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Rort Island T.pads Off With a
' Two Cent Rate.
Makes One That Will Be Good
in Kansas and Nebraska.
May Be Used by More Than One
Other Items of Interest
Railway People.
A step that means practically a two
cent fare rate in interstate journeys be
tween points in Kansas and points in
Kebraska has been announced by the
Hock Island read. The five hundred
mile tickets and mileage books which
were recently issued by the Rock Island
in accordance with the legislation enact
ed last winter will be accepted for trans
portation in either Kansas or Nebraska
after August 24. They will also be ac
cepted for interstate journeys which are
confined to Kansas and Nebraska and
will be accepted for transportation from
points in either Kansas or Nebraska to
St.. Joseph and Kansas City in Missouri
and Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Tne mileage books will be handled the
same as they are now by the conductors
who will tear out of the mileage book
mile for mile for the entire journey.
However, in crossing the bridge at St.
Joseph and Council Bluffs, thirteen miles
will be taken out of the book.
This means almost the same thing as
a two cent flat rate between points in
the two states. Nebraska already has
a flat two cent fare rate while in Kan
sas it is necessary to purchase mileage
The Santa Fe already has practically
the same plan in ogue. They
have however only one station, Superior,
In Nebraska.
The Rock Island has considerable
mileage in Nebraska which will mean a
great deal to those who travel in both
states and across the line. While it
won't make so much difference in the
cost ; of transportation it will save a
great deal of time and annoyance from
the difference in the fares in both
While the Rock Island is taking the
initiative in this move it i3 generally un
derstood that the other systems having
mileage in both states will follow suit.
The Burlington. Missouri Pacific, Union
Pacific in addition to the Rock Island
have a great deal of mileage in both
states and it is expected that they will
within a few days make an announce
ment of a similar system for interstate
The Rock Island is also taking the
Initiative in another new idea in trans
portation in the form of a thousand
mile ticket. These tickets will be on
sale and in effect after August 24. Like
the five hundred mile tickets they will
be good for interstate travel between
Kansas and Nebraska points and Kan
sas City. St. Joseph and Council Bluffs.
They will be sold at the rate of twenty
dollars -and will be sood for one year
irom dv.ue. or sale.
The thousand mile ticket will be good
for the transportation of one or more
persons. If presented for two or more
persons the conductor will make one
detachment of total mileage (actual
distance traveled by each person) and
endorse on the back, stations from
which and to which mileage is detach
ed and the number of persons riding
on the ticket.
Detachments will be made on the
basis of a mile of transportation for
each mile of actual distance traveled
and thirteen mileage coupons will be
detached for the crossing of the Mis
souri river on the bridges at Council
Bluffs and St. Joseph.
These tickets will be placed on sale
Immediately at all coupon offices in the
territory in which they will be honor
ed and agents at noncoupon offices
have been instructed to make applica
tom for these books at the nearest
coupon office when there is a call for
such a book Baggage will be checked
on the tickets only between points in
the territory in which the tickets are
This mileage book is in use on no
other line so far but there has been a
ufficient demand for the sale of such
a book from patrons of the Rock
Island that the road has decided to
experiment with this form of transpor
tation and if successful it is not un
likely that other roads will adopt their
Railroad Presidents Make an Appeal
to George WestlnglKm.se.
Chicago, July 25. Several of the
railroad presidents have appealed to
George W. Westinghouse to use his ef
forts in securing the invention of a
satisfactory motor to be used in
branch line work. It is stated that up
to date all the gasoline motors which
have been tried and all the other kinds
of motor cars have proven unsatisfac
tory. Tire Union Pacific has conduct
ed extensive experiments with motor
cars, with unsatisfactory results, and
today nearly all of the big roads want
a car which they can use in competi
tion with electric lines and In branch
line work.
Co-onorating With Commission.
Railroads generally have under
taken to co-operate to the fullest ex
tent with the interstate commerce
commission in the series of tests that
body has undertaken to make of the
merits of the various systems of auto
matic block signal now in use. The
Is a very nourishing food; in fact,
an article of diet so nutritious in
itself, would support life. On it
Jrou can feed with profit and with
pleasure. Palatable and easy of
digestion. ..
