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In Overalls, Her. 3. W. Waldron
Preaches Labor Sermon.
Standing Room Not Let at Meth
odist Church.
Says Capital and Labor Are Both
"NeedMoreStones andBristows,"
Declares Pastor.
In overalls, preaching in a church
from which many had to be turned
away because of lack of even standing
room, Rev. J. W. Waldron. pastor of
the Kansas Avenue Methodist church,
last night gave a talk to and for the
laboring men. A quartet also dressed
In work clothes sang.
The minister said that he wished
that there were more Bristows and
Stones in politics, and declared 'hat
the strife between labor and capital
which dated at least from the time of
the Pharaohs would not be settled un
til some leader arose from labor en- ;
vironment and showed his people the
best solution for all concerned. I
His sermon in part follows: !
"In the revolving period of time's
busy march, with its gisrantic ac
complishments, we have this great
question of 'man's inhumanity to man'
unsettled. It is not a modern question
alone, when the pioneer statesman of
history (Moses) looked down upon the
Injustice of an ancient Pharaoh, and
Fmote one of the leaders and drivers
with his strore arm and buried him ,
In the sand, till now we have been
battling: with this great issue and it ;
Is vet unsolved. j
"The worker declares in glaring
laneuaee that his rights are trampled
tinder foot and that no sufficient , re-'
ward is received for his toil. The em
ployer denies the charge. declaring
that the toiler is unjust, unreasonable j
and dissatisfied. j
"We can not afford to sit down and I
fold our arms, for the problem I have ;
spoken of can not be brushed aside.
Tn- masses will not allow men who
are siinposed to be leaders smile and
wink at the proposition any longer.
"Wrong on I?oth Sides.
"In the past justice has suffered
both from the working man and the
rich man and all because whenever
opportunity presented itseif they have
erected ereat God. and called upon
their followers to worship it. and the
name of that God is Selfishiness.
There never was a time when the lead
er of labor needed to rightly interpret
the Golden Rule as today. The suc
cess of their cause demands it.
"Great problems can not be solved
in a few hours or years. They re
quire the sacrifice, patience and strug
gle of decades. Xineteen hundred
years ago Jesus Christ touched the
world's heart with the thought of re
demption. It was a question of para
mount importance in the discussions
of the fliy, and many a despot trem
bled on his throne.
"Today the question that is forcing
Itself to the forefront is that of social
reform. It means that some man, cra
dled in the home of the laboring masses
must be selected to lead the world's
labor army out from the land of Mono
polistic bondage, into the land of jus
tice and liberty.
"Xo rear, need to be ashamed that
he is a workman. The worst and most
thriftless classes of human kind are
found at the extreme swings of the
pendulum, the ranging. worthless
tramp, and the arrogant aristocrat who
Idly rolls around in luxury, through
monev obtained by speculation, extor
tion or inheritance.
"A certain doctor was called to see
what could be done for a rich woman
who complained of insomnia without
any really affliction until the doctor
losing patience exclaimed: 'Madam, if
you would have a good night's rest you
must live on ten cents a day and earn
"eetl Men Like Stone and Bristow.
'What we need is more men in our
legislature who are in sympathy with
the labor vorld. in particular do we
need to send to Washington individuals
who s.re interested in the masses and
not in the clasets. I wish we had a
few more Bristows and a few more
Stones who think that there is a com
pensation coming to the laboring man
and work to get it.
Brothers mine take this legacy and
ppell it for Ihe afes to come: 'Whatso
ever ye would that men should do unto
you, so do ye also unto them.' Put
tills for a slogan on your banners:
'Make tae mission of my life felt in
every industry, drive out self.shness
and graft, justice and hypocrisy.' "
Notes and Personals.
