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The Topeka state journal. [volume] (Topeka, Kansas) 1892-1980, November 09, 1906, Last Edition, Image 6

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:opeka; daily
4 If
All our
and popu
lar style
furs at
go on sale
Tfais sav
ing; alone
is worth a
trip to this
i t I V
Ail new. this season's goods de
sirable, styles.
SI. 23 Jiiack Coney, 57 in. long. 95c
Sl.flsS P.lack Coney, 56 in. long $1.-15
$2.9S Brown Coney, D2 In long $2.-15
S3. 98 Brown Coney, SO in long 83.25
$6.30 (i).area Marten, 82 in S5.15
$10.00 Isabella Fox, 64 inches SS.15
S15.00 Isabella Fox, 02 in. $21.45
Jet and Bead Trimmings,
lc Yard
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Best Comfort Calicos, 6c
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waso nor flyings full half pound
rolls, wrapped m tissue pa
per, special for Saturday. .
Zpe. w GnkS)rtj deeds Co,
-.Is jor Good!ander,of Fort Scott,
Issues Orders.
Kajs Places That Are Violating
the Law Must Go.
The City Official Feared Ouster
Learned That They Were to Be
Filed Against Him.
Fort Scott. Kan., Nov. 9. The Re
publican says:
Yesterday Mayor Goodiander issued
;"ir. order for the chief of police to close
all places in the city where the laws
are being; violated. He did not instruct
the chief to raid any of the resorts or
joints, nor to confiscate any property,
but told him to serve notice that all
the law violators would be given three
Jays of grace in which to remove their
property, bar fixtures and booze sup
j.iie?. The thing that jarred Goodiander
loose from his moorings was the fact.
"First Aid" to the
rHEN Heartburn. Soui
Stomach, Headache, Bac
Breath, coated Tongue
Belchin? cf Stomach, Gaa
cr any cf these forerunners of Indigestior
Eppear, Old Dr. Cascaret wants to be righ'
cn the spot in your pocket.
Dr. Cascaret guarantees to cure the
most obstinate cases cf Constipation anc
Indigestion, without discomfort or incon
venience. His medicine does not gripe nor purge,
but exercises naturally the muscles tha
line the walls of the Intestines and Bowels.
Want cf Exercise weakens and relaxes
the Bowel - Muscles, just as it weaken;
Arm and Leg muscles.
CId Dr. Cascaret goes directly aftet
!":--; Bowel-Muscles. He wakes them u;
j.:it as a cold bath would wake up a lazy
Then he works them (through tha
nerves) till they get so strong from thai
Exercise that they don't need any more
help So do their duty.
Heavy dinners, late suppers, whiskey,
wi;:e cr beer drinking, nervous excitement,
sudden exposure to cold or heat and a dozen
ether everyday likelihoods tire the Bowel
Muscles. hi such cases a little Cascaret in time
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later on, to say nothing of the suffering,
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loss of Social Sunshine it saves.
Little thin Cascaret Box, shaped so you
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vr a xz
t I
50c Sofa Pillows for 25c
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Extra Large School Tablets 5c
Note the size: 17 inches long-, 8 i
Inches wide; 50 leaves of good pen
cil paper, fancy top covers, good,
heavy board backs the larg-
est tablet in Topeka for. ..... Jj(J
$1.00 Best White Granite
Pails, 79c
Best perfect white granite ware
perfect in every way full 1 0 qt.
size special for rj f
Saturday . f Ju
Infants' Moccasins
Infants' fancy moccasins in all
the fancy shades, assorted trim
mings, all sizes and colors. Alwavs
sold for a quarter Satur
day, a pair
which came to his knowledge, that
oster proceedings were actually on the
point of being filed against him. The
papers were all prepared, sworn to,
with a a mass of evidence and admis
sions from the mayor himself, sufficient
to unseat him from office.
Some weeks ago Mayor Goodiander
learned of the fact that ouster pro
ceedings were being planned against
him. On October 2 5 he Issued a let
ter, promising to do his duty after
election, provided Ed Ball and John
Caldwell were elected.
Ball was overwhelmingly defeated,
but meanwhile the ouster proceedings
had been taking definite shape, and
the mayor concluded that discretion
was the better part of valor. Hence,
his order yesterday to close up the
drinking places and bawdy houses. The
following is the copy of Goodlander's
orders issued vesterdav:
Fort Scott, Kan.. Nov. 7, 1906.
