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Each advertisement tells a story about economical shopping". The concerted effort of these merchants is attracting1 no little atten
tion and such low prices on such reliable merchandise,, is steadly causing more people to supply their needs on sixth street.
Sugar Finest standard granulated
20 pounds for $1.00
100 Pound sack (No Stamps) $4.80
Egg-O-See,' wheat or corn Flakes,
two 10c pkgs 15c
t'needa Biscuit three 5c packages
for 10c
Toilet Soap Sweetheart " Brand
seven 5c bara 25c
Graliam Craokers two 10c pack-
ages for . 15c
"Flour Pride of Topeka, Extra
High Patent per sack J1.35j
per hundred ...... $2.65
Corn Flakes, Ceraline Brand, four
10c packages . 25c
KaMsoo Two 10c packages, 15c
, one 25c pkg 20c
Canned Peas, Polk's Best Early
June three cans 25c: dozen.. 95c
Sweet Corn, quick meal brand, reg
ular 10c can quality, Thursday
Sardines Fancy imported ones,
pure olive oil, regular 20c qual
ity, per can
Soap White Russian, Silk, Dia
mond C and Lenox, 8 bars . .25c
Maple Sugar Absolutely pure, per
lb 20c
Cocoa. AV. H. Bakers, Thursday
special, a 2 5c can for 2c
Buckwheat Absolutely pure, per
lb 5c
Baked Beans Charm brand, extra
good quality; Xo. 2 cans, (regu
lar 15c size) at 10c, 3 cans.. 25c
Soap. Cobb's, Rub No More and
Ivory, 6 bars ...25c
Prunes, nice ones, 4 lbs 25c
Catsup, Snider's and Curtice Bros.,
Blue Label, the 25c size for 20c
Pickles, sour ones, 2 qts. 15c; per
. gal 30c
Silver Prunes, extra fancy large
ones, 2 lbs 25c
Coffee Our Mojava brand. It has
given universal satisfaction. Per
lb. 20c; 5 lbs $1.00
Lima Beans,, nice ones. Buttercup
" brand, 3 cans 25c
Gas Mantles, XX quality, upright
. and inverted mantles, 3 for- 25o
Coffee, Lipton's in 1, 2. and 3-lb.
cans, sold almost universally at
4 0c Vb., our price this week, per
lb 0c
Smoking; Tobacco. Tuxedo 2 ox. tins
Thursday special, a 2 lb. carton
for $1.15
Sweet Corn, quick meal brand, reg
ular 10c can quality Special,
on sale only at our South
' Side Store. Premium Dept. 2d
Floor at can 5c
Candy. French vCreams, Thursday
Special, on sale in our Premium
Dept. at our North and South
side stores at per lb 10c
Holland Knsk. 3 pkgs 25c
lied Salmon, ir. salt brine at per
lb. 10c
Macaroni, Prima brand, 3 pkg 25c
Tobacco Horse Shoe and Star,
per lb . . . .4c
Flour Our Big A-l brand, per
sack $1.30; per hundred ..$2.55
Fresh Fig Bars, Vanilla "Wafers
and Lemon Cakes, per lb.... 10c
Post Toasties, 3 pkgs 25c
White Line Washing Powder, sev
en 5c pkgs 25c
Purity Sujrar Butter, something
new, extra fine, pail 25c
Syrnp, Great Mountain Brand, Ma
ple blend, bottle 25c; 2 for. .45c
Dried Peaches, nice new ones; 10c
3 lbs. for 25c
Itaisins New Seedless, 4 pkgs. 25c!
new extra fancy seeded; 3 pkgs.
25c; new 3 crown bulk and seed.
les bulk raisins, 3 lbs .25c
Tea Lipton's No. 1, yellow can
per lb 60e
Maple Syror Welch's Pure Ver
mont maple; it's absolutely pure;
compare it with the best that
vou have ever tasted; qts. 4 5c;
gal. 80c; 1 gal. $1.50
Tomatoes, Maryland Chief brand,
large cans, sold regularly at 2
cans 25c; our price per can 10c.
doz. $1.10
Sweet, Pickles. Sweet Mixed, Chow
Chow, Relish, Sweet Pickle
Peaches, Sliced Dill Pickles,
Stuffed Mangoes, etc., etc., qt.