IO cents a package.
For sale by ail Grocers
,'. I .... f R
Jim, '" 3u2h 1m
lot- -& mMmm W&mm
ill ' KM4K MMM
mm tftsmfr 1
I .mi m m
Frederick tiusse. Mayor of Chicago,
one years of age. He was educated in
business caree as a contracting teams
dealer, in ivvz ne was cnosen siaie
until his election as mayor, served as
American Railway association ap
pointed a subcommittee to co-operate
with the commission, and members of
that subcommittee have had a confer
ence with the commission and ten
dered it the use of tracks in making
any tests which it may desire. The
commission will appoint a board of
experts to supervise the carrying out
of whatever tests may be considered
Machinists Will Make Tills Demand
on Northwestern I.inea.
Chicago. July 25. A gigantic
movement to establish a nine-hour
wwrk Iy for union machinists- em
ployed by railroads throughout the
Northwest, which is expected to in
clude blacksmiths and boilermakers,
and embrace a total of 30,000 men,
has been launched.
The plan is being backed principal
ly by the Northwest Consolidated Dis
trict of the Machinists' union, al
though the blacksmiths and boiler
makers, who also have powerful or
ganizations, are looked to for active
co-operation on behalf of their re
spective crafts. The Northwest Con
solidated District embraces all rail
roads north of the Union Pacific lines
and west of Chicago.
A demand will be made upon them
to make the nine-hour day effective
September 1. For this purpose offi
cials of the Machinists' Union are now
preparing formal notices to be served
upon the railroad companies at the
beginning of next month, thus giving
them thirty days in which to consider
the plan.
Among the railroads to be asked to
establish the nine-hour day are the
Great Northern, the Northern Pacific,
the Canadian Pacific, the Canadian
Northern, the Soo Line, the Min
neapolis & St. Louis, the Iowa
trai, tne Wisconsin Central.
Northwestern, the Chicago. St.
Minneapolis & Omaha. the
Western and the St. Paul.
W1U Bo Inaugurated Between Joplin
and Springfield.
Springfield, Mo., July 25. Local
agents on the Crane branch of the
Missouri Pacific have received notice
from the passenger officials of the sys
tem at St. Louis that Dasseneer ser
vice between Springfield and Joplin
will be installed next Sunday. There
will be a double daily passenger ser
vice between Springfield and Joplin,
and a fast freight service between
Springfield and Crane, connecting
an north and southbound Iron
Mountain trains at Crane.
Bids for the new freight depot to be
erected here will be opened In St.
Louis on July 27. Plana are now be
ing prepared for a passenger station
to cost $65,000.
The last of the land needed by the
Missouri Pacific to complete its right
of way through Springfield was pur
chased this afternoon, when a deal
was closed for the five story building
occupied by the Silsby stove works.
The price paid for the property was
Are Not Pleased With Circular Sent
Out by Telegraph Cltfef.
Operating officials cf the railroads are
not greatly pleased with a circular
which has Just been issued to all offi
cers and members of the Order of Rail
way Telegraphers by its president, H.
B. Perham of St. Louis.
The railroads are having difficulty now
in securing sufficient telegraphers-, and
are facing the fact that in eight months,
when the federal law goes into effect
prohibiting any railway telegrapher
from working more than eight hours a
day. they Will be obliged to increase
their force nearly 40 per cent, or more
than 5,000 operators.
The circular Issued by the president of
the Order of Railway Telegraphers
points out these facts, and asserts that
some railroads are trying to force their
operators to teach boys and young men
how to telegraph. He alleges that some
operators have been dismissed by the
railroads for refusing to teach teleg
raphy to boys.
Some railway managers ft-ar that It
will be impossible for them to secure
enough more telegraphers to comply
with the eight hour law. even if the Or
der of Railway Telegraphers should en-
is a native of that city and Is forty-
Chicago s public schools, began his
ter and later became a prosperous coal
treasurer ana from December, 1905,
courage students to learn, instead of
pursuing tr.e opposite policy. Any rail
road which comnels or normtt. a teleg
rapher to work more than eight hours
will be subject to a heavy fine after
-March 1 next. If enough ODerators can
not be secured for all stations, the smal
ler stations will be closed in order to
maintain a sufficient force at the more
important stations.
