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Special -For Saturday
Any Ladies' $3.50
Welt or Turn
New Styles
Short Vamps
Special $ $90
The Store That Quality Euilt
IrechselShoe Co
J 70S Kansas Avenue
l-l I I M I I' Kt" 4"4"H"4"I" i 1 I I t 'H 1 tl"M"l
M1 V
Canned goods look pretty much all alike on the
outside. The tins on the shelves look all about the
same to the consumer outside the counter. But in
side the tins! That's the part you eat. Did you ever
stop to think what a difference there might be -in
the selecting, preparing, cleaning and preserving or
cooking of the fruits and vegetables that go inside
these cans ? No doubt you have. "We have, too. And
we don't buy canned goods accordin gto the way the
tins look prettjr pictures' on the cans don't in
fluence us for a minute; neither do ihe bigger pro
fits made hy handling inferior goods. We buy only
the purest known canned ' goods from those high
grade canners with proven reputations for care and
cleanliness. . -
Lyndon Corn, can 10c Lyndon No. 3 Apples, can 10c
Takes Chess Game From
World's Champion,
Dr. Lasker Resigns After
Twenty-Eighth More.
Great Expert riays Fifteen Men
All Eut Two Are Defeated With
Lyndon Tornatos, 2 cans 25c
Lyndon Peas, can 15c
Lyndon No. 3 Apricots " 25c
Lyndon No. 3 Peaches " 25c
poo North Kansas Avenue
Independent Phone 428-947 Bell Phone 428
Topcka Furniture
and Wreckage Co.
Chas. Crews, Anct 315 12 Kan. Ave.
Big Auction Sale
Saturday June 14
Didn't Want to Give I'p Land Belong-
ing to Another.
Commencing at 6 p.
Will sell 20 doz. , Fire
Proof Crockery Ware,' 100
Jardiners, 10 100-piece Sets
of Dishes, Ladies' and Gents
Shoes, Portiers and Lace
Curtains, Art Squares and
Rugs, Go-Carts, Rockers
and Chairs, Granite Ware,
Bowls and Pitchers; Silver
ware, Furniture of all De
scriptions, Bedding and
Counter-Beds, Tools, Gas
and Gasolene Stoves.
Everybody Come
Remember the time,
p. m., Saturday, at
3154 Kansas Ave.
Beautiful China
SATURDAY with Teas,
Coffees, Spices, Extracts
etc., in addition to the
usual checks.
The Union Pacific
Tea Company
513 Kan. Ave.
D. W. Boutwell's idea that every man
has an inherent right, a God given right
in fact, to a reasonable amount of the
land on the earth for his own purposes
and that all a fellow has to do Is to take
possession of the land that pleases him
and retain this possession, was rudely
shattered today . by H. I. ' Monroe and
George Ward, deputy sheriffs.
They picked Mr. Boutwell up bodily
from land that did not belong to him
but which he claimed as a gift from
God, carried him across a five acre piece
of lend, put him in a wagon and
brought him to the city. Sheriff Wilker
son put Boutwell in Jail for a few hours
and then told him to go home and not
attempt again to take possession of the
land which is not his.
Boutwell made no promises in the
premises and he may cause some fur
ther trouble.
Won't Be Placed on Stand in Uncle
Sam Case.
Judge John C. Pollock, of the United
State district court, will not be place!
on the witness stand and subjected to
a cross-examination at the hands of
attorneys for H. H. Tucker, Jr., and
the Uncle Sam Oil company, and made
to relate the details of a fishing trip
wnlcn it is said he took as the guest
of Gardiner Lathrop of the Santa Fe
law department a number of years ngo;
Judge Pollock returned to Topeka
last evening and said today:
"It was really never contemplated
that I should go on the witness stand.
That was done for newspaper effect."
Judge Pollock will leave for Kansas
City and will later go on to St. Xxuis
on business connected with the court.
I nave got so mucn work pilea up
that I will not be able to leave on
my vacation until in July," said ne.
Satin skin powder being best made It's
best for you. Flesh, white, pink, Drunet.
Leavenworth, Kan.; June 14. The at
torneys for the Uncle Sam company
here today filed a demurrer to the evi
dence lnt-oducod in support of the con
tention that the company should be de
clared bankrupt. District Judge Ami
don overruled the motion and ordered
the case to proceed.-
Leavenworth Pitcher Is Recalled
May Trade for Dalryinple.
Pitcher Allison who belongs to the
Leavenworth team has been recalled
and will leave the White Sox tonight.
