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Umpire Eckman's Plan of Sub
duing Unruly Ball Player.
won the first of three games with Mc
pherson Wednesday afternoon by a
score of 7 to 2. Giles's fine work in
the box gave the home team a lead
and strong fielding mainted it. Bat
teries Giles and Sommer; Baird,
Burgers and Hogatt.
) iff
tftfi iriH 1 L50 BoKf
Hits Hetling in Face When
Player Grows Abusive.
Three Wichita Players Are
Finally Benched.
Jobbers Shut Out by Score of
2 to 0.
The deciding game of the series be
tween Topeka and Wichita went to
Toceka Wednesday afternoon by a
score of 2 to 0. The game, however,
was a mere sideshow as events far
more thrilling which were not exten
sively advertised on the bill boards
were pulled off. In the first Inning the
feature of the game was enacted when
Gus Hetling. the Wichita third base
man. and Umpire Eckman engaged In
a fistic duel, which, however, was
frustrated by the other players before
nnv damage was done. Buck Weaver
was also benched. Enough evidence
was given though to show that neither
of the combatants possessed enough
science to travel far as a sparring
partner of John L. Sullivan. The jabs
which each one Intended for the other
fell as far wide of the mark as one of
Ed Ruelbach's outdrops.
Umpire Ecknian Lands on Hetling.
The trouble started In the first In
ning when Becker was on second and
Milan on third with no one out and
Hetling to bat. A third ball thrown
right in the groove was called a ball
while different members of the Topeka
team protested. Hetling finally struck
out and nothing came from this. Im
mediately afterwards Dicky Bayless
dropped a fly from his bat into Hurl
burt's hands and Milan crossed the
rubber. The throw was relayed by
Tonneman to Runkel on third and
Eckman declared that Milan's farewell
to third base was too premature. After
Hurlburt had reached second in 10
peka's part - r the first .n a stolen
base, the decision being very close.
Weaver remonstfated with the umpire
and was benched Hetling then came
in from third and before the fans
could realize want-was doing Hetling
was poked in the cheek by Umpire
Eckman and a lively tussle followed,
which was frustrated by the combined
efforts of the members of both teams.
Hetling was benched and the two play
ers were removed from tne grounas.
Another benching took place In the
ninth inning when Young too reluct
antly left the third base coaching line
after ordered to do so by Umpire Eck
man. This cost Mr. Young five dol
lars. Messrs. Taylor and Itemly Want Their
Money uacK..
After the first inning the game pro
gressed without much trouble and
. . Ainu uamp "Ppwee
PTOVeU IU UTS a. v . ....... -
. .v,a r,,hKoT- for tti third
time within a week and pitched a
great game, aitnougn wuureu
,on Kvonir nick his opponent.
. .iv.,A,. than an Iml in n off
J Olies us'"" 1.... - - -
the reservation in the pinches of the
game and the visitors were nui uw
. v. .... .1 tv,fri hup.
KP( tL IUU11 uuj" ........
Dick pitched a great game, holding
Topeka. down to four hits, two of
which were of the extremely scratchy
order, and were not responsible for
control at
any uaixiAfi. ,
a. couple of stages of the game and
hits and walks bunched In the sixth
Inning tell the story of Topeka's vic-
t0 In the first half of the sixth inning
things were looking aars ior x-eece
but he got off without any damage.
z i ....tan m-tt with a. sinsrle and
-vrthnia Vi"nt out . bunt. A fielder s
choice bv Bayless caught Becker at
third. Nichols stole third and Holland
walked, filling the bases. Then Mr.
-r ... . f-r- a fpw moments.
Young popped one to Ragan and An
ils did the same.
