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Y6u may think It would be lots of
fun to live at the Governor's House
and be the first lady ol the state, but
liow would you like to give three re
ceptions in less than two weeks? Mrs.
Stubbs will open the executive resi
dence to the hungry mob again next
Tuesday afternoon when she will be at
home to the visiting women in town
for the meeting of the State Editorial
association. She will have the assist
ance of some of the wives of local
newspaper men and the newspaper wo
men. The reception will Degin at
o'clock It is characteristic of the hos
Tvltality of the Governor and Mrs.
Stubbs that they do Hot follow the us
ual custom of limiting their receiving
hours. They ask their guests for 3
o'clock or 8:30, as the case may be, not
for from 3 to 8 or 8 to 11, prooaoiy on
the theory that they will know enough
to go home sometime. If they didn't
and insisted on making a house party
of the occasion, they would probably
be made to feel welcome the Stubbs
hospitality is just that generous, old-
fashioned kind.
This little reception gown, simple
and girlish in design, would be most
appropriate for a young debutante.
This particular model was developed
In shell-pink crepe Ena. Baby Irish
lace bordered with cords of self-tone
taffeta outlined the neck and armhole
of the bodice, and was sft in vertical
trips, running from girdle to bust.
Th girdle was of the crepe, laid in
soft folds and held at one side by a
trefoil of the cord from which fell
sashes of the material. A trimming
of the corded taffeta headed the hem.
The whole was worn over a guimpe of
very fine tucked moussellne de sole,
finished at neck and hand with the
lace and cord.
Th Minerva club met Tuesday af
ternoon, January 26, at the home of
Mrs. L. L. Goodwin, 820 Monroe street.
Following Is the programme:
Roll call Anecdotes.
' Paper Edmond C. Stedman. Mrs.
Chas. Samson.
Readings from Btedrnan Mrs. Sam
Talk Buffalo Jones Work. Mrs. Geo.
Duette Mesdames Goodwin and Al
baugh. Talk-Music in New Tork City. Mrs.
Frederick J. Curnick.
Paper Miscellaneous Composers. Miss
iPano number (Fanfare). Carl Bohm,
Mrs. Heym, Miss Kline.
Magic song -(Meyer-Helmund). Mrs.
Charles Samson.
Waltz Lente (Schutt). Miss Kline.
The YoungNun;MyAbode (Schubert).
Miss Legler.
Reading--MIss Katherlne Albaugh.
Vocal trio Mrs. Foster. Miss Walter,
Mrs. Albaugh.
The guests of the club were Miss
Katherlne Albaugh, Mrs. G. P. Ashton,
Miss Louise Henderson, Miss . Ames,
Mrs. Frederick James Curnick of New
rYork city. Miss Charlena Byerly of
Cincinnati. The club will meet Mon
day afternoon with Mrs. H. W, Put
nam, 617 Polk street. Mrs. H. "Ward
Page assisting hostess.
Mourning, when worn at all, must
he absolutely correct In every detail.
The accompanying sketch shows a
model which would be correct for
wear by a young matron. Heavy Eng
lish crape is the only material em
ployed both for shape and trimming.
The brim la wide, with a decided
droop, back and front; soft folds of
the crape encircle the high broad
crown and are held at the left side
with a large buckle covered with the
crape. This buckle holds soft loops
and ends of the crape, which are
massed against a huge chou of the
same. A short veil of heavy crape
with deep hem hangs straight from
the brim at the back.
Mrs. A. W. Benson of Ottawa, who
is in town for the winter with her hus
band, Mr. Justice Benson of the su
preme court, and Mrs. D. M. Valen-
pointy to . an exceptional
year in our Optical Depart
ment. There's a Reason
We Fit the Eyes.
1 W. J. LEWIS & CO.
Jawelors and Optician :: 809 Kansas .
tine were guests of honor at an In
formal afternoon given today bv Mrs.
George P. Stitt at her house in West-
lawn. The others asked were: Mrs.
A. A. Godard, Mrs. S. S. Estey, Mrs. J.
B. Larimer. Mrs. "H. Adams. Mrs.
Jane B. Thompson, Mrs. Reid Alexan
der, Mrs. John E. Moon, Mrs. J. M.
Sullivant, Mrs. G. W. McKnight of
Jjawrence, Mrs. J. D. Walker, Mrs. J.
