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Thorough and Complete Courses
-I N-
College, Medicine, Law, Fine Arts, and Academy
fnmhinpH fntircps: ARTS and MEDICINE, ARTS and LAW,
compinea courses aai AKXS and enqinesrinq
Campus of 160 acres with twelve buildings, within twalva
minutes' ride by trolley of the heart of Topeka the social, ar
tistic and political center of the State. A splendid body of
young men and women pursuing extsnded courses of study,
thus securing a true college atmosphere.
A Faculty of Specialists no student instructors.
Increased Endowment Increased Equipment
Address NORMAN PLASS, President,
Just as Sane But No More So
Than Usual.
Ear Splitting ExplosiTes Fill
the Air.
Young America Didn't Wait for
Police Make Feeble Attempt to
Enforce New Law.
XV. L. Hofer went to Holton today
with Marshall's band.
B. F. Maurer left today for western
Kansas on a six weeks' trip.
Mrs. George V. Horsfeld spent the day
with Mrs. L. E Drollinger of Fremont
Mrs.FredBuechner has sufficiently re
covered from her recent illness to be
able to drive out.
The prayer meeting announced to be
held this evening in the Second Presby
terian church has been recalled.
John Myers who has been very ill for
the past few weeks is improving and
was able yesterday to be down on the
Miss Clara Ogee of 127 West Gordon
Ptreet and Miss Leila Caldwell of 927
Harrison street will go to Wamego Fri
day where they will be the guests of
cousins of Miss Ogee.
Miss Daisy Daniels who has been the
guest since Saturday of Miss Winnie
Scarlett of 213 West Gordon street re
turned to Atchison last evening accom
panied by Miss Scarlett.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Brown and little
granddaughter Dora Veleta went to
Kansas City today where they will be
the guests of their son and daughter.
Dr. and Mrs. U. S. G. Hughes.
George Currier of St. Paul, Minn., who
is en route home from Denver is in town
today to attend a family reunion of the
Currier family which was held today at
the home of his parents in Shorey.
Dr. Outland who operated upon Wm.
Marshall of Maple Grove addition a few
weeks ago at Bethesda hospital was
out calling upon him yesterday morning.
Mr. Marshall is rapidly recovering from
his long illness and is able to be up the
greater part of the time.
No Fourth of July accidents have
been reported so far. The nearest to
such a thing happened at the C. XV.
Thompson stand on the avenue near
Gordon street when a box of fireworks
caught fire this morning. They were
promptly thrown into the street before
the rest of the stock took fire and no
damage resulted.
The police were unusually busy and
vigilant last night in arresting the small
boy who in his patriotism and enthus
iasm for the Glorious Fourth failed to
wait until after midnight but shot off
some firecrackers while it was still the
third of July. An automobile was kept
busy making trips up and down the
avenue looking after such offenders. It
is to bad that such vigilance could not
have been expended in North Topeka
when the merchants on the avenue were
being nightly robbed.
Te repairs on the . Good Shepherd
Parish house have been about complet
ed. The work of papering and painting
has been finished and the connection
with the gas mains made. Mr. C. W.
Nau expects to move into his new home
next week. The room which will be oc
cupied by the sewing school will be used
for the first time for this purpose Sat
urday. This sewing school which was
organized by Miss Juliet Smith at the
Church of the Good Shepherd is open
to all children whether members of this
Sunday school or not and they will be
tnost cordially welcomed. The school
is now under the management of Miss
Lelia CaldwelL
A Jolly crowd of relatives and friends
enjoyed a picnic today at Allendale, the
country home of Mr. and Mrs. A. J.
Berry about two miles west on the lower
Silver Lake road. A bountiful picnic
dinner was served on the lawn. As is
usual at the outings at the Berry farm
and in keeping with the day the nation
al game was played, the different teams
being composed of the men and boys of
the crowd. Those present today were
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Scotton and chil
dren, Edwin and Dorothy Frances, Mr.
and Mrs. H. L. Strohm and daughter
Cecil, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Miller, Misses
Hazel and Evelyn Miller and Master Ed
win Miller, Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Elmore
and pons, Leo and Duane and daughter,
Lucile, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Berry and
sons, Mr. and Mrs. W, M. Van Ness and
eons, Paul and Dean and daughter Eliz
abeth, Mr. and Mrs. R. B. McMaster and
little granddaughter, Miriam Swartz,
Mr. and Mrs. John Pratt and daughter
Gladys, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Fraser and
family. Doc Miller and family, Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Berry and family, Mr. and
J'-rs. Dr.n Bales and family and Mr.