Another stove pipe without a brick
fluet in the face of an ordinance re
quiring brick flues, caused a fire at
the shoe shop owned by Mrs. Ehr-
hart and occupied Dy imam toaisi
at 602 Ji Xorth Kansas avenue about;
11 o'clock this morning. The fire was
put out by the men from fire station j
Xo. 1 before much damage was done, j
Hov Beast, who has been spending!
several months on the Pacific coast, is ;
here for an extended visit with his i
rnrents. Mr. and Mrs. William Boast,
. of 909 Xorth Jackson street. He re-
turned home by the way of Old Mex-
lco. He has been working in grocery!
scores in Portland and Los Angeles'
since last spring.
Tickets to the Xorth Side Civic club
Fecond annual banquet, to be given to- '
morrow evening at Lukens' opera
house, are for reservation free to all
those who are interested in the matter
at the Voiland and Austin-Snediker
stores. All who wish to attend the
banquet must register before 3 o'clock
tomorrow afternoon at either of these
places. Senator Charles Curtis will
address the ciub. Rev. J. W. Wal
dron, pastor of the Kansas Avenue .
p .
Tooth Powders
Dr. Lyon's Powder 20c
. Colgate's Powder 20c
tianitoi ruwuci, .
Sozodont Powder 20c
"sxodol Powder 20f
- E. L. Orro es' Powder 20o
nrown s Camohorated 20c
Strong's Arnica Tooth Soap 20o
Both Phones 450.
Free ixlivt
Methodist church, will act as toast
master. Word has been received of the mar
riage of Mrs. Ella Ashmore, widow
of the late Dr. Samuel Ashmore, to
Mr. F. T. Travis of Fort Worth, Tex.
The wedding occurred Wednesday.
The couple will make their home at
Fort Worth, where Mr. Travis is em
ployed by the Denver & Rio Grande
. railway.
Mrs. Lewis B. Smith of 926 North
Madison street is visiting her brother,
Kev. Willis B. Le In Oscaloosa, la.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Bowman have
left for a visit in Xew Orleans, La,
K. S. Green spent Saturday in Kan
sas City on business.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Hurst of Central
avenue are visiting in Turner.
Elmer Forbes who has been In Chi
cago on business, has returned home.
Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Kutz have left
for Texas, where they will make their
future home.
A. M. Petro, druggist.
The Topeka Local union will meet this
evening at the Quinton Heights Baptist j
I The members are being taken in the ;
' Karniyal Knight organization In antlci- '
patlon' of the ball which will be held ;
the last of the month. '
Colonel F. S. Savage of the Santa Fe ;
has returned to Topeka after a brief triy !
in the interests of the passenger depart-
. ment of the company. j
', E. Zanditon, who was formerly in the
dry goods business in Topeka. is very .
I low with a tumor on the brain, at hi3 :
! home. Seventh and Lane streets. j
Dean F. T. Lee. gave the fourth of his !
series of addresses on "The New Testa
ment Period and Its Leaders," at the
Central Congregational church this after
noon, j
C. B. Burge, city clerk, takes his an- ;
nual weekly vacation this neck. Busi- '
nesg is picking up at the city hall and ,
the clerk will not take the customary i
two weeks granted to city officials. J
Fire caused by a stove pipe poked I
through a wooden ceiling caused about '
j $15 damage to the small shoe shop at 0O2l,s
' Kansas avenue at 10 oclock this morning.
'flie shoe shop was owned by W. 4.
. Coster.
Shortly after 11 o'clock last night an
unknown person broke into the fire
alarm box at Curtis and Qulncy streets
in Xorth Topeka and turned in an alarm.
A warrant will be sworn out for the
joker if he is found.
A coal oil lamp exploded in a room in
the German hotel at 27 Kansas avenue
at 7:35 this morning and slight damage
resulted in the lire that followed. The
blaze was extinguished quickly. The ho
tel is owned by Charles H. Passo.
A. R. Mulhalland fell into a manhole
on Jackson street in October and ruined
a suit of clothes to say nothing of
scratching his knees. He presented a
claim of w to the board of city commis
sioners this morning. The commissioners
will think it over.