When Topeka secured the services of
Allison Leavenworth had several pitch
ers and did not need him so turned him
over to the locals who were at that
time shy on pitching material. He has
been making a good showing with the
locals and as a result Leavenworth de
cided to recall him. -.Although this is
Allison's first year in professional com
pany hes hows a great deal of promise.
He has curves and speed and good .con
trol. While In Topeka he has made
good with the fans who dislike to see
him leave at the present time when
none of the pitchers are working too
good. t
A deal for trading Davis forDalrymple
Is still hanging fire although it is not
the least bit uncertain that it will go
through. The local management has
tried to get a wire to Larry Milton, man
ager of the Webb City team, all day,
but the wires are down. There are but a
few minor details to be arranged.
Alfalfa Train Tomorrow. '
The alfalfa train which has been
touring the state for the week past
will arrive in Topeka Saturday and at
2:30 a meeting will be held at the
Commercial club rooms when the in
cidents and experiences - incident to
the travels of the past will be dis
cussed at length. Short lectures will
be delivered on "Alfalfa" by members
of the party making the trip and all
Interested in alfalfa are urged to be
present at the meeting.
Dr. Emanuel Lasker, chess champion
of the world, was defeated by Major A.
M. Harvey, formerly champion of Kan
sas, at Gemmell hall in the Y. M. d A.
last night. It was his second game
with Major Harvey and the Kansas
man was easily defeated in the first
game with 14 others Dr. Lasker hax-ing
undertaken the task of playing 15 garhes
simultaneously. In the second round
the champion did not fare so well. He
not only lost to Major Harvey but drew
a game with Mr. N. P. Garretson.
Of the twenty-four men who had pass
ed in their names as candidates for vic
tory over the doctor, only fifteen men
cat down at the tables. Messrs. E.' H.
Anderson, Fred Bradbury. H. J. Whit
comb, J. J. Everingham and H. G. Lari
mer, although paying for their tables
preferred to remain spectators of the
About seventy chess enthusiasts made
up the audience and loaned their com
bined efforts to help some of the play
ers get beaten as it proved in the end.
Among them was Eugene Ware. He did
did not care to play but "aided J. E.
Frost to go through to a magnificent
defeat," as he himself remarked to Mr.
Geo. Lerrigo. He was very mucU in
terested in the game and from time to
time made side remarks that "cheered
some one on to defeat." .
One of the incidents of the game was
when Mr. H. T. Chase began his game
with the doctor. Mr. Chase led strong
ly, and Dr. Lasker as he watched the
lead rather smiled. He passed on for a
few tables and then came back to Mr.
Chase and remarked, "I have just been
thinking this game over especially and
your lead defeats you in just six moves."
Mr. Chase said he thought it was five
but the doctor said, "No, six," and then
showed him' what the six would be.
Whereupon Mr. Ware remarked that a
man who could see that far into the
game was too much for him.
After the first series was completed
and most of the players had resigned
and the rest had been checkmated, a
second series was played. Mr. N. P.
Garretson played a draw game with
the doctor in his second game. Major
Harvey took courage after hi3 defeat
and played a 'magnificent game, open
ing with Queen's Gambit. He was
slow and sure and in just twenty-eight
moves the doctor resigned and Mr.
Harvey- was victorious. Dr. Lasker
said this morning of Mr. Harvey's
playing: "He is a good player in any
company of chess players. He was
very careful in his second game and
his last move was a beautiful one."
. Dr. Lasker went to Kansas City this
afternoon and plays another series
there. Tomorrow he goes to Sioux
City. He said today: "It is too bad
that so few people play cness. fltosi
of them think it Is a hard game to
play, and get discouraged before they
beein. It is not so hard for ne who
can concentrate his mind on one sub
ject for a while, and learn to think
well. It ought to De more popular
than it is."
The following are the men who
were lined up against tne cnampion
last night: H. T. Chase, J. E. -Frost,
Fred Bradbury, M. E. - Une,.o. w.
Whitcomb. J. G. Waters Harry Goss,
Ed May, J. B. Cleghorne. ' J. J.- Ever
ingham, N. P. Garretson. Major
A. , M. Harvey. . William . lieman.
W. N. Neidner, S. T. Howe, E. H.
Anderson, Dr. George Dick, O. C.
Brett of Humboldt, the secretary of
the State Chess association: Arthur
Hurd. Henry H. Hall, H. W. Moore
and H W. Craie.
The following is the Harvey-Lasker
game in detail:
Queen s gamDit opening.
A Day of Great
Tomorrow will be one of the
history of this store. Note every
i ns at Paxtori ' s
greatest Bargain Days in the
item for it is a money saving price.
