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The Topeka state journal. [volume] (Topeka, Kansas) 1892-1980, November 24, 1911, LAST EDITION, Image 9

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Ter Six Hundred Decrease in
School Attendance.
down in poultry history as one of the
iour great national shows.
I "Thirty-six grand chamtionshin nil
vcr irujuiy tups are to De awarded at
the show this year and there will be
more good birds out for them than
ever, and it can be depended upon
that they will all be in their best vis
iting dress."
Supt. Fairchild Completes Com
pilation of the Figures.
State Superintendent Fairchild has Just
completed a paintaking compilation of the
school census of Kansas by counties and
elves out the figures today. It shows
that Kansas has 615,427 pupils In school
in 1911, a loss of 634 pupils over the census
of 1910. The following is the table by
counties, showing the loss and gain:
Anderson ............
'J Cc
lecatur ..
Douglas ..
Edwards ,
Klk ,
Greeley ....
Harvey ...
Haskell ...
Hod geman
Jewell ..
Kiowa .
Lane ...
Linn . .
Lyon .
Miami -.
ifcsasre ........
t tBborne
1911. Gain. Loss.
. 7739 757
. 4181 77
. 7W3 -67
. SIMS 24
. 5.SS8 167
, bo!)4 7
, wao .... 142
, 6&M vu
. 2710 4
. So:-2 186
1221)2 .... 184
1398 50
1398 104
4&60 128
64S7 .... 121
4S9 76
1106 104
9006 155
16690 609
3100 66
7554 .... 2
4676 136
7263 13
2371 61
3295 193 ....
4323 1S ....
31S2 21 ....
20"6 6
3365 357
6289 112
3239 61
1972 .... 41!
3012 5 .... !
374 .... 29'
1013 26
368 13
4975 .... 147 I
1078 75
4"27 234
5729 81 ,
314 26
895 ... . 40
48S3 79
4929 S3
5742 28
4966 4SS
'918 69 "
43;;0 140 ,
2107 232 j
9182 .... 105
793 107
11450 .... 6 i
343S 134 ....
4615 .... 65 '
1334 .... 36 '
7840 .... 23
7718 2 .... !
7171 .... 371 i
6737 82 ;
1710 -109 ... I
6778 116 ....
Great Crowd Sees Them at Chicago
Land Show.
Chicago, Nov. 24. Thursday was
jvansas uay at tne United States Land
and Irrigation exposition being held
in the big Coliseum building here.
Kansas products and Kansas possi
bilities and accomplishments were ex
toled and the visitors at the show were
greatly impressed. Kansas surely
made a big hit with Chicago and Chi
cago visitors. Dr. A. R. Vansickle
was chairman of the Kansas program
in the rooms of the Union Pacific
railroad. The rooms were jammed
and Kansas drew much praise. The
feature of the Kansas exhibition at
the land show is that the products are
not doctored. They appear here just
as they did when they were in actual
cultivation in Kansas soil and they
compare more than favorably with
other exhibits on the floor.
Capper, Ryaa and 500 Others to At
tend Big Feed.
Kansas City. Nov. 24. Kansas Repub
licans will hold a big "pow wow" in
Kansas City, Kan., December 12. Repub
licans from all parts of the state have
been invited. A dinner for 500 will be
given after the meeting.
The members of the Kansas supreme
court; Arthur Capper, Republican can
didate for the nomination for governor;
Frank Ryan, also spoken of as a. guber
natorial possibility, and other leading
Republicans are included in the list of
- China vs. Mexico.
Thj (Chinese minister to Mexico
has concluded his investigation into
the wholesale mu6'ering of Chinese
citizens during thei Maderlst revolu
tion. He finds that no less than S24
Chinese were killed. 317 by. eeidiers.
Of these,. 303 were killed in one day
tt Torreon. Although unarmed and
innocent of any wrontrdoinir. thev were
shot clown wherever found. Not even
tne children 5 years of age . were
spared, and the bodies of the massa
cred were stripped and mutilated.