To the People of Fort Scott and Bour
bon County. Kansas:
In compliance with my letter to the
voters of this county of October 25, I
have this day given the chief of police
directions to close all places where the
ordinances of the city are being vio
lated, and to prevent the opening of
other such places.
Ed Ball, chief of police, says he is
willing to go ahead and enforce the
law. and he went around yesterday to
different jointkeepers and to the club
rooms, explaining the order. TVe un
derstand that he told them all that he
had nothing to do with it himself, and
that it was the mayor's action.
October Sales Show a Big Increase
Over Other Months.
TVieliita. Kan.. Nov. 9 The best index
to a r-itv's business is the postoffice.
Reckoning in line with this statement,
business in Wichita must be at a "high
For the month of October, 1906. the local
postoffice sold S14.1W worth of stamps
and stamped paper. An increase of
175.64 over tiie receipts for the correspond
ing month of last year. The receipts in
the p:me class for that month being
The receipts for December. 19en. for
stamps and stamped paper were 51J,1'.22.
This is supposed to lie the heaviest month
in the year, owing to tiie holidays. The
receipts of last month exceeded Decem
ber's showing $-..;7.7S. The increase of
December over October. lfn'G, was $167.S6.
December of this year will, according to
all estimates, be the banner month of
the history of the local postoffice.
The salary list of the local postoflice
exceeds Til.".. 000.
The receipts quoted above do not in-
lude money orders, as this is a depart
ment wholly separate from the stamp de
partment. DEATH OF PAI L WEBB.
Wichitti Man Hail Been L'nder Sur
geon's Knife Fourteen Times.
Wichitn, Nov. 9. Assistant Postnuipter
Jams F. McCoy received a telegram
from C. Webb, of Stafford, announcing
the death of his son, Paul Webb, at that
Paul "Webb was very well known in
this citv as well also as throughout
souther.i Kansas and Oklahoma. He
ser ed for many years previous to his
(ientii as pnstoffiee inspector and rural
route agent for the postoffice department,
and was uniersally well liked by all with
whom he had business, social and official
He hps been it; poor health for some
years, and had the reputation of being
on the "oerating table oftener than any
youni? man of his age in America. It is
said t'-.t be submitted to tiie surgeon's
knife fourteen different times, and tltit
they nrv T understood definitely the na
ture of li'.s trouble.
Land Prices Going Vp.
.T. C. Fields of Tyro, owner of a 640 acre
farm, says that land prices in this coun
try have been climbing skyward during
the past few years. Mr. Fields came
down here in the early days and secured
land when it was very eheap, and the
present high prices look big to him. He
is situated in the oil district, which ac
counts for some of the high values on
land. MThe early days were of an ex
perimental nature," said Mr. Fields, who
yesterday took to Kansas City a car load
of coltun. "We had to experiment in
raising crons. as we did not know any
thing about the soil and what it would
. aise " Independence Reporter.
iaa Company Sus for Lease.
Independence. Kan., Nov. 9. The Peo
ple's Gas company of Coffevviile has
brought suit against Mrs. Louise Dean to
get possession of her land at Deering on
which it claims it lias a lease. Mrs. Dean
claims that the company has no right
to drill ou the land and that the lense
rJ Saturday
Black Taffeta Waists, $2.98
Made of good grade soft, bright
finished taffeta silk, blind fastening,
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giving plenty of fullness, tucked
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able collars regular fc tlQ
$3.50 value u.0
Children's Shoe Special
The best makes in odd and end
sizes. Colors red, blue, champagne
and black. Lace and button styles,
sizes 5 to S worth J1.25 L.II.
Saturday OUC
Any $3 or $3.50 Umbrella, $2
The very best we carry, best silk
and linen covers, all kinds of fancy
handles, best paragon steel frames,
sizes 2b inches Saturday
your choice
New Plaid Wool Skirts, $3.98
Ou- regular Si. 50 goods,. but for
a rush Saturday we make this cut,
made 7-gore style, with double box
epleat down front and back. Trim
med with stitched fold and tabs of
same, finished with a 2-mch hem
-a very nobby garment
fi. f tt it
4 II M U
-special (3j
Extra Towel Special
Bleached fancy huck towels, good
large size, worth 13c in any To
peka store Friday and Sat- Qrt
urday, each
Tcpeka (ask Dnj Gccds Co.
under which it alleges a right on the land
is null and void. She has refused to al
low the employes of the company to (titer
the land, hence the suit. This case is of
considerable interest, as it is a. sequel to
the alleged shooting affair which occurred
a few weeks ago. S. N. Barrigar was
arrested on a charge of shooting at a
foreman of a pipe line gang employed by
the company.