William Sterling Battis, a well known
interpreter of Dickens, will impersonate
many of the famous characters whom
Dickens created in his book, in the high
school assembly room Tuesday evening.
He is coming under the auspices of the
grade teachers of the city.
The committees have been appointed
that will have charge of the arrange
ments at the K. K. K. dance Tuesday
evening. November 28. at MacRae's hall.
Charles L. Mitchell heads the floor com
mittee. J. H. Rrockman, the bar com
mittee, and Harry Nichols the check
stand committee.
Prayers for the health of Bishop Frank
R. Millspaugh were read at all of the
Episcopal churches In Kansas Sunday.
The bishop Is under the care of a physi
cian but is able to attend to his duties.
He expects to visit the majority of the
parishes in his diocese before Christmas,
which is the usual custom.
The big good roads meeting will be held
at the Commercial club this evening at
6:3 o'clock. There will be delegations
from Bucllngame and Lawrence. Secre
tary J. Will Kelley of the Commercial
club was in Lawrence Saturday after
noon and he was assured that there
would be a representative delegation here
from that town headed by the president
of the Commercial club. C. B. Hosford.
Miss Bertha Olson has returned from
Lawrence, where she spent two weeks
visiting relatives and friends.
Miss Hazel Stewart is Improving after
being quite sick for the past two weeks
with an attack of fever.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cole were guests
at dinner Sunday evening of Mr. arid
Mrs. John Holmes of East Topeka.
Mrs. W. S. Eastman will go to Rock
Creek Wednesday to spend the remainder
of the week with Mr. and Mrs. Eastman
and Mr. and Mrs. Barns.
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Cole and Mr. and
.rs. John Holmes will be guests at din
ner tonight of Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Lingo at their home. 233 Oakland avenue.
Mrs. W. S. Eastman, president of the
Adult Bible class of the Methodist
church, will entertain the class and its
teacher. Mrs. Addie Benedict, at her
home. 1S3 Oakland avenue, Tuesday after
noon. Mr. and Mrs. Fred West are both Im
proving after being quite sick for the
past week with an attack of the grip.
Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Watson are spend
ing a week with friends In Olaths.
Mrs. Frank Snyder is spending a few
days with friends and relatives in Smith
Center, Kan.
Mrs. Earl Webber of Ellsw-orth spent
Sunday with friends and relatives here.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Thomas or
Oberlln will come here the last of the
week to make an extended stay on a
business trip.
Mrs. Albert Stone is improving after
being quite sick for the past week with
an attack of rheumatism.
Mrs. George Barnett jof Atchison spent
Sunday here with friends and relatives.
The regular meeting of the Ladies' Aid
societv of the Christian church will be
held Thursday afternoon in the church.
State Society Will Be Given Reception
and Auto Ride.
If the dans of the committee on en
tertainment for the State Grange
meeting which will be held In TopeVa.
December 12-14, work out, the visitu. s
will be shown a good time. The com
mittee, composed of I. D. Graham,
Colonel True and Joseph Longshore,
has decided that it would be a nice
thing to give the tillers of the soil an
automobile ride at 1:30 o'clock on the
afternoon of December 13, this to be
followed at 3 o'clock by a musical en
tertainment and address by Professor
W. A. Harshbarger of Washburn col
lege on "Burbank and His Work." Ses
sions will be held In Representative
W. A. Neiswanger and wife to W. B.
Heller, lot 7 and pt. 65 Scotland
ave., Gordon's add $1,950
J. W. Doron and wife to C. E. Knis
ley. lot 20-21 Chester ave., Walnut
Park add 1
C. O. Knowles and wife to J. R. Cas
ter, lots 29-30 16th St., Lincoln sub.. 600
G. Grice and wife to G. J. Grice. lot
729 and pt. 27-31 West St., M. & D.
sub 450
C. E. Bastgen to E. S. Woodcock, lot
5 and pt. 3-7 Newman's sub 100
J. Chubb and wife to L. B. Harper
and wife, lots loS-60-2 Michigan ave.,
Sunnyside add. to Highland Park.. 375
M. Hanson, guardian to O. R. Brad- j
ford, 'a int. lot 274 and pt. 72 Clay I
St., Home's add 266.S7 I
The Tivoii club will erive a dance
Wednesday evening, November 29, at
The Pi Alumnae chapter of Kappa
Alpha Theta were entertained at
luncheon Saturday by Mrs. F. W. Wat
son, at her home on Topeka avenue.