Frank Goodman.
Topeka Negro Escapes From the In
sane Asylum.
William Gentry, a negro, who ha
been an inmate of the state asylum for
some time, and whose chief hallucina
tion is that he has more money than
John D. Rockefeller, made his escape
from the institution yesterday. He was
out with a gang of "crazies" digging :
trench for a sewer pipe when the op
portunity came for him to slip away
ana he had a half hour s start before
his disappearance was noticed. The
hospital authorities notified the sheriff
and the police as soon as they found
out that Gentry was among the miss
Gentiy used to live in the vicinitv of
waKarusa. sneritT Wllkerson got busy
on the case and learned last evening
mat Gentry naa Deen seen in the vi
cinity of Berryton. He drove out there
and had no trouble in picking up the
man he was after. Gentry was lodged
in the Jail over night and was taken
back to the hospital this morning.
But James Stewart Had to Get Order
of Court to Say Farewell.
It took a special order from Judge
Dana of the district court to give
james Stewart the opportunity of vis
iting his two little children today be-
tore leaving on an extended trip to
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart had their
marital bonds severed by a divorce de
cree some time ago and Mrs. Stewart
has been living with her children on
Emmett street, near the Santa Fe
shops. In the divorce decree was an
order permitting Mr. Stewart to visit
their children, two little girls, on the
third Sunday of each month.
Mr. Stewart made arrangements the
other day to go on a long trip to Mich
igan and he went to his former wife's
house yesterday afternoon for the pur
pose of bidding goodby to his children
Mrs. Stewart informed her quondam
nusDand that he could not see them,
as it was not his day as set aside by
the court to visit them. , Mr. Stewart
wanted to see them badly and went to
the district court for help, with the
result that he got the order from
Judge Dana directing Mrs. 'Stewart to
allow the children to see their father
This order was served this morning
on Mrs. Stewart by J. M. Wllkerson,
Ihe pherlff. Mr. Stewart went with the
sheriff when he served the order and
got a chance to love and fondle his
little ones. Mrs. Stewart made no ef
fort to resist the order of the court.
"Hoot mon. The Kilties are coming."
The city fathers decided at the
council meeting Monday evening that
the curfew law should be enforced, an
act worthy of commendation.
The Woman's Foreign Missionary
society of the Methodist church will
meet with Mrs. Ensign, 306 Forest
avenue tomorrow (Friday) afternoon
at 2:30. The members are urged to
be present as there is considerable
business of Importance.
The Woman's Christian Temperance
union is planning a double silver
medal contest, one for boys and one
for girls, to take place the, same even
ing. A silver medal will be given to
the one obtaining the highest grade in
each division. The contestants will be
drilled at the expense of the XV. C. T.
U. by Miss Ceora Lanham, who Is an
expert in oratorical work. Any boy
or girl 11 years old and over is Invited
to enter this contest and to give their
names to Mrs. G. H. Ensign. We wish
to begin the practice the first of next
Burst His Vermiform Appendix.
Chicago. July 4. A special to the
Record-Herald from Detroit, says:. As
a result of a strain in a baseball game
last Friday which broke his vermiform
appendix, F. B. Beck, traveling passen
ger agent for the Chicago & Alton rail
way, and until recently a resident of
Chicago, died in Grace hospital today,
24 hours after an operation.
Meet me at the Chautauqua.
Guaranteed Cure For
Men and Women
No Vncertainty, Experiment or Guess Work With Me.
If you would achieve real success and happiness you
must have perfect health
Men I will give you mental and physical force, self
confidence, a clear brain which will enable you to look
upon the world through unclouded . eyes and under
standing which bring success in all your undertakings.
Women I will give you health, strength, perfect de
velopment, attractiveness and the power to enjoy the
privileges and benefits of your sex. All female disorders
corrected in strict confidence.
I successfully treat all chronic, Nervous, Blood, Skin
special ana private Diseases.