'mat or the Carmen Waa One of
Shortest on Record.
Rock Island, 111., July 25. The
strike of the carmen employed in the
various-.shops of the Rock Island sys
tern - was settled yesterday. arui -. the
men have returned to workv . - An
agreement was reached between the
officials of the railroad and a com
mittee representing the men, whereby
an grievances win be submitted to ar
bitration for settlement.
wripn ine striKe was called over
1,400 men quit work.
Will Use New Road as Brownsville
Outlet to Houston.
B. F. Yoakum's recent purchase the
Velasco, Brazos Valleq & Northern
road, is to be used by the St. Louis,
Brownsville & Mexico to obtain an en
trance into Houston. The extension of
the former road from Anchor to Hous
ton will be built immediately, and, it is
expected, will be ready to operate with
in six months. From Anchor to Hous
ton the distance is about fifty miles.
Will Disburse $75,000,000.
New York, July 25. -It is figured
that the disbursements and interest
payments to be made on and around
August 1, will aggregate $75,000,000.
Amalgamated Copper's dividend call
ing for $3,077,760 Is one of the large
items. Illinois Central dividend calls
for $3,326,400. and the United States
Steel corporation dividend to be paid
out at the end of the month calls for
A Memorable Day.
One of the days we remember with
pleasure, as well as with profit to our
health, is the one on which we became
acquainted with Dr. King's New Life
Pills, the painless purities that cure head
ache and biliousness and keep the bowels.
25c at all druggists.
Little Town Up the Cottonwood
Valley to the Front.
Plans Completed for the Lo
cation of a Cement Plant.
Company Haa Thirty Wells of
Good Flowing Capacity.
One Being Drilled Which Will
Beach the Limestone.
Elmdale, Kan.,' July 25. The Kansas-Mexico
Gas company that Is pros
pecting the Elmdale gas field, has de
cided to put in a cement plant here of
large capacity. The company has
thirty wells with as many million feet
of gas dally. The last well is down
four hundred feet and is to be pushed
to the limestone. ,
The majority of the - gas wells
drilled are very shallow and most
every one In town has their houses
lighted from wells In their back yard.
One Allen County Citizen Charges
Another With Slandering Him.
Iola, Kan., uly 25. Hadden Bettes
has filed suit in the district court here
to recover $10,000 damages from F. M.
Ball for alleged slanderous remarks.
Both parties live at " Elsmore. Mr.
Bettes charges that om July 20, at Els
more, Mr. Ball made the following
statement with reference to him In the
presence of a number of Elsmore peo
ple whose names appear in the peti
tion: "You burned the Store buildings
belonging to your brother, Thomas, and
I can prove it." Another statement
which he alleges Mr. Ball made is: "You
stole a $50 overcoat belonging to your
brother, Thos. Bettes, and I can prove
that you burned the buildings and stole
the coat and you can't prove an alibi."
Mr. Bettes also alleges that Mr. Ball
had previously said that he, Bettes,
had kicked, struck and abused Mrs.
Mary Bettes, his sister-in-law, while
she was sick.
The fire which Is referred to In the
statements alleged to have been made
by Mr. Ball is the Elsmore fire which
occurred January 9 of this year in
which a number of buildings In Els
more were burned with a total esti
mated loss of $15,000, the most of which
was not covered b insurance.
Big Larabee Mills to Be Rebuilt at
Cost of $200,000.
Stafford, . Kan., iJuly 25. The
Farmers' bank is Incorporating "as a
national bank. It is owned largely by
Larabee & Co, Its building and fur
niture are recognized as the hand
somest in the state, outside of the big
cities. . . '
The huge flouring, .mills of Larabee
Bros., which recently burned at a loss
of $150,000, will be rebuilt Immediate
ly.. . The location has not yet been se
lected but will he-irf some town with
good railroad facilities and in the cen
ter of the wheat belt. i Wichita is of
fering Inducements Ibut no decision
has been reached, nor Is any bonus
wanted. .