Mason jars, each , 25c
Pink Salmon, Hunter brand, tall
cans, each , . . . . 10c
Teas, Tetley's best, 4-lb. can 15c;
l-lb. can 25c; 1-lb. can.... 50c
Cigars, Peter Dailey, 50 to the box,
$1.25; Johnny Barefoot, 100 to
. the box, per box .$1.00
D-Zeita, Jelly, Pudding and Our
Pie, two 10c pkgs., for 15c
Currants, nice new bulk ones, per
lb., only ; . 10c
Kraut, new, 3- large cans 25c
Pineapple chunks, 20c cans for. 15c
Tobacco. Yankee Girl Plug. Thurs
day special, 1 plug (4-10c cuts)
for 30c
Figs, Fancy, new imported Smyrna
layer figs, per lb. . . .15c
Soap, Peet's Pine Tar Soap large
size) and Sunny Monday Soap,
6 bars 25c
Boiling Hot Values at Zero Prices
TENNIS FLANNEL, dark colors, heavy
weight, to close out.....
to close out.. '.
Underwear, garment ...
110 East Sixth Street
Independent Phone 703
T1 H "
The Largest Grocery Lusittess in Kansas By Far
Thursday and Fri
day your choice
of any pair ladies'
shoes in our stock
Your choice of
any pair men's
shoes in our stock
the regular price.
the regular re
tail price
'A off
on all girl's, boys',
misses' and chil
dren's shoes.
Shoe Store
Of CIC031 88lB the
We mean to sell every overcoat if low prices will
be an object to you.
Every coat is built for long service as well as fine
looks and correct fit.
Every mark is in plainfigures no inflated values.
Here they go.
ft . - HAW
Men's regular $16.50 and $15.00 Over
coats at .
Men's regular $12.50 Overcoats
at,.; ...-i. :
Men's regular $10.00 Overcoats
at.;..:..;...:.. ..t
Men's regular $8.50 Overcoats
at.. v..
Men's regular $7.50 Overcoats
Youths' Overcoats
Regular $8.50
' Overcoats. . .
Regular $7. 50
Overcoats. .
Regular $6.95
Overcoats. . .
Regular $5.00
Overcoats. . .
Boys' Overcoats
Regular 4.50 Overcoats
Regular $3.95 Overcoats
Regular $3.00 Overcoats
Regular $2.50 Overcoats
Regular $2.00 Overcoats
Regular $1.50 Overcoats.
Cold Weather Goods
at extremely low prices, perhaps you need a pair of Overshoes,
Felt Boots, a Duck Coat, Mittens, a Cap or some heavy Under
wear or wool Socks. If you do we are in a position to supply
your wants. .
.Men's Overshoes,' any dize, 2 qualities, prices $1.00 and $1.49
Men's Felt Boots, snag proof overs, a pair $3.50
Men's Duck Coats, we have them at $1.00, $1.50, $1.75 and $2.00
Big assortment of -Men's-Mittens and Gloves at 25c, 50c and $1.00
.Men's Heavy Fleece, Lined Underwear, a garment 45o
Men's Caps ... . ...... . : ...... . 25c and 50o
- We sell- Kaufman Pre-Shrunk Clothing for Men, every garment guar-
; ' anteed to hold its shape'.
Overcoats. $9.00 to $18.00 the same Coats sold early in the season at
$12.50 to $25.00.
Suits ...................... . . , . $12.50 to $20.00
Members Rebate Association.
Ind. Telephone 1549.
Friends and Patrons of the Shawnee Grocery
I take this opportunity to announce to all mv friends and
the public in general, that I have succeeded to the manage
ment of the biggest grocery business under one roof in "Kan
sas. Not only will I endeavor to keep the business up to its
present high standard of excellence, but by constant, care
ful and courteous supervision, to build it up, larger and bet
ter than ever before. Chester Robertson, Manager.
The Prices Quoted Below are on Clean, Full Weight Goods
High Patent Flour, large sack
Fine Colorado Potatoes, per bushels - . . .
Fin Cooking Apples, per peck
Nice, fresh Eggs, doz.
Wolf's Capitol Hams, per lb ..,
Wolf's Capitol Bacon, by strip, lb
Excellent Home Made Sausage, 2 lbs. . .-..v. ...
L'needa Biscuit, 3 packages...:
Postum, large size : . .... J :. ...V. ...