Topeka's only scores came In the
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In Harry Lumley the National league team of Brooklyn has a young man who Is making a fine record as a slug
ger. Lumley stands well up In the front rank of National league batters. His batting percentage for forty-nine
games was .332, with fifteen runs and sixty-three hits. He had to his credit six three base hits and nine two baggers.
last half of the sixth. After Jones had
made an infield out. Lawler hit over
shortstop and stole second. Hurlburt
walked and a double steal was exe
cuted. Abbott tried for a bunt and the
ball took a straight shoot past Holland
on first base. It was the greatest bunt
ever made on the local diamond, even
if it was an accident, and sent Lawler
and Hurlburt across the plate.
Abbott Brings in a Brace of Runs.
The game itself was comparatively
featureless. The fans were greatly
incensed over the trouble in the first
inning and some hold the umpire re
sponsible while others are inclined to
criticise the Wichita team. Some even
go so far as to lay the blame on Hol
land who profitting by past experience
was not drawn into the trouble.
The Topeka team left this morning
for Hutchinson and the next appear
ance on the home grounds will be with
Leavenworth July 4. In the mean
time the Novelty will be reproducing
the games.
E. B. H. Remly and Bill Taylor, who
were at the came, wanted their money
back after the game because the fight
was not to a finish and lasted out one
round. The Official score:
Plaver AH. R. H. O. A. E.
0 .
4 .
T,Hwler. If. ...
x i j. u J.
Hurlburt, cr. 3
Abbott, lb.
..... 3
Davis, rf. .
Ragan. ss.
Runkel. 3b.
Olson. 2b 2
Tonneman, C 3
Jones, p S
Totals 27
4 27' 15
Milan, If
Becker, rf. ...
Hetling. 3b. ..
Nichols. 3b. .,
Bavless. cf.-O.
Holland, lb. .
Weaver, c. ..
Young, cf. ...
Annls, ss. ...
Kelly, 2b. ....
Dick, p
AH. R. H. C A E.
, 1
. 3
. S
. 3
, 0
. 8
. 4
Totals 33 0 6 24 9 2
Wichita 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Topeka 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 2
Summary: Stolen bases Lawler 2,
Hurlburt 2, Davis. Olson, Nichols, An
nls. Bases on balls Off Jones 8; off
Dick 3. Struck out By Jones 5; by
Dick 6. Left on bases Topeka 5;
Wichita 9. Double plays Hurlburt to
Tonneman to Runkei. Dick to Nichols.
Hit by pitched ball Olson. Time of
game, 1:55. Attendance, 1,500. Um
pire Eckman.
Joplin 5, Oklahoma City 3.
Joplln. Mo., June 27.- By bunching
hits in the fourth, Joplln made-five
runs, winning the game by the score
of 6 to 3. The score: ' -
Piaver AB. H.
Flllman, rf 4
Harrington, cf 3
Olson, ss. 4
Rohn. lb ........... 4
Perse h. If 4
Quiesser, 2b 4
Vanderhill, c.
Fleming, 3b. 3
Wescott. p
Totals 32 7 27 18
Player AB. H. O
Pendry. 3b 6 1 1
Scogglns, If 3 2 3
Gill? lb f 2 7
Rapps. cf 5 2 J
McFarland. rf 6 11
' ' '
White, bs 3
Wisser. 2b 3
Henry, c S
Buchanan, p 3
2 2
1 0
6 0
0 3
Totals 35 10 24 7 2
Joplin , .000 5 0000 5 7. f
Oklahoma City 10001100 0-3 10 2
The summary: Earned runs Okla
homa City 1, Joplin 1. Two-base hits
Quiesser, Rohn, Rapps. Bases on
balls Off Wescott 4. off Buchanan 1.
Struck out By Wescott 4, by Buchan
an 4. Left on bases Joplin 5, Okla
homa City 11. Double playr--Quiesser
to Olson to Rohn. Wild pitch Wes
cott. Passed ' ball Vanderhill. Hit
by pitcher Vanderhill. Wisser. Stolen
bases Persch, Pendry, Henry. Sacri
fice hit Scroggtns.. Umpires Jacobs
and Guthrie. ,-,'- .....