Dry Goods Department
Wash Obods and Staple
Dry Goods
Almrela Batiste lieht and medium
crrounds. neat catterns. cloth that will
launder perfectly worth 10c
per yard '
Holly Batiste SO inohe9 wide
stripe, dot and spot patterns, light
and dark grounds. We have all
been selling tbem at 15o -t ff
per yard..... IMv
Some of the season's most popular fan
cies in soft, sheer Wash Goods biack and
check patterns in brown and . tan colors
been selling at 25c " Qi,
per yard , . - 1 v
Bleached Damask for table use,
58 inches wide, neat patterns 5
full pieces are all we have to sell at
this price,, per.
Bleached' Huck and Unbleached
Turkish Towels generous sizes,
bargains at. 10c each,
Saturday eaclr.. ........
Toulon Silks 30' inches wide,
brown, ring, spot and cube pat-
terns on cream ground beautiful
for waists and suits 50c QC
value,- per yard. . ......... -'OUl
Twilled Crash, made of absorbent
bleached cotton, 16 in. wide, AdAt
7c value, yard
Apron Gingham assorted blue
and white checks, a very good
quality, worth 7c per Cn
yard. . . . . WU
.' Glendale LL Muslin full 36 in.
wide, made of a soft round thread
.t worth 10c if bought at the rp
present market price, per yd. . Ill
Bookfold Cheviot 30 inches
wide, stripe, check and plain pat
tern, splendid 12c yard 1 ftf
.quality, per yard I UO
Harvey. Lasker.
iWhite) (Black)
1 P-Q4 , 1 P-Q4
2 P-Q B4 2 PXP
3 B-B4 3 KKt-B3
4 P-K3 4 P-K3
5 BXP , 5 B-K2
.6 Kt-QB3 6 OO
7 Kt-B3 7 Kt-Q2
8 OO 8 P-QB4
9 R-B sq 9 P-QR3
10 PXP 10 BXP
11 B-Q3 11 P-QKt4
12 B-Kt sq 12 B-Kt2
13 Q-B2 13 R-Bsq
14 P-QR3 14 P-KKt3
15 KR-Qsq " 15 Q-K2 -
16 Kt-K5 .: 1 16 KR-Qsq
17 Q-K2 17 Kt-K;
18 BXKt ' ?: 18 Kt-Ksq
19 Q-Kt4 19 P-B3
20 B-B4 , 20 Kt-Kt2
21 Kt-K2 21 B-Kt3
22 B-R2 22 RXR
2 3 RXR 23 B-Q4
24 BXB 24 RXB
25 R-B8ck 25 K-B2
26 Kt-B3 26 R-Q2
27 B-R6 27 Kt-B4
28 R-KRsq 28 Resigns
George Bastian of 723
are the parents of a
Mr. and Mrs.
Chandler street
Miss Mary Tonlngton Is seriously HI.
Mr- and Mrs. Giant Hickey of 218
Lime street, are the parents of a toy.
Ed Connelley of No. 3 fire station is
confined to his home with a broken
ankle caused by an accident on May
Two hundred wagon loads, of tin cans
were removed since Monday by the
street commissioner. Eight teams are
at work hauling the cans from the al
leys on the west side of Kansas ayo
nue. . - -- ' .
Advance on Candy.
On and after 15th June candy will
be advanced in price from 40c to 50c
pound on account of 5c advance in
material since first of year.
821 Kansas avenue, Topeka.
Hosiery and
.". Summer Hosiery and Underwear
a saving of at least 33 H per cent
on everything bought in this De?
partment. Items:
Buster Brown Junior Stockings
sizes 6 to 10. They are wcrth 16c
per pair. Ifif
Saturday IwW
Misses Lisle Hose fine rib silk
finish spliced .heel and toe brok
en line of sizes worth 25c per pair.
Saturday I3C
Women's Black Cotton Hose
plain or drop, stitch patterns f ff
worth, 15cij?.er pair. . . ... J Uu
Women's - Black Lisle : Hose-
plain., gauze are lace- stripe pat
terns, spliced, heel and;toes,
up to 2 jo -4oi.,'pa ir,
Saturday .V. . .V. ...........
Women's Bleached Gauze "Vests
worth 6c; - : .
each. . ., . . ,.
Women's Bleached Gauze Vests,
full tine trimming, low neck and
sleeveless, worth 10c. each
Saturday. ...............
Women's and Children's Ready-to-Wear Apparel
The price3 we make for tomorrow will prove a bij saving.
