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N. G. Robert sen Tries In Tain
to Kill Himself.
imtmU Alike
Uses Manicure Knife to Cut
Ilia Throat.
aod Be
Sfrugjles Vainly With
Frantic Man.
Though Suffering From 25 Cuts
May RecoTer.
N. O. Robertson, a prominent nurse
ryman of Altus, Ok., made a determin
ed attempt to end his life at his room
In the Fifth Avenue hotel a few minutes
before 6 o'clock this morning and only
the nerve and determination of his wife
kept him from accomplishing his pur
pose, if he survive his fearful Injuries
Which consist of 25 wounds. The guests
of the hotel were awakened about 6:45
this morning by the screams of a wo
man on the second floor.
Three or four guests on the same
floor rushed to the room occupied by
the Robertsons and found Mrs. Robert
son covered with blood and struggling
for the possession of a small knife with
which Mr. Robertson was slashing at
his throat. For some unexplained rea
son they left the couple without at
tempting to render aid to the woman
who was struggling with her insane
husband to keep him from killing him
self. The screams of Mrs. Robertson were
heard by the clerk on duty at the hotel,
who rushed to her room and grappled
with Mr. Robertson who was struggling
with his wife for the possession of a
small pair of scissors. At almost the
game moment R. T. Fasley. a traveling
man who had a room on the floor above
came to the assistance of the hotel
clerk and Mrs. Robertson and the
frenzied man was overpowered.
The room in which the struggle oc
curred resembled the killing room of
a slaughter house and the victim as
well as his wife and his rescuers, was
covered with blood. As soon as he was
overpowered Mr. Robertson begged
plteously of his rescuers to be permit
ted to kill himself.
"Just let me loose for a minute and
let me finish the Job. I want to die
and I don't want to botch the Job in
this manner. It's all for the best and
you will do me a great favor if you
will do as I ask. It makes no difference
to you."
Penwell's ambulance was called and
a record run made to Dr. Keith's hos
pital with the injured man. He was
placed on the operating table where It
was found that he was suffering from
24 wounds on his neck and a stab
wound In his left side near the heart.
The wounds were Inflicted by a sn:ill
knife taken from a manicure set and a
rmall pair of scissors from the same
Mrs. Robertson was awakened early
In the morning by her husband leav
ing the bed and when she spoke to him
he returned and made some p'ausible
excuse for his actions. She then drop
ped off to sleep again and was arourod
when he began slashing at his throat
with the manicure knife. She grap
pled with him and screamed and final
ly succeeded In getting the knife away
from him.
Three or four men came to the door
of the room which she had opened hut
did not offer assistance and Mr. Rob
ertson then secured a small pair of
scissors from the manlcurj set and
again began Jabbing at his throat and
Inflicted a number of Jagged wounds.
In desperation he then attempted to
stab himself in the heart though the
wound made was not a dangerous one.
The most severe wounds are on the
left side of his throat and the Jugular
vein was missed by a narrow margin
and several large veins were severed
which would have cost the victim his
life if he had not received Immediate
medical attention. As it is there Is a
chance that he will recover.
Mr. and Mrs. Robertson and J. H.
Steers who Is employed by them have
been at the hotel for several weeks
while the trio were selecting a nursery
tock, two carloads of which has al
ready been shipped to Oklahoma. They
have been coming to Topeka for a num
ber of years on the same mission and
are well known about the Fifth Avenue
hotel which is their home while In To
peka. Mrs. Robertson Is as composed as
Jt is possible for a woman to be under
tho present conditions and tells a
connected story of the attempted sui
cide of her husband. "I was awaken
ed by a n,oise made by Mr. Robertson
and grabbed him at once," said Mrs.
Robertson. "He is a large man and I
prreamed for help but before the
clerk and a stranger from the top
floor reached the room he had cut
himself severely with my manicure
knife and scissors.
"He has complained for the past
week or so of not being able to sleep
at night and has been up and about
the room more or less of the time
during the night. He wan worrying
somo about business matters and
must have lost his mind for a few
minutes when he attempted to kill
himself this morning.
"I am sure that this act wan not
premeditated, for he never talked of
such a thing, and there was a razor
In my suit case and he knew that it
was there. He was not drinking and
has not touched a drop of liquor and
this could not have been the cause
for tho act. He must have been tem
porarily Insane on account of loss of
Bleep and nervousness occasioned bv
worry over business matters."
Mr. Robertson is a man about 45
years of age and considerably above
medium weight. That he la a large
man probably accountn for the fact
that the wounds which ho inflicted
did not prove Immediately fatal as
the fatty tissue on his neck protected
the vital organs. Mr. Robertson has
purchased nursery stock from tho
Watson nursery for a number of
2 Driyes
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Stearns' Elect Ho
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If yon ar troubled with rmts. mie. fHvkrrMrhM
or wftMrfeafift. It I aura death, drlTloz thorn out
of tho boas, barn or atoro to die. Sold for M
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ITUlftr CLECTtlt fASTE C9 WfTAU, I. T.
The Democratic Nominee and Present Incumbent of the Office of County Attorney
is strongly endorsed by County Commissioners and Lawyers. He asks your support on Nov. 3rd on his record in office during past two years.