LcavenwortH 3, Hutchinson 0.
Hutchinson, Kan., June 27. On a
muddy field Leavenworth took the last
game from Hutchinson, 3 to 0. The
i'laver AB. , H. O.
Pettigrew. cf. .. 4 1 "' 2
Wilson. If. .': 4 ' 1 ' 1
Andrews, 8b. ....
Zink. lb. ...
3 , 1 13 0
: 4 ... 0 . 0 0
3 0 . 3- 4
2 0 . . 3 3
3-1 3 1
3 0 1 5
.30 5 26 17
Lewis, rr. ..
Johnson, ss.
Casey, 2b. ..
Noyes. c. ...
Meyers, p. ..
Laughlin out third bunt strike.
Fisher, If
AB. H. O. A. E.
.31 r- . 0 . 0
.5 0 1 0 0
. 5 .. 2 . 1 3 0
.41.1 1 0
.4 1 16 10
. 4-2 2 4 0
.3 0 3 0 0
. 4 0 2 6 - 0
.4 1 0 3 0
. .86 8 ' 2 17 0
bunt strike.
Vaughn, 3b. ...
Quiesser. c. ...
Quigley. lb. .
Schumyer. 2b.
Ashley, p.
genre by Innings
ijeavenworia ........ .j. v v v v v v a j o o
Hntphlnsan 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 5
The summary: Bases on balls Off
Ashlev 2. off Meyer 3. Struck out By
Ashley 2. by Meyer 2. Wild pitch
Meyer. Hit by pitched ball Fisher.
Double plays Meyer to Casey to Zink,
Shumyer to Quigley, Turner to Shu
myer to Quigley. Time of game 1:45.
Umpire Vershure.
Wet Grounds at Webb City.
Webb City. Mo.. June 27. Wet
grounds caused the postponement of
the Webb City-Springfield game.
Western Association Standing.
Clubs Won. I -oat.
TM,.V,lttt -
Topeka 31
JopUn fj
Oklahoma City
Hutchinson ...
Webb City
Chicago 7-4, St. Louis 6-1.
Chicago, June 27. Chicago took . two
Karnes from St. Louis. The first game was
a crude mixture of baseball and mlspl&ys,
several of which can not be charsred up
in the error column. A muff at the plate
scored the winning run. Chicago won the
second by base stealing and timely hit
ting. r.ore by innings: RUE.
Chicago 5 0 0 0 0 0. 1.1 7 5 4
St! Louis ...0 00 1005 0 0-6 7 2
Batteries Fraser. Lundgren and Kling;
Lush and Marshall. -
Second game Score by innings: R.H.E.
Chicago 0 21 0 0 0 1 0 - W 1
St. Louis 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 01 6 1
East 2nd new 4 rooms, city water,
gas, sewer connection, nice attic Close
to shops. Also one 6 room.
East shops, one three room, one four
room, best of location. Small cash
127 Arter ave.. Oakland. 7 rooms,
newly painted and excellent condition,
mantel, three lots. Gas on the way.
$1,250. A bargain as to price and terms.
We have others.
Shawnee Agency
634 Kansas Ave. Ind. "Phone 505
Beebe and
National League Standing.
Cllbs o
New. York
Philadelphia .... ......
Pittsburg . .......
Batteries Taylor and Kling;
Noonan. : ,
Won. Lost. P.t.
i., 47 12 .797
... 34 21 .618
... 33 24 . ;.- .579
... 30 25 .645
... 24 32 .429
... 26 ;34 .433
... 23 . 36 - .390
.. J5 . 48 .238
St. Louis
1 Roston 6. JfeW York 2. ";'
: Boston, June 2T. Ch-th was- toatted hard
in the three innings ne oecupiea me oox,
enabling Boston-to win. -.'-
Bcore by Innings: -a.- t R.H.K.
