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-Hundreds of Fetching Styles In-
New Spring Suits Await You
All the great fashion centers have contributed to our great
suit assemblage for Spring 1911. - Not even in the largest
metropolitan shops will you find better variety or newer ideas
than you will right here in our own city
Already the buying has commenced, and
Spring garments are being worn by the
women of smart dress. It's not too early
now to make your choice.
Imported Mcdels
There are no two alike
each being a direct importa
tion or exact copy of the clev
erest ideas and fabrics
abroad. For the woman who
desires to be really exclusive
in dress there are great op
portunities here.
At $14.95
It' 8 actually astonishing
how splendid are the styles
and qualities for Spring to be
had here at this popular
price, you'll do well to see
our great assortment tomor
row, while it is at its fullest.
You will then appreciate the
excellent values better than
we can tell you.
707 Kansas
Ideal Ideas
A Semi-Weekly
Suggestions to
Published Every Tuesday and Friday in The State Journal From
The Ideal Bakery, 121 West Sixth Street, Topeka, Kan.
Vol. 2.
March 3
Nearly every day we are mak
ing new and tempting prepared
things to eat. Tomorrow the new
dish will be Russian Salad. This
delicious new salad is all vege
table, being composed of carrots,
beets, potatoes, string beans, peas,
celery, etc. The rich vegetable
favors are superbly blended with
mayonaise dressing. The effect
ia most appetizing.
Try this tomorrow. It sells at
15c per pint paper pail.
The other delicatessens are all
equally good. You'll find the va
riety extensive enough for easy
One of the most pleasing dishes
Is our baked beans. They are sea
soned and baked by our own chef
who knows the exact art of bak
ing beans deliciously. In buying
beans here, you get them right
fresh from the oven, baked and
seasoned better than any canned
beans you ever bought, and you
Bet them for less than half the
price. Try a quart paper pail
tomorrow. They will cost you but
The other delicatessens include
spaghetti, potato salad, rice and
tapioca pudding, macaroni and
cheese, cottage cheese, bread pud
ding, etc
If you attended the cooking
school last week you will remem
ber the lesson on French pastry.
It is made with a shortened cake
dough coated with a rich layer of
fruit filling and dotted here and
there with raisins. After baking,
the cake is over-laid with a criss
cross work of merangue icing.
The appearance of the cake is
pleasing and it is really a most
luscious delicacy.
We are baking a big batch to
night. Tomorrow you may buy it
fresh, and prepared exactly ac
cording to the recipe; a large
square for 10c
Honey-Nougat is without doubt
one of the richest and most de
licious confections made. The
rich, creamy, nougat body is fill
ed with candied pineapple and
cherries, several varieties of .nuts
Persistent Saving
on a well
Defined Plan
is what counts.
The Capitol BIdg. &
Loan Association
534 Kansas Avenue
Stores in
Topeka and
Kansas City
R. R. Fare re
funded in part
or whole to
out - of - town
on Eatables
Publication of
the Housewips
No. 18.
and flavored generously with pure
strained honey.
Our candy maker tells us that
the very same quality sold in Chi
cago at 80c a pound but we are go
ing to ask only 50c.
We have a big variety of other
home made candies at lower
prices. They are all good, whole
some and as pure as candies can
be made. Among them you will
Cocoanut Bar, lb... 20c
Cocoanut Cream, lb 25c
Nut Caramels, lb SOc
Peanut Bar, lb. ............ 20c
Peanut Brittle, lb 20c
Rich Taffy, lb 20o
Salted and Buttered Peanuts, 20c
Salted and Buttered Almonds, 50c
We make them from the very
choicest freshly cooked veal. It
is chopped fine, shaped into cro
quettes, rolled in cracker dust
and fried to a delicious brown. -No
meat is more tempting than a
nice brown veal croquette. We
sell them at 2 for Be.
The cooked meat department
holds many other good things for
the housewife who is seeking ta
ble variety and less work in the
kitchen. The prices are all rea
sonable, too. Among them are
chicken salad. Baked chicken with
dressing, fried chicken, veal loaf,
baked ham, roast beef, roast pork,
cold tongue, etc.