"These men," wrote a Mexican eye
witness of the soldiers, "who wore on
their hats the images of the holy child
of Tongo, our lady of Guadalupe, the
master of mercy, and of their patron
saints, had no mercy for any one.
Their work became an ecstacy." In
addition, property -alued at $1,137,
227.04 was destroyed in Torreon and
elsewhere. The property loss is not
so great as that when the Maine was
blown up; the number of lives lost is
grt ater. If, therefore, it was justifi
able to go to war with Spain to avenge
the Maine. China has an even stronger
casus belli against Mexico. We can
well imagine what a burst of anger
would have swept over- the United
States had those 303 mutilated dead
in Torreon been American citizens,
and very much fear that the "maneu
ver division" would have been over
the border in a brief space of time.
But the heathen Chinee goes at it
differently; instead of sending ships
to the Mexican coast, he is quietly but
firmly femanding the apology and sat
isfaction required and fixed by inter
national law. And this he should re
ceive as promptly as the English were
recompensed for the firing on the HullJ
This Lotion Will
Improve Complexions
"Few women realize what a great
aid to beauty a plain spurmax lotion
is," writes Mrs. Mae Martyn, in the
Baltimore Leader. This is easily pre
pared merely dissolve 4 ounces spur
max In 1-2 pint hot water and add 2
teaspoonfuls glycerine. If witch-hazel
is used it will dry quicker when ap
plied. "Employing this lotion Instead of
powder rids the skin of pimples,
black-heads and oillness and gives a
gentility and refinement to the com
plexion obtainable no other way. Aside
from making the skin soft and velvety
and of exquisite texture, the spurmax
lotion is invisible when on and does
not rub or blow of?."
fishing fleet by the Russian warships
en route to Japan. New York Even
ing Post.
The Rector Now Molly, would you
rather be beautiful or good? Molly I'd
rather be beautiful and repent. Punch.
Samose Makes Thin People Fat, or
Stansfield Will Return Money.
In Samose are combined flesh-giving
food elements that soon produces a
steady and noticeable gain in flesh.
Taken after meals. Samose mingles
with the food, and causes it to be as
similated so that the fat producing
elements are retained In the system,
and vou will soon get good flesh,
steady nerves and a healthy body.
Geo. W. Stansfield, druggist, 632
Kansas Ave., Topeka. seen such re
markable results following the use of
Samose that he offers to pay for the
treatment if it does not make thin
people plump and rosy.
Ycu run no ris'tt whatever In buying
Samcse. It is a true flesh-forming
f.od and Is sold under the guarantee
of one of the most reputable business
houses In Topeka to refund the money
if it does not give complete satisfaction.
Toilet Goods
Tooth Pastes
Colgate's Ribbon Dental Cream
2oc each, or 6 tubes for $1.00
Sanltol Tooth Paste 20c
Euthymol Tooth Paste 20o
Kolynoi Tooth Pasts 20c
Dr. E. L. Graves Tooth Pasts 20o
OroAol Tooth Pasts 200
Pebeco Tooth Paste 4 So
Both Phones 430. Free Delivery
Everybody Read the State Journal
1 1
p 5
A great money-saving- event for cash buyers! We made some extraordinary cash bargain purchases at the
St. Louis Clearance Sales, and now propose to pass them along to our customers with only our usual small margin
of profit added. Come and see what ready cash will do in making low prices for you.
, 587
JTatt 3626
Reno -- 10991
Republic Bo39
Rice 43S1
Riley .: 4661
Rooks - 3656
Russell 3431
Saline Sj?8
Scott S39
Sedgwick 1S416
F-aawnee 17100
heridan - l1
, ... IfllQ
Smith "141
Stafford 36,0
1 VM""
- l " . . . 1 - n ........
Totals 515427 6033 w
Loss, 634.
SI 20
101 j
'336 ;
K. S.
A. C. Plant Is Now Turning Out
More Serum.