D. A. C00KINHAM, M. D., Topeka, Kan.
OFFICE HOURS: 8 to 12. 2 lo 5, 7 to 8. Sundays 8:3 J to 12.
The 0 d Reliable
With the booming and roaring of can
non of greater and less degree and the
short, sharp crack of powdercrackers of
all sizes, the advent of another Inde
pendence Day, dated on the calendars
as July 4, was ushered in last midnight
by the email boys and a good many
larger boys as well.
If, as it seems to be, noise Is the
synonym of youthful patriotism there
was plenty of evidence today that the
youngsters or Topeka are not entitled
to seats on the back row of any gather
ing of the patriotically inclined. In
fact they ought to have seats well up
towards the front, for it would have
been well nigh impossible for any
similar number of children the country
over to have made more of a racket
with all sorts of noise-Droducing con
tiivances than did the boys and girls
of Topeka today. And this racket was
continuous from long before daylight.
In fact there was a plenty of young
sters, who evidently staid up all night
for the purpose of shooting oft some
thing and making a terrific explosion
of some sort at the instant the one
hundred and thirty-first glorious Fourth
was bora.
A good many of the lads, and many
of them were big enough and old enough
to know better, started in with thei
noisy celebrations hours before the
Fourth arrived, but the great majority
hoarded up their all too small accumu
lations of peace disturbers until the
early morning hours when they started
In with vigor to make Topeka howl
They met with great success in their
endeavors along this line. In the rest
dential districts of the city, sleep was
almost impossible after 4 o clock this
morning. By that hour about- every
boy and girl in the city who had
supply of powdercrackers, and there
were few who did not have a plenty
although their piles, no matter how
large, seemed all too small, had sneak
ed from their downy cots to the street
and were busy making life merry for
themselves and miserable for their
friends who created the same sort of
disturbances a generation ago.
And from the early hours of the
morning the din throughout the city
was incessant. It was not confined to
the residential districts. Down In the
business section of the city all the
merchants handling powder crackers
and fireworks had their stands out on
the streets. On them the newsboys
and the other lads who were circulat
ing around dropped their pennies and
nickels for all kinds of crackers which
they immediately tossed up in noise
a.nd smoke. Many a grown man be
came. .sDasmodlcaJly tired , witn tne
noisy enthusiasm of the youths and
sneaked up to a powder cracker stand,
bought the largest exploder on sale
and either touched It off himself or
gladdened the heart of a small boy
by entrusting this task, to mm.
It was not necessary for one s near-
inar apoaratus to be in more than ordi
nary working order to realize that the
best laid plans of mice and men gang
aft a glae. A stringent ordinance was
passed by the city council last rail
which sought to provide for a safe
and sane fourth. The sale of certain
kinds of dynamite crackers was pro
hibited and the size of all powder
crackers was limited.- But the manu
facturers of powder crackers and the
ocal dealers had a trlcK up ineir
sleeve evidently, for the crackers sold
for today, it seemed, made more noise
and louder reports than any whicn
have been used here in times passed.
It was evident that while the manu
facturers kept well within the size
mit ordained by the wise city fathers.
they made them fatter and filled them
with more Dowder and explosives than
they used to put in the large ones for
the great majority or small cracxers
shot off today made four times as
much noise as those four or five, yes,
ten times their size made In years past.
One method of celebrating ana
making noise which was conspicuous
by its absence this year was the shoot-
ng on; or DianK cartridges iu icvui-
vers. In years pasi aooui every wu
from twelve years up to twenty and
even older , carried a revolver of some
sort which he shot off continuously all
day long and wherever he might be,
whether It was on the street, in a
building or in the trolley cars. Fre
quently some fellows did not take the
rouble to use oianK cani-iuges. j.uey
used the loaded kind and many in
juries resulted from their carelessness.
But strict injunction was placed
by the city council against the use of
firearms this year, even ior mans can
ridces. and the police enforced this
iniimctlnn to the letter. It was a rare
sight to see anyone pull out a gun and
blaze away.
The Police Are Busy.
About two dozen boys, of all ages be
tween 10 and 21, were arrested by the
police last night for "violating ordinance
2723." This is the recently passed ordi
nance prohibiting the use of big fire
crackers and dynamite torpedoes. 1 All
the boys were turned loose before
The Fourth of July is always a nuis
ance to the police force, because the
noise keeps the policemen awake and
otherwise disturbs their peace. Aside
from their personal inconvenience, the
officers are continually disturbed, by
anxious or irate citizens who are1 not
sufficiently patriotic to, stand all the
noice without objecting.