Wichita Eleven Working Hard for
Saturday's Game.
Wichita. Kan.. Nov. !. The recent de
feat of the Friends by the Indians seems
to have given the Quakers a, new deter
mination and as a result there has been
a large, squad out every night. The
Quakers beiieve they have a surprise in
store for the Indians, who will play here
next Saturday. I'nfortunately Johns, the
Indian, who had been shifted to full
back, received an in.iury last evening
which will keep him out of the game for
some time. However, the team has been
strengthened by the addition of Cornell.
Welch and C. Davis, all former players
at Friends. These men for various rea
sons have, not been able to play earlier
in the season but are now working as
If to make up for lost time. Welch and
Cornell will probably play their old
positions, right and left half, while C.
Davis vises the left end for his long end
runs. In Cornell the team has a punter
Happiness in a Tablet
Perfect Health for Every One Procured
at Small Cost.
How many times have you sat down
at your meals absolutely disgusted at
the thought or sight of anything to
How many times have you sat down
at your meals without the trace of an
appetite, but just because It. was "time
to eat?"
How many times have you felt a
gnawing, unsatisfied "still-hungry"
feeling in your stomach, even after you
were through eating?
How many times have you felt that
"lump of lead" on your stomach after
eating, whether your meat was well
cooked or not?
And how many times have you suf
fered a whole lot of other things from
your stomach that you couldn't explain,
but that made you grouchy, miserable,
out-o'-sorts and generally sour on
everybody and everything?
It is safe to say you couldn't tell.
You don't keep track of those things,
of course, but you know you've suf
fered them. You probably have bad
them for so long that they've become a
habit with you, and you have come to
the conclusion that your fate is to
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And so men. much like horses, stand
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think they're tied, and so their habit
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But no one need have dyspepsia, nor
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irritation, burning sensations, heart
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ach and a good appetite if he will only
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self to a new one, one that will hold
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mind and memory, and the sunshine
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That indeed is Heaven'. And you
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pepsia Tablets, those little cherubs of
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ent of one of these precious little tab
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This relieves your stomach of the
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Have these tablets on your dining
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ize as never before that the human
stomach decides for every man whether
he will go forward or backvard and
besides, you'il forget you ever had a
stomach to torment you.
of unusual abiFHv while Shinn and
Wentwurth hVe proved their quality as
place and drop kickers.
A Big Two Days' Inaugural Ceremonies
on November 15-16.
Emporia, Kan., Nov. S. More than
3,000 invitations have been issued for
the :r,aug'iial ceremonies at the Kansas
state normal. Two days, November 13
and 16, will be given to the event and
noted educators, including E. B. Bryan,
former commissioner of education in the
Philippines, will make addresses.
Ex-Fresident A, R. Tayor, now of the
Milliken uriversity, Decatur, 111., will
speak as will also Governor 13. W. Hoeh,
Chancellor Frank Strong of Kansas un
iveituty and President David Felmey, of
the Illinois State normal. In connec
tion with this meeting will occur the
annual meeting of the school superin
tendents of cities of the first and sec
ond class in Kansas.
Leavenworth County Shuts Off on
- fiophe.rs oral Squirrels.
Leavenworth, Nov. 29. The board of
county commissioners, after trying to
exterminate! the gophers and ground
squirrels for two vpars on the farms in
the county, at their last meeting decid
ed to abolish this bounty in the future,
as it has cost Leavenworth couuty about
a year, and ho county commis
sioners think this money can be put to
better use in paying expenses where the
results would benefit the county more.
It is said that the gophers and gipund
squirrels, after a two years' war waged
against them, seem to be on the increase
in the county, instead of decreasing, and
while at first scalps were brought in from
the northern townships mostlv. now the
southern 'counties are bringing in so
many that it looks as though the pests
are spreading. Something like when one
pulls a gray hair two come in its place;
trie same with- the ground squirrels and
gophers for every one killed.