The chapter meets, once in two months,
and Mrs. Watson will entertain them
at luncheon each meeting this year.
Drooping shoulders, hoop skirts, and a
dependent latitude for ,vomen have all
gone out of style, and the woman who
goes about "making a noise like a
Clinging v-ne" is now the one who
is conspicuous among a sisterhood of
straight-frort, clear-thinking, free
speaking wemen. A visitor of the new
order from Down East spent Saturday
and Sunday In Topeka, and Saturday
afternoon she made an address to about
a hundred women who were guests of
Mrs. W. A. Johnston in the sun par
lor of the Virginia. Mrs. Helen Brew
ster Owens vsed to live in Kansas. She
was born in Lynn county, and was ed
ucated at the state university at Law
rence. Afier her graduation she
taugl-.t in the Lawrence high school,
and later went to Chicago where she
took her doctor's degree. She married
a Kansas man, who was also a gradu
ate of K. ".J. and the Chicago univer
sity, and they went to Ithaca, N. Y
to live. Professor Owens is a member
of the faculty of Cornell university,
and Mrs. Owens, a few years after the
birth of her two daughters, entered the
university and took her Ph. D. degree.
She is the second woman, and the last
so far, to take a degree from the mathe
matics depai tn-.ent of Cornell, and the
second and last woman to finish the
course after marriage. When she heard
that the amendment for the enfran
chisement cf the women of Kansas
would be voted on next fall, she offered
her help in the campaign, and she has
come to spend six or eight weeks in
the work without charge in this state.
She left Sunday night for Kingman,
and will spend a large part of her time
In the west and south parts of the
state. In her address to the women
at Mrs. ojhnstcn's party Saturday, she
spoke of the justice and expediency
of the measure granting the ballot to :
women, and emphasized the fact that
the men of Kansas were committed to I
suffrage by former acts granting wo
men the ballot in school, bond, and
municipal affairs. She explained how j
Kansas women had camped in tents !
near the Convention hall where the
men of the state were considering the j
ana now later ine Dili giving meiii me
bflot In school affairs was misinter
preted so as to exclude them from vot
ing for county and state school officers.
Mrs. Owens is quite a pretty wo
man, with a pleasing grace and charm
of manner. She wore at the party Sat
urday a gown of mode colored silk, the
bodice drai ed. and the skirt was made
with a short train, and opening at one
side, was attached to a band of satin
from the waist to the hem of the
The Mys tis club will meet Tuesday
afternoon with Mrs. George Beach, 1233
West street.
The Atlantean club met this after
noon with Mrs. Cook, on Western ave
nue. Mrs. Emaline Pankhurst of Eng
land will be In Kansas City Wednes
day and will make an address in the
Gillis building afternoon and evening
of that day. The women of Kansas
who are interested in the suffrage
movement, newspaper women, club
women and others will entertain for
her Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. L-ee
Monroe has been invited to receive
with them and she will go to Kansas
City Wednesday to be there for the
reception and the afternoon and even
ing addresses. Mrs. W. A. Johnston,
president of the Kansas Equal Suf
frage league, and Mrs-. W. R. Stubbs,
first vice president, also expect to go
to Kansas City to hear Mrs. Pank
hurst. Mrs. E. S. Marshall, who will
leave tonight for St. Joseph, will go
to Kansas City Wednesday for the
event. Other women will probably go
from" Topeka, as well as those from
other Kansas towns.
