Helgeland, were also successful. A
short roetical drama, Olaf Liljekrano,
was also produced but not published.
From fragments of this, Henrik Jaeg
er, Ibsen's biographer, is of the opin
ion that it was a rude sketch of the
same motive which afterward pro
duced Ibsen's greatest dramatic poem,
When his engagement closed Ibsen
returned to Christia.nia, and in com
pany with Biornstjerne Bjornson and
others organized the pro-Norsk liter
ary and dramatic movement which re
sulted m the founding of an opposi
tion theater at Christiania, known as
the Norsk theater. The movement was
so far successful that the other
theater had to bend to popular opinion
and dismiss its Danish actors. Isben's
Bergen-trained actors soon became
favorites. But two theaters made re
turns small for both, and not only was
the reward of playwrlters small, but at
last the Norsk theater had to succumb.
While the pro-Norsk movement was
popular, Ibsen was regarded as queer
and out of harmony with the prevail
ing literary spirit, which was pervad
ed by Bjornson's earlier romantic and
idyllic tales.
Ibsen produced two dramas, one,
Kongsemnerne, based on events of the
period of the early kings of Norway,
and the other, Kjaerligheden's Kome-
die, the precursor of his social dramas.
The latter he tried to write in prose.
This Is the Resison Why Stansfleld
Recommends Wadswortli Bros.'
"In the last few months," said Mr.
George W. Stansfleld, druggist, 632
Kansas avenue. Topeka. "I have gain
ed a wonderful sale for Wadsworth
Bros.' Chlcos. These cigars give better
value for the money than any other I
have ever seen. My pride in giving
my customers the best of goods for the
least money makes me recommend the
Chlcos to those who were smoking ten
or fifteen cent goods."
Chlcos have a long Havana filler,
burn freely with a pleasant fragrance
and are a mild and enjoyable smoke
that pleases the most fastidious. "It
is only about once in a hundred times,"
he continued, "that I find a cigar equal
to its manufacturer's claims, but in
Chicos I found one even better, one
that fully confirmed what Wadsworth
Bros, asserted, a better cigar for less
money. -
"It sells for five cents straight, and
as I said before. I recommend It to all
who want a good cigar no matter what
the price."
11 m piPi
Mesa. &. M. M. ML m. Vaw' M.
! Tin
Needed for
Vacation P
W H. I
m m.
Three important events, in which this store holds a big position, are soon to happen summer time, vacation period and
graduation. Hundreds of people are depending upon this store to have ready for them splendid big stocks of such goods as the
season calls for. Our buyers have spent a good deal of time this spring- amone; the manufacturers, wholesalers, mills, auction
houses, etc.. back east. They bousrht splendid bis lots of summer e-oods from everv nnssihle RnnwA and the nrices rjaid mean
special prices to you. So right at the time conditions make necessary a change in apparel this store has ready the biggest 1 M
bargains in its history.
White Cotton Wash Goods
and White Wash Silks
Splendid materials for graduation dresses and party dresses. This is to be a
season of white and the following materials will be the favorites. You never
bought as handsome quality materials so cheap as you can buy these tomorrow.
For-that reason you should take advantage of the sale.
..-om. T'i ?.-. .-'V
27-IXCH -LAWNS plain and splash
worth 10c at yard
25c, at yard
82-IXCH IXDIA L.IXOX soft and
sheer worth 15c, at yard
SWISS the dots are fast and can be laun
dered with a saving worth 29c at
SWISS worth 19c, at yard
inches wide fine soft sheer silk finished
ltc values our price...
bleached worth 50c, for yard
INGS -in dots and small figures Q
worth 2 5c at yard LyC
values at, yard
by Coon Bros., of New Yorkall ready for
making collar, cuffs, and embroidered fronts
sells everywhere for $5.00 our
price t
worth 19c, at yard
43-INCH FRENCH LAWNS fine sheer
quality worth 50c, at yard
5c at yard
sheer worth 2 5c- for
embroidered front values up to
$1.75 each
WHITE SILK sheer plain and
dotted 50c values at, yard.........
values at, yard
$1.00 values at, yard. . . .