There is REAL substance to
Weston bread it is a REAL
food every crumb of it. The very
best flour, yeast and a great deal
of pure, rich milk are some of
the things that make Weston
bread so richly flavored so per
fectly light and wholesome yet so
creamy and substantial. Weston
bread is mixed, raised and baked
under perfect, never-varying con
ditions. It is always the same, al
ways wholesome, always right. To
Insure it's reaching the table in the
same good condition as when it
leaves our ovens, we wrap each
loaf in its own waxed paper wrap
per and seal it securely with a blue
seal paper on each end of the
loaf. You cannot buy or bake any
other bread so good. You get a
big 26-oz. loaf for 10c and every
wrapper is valuable. Save them
and the cash register checks from
the Idea and you can secure val
uable premiums of Haviland china
and Community silver.
The Place That's Different.
121 W. 6th St. Phones IftO.
Sheep Gauno
The best, cheapest and most
practical fertilizer for your
$1.25 per cwt, or 2 cts. per lb.
in broken hundreds.
119 East Sixth Street
The Sigma Del a Psi girls will give a
dinner tonight at their chapter house
for the men who represented them In
the race today. The party was planned
by the girls several days before the
race was called; so, like good sports
they meant to feast their runners
whether they procured the silver cup
for the mantel of their sorority parlor
or lost it to the other side. At this
writing, of course, the issue is still un
certain. Mrs. Arthur Holbrook of Des Moines,
Ir... was the guest of honor at a recep
tion Thursday afternoon, which form3
the chief event of interest thus far
scheduled for the present season of so
cial inactivity. The tea was given by
Mrs. Holbrook's mother, Mrs. T. E.
Dewey, at her home In Potwin. and
j was attended by two or three hundre;!
guests. Mrs. Dewey has not given any
formal parties for two or three years,
but her success as a hostess is remem
bered "by those who have known her
hospitality in the past. She was hand
somely gowned yesterday in black
satin draped with white marquisette.
Mrs. Holbrook wore a white lace robe
over satin, and both Mrs. Dewey and
Mrs. . Holbrook carried flowers. Thd
friends who assisted through the rooms
were: Mrs. W. A. Johnson, Mrs. Henry
Mason, Mrs. Silas Porter, Mrs. R. A.
'Burch, Mrs. A. W. Benson, Mrs. J. C.
McClintock, Mrs. A. H. Ellis, Mrs. J. S.
West, Mrs. Clark Smith, Mrs. Noble
Prentis, Mrs. Adrian Greene, Mrs. A.
D. Gray, Mrs. George Parkhurst, Mrs.
Robert Garver, Mrs. C. S. Gleed, Mrs.
James Troutman, Mrs. Frank Willard,
Mrs. C. F. Menninger, Mrs. M. A. Low,
Mrs. J. B. Larimer and Mrs. A. K. Wil
son. The dining room was attractively
decorated in dark red roses, and the
serving was done by Mrs. Warrick
Updegraff, Mrs. Grove Dolman, Miss
Marjorie Thompson, and Miss Cornelia
Gleed. Mrs. Dolman, until recently
Miss Alice Willard, wore a rose col
ored satin gown draped in gray mar
quisette. Miss Cornelia Gleed, one or
the real good looking girls in town,
wore a lavender gown made with the
prevailing short waist and narrow
skirt. Mrs. Updegraff and Miss Thomp
son wore white embroidered dresses.
An orchestra, stationed at the head
of the stairs, played throughout the
afternoon. Mrs. Holbrook will be in
Topeka until the end of next week.
An engagement that has been made
public, though not formally, is that bt
Miss Esther Rodgers and Mr. Robert
Pierce. The wedding day has not been
set, and the plans of the young
people still so indefinite that Miss
Miss Rodgers' parents, Mr. and Mrs.
A. K. Rodgers, are not yet ready
to make a formal announcement;
Still the news of the engagement
has been discussed for several weeks
and is of interest to the many friends
of the two young people. Miss Rodgers
is one of the most attractive of the
society girls of the younger set, and a
girl of varied accomplishments. Mr.
Pierce is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Rob
ert Pierce, and is treasurer of the Chi
cago Lumber company.