A cup of our 20c Coffee will put life and warmth i
- body and sustain you these cold days The best
sold at, lb ,
. 85c
. 30c
. 30c
. . 25c
. 10
.' 20O
n your
. 20C
J 112 E. 6th St. Phones Bell 423; Ind. 415, 425
'- t4
These Sixth Merchants
Want Your
A glance at the advertisements will show you how
you can save money by patronizing them.
IJ ,H j,' ;l .- IP'S i; -tes
B .1 DLo QOA CALL US When You Want
Otll i ilOHSS O&Aj FiRsr-CLAss service
Santa Fe General Office Build
ing Too Small.
Outside Rooms Rented to Ac
commodate Overflow.
Freight Auditor's Office the
Most Congested of Any.
A Brand New Building May : Be
It !s not known that any plans are
contemplated for the near future, but
It Is a certainty that one of the grow
ing needs of the Santa Fe at this
point, is a larger general office build
ing or at least some greatly Increased
Two years ago an addition was
made In the general office building
here, which cost $40,000, and which
alleviated the congestion for a short
time. IThls is the addition to the
building on the east. -
Since this addition was built and
put into use, the different departments
have grown, and in some instances al
most doubled, so that now there are
but few of the departments which
have ample room for their work.
The new rulings of the Interstate
Commerce commission have added to
the clerical force of the roads. The
commission has also made new rules
regarding the keeping of records and
documents. Papers of this kind,
which were formerly kept for a
limited period of five years or so, are
now required to b& filed Indefinitely
and this requires room, much more
room, than the general public realizes.
Already the force of the different
departments has increased in number
to such an extent that office rooms in
the neighborhood of the general of
fice building hav? been engaged. This
of course entails additional expenses
of rents and the like, that would he
needless should the building be en
larged or another one built.
The freight auditing Is at present
the most congested department. The
clerical force occupies all the top
floor of the general office building,
and in addition fifty-four clerks are
occupying quarters in the old Reed
residence, located across the alley in
the rear of the general office build
ing. The Santa Fe purchased this
property a few months ago.
The ticket auditors have a force of
about twenty men working in the
new brick building adjoining the
Copeland hotel on the south. This
force has been nearly doubled within
the past two years.
The tie and. timber department
which is assuming importance be
cause of the scarcity of timber, oc
cupies a suite of rooms In the Smith
building at the northwest - corner of
Ninth and Kansas avenue. The time
card room, w-here all the train sched
ules are worked out and which is an
important department is also located
in the building south of the Cope
land. Other departments which do not
use overflow office room are badly in
need of increased quarters. The pas
senger department Is crowded to, Its
capacity, while the freight depart
ment hasn't any room to spare. -
Should the Santa Fe. decide In the
near future to increase - tbe office'
room, it is likely that an entirely new
building would be erected. When the
Reed property was acquired, it was
then understood that the road In
tended at some future1 date to build a
new structure on the site, and this
would be the probable course. The
present general office building " is
about complete from an architectural
standpoint, and . hence, no-" further
additions areiexpected, although there
is plenty of- building room left on
these lots.
Me Swallowed a Dollar.
I.OS Angeles, Cal., Jan. 6. A hearty
lauh over a storv came near eausin.sr
serious consequences for Fernando Romero,
i) years ot ase. a laborer living at Mon
rovia, last night. He had a silver dollar
in his mouth and when he burst out in a
fit of laughter swallowed the dollar. The
coin passed a short distance -down his
throat and then lodeed. He was placed
on a car for Los Aneeles and brought to
the receiving hospital where Police Sur
geon Wiley succeeded in extracting the
dollar. ..
Items for the North Topeka column may
be left at A. M. Petro's drug store, 8S9
North Kansas avenue, or call the North
Bide reporter atf her home. Ind. phona
la&t ui'iutv.j
Mr. and Mrs. William Oleson return
ed to their home in Manhattan Kas.,
today after a few days' visit here, the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Oleson of
Central avenue.
.. Miss Lena Smith is able to be out and
around, again after several days' illness
with an atack of pneumonia.
M. F. Lovewell of Maple Hill spent
the day here yesterday visiting friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Whitco'mb left
this morning for their home In Hanni
bal, Mo., after an extended visit here
with their parents and other relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Smith and lit
tle sort, Gerald, of Kansas City, came
here today to be the guests of friends
until Sunday.