Boston 2.0 3 1600 6 1
New York 1,000001002 7 1
Batteries Young . and Criger; . Orth,
Keefe and Rickey. , , - .
r Cleveland .Detroit i,.
Detroit, June '27. A throw Into the stand
by Downs In the fourth, netting two runs,
gave Cleveland a lead that decided the
Score by innings: ' " R.H.E.
Detroit 0000 0 1 0 0 0-1 4 2
Cleveland 1 0 0 2 0 01 0 04 11 5
Batteries Donovan ' and Payne; Hess
and Bemis.
Chicago 1, St. Louis 0.
St. Louis, June 27. Chicago took the
opening game of the series from St. Louis.
White pitched brilliant ball. Pelty was
less effective. -
Score by Innings: R-H E.
St. Louis .0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 4 0
Chicago 0000 01000-1 8 1
Batteries Pelty and ' O'Connor; White
and Sullivan.
American Leagne Rtandinat.
Clubs Won. Lost.
Chicago .... 37 20
Cleveland ... 87 22
Philadelphia .... 34 24
Detroit 30 24
New York 2a 30
St. Louis - 26 34
Boston , 20
Washington : 18 39-
Omaha 4, Lincoln 1.
Lincoln, Neb., June J7.-Omaha defeated
Lincoln by a score of 4 to 1. Ragan, for
the visitors, pitched a remarkable game,
not a hit being made off his delivery, and
but for his errors Lincoln would have
been shut out.
Score by innings: R.H.E.
Lincoln 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 01 0 3
Omaha 0 2 0 10 0 10 0-4 10 2
Batteries McKay and Sullivan; Ragan
and La brand t.
Des Moines 5. Denver 2.
Denver. June 27. Des Moines defeated
Denver in the second game of the series
by superior work at the bat.
6core by Innings: . R.H.E-
Denver -1 0 0 0 0 0 10 02 5 1
Des Moines ...0 0 2 2 0 1 0 0 05 10 4
Batteries Olmstead and McDonough;
Sporer and Yeager. .
Pueblo 9. Sioux City 3.
Pueblo, June 27. Pueblo bunched hits In
the fifth Inning and easily defeated Sioux
Score by innings: R-H. E.
Pueblo 1 0007010 9 14 2
Sioux City 0 0000010 23 10 1
Batteries Hatch and Smith; Newlin,
Sheehan and Spies. - -
At Minneapolis
City 5.
At Indlanapoli
Minneapolis 10, Kansas
-Indianapolis 0, Colum-
bus 3.
At Toledo Toledo 6, Louisville 3.
At St. Paul St, Paul 2, Milwaukee 1.
Sterling 1, Denver Boosters 0.
Sterling,, Kan... June '27. In- a game
here Wednesday with ? the '-'Denver
Boosters the local team won. :Qreen al
lowed only -three hits -arid struck out
19 men in 13 innings.
Score by lninCT- 1 rt.H E
Sterling 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 11 10 2
Denver 0 0000 0 000000 0-4) 3 1
Batteries Green and McVey; Miller
and Keithley. Struck out By Green,
19, by Miller, .
British Tennis Experts Win.
London, June 27. In the All-England
tennis championships A. N. Sawyer, the
British player, beat H. Behr, brother of
Karl H. Behr, the American represen
tative, in straight sets.
Abilene 7, McPherson 2.
Abilene, Kan.,, June 27. Abilene
Chicago Sees Visions of an Awful Close
Closing Contest.
Napoleon Lajoie led his band of pen
nant chasing athletes to the South Side
park yesterday and as a result of this
incursion- the champion-j of everything
are hanging onto first place by the epi
dermis of their dentals. Cleveland con
tinued the dizzy pace sit on Sunday
and the result was a well earned vic
tory over the Sox by the count of 3
to 2.