M. French, Mrs. Oscar Felix, Mrs.
George Guild, Mrs. Fred S. Jackson,
Mrs. Adrian L. Greene, Mrs. W. 13.
Atkinson of Parsons. Mrs. H. Ward
Page, Miss Martha Valentine, Miss Eva
Bailey and Miss Byerly of Cincinnati,
omo. .
Here is a pretty tailored shirtwaist
for wear with a simple waJV'"r suit
Of serge or cheviot. The model is made
up in fine white linen striped in grey
green, and Is laid in two deep tucks on
the shoulder with plain shirt sleeve,
turned-Un cuff and French back. The
high turn-down collar, the cuff a
front closing is piped with green linen
matching the stripe in the waist.
Three large buttons covered with the
green close the front. . A modish little
bow of soft green silk" is worn at the
Washburn Day, February r. will be
observed this year wRh a dinner for
faculty and students at the Masonic
hall. The first plans included the In
auguration of the new president, Dr.
Frank Knight Sanders, and the dedica
tion of the Thomas Memorial gym
nasium. On account of unforeseen
delays, however, the gymnasium will
not be completed until spring and the
inauguration will be postponed Until
commencement week. The dinner will
begin at half after 6 o'clock and will
be followed by a programme of toasts
and speeches. There will be no classes
at the college after 10 o'clock in the
The approaching marriage of Miss
Edith Moore and the Rev. James H.
Jones, which will take place late in
JJCDruary, is or interest to many To
peka . people. Mies Moore is at the
head of the department of English in
the high school and Mr. Jones is the
pastor of Unitv church, and has held
the charge for the past three years.
Mrs. Claud March Butlin of the Citv
of Mexico, who is the guest of her
motner, Mrs. J. c Wilson, Mrs. Solo
mon Stoddard of Kansas City and Miss
Lutle Briggs of Atchison were guests
of honor at an afternoon bridge given
Dy jvirs. wiison yesterday for sixteen
uests. Mrs. Stoddard returned to
Kansas City this afternoon but Miss
tsriggs will remain a few days longer.
The material enmloved for this
simple street suit was Gobelin, blue
broadcloth trimmed in buttons of the
same. The directoire coat has seams
to the shoulders In back and front,
with semi-fitting back hd dnuble
breasted front and decorated with one
row of heavy stitching only. The skirt
Was princess decorated at each side
with a piece of the cloth, narrowing
toward the waist and trimmed with
buttons. The little vestee and cuffs
were of blue satin In a paler shade
and trimmed with gilt braid and but
tons. Worn with this was a picture
hat of Gobelin blue satin, ornamented
and almost covered with heron plum
age in black.
On account of the Washburn Day
dinner Friday the 'Varsity dance, ar
ranged for that date has been post
poned until next month.
Mrs. Henri Strawn gave an informal
bridge this afternoon for her aunts.
airs, a. carter or junction City,
and Mrs. J. S. Mize or Kansas Citv.
The others asked were: Mrs. B. D.
Mize, Mrs. J. F. Carter, Mrs. W. -A.
Stanford. Mrs. Julius Snattinger, Mrs.
C. A. Wolf. Mrs. H. B. Hogeboom, Mrs.
C. J. Neliis, Mrs. John Green, Mrs.
Dave August, Mrs. Fraser W. Cole,
Mrs. Morris N. Schlagel.
The members of the Nautilus club
will entertain their husbands Saturday
evening, February 6, at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. George P. Walp, 160S
College avenue.
The Monday Whist club will meet
hext Week with Mrs. W. A. Morton.
The Traveller's club will celebrate
Kansas day with a dinner at the Y.
W, C. A. rooms tonight. The mothers
or the members of the club will be
guests of honor. The members of the
club are Mips Katherlne Quinche,
Miss Bertie Brown. Miss Laura Mc-
Clure, Miss Anna Miller, Miss Maud
Bishop, Mrs. John W. Newell. Mrs.
Ralph Rollman, Miss Marv Arnold
Mrs. Elizabeth McCoy, Miss Alice
McCoy. Mrs. Katherlne K. Crawford,
Miss Jennie Farnsworth, "Miss Mary
Gernon, Mies Jean Koontz, Miss Win
ifred McKirlhan, Miss Gertrude Mor
ton, Dr. Martha S. McCoy. Miss Seville
Newell, Mrs. Anna K. Palmer, Miss
Mabel Pond. Mrs. W. 3. Rickenbach
er. Miss Madge Koontz. Miss Loretta
Strickler and Mrs. C. J. Wilson.