Mrs. Luther Burns will entertain in
formally Saturday afternoon for Mrs.
W. C. Hilton of Chicago, who is her
guest for a few weeks, and for Mrs.
Adelaide Wallace of West Union, Ia..
who is visiting Mrs. David Palmer.
Mrs. Carl Erickson gave a thimble
party Thursday afternoon at her home.
1432 Topeka avenue, for Mrs. F. M.
Chilson of McAlister, Okla., who is
visiting her sister, Mrs. K. TJ. Whltted.
The Ladies' Music club will meet next
Wednesday with Mrs. George Park
hurst and Mrs. Robert Garver, at their
home on Tyler street.
- .
Miss Marion Kenderdine will enter
tain her bridge club Monday after
noon at her home, 727 Topeka avenue.
The D. D. Whist club will meet Mon
day afternoon, March 6, with Mrs.
Schuyler Nichols.
An event of interest on today's cal
endar is the concert to be given to
night at the Elks' hall by the Musical
Art society. Dean Horace Whitehouse,
Newest Spring
Shapes Are
Offered Now!
We've gathered from the big
eastern factories the very best
of the new styles showing
these novelties in all the want
ed leathers; satins and velvets.
The shapes of toes, styles and
heels are radically different.
They are more "classy" and
you'll agree with us, 'tis the
handsomest display of foot
wear you've ever seen.
We Sell
Hanan Shoes
of Washburn college, is director of the
oucieiy, ana a good many of the musi
cal people of th town arA mprntiprs.
Mr. Herman Springer will assist with
me program tonight.
Mr. and Mrs. George Byrd gave a
dinner Thursday night in honor of their
sueais, sax. and Mrs. Robert Cuthbert.
or at Kansas City.
The N. N. S. club were entertained
luesoav at the home of Mrs. V Ci
Berridge. i
E. P. Hotchkiss. Mrs. P. W. Sayre, and
airs, cnarles D. Shnkers. The secre
tary gave a short sketch of the work
aone by the club during the past year.
A program of musin and readines. fur
nished by Miss Eleanor Bartel, Miss
vera Benjamin, Miss Alice Ellenber
ger, and Mrs. C. C. Huston, followed.
xne guests of the club were: Mrs. C.
C. Huston. Mrs. F. DeBaun, Mrs. J. F.
Stanton, Mrs. L. R. Manley, Mrs. C. C.
Gerberllck, Mrs. Walter Harris, Mrs.
I. J. Lewis. Mrs. A. W. W'hitsett, Mrs.
G. D. Stevenson, Mrs. D. G. Haggart,
Mrs. Willis Edsnn Mrs. H. PC- Tickler
of Nebraska, Mrs. W. W. Yates, Mrs.
Harry F. Clav. Mrs. J. M. Hill. Mrs.
Oscar Felix, Mrs. Henry K. Brooks,
Mrs. John S. Dawson, Mrs. G. D. Ly
tic Mrs. S. S. Lacey. Miss Eleanor
Lacey, Mrs. H. C. Burdick, Mrs. J.
Radcliff e, Mrs. J. C. Wallace, Mrs. E.
T. Bissell, Mrs. F. L. Stevens. Mrs. Fred
Dick, Mrs. W. C. Blanchard. Mrs. R.
A. Miller. The club members present
were: Mrs. W. P. Nielson. Mrs. F. L.
Benjamin, Mrs. F. L. Park, Mrs. Lee
bumpter. Mrs. F. M. Shanklin. Mrs.
J. E. Epler, Mrs. W. L. Payne, Mrs.
L. M. Couchman, Mrs. S. E. Lux, Mrs.
E. E. Marshall. Mrs. O. B. Martin, Mrs.
H. H. Germain. Mrs. P. W. Sayre, Mrs.
Charles D. Shukers, Mrs. F. L. Ber
ridge. Mrs. E. P. Hotchkiss, and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. William Macferran en
tertained at dinner Thursday night for
mrs. A. c. Gladwin, of Boston, who is
visiting her daughter, Mrs. George W.
btansneia. It was a neighborhood
party, and about a dozen guests were
Notes and Personal Mention.