Manhattan, Kan., Nov. 2 4. The
Kansas Agricultural college now is
able to supply the demand for anti
hog cholera serum. Its plant now is
turning out the serum at the rate of
about 7,500 doses a week or a little
more than 1,000 a day. This does not
mean that the calls are fewer or less
insistent. The situation is about the
same as it has been for weeks. Hut
the college has increased its capacity
for manufacturing serum.
rjr. f. S. Bchoenleber, state 'eteri
narian at the agricultural college, still
Is urging life immunity J"or breeding
hogs especially. This is "done by the
double or simultaneous method of
vaccinating. The hog is vaccinated
first with serum only. Ten days or
two weeks later it is again vaccinated.
But this time a small quantity of vir
ulent blood or virus is injected with
the serum. This method is especially
v-ecommendeii if cholera already is in
7e herd or if the animals are fat or
very highly bred. It makes a hog im
mune from cholera for life. There
should be no danger. Dr. Schoenleber
says, of starting cholera or spreading
the disease when this method is used.
In several of the largest counties of
Kansas the farmers have formed se
rum clubs to buy $1,000 worth of the
Entries Pour in by Mail and Tele
graph. Over at the Topeka poultry show
headquarters everything is rush, for
the poultry breeders are mailing and
telegraphing in their entries for their
fine chickens almost every hour.
The show will be held in the Audi
torium December 4-9.
"Although the poultry show does
not open till Monday morning, De
cember 4," said Secretary Palmer, this
morning, "yet the entries are pouring
on us over phone, by telegraph and by
mail. "
"The poultry show this year has al
ready given Topeka a lot of good ad-
frtisingi There are seventy-one ex
lusive poultry magazines, published
n nearly every tate in the Union.
hese papers go into over sixteen hun
red thousand American homes. Every
one of these publications has con-
tainf 1 over a column of reading mat
ter three different issues telling
about the coming Topeka show. It is
the kind that money can not buy. The
Topeka show is already an assured
jucwsa for this winter and will go
Apparel for Women and Children
$12.50 Coats $8.95
Women's and Misses' sizes,
a large shawl collar, made of
fancy all-wool cloaking.
$15.00 Tailored Suits, $9.95
Strictly all wool, satin lined jack
ets, sizes for women and misses.
rgi- plain or fancy material.
X)' $5.00 Skirts, $2.98 Splendidly
tailored, up to the minute m style,
black or colors.
$2.50 Child's Coat, $1.95 Ages 2 to 5
years, Copenhagen and Navy Blue; braid
trimming, .mercerized lining.
59c Fur Set, 49c Infants' white bear
skin set, dainty' muff with silk cord, neck
piece to match.
25c Infants' Sacques, 19c Made of
fleeced, twilled infants' flannel, fancy fac
ing and collar, ribbon tie at neck.
15c Infants' Skirt, 10c Muslin waist,
attached domet skirt, pink, white and
light blue.
50c Tennis Gowns, 39c Misses and
small women's sizes, fancy patterns.
6c Bleached Muslin, 3 3-4 c Soft finish,
round thread, "Gilded Age" brand, not
more than 15 yards to the customer.
5c Calico, 3 3-4c Indigo and China blut
small patterns, 20 yard limit.
25c Plaid Suiting, 15c Bright, Scotch patterns that are de
sirable for children's dresses:
25c Table Damask, 19c Full bleached, neat patterns, 58 in.
wide, 5 yard limit.
59c Gauntlet Gloves, 39c The cowboy style, plain and fancy
gauntlets with fringe trimming, lined, fine for the boy or girl.
$10.00 Misses Coats, $6.95 Sizes that are suitable for
small women, made of fancy material, large shawl collar and
lacing of plain cloth.
25c Rompers, 15c Sizes for children up to 6 years of age,
garments are made of chambray gingham.
Millinery at Deduced Prices
More $4.50 and $5 Trimmed Hats $2.50
A splendid assortment of
turbans and bonnet effects,
made of felt and velvet,
beautifully draped with
silk, large bows, worth $5;
choice for $2.52.
$10 Trimmed Hats, $5
elegantly made and beauti
fully trimmed with bows
and ostrich band feathers;
all the season's best style,
choice of these $10 hats
for $5.