Mrs. W. R. Smith has asked the fol
lowing friends to assist at her party
Wednesday afternoon in honor of her
sister, Mrs. Harriet McEntire of Wich
ita, and Mrs. W. G. Holt of Kansas
City: Mr?. W. A. Johnston. Mrs. Ben
nett R. Wheeler. Mrs. D. W. Mulvane,
Here's Ttie
Best Ever
For n OO
Ju t in from Boston
A n- w r and cleverer shape
from tha specialty factory of
Weber Bros.' line of
"Better Shoes
man never made"
"Pay us $4 for this
wonder value, sir !
and you'll be wearing the
most curable, comfortable,
and stylishly modele i Shoe
$4.00 ever purchased.
Selling exclusively Shoes
vou'v? a reason to expect
The Bst at
n rmj. Til r A : A 9 S. I I I
gvM ..w i
)mLW3LSsmtm MMMmm
Tn store of Dpnflab e Merchsndus - Ihe stora Pepon-aba Msrcbstidlf Ins Mr t 0jiasls Msrehssals ' h. jiorj pin s s .fchnm
car .pynnii
This sale just started this morning fhows signs
from today's crowd of bein.r one of the besc we have
ever had. This store has lorn? been noted for these
popular sales at which time we pass out large
quantities of Dependable Merchandise at most reas
onable prices. Of course everything is not reduced
in price but enough are, so that almost every need
can be supplied at quite a saving.
Today's time and space forbids anything more
than just a mention or notice that our great sale has
begun and there ara three floors of merchandise for
you to make your -el ctions from.
First Floor
Dept. 1 Laces, Handkerchiefs,
Neckwear, Dress Trimmings,
Dept. 2 Xotlons.
Dept. 3 Linings and Stationery
Dept. 4 Silks and Velvets.
Dept. 5 I iiibrellas and Hosiery
Dept. 6 W ool Dress Goods.
Dept. 7 Gloves and Ribbons.
Dept. 8 Jewelry, Leather and
Toilet Goods.
Dept. 9 White Goods and Em
broideries. Dept. 10 Housekeeping Linens.
Dept. 11 Domestics and Bed
dings. Dept. 12 Standard Patterns.
Dept. IS Wash Goods.
Dept. 18 Knit Underwear.
Dept. 20 Art Needlework.
RAILROAD FARE REFUNDED to out-of-the-ciPi custo
mers who attend this Thanksgiving Sale according to the
amount of goods purchased.
Mrs. Alvarado M. Fuller, Mrs. J. M.
Connell, Mrs. Charles Blood Smith,
Mrs. Silas Porter, Mrs. J. B. Johnson,
Mrs. Eugene Hagan, Mrs. J .D. M.
Hamilton, Mrs. A. A. Hurd, Mrs. A.
W. Knowles, Mrs. Nathan Price, Mrs.
Marie Price Wear, Mrs. J. D. McFar
land. Miss Ruth Wood, Miss Edith
rnnnll i .5 If ic. T.'o rl..!n T XT'..
Jand "
Announcement has been made of
the engagemnet of Miss Margaret
Betzer of 921 Buchanan street and J.
Howard Moore of Oketo. Kan. The
wedding will take place Thanksgiving
day. Both Miss Betzer and Mr. Moore
are graduates of Baker university,
Baldwin, and Miss Betzer is a member
of the Tri Delt sorority, and Mr.
Moore is a Kappa Sigma man. Miss
Betzer traveled in Europe after her
graduation and is now a teacher in
Polk school. Mr. Moore is cashier in
the State Bank of Oketo, of which his
father is an officer.
The 'Varsity club will give a dance
in Hudson's hall Friday night, Novem
ber 24.
Mrs. George M. Crawford and Mrs.
Arthur Capper will entertain at cards
Friday afternoon at Mrs. Crawford's
home on Tyler street.
Miss Ethelyn Harrison entertained
her bridge club Friday afternoon with
the following guests besides the mem
bers: Mrs. A. W. Lacey, Mrs. L. S.