A Strong Letter from the Hon. Judge John Martin
Topeka, Kansas, Oct., 29th, 1908. :
To the Voters of the County of Shawnee: ,
I would be glad if it were in my power to make a personal; appeal ,
to every legal voter in the County of Shawnee in behalf of John J.
Schenck, Esq., your present County Attorney of Shawnee, and a can-'
didate for re-election; but as this is impossible, I take pleasure in ap- .
pealing to you through the public press in behalf of Mr. Schenck and
commending him to your friendly consideration.
I feel more than a mere, ordinary interest in the candidacy of Mr.
Schenck, because I have known him personally from his early boy
hood and well remember him as a boy when he first came to this
County. In addition to this, when he grew to manhood he studied
law in my office and largely under my direction. He was a young
man of splendid character, full of manly ambitions and honorable
aspirations to make a success of his professional life. He was a good
student, quick and bright. He manifested every qualification re-
quired to make a good lawyer honesty, integrity and a pure and;
upright private life. It is true that he was poor, but he was econom-.
ical, careful and prudent, and had made up his mind to master ad
versity and to make for himself a name and a fame of which his
friends should be proud. His ambition was based upon high moral
principles. His habits were honorable and upright. In fact he pos
sessed the very best qualities of the best type of American lawyers.
All of which he has demonstrated to the satisfaction of his country
men generally in his first term of office.
When he was a candidate he promised the people of Shawnee
county that he would faithfully and honestly discharge the duties of
his office impartially, faithfully and rigidly and without fear or favor,
and I submit to you, my fellow citizens, that he has redeemed every
pledge and promise made you, and has made a record as such County
Attorney that we as citizens and voters ought to recognize and be
proud of, and I rejoice to know that he has been unanimously nomi
nated for re-election by his own party, and is being generously sup
ported by a very large and respectable body of the opposite party,
and I earnestly appeal to every friend of mine in Shawnee county,
whether he be Democrat or Republican, to give Mr. Schenck a warm,
hearty and active support for re-election to the office of County At
torney, the duties of which office have been so faithfully and efficiently
discharged during his term. .
I therefore appeal to you, my fellow citizens, to give Mr. Schenck, a hearty
and earnest support for re-election and thus say to him: "Well done thou good and,
faithful servant. You have been true to the people and to their interest, and as a
just reward for your fidelity we will cheerfully give you a second term."
I regret that I did not have an opportunity to place my name with the other
lawyers of this County to the written statement pledging him their support in
the first instance, but when that statement' is read by the voters of the County, I
beg that they will treat me as a signer thereof.
Jno. Martin
As our names do not appear on the original indorsement, we, the undersigned,
. members of the Shawnee County Bar Association, desire to add our names to the
list, and hereby pledge our support to John J. Schenck for re-election to the office
o of county attorney of Shawnee county, Kansas:
Topeka, Kansas, October 29, 1908.
To the Voters of Shawnee County, Kansas: :
We, the undersigned, members of the Board of County Commissioners, desire
to commend John J. Schenck, County Attorney, for the admirable manner in which
he has conducted the business of bis office. As legal adviser, of this Board he has
been of great value to us in the performance of our duties. Through his ' counsel
Shawnee County has upon the tax rolls $667,000.00 being the reserve fund of the
Illinois Life, Insurance Company. In this' one item alone his efforts have saved to
the tax payers of this County about $10,500.00 per year. In many other instances
his advice to this Board has been of great value and benefit, and we have in no case
been compelled to employ outside counsel.
The criminal court expenses of the County have been greatly reduced by Mr.
Schenck 's uniform success in criminal prosecutions.
While differing in political opinion from the majority of the members of this
Board, yet, in justice to Mr. Schenck and the tax payers of this County, we deem
it but just to make this public acknowledgment of his great worth and ability as
County Attorney, believing his re-election would be to the advantage of the tax
payers of Shawnee County.
Chairman Board County Commissioners.
years and har been unusually success
ful in handling the business.
His purchases have amounted to
from fifteen to twenty thousand dol
lars a. year and this has been, disposed
of through Mr. Robertson's force in
Oklahoma. Mr. Watson called at the
hospital shortly after Mr. Robertson
wai removed from the operating ta
ble and tho two talked for several
minutes though Mi-. Robertson did
ret otter an excuse for his act.
D. P. Paxton Pays Twelve Thousand
Dollars for Handsome Property.
D. P. Paxton of Paxton & Paxton
has purchased from Mrs. Bryon Rob
erts the handsome residence property
at 315 West Tenth avenue, facing
state house square. The consideration
was $12,000. Mrs. Paxton and her
two daughters, who have been living
in Kansas City, pending the purchase
of a home here, will move to Topeka
about November 10.
Gorman Imperial Chancellor Tenders
Resignation to the Kaiser.
Berlin, Oct. 31. According to the
ord Duetscho Allgemeine Zeitung
Prince von Buelow. the Imperial
chancellor, today offered his resigna
tion to Emperor William in conse
quence of the publication in London
Vi i? Intervtw with his majesty, for
which th prince took responsibility.