$4.00 Untrimmed Hats, $2.00 a good assortment of un
trimmed velvets, blues, browns and black worth $4.00 reduced
to $2.00.
Bedding, Staple Goods Etc.
1 I'-f ff V
I a A v-v
.... J ?J 7 ' i 4
"ii 1 - EW-V-
"68 : j V f J
::: '.-i' i lif
4". . ;
-ll X
129 ; 1
US? h.
A Good Time to Purchase Your Winter Suit
M'chaels-Stern Fine Hand-Tailored
$16. 50 and $15 Worsted and Cassimere
Suits Special Reduced Price
For up to date styles and dressiness of finish the Michaels-Stern
Fall and Winter Suits will discount anything you'll see at this price.
Perfect style, beautiful fabrics, that is serviceable and snappy, fr
vasL yuiiL ejB over mese uioiiiit.nvc gcumcnw wuaj ui luhiui 1 u w . ;
ml f 1 1 t t Jl J 1 1 - i 1 1 " If. .
lne Iinest reaay to -wear ciumes uu cue maiivei at me puce. j u
New models, weaves and fabrics. These suits are our regularif
J J f . . . . . u. , - - - - - - - -' -
for $20 and $22.50. Friday and Saturday
$12.50 and $13.50
Which do you want? One of
our new shades in brown or
grey. We can furnish eith
er. The new convertible
collar. In just the proper length
and color. Wool fabrics in the
finest weaves. ' Don't pay any
one $15 or $16.50 when you can
get such values as these for
$12.50 and $13.50
Do you want to pur
chase a $12.50 Suit
for Only
That is exactly what you can
do here Friday or Saturday.
Stylish fabrics in the new
brown, blue3 and grey fabrics.
Many merchants would ask $15
for these suits. You'll be well
dressed in one of our regular
$12.50 suits for $10.00.
" V J ..4
ft ' s
S2.00 Wool Nap Blankets, $1.59
Grey or tan color, weight, lbs.
to the pair, blended borders, bound
15c. White, pink
Small size for in-
2 So Blanket.
and light blue.
$1.50 IJIanket, $1.25. JJfide by
the N'asua mills; 64x80 in. spread;
weight 2 Va pounds.
10c Tennis Flannel, 6e.
lensths from 1 yard to 5 yards;
medium and dark colors.
15c Printed Drapery, 10c. Cream
color; 36 in. wide; oriental pat
terns alike on both sides.
50c Table Damask, 39c. Splen
did quality; highly mercerized;
satin finished pattern.
25c Slieetinjj, 19c. Unbleached,
10-4 width; excellent quality.
75c Table Damask, 59o. Full
bleached; every thread linen; 5 4
In. wide; assorted patterns.
8c Towel, oc. Large size; honey
comb weave; hemmed ends.
10c Towel, 8I3C, Huck weave;
fancy borders; hemmed ends; size
1Sx36 inches.
65c Dress Goods, 49c. All wool
serge In full range of colors; 54
in. repellant In brown, navy and
gray; fancy all wool materials that
are 44 In. wide.
Boys' KnicKerbocKer Pant Special
75c Values for 49c Fancy worsted cassimere or blue serge,
strong and durable; our regular 75c quality. Friday or
Saturday, only 49c.
Boys' Flannelette Waists 29c
Heavy, strong, good patterns in light and dark colors. Our
regular 35c value, only 29c.
Cotton Undcrwzar
Men's 2-piece ribbed or fleece garments, fine quality, 50c ea.
Men's fleece or ribbed Union Suits. Extra strong values,
$1.00 Suit.
Boys' fleece Union Suits, to fit large and small boys 50c
and 59c.
Woo! Underwear
Men's extra fine wool ribbed shirts and drawers, $1.00 each.
Wright's Health, fine lamb's wool, fleece, best on the market
for $1.00 each.
Men's extra quality worsted Union' Suits, $2.00 Suit.