Members From All Over Kansas to
Gather at Lawrence.
Lawrence. Kan., Nov. 9. The Masons
of Lawrence, and vicinity will join in
celebrating the Fiftieth Anniversary of
Lawrence lodge No. 0 this week. To
night there will he an open meeting at
the opera house at which E. L. Bond of
fealma. the grand master of Masons for
Kansas, will preside and make the open
ing address.
I'asi grand master, will
aIs m!ke an address and a musical pro-
gram will be rendered with Mrs. Lyons,
C. C. Coleman, nast.er.inrl miw' o-iii
a male, quartette and violin nVn 'Thia
i meetin- is for Masons, their families and
m-Mim, ami a -cordial invitation Is ex
tended to citizens generally who ore in
terested to attend this meeting.
This evening a banquet will be given
m the Y. M. C. A. building. About 4O0
guests are expected-. High Masons from
all over the state will assist the local
lodge In their celebration. A number of
notable speakers will also be here for
the occasion.
Two Men Arrested at Wichita Sus
pected of Killing Dock Ray.
"Wichita, Kan., Nov. 9 Frank Ellsworth
and Joe Burk were arrested here Thurs
day charged with the murder of a voting
man named Dock Ray near Amarillo.
lexas, four months ago. He was last seen
alive in their company and $J0O he was
known to liave had was missing when
his -oH.. was found. Some clothing of
the murdered man was found In a valise
sent here at the time of the murder and
claimed by the accused men upon their
arrival here.
Leaven worth Teacher Resigns.
1 - Leavenworth, Kan.. Nov. 9. At the
meeting of the board of education here
B. M. Bowman, a member of the teach
ing force of the .t-gta jf.-ehot)I, tendered
his resignation. He.' stated that he.
wished to accept a position at Butte,
Mont. It is understood that lhe Mon
tana position pays'u. higher sitjury than
the one here. "The resignation was
accepted. It is not known yet who will
lie Mr. Bowman's successor.
New Pastor for Fort Scott.
Fort Scott, Kan., Nov. 9. The offi
cers and members of the First Baptist
church met and extended a call to the
Rev. Dr. C A. Stewart of Fort Worth.
Texas, who preached a trial sermon
here three weeks ago." Rev. Stewart
left the city a few days after his Sun
day's appearance here, and at that time
it was pretty generally conceded that
he would be tha next regular pastor.
He gave his terms to the church, and
an agreement has been made.
For New Fort Building.
Leavenworth, Kan.. Nov. 9. Bids have
been opened in Fort Leavenworth for the
construction of two ftirge stables, one
stable guard house, eight double sets of
noncommissioned officers' quarters, one
engineer work shop and two pontoon
sheds. The combined lowest bids amount
to J12S,45.4U. Work is to start on the new
building before the end of the year.
Death of Mrs. Mary Nehergall.
Newton, Kan.. Nov. 9. Mrs. Mary
Neberga',1 died at Iter home here Thurs
day, aged .92 years. She was the moth
er of eight children, four of whom are
among Harvey county's most substan
tial farmers.
Lacrosse Woman Dies in Kansas City.
Kansas City, Nov. 9. Caroline Eliza
beth Toadvine, 65 years old, the wife of
Abel Toadvine, of LaCrosae, Kan., died
at Fniversity hospital yesterday of a
complication of diseases. She had come
to Kansas City for treatment.' The
bod was taken to LaChrosse for burial
last night.
Tart to Visit Leavenworth.
Leavenworth. Kan., Nov. 9. Word was
received at Fort Leaven worth that Secre
tary of War Taft will "arrive at Fort
Leavenworth Saturday morning. He will
spend the day looking over the improve
ments at the post and at the staff college.
A Ruined River.
As one of the most accessible and
easily navigable of Florida's smaller
streams, .the Ocklawaha, which enters
the St. John's below Falatka, has long
been a favorite with tourists, says
Frank M. diapman in the Travel Mag
azine. Time was when the voyage up
the dark winding stream beneath the
arching trees and vines was a connect
ed series of memorable and unique ex
periences. Paroquets, ivorybilled wood
peckers, snowy herons and other birds
now approaching extinction, could bo
seen from the steamer, and the alliga
tors which are now so rare that the
sight of one a few feet long causes great
excitement, were then, in truth, "too
numerous to mention." The river is
now comparatively lifctess, its banks
largely deforested. To one who does
not know what devastation man has
caused here, the trip to Silver Spring3
is still worth making.