That the Naps are out for the pen
nant . with all sails taut certainly im
pressed itself upon even the least ob
servant of the 6,000 would be rejolcers,
some crowd for a blue Monday. The
hard luck champs are playing the best
games they have shown In their last
four years of threatening the winner
of the American league flag, and It be
gins to look as though the hoodoo dou
ble cross has been broken and Larry's
Larrupers are going to the front.
If the Naps cannot be stopped in to
day's game the White Sox will no long
er be dizzy from occupying first place,
but will unceremoniously tumble into
the next position. Here they will find
little comfort, as the clawing Tigers
will be right at their heels, and at the
rate they are coming Jennings' man
eaters will soon have both feet In the
first place pie. Gee! but it is going to
be something of a scramble for that
bit of bunting. Inter-Ocean, June 25.
The Goldfield Fight Promoter Wants
to Match Him With Nelson.
New York, June 27. "Tex" Rickard
of Goldfield is in New York and yes
terday afternoon went to Sheepshead to
see the ponies run.
Rickard says he is going to Balti
more, where he hopes to meet Joe Gans
and arrange with him to meet Battling
Nelson in the ring again. Rickard evi
dently has terms from Billy. Nolan, the
Dane's manager, which he . believes
Gans will accept. He believes, he says,
he can pull the match off in Nevada on
Labor day.
While- here he will have a talk with
Joe Rogers, Tom O'Rourke's protege,
and may arrange for a battle for him
In the west.
Brltt-Nelson Bout Postponed.
San Francisco, June 27. The Brltt
Nelson fight which was scheduled for
July 3, was postponed last night until
July 31. A reason given for the post
ponement is the inability of Nelson to
continue training owing to an abscess
in his ear. The referee for the fight
will be chosen July 15.
The Winners at Poughkeepsie,
Poughkeepsie. N. Y.; June 27. Wis
consin won the eight-oared freshman
race of two miles. Syracuse was sec
ond, Pennsylvania third, Columbia
fourth and Cornell fifth. Syracuse won
the four-oared 'varsity race of two
milea Cornell was second, Pennsylva
nia third, Columbia fourth. Unofficial
time 10 minutes 44 seconds. ,
OPitcher Elliott Has Fever.
Milwaukee, June 27. Pitcher Claude
it- 1 1 : ... . v.-.., orrivpd from Louisville.
having been sent home for two weeks
by the club owing to a severe case of
malarial fever. Owner Havenor of the
Milwaukee team says there Is absolute
ly no truth in the report that Jack
Doyle wiil be. deposed as manager!-;
Allen. County Agricultural society;
Frank E. Smith, secretary, Iola; Aug
ust 27-30, .
Barton County Fair association: W.
TP. Feder. secretary. Great Bend; Sep-,
tember 10-13.
Brows county The Hiawatha Fair
association: J. D. Weltmer. secretary,
Hiawatha, September 3-6.
Butler County Fair association. W.
F. Benson, secretary. El Dorado; Aug
ust 27-31. ...
Butler county Douglass Agricul
tural society; C. R. Alger, secretary,
Douglass; September 12-14.
Chautauqua county Hewina Park
and Fair association: W. M. Jones, sec
retary. Cedar Vale.
Clay county Fair association: Walter
Puckey, secretary. Clay Center; Sep
tember 3-6.
Clay county. Wakefield Agricultur
al society: Eugene Elkins, secretary,
Wakefield; October 2-4.
Cloud County Fair association: W.
L. McCarty, secretary,. . Concordia;
September 24-27.
Coffey County Agricultural Fair as
sociation: S. D. - Weaver, secretary,
Burlington; September 9-13.
Cowley County Agricultural and
Live Stock association: Frank W.
Sidle, secretary, Winfield; October 1-4.
Cowley county Eastern Cowley
County fair: W. A. Bowden, secretary.
Burden; September.
Dickinson County Fair association:
H. C. Wann, secretary, Abilene; Oc
tober 2-4.