Bi Bargains in Carpets and Rugs
$23.50 Rug, $17.50. Extra qual
ity, high grade Axminster Rug:
size 9x12; worth $23.50. Sale price
Brussels Uus. $13.75. Size 9x12,
seamless tapestry Brussels; good
assortment to select from; sale
price $13.75.
9x12 Tapestry Brussels Rug,
Brussel Stair Carpet, yard, 50c.
Pro-Brussel 9x12 Rug.
price $7.95.
Best all wool Ingrain. Carpet, per
yard, 63c.
Heavy Columbia Ingrain Car
pets, per yard, 35c.
Granite Ingrain Carpets, per
yard, 23c.
9x12 Ingrain Reversible Rug,
Ircn B ds at Closc-Ouf Prices
We have a few more iron beds that have been used as
samples that we are closing out at big reductions', prices
range from $1.89 to $6.00.
Lace Curtains, Porliers & Curtain Goods
Xottineham, Cable and Brussels Jiet All new patterns, 50c, 75c,
$1.00, $1.25 up to $5.00.
Mercerized. Porliers, $1.75 Reversible with knotted fringe, good size
combination colors, extra good values.
Portiers $2.5, $3.50 and $5.00 Extra heavy, closely woven, full
mercerized, a great bargain at these prices.
Couch Covers. 98c. $1.25. S1.50 and $2.00 Fringed all around, 48 to
54 inches wide, 8 ft. long, richly colored, oriental designs.
Reversible 36 In. Curtain Drapery, 1 2 '4 c
42 in. curtain net per yard, 25c
Gloves f-r 25c
Extra strong line of Men's Cashmere, Astrakan, Jersey or
Wool Gloves. Plain or fancy colors; keep your hands warm,
only 25c.
Winter Caps
Men's and Boys' Winter Caps ; fur pull-down ; in kerseys or
cassimere fabrics. Auto, Brighton, Golf styles; light and dark
colors. Men's 50c to $1.00. Boys' 25c to 50c.
Sweaters, 51.00
You can purchase an extra good coat style sweater in Ox
ford color here for only $1.00.
Fine Wool Sweaters; assorted colors; military styles, $1.50.
Heavy Cotton Sweaters for Men and Boys, 50c.
Shoes al Special Prices
Women's $3.00 Shoes, $2.50 fine patent
leather, with dull kid top hi toe, Cuban heels,
button styles.
$3.50 Women's Dress Shoes, $2.9S plain toe,
patent leather, cloth top, hand turned, sewed
soles. All sizes; special $2.98.
Men's Heavy Gunmetal Shoes, $2.00 bluch
ers and stra ght lace style, made over late
style lasts; regu ar $2.50 shoes for $2.00.
lioys scnooi snoes, made ot
good heavy calf leathers, strictly solid ,
x i l a. - a. r. - 1 n m
inrouiTiioui ; sizes up o o; special r
Underwear. G oves and Knit Goois
1 ;
60c Women's Vnlon Suits, 49c.
Made of bleached cotton; form
fitting; fleece lined. Regular and
extra sizes.
$1.00 Union Suits. 75c. Regular
sizes for women; made of selected
cotton: fleece lined; silk trimming.
25c Children's Hose, 15c. Neat
ly mended seconds of a celebrated
brand of guaranteed stockings;
sizes 7 to 10.
25c Oolf Gloves, 15c. Women's
and children's sizes; plain and
fancy; some have dropped threads
that are mended.
15e flecH-ed How, 10c. Women'!
black cotton stockings; hemmed
top; pplendid for winter wear.
50c Tocues, 29c. Ftrictly all
wool; styles for chlllren and
grown-ups; assorted colors.
50c Shaped Mufllers, 29c. Suit
able for men, women or children;
fasten at neck with trlove fastener.
$1.00 Scarfs. 59c. Made of fancy
mixed mixed materials; 27 Inchrx
wide; two yards long; hem stitched
25c Kibbon, 1 Up to S i In.
wide; similar to those credit stores
call SOc values.
Sixth and Qulncy
Streets -
Sixth and Quincy

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