Miss Willa Rodgers is spending a
few days in Osage City, visiting Mrs.
W. W. Miller.
Mrs. J. P. Rowley is ill at her home
with grip.
Miss Bess Hopkins, who has been
visiting her brother, Lieutenant Gov
ernor R. J. Hopkins, and Mrs. Hop
kins, at the Gordon, went to Law
rence today before returning to her
home in Winneld.
Mr. J. R. Koontz is spending a few
days in Chicago.
Bishop F. R. Millspaugh has return
ed from a trip through the southern
part of the state.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Miller and their
children will spend Sunday in Osage
City with the W. W. Miller family.
Mrs. F. L. Palmer or Kansas city
will arrive next week to visit Mrs. S.
C. Crammer.
Miss Stella Morrison gave a box
party Wednesday afternoon at the Ma
jestic in honor of her guest, Mrs. Nel
lie Chance of Chanute, Kansas. The
guests were: Mrs. Chance, Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Cuthbert of Arkansas
City, Miss Mae VonTain of Kansas
City, Mrs. George Byrd and Miss
Hazel Weaver.
Miss Jessie Travis, who attends the
State Agricultural college at Manhat
tan, will come to spend Saturday and
Sundav with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
F. G. W. Travis. Miss Fanny Fair
child will accompany her and be a
guest at the Travis home.
- Mr. C. L. Conway ana aaugniera,
Myrtle and Bess, of Cottonwood Falls,
are here to attend the theater at the
Grand tonight.
Miss Grace Welch will return me
first of next week from a month's visit
to friends in Los Angeles, Cai.
Dr. F. K. Sanders, president or
Washburn college, has gone to Chicago
to spend a few days.
Mrs. A. A. Weiskircn ana ner aaugn-
ter, Anita, are ill with diphtheria.
Mrs. J. A. Evans of Valley aus is
the guest of Mrs. T. R. Paxton.
Miss Glenn Davis left . toaay ior
Kansas City. From there she will go
to New York to spend a few weeks.
Mrs. Arthur HolbrooK or ues
Moines. Ia., will spend Sunday with
friends in Kansas City.
Mrs. F. R. Souders and Mrs. H. J.
Wells entertained the women of Camp
No. 148, R. N. of A., this atternoon at
the home of Mrs. Souders on College
The A. P. Ahlstrom family or sis
Jefferson street will move to their
home in Highland Park the first of
next week. ...
Mr and Mrs. Charles Spencer leu
today for Wathena to visit their son,
Mr. Alex Spencer.
Mr. and Mrs. George i? renneio.
have returned from Mineral Wells,
Miss Anna Frances Thompson ana
Mr. Ernest Bullencamp, both of To-
neka. were married Wedresaay nigni.
They have returned from a trip to
Kansas City and will mane meir nome
in Topeka.
We are showing a complete une oi
the prettiest spring hats, in all the
new shapes, including the Maude
Adams hat. Johnson Hat Shop, 725
Kansas avenue.
The question as to who works the
harder, the wife of the man of small
Income, who does all the housework
and takes care of two or three babies,
or the man who struggles to earn that
small income, came up the other day.
and this was the Fair-MInded Man's
contribution, interesting enough, I
thought, to pass along.
"I don't know who works the hard
er. I suppose that's different in dif
ferent cases, but I often think to my
self that the woman has the worst end
of it In this way. When I go to work
in the morning I am apt to meet two
or three men I know on the train.
In the office I come In contact with
a dozen more. I usually lunch with
someone I know and say 'How de' to
a few more coming back on the train.
"Now I have the contact, however
brief, with all these minds to take me
out of myself, and interest and stim
ulate me."
"What does my wife have in the
meantime? Outside of the grocery
man and the ice man, maybe one or
two peddlers and perhaps a short chat
with the woman next door, and the
hour the children are home for lunch
nothing. And all the time she's do
ing work that keeps her hands busy
but not her mind.
"Now doesn't it stand to reason that
she Is going to find the day longer and
more tiresome than I do?