Mrs, E. E. Carpenter will enter
tain the Ideal Card club Monday.
Western Sorosis will have an even
ing meeting at the home of Mrs. John
Q. Hoyce tonight, Mrs. J. R. Madison
will have the paper and the discussion
will be led by Mrs. H. W. Roby and
Mrs. Ida Zellers.
The Froebel club will meet with
Mrs. L. H. Evans at 625 Lane street,
next Friday afternoon.
The Lakota club will meet Mon
day with Mrs. David Palmer.
The Calidorean club will meet Mon
day afternoon at the home of Mrs.
Geo. W. Crane. , "
The Topeka avenue 500 club will
meet with Mrs. G. C. Bowman next
Friday afternoon.
"I am the Prince of Darkness," ob
served Edwin Stevens, leading man in
Henry W. Savage's "The Devil," "and
I'll tell you a 'darkness' story," with a
MenhlstoDhelian grin.
"A debutante was describing to her
mother a week-end visit she had made
to a smart house in Devon.
" 'At dinner on Sunday night,' she
said, 'the lightswent out, and wasn't
It funny, mamma? the women didn't
Want the butler to light tnem again.
" 'How do you know they didn't?'
asked the mother.
" 'Because they were all crying out
'Don't!' and 'stop!' And the men didn't
say a word.' "
Miss Blanche Simmons and Mr.
Charles Terry of Atchison were mar
ried this afternoon at the home Of tne
bride, 2S Van Buren street. Rev. F. L.
Hayes officiating. Mr. and Mrs. Terry
Will be at home in St. Joseph after
March 1st.
The suit represented here la appro
priate for a girl of from 14 to IS
years of age. Its simplicity and clear
straight lines give it a distinction ana
Brace out of the ordinary. It Is devel
oped in seal brown cheviot. The coat,
cut in the semi-fitting style ot the sea
son, is worn over a side-pleated skirt!
both are. untrlmmed except for the
dark brown frogs which close the coat
from throat to hem at intervals of
about two inches. The hat is of
pliable seal-brown felt, trimmed in
soft ribbon of self tone and one lighter
shade. There are three lengths of
ribbon, the lighter in the middle,
which encircle the crown, each ty
ing in a knot arid two fringed ends at
one aide. '- A brown . quill Is thfust
through each knot . . ,
The teachers of German at the high
school. Miss Mary Harrison, Miss
Rose Morgan and Miss Alice Patterson.
will give a dinner tonight at 8 o'clock
at the Mission Tea room for the cast of
the German play given recently at the
high school, the company also includ
ing Miss Nell Lincoln, the dramatic
coach. The members of the cast were:
Miss Grace Gaines, Miss Anita Laurent,
Miss Lois Fairchild, Mr. Alien McNeal,
Mr. Alfred Bartel, Mr. Harold Laucks
and Mr. Snow Sears.
The subseniors of the high school
gave a reception for the seniors and
the faculty at the National hotel last
night. The receiving line was com
posed of Miss Nell Abrahams, Miss
Ksther Kocigers, miss Ruth Jtiauer, Misa
Blanche Wharton. Miss Annetta Nich
ols, Mr. Harry Hope. Mr. Alfred Bar
tel. Mr. KODert -Mctiirtert. Mr. Walter
Wellhouse and Mr. Warren Crumbine.
The Alta Vista club will meet Mon
day with Miss May Kellam, 909 West
Tenth avenue
Di. and Mrs, J. Duncan Emmet's
musicala last Tuesday evening, in hon
or ot the archbishop of New York,
was one of the most notable functions
of the winter In New York, Every
detail for his grace's entertainment
was carefully planned, and as perfect
ly carried out.
When It was known that Archbish
op Farley's taxicab was nearing the
house: the footmen lined up on both
sides of the stoop and his grace pass
ed between them Into the hall, where
he was received by Dr. Emmet. As
the ttrchblBhdp entered, a choir of
How to Get Hid
of Catarrh
A Simple, Safe, Reliable Way, s.nd It
Costs Nothing to Try.
Those who suffer from catarrh know
its miseries. There is no need of this
suffering. You can get rid of it by a
simple, safe. Inexpensive, home treat
ment discovered by Dr. Blosser, who,
for over thirty-four years, has been
treating catarrh successfully.