Last evening a lady living In the ex
treme southwestern ragged edge of the
city, telephoned something like this: "I
think Some boys are planning to shoot
firecrackers around here tomorrow, and
I want you to send out a policeman to
watch them."
All the patrolmen have been g-iven
orders to prevent the use of torpedo
canes, but they are "up against It,"
While the order of their chief pro
hibits the cane shooter entirely, the
ordinance upon which he bases his
order prohibits only the use of dyna
mite caps in such canes. Therefore,
it is up to the policeman to decide
whether the material in the cap is dy
namite or some other explosive. As
few of the officers are dynamite ex
perts, this is no easy job.
Half a dozen complaints were re
ceived at police headquarters about
boys who were placing- dynamite caps
on the street car tracks. Up to noon
the officers, though they had made
many runs in many directions, had
failed to apprehend any of the cul-
)m fif
! ill (I ' mL.t wi ' ppl
ill pif ';4w4:tv- l(f !
:J iYrMl ' Wm
Am liMlJk iflf I
wM if. I
Wfcn i v-Ac-ifi? F&Fm III'
If I - : imi m
Mill lip
m i M ' III
fm fk I f mn if -
FOR years Fielder Jones, captain and manager of the Chicago American
league team, has been famous as a left fielder, a fame which suits his
front name. Jones is a native of Portland, Ore., and began playing ball ia
that city. About ten years ago he played with the New York State league
team at Binghamton, then with Springfield and was picked up as a good thing
by the Brooklyn Nationals. From Brooklyn he went to Chicago. Jones is In
high class as a batsman and base runner, but It is his fielding work tbat
counts most in his record.
Splendid After-the-4th-Friday
Bargain Day !
and $0.00
Friday Splendid $2.50
Cassimere Trousers, in all
sizes extra values......
Friday Finest $5, $6, $7, $8 Hart,
Schaffner & Marx hand
finished Trousers mill
ends greatest on earth. .
Friday Swagger Harvard Blue Serge
Suits lined with Venetian
lining worth S15.00 Extra
quality for ................
Friday Odd lots $12.50 and $15.00
Fine Gray Outingr Suits
Beautifully tailored
Get one for
Friday Lot of fine $5.00 One-Piece
Panama Hats the four dif
shapes great value
After the 4th Boys' Vacation Bargains
OC. Friday for Youths Odd Long
pants, cassimeres and fancy
worsteds. All sizes.
Cfl Friday for Children's Fancy
JU' Blouse Waists that formal
ly sold for S1.00 and $1.50. Sizes
2 to 5 years.
C Friday for Children's Fast
Black Stockings. All sizes.
7C. Friday for Boys' Negligee
12 to 14 neck,
1 C Friday for Boys' Madras,
black sateen and fancy per
cale blouses, 4 to 12 years.
CQ. Friday for boys', all
black f
8 to 17 years.
ds Friday for lisle web
ders. 15n nimlitv.
OQ. Friday for Children's Over
alls suits consisting of coat
and overalls, 3 to 8 years.
After the 4th Men's Warm Weather
Furnishing "Specials"
$1 Balbriggan Union Suit for 680
$2 Fine Union Suits for. ...... .$1.48
$1 and 75c Negligee Shirts for. .
35c Fine Fancy Hose for. .
50c Elastic Seam Drawers for..
S9o Balbriggan Underwear for..
15c Black and Tan Hose for 9C
Best $2, $2.50, and S3 Fine Underwear in
odd lots pick your size Friday ,
89c ll
prlts". The system Is to sow a handful
of explosive pills ' along the tracK
walk away with an air of preoccupiea
Innocence, and wait for the next car
to do the rest.
State Tax
Activo ! Work.
Begins Its
The first official act of the new state
tax commission is to send out letters
to all the. county, clerks of the state
asking them for the names end ad
dresses of all township and city asses
sors. This is for the purpose- of get
ting a mailing list for the commis
sion so that it can communicate di
rectly with the people who will have
to do the work of assessing property.