"When I come home at night there's
nothing I like to do so well as sit down
in front of my own hearthflre and just
rest. I used to think it was queer that
my wife felt differently, was always
wanting to get -oat somewhere when
she had such a nice home. And then
one day somehow I got to thinking
and saw it this way, and I think I've
been considerably better since about
going out with her and trying to bring'
Fair Ground Grocery
1700 Topeka ave. Both Phones 1586
Lettuce Spinach, Celery, Green
Onions, Radishes.
25 oz. K. C. Baking Powder.. 19o
3 cans good Corn 25c
6 Ben Hur Soap 25c
3 Grape Fruits 25c
25c can Peaches 20c
Hamburg, per lb 10c
Mutton Steak, per lb...: 15c
Pure Pork Sausage, per lb 15c
Best Bacon, per lb 25c
Good Hams, per lb 15c
Fresh Pork Shoulder, per lb.l3c
And Let us Send Ton a Loaf of
Groceries, Flour, and Feed
903 West Sixth Ave.
Telephones: Ind. 1202; Bell 501.
3 cans good Corn 25c
3 cans Carnation Milk 25c
1 lb. Morning Glory Coffee .... 25c
3 cans Dutch Cleanser -25c
6 bars Ben Hur Soap .25c
7 bars Silk Soap 25c
7 bars Lenox Soap 25c
24 good Oranges : 25c
Mich. Potatoes, per pk 25c
Mich. Potatoes, bushel 0c
Cabbage, per lb lc
Small Navy Beans, per lb ...... 5c
We have everything to be found
in a first class meat market, and
good bread to go with your order.
home as many outside Interests as I
If more men would get the Fair-
Minded Man's point of view, I think
we should have fewer discontented
women, fewer absurd love affairs on
the part of married women, less in
sane Jealousy and unreasoning suspi
cions on the part of wives, fewer chil
dren out of sympathy with and asham
ed of their mothers, fewer wives old
at forty and fewer women in the in
sane asylums.
In a little country town not so many
miles from here a staid middle-aged
woman of unimpeachable character
and habits went out into the garden
one morning and calmly set fire to
the barn.
The barn and house burned to the
ground. The woman was examined
and taken to the insane asylum, where
she died a month later.
"Too much to occupy her hands and
too little to occupy her mind for thirty
years," was the concise explanation the
doctor gave.
That woman s sole diversion . naa
been church on Sundays when the
horses weren't too tired or it wasn't
too stormy, and a prayer meeting or
church social perhaps once a month.
That is an extreme case, or course.
but there are less virulent ones de
veloping all about us.
Most of the insane lea lousy on xne
nart of women, most of the discon
tent and suspicion and unrest develop
while fingers fly over tasks so mechan
ical and so familiar that the mind is
set free to roam at will and lacking
pleasant occupation, it is given over
all too often to foolish brooding.
Broader education, more opportun
ities for entertainment and outside In
terests more chance for social worK.
those wonderful world links, the tele
phone, the magazine and the news-
naner are doing mucn m miuruvo
rnmiiHnn nf affairs, but there is some
thing that will do more tnan an oi
these. "
And that is simply more nusoana
like the Fair-Minded Man more men
with his noint of view and his will to
Here s hoping me new Bciieiuuu,
or better still, the next decade, brings
Taft Nominates a Tennessee Negro.
T, 01J1'1. .uu. . .
of Tennessee, has been named by Pres
Mont Taft todav to be register of the
treasury. Napier is a negro.
You employ a good doctor,
but vou waste the value of
his services, unless his pre
scriptions are carefully com-
,ounded of pure, fresh drugs.
Both Pbonea 4fi0.
lYee Delivery.
The Market
and where to fill it
March 4
1 am still doing business at the
same old stand.
2 pkgs. Grape Nuts '. .S5o
2 large pkge. Post Toastles . . . .25c
8 bars Lenox Soap 25c
3 boxes Desk Matches 10c
1 large Mackerel 10c
1 large White Fish 10c
Prime Rib Boasts, lb... 124c
Fresh Fish, Celery and Vegetables
1035 Clay St,
Ind. Phone 1470. Bel Phone 1599
We are snre you will like Thoro
Bread. Try a loaf tomorrow. .