-45-inch, soft sheer 1Q
( win
;. raefc-itsr 1 v
and ecru usually sells at 50c at
Special Prices on Small Wears
for the Summer Time and
for Graduation
Ribbons, collars, laces, belts, etc. The small -wears that
hot weather requires a big supply of. These are some of the
items our stock contains. Styles are right quality is right
prices are lowest.
COLLARS made of lace, swiss,
India linon and pique trimmed
with medallions, braids, buttons
new and dainty patterns usual
price of many of these is 50c
your choice of the lot,
BON comes in white and colors
widths up to 4 Vs inches -suitable
for sashes and neckwear values'
up to 19c per t O
yard ....... v 1 C
of swiss and linen- laid in folds
trimmed with lace and embroidery
fancy buckles with adjustable
clasp values up to 35c-choice
broidered linen washable laid in
folds others plain and some ser
pentine effects plain harness
buckles with adjustable -t fn
clasp 15c values, each lvC
CHIEFS soft and sheer hem
stitched and scalloped edge.s neat
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ones in this lot your choice, 4 f
each 1UC
BON white and colors the kind
that will launder widths up to 2
inches values up to 10c
remnant day price, yard....
quality new patterns 18
wide cream, white and
ecru 35c values, yard....
ORIENTAL LACE white, cream
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crearn and ecru up to 12 inches
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they are very dainty trimming for
graduating dresses values
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values, each
veiling -18 inches wide-
ribbon edge, 35c values, yd.
frame ball fasteners kettle han
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shapes 3 9c values,
n cr for
S gilt
i han-
Pi Viu
V - VY.-tc -3 I J ' S
mm w
and Youths' Pants
These are the pants left in in
stances where only the coat and
vest were sold. Many such instances
occur every day. Both men's and
boys' pants all wool.
Good., durable patterns. A com
plete line of sizes, but not of any
one style. The trousers are good
for summer wear. Several hundred
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morrow, at your choice, QITr
per pair
Men's, White Overalls
and Jackets, 39c
Jewelry Gifts
The Graduate Will Enjoy
There will be no mistake in giving articles of jewelry bought
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Satisfaction or Your Aloney Back
Corner Sixth and Quincy, Topeka, Kansas
Tailor-Made Skirts, $4.98
We're going; to make a new style skirt
tomorrow for S4.98. We took the pat
tern from the very latest fashion cata
logue to be issued. Your choice of
these materials :
$1 45-in. voile, plain and fancy
$1.00 45-in. panama.
45 to 50 -in. plain and fancy
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56-inch mannish suitings.
These materials sell regularly over
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your measure to- F
morrow, and have fm
the skirt ready for
you Sunday. Each
Men's and Boys' Fancy Silk Bows
Thousands of silk shield bows to choose from. Come in all
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snieia 13 sine covered. Ths ties usually
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uptown stores you pay the full
regular price 15c. ks& f
In this sale tomorrow Jf
(Jlf "ill " MIj
but after several attempts, abandoned
that idea and wrote it in rhymed verse,
being unable to give over the dignified
language of historical drama and em
ploy the speech of the modern drawing
room. This drama offended the pub
lic, being practically a defense of
"mariage de convenance," a position
especially distasteful to those who
were imbued with the tijornsonesque
spirit of that day. Bjornson and Ibsen,
who had been college mates, were then
and always firm friends. During this
period Ibsen wrote his two greatest
lyric poems, Terje Viken and Paa
The Norwegian storthing had voted
Bjornson a "distergage" or poet's pension.
A motion to give the same to Ibsen was
rejected, but a small sum was granted
him wherewith to travel. He visited Ger
many, Austria, Italy and France, being
absent from Norway tor- ten years. In
the first vear he wrote Brand, and in the
second Peer Gvnt. two great symbolical
dramas in verse, of the general character
of Goethe's Faust, which were brought
out bv his new publishers In Copenhagen.
Though symbolical, they had a strong hu
man interest, and were instantly success
ful, being regarded as the most powerful
interpretations of Norwegian racial char
acter ever published.
It was five years after his departure
from Norwav before he published a prose
drama for actual stage presentation, Ie
I'ngea Forbund. This was the first of his
great modern social dramas, and its per
fection of expression showed a marvellous
change since when he had been compelled
to write a snc'.Tl py in verse in order to
express himself. The presentation of this
drama at Christiaoia caused great excite
ment and from that moment Ibsen's sway
over the Norwegian stage was complete.