A Great Hunting Cat.
Lying peacefully in a plush lined,
hermetically sealed casket, in the office
cf Dr.' George A. Burg, embalmed and
prepared for burial in the same fash
ion as if it were a human being, is
Spry, an extraordinary large cat, which
died suddenly in the yard at the rear
of the doctor's house Wednesday after
noon. As soon as the spring weather
sets In the body will be buried in a little
cemetery cn Dr. Bmg's summer estate
at Chiimark, Martha's Vineyard.
Spry was a remarkable cat in more
ways than - onh , He was seventeen
years old, a handsomely marked tiger,
weighed thirty-two pounds, and for the
past seventeen years had spent his
summers at Martha's Vineyard and his
winters at his master's home in. this
Is Pretty Sure to Mean
Take Dr. Williams' Pink Pills at
The First Symptom.
The Remedy That Permanently
Cured This Michigan Man
and His Wife.
Do not neglect the first warning
symptoms of rheumatism.
Dr. Williams' Pink Piils have cured
many cafees of this disease in advanced
stages, but much time can be saved
and unnecessary suffering avoided by
beginning the treatment as soon as the
first pain In the Joints, the first
twinges in the muscles, give notice of
the approach of the trouble.
Mr. Frank Little, a well-known citi
zen of Portland, Ionia Co., Mich., was
cured of a severe case of rheumatism
by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. In Bpeak
ing about it recently, he said: "In my
work I was obliged to be out In all
kinds of weather and many times I
would come home wet through and
completely exhausted. I worried a
great deal and I think this, along with
my constant exposure to the cold with
damp, hastened my sickness. My
body was run down and in no condi
tion to withstand disease and about
five years ago I began to feel rheu
matic pains in my arms and across my
back. My arms and legs grew' numb
and the rheumatism seemed to settle
in every joint so that I could hardly
move, while my arms were useless at
times. I was unable to sleep or rest
well and my heart pained me so ter
ribly I could hardly stand it. My
stomach became sour and bloated
after eating and this grew so bad that
I had inflammation of the stomach. I
was extremely nervous and could not
bear the least noise or excitement. One
whole side of my body became par
alyzed. "As I said before. I had been suffer-
i Ing about five years and seemed to be
able to get no relief from my doctors,
when a friend here in Portland told
me how Dr. Williams' Pink Pills had
cured him of neuralgia in the face,
even after the paint had drawn it to
one side. I decided to try the pills and
began to sfe some improvement soon
after using them. This encouraged
m to keep on until I was entirely
cured. I have never had a return of
the rheumatism or of the paralysis.
"My wife was also troubled in about
the same way that I was. She had
rheumatism in the joints and stiffness
and numbness in the neck. The pills
completely cured her and she has
never had another attack of the rheu
matism." Dr. Williams' Pink Pills actually
make rich, new blood and. have cured
such diseases as rheumatism, nervous
and general debility, indigestion, nerv
ous headaches, neuralgia and even
partial paralysis and locomotor ataxia.
These piils are for sale by all drug
gists or will be sent, postpaid, on re
ceipt of rrice, 50 cents per box, six
boxes for $2.50, by the Dr. Williams
Medicine Company", Schenectady, N. Y.
city. He was a great hunter, but no
respecter of the game laws. He would
retrieve snakes, quail, partridges, rab
bits and all sorts of game. When his
master went hunting he would follow
like a dog and bring in any game which
mignt ran iciim lu
About five years ago, Rex. a dog,
which was the cat's principal compan
ion, died and was buried at the Vine-
.i Tim fimr tvVto Vine theories of
his own concerning the intelligence of
animals, has an Idea that the cat would
Hnr-ied at i Vi e side of i ts for
mer friend, and on that account will
see that Spry is lam ny me sine ui mc
n-v... n . tiort according- to the di
agnosis of its master, of epilepsy. Soon
after death set in an uihum tanci
i . . . . 3 qtKu!,-,-. tH hndv. A tin-
eill 1.: iu) e. i." ....-..- ...v -
smith was then commissioned to make
the ca.sket. it is piusn nueu, ni -
metically sealed, and Dears a legenu
.. .i,ti, ;f-m. ti-ir. -world that "Snrv. a
WHO. U ll'iu' . .
faithful companion, is dead. New
York world.
