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n AH r
After careful consideration the owners of this store have decided to close out this business and invest in other lines of business in which they are already interested. -This means a saving to
the people oi lopeka and vicinity of thousands of dollars right in the season when all need the very kinds of goods this store carries. Prices will be made on everything to close out in short
order, as it s their intention to quit Topeka not later than January the first. This, of course, means a great sacrifice of merchandise, but time in this case is the great consideration. The goods, as
all know, handled by this firm (although not the highest m price) are entirely reliable, as trash or shoddy goods have never been handled here. Extra salespeople have been secured, and every
possible way considered to give all the very best attention possible. . ' '
Remember, this is a big stock of goods two full floors of reserve stock and three floors for forward stock to be disposed of. This will, of course, be a rush sale from start to finish, so come
with the intention ot helping us as well as yourselves close out this stock. .,' i '
Twenty per cent discount on everything saved.
much greater reduction than this, but we mention this
that you are sure to save this no matter what you bin.
Sale begins Saturday morning and lasts until the
f i
sly . , , . , -
- n .
Dr. D. K. Esterly has moved his office
to 813 Kansas avenue.
Dr. M. H. Swift spent Thankseiving
nith the family of E. H. Blanger north
of the city.
It will be fun to watch the orange
race for the children at the rink to
morrow afternoon.
The thirty-ninth annual meeting of
the academy of science opened with a
Jackson Ht.. I A throe 'day advance sale
bee 6th & 7th I at Kowiey's for each play.
Mat. Box J1.50: floor 75c. $1: bal. 50,
S5, 25c. Night: Floor $1, $1.50; bal. 75,
50, 35c. Both sales are now open.
Returns with the same big company
In tho-Mllitary Comic Opera
whirlwind hit
' Music Fine,
costumes ana
Scenery Splendid.
BULLETIN No. 4. gEgg?
Get Your Tickets
VTiAl'J Mst- 1:30 Gal- Bal. Mc. 30C
OliiiUdy Night 7:30 f ialn Floor, SOc.
First in Afternoon, Last at Xlght.
Melodrama Sensation
Louise Dunbar & Co.
and Company In Walker White
side's Comedy
nr.i..Lli;CLfli 2 D1ST1NC l Al TRACT IONS !
Floor $1.50, $1; bal. 75, 50, 35c; gal. 25c.
Mabel Barrison ana Jos. E. Howard
In Howard's Rhymcful Musical Plav
Howard wrote T'rnrire, - Land of
Nod. etc. ' . '
' )ilTja:r-Tr i..
CENT the smallest discount
anything in the entire stocl
short session at the state house last
After all there was something to be
thankful yesterday. There was no
parade of the victors.
The claims and accounts committee
of the council meets this a.fternoon at
the committee room at the city hall to
go over the month's accounts.
They sell rabbits down at El Dorado
at 50 cents a dozen. Here they are
disposed of two for fifteen cents. It
costs more to live far from nature.
The Rev. Mr. Madden, of Cumberland
Presbyterian church, will give a series
of illustrated lectures on Bungan'a Pil
grim's Progress, beginning Sunday
Notwithstanding' Hte ; Tact Uhat; Tain
fell almost continuously for twelve
hours yesterday, the precipitation
amounted to but 32 one hundredths of
an inch.
There ought to be a big reduction in
chrysanthemums today, judging from
the stock that was laid by for the
Thanksgiving football game which was
not played.
Though the sun was not shining this
morning, daylight was more welcome
than usual as in many instances it put
an end to a night of romping night
mares and bad dreams.
Thirty fires thus far this month
have been registered at the fire de
partment headquarters. The greatest
number for preceding months was
that of September when there were 28.
The twenty-ninth annual Sunday
school convention of Soldier township
will be held at Rochester school house,
north of the reform school, the first
and second days of December.
A course of lectures Is being plan
ned by the faculty of Washburn col
lege with a view of raising funds to
construct a gate way and in other
ways beautify the college campus.
The two members of the committee
sent down to Texas to investigate the
commission form of government re
turned before they had expected to.
They arrived last evening.
Rev. Charles M. Sheldon has been
granted a leave of absence of three
months by the members of his church
and expects to spend the time in par
ticipating in a temperance campaign
In England.
The sale of reserved seats for the
Elk performance opened with a rush
this morning and the indications are
that there will be "standing room only"
signs displayed at the Grand Monday
and Tuesday evenings.