Judge James Humphrey is now
working on the preparation of a
pamphlet setting forth a full and com
plete elucidation of the new state tax
commission , law. Each paragraph will
be fully explained, and its exact sig
nificance set forth. The tax commis
sioners spend most 6f their time now
days talking over questionable points
In the new law, and making them
selves thoroughly familiar with its
purposes. ;
On July iu, tne ooaro. win taKe up
the work of equalizing the state as
sessment. In this work, the board
will simply follow -the precedents or
former years. The hew law will not
apply to the case.
MeShane Will Get Out Paper While
Father and Son Serve State. '
Governor Hoch has secured a man
by tho name of MeShane from Colora
do to run the Marion Record during
the absence of himself and Homer
Hoch in Topeka. MeShane will oper
ate the paper on shares. He is an old
time newspaper man. and knows all
about country news-paper work. . He
wants to move away from Colorado
because the altitude is too hig'h for
Homer Hoch will probably continue
to write tho editorial matter for the
paper from Topeka. MeShane . will
have charge of the news and adver
tising. ,
Low Rates via union Pacific.
117.50 to "Colorado and return.
eve-, day to September 30, 1907.
$30.50 to Ogden or salt Lake City
and return, every fay to September
30, 1907. -
$42.50 to Spokane and return, June
20 to July 12, 1907.
$50.00 to i-ortiana. Seattle, Tacoma.
Everett, Bellingham, Vancouver, Vic
toria or New Westminster, and return.
June 20 to July 12. ,
$55.00 to xeiiowsione ra.rK and re
turn, including ran ana stage, June 7
to Sepember 12.
$60.00 to .roruana, xacoma, Seattle.
San Francisco, Los Angeles or San
Diego and return, daily to Sepember
15, 1907. -
f62.50 Circuit Tour via San Fran
cisco Los Angeles and Portland, June
20 to' July 12, 1907.
$73.50 Circuit Tour via San Fran
cisco, Los Angeles and Portland, every
day to septemDer ia, iu. - I
$80.50 to Yellowstone Park and Te- i
turn including rail, stage and hotels
in Park for regular tour, June 7 to I
September 12. I
Also very low round trip rates, June
1 to September 15, tomany other Ore-
eon, Washington, Montana, Idaho and
British Columbia points via Union i
Pacific. Inquire of F. A. Lewis. Citv I
Ticket Agent. 525 Kansas avenue, or
J. C. Fuiton. Depot Agent. -
Couple Nearly Sailed for Europe With
out It.
New York," July' 4. Henry Van
Sleek of Paoll, Ia., and his wife' al
most left for Europe on the steamship
Nieuw Amsterdam Wednesday without
their baby. They had forgotton the
infant and had left it at the hotel
where they-had-stopped over- night.
The. baby was not missed until just be
fore the gang plank-:was being hauled
in. Luckily the hotel was close by and
the officers of the ship agreed to delay
the sailing of the ship for the ten min
utes it took to fetch the infant which
had been asleep, when the couple de
parted hastily to -catch the steamer.
Odd Fellows BulldlnsTfan Quincy Street
. Is Purchased.
" The building at 521-523 Quincy street
has been purchased for the use of the
Kansas Medical college when the fall
term opens, which will be some time in
September, The building purchased
was built by the Odd Fellows about 20
years ago but finally passed out of the
hands of the order and at the time of
the sale to the medical college- belonged
to eastern parties.
The lower floors of the building are
used by the Whiting Paint company
but the two upper floors will be used
by the college as soon as they can be
remodeled. It is said that the purchase
price of the building was $14,000 and
that the building alone when construct
ed cost considerably more than this
sum. -
The purchase of this or some other
property was made necessary by the
sale of the building on Twelfth and
Tyler streets a few days ago to J. C.
Alford, which has been' occupied by the
medical department of Washburn col
To Insure Yourselves Best Results Consign To
Clay, Robinson & Co.,
Live "Stock Commission Merchants, Stock Yards, Kansas City,
lard, head of the camp meeting associ
ation, in restraining its sale at the news
stand just opened in the old Well
House. There has been a ban on to
bacco at Ocean Grove but chewing gum
has always been sold there until now.