: Women's Short Kimonas
made of good grade of lawn,
trimmed with plain bands and
have Japanese sleeves worth
2oc, ' . -:.: 17r
Saturday ..v, ...... Ifw
Black Mercerized Petticoats
light weight, a splendid imitation
of heatherbloom, ruffled and pleat
ed flounce, worth $1.50,
eachi . j . -
Women's" Cambric - Petticoats
; made with 18-inch flounce, having
three rows jo t lace insertion and
edged with lace, also has four-Inch
dust ruffle -bargain at SI,
Saturday, each: ; . : . , .
Women's Wash Skirts- made of
dark colored cotton "covert, trim
med with straps S1.00
value, each , .. , . . ............
Women's - White Wash
rpade of canvas cloth,
with straps and buttons
$1.25 value, Saturday ... .
Women's Calico Wrappers
dark colors, trimmed with ruf
fles marked to sell at 98c
choice CQ"
Saturday 3 V t
Cambric Corset Covers lace and
ribbon trimmed, a large assortment
to choose from, worth up to 1 Q.
3 5c, Saturday choice. ....... X "1
Women's and Misses' Muslin
Drawers Umbrella style, lace and
tuck trimming, worth 25c Q
per pair . J uj
Women's Muslin Gowns closed
and V-neck, embroidered and tuck
ed yoke, made full worth
T5c, Saturday
Women's White India
Shirt Waists embroidered
and lace trimming worth
75c, Saturday. ............
Children's - Gingham -Aprons
button in back,
pocket and. ties worth 35c,
Women's Cover-All Aprons
made of good grade of gingham,
small check patterns 35c lC
value, Saturday..... uvV
Laces, Embroideries and Ribbons
Choice of our inlaid and mount
ed back combs, very highly polish
ed and the' very newest patterns.
worth up to 97c, choice
Torchon lace up to 3 inches wide,
insertion to uratch, worth 5c,QL f
per yard ...... -i '2 j
Cambric and Nainsook' embroid
ery, up to 4 inches wide, edge and
insertion, worth up to loc,
per yard. . , . , t . . . ... . ... . . .
Cambric; Swiss and Nainsook
embroidery up to 9 inches wide,
new and dainty patterns,
15c per yard. .- Saturday.
Corset cover and flouncing em
broidery, 18 and 20 inches wide,
most desirable patterns,
worth 35c, per yard.-...
Side" and back combs, shell and
amber effects, highly polished,
worth 15c, per pair ana
each Saturday.. .......
Military Pad Hose Supporters for
Misses and Women, have double
clasp . fastener and one Inch wide
elastic bands, worth 15c tin
per pair Saturday JQ
Nickel Plated Safety Pins, 3 dif
ferent sizes, worth 5c in Q
credit stores, per .dozen ...... . gfj
Needle Point Toilet Pins, 400
count, non-rustaDie, worm 5c per
paper. Saturday
at ,
There Is No Better Clothing Sold Any where
Our Garments Invest You With Gentilility.
: Clothes are a necessity not a luxury. A tone of excellence
prevails from the cloth from which ours is made. NotH the re- .
finement, style and nattiness, make it your business to compare
our clothing with those offered by other merchants. We are
here to help you and enable you to procure the best at the least
expenditure. We are leaders in style.' We. invite you to an
inspection. 10 $12.50 815 QS
Men's Underwear, 39c ea.
Men's light colored summer
Underwear, silk Egyptian finish,
a genuine $50 bargain, Saturday
39c each, or 75c suit.
Dollar Dress Shirts
Pnxton's Special.
Nobbiest patterns, finest qual
ity and the best fitting. Plain
or coat style. We w-ill surprise
you Saturday with a $1.50 Q
grade, for only. $1
Men's Drawers, 39c
-. Men's Pepperell Jean, scriv
ens patent seam draw- OCn
ers, 50c value, Saturday .. U UU
Straw Hats, $150 and $1 J:
Let us top you off with a cool
hat. Kxtra fine straw In the la
test shapes, . yacht and tele
scopes. Get under one of these
hats you will look better and
feel better. Don't forget we also
save you' money. Price $1.50
and $1.00.
Boy's' Knee Pants, 39c
Fancy Cassimeres, good pat
terns, strong and durable, 50c
grade. . Saturday
Men's Work Shirts, 35c
Men's black hide twill Work
Shirts, extra strong, made QE.
worth 50c, Saturday OuU
Men's Office Coats, 59c
Keep cool, buy a' thin striped
Alpaca Coat. Good quality,
neat pattern. Saturday 59C
39c V mVk- r
Carpets, Iron Beds and Bedding
We want to demonstrate to yoiTthat by selling for cash we
can save you money.