The colored department of the Y. M.
C. A. expect to end their campaign
this evening, which they started for
the purpose of raising $1,000 with
which to equip their gymnasium with
entire amount subscribed.
St. Mary's and Ottawa have each
agreed to send their football teams to
Topeka Saturday to play off the game
which was scheduled for yesterday and
had to be postponed because the play
ers were not equipped with waders.
The weather department played a
rather serious Joke on Thanksgiving
day when it sent rain and deprived
football enthusiasts of the city of an
opportunity to see the St. Mary'3-Ot-tawa
football game which was sched
uled for athletic park.
The cessions of the United States
circuit court will commence this
morning after closing for Thanks
giving. Most of the cases to be tried
now are of a civil nature. The court
will probably remain in session here
until the latter ;art of next week.
Thirty-three tickets were disposed
of yesterday for the proposed season
course of musical numbers for the
pipe organ fund, which added to the
Thanksgiving feature of the day as far
as the committee having the matter in
charge is concerned.
"In the future I shall keep my hands
off of everything that is not pulled off
under cover," remarked Herman Crow,
who had charge of the arrangements
for the football game yesterday, "for
I never tried to make a go of anything
in the open that it did not rain or
A paving campaign has been started
in North Topeka, and if only half of
the petitions now being circulated in
that portion of the city are approved
by the city council, work will be com
menced on a number of blocks cf pav
ing as soon as the spring weather con
ditions will permit.
The college championship " of trie
Many goods will be sold at a
20 per cent to show you
entire stock is disposed of.
17 A H T
Missouri valley seems to "be more bad
ly mixed up than ever. With Wash
burn and Oklahoma in a tie game,
Kansas and Missouri In the same fix
and the Rocky mountain champion
ship following suit where the Colorado
university tied with the School of
A Million Hollars Has Been-Set Aside
for the Coffeyville Plant.
Coffeyville, Kan., Nov. SO. W. J.
Willis, manager of " the new. refinery
here for the National Refining-company,
with headquarters at Cieveland,
Ohio states that the capital stock of
the company has been increased to
$3,000,000, and that il, 000, 000 of the
stock has been set aside for the Cof
feyville plant that is now being built
A great quantity of supplies has been
purrhased, including several cars of
The work on the new plant is pro
gressing nicely and as fast as the ar
rival of supplies and the weather will
permit. -
Place for a Rough Rider.
Washington, Nov. 30. The' president
today announced the pjinlTien.f J.
O. Mclllhenny of Louisiana to fill the
vacancy on the civil service commis
sion caused by the promotion of A.
W. Cooley to be assistant attorney gen
eral of the department of justice. Mr.
Mclllhenny was a member of the regi
ment of the Rough Riders of which
President Roosevelt was colonel during
the Spanish war.
Cholly How old Is your sister? Johnny
Twrntv-slx, going on twenty-five. New
York Sun.
Cure Constipation
Without Drugs
Constipation Specialist. Inventor of the
Drugless Constipation Cure.
Without the use of pills, purgatives or
drugs of any kind, I can and do cure the
worst cases of chronic constipation cure
them to stay cured, and restore the pa
tient to a state ot health and happiness
such as they had never known before. I
can cure constipation no matter how bad
it Is. I can show you how to cure your
self right in yotir own home without the
use of drigs. Constipation is cured for
all time when cured my way. Fill out
free coupon and mail today.
Fill In your name and address on
dotted l!nes below and mail to Prof.
T. H. Midglev, 621 Midgiey block, Kal
amazoo. Mich., and by return mail he
will tell you free how to cure consti
pation without medicine.
Kill W sir;
1 OF-:
i Shoes
E D A p p I y at
Dunleavy and Cornwall Determined
Not to Hurt Each Other.
The formal opening of the local box
ing season In Topeka at Metropolitan
hall last night was characterized by an
Alphonse-Gaston bout of slapping on the
wrist between Jack Dunleavy of Boston
and Billy Cornwall of St. Louis in what
wasto be a nf teenrround go for a deci
sion but later cut down to ten rounds
with an agreement that it both parties
to the slapping; were on. their feet at the
conclusion of the -tenth the beut- would
be declared a. draw." Bothy stayed and
acted the limit. - It didn't take cjiy
sleight of hand performer to tell , that
neither of the two principals were going
to risk getting hurt, even though- Corn
wall succeeded in whipping Dunleavy'
nose smartly enough to start the crim
son flowing. This Has the only dread
ful casualty of the ten rounds the rest
was only massage. ' Oiic? or twice thsy
so far forgot themselves as to act rude
ly and really punch, but in the main It
was a Sunday school performance with
"Johnnie you mustn't hit Willie."