Jerome Has Agreed to Move
Hearing at That Time.
for a
New York, July 4. With the with
drawal by counsel for Harry K. Thaw
of their motion before the supreme
court for an order directing District
Attorney Jerome to show cause why
Thaw should not have a speedy trial,
it iSi learned tluxt the district attorney
has agreed to. ' roove for Thaw's trial
In October. -
For the first time since the trial of
her husband, Evelyn' Nesbit Thaw left
the city yesterday. With her attorney
O'Reilly she went to Long Beach, L. J.,
to spend the Fourth with Mrs. O'Reil
ly and to talk over plans for her hus
band's new trial with her lawyer.
Ban on Chewing Gum.
New York," July 4. Ocean Grove, N.
J., now prohibits thes ale of chewing
gum within the city limits. The ban on
chewing " gum has Just come to light
through the action of Dr. A. R. Bal-
Philatlclphia Low; Fare Excursions
July 12 to 16 over Pennsylvania Short
Lines from -Chicago- -and St- Louis.
Baltimore and Washington stopovers.
For particulars write Steeg, ' 2 East
Eleventh street. Kansas City.
Need' It
Ask your doctor about tbe wisdom of
your keeping Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
in tbe bouse, ready for colds, coughs,
croup, bronchitis. If be says it's all
right, then get a bottle of it at once.
Why notsbow a little foresight in such
matters f fcarly treatment, early cure.
or mil our preparations. Xowell, Ma
Their Scene of Operation Limited to
North Topeka. .
i . t ..
Burglars are working in North To
peka by the screen door route. The
first reported was an attempt to get
into Harrison Vernon's house Tuesday
night. Last night Charles ' Gerteisen's
house was visited by a night worker,
who attempted to cut a hole in the
screen door for the purpose of un
hooking it, but was frightened away
before he succeeded. It was probably
the same robber who had better suc
cess at the home of D. Colgan, a
neighbor of Gerteisen. The thief got
into the Colgan house, and removed
nine pea green dollars from the top
of a dresser.
The police have no clue to the iden
tity of the thief.
State Will Use It for Propagating Fish
and Game.
Delicate enough for the softest
skin, and yet efficacious in removing
any stain. Keeps the skin in perfect
condition. In the bath gives all the
desirable after-effects of a Turkish
bath. It should be oo every wash
Residence 62 1 Harrison SL
In. Phono 229
Undertaker and Embalmer..
Del Travis, the state fish and game
warden, was in Topeka yesterday and
closed a deal with the state by which he
sold to the state 65 acres of land owned
by himself and -wife, contiguous to the
land now used by the state fish and
game hatchery, for the sum of $3,250, or
$50 per acre. The land comprises 25
acres to complete the 40 acre tract upon
wihch the hatchery now stands and an
additional 40 acres owned bji,Mr. and
Mrs. Travis which the legislature at its
last session concluded the state would
need in its business.
This makes the total land holdings of
the state at Pratt, Kan., 80 acres, which
will all be used by Mr. Travis as a farm
for the state "poultry." This poultry
consists of quails, pheasants, grouse and
other game birds which are raised at
the hatchery and then distributed to
various parts of the state.
Jumped Off Train and Died. .
Denver, July 4. Frank Schmeleer of
Silverton. Col., who Tuesday was elect
ed a member of the executive board of
the Western Federation of Miners,
Jumped from a moving train last night
and was killed. Schmelzer was on his
way to Silverton for a short visit prior
to going to Boise to testily In the Hay
wood trial. In the suburbs of the city
he discovered he was on the wrong train
and jumped off, calling to the conduc
tor to throw his grip after him.
New Lenses.
We can show you any of the new
lenses you wish to see, and tell you
what you wish to know about them.
Charles Bennett, doctor of optics, 730
Kansas avenue.
"Hoot mon. The Kilties are coming."
818 Kansas Avoniia.
Both Phones 287
Undertaker and Embalmer.
Sll Quincy Stroatv
Both Phones 192
r.eo. N. Ray. Aaslslaaf.
Pay a llttl on tho debt each month,
at the end of the period, H la paid off.
The only sure way for moat people.
We can assist you.
Capitol Bull dine; and Loan AsVn
The best Equipment
Is employed to make the FTre
Cents a Day Telephone a
quick and reliable mean of
Missouri A Kansas TeL Co.
'Phone 999.
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Everybody reads The State Jourusi.

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