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Complies with all requirements of the National Pure Food Law, Guarantee No. 2041, filed at Washington
Special Sale
White Good.
ThU Week
Special Sale
Thi Week .
Crosby B
Drink the old original Arbuckles
XKIUSA Coffee, the blend of
Brazilian coffees, most wholesome
and stimulating, as well as most
economical. Anything dearer
than Arbuckles ARIOSA is
extravagant, and no one can sell
as good coffee for the same price.
People who drink Arbuckles
ARIOSA Coffee are not dys
peptics with fashionable nerves
Mrs. O. H. Call, who has been quite
sick, is much better now.
Mrs. Hilton of Westmoreland is
visiting Mrs. Herman Knitter.
Mrs. June Foltz of Wakarusa was
an Oakland visitor yesterday.
Mr. Charles Cole is much better
than he has been for some time. The
doctor expects a speedy recovery,
i Mrs. Chas. Suit of North Topeka
spent the day yesterday with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Williams.
Mr. Geo. Deming, who works for
the state printery, met with a serious
accident Tuesday which cost him his
There have been 240 tickets sold
for the picnic at Vinewood and that
many more spoken fcr. The only
people In Oakland who w ill not go are
the city marshal and invalids.
The young ladies of the Presby
terian church who have been making
a study of the Bible for the past win
ter will give an ice cream social at
their church Wednesday evening.
May 29th.
Mr. Horace Williams of South
America is here visiting his uncle and
aunt, B. P. Williams. He will make
an extended visit In the western
United States before returning to
South America.
The graduating exercises of the
Oakland school will be held at the M.
E. church Thursday evening. A
splendid programme has been pre
pared. The exercises will begin
promptly at eight o'clock.
An eminent legal adviser has re
cently taken a careful survey of our
little town with the Jdea of opening a
branch office here. He would In case
of this step be in the office two days
of each week so that advice could be
had without going to some other place.
The school children and teachers of
rooms 3 and 4 took up a collection
with, which to buy flowers for their
classmate. Pearl Taylor. The little
girl's desk in the school room was a
, solid mass of flowers and draped in
white crepe, also a large bow of white
crepe on the room.
Mr. Potter, who has recently pur
chased the Bert Harrison property,
273 Winfield avenue, has built a sum
mer kitchen to the west of it, and
papered and painted the property.
The old rubbish has been cleared
away and the result was the property
rented to nice people and a general
good feeling among immediate prop
erty owners ensues. If you have
s .7l '
Q Dfl
Choose the Breakfast ce
real that's "full of chews." You
have to chew
Shredded Wheat
Biscuit and the longer you
chew it the better you will like
it and the more nutriment you
will get out of it. Mere easily
digested than the mushy por
ridges that are "bolted down"
without chewing.
For breakfast heat the Biscuit in oven to re
store crispness, pour hot milk over it, add a lit
tle cream and a little salt; or, sweeten to taste.
Shredded Wheat is also delicious and whole
some for any meal in combination with fresh
or preserved fruits. At your grocers.
who take vacations in Sanitariums,
on featherweight rations, but the
healthy vigorous manhood and
womanhood that constitute the
useful majority. The first roasted
packaged coffee ; sales of Arbuck
les ARIOSA Coffee for 37
houses standing' empty in Oakland
for any considerable period it is your
fault. ;
City and County Officers Ousted by
Court Decision.
Louisville. Ky., May 22. The Cour
ier-Journal says:
The court of appeals has voted, 4
to 2, to reverse the decision of Judges
Jvirby and Miller of the Jefferson cir
cult court in the contest of the Fusion
ists to oust the Democratic officehold
ers of Louisville and Jefferson county
who were declared elected in the fall
of 1905. The decision will have the
effect of turning out all the city and
county officials.
When the mandate of the court is
sent to Louisville, it is likely that con
siderable confusion will follow in de
termining just who is to succeed to the
offices made vacant by the decision.
It i3 understood that the friends of
former Mayor Grainger, who was suc
ceeded by Mayor Barth, are having
the law looked up under the impres
sion that the right of succession is his,
their contention being that the law-
says a mayor Is elected for a term of
four years, or until his successor is
elected and qualified. If the court of
appeals holds that there was no elec
tion, Mr. Grainger's successor was not
elected. Under this contention it is
held-by some of the Democrats that
Mr. Grainger should take his seat and
hold It until the next general election.