His treatment is unlike any other.
It Is not a spray, douche, salve, cream.
or inhaler, but is a more direct and
thorough treatment than any of them.
It cleans out the head, nose, throat
and lungs so that you can again
breathe freely and sleep without that
stopped-uo feeling that all catarrh
sufferers have. It heals the diseased
membranes and makes a radical cure,
so that you will not be constantly
blowing your nose and spitting, and at
the same time it does not poison the
system and ruin the stomach, as in
ternal medicines do.
If you want to test this treatment
without cost, send your address to Dr.
J. W. Blosser, 612 Walton street, At
lanta, Ga., and he will send you by
return mail enough of the medicine to
satisfy you that it is all he claims for
it as a remedy for catarrh, catarrhal
headaches, catarrhal deafness, asthma,
bronchitis, colds and all catarrhal com
plications. Me will also send you freS
an illustrated booklet. WTrite him Inv
mediately.- ' : .--:-''';' :':- , -
I boys, In green -'silk surplices, with
. White lace, came down the winding
staircase irom the second floor, sing
ing a welcome. Following his custom,
the archbishop wore his ecclesiastical
color, a purple cassock.
In the drawing room, hung with
rose damask, a throne was erected for
him between the windows. It stood
on a raised dais covered with a red
satin rug, fringed "with silver, .and
over it was .a baldaquin of red satin.
Behind the archbishop's . chair, his
coat of arms, embroidered on dark
purple velvet, was displayed beneath
a sconce holding electric candles
shaded with red silk.
At the archbishop's feet was a small
red satin cushion on which the eruests
could kneel while they kissed his ring
jr. ana jyirs. Emmet stood at the foot
of the throne to receive their -friends.
Those at the dinner were Mr. and
Mrs. C. B. Alexander, Mr. and Mrs.
Douglas Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. J.
Russell Soley. Mr. and Mrs. Harry S.
Lehr, Mr. and Mrs. Archer M. Hunt
ington, Mr. and Mrs. Antonio de Nav
arro, Mrs. Gouverneur Kortright, Miss
Leary, Miss Knowiton, Miss de Barril,
F. Townsend Martin, the Rev. Father
Lewis, the archbishon's secretary, and
the Rev. Father McCIusky, rector of
Kt. f-rancis xavier's church.
Mrs. Emmet wore a gown of
white satin, veiled with white net.
spangled with gold and embroidered
with gold and yellow silk. It was
made after the modified directolre
style, and with it she wore a tiara of
diamonds, her beautiful necklace of
aquamarines, and also strings of
pearls. She went in to dinner with
the archbishop, while the host took in
Miss Leary.
The table was decorated with the
archiepiscopal color, - mauve orchids
and bouganvllla, mingled with ferns.
The cloth was of silver and White
silk, trimmed with gold lace, and
through the center of the table ran a
long scarf of cloth of gold. On this
the beautiful antique - centerpiece of
French gilt, surrounded ah oval mir
ror, was placed, and at intervals on it
outer edge were candelebra, in the
form of gild angels holding three
branch cahdlestieks. With violet-
shaded candles. Between them, com
ing from the hedge of gilt flower) and
leaves framing the centerpiece, stood
small comportieres, filled with bon
bons, and spanning the center of the
mirror was an arch of orchids, with
trails of the other violet flower. The
effect was extremely beautiful.
After the dinner the archibishon
and other guests returned to the draw
lng room for the music, for which Dr.
and Mrs. Emmet asked some addition
al friends. . x
Notes and Personal Mention.
Mr. and Mrs. Hif W, Felix have re
turned from their Wedding trio to Chi
cago and are guests of Mrs. Felix's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Byron H. Davis,
for a few days before they go to their
apartment in the Lenox where they will
De at home. Mr. Hugo Felix, who was
in Topeka in the absence of Mr. Ilif
Felix, has returned to Parsons where h
is the manager of the Felix store.
Mr. Thomas B. Frost, of the City Of
Mexico, arrived this week to Join Mrs.
Frost and their daughter, Betty, on a
visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. P.
Davis and his parents, Mr.- "and Mrs.
John E. Frost. They will spend next
week with the Frosts and will return
to Mexico in about ten days.
Mrs. W. J. Black, of Chicago, Is the
guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
David Atchison.-! in Leavenworth.
Lieutenant rPierson Sands and Lieu
tenant Robert Lewl'S, U, S; A., from Ft.