Enameled Iron Bedsteads,
full regular made headpiece
52 Inches, foot 42 Inches;
worth $2.00,
price ........
Handsome designs In better
quality of Iron Beds, head
ends 54 inches, foot 38 Inches,
brass caps and vases; colors
white, green or uj M tif
blue; price '.UU
. A very handsome massive
bed, head end 68 inches, foot
4 7 inches, brass door knob
vases. This bed will be an
ornament to any bedroom,
and the price for
this sale is only. .
China Mattings, made of heavy
Chinese straw, in small green and
red checks, per
Japanese Matting, all grades
from 40c down
to ,
Granite Ingrain Carpets,
floral designs, only . . ".
Good heavy Columbia Ingrain
Carpets in small patterns and floral
designs, will wear equal to nc.
tf it j Ij I
Springs, good
Folding Woven Wire Cots, hard
maple frame, for (J1 QC
only ...ipi.OO
Steel Wire Coil
$2.00 values;
special .............
Excelsior Cotton Top Mattress,
full-size and made of a good tick
ing; most stores get $2.75 for no
better; our
Both Top and Bottom Cotton
Mattress with excelsior filling, good
$4.00 value, here
n Cotton
:llng, good
of heavy
;reen and
any 60c carpet, our price..
Brussels Rugs, only a few left;
the size is 8-3x10-6; sold at most
stores for $12.50; you can . flj ft
buy them this week for....i91U
Millinery at Cash Selling: Prices
Bean the ylt19 Rml VoU Ha Alwro Bought
Bjm, th lHa Kind Yon Haw Always Bcagbt
Bean th 'lh Kin1 VonHavBAIwavs Bought
" Of
Hrrd ware and House Furnishing
. "'AH marked at small margin prices.
7 Inch white plate plain," worth
each special for twos days, per
. . ... .4c
decorated paf
for only ; . . 59c
Cups and saucer's,
tern, worth 85c set.
Fancy vases worth 25c; there are
in 3 colors and decorated. Special
only , 15c
Paint your barn With- Queen
Bess Paint in. 5 gallon cans at per
gallon 55o
56 piece decorated dinner set In
beautiful pattern for only ... .$6.98
Japalac. Now is the time of the
year when you want your inside
wood work trimmed up. We have
all colors and sizes. Also gold and
aluminum for your frames. gas
pipes and various other uses. Prices
from 15c to $2.50 per can.
Special prices on hammocks for
Saturday's selling.
The best lawn mower ever sold
for only .$3.25
Trimmed Hats for
. Only $2.39
Some of these are hand made,
others are blocked shape, trimmed
in flowers, ribbons, bows and chif
fon ' with rosettes. For today and
tomorrow's selling, CJO QQ
choice Ofi.UO
Children's round crown, stitched
brim duck hat, both white and gray
colors, good values for 39c; QCn
for tomorrow ......gJJ(
Children's trimmed body hats
that can be wired and shaped Into
many pretty styles, trimmed In
ribbon, silk mull and flowers, as
sorted colors. Our cash selling
prices on these beautiful hats is
from $2.00 down to $1.25.
2 Days' Specials from our Shoe Dept.
Four Specials in Children's Shoes
Women's House Slippers light
turn soles, made with center strap,
plain opera toe, regular
price $1.25; special at...
Men's Oxfords, made up in pat
ent colt leather, Blucher style, dull
kid quarters, . heavy single Good
year welt sewed soles; made over
fine fitting last; sell for UQ AQ
$4.00. Special at iJWitO
Misses' Patent Colt Oxfords, light
single sewed soles. Blucher style:
made with full round toe, low
school heels; sell for CJ QQ
$1.69. Special at pl.U7
Men's Oxfords, made up in heavy
vici stock over straight London toe
last; heavy single Goodyear welt
sewed soles; sell for QQ CA
$3.00. Special at VbiUU
Misses' vlci kid Shoes, made up
with heavy oak sewed soles, pat
ent tips, lace style, solid leather in
side and out, sizes 11 V to 2; reg-
$h2.5: $1.00
Child's patent Colt Shoes, heavy
extension oak sewed soles, Blucher
style, dull kid tops, made with full
round toe , sizes 8 to 11;CJ QC
sell for $1.50. Special at. $1, Ci J
Child's soft vici Kid turn Shoes;
patent tips, lace style only, sizes
to 8; sell for ;
75c. Special at
Child's white canvas Oxfords,
made up In cap or plain toe, Bluch
er style, solid leather insoles and
counters, sizes 8 V4 to 11; sell regu
larly at $1.15. Special
Sixth and
10) A IfT AM
Sixth and

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