The Fusionists, on the other hand,
maintain the governor will have the
right to appoint a mayor, because,
while Mr. Barth was elected, and
qualified, such election is null and void
and Mr. Grainger's successor has been
elected, although illegally, and has
qualified, although without autnoruy.
Mr. Grainger's term has expired both
by lapse of tenure and also, because
of the qualification of his successor.
It Had Been Burning In Coal Mine
Six Months.
Omaha, May 22. The Union Pacific
Coal company today announced that
the fire which has raged in the Cum
berland co-1 mine, Cumberland, Wye,
for six months, has now been extin
guished, and that work in the mines
will begin immediately. The mine, which
has been hermetically sealed for six
months, is now open and an exploration
party has reached the lowest level. The
fire has been smothered.
"It's Full of
Chews" .
O Q j
years, exceed the combined sales
of all the other packaged coffees.
In sealed packages only for
your protection. Don't buy loose
coffee out of a bag, bin or tin that
the roaster is ashamed to seal in a
package with his name on it.
If your grocer won't supply
write to
New York Ctr.
Mrs. J. E. Smith is sick at her home
et 834 Madison street.
Mr. and Mrs. Nich of 415 Chandler
street are the parents of a baby girl,
born yesterday.
Mr. T. E. Prout who has been sick at
his home, 827 Jefferson, for the past
week, is able to be up.
Miss Lula Powell of Carbondale, Kan.,
is the guest of her sister, Mrs. A. Lut
hey on Lake street for a week.
Mr. Milton Miller Is expected in a few
days to return home from Chicago to
visit his family on Lawrence street.
The East Side Embroidery club will
be entertained by Mrs. Floyd Wettling,
467 Reno avenue, Thursday afternoon.
The Missionary society of the Third
Presbyterian church met this afternoon
at the home of Mrs. Harriet Checks
field. Mr. Frank Jolley entertained Dr: E.
W. White, Mr. Joe Blagg and Mr. Fred
Cramer at supper last evening at his
home, 235 Chandler.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Shaffer and little
girl, formerly of the East side, but who
have been living in Erie, Kan., returned
here to reside permanently.
Miss Swea Malmstrom of 231 Branner
street, who has been suffering with an
attack of nervous prostration the past
month, is greatly improved.
The wedding of MiS3 Lizzie Cramer
and Mr. Otto .loud will take place this
evening at the home of the bride's par
ents on Golden avenue. East Hill.
Miss Margaret Mossow of Carbondale,
Kan., who has been visiting her sister,
Mrs. Anna Luthey, of 234 Chandler
street, for the past few days returned
home today.
Mr. B. Galloway of Ohio.'who has been
the guest of his sister, Mrs. Will Wol
verton of Quincy street and his cousin,
Mrs. Clint Coddington, of 418 Jefferson
street, for the past few weeks returned
to his home yesterday.
Miss Ada Beaver and Miss Rose Kay
entertained at their home, 409 Chandler
street, last evening in honor of Mr. Hal
Akers, of St. John. Kan. The following
guests were present: Mr. and Mrs. Clar
ence Gerberick, Mr. and Mrs. A. Sayre,
Mr. and Mrs. F. Gilyeat, Mr. and Mrs.
Walter Davis, Mr. and Mrs. C. Harring
ton, Mr. and Mrs. Repp, Miss Alice
Stephens, Miss Minnie White, Miss
Mabel Peters, Miss Ella Bartell, Miss
Alma Bartell, Mr. Hal Akers, Mr. Ar
thur Gilyeat, Mr. Thomas Roe, Mr. J.
Haggart and Mr. Alfred Bartell.
Tjonjrsliorenien's Strike Seriously Af
fects Foreign Trade.
New York. May 22. That the strike
of the longshoremen Is having a serious
effect upon business, is indicated by the
comparative figures of exports Just
given out at the custom house. Last
week the first full week - of the strike,
the exports from this port dropped $6,
944,890 below the figures of the preced
ing week. Custom house officials be
lieve this enormous shrinkage .will be
greatly increased this week.
Operating Manager Thomas of the
International Mercantile marine, when
shown the custom house figures, made
this comment:
"No doubt the exports fell off last
week, but that was before we had the
situation as well in hand as we have
Noimally the exports to England av
erage 3 million dollars weekly. Last
week they shrunk to $1,914,000. Exports
to Germany are normally 11,750,000 per
week. Last week they amounted to
only $503,000.