Ferry, Mrs. Louis Nelson of Kansas
City, Misis Mary Harrison, Miss Mabel
Ranney of Arkansas City, Miss Nellie
Baker of Lathrop, Mo., and Miss Ger
trude Reed.
Notes and Personal Mention.
Mrs. T. W. Harrison will go to Kan
sas City Tuesday to spend a few days
with her daughter, Mrs. Louis Nelson.
Mrs. Nelson, who is the guest of her
mother, will return to Kansas City
with her.
Miss Marian Wear, Miss Marie La
gerstrom. Mr. James Hayes and Mr.
Joe Risteen motored to Lawrence Sat
urday to attend the football game.
Mrs. J. C. McClintock is spending a
wek in Junction City.
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Mulroy, who
went to Chicago last Thursday, will
return home tonight.
Mr Clyde Adams and Mr. Henry
Laffer. students at the State univer
sity, Lawrence, will come to Topeka
Friday to attend the 'varsity dance
Friday night.
Mrs. Fred Davis will go to Girard
next month to be the guest of Mrs.
Fraser Cole. '
! Mrs. Noble Prentis has returned
: from Lawrence, where she attended
the funeral of Mrs. W. J. Robinson,
i Mrs. Prentis will be in Topeka about
i a week longer.
Mrs. J. Huey and her daughter,
Marguerite, went to Kansas City this
: morning to hear M. Boguslawski's re-
cital at the Shubert theater.
I The Helping Hand society of the
I First Congregational church will meet
Fridav afternoon, November 24. With
Mrs. John Burnett, 1100 Polk street.
Mrs. M. M. Miller gave an informal
tea last week in honor of Mrs. W. H.
Snyder of South Haven, Mich., who
was- her guest for a few' days. Mrs.
Albert Green and Mrs. J. F. Leopold
assisted Mrs. Miller. Mrs. Snyder has
gone to California to spend the winter,
i Th marriage of Miss Luella Brown
and Mr. Harry Addis of Terre Haute,
Ind., who have been guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Krammes, tcok place
Thursday at the Krammes home on
West Sixth avenue. Mr. Addis is a
merchant of Terre Haute, and he and
his wife will go there to make tneir
borne, after a visit to friends in Hot
Snrinirs. Ark.
Judge Frank Doster returned today
from a business trip to i,eavenworin.
washbum college has elected the foi- i an early choice, for now the selection
lowing new members: Miss Bessie:. , .
Aiien Miss Emma Bumette, Miss imo- is at its very height. Grand pianos in everv
(fi, LveMi Franco?: tyle; from the large concert grand to the
nick. Miss Irene Dean Miss Mabel small parlor Size mignonette. Upright pi-
Colbert, .Miss lirace r.iuiiuge, .vxjta
Bess Emery, Miss Josephine Emerson,
,Miss Edna Gerken, Miss Arline Jor
dan, Miss Fay Hathaway. Miss Mary
Hoover. Miss Alice Lambert, Miss Eliz-
abeth March, Miss Isabel March, Miss
Elsie Marti, Miss FIra Ott. Miss Hazel
: Klingaman. Miss Goldie Sawyer, Miss
'. Mary Shirer. Miss Lucile Shukers. Miss
j Helen Stewart. Miss Mabel Thresher,
I Miss Edith Titus, Miss Bessie Weed
i man. Miss Angie Parker and Miss Ber
:tha Yaussl.
' The L. P. Robinson family will
; move to Burlington. Vermont, the
first of January.
Mr. James McClure aid Mr. Tink
ham Veale spent Saturday in Law
rence. Mrs. N. R. Tripp of Kansas City is
visiting Mrs. A. H. Ll'is.
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. E. Marsh and
their two children left Saturday for
First Floor Annex
Dept. 14 Huss and Draperies.