Mack and Hitchcock Issue Statements
on Rockefeller Incident.
New York, Oct. 31. National Chair
man Mack in an authorized statement
today regarding President Roosevelt's
denial of the relations between the ad
ministration and the Standard Oil com
pany, declared that he had "positive
proof that . for ten days negotiations
were going on between the Taft man
agers and the Standard Oil company
to get tne support or the Standard Oil
people all over the country and to get
a contribution of $1,000,000, which is the
same amount they gave in. 1896, 1900
and 1304."
Mr. Mack's statement follows:
"President Roosevelt's denial of the
relations between the administration
and the Standard Oil company loses
1 I. T1 W
Ion't wash your buggy the .old
fashioned way. Get a CATARACT
wash it right. Cleanses Auto?,
Carriages or Vehicle of any kind
without wetting the hands.'
Connects with any. hose, -.price
11.75. For sale at Padgett's Tire
House. Worley's Harness Store,
Pratt Bros.. N. Topeka.' '
force when It Is remembered that he
made a similar denial four years ago
when Judge Parker declared that the
Republican managers in charge of Mr.
Roosevelt's campaign were receiving
money from corporations.
"He denied that story more vehem
ently than he does the present charge.
No one has forgotten that both Mr.
Harriman and Mr. Roosevelt had con
firmed Judge Parker's charges. So far
as denying the relations Detween Presi
dent Roosevelt and the Standard Oil
company is concerned Mr. - Roosevelt
forgets that Mr. Taft and his managers
want to do a little bargaining of their
own, while they also know that Mr.
Roosevelt wishes to be 'it' in the event
of Taft's election. Mr. Roosevelt must
know that the Republican managers for
Mr. Taft felt the necessity of getting
another million dollars at this particu
lar juncture and that the loss of the
Standard Oil's millions in this cam
paign was one of the things that the
Grand Old Party could not get along
with and that the Taft managers made
a successful bargain with the Standard
Oil people.
- "As to whether Mr. Taft will cheat
Wall street, the Standard Oil company
and the Steel Trust if he should be
elected or stand with Mr. Roosevelt
who nominated him, that Is a question
that the public can determine for them
selves. "Chairman Hitchcock does not deny
that the national committee is getting
money from individuals in the Stand
ard Oil company.which Is only another
means of the Standard Oil company as
a corporation giving funds to the Re
publican management. If the Repub
lican national committee wants the
public to take any stock in their state
ment and to believe the actual truth
of the contributions to the campaign
they should have made their contribu
tions public from day to day, a the,
Democratic party has done. If so they
would not have received $100,000 at a
time from any individual or any cor
poration." In answer to Mr. Mack's statement,
Chairman Hitchcock, of the Republi
can national committee, today dictated
the following:
"The assertion that there have been
negotiations between myself and the
Standard Oil company in reference to
compalgn contributions is absolutely
untrue. So far as my knowledge goes
there has been no contribution to our
campaign fund by any person connect
ed with the Standard Oil company, no
matter in what capacity, nor has any
such person been solicited to contrlh
Mr. Hitchcoak declined to discuss the
rumor that the statement of Mr. Rocke
feller was given ot at the Instance of
the Democratic national committee for
tne purpowe oi injurants sar. xtiiu ne
added that he had yet to hear of any
one who regared seriously Mr. Rocke
feller's statpaftnt of his intention to
vote for Mil Tft. .
is taken in each pair of
glasses we fit, and if ,
long experience in one
line is a factor, we cer
tainly can please you. '
J.wel.rs and Optician :: 809 Kimh am.
forXi&ars not so good
What an effect of beauty and lux
ury is produced by fancy gas chan
deliers and artistic dome student
lamps, is known only to the people
who now have them In their homes
and the people who visit them.
Those who have a taste tor the
beautiful, now have unlimited oppor
tunity to gratify their fancies at The
Central Cycle and Supjjly Company,
716 Kansas avenue. This enterprising
store has what is probably the great
est and most extensive stock of gas
lighting appliances of any firm in the
city. The proprietor, Mr. D. B. Simp
son, has established a special depart
ment for this line and takes pleasure
In showing . all interested parties
through it.
Charles Cooper Arrested.'
Charles Cooper, of Silver Lake, was ar
rested last night and landed in the county
Jail today by a deputy sheriff on a statu
tory charge. The complaint was made out
before the Justice of the peace in Silver
Lake, and charges the defendant with a
statutory crime against Virginia Seeley,
a 13-year-old girl. It is alleged that the
crime was committed some time ago, and
that the child is now in a delicate con
dition. Cooper was arrested four years
aro or a similar crime, but escaped pun
ishment. He was then employed aa a
"snipe" by race horse men at the fair
Hot Drinks
We have just installed a
new automatic fountain
for the dispensing of hot
drinks. Hot chocolate,
. malted milk, , egg choco
late, tomato toner and
other favorites served with i
k .wafters delicious, brac
ing drinks that one will .
appreciate these crisp, '
frosty mornings!
We will serve cold
drinks and ice cream as
usual all winter.
Sixth and Jackson Streets
810 Kansas Avenue

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