Already in 18fl6 his accomplishments as a
poet had brought him the "distergage."
He returned to Norway a short time in
1S73, at about the time that his double
drama, Kejser of Gallilaeer, based on the
career of the Emperor Julian, was pub
lished. Though in prose, this is a sym
bolical novel of the type ot tsrano. ana
Peer Gynt. For many years Ibsen resided
at Munich, occasionally returning to Nor
way. At Munich most of his social dra
mas were written, namely: Samfundets
Stofteo. It Dukkehjem, Gjengangere, En
Folkefiends, Vildanden, Rcsmershoh, and
Fruen fra Havet. While living in Chrlst
tlanla he produced Hedda Gabler. Byg
mester Solness. Lille Eyolf and John Ga
briel Borkhan. Of his social dramas the
most famous are Ft Dukkehjem. Gjen
gangerne and En Folkeftende.
Ibsen's plays have been translated into
all the principal languages and many cf
them have been producf-d in this country
with more or less success, the best re
ceived being HPdda Gabler. Peer Gynt, A
Doll House and Ghosts. Minnie Maddern
Fiske and Duse have interpreted the fe
male roles in many of Ibsen's dramas with
A complete list of Iben's dramas, with
the titles, in English. Is as follows: Cat
aline, -Ladv Inger of Ostraat, The Feast
of solhaug. xne warriors 01 nsiiseiariu,
Claimants of the Throne, The Comedy of
Love, Brand, Peer Gynt, the young Men s
League, Emperor and Galilean. The Pil
lars of Society. Nora, or a Doll House,
Ghosts, Ail Enemy of Society, Wild Duck,
Kosmershoim, ine jaiy irorri liic oea.
Hedda Gabler, Builder Solness, Little
Eyolf, and John Gabriel Borkhan.
Guaranteed Liquor Cure.
We would not under any circumstances
endorse a remedy for the cure of the
drink habit until we had absolutely satis
fied ourselves that it did all it claimed.
Orrine is the only cure for the drink habit
that we know of, ajid the only one that
we ever knew of that had enough merit
to be sold under a positive guarantee to
refund the money if it does not cure. It
has stood the test of years of use and we
know of many it has cured of the drink
The guarantee given with each package
thoroughly protects the buyer. Orrine is
in two forms: No. 1 for secret use and
No 2 for those who wish to be cured, $1.00
a box. Mail orders filled. The Orrine Co.,
Washington, D. C. or at Stansfleld's drug
store, 632 Kansas ave., Topeka, Kan.
It Found Ed Wilkerson in the Stricken
Coast City.
Ed Wilkerson, a carpenter who it is
charged robbed J. W. Barber, a To
peka contractor of $200, has been cap
tured in San Francisco, and Sheriff
Lucas will start after him tonight.
The robbery was committed while
the new Topeka club building was in
the course of construction. Barber,
the contractor, was paying off his
workmen one Saturday afternoon. He
stood behind a board, which was used
as a counter, and paid the men as they
passed him. When Wilkerson's turn
come, it is claimed, he snatched the
money in eight, $200, and ran. He
made a bee line for the jungles, and
was not overtaken by police officers
who hastily took the trail. Descrip
tions of the man were sent to all the
larger cities by Sheriff Lucas, and it
appears that he called at the "stricken
city because he thought it was a safe
Sixty-two Boxes of English Gold.
San Francisco, Mav 23. Sixty-two
??x-ensof EnSHsh sovereigns valued at
$l,o00,000 were brought to this citv
from Australia by the Oceanic com
pany's steamship Sierra. The gold is
consigned to local banks, am5 Is the
largest single shipment of its kind in
Wouldn't Take Ball Carfrtrljrrs.
Kursk, Russia. May 2 3. The sol
diers of the Obayau regiment here
who were to be dispatched into the
country districts in anticipation of
agrarian troubles, have refused to
take ball cartridges with them.
Tor Infanta and Children.
Tta Kind Yea Hars Ali2js Easgfet
Sign attire of tCCif
i ;

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