"We propose to build the best mill
in the United States We have sent to
Germany for machinery for a' 1,000
barrel mill.- Completed it will cost,
with storage vats, $200,000," Is the
statement of Frank Larabee.
Barn and 3,500 Bushels of Wheat for
Harvey Geiger Destroyed.
Elmdale, Kan., July 25. The val
uable barn and contents of Harvey
Geiger near here were destroyed by
fire Wednesday evening. Only the
hardest work of a hundred people
saved his residence from also burning.
The barn was one of the largest In the
county. Loss S5.000: partly insured.
Three thousand five hundred bushels
of wheat were lost.
Express Tariff on a Wichita Beverage
100 Per Cent Higher.
Wichita, July 25. A change hav
ing been made in the basing of ex
press rates on pop,- otherwise known
as soda water, and other beverages,
almost all of the pop is now shipped
by freight instead of express as has
been the custom until recently.
The local agent for the Pacific ex
press company stated that no increase
had been made in the rate but that
the actual weight of the shipment Is
now. taken Instead of, an estimated
Compelling Him to Come Across.
Korea Does Hot Want to Be Annexed to
weight as has been the case hereto
fore. - : -; ,.
It is claimed that the tariff on this
commodity has Increased almost 100
per cent since the change of basing
the rates has been made. As a result
the new tariff has proved to be almost
prohibitive to the shipping of pop by
express. .
Lucky One Signed Contracts Before 5
' O'clock. In the Morning.
Iola, Kan., July 25. The Register
Just about 1:30 this morning, a light
buggy drove rapidly up to the Fetter
home at 318 South Elm street and stop
ped In front of the house. Seated' in
the buggy was a well known profession
al man. As Boon as the buggy stopped
he turned toward the house and called,
"Are you ready?" "Yes, sir, I am all
ready," came a cheery reply, and - a
young . lady stepped quickly out of the
house, and sprang into the buggy. The
horses were whirled about and in a few
minutes the rig and its two occupants
were speeding south at a rapid rate in
the direction of Humboldt. The man
was Attorney J. R. Miller and the young
lady was Miss Delia Fetters.
It was Monday evening when, the
three trustees of the Oakland school dis
trict, which is Just south of Humboldt,
held a meeting for the purpose of em
ploying a teacher. There were two ap
plicants for the position. Both were
Iola high school graduates, Miss Pearl
Wheatley, who is a graduate of the class
of 1906 and Miss Delia Fetters, who grad
uated last year. The board was unde
cided as to which of the young ladies
to select as neither had the advantage
in qualification. It was therefore decid
ed by the board that the young lady who
first drove Into the yard of Mr. Puckett,
a member of the school board, should be
given the position.
The unique decision of the board was
announced to Miss Wheatley, and to
Miss Warner, a friend of Miss Fetters,
and the race was on to see which of
the young ladies would arrive on the
grounds first.
Miss Fetters lives in Iola and Miss
Wheatley lives in the vicinity of the
Oakland school house. There is no
train going south before the Katy flyer
at 6 o'clock and it would have been im
possible for Miss Fetters to reach Hum
boldt before 6:30 in the morning, and
she would then had to have driven out
to the Puckett home.
Miss Fetters' friends, however, real
ized that if she waited for the train
he would lose the school. So at 1:30
in the morning Mr. Miller secured a
buggy and drove Miss Fetters to Hum
boldt, arriving at the Puckett home
about 4 o'clock in the morning. On
they drove to the other members of the
school committee and a few minutes
before 5 the contracts had been signed
and Miss Fetters employed as teaeher
of the Oakland school.
A similar scene was going on at tne
Wheatley home. It was a few minutes
krnro i ivVien Miss Wheatley started
for the Puckett home but it was not
until about 5 o'clock, an h"ur late, that
she arrived there, only to find that Miss
Fetters had been employed.