Priest Was a Punster.
The Rev. Francis M. Kielty. rector
of the Church of the Holy Angels, St.
Louis, who died recently, was a good
deal of a wit. says an exchange. Fath
er Kielty- began his sermon one Sun
day morning by announcing in a voice
full of pathos, that he had a confes
sion to make. "
"I might as well make a clean
breast of it." he said.
As the congregation gasped, he
waved in the air a document, signed
and sealed to resemble an order of
"Yes. I mean it." he continued, as
if to kill any lingering doubts. and
then, pointing through out of the
stained windows, continued:
"That ailey out there has been pav
ed and the city has sued me for the al
ley money."
Real Style in New York.
They were wasting a few idle mo
ments at the Women's Dependence
league in intimate remarks, says the
New York Press.
"As a womanly woman, with wom
anish ways, 1 want to propose Mrs.
Dahlgren for our next president," said
Mrs. Peter F. Rhinelander.
"Who is the womanly woman with
womanish ways, yourself or Mrs. Dahl
gren?" asked Mrs. Pembroke Hood, al
ways with an eye to correctness of
"I hope that it is unnecessary for me
to state that I am too much of a lady
to refer to myself in so glowing terms."
"Oh, very well. It is Mrs. Dahlgren.
She is the perfect one."
"The most exquisite creature in pet
ticoats'. Why. my dears, she even
washes her dishes with perfumed
soa p '. "
Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Denver
and Return 17.90 Santa Fe. $17.90.
Account meeting National Grange
Patrons of Husbandry. Tickets on
sale Nov. 10-12 and 13, good returning
as late as Dec. 10th.
T. L. KING, C. P. & T. A.
For Infants and Children.
Tb KirJ Yea Kaia Always Ecsght
Bears the
Sign attar e of
e l J it Tm?
ft&uslt "3 B " - fcril "ir rrrtlrfti lirWr-irt' ' '-ifi
You surely need an overcoat or a
suit this winter.
Try our easy payment plan, you
don't know how good a thing is
UNTIL you try.
vr (i X KV H iM
The selection of Ladies Jackets is
complete. See our line. It will
pay you.
You will see that our goods and
prices are right and you have the
privilege of paying for them on our,
easy payment plan. ' -
O. C. nORTRUDE, Manager.
OQ Kan Aveniif Tnnp.ka Ka.
Denver, Colorado Springs,
--- Bnphln nntl Return
Wfcjt ft
Anniml Meeting National Grange
Patrons of Husbandry
Tickets on sale Nov. 10, 12, and 13, limited for re
turn Dec. 10, 1906. a m Fill I rn
For tickets and other information see A. It I. lULLLif
C P. A., Rock Island Depot.
can be made
able than
n r
J . - u
Hundreds of thousands now in use and giving per
fect satisfaction,
with the smokeless device,
trial will convince the most
or low as you can there's
1 wo finishes nickel and japan. Brass oil fqunt
beautifully embossed. Holds 4 quarts of oil and
burns 9 hours. Every heater warranted. If not at
your dealer s write to our
scriptive circular.
JlOFOI nitini' the best all-roundi
Its light giv ing power is unexcelled. Easy to operata and
absolutely safe. Equipped with latest improved burner.
Brass throughout and nickel plated. An ornament to
any room, whether library, dining-room, parlor, or bed
room. Every lamp warranted. Write to our nearest
agencv if not at your dealer's.
The J. K. Jones Paint Co.
805 Kansas Avenue.
1 J
D)i fiN i! F ?
more comfort
ever before if you have
s -itt T
a renecnon un neater. xoucan Xs
carry it about and can quickly make "
warm and cozy the rooms and hallways
that the heat from the other stoves or fur
nace fails to reach. There is no other
heater so handy, so clean and simple as the
(Equipped with Smokeless Device)
f erfectton Oil Heaters, equipped
are all that the name implies. A
skeptical. Turn the wick as high
no danger. Gives intense heat.
nearest agency for de
jjt household lamp made.
, , r-ji

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