The White Star liner Adriatic will
sail today on her first return trip
across. With her will go J. Bruce Is
may, president of the International
Mercantile Marine, who came here to
inquire into the strike situation, but
did not take any steps to settle the
Strike Leader Connors declares him
self as confident that the union will
win the strike.
"The customs figures," said he, "re
veal the truth that the companies have
been trying to conceal. This strike is
about the biggest, thing the steamship
men have had to deal with in many
years, and it is only the belief that they
will finally starve us out that makes
them continue it. But we are able to
stand it as well, if not better than the
companies. We will not return to work
until our demands are granted."
To Hunt for Esquimaux.
Copenhagen, May 22. Two youthful
explorers, Knud Rassusen and his sister,
the latter twenty years old, have start
ed on a perilous trip. -The couple are
students of ethnography. -They are go
ing to Smith's sound to find an Esqi
maux tribe, which is reputed to have
never come In contact with civilization.
Their own attendant is an Esquimaux.
They will travel in dog sledges and will
depend for food "upon shooting. ' They
hope- to reach the. Canadian mainland
some time in 1908.
Fishing in Soldier Creek is report
ed to be better than it has been in
Vinewood park is enjoying a larger
patronage this year than ever before
in its history.
The season of the year for belts, and
the consequent ill-hanging trousers,
has arrived.
One of the livery stables in town is
labelled a "natatorlum." Maybe there
are accommodations - in it for sea
Now that the temperature has got
to be about right, things are made dis
agreeable out doors by unnecessarily
high winds. '
Four years ago the Kansas Bank
ers' association brought the big flood
to Topeka. This time if they could
bring us lust a little rain we would be
Thomas McNeal, state printer, will
deliver the address to the graduating
class of the Oberlin high school at the
commencement exercises which will
be held tonight.
It might be a eood plan for some
one to take a couple of hours off and
cut the grass around the county court
house. Before long It will look like a
field of hay if it Is not cut.
T. A. McNeal, state printer, has fin
ished the-publication of 'the statute
books covering the workings of the
last session of the legislature and they
will be ready for distribution Monday.
Lest the voters of the county should
overlook the matter , Reese Vanzant,
chairman of the Shawnee County Cen
tral committee Is advertising the" fact
that a congressional election is to be
held tomorrow'.
A number of Topeka druggists are
In Kansas City today attending the
annual meeting- -of the Kansas Phar
maceutical association whlcn began
this morning in the Peoples theater,
Kansas City, Kan.
The first snake story of the season
places the length of the reptile at six
feet and the number of rattles at 13,
which is doing very well when the
drouthy condition of the city and
county Is considered.
A number of acts which are on the
bill at the Novelty theater this week
were presented ' at the Country club
yesterday afternoon at a special en
tertainment given for the enjoyment
of the delegates attending the bank
ers' convention.
There is just one day in the year
that the cemetery street car line is tax
ed to its capacity,! Decoration day, and
on account of the unfinished condition
of the Sixth street viaduct cars people
without carnages will be unable to
reach the cemetery without a long and
tiresome walk. ... '
This evening at the Washburn col
lege chapel Dr. Fiske will repeat the
illustrated lecture given last Friday at
the Topeka high school on the Les
son of American Eminence to Youth.
No admission will be charged and the
lecture will be. illustrated by 100
stereopticon views. .
Of course it Is. a shame to toss, a
rock at a new and beautiful building
but one can not help remarking that
the most recent one of this sort to be
finished on Kansas avenue, would
have presented :, an appearance far
more pleasing to the eye if the door
way had not been. faced with bath
room tiles, r -
A membership campaign is now be
ing conducted by .two divisions of the
Y. M. C. A., colored department, with
fifty new members as the goal in two
weeks. The opposing sides, the Sioux
and -Mohawks, feel that before the
close of the contest Monday evening.
June 3. more than the desired num
ber will have been reached.
A newly married woman, who grad
uated from K.. U. last year, has re
ceived word from no less than nine
of her girl friends in the institution
that they will visit her for a week as
soon as the university closes this year.