Two hundred really true blue sports
who followed up the narrow winding
stairs to the hall had been keyed up to
the highest expectancy by the previous
announcements that the two men had
met four times, each resulting in a
draw, that considerable fueling existed
between the two and that it was going
to be a royal fight to a finish for a de
cision. There was no betting to speak of
and no odds were placed both went
into the ring ort an equal basis with
the crowd.
Cornwall had a little the best of it
in reach and height; it was a matter of
tossup on weight.
Straight Marquis of Queensberry
rules governed, permitting hitting in
clinches and on the breakaway.
The first round consisted of running
about the ring and Jabbing softly on
the guards or swinging hits delivered
at the air. Frequent clinches inter
larded this performance and the crowd
began to get boisterous and call for
some real fighting. Catcalls and sar
castic comments on the play fighting
were fired at the two boxers from the
The second round was a good sam
ple of the first and there was little ex
citement during me rest.
TUe tenth round was an even break
though Cornwall seemed to be the
ticnger of the two and landed several
effectual blows on head and wind. Most
cf the round was spent in clinching and
shoving each other around.
Spencer Arthur Abbott, referee, ac
cording to agreement called the bout a
draw, though Cornwall had the best of
the crcounter. Teddy Williams, the col
ored lightweight of Topeka challenged
both men with a side bet of $100. W ill
iams weighs about 130 and both Dun-,
leavy and Cornwall weigh in at about
The most interesting go of the even
ing was that between Teddy Williams
and Brigham Young of Joplin for six,
rounds. Williams was given the decis- ,
ion but no decision snuuiu nave rem
handed out. Williams had all of the
best of the first three rounds but Young
grew stronger towards the finish and
had the Topeka lad in a bad corner.
Young is clever, has good footwork and
dodged in approved style several swings
which looked sure. He had the best
end of the weight and was larger.
Len Williams, a brother of Teddy,
and Ed Payne went four rounds to a
draw. Preceding them was the most
laughable affair of the evening be
tween two colored boys weighing In at
about 100 rounds. Arthur Jones and
Bob Kennedy caught several rounds of
applause bv the hammer and tongs
style of fighting. Not much science
but plenty of fighting.
He Was Just In Time.
New York, Nov: 30. Adam Swop, 96
years old, who joined Trinity Method
ist church in Trenton. N. J., on his
confession of f-ith a week ago and who
said then that it was the first time he
had ever been connected with a church,
died here Wednesday night.
Chicago and Return $16.00, Santa Fe.
Account Live Stock show, tickets on
sale Dec. 1st to 4th. final limit Dec
10th, but can be extended to leave Chi
cago as late as Dec,- 31st.
Ladies' Ready-Made Goods
Gent's Furnishings
Queens ware
the Store Tomorrow iornin
Gets Mandamus Suits to Have Orders
of Board Obeyed.
Carr Taylor, attorney for the state
board of railroad commissioners, has
filed mandamus suits in the Kansas su
preme court to compel the Missouri Pa
cific to obey various orders of the board.
The mandamus suits were instituted In
the following cases:
Frank X. Wilson versus Missouri Pa
cific Railway company, establishment of
depot and agent at Arnold, Kansas.
The Hargrsve Grain & Live Stock as
sociation versus Missouri Pacific Railway
company, order for side track to eleva
tor. . .. ,
E. R. ' Hutchinson versu Missouri Pa
cifio Railway ' company; reopening of
depot building and installation and main
tenance of agent at Amiot, Kansas.
C. A. Carlson versus Missouri Pacific
Railway company, reopening of depot
building and installation and mainten
ance of agent at Freemont, Kansas.
M P. Roberts versus Missouri Pacific
Railway company, reopening of depot
and installation and maintenance of
agent at Day, Kansas.
Washburn lecture Course.
A lecture course, all of the numbers of
which will be delivered by members of
the Washburn faculty will be given at
the First Congregational church this
winter. The first number will be deliv
ered on December 5.
The proceeds from the lecture course
will be devoted to beautifying the cam
pus. The numbers are:
How Some Other Folks Live R. S. Ma
gee. Christmas Concert Musical department.