Finney County Agricultural society:
A. H. Warner, secretary, Garden City.
Elk County Agricultural Fair asso
ciation: E. B. Place, secretary, Gren
ola: September 25-27.
Ford County Agricultural society:
Nicholas Mayrath, secretary, Dodge
City, September 4-7.
Franklin County Agricultural so
ciety: Carey M. Porter, secretary, Ot
tawa; September 3-7.
Greenwood County Fair association:
C. H. Weiser. secretary, Eureka; Aug
ust 20-23.
Harper county Anthony Fair as
sociation: L. G. Jennings, ' secretary,
Anthony; August 6-9.
Harvey County Agricultural society:
J. C. Mack, secretary, Newton; Sep
tember 24-27.
Jefferson County Fair association:
Frank Leach, secretary, Oskaloosa.
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Garfield Park, July I5:24
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Washington Ave. 4 10th SL
Topeka at Hutchinson.
Wichita at Leavenworth.
Joplin at Webb City.
Oklahoma City at Springfield.
What the participants in the fight
at yesterday's game have to say for
themselves z '
Umpire Eckman. I did exactly
what I thought I ought to have done
under the circumstances and do not
have any apology to make and still
think that what I did was right. 1
could not stand for the abuse which 1
was receiving from the Wichita play
ers and in order to give the public
a decent game I was compelled to do
as I did.' If I have made any mistakes,
I am sorry that they were made, but
I think that I was right In all that I
did. The Topeka players were, gen
tlemanly while Wichita acted the
rowdy all the way through.
"Buck" Weaver. Yesterday was the
second time in all my baseball career
that I have been put out of a ball game
which I do not think shows that I am
much of a rowdy. As it seemed to me
yesterday, Captain Hurlburt of the
Topeka team was talking too strongly
with the. umpire when he came in
from the field. This together with the
bad decision of the umpire on the
strike of Hetling, the decision on Mil
an at third, and the decision on Hurl
burt at second, was too much to me.
I told the umpire that I thought he
had made a mistake and did It in very
mild terms, without any profanity or
vulgarity. The first thing I knew was
that I was ordered to the bench and
had not said anywhere near as much
to him as Hurlburt.
Gus Hetling. I think that the
benching of myself by Umpire Eck
man yesterday afternoon was not jus
tified As soon as I saw that Weaver
had been benched I started over to
Holland to tell him to get Bayless in to
catch as soon a possible as I was
afraid Eckman would forfeit the game
as he did on us at Hutchinson on a
similar occasion a few weeks ago. Eck
man ordered me to go back to third
which he had no right to do. I told
him that I had to see Holland and he
again ordered me back to third. This
made me mad and I said: "You are a
nice smart man, you are." The next
thing I knew he had pasted me one in
the face and when I had hit him a few
times as I was justified in doing, I was
benched and sent to town in a car
riage I notice, however, that I wasn t
fined and I think Eckman knew, he
was wrong. Anyhow, it wasn't my
fault. , ,
Cyrus Young. It cost me five dol
lars because I did not move with auto
mobile speed away from the coaching
lines and also because I rather resent
ed the Insulting manner in which I was
ordered from the coaching lines.
Jack Holland. I was sorry that the
affair happened this afternoon and
sorry that it was the Wichita players
that were mixed up in It. I think the
whole business was uncalled for and
I think that Umpire Eckman was at
fault for the way things turned out
yesterday afternoon. I hate to see the
rivalry between Topeka and Wichita
erow as hostile as it seems to be here
in Topeka. It is all right to have rivalry
but I wish it could be more friendly.
I think the hostility between the two
teams has made it harder for Umpire
Eckman to work here. But still I
don't know as I am in a position to
criticise after my experience of last
week But mark my word, I am go
ing to do everything in my power to
redeem myself of the reputation which
I got for hitting Guthrie and hope to
have friends in every city in the league
including Topeka before the season Is
Captain Hurlburt. I can see no
reason for the scrapping of yesterday
afternoon and I am very sorry that it
should occur as It hurts the game. I
am glad It was none of the Topeka
players. I think the whole business was
altogether uncalled for. I think we
would have won anyhow, but I would
sooner have the satisfaction of win
ning the game without crippling the
Wichita team.