The young matron faces the situation
bravely and is thinking of hiring a
vacant house next her own to provide
sleeping accommodations for her
Salina Journal: Mrs. Stanford
Wright and her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Cobbler, of Topeka, arrived in the city
Monday afternoon for a short visit
to Stanford Alien, who has been in
the county jail for forgery for a few
days past. They were somewhat sur
prised to learn that Allen was ready
to take a trip to the penitentiary, and
were apparently disappointed that
they did not e-et to visit with him for
a longer period. Allen was taken
away this morning.
Hindus Accused Government of Pois
. oning the Water.
Lapore, British India, May 22. A
Hindu revolutionist, who aroused the
fanatics of the" Punjab into a state of
great excitement by circulating the
fantastic statement that the alleged
epidemic of the plague did not exist
and that the 100,000 deaths weekly at
tributed to it were really caused by the
poisoning of drinking water by govern
ment emissaries was sentenced today to
two years' rigorous imprisonment. An
accomplice who dropped harmless balls
into the wells, alleging that he did so
by order of the government, was con
demand to 18 months' imprisonment.
Atlantic City and Washington
$21.50 from Chicago.
$24.25 round trip from St. Louis
over Pennsylvania Short Lines, May
30 to June 3. Stop-overs at National
Capital, Baltimore and Philadelphia.
Get details from D. B. Steeg, T. P. Agt..
2 E. 11th St., Kansas City, Mo.
Have your Shirts made
No Tear, No Swear
No Worry, No Flurry
Coat Shirts cuffs attached,
cost no more than ready
made shirts.
$1.50 to $5.00
Capital Shirt Factory
7th and Jackson
v-w mm mm hp on mh immmim mm rm mm s. mm mm
Dpecial I n
Gkina, Glass, Enameled Ware and House Furnishings.
Plain ATliite Porcelain, Open Stock
At Lower Prices Than Ever :
Buy one piece. or a whole set but buy it now while it 's underpriced
Tea Cups and Saucers Handsome
designs, perfect glaze, $1.20 is the
price per dizen the world over.
Our price for 3 days, per
set of 6 cups and 6 saucers
Plates Breakfast or dinner size,
thin white porcelain, every one
perfect ; sold regularly at $1 per
t or 3 days per set 2 Ji
of six.... .
, ; tflW
Meat Platters Large size,
porcelain Meat Platters,
the regular price. 3-Day
Sale price
40c is
Coffee Cups and Saucers White
porcelain Coffee Cups and Saucers
always sold at $1.50 per dozen.
For 3, days you can buy 6 mVJn
cups and 6 saucers for ...... J f C
Desert or Pie Plates Plain white
porcelain, but fine enough for any
table. Sold regularly at 65c per
dozen. Our price for 3 days, O'Zs
per set of six.
You May Find It Here
Electric Garden Hose: We have
known of this hose being used for
six years and it is still in good con
dition. Sold by the foot; no extra
charge for couplings, per
Guaranteed Hose: We guarantee
this hose fcr one year. Complete
with counlincs and brass nozzle, in
50 foot lengths, inch
$6-25. 4 ncn size
Hose Reels: Will more than pay
for themselves in one season by sav
ing the wear and tear of dragging a
hose around. Iron frame and wheels.
Reel holds 100 feet of ?Q
hose, each p&J
Porch Mats: Made of soft Japa
nese straw. 14 inch size. Sold
regularly at 10c each. 3 Day .
Sale Price 5 for 25c. Each
Dish Pans: Fourteen quart size;
heavy retinned Dish Pans. A regu
lar 40c value. 3 Day Sale 53
Price To Make the Ironing Easier
Pure Chinese Ironing "Wax. a
good sized ball covered with mus
lin, -wooden handle. It kees the
irons from sticking. Three Jc
day sale price, each
Solid cast irons with a lone ta
pering end on them, nickel plated,
finely finished. 2 sizes at soecial
prices for three days.. Large ?9C
39c; medium
They're Just like the irons our
grandmothers used, only these are
nickel plated, with highly polished
ironing surface. Sold by weight
for three days only at these
4-lb. 5-&. 6-lb. 7-lb. 8-lb. g-lb.
23c 29c 34c 39c 43c sic
DP Nicholas Murray Butler Elected
President of Conference.
Lake Mohonk, N. Y., May 2. The
lake Mohonk conference on interna
tional arbitration opened Its thirteenth
annual session today. The election of
officers resulted as follows:
President Dr. Nicholas Murray
Butler, New York.