Riley, are "guests"' for the- week-end of
Mr. and Mrs.- James P. Rowley and
Miss Floyd Robenson.
Miss Imogene Dean, of Marlon, who Is
a student at the University, Is up from
Lawrence to sDehd the week-nnd w-Uh
Mrs. Eugene B. Stotts and to visit her
mother, Mrs. J. S, Dean, who Is ill at
Stormont hospital.
Mr, E. C. Wilm. of the chair of men
tal, philosophy at Washburn, has gone
to Lawrence where he will make the
address at the Vesper service at the
University of Kansas tomorrow after
noon. .
Captain and Mrs. Jens Bugge. of Fort
Leavenworth, who had expected to
spend the week-end with Mr. and Mrs.
B. F. Cuttell, have postponed their visit
until next Week.
Mn W. I. Allen, who has been lh
Texas, is expected tomorrow to Join
Mrs. Allen and their little son at the
home of her sister, Mrs. A.
W. Lacey. Mr. and Mrs. Allen
and Mrs. Lacey will leave Monday for
New York to sail for Europe to spend
a number of months.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Wear ot
Kansas City will -bp in town for Mr,
and Airs. Norman S. Wear's reception
ana dance next Thursday evening in
honor of Major and Mrs. Krauthoff.
They will be with Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
vv. Farkhurst.
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Roberts of
Cleveland, Ohio, are guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Robert D. Garver, who enter
tained informally at bridge for them
last night.
Miss Katherine Putnam of Fair
Oaks, C&l.j who has been visiting in
Topeka for some-time will leave next
month for a visit to her sisters In
Ohio and Pennsylvania.
Mr. K. E. Roudebush will go to El
Paso, Tex., Tuesday on a business trip.
Dr. Frances Baker who has been
seriously 111 at her home, 684 Kansas
avenue, was taken to Bethesda hos-!
pital today,
Mrs. C. H. Vatterlin and Miss
Laura Morgan who have been attend
ing the Lumbermen's convention at
Kansas City have returned.
Mr., and Mrs. J. D. Corbet of Glen
Fountain Farm have gone to McLouth
to attend the funeral of Mrs. Corbet's
brother, Mr. Charles Rankin.
Mr. ana Mrs. S. J. Brandenburg will
leave Dayton, Ohio, the first of Feb
ruary and will make their home in
Oxford, Ohio. Miami university at
Oxford Is building a new library and
Mr. Brandenburg will have charge of
the library with the rank of , prof es
stor. He will go, accompanied by Mrs.
Brandenburg, the first of the month,
to study library work at the "Univer
sity of Illinois at Urbana and in June
will go to Chicago University for a
summer course. Mrs. ' Brandenburg
will spend part of the summer with
her parents. Chief Justice and Mrs.
Johnston in Topeka.
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Norton are
expected home tomorrow from a trip
to New York and Baltimore, Md.
Mrs. "A. B. Wingett of 1322 Buch
anan has gone to Ft. Worth, Tex., to
spend two months with Mrs. W, C.
Maief. -
Mr. Z. T. Mitchell of Philadelphia,
Pa., is vlHitinsr his aunt, Mrs. B. F.
McGiffen, K21 Polk street.
Mrs. s. L. Sulllvant or waveny ana
Mrs. G. W. McKnight of Lawrence are
guests of Mrs. J. M. Sulllvant. 1111
Throop street. They came for the
Kansas day reception.
Mr. Willard Pierce who is a stud
ent at Culver Military Institute Cul
ver, Ind., ia the guest of his parents,
Mr. and Mrs.-Robert Pierce.
Mrs. O. J.""Wood will leave tomor
row for a vIsio her daughter Mrs.
Cartwright in Indianapolis.
Mrs. John D McMahon her son
Charles W. McMahon and Mrs. Beat
rice Walker all of Kansas City ara
visiting Mrs.-C. . Nichols, 717 Clay
street .-
Mrs.. W.- F. Cochran returned home
8 TN
prepared to do it? No weather too cold for us No wind too high
for us. No dirt or dust to settle on the pure white "linen when we
do the washing. It's food for thought. Think it over, then talk
it over with us. THE EXPENSE IS LIGHT.
The City Hand Laundry
927 Kansas Ave.
yesterday from Lane, Kan., where she
went to attend the funeral or. ner sis
ter, Miss Orpha Baker, who was bur
ied there Tuesday afternoon.