Two Barrels of Beer Stolen From the
Hill City Court House. ,
TTI11 TTan Tlllv TVl A COlirt
niu ""-" " ---- .
house In Hill City has received a visit
from some thirsty Doia oaa no use ui carv
er, who demolished the locks, forced the
doors, and did unlawfully enter in and
take, seize and carry away two barrels
of bottled beer and one jug containing
...hfcVv nnlv ' faint ndor
mure vt icsD v i , 1 1 -1, -. . - j -
of booze wafted back up the street and
a filed ana Dronen jock, are kh ,m..
The property stolen-, is the property
taken by County Attorney Turck and
Sheriff Ashcroft at the time of making
a raid upon a senegamoian mve u u
. i . i i ; . 1 nf TMirndemils. a vil-
ueauuiui "tne vnj -
lage noted for the fact that the colored
people in tne city norm one uuuuicu
. . jt l , f , nnnulatinn At the
cenL.ox no i n , ... -
time of the seizure of the wet goods
the proprietor, a coioreu pi aunasc,
his bartender, a white man, were also
i i h ara in lull here at oresent.
nil-. i
both being guests of the sheriff. The
iauids were storea away im naj-c-n.
: . .I. i . ,-1 f t Vi n rtiirthni?3e
ing in me uaociiicui ..."
and a great big padlock on the door
attestea appaieuu
the deposit. .
" For the Cattlemen's Picnic.
Kingman, Kan., July 25. The work
of repairing the race track at River
side park, which was partly washed
out by the Ninnescah overflowing its
banks last week, will be completed by
the last of this week. The track will
be put in splendid condition for races
at the annual cattlemen's picnic, Au
gust 20-23.
Neosho County Free From Debt.
Chanute, Kan.. July 25. With all
debts paid Neosho county has $15,000
remaining to the credit of the general
fund to pay the running expenses of
the county until next November. The
total amount raised by the present tax
levy for general purposes Is something
like $41,500 per year. The average
expense of the county government
Japan. :j n mis'
Work while others rest.
Win through sheer energy.
The greatest energy -pro-ducing
food made from
wheat is
the perfect
I rife
Can be Enjoyed in
on the STEEL
First-Class Only
Three sailings weekly between I'nlosgo, unmiro nnmr cpn na
Mackinao Island, connecting for Detroit. Buffalo. JDolatli and all aatern
ana tan&aian rouiu.
PetORker. Charlevoix, North
J!. very weekday (except weanesaayj ior iiumuKm iuw.
r. vtiunun, u. r. a. nonnern micmgan irn , utu.ifv.
and making- repairs and Improvements
Is about $2,500 per month. For several
years the surplus has been spent for
Dr. Giliman of norence Hag Three
Entered for Eastern Races.
Florence, Kan.; July 25. Marion county
is almost equaling- tlw famous Blue Grass
country of Kentucky- in- Its production of
fast 'hbrses. To: the list of now famous
horses from. Marion county recently
should be added several owned by Dr. ,M.
J. Giliman of Florence, that last year
made sensational time on the eastern cir
cuit. Mr. Giliman has selected three and
entered them for the races at Detroit,
Dayton and Lexington next month, where
the stakes are for $10,000. They will be
shipped next week. The doctor still has
thirty left, with records under 2:35.
Patch in Graham County Averages 38
Bushels Per Acre.
Hill City. July 25. The wheat in
Graham county is not a failure by
any means. John Elmer has Just
finished threshing? and the grain
showed 38 bushels to the acre. This
was raised on the high land near the
city. .
Good Water for Wellington. . .
"Wellington, July 25. Superintendent
Charles Covell, Inspector John H. Wolfe
and the public works committee of the
city iwiuitu me ' i J -
suit of the quantity test at the city
prospect V f 1 1. Ulfi .3(111 La a.-o 471...