Secretary to the conference Clinton
R. Woodruff, Philadelphia.
T-nrmn i-nrrpsnnndliie secretary
X 131 111(1 " " .
tt . . cviflllna MnhnnU T ,H K C.
n. v.. x ,,,
Treasurer Alexander v,,
Camden, N. J. ' .
t-. Tjticr f Columbia unl-
verslty, in his address at the opening
advocated tnat mequ.
armament be avoided at this confer
ence but tMat the restriction of furth
er growth of great armies and navies
be urged. He suggested recommen
dations for the coming conference at
The Hague. '
The present status of the Interna
tional arbitration movement was the
subject of an address by Benjamin F.
5." "vL, j .rtrv of the American
Peace society, Boston, who said in
"The movement in whose behalf we
. . 1 -1 r. 1 in i :t ti reached the
nave . 11 1 1 --
age of peculiar interest. It contains
features wnicii uj " - ,
closest attention and even awaken the
solicitude of all those who labor and
watch for the permanent peace of the
world. The movement of some feat
ures seems to have reached a practical
. . ,,1 -vt oiH;tinnal treaties of
sianasiin. - tv, .
obligatory arbitration between the na
tions in pairs nave "
since we met last May Nor has any
. v....... mnria at ashine-
a advancement u.. -- . ,
ton toward the removal of the disa-
irreement between me pic.uc..t
fhe senate, which led to the failure of
the treaties signed by the late Secre
tary Hay.
"Again, The Hague court has nf
had any controversy referred to it
, v. ; . on Kvpn outside of The
Hague court there has been almost
nothing in me way m aiuiuaiwu.
"It would seem, then, at first sight,
v,a oktt.gHnn riiri has been so
.1, tn rncimf Troars in minir out
of fashion and is to fall again into dis
use. But such a suggestion is as far
as possible from being a true inter
pretation of the situation. The
Hague court. It is true, has had no
new business, but" the reason, is that
Day SaL
Covered Vegetable Dishes Oval
shape, handsome pattern of plain
white porcelain. Kegular
price 90c. For 3 days only.
Open Vegetable Dishes or Nappies,
8-inch size, oval in shape. 25c is
what they sell for regularly, -i
' 3-Day Sale price
Deep Vegetable Dishes Round,
open Vegetable Dishes, 8-in. size.
25c is the regular price.
3-Day Sale p rice .
Pitchers White porcelain, milk or
water Pitchers, 1 and 2-qt. size
worth regularly 15c and 25c For
3 days 1-qt. size, 11c 1 r
2-qt. size 1 V
Bowls One-quart White Porcelain
Bowls. 15c is the every-day
price. - 3-Day Sale price
Limit of 2 to a customer.
Ice Water Pitchers Two-quart size
straight Ice Water Pitchers, extra
strong and heavy. For 3 t Q
days only we'll sell 'em at.. 1 7W
Rogers Bros. "1847"
v Silverware
At Considerably Leas Than You've
Usually Paid
Rogers Bros.' "1S47-A1" teaspoons
for 3 days only. Our price ff f
per set of 6 will be
Rogers Bros.' "1S47-A1" table
spoons for 3 days only. Our ,? AC
price for set of 6 will be .pciJ
Rogers Bros.' "1847" 12 Dwt... me
dium size knives and forks, choice
of burnished or satin finished han
dles. Three-day price sale for a
set of either six knives or 1 QC
six forks 4UU
Higkest Grade Gray Enameled Ware
At the Lowest Known Prices
These Prices Are Good Thursday, Friday and Saturday Only
Wash Basins Gray enameled ware
. Wash Basins, 12-inca size. Al
ways sold at 25c 3- Day
Sale price
Tubed Cake Pans Two quart Pud
ding or Cake Pans, with tube in
the center. 19c is what they sell
for regularly. For 3 days
only 1 Iv
Lipped Sauce Pans Gray enamel
ed ware. Three - quart Lipped
Sauce Pans with handle, which
are sold at 29c ordinarily.
3-Day Sale price
Preserving Kettles Six-quart size
Lipped Preserving Ketties. Sold
all over the country at 0 1 r
39c. Our price for 3 days is tL 1 C
Frying Pans Gray enameled Fry
ing Pans at a reduction of one
third from the regular prices :
SIZE.. 2 3 4 S
price. . 14 c ISc 23c 27c
there have been no disputes of im
portance between the nations which
are parties to it. To arbitrate dis
putes is an excellent thing, but it Is a
still 'more excellent way' so to live as
not to have Quarrels.