The West Side Reading ciud win
meet with Mrs; John Rogers, 716
Western avenue, Tuesday afternoon.
m I. C t t T ... ..... i 1 i it., f"f ' I -t 1 tator
ftf tha KmiMs Federation ot Women's
President Mrs. Eustace Brown, Olathe.
Vice President Mrs. C. H. Trott, Junc
tion City. . .
Rec. Secretary Mrs. -F. , B. wneeier.
Cor. Secretary Mrs. Charles C. Sholes.
Treasurer Mrs. C. W. LanfliSi osuorne.
Auditor Mrs. M. S. Munaon; El Dorado.
Gen: Fed. Secretary Mrs. C. C. Goddard,
First Mrs. W, W. Wood. Horton.
Second Mrs. W, D. Wolfe, Iola.
Third Mrs. j. E. Raymond, Girard.
Fourth Mrs. David Hamilton, Eureka.
Fifth Mrs. Frances A. Jennings, Clay
Sixth Mrs Geo. P. Griffith, Hays City.
Seventh Mrs. Samuel Tfaggy, Syracuse.
Eighth Mrs. I. N. Singer, Wichita.
Director Mrs. W. A. Johnston. Topeka.
Forestry Committee Mrs. Grace L.
Snyder, Cawker City.
Health Department Civics committee:
Mrs. C. B. Hoffman, Enterprise.
From the State Prfsklent.
It seems only fair to share the en
couraging things with the club women
throughout the state--the Individual
meets enough of the discouraging of
her own.
At one of the recent meetings an
earnest, pleasant looking little woman
approached and said: "Mrs. Brown,
I have come to ask you If a number
of us women can join the federation
our entire club does not care to be
long. We have been doing work in our
own town, but we want to belong to
the federation is there any way?" She
had come ten miles In bad weather.
I replied: "The only Way is to become
members of the club at large; but" I
must tell you Mrs. J., all of you may
not have the privilege of Voting at a
convention. The delegate power Is
limited in tnat as in tne otner clubs or
the state one to every fifteen after the
first fifteen two for that," and then
came the exclamation which has been
an inspiration ever since; that makes
the heart palpitate wnen it is recanea:
"Oh, we don"t care for the Voting we
want to feel that we are united with
so great a movement for good. We be
lieve in it."
Another wrote to one or tne district
residents: "The K. F. W. C. means to
me more than clan, more than self
means interest In ana work tor
Ts there not a future ror tne state
Federation of Kansas? Intelligence
and unselfishness mean life and power
to club federation.
Mrs .t. K Ttavmond. cresident of the
Third district, writes that she has had
four applications for memDersmp irom
clubs since the first of the year.
rr.,- . alonllnn Tl ill ho
X lie 7l J 1 "'"- f". 1 " ' ..... .
preatly determined by the new privi
lege granted bv the constitution to
every federated club, that of sending in
names of candidates for the state
offices. '
We trust that eacn ciuo win live up
to this new responsibility, remember
ing that as the ones elected serve the
state, they should be chosen from the
state; that is that qualification should
count more than locality, but as the
state is composed of districts, so should
eacn ana every uisiriui. nio "-r
. . . 1 ..-. nil thlnir nm
reseniaiiuu, nuu ncic " . - - . , -
equal that the honor and responsibility
Ot an Hints: uuuuiu ' m io
city which has not had It before. This
is the justice which is necessary to the
perpetuity oi any ifisainwuuii, .
me say the presidency Is not the only
office of significance to the eucctss of
subordinate office calls for work and
the necessary capability, and all for
conscientiousness. We have been for
tunate in tne past, mas wie iuim
equally so. -
The new constitution, the same as
the old, limits the tenure of office to
one term of two years, no one being
again eligible to the same office until
after the lapse of two years.,
There is no time nor date specified
as to when the names of candidates
shall be sent in by the clubs to their
respective district presidents, except
that it must be, of course, before the
annual convention at which the elec
tion is to take place.
While It is well to make your selec
tions and have your club vote upon
-p rr ET7 I3 "p
That's the condition of the family wash
on the line these winter days. How long
does it take the clothes to dry, where
you have no dry room? How long does
it take to do the ironing? How long will
it take you to find out what a saving it
is to y6ur health and your happiness to
have your family washing done at our
Laundry, where we are in every way
J. H. ULSH. Manager
did the buttons play so prominent a part in artistic
decoration of women's apparel. We make them
in all kinds and sizes, and our years of experience
in the business justifies your patronage. Leave orders with
Mills Co., or bring direct to the shop.