Polk's Best Pork & Beans
3 15-cent OK
cans AiJV
2 10-cent f e
cans i
Leghorn Hens
7 dozen Brown, 1 tT
per lb 1 OC
4 dozen White, ip
per lb IOC
Naval Oranges lc Each.
Best bread in Topeka, 10c the loaf
Cope's City Market House
Second and Kansas Ave.
Did you know the most up-to-date
Grocers and Meat Market
in southwest part of Topeka is
Warring & Co.
1330 Western Ave.
Bell 1573. Ind. 1420
You can secure Thoro Bread
here we know it will please you.
Dtems Cor the Oakland column may b
telephoned to Ind. phone 1751.
The quarantine for scarlet fever has
been raised from the J. H. Neiswintar
home on Winfield avenue. Marion,
who was ill, Is much Improved.
The old soldiers will go to the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Jones this even
ing to celebrate the birthday anniver
sary of Mr. Jones.
Mr. William Walker of Kansas City
is here spending several days visiting
his sister, Mrs. L. Biscoe, on Arter ave
nue. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fowler have re
turned to their home in Manhattan
after spending several days here, called
by the death of Mrs. Fowler's sister.
Mr. and Mrs. G. K. Beckley left yes
terday for their home In Wichita after
spending several days here visiting
relatives and friends.
Mrs. E. P. Lane Is improving aftsr
being quite sick for two weeks with an
attack of the grip.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Luddlngton have
moved from Chester avenue. to Michi
gan avenue.
Miss Mabel Thomas has returned o
her home in Oklahoma City after
spending several days here with rela
tives. She was on her way home from
Chicago, where she has spent the past
six months studying music.
Miss Marie Dick has returned 'to hr
home in Abilene sfter spending three
weeks here visiting Mr. and , Mrs.
Krnest Ludwig and family on Division.
Mrs. C. C. Davison is improving after
Special for Saturday:
A Beautiful Orange Spoon
with a dozen nice, large Of
sweet Oranges LtvC
They are the large Golden
Oranges from Redland, Calif.
The spoons are guaranteed to
wear for a life time.
We're headquarters fop Thoro
Bread tlie bread we can recom
mend to you
Spell & Gibson
535 Topeka Aye.
Ind. 664. Bell 276
To People Near
Roose Grocery
Located at 15th and Lane St
Prices reasonable, ' quality
good, deliveries prompt. Give
us a call in person, or phone
669 Ind. or Bell 665.
We are the most convenient gro
cers In this community where
Thoro-Bread may be secured.
Ring 649 Ind. or 115 Bell
and set in communication with a
grocery that will nil and deliver
your order with care. We strive
to please. Give us a trial. We
handle a full line of everything
good to eat. Will mention a few:
Celery, Head Lettuce, Cauliflow
er, Spinach, New Green Beans,
Pine Apple, Nice Orangee, Apples
and Bananas. Also a good full line
of canned goods. Everything in
Fresh Meat.
Dressed Chickens and Fresh
Oysters and Good Bread to go with
Davis & Farris
Ind. 649. Bell 115
1012 West 13th St.
being ill a week -vith an attack of the
The time of Sunday school at th"
Christian church has been change!
from 10 a. m. to 9:30 during the ScovilU
meetings. Miss Cassie Dick of Hartman, Mo., is
here spending two weeks with relatives
and friends.
Mr. Raymond Icee of Beatrice, Neb.,
came here the latter part of the week
to make an extended visit with rela
tives and friends.
Mrs. Hubert Mack is Improving after .
several days' illness with an attack of
Noted Chemist Dies.
Berlin, March 8. Prof. Jake Hein
rich Vanuxt-Hoff, the chemist and
author died today. In 1901 he re
received the Nobel prize of $40,000
for research in chemistry.
Freckle-Face! Freckle-Facet Freckle
Do Yon Oke It?
If you have freckles you need
Kintho! That's as sure as freckles!
Winter winds bring them out in all
their hideousness, and Kintho is read'
for you at Geo. W. Stanafleld'fl. 6 32
Kansas ave., or wherever toilet articles "
are sold. A two-ounce package of
Kintho ia enough for most light cases,
but the most obstinate freckles are
easily and quickly removed, under a
guarantee of money back if it fails.

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