"From another point of view also
the cause of arbitration reveals its
growing power. All of the organiza
tions, in whatever field, which are
laboring for its success, have Increased
and reinforced their efforts during the
past year. They are insisting with
one voice that the scope of The Hague
court shall be extended so as to in
clude all the nations, and its powers
increased so far as may be necessary
to make it a real international court
of justice; and that arbitration treaties
already in force shall be supplemented,
or rather supplanted, by a general
treaty of arbitration to be concluded
by all the nations acting together; and
many of them go so far as to insist
that there are no disputes today be
tween governments which may not
be honorably settled ' by a world tri
at little cost
SI GOO DO rewan Is offered to '
yiHwwiMW anyone for any sub- I
stance infurioos to the health
la Calumet Baking Powder.
Purity la a prime essential in
Calnmet is made only of pure, wholesome
ingredients combined by skilled
and complies with the pure food laws of
all states. It is the only high-grade
Baking Powder on the market sold at
a moderate price.
Calumet Baking Powder may be
freely used with the certainty that food
made with it contains no harmful
anus-it u cnemicaiiy
rect and makes fan. Whole
some Food.
When the I?t Man
Needle pointed, spring. Ice picks.
Tou can break off any sized piece
quickly and neatly. 2oc val- 1f)(
ues for 3 days only vw
Smooth galvanized iron refriger
ator nans to catch the waste wa
ter. Special prices for 3 days. Q
Medium size 29c; large size
Hand-made of heavy grade of
tin, fitted with tight covers. These
prices are good for three days:
Stse 2 3 4 5
Price 25c 35c 39c 45c
Handsomely decorated outside,
white enamel and galvanized lin
ing nickel plated faucet, 3 to 10
gallon sizes. Specially pricedC"7 QC
from $1.95 up to ''
At the Lowest Prices We've
Ever Known.
Berry Bowls Fire polished, 8 in
size; handsome design; clear, bril
liant glass worth 2oc regularly
we ve 10 to sen in tnis 3 Uay
Sale at each
Lead Blown Tumblers Thin but
very strong, 75c a dozen is the ordi
nary price. For 3 days only, pro
vided 100 dozen last that long, they
wiu De, per sec 01 six
Vases Tall, fire polished, Tulip
Vases. There is just 150 to be r
Bold in this 3 Day Sale, each. . 1 VC
Etched Table Tumblers -75 doz..
fancy etched tumblers, very thin,
ine every aay price is l per dozen.
3 uay bale price, per set of
Sherberts Thin blown, star bot
tomed Sherberts; medium size, 85c
the regular price per set of
six in tnis 3 uay sale
Berlin Kettles The ten-quart size,
gray enameled ware Berlin Kettles
with cover. 70c is the regular
price. Our price for 3 g3n
days is , DoL
Tea Kettles Gray enameled ware,
six-quart size Tea Kettles, with
wire bail, wooden handle, etc. 75c
is what they sell for regu
larly. 3-Day Sale price DDC
Oblong Roasting Pans Open
Roasting Pans, with handles and
round corners. These prices are
good for 3 days:
SIZE 14-in. 15-in. 16-in.
price.... 39c 49c 59c
Combination Triple Sauce Pans
They are triangular shaped, so
they fit together, the three taking
up the same room ordinarily re
quired by one round sauce pan.
They have long handles and heavy
tin covers. For 3 days tf s Cf
you can buy the set for. . p 1 .DU
bunal, of their own creation.
"This general demand of the en
lightened public opinion of the world
is a supreme guarantee that the arbi
tration movement is to be in no sense
backward but upward and onward to
complete victory.
"This conference can not do better
than to reaffirm, if possible, with In
creased emphasis the conclusions
which It reached last year with re
gard to The Hague conference.".
The questions to be considered by
this conference were outlined In an
opening address by Albert K. Smiley.
Shot in the Back.
Portland, Mich., May 22. Edward
Manning aged 60 years, proprietor of a,
restaurant here, was murdered last
night while on his way home. He was
shot in the back. Robbery was evident
ly the motive of the crime, as a large
sack of silver which he usually carried
is missing.

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