The Jury System E. B. Conant.
Floral and Faunal Interdependence C.
H. Shr.ttuck.
The Florence of Art and the Florence
Be Sure to Get What
You Ask For.
T-pHERE is a Reason
Why the Good People of Amer
ica buy Cascarets as Fast as the
Clock Ticks.
Every second some one, somewhere, is
Buying a little Ten-Cent Box of Cascarets.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 660 times to the Minute,
60 Minutes to the Hour, 3600 Boxes an
an Hour, 36,000 Boxes a Day of Ten Hours,
1,080,000 Boxes a Month, and then some.
Think of it 220,000 People take a Cas
caret tablet each day. Millions use Cas
carets when necessary.
The Judgment of Millions of Bright
Americans is Infallible. They have been
Buying and Taking Cascarets at that rate
for over Six years.
Over Five Millions of Dollars have been
Spent to make the merits of Cascarets
known, and every cent of it would be lost,
did not 'sound merit claim and hold the
constant, continued friendship, Patronage
and Endorsement of well-pleased people year
after year.
There Is also a Reason
Whv there are Parasites who attach
themselves to the Healthy Body of Cascar
et's success Imitators, Counterfeiters, Sub
stitulors. They are Trade Thieves who 'would rob
Cascarets of the "Good Will" of the people,
and sneak unearned profits, earned and
paid for by Cascarets.
A Dishonest Purpose means a Dishonest
Product and a Disregard of the Purchasers'
Health or Welfare.
Beware of the Slick Salesman and his
ancient "Just as Good" story that common
sense refutes.
Cascarets are made only by the Sterling
Remedy Company, and put up In metal box 1
with the "long-tailed C on the cover.
They are never sold In bulk.
Every tablet marked "CCC."
Be sure you get the genuine. 743
of Savonarola D. M. Fisk.
The last two lectures will be illustrated
A. DeMnth Will Start Xew Department
Store In Washington. "
The Topeka Cash department store is
closed today, and all the clerks and sev
eral extra assistants are busily engaged
in getting ready for the opening tomor
row morning of the closing out sale. It
is the intention of A. Demuth, the man
aeer. to close out" the entire stock at
greatly reduced, prices berijre Februp.iy
1. at which time the firm will begin busi
ness on a larger scale in a new stale.
Mr. Demuth has purchased a general
department store business in Bennins
ham. Wash., and will open there in the
The Topeka Cash dry goods store has
been in existence twelve years, and wus
first opened on East Six?.i street. Mr.
Demuth was repeatedly warned that a
strictly cash business would be unsuc
cessful in Topeka. but the rapid growth
of the concern until it reached its pres-'
ent magnitude, and it is now one of the
lnrgest stores of any kind in the city,
proved otherwise.
Mr. Demuth said today: "We will not
move any part of this stock to our new
stand in Benningham, Wash. We are
going to sell it right here at prices
which will insure a clean sweep of the
stock before February 1. When we
open the doors tomorrow morning, the
closing out sale will be on in dead earn
est. All our goods are up to date, and
it is not a house-cleaning of antiques
and out-of-date goods we contemplate.
"While traveling through the norm
west, I located the big department store
at Benningham, and decided that it was
Just what we wanted. Twenty per cent
is the smallest discount we make on
anything for this sale. We are not
closing out here because Topeka is a
poor business town the growth of the
store since it was established is a suffi
cient alibi on that charge but because
we think there is a still greater busi
ness possibility in the new field we have
The change of business location not
only loses for Topeka one of its largest
department stores, but marks the pass
ing, as far as the town is concerned, of
"Tony" Demuth, a high Mason, a popu
lar Elk and an all-round good fellow
and citizen. When he closes out the
business here, he will remove to Ben
ningham and take charge of his recent
Dog That Drums Up Passengers.
A hotel and livery man in St.
Charles, 111., makes use of a dog for
an odd purpose. It is a peculiarly
marked coach dog, named Spot, and
supposed to be known by all of the
traveling men in the country.
When a drummer wants to go to an
interior town the hoiel man drives for
him and takes the dog along. When the
town is reached Spot is allowed to
roam the streets. Another' drummer
who wants to make the town where
the dog belongs knows him as soon as
he sera yes or. him and correctly sur
mises that the owner is in town with
his rig a.n3 will be going back.- Forth
with he hunts up the dog's owner and
engages him for the ride back to the
railroad town. In this way the hotel
and livery man has a passenger each
way and, of course, doubles his
money. .