614 Kansas Ave.
Prudential Savings Bank
3 Per Cent on Savings Book Accounts.
4 Per Cent on Time Certificates,
them early, the possibility of a desire
to reconsider as the time approaches,
should prevent a too hasty action; but
the choice must be made by the club
in order to be accepted by the commit
tee upon the Informal ballot none can
be received from the individual mem
ber of clubs.
Of unusual Interest in state club cir
cles was the meeting of the board of
management of the Ka.nsas Fed. in To
peka this week because it was the first
meeting of the board, created by the
revision of the constitution last May,
and which includes the officers of the
Fed. and the presidents of the district
Feds. Every state officer except Mrs.
C. Q. Scholes tf Olathe, corresponding
secretary, and every district president
was in attendance. The board had
meetings all day Thursday which will
be reported by the president In her let
ter to the State Journal next week.
The members stayed over for the meet
ing of the Women's Kansas Day club
Friday and assisted in making this
tneeting the most notable since the or
ganisation of the club.
The Women's Kansas Day club's new
president, Mrs. A. H. Horton, Is a mem
ber ot the Good Government club of
Topeka, the mother organization of the
W. K. D. club. She is a member of
the D. A. R. and a past president of
the Topeka Federation of Women's
clubs and has had much experience in
executive club work and took an active
part In the organization of the club -of
which Bhe was elected president this
morning. Mrs. Morton's election was
without opposition.
More out of town women of promi
nence attended this meeting of the W.
K. D. club than have ever before hon
ored Its annual meeting. Among them
were the state federation officers and
district federation presidents, Mrs.
Mary Vance Humphrey and Mrs. Ber
trand Rockwell of Junction City, Mrs.
Dold of Leavenworth, Mrs. H. B. Asher,
Mrs. R. E. Rice, Mrs. John Kil worth
and Mrs. George Barker of Lawrence,
through the critical ordeal with safety. No woman who uses
Mother's Friend need fear the suffering incident to birth; for it robs
the ordeal of its dread and insures safety to life of mother and child.
leaving nci m. (.uuuiuuii
more favorable to speedy re
covery. The child is also hvl
neauny, sirong anu guuu ,
f ilnr hntk C-OfltAlIlillC aiQa-
natUreu. ble information will be sent i
free by writing to - .. - I
ERADfllSU' KlilJUWliUR w.
, -i ... : Atlanta. Ga.
Phones 546
Made or tne material like your
gown is the distinctive feature of
the spring styles. Never before
Room 413.
Phone 1431.
Electrolytic water mas
saee. electrolysis black
heads and pimples treat
m e n t. Instantaneous
bleaching. manicuring,
KhamDOoinir and hair
dressing. Superflous hair,
warts and moles removed
bv electric needle.
A complete line of mani
curing accessories and
hair geods.
Central National BanK
Phone. Ind. 1220-2
NORA V, SINELL, Dept. Mgr.
Mrs. Andrew plattner of Ellis, Mrs.
Wade of Meriden, Mrs. N. I. McDowell
of Kansas City, Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson
of Courtland, Miss Caroline Lexow if
New Tork, and the wives of many
members of the state legislature in
town for the session.
The deed to Pawnee rock and the
rui ruuiiiiiiig a iiu, umiKneu ir a piai
park, was presented to the state
through the governor by Mrs. Sim
mons, the club's retiring president, at
a joint meeting of the legislature Fri
day morning.- The programme meeting
was held at the First Baptist church
Friday afternoon and a reception was
given for the club members and their
escorts at the Governor's House Fri
day evening. The business meeting
and election of officers was held this
The Portia club will meet Thursday
afternoon with Mrs. J. W. Haughey,
715 Buchanan street.
The Ceramic "Art club will meet Feb
ruary 5 with Mrs. H. E. Lyman. Mrs.
J. Howard Stuart assisting hostess.
The chrome eteel vault of the Pru
dential Bank is a safe nlace for vour
valuable papers.
And many other painful and
distressing ailments from
which most mothers suffer,
can be avoided by using
Mother's Friend. This rem-
J mnthprs rarrvino- thPm
rT fS
-ZJ i J
liSsy il II II ! riiv.AA
ii l-v-H I '-V

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