Chickerlng Autrey, who was with
Webb City a short time last season,
knocked two home runs at Denver the
other day. He has been hitting. the ball
in great shape all" season. The funny
part of -It is that Hayden, . who was
president of the Webb City team last
season sold .him .for only J250 and con
your future,
Letters Patent
sidered that he was getting a bargain
at the time.
Old Bill Torrence, who can catch,
pitch or do anything in the baseball
line, is playing ball with Springfield
now and is catching. Tom Reed is also
being used occasionally behind the
plate. Old Tod Porter, who has played
with Springfield for several seasons and
who announced that he had quit the
game last winter, has been resurrected
and is back in the harness at first base.
Joplin has a new pitcher of the name
of Hiatt who is said to be a good twirl
er. With Hiatt and Hendrix added the
Joplin bunch ought to be well fixed for"
pitchers. .
The White Sox left last night over
the Rock Island for Hutchinson where
they open up a series of four games
this afternoon with the Salt Packers.
If Jay's team keeps up its winning spurt
there will be' no easy picking in that
town for the locals. Jones, Erwin and
Mclnnis did not accompany the team
last night. After the game yesterday
Captain Spec told Jones he could take
a little vacation in appreciation for his
services against Wichita. Jones will go
fishing. Erwin still has a sore finger
and a week's rest will bring him around
all right. Mclnnis will not work until
after the first of July when he expects
to take a regular turn on the staff.
The Wichita team went to Leaven
worth this morning for four games.
This ought to be easy picking for them.
However, after that they must engage
in two series with Hutchinson which
may take a crimp out of them. Hutch
inson will be remembered as the team
that took the first fall out of Wichita.
Phil O'Erien, a scout from the Cleve
land team in the American league,
witnessed the local game , yesterday.
He came here expressly for the purpose
of looking at BayleRS and Hetling. As
luck would have It Hetling was put out
of the game early and had no chance.
Bayless was dragged In from center
field to do the catching. .
Wichita Beacon: It seems to the
Beacon that Harry McLear's suspen
sion by President Breese of the local
club was a serious mistake on his part.
McLear was suspended for failing to
catch a train by about a half a minute.
This was the first time that such a
thing had accurred and was not a seri
ous matter after all. Any person is
liable to fail to catch a train once In. a
while. In other years McLear has been
what Is called rowdy ball player. He
has fought the players on his own
team, has scrapped with his opponents
and has fussed with the umpires, but
this year he has turned over a new
leaf and has acted the part of a gentle
man both on and off the field. He has
played good, conscientious ball for
Wichita, and has kept his head shut,
taking all sorts of chaff from all direc
tions. Only last week he did something
that no other player on the local team
would have done. It was this: "He re
turned to the player's bench after being
called out at first base when he had
beat his bunt out by two feet, and he
never even murmured the slightest ob
jection." During his scrappy year he
was never suspended before, but now
that he has tried to be decent and play
good ball he gets a "twenty-three" sign
hung on mm. it is noi ngnt.
Oklahoma City has released two of
her pitchers. Gibson and Page were
the victims. The former has a poor
arm while the latter lacks experience.
As was stated exclusively In the State
Journal several days ago Arnold yester
day obtained his release -from Fort
Smith. The price was $50 and was paid
by Herman Crow. Arnold accompanied
the team to Hutchinson last night.
Dalrymple, the Webb City center
fielder, supposed to be on a deal in To
peka. is playing center garden for Du
buque in the Three Eye league.
At Novelty Theater
3:30 P. M. Thursday. Friday, Saturday.
3:00 P. M. Sunday. Every Play by Wlra.
Also Wichita-leaenworlh Gama by innings .
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