Dept. 15 Ladles' and Children's
Second Floor
Dept. 16 Ladies and Children's
Suits, Cloaks, Dresses and
Dept. 1 7 Muslin Underwear,
Corsets, Waists, Petticoats,
Infanta' and Children's Wear,
Third F.;oor
Dept. 19 China, Statuary, Cut
Glass, Brass Goods, Hooks,
Framed Pictures, Dolls, Etc.
Los Angeles and San Francisco. Mr.
Marsh, who is division freight agent
of the Santa Fe will attend a conven
tion In Los Angeles.
Mrs. Hurlburt Terkes of New York
city will go to Washington. D. C, to
spend Thanksgiving with Mr. Yerkes.
Later Mr. and Mrs. Yerkes will come
to Topeka together to visit Mr. and
Mrs. Marburg.
Miss Permelia Curtis spent Sunday
with friends in Fort Riley. Kansas.
Mrs. Eugene Sallee will leave soon
for Chicago to join Mr. Sallee In a
permanent residence.
Mr. George McNee of Cottonwood
Falls is visiting Mr. Ed Kellam.
Mr. and Mrs. Roland West have re
turned from their wedding trip to
Colorado, and have gone to their new
home, 1100 Garfield avenue.
Mrs. W. S. Hall has returned to her
home in Rochester, N. Y., after a visit
to Mrs. M. F. Southwlck.
Among the Topeka people who went
to La.vrence for the football game
Saturday were: Miss Helen Mitchell,
Miss Marjorie Rodgers, Miss Jean
Rodgers, Miss Grace Koontz. Miss
Margaret Koontz, Miss Elizabeth Hol-
liday, Mr. Clarence Jordan, Mr. Earl
Spencer, Mr. vvilliam Cavert. Mr. P.
A. Miller. Mr. John Borah, Mr. Basil
Rankin. Mr. Harold Porter. Mr. Wel
don Morris, Mr. Frank Southwick. Mr.
Harry Eagle, Mr. Ed Kellam. Mr. Roy
Cope. Mr. Ray Cope and Mr. Lute
Miss Vera Ewers, Miss Bessie Payne
of Des Moines. Ia., and Mr. Harold
Ewers went to Lawrence Saturday to
attend the football game, and to be the
guest of Mr. Leland Ewers at the
Sigma Nu house.
Mrs. Lillian Mitchner has returned
from Milwaukee. Wis., where she at
tended the national convention of the
w. c. t. tr. .
Mrs! Fred - Krauss of 531 North
Kansas avenue will entertain the A. B.
C. oOO club Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. E. S. Marshall left today for
Pt. Joseph, Mo., to visit her daughter,
Mrs. B. G. Voorhees. Mr. and Mrs.
TT is wise judgment
1 : 2
snos in every st le of wood and the very
latest artistic design. Christmas stocks are
complete and you mav choose the exact
style you have in mind.
A smaU deposit on any se'ection
will reserve the piano until Christ
mas. You should not be hurried in your
choice, so we say come now when choosing
is at its best and when there is ample time.
R. R. Fare Refunded to Out-of-Town Purchasers
Don't Fail t Write If You Can't Call
nlssfifiviinifiS Sale
ft- 1 ' ' '-vO ! '- l
Til ,:
lv -
'-.:r- . V j?
Voorhees will come to Topeka to spend
Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. Mar
shall and Mr. and Mrs. Kay Hall.
The West Side Heading club will
meet Tuesday afternoon with Mrs.
Ellen Humphries.
Miss Bessie Payne of Des Moines.
Iowa, is visiting Mrs. C. D. Ewers of
1324 College avenue.
E. E. P.oblyer. dentist. 114 W. Sth St.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Taylor are here
spending two weeks visiting relatives and
friends while on the'r way to their lining
in Missouri, from Wichita and Arkansas
City, where they have spent the p;ist
three weeks visiting relatives and friend:.
Miss Louise Johnson is spending two
weeks in Kar.sas City visiting relatives
and frionds.