Spot seems to know what Is wanted
of him, and he goes nosing around a
town as if he was hunting a customer
for his master. Mr. Atwood, his 1
owner, says that he earns his board a
good many times over by finding pas
sengers for the return trips. Chicago
Daily News.
A Ulsh Story Sure Enough.
Josiah C. Stryker, of Morristown, N.
T h comrilained to the authorities
that his twenty trained eels, which he
kept in a spring near Lebanon, nave
beep stolen. These eels, which were
tyia wnnde of the countrvside. made
home in a small streim running from
the spring. It was their habit to en
ter the spring each dayto be fed, out
of Stryker s nana.- .. s
Stryker noticed the eels In the sprinc,
one day and has since spent- many
hours in patiently coaxing them to eat
worms out of his hand. Gradually the
eels became so .tame that they per
g at Wl 1
mitted Stryker to take them out of the
water and caress them. When Stryker
rapped on a stone wall, which sur
rounded the spring, the eels would
glide rapidly from the stream and
gather about him.
The leader of the school, which was
more than three feet long, had been
trained by Stryker to grab a worm held
several inches above the surface of the
water. More than a thouusand per
sons nave visited the spring to
Stryker give an exhibition with
eels, and he had been offered
prices for them by museum men,
had always refused to sell.
It is believed that some one famil
iar with Stryker's method of rapping
for .the eels has called them out dur
ing the night; But two oF;-tli?m rp
main, and the saddened owner has of
fered a liberal reward to any one who
will bring the stolen ones back to their
old home. New York Herald. :
"Little Don-it" Still Living.
New York, Nov. 30. A Times Lon
don special says the original of Little
Dorrit is still living at Islington, and
is 94 years old.' She will open a sale of
work at the Boya' Training school In
Islington next Thursday. f
Can You Use Food
When You Get It?
Thousands of Stomachs Starving
. Where Mouths Arc Well Fed.
Costs Nothing to Relievo
This Condition.
Eating is fast becoming too much a
part of the daily routine, if not a mere
ticking of the appetite a thing to be
gotten out of the' way as quickly as
possible. Little thought is given to
'what kind of food," its effect upon the
system, and whether it , will be of-use
in building up the tissues of the body.
Your stomach wiii revolt, if It is not
already doing so. It must shut up for
repairs. What of the dizziness, and
sometimes pain, which stop you after
a hurried lunch? What of the gener
al distress after a heavy dinner, a feel
ing of pressure against the heart which
calls a halt and makes the breathing
difficult.' is it common for you to be
oppressed with belching and sour eruc
tations? Are you constipated and then
do you laughingly toss a dime to the
druggist for his most palatable relief?
Beware of temporary cures that are
but palliatives. Many antidotes for
the common Ills which our flesh is heir
to seem at first to relieve, but In real
ity, if not injecting poison into the sys
tem, lay the foundation for a deeper-
seated and more far-reaching disorder.
1 nree-rourtns of an diseases orig
inate with a breaking-down of the di-
gestion and nine-tenths of all digestive
troubles originate with one or more of
the symptoms named above.
Beware, then, of Indigestion and
Dyspepsia. If you find yourself ach
ing, listless, lacking in ambition when
you should be on the alert.
Do not doctor the stomach.
It needs a rest from food and drugs.
uo not nusn out the bowels.
It takes more than forcing foo?
through the passageway to mak
blood and tissue and nerve
Do not starve your stomach.
Food is a thing to be worked for all
there ir in it and your stomach
will do the work if you will help it
in Nature's way.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets contain
nothing but tho natural element
which enter into the healthy stomach
and intestines to perform the function
of digestion. Governmental tests and
the Investigations and sworn oaths of
expert chemists attest this fact.
Stuarts Dyspepsia uablets go to the
source of the trouble and positively re
store the glands and fluids of the mu
cous membrane to their proper condi
tion. They promptly relieve the dis
tress of all troubles originating In tha
stomach or bowels (with the one ex
ception of cancer.)
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are rec
ommended by physicians and all reli
able phirmacists. If you are a sufferer
from indigestion or -dyspepsia, try a
fifty cent package today. At all drug
gist;.', or if you prefer send us your
name and address and we will gladly
send you a trial package by mail free.
F. A. Stuart Co., 63 Stuart Bldg., Mif
shall, Mich.

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