Mrs. Mattie Smith is able to be out
again after several days" illness with
an attack of neuralgia.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Swartz have
moved to 1228 North Quincy street.
Mr. E. H. Fisher of 1400 Logan street
has gone to Hot Springs for the bene
fit of hia health. He has been suffer
ing for several weeks with an attack cf
Mrs. Rose Williams returned to fcer
home in Lincoln, Neb., today after a
week's vi.sit with her parents here.
Miss Gladys Johnson left today for,
Los Angeles, Cal.. where she will spend
the remainder of the winter with her
aunt, Mrs. is. m. Johnson.
Mr. JJ. C Ward of Silver Lake spent
me uay in town toaay.
Mr. P. Betts was a North Side visitor
Lillian, the little daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Fendergrast of 1323 N. Taylor
street, died at the family home Tues
day evening at 6 o'clock after several
weeks' illness with an atack of pneu
monia. The funeral arrangements will
be announced later.
Mr. James King is unable to be at
work on account of illness.
Mr. L. A. Dolman of St. Joseph. Mo.
came here today to spend a few days on
a Dusiness trip and visit with friends.
I. E. McGrew is a substitute clerk
at Voiland's store during the absence of
Mr. Fred voiland, who is spending a
few days in Kansas City on business.
Miss Gertrude Allen of Harrison
street is unable to be at work on ac
count of illness. She Is suffering with
an attack of neuralgia.
V. A. G. club of Victor Council No.
4. K. and L. of S.-will hold their first
meeting for the winter at the home of
Mrs. Mattie Roller on Buchanan street,
south, Thursday evening. The club
meets on the first and third Thursday
evenings of the month.
There will be a joint Installment of
officers of the Workmen and Degree of
Honor held this evening at the Work
men's hall.
Mr. W. II. Austin of Kansas City
spent the day here 'today on a short
business triD. 1
Miss Abbie Leighton and Mr. Harry
Cress, both of Council Grove, Kas., camei
to Topeka Sunday and secured a marT
riage license and were married at the
home of her brother. 8.16 North Kansas
avenue, Tuesday evening.' This is a sur
prise to their Council Grove friends as
well as those in Topeka. Mr. and Mrs.
Cress left immediately for Council
Grove, where they will make their honvi.
Merton French lett yesterday lor
Baldwin to resume his studies at
Baker university after spending the hoi
iday vacation with relatives here. (
Battle Against Tuberculosis Believed
lo Ho Over.
Philadelphia, Jan. 6. What is con
sidered by medical men to be the most
important discovery in the war against
tuberculosis since the finding of., the
tuberculosis bacillus by Koch, is con
tained in an announcement by Dr.
Randle C. Rosehbergh of . the chair of
bacteriology at Jefferson Medical col
lege. Dr. Rosenbergh declares that the
tuberculosis germ can be located in
the blood before it reaches the lungs
and that in view of this can be de
stroyed by very simple treatment. By
use of anti-toxin, he thinks, the dis
ease can bo soon stamped out.
A paper on Dr. Rosenbergh's re
searches is soon to appear in a med
ical journal, but the results he says
he has obtained were discussed before
the faculty of Jefferson college. Inl
view of professional ethics, however, Everybody reads the State Journal.
the doctor declined to talk about his
researches outside medical circles
If the theory that the tuberculosis
germs hrst make their appearance in
he blood of the patient is correct. It
s believed that the injection of anti
toxin or virus would prevent them
from reaching the lungs, practically
rendering the patient immune.
,v.th,s ,s a" thHt iR hoped for it."
Ih?.ir: a"Tence Flick, president of
Phillips institute for Consumptives.
the fignt against the great white
plague is won."
New Jersey Inaugurates System of
Education for Convicts.
Trenton. N. J., Jan. 6.-With almost
every convict enrolled as a student,
night school was opened in state's
prison here last night with indications
that It will be a success. Instruction
for prisoners has been advocated by
former Governor E. C, Stokes of New
Jersey for some time past, who holds
the belief that great good can be done
by giving. the men a means of educa
tion during their Incarceration It Is
hoped not only to give practical In
struction, but to arouse ambition and
perhaps hav an important bearing on
the future life of the men when they
go forth into the world again.
An interesting feature of the nlan la
that several of the better educated
convicts are acting as tutors-for their

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