... V. J . .1. n-na V,. ,1 la nnndinl, nil f 1 44 ,
11 IV 11 nae i r . iu i .v n -...r- ,
flAi'l lliji u n f vatn dav And It
will probably be raised to 200,000. So
tar mere is. no lowering ui me
. i 11 1. .. 1 .. 1 ( 1 ta ,lf lin
l 1 1 ti well, nunicveii aiiv 1 1 i.' . - ----
lieved that the lareer pump- will make
any .difference. -
Yields 40 Bushels Per Acre. .
Ottawa, July 25. The record yield
of wheat per acre for this section was
reported at the Forest Park mill by R.
L. Robinson, who owns a farm one
mile and a half northwest of town.
He threshed 40 bushels per acre.
This Is a high record.
Firemen's Carnival at Ellsworth.
Ellsworth, Kan., July 25. Bills are
being posted announcing the annual
firemen's meet which will be held this
year at Ellsworth, September 3, 4 and
5. Ellsworth is offering prizes to the
amount of $1,100; In connection with
the meet, a carnival will be conducted
all week. - -t.
Burial of Engineer Iay.
Herington, Kan., July 25. Engin
eer W R. Lay. who died in the hos
pital here from the effects of injuries
received In the Peabody wreck, will
be buried with Knight Templar hon
ors today.
A Good Cool Iiecture Topic.
Pittsburg, Kan., July 25. The
TJittnhure- Chautauaua. which has
been In session for the past thirteen
days, closed Wednesday night with
Evelyn Briggs Baldwin, the noted
Arctic explorer, in his lecture search
for the North pole.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh That
Contain Mercury,
as mercury will surely destroy the sense
.mpil and completely derange ih
whole system when entering it through 1
the mucous surfaces. Such articles should I
v.o used . if c p n t ti n nrf-Hi -i tir ; '
from reputable physicians, as the damage
they will do is tenfold to the good you
can possibly derive from them. Hall's Ca
tarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Che
ney & Co., Toledo, O., contains no mer
cury, and is taken internally, acting di
rectly upon the blood and mucous sur
faces of the system. In buying Hall's. Ca
tarrh Cure be sure you get the genuine.
It is taken Internally and made m Toledo,
Ohio, by F. J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials
free. .
Sold bv Druggists. Price. 75c per bottle.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipa
tion. ; . . , ,- ; . .,
soda cracker.
In moisture and
dust proof packages.
Topaka "
4 M A. M.
:BO A. M.
6:60 M.
00 A. it.
S:M F. M.
:SB P. M.
Ti! P. M.
7i6S P. id.
hLT. KM City
(OS A. M.
OS A. M.
UlOO A. M.
11 130 A. M.
8ll0 P. M.
10100 P. M.
lOtlB P. M.
10 S0 P. M.
Ticket Office
First and Kan Ave., and
831 North Kan tma Ave.
Safe Delight
- Passenger Servloe Exclusively
port, TrsTereeOity nd U Bar Point
Manitou Steamship Co., Chlcrgo. r
Pincers roughened by needlework
catch everr Stalin 'land look hooelessl
dirty. Hand SapOllo removes not only
the dirt, but also the loosened, injured
cuticle, and restore the fingers to
their natural beauty.
Residence 621 Harrison St. Ind. Phone 229
Undertaker " and Embalmer.
818 Kansis Avenue. Both Phones 287
Will not be seen on the eornar of
Seventh and Kansas ave. during the)
hot months, but when you want him
and his hack ring up 861 two rings
Independent phone..
Pay a little on the debt each month,
at the end of the period, it la paid off.
The only aura way for most people.
We can assist you.
Capitol Building and Loan An
Undertaker and Embalmer.
811 Quincy Strast.
Both Pbaoea 193
That one pleased customer
brings another Is doing fta
mission nobly. The Fiva
Cunts a Day Telephone is
proving more popular dally:
Missouri & Kansas Tel. Co.
'Phone 909.
JRanywboforaeriysinokeflOfCigars bow smote
Senator IxMig at Emporia. . . . i
Emporia, Kan.,' July 25. Senator
Chester I. Long addressed". a 'big
crowd j at the Chautauqua assembly
Wednesday afternoon." His ; subject
was, With Taft In the Philippines."
State journal, 1 10c a Week.

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