Miss Margaret Latic is improving after
being quite sick for the past two weeks
with an attack of fever.
Miss Josephine Thomas is sjenriing 1.
week in Abilene with friends and rela
tives. Mrs. Howard Gillette of Lehigh, Kan
Is here Fpeiuliiig a w-eek visiting her sis
ters. Mrs. Rose Fields.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Simons of 417
East Crane street spent Sunday in Pax
ico, Kan., the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Carl Crabb.
Miss Loleta Stevens of Williamsburg is
here spending two weeks visiting rela
tives and friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Nnrman Huntly are hero
spending a few days on a business trip
while on their way to their home in Ar
gentine from Hays City, where they h;ivi
spent the past three weeks on account of
the serious illness of her mother.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred White are spending
two weeks in Nebraska on a business
An all day meeting of the Ladies Ai l
society of the Christian church will he
held Wednesday in the church. All the
ladies of tl. church are invited.
Mrs. Charles Kirkpatrick pave a very
delightful little party Saturday afternoon
at her home, r7 German avenue, in honor
of her daughter Lucile in celebration of
her sixth blrthdny anniversary. The
afternoon was spent in playing games.
Store of High Character Pianos
IAN0 buying has been
by this store's method of doinpr business.
The purchaser may come here with much or
little money to spend and in a very short time
make a selection which could not be batter,
even were he to spend months, even years, in
studying the respective merits of every make
in the land, add every retailer's prices. Wo
say one could not do better because we KNOW.
We have made the tests for you and it took us
more than 30 years. . We offer you the benefit
of this experience and our experi judgment
coupled with the best wholesale buying advan
tages of any store in the Western country.
Pianos That Have Mae Good
Some of Them for Half a Century. We
do not a k you to take our mere word for the
unma enable values and the unquestioned quali
ties of the pianos we sell. They ar makes
that speak 'he r own . guarantee. You'll find
them in the BEST homes in every citv in the
land. Hundreds of them good todav have
bjen in constant us for ten, twenty, thirty, yes,
even fifty years.
To sell the BEST piano possible, for the lowest
price possible, is our constant aim. That alone
has been responsible for our succQ-.
We pint with pride to the pplf-ndid collection
of famous makes selling here at their lowest
retail prices.
Iainty refreshments were ferved by Mr.
Kirkpatrick who whs HMsteil by Mt
tenv:i Hencel. Mrs. Kred Hencel fti-l
Mrs. Floyd Wettlhig Mits Lllrllo wa
the recipient t many leutlful and use
ful presents. Those prcn-nt were: Mi.-a
Thelma Cafe. Miss K.lna Col-. Mi
Frtith Cole. Miss Geitrud" Xuifiw i,
-Miss Helen Bright, Miss l!ra.e Herhtl,
Miss Kuth Hill'. It. Mil's Hazel fritewart.
Miss t'ladvs Iilchard,".n. Mi"s M'.ldrefl
lr' lii:i-i. Miss K.lna Stewart. Ml Fran
ces llasrear'i. Mis I-':,y Howen. Mi;
Anes Morris, Miss Mildred Haven.
Mi-. neloris- Wettling ami .Mr. Gear
Gertrude Hoffman, who If known th
leimth and breadth of America for her
dancing and impersonation. frr whlcti
ehe is paid h salary almost fabulous, has
re--ent;y gained lame and ricj.e f-r her
self as a manaiTress and producers. Sh
will be at the Grand next Thursday wltn
her company. Seats gu on hale tomor-
The Girl and the Tramp is the attrac
tion for the Grand Saturday inatin.-e and
Curd of Thanks.
I wish to thank the mnnv friends
for their kindness at the death of my
beloved husband.
The Pmilcntinl Bunk.
Checking and saving accounts.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Kays Always Eci'gtt
Bears the
Signature of
to a simple matter
hGvtMMmk Cm
na.Av -"Tcjjae Ha Tr rrt.

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