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Saturday and Monday
Are the Last Two Days of this Sa!e.
$5.00 or $7.00
0 :
With Every
Made to Measure
We offer you absolutel y Free a $5.00
or $7.00 extra pair of Pants with every
Suit or Overcoat. Our Scits are made
with fine hairc oth fronts, guaranteed
to hold their shape. We do not charge
extra for cuffs, etc.
wk.M,, ,-.,-.. .,,.-,.,.. m&ua You had better make up your mind
to buy at the Glasgow Woolen Mills, the original $15.00 tailors.
All Orders Will Be Finished For Christmas
We Press Our Suits
Free For One Year
Write our name and
address down. You'll
save $10 to $15.
729 Kansas Avenue
, HARRY MILLER, Manager.
McCarty Considered a "Pest" and Waa
Ordered Away From Gym.
Chicago. Dec. 13. Luther McCar
ty's perserverance was his principal
asset as a boxer when ho first an
nounced his desire to become a prtz
fighter, according to a story told by
"Bill" O'Conneii. a local trainer.
The man who on Tuesday night
vanquished Jim Flynn at Los Angeles
was considered a "pest" by O'Conneii
and finally was told to stay away from
the gymnasium. McCarty refused to
do as he was told and finally the door
keeper was Instructed to keep him
"In spite of everything I did to dis
courage him," said O'Conneii, "he
persisted in coming around. Finally
I tried to get him a manager, but no
one cared to take a chance with him.
Then he started out on his own ac
cord and found a manager himself.
He was an apt pupil and rapidly de
veloped Into a good boxer and I am
glad to see him successful. He now
has all the qualifications of a cham
jilon and I have to admit that I was
fooled by him. I expect him to be
come the white champion."
For Assault on Newspaper Photogra
plicr Must Pay $50.
Chicago, Dec 13. Jack Johnson,
the negro pugilist, waa fined $50 and
costs by Municipal Judge Goodnow
on the charge of assaulting a news
paper photographer with a cane sev
eral weeks ago as Johnson was being
led to a cell manacled to a deputy
marshal. The trouble resulted when
the photographer tried to snap a pic
ture of the fighter.
Johnson's attorney filed notice of
, -TVii -, 'v ; Jin i
Ducks and Wild Geese Are Scarce In
Okla oma.
Pawnee, Okla., Dec. 13. In central
and western Oklahoma, where ducks
and wild geese are, as a rule, plentiful,
the hunting this fall has been poor,
barring the first week in November,
when the first flight went south.
Usually November hunting is good
on the Salt Plains near Cherokee, but
up to this time only stragglers have
been bagged. It is believed that the
big flight of mallards and other large
ducks has not taken place, and that
the first heavy storm from the north
will bring them by thousands.
Two weeks ago mallards were still
feeding in the wheat fields of south
ern Minnesota.
Walters and nowell In Boot at St.
Joseph December 20.
St. Joseph, Mo., Dec. 13. Billy Wal
ters of Chicago, champion welter
, weight of the navy, and Tommy How
ell of Philadelphia have been matched
for fifteen rounds here for Decem
ber 20.
At the top. -Owmany Scnaefer ana Old Cy Young; oottom, Jonnny Kllng and
Jim Deiehanty.
Lasts longer than, buttonhole
collar and la easier to put on and
to take off. 15c, 2 for 25c
Cluett. Pea body & Co., Makers
The season of 1912 was a hard one
for major league veterans, many of
whom were knocked out of the spot
light by Old Father Time. Perhaps
never before were so many stars of
the diamond retired from the big
leagues in a single season.
One of the first to fail by the way
side in 1912 was Old Cy Young. Be
fore the season was half over the fa
mous old veteran was convinced that
his days of usefulness on the diamond
were finished and he retired to his
Ohio farm, never again to be seen
in big league baseball.
Young, however, was not the only
star pitcher to retire from major
league baseball in 1J12. Mordecai
Brown of the Cubs and Wild Bill
Donovan of the Tigeis are other
former prize twirlers who flipped
their last big league games in the
season just passed. An injury to his
leg helped to shorten the career of
Brown, but Donovan played out his
string and ended the season as man
ager of the Providence team. Wild
William pitched for the Brooklyns be
fore the American League ever threat
ened to invade the east.
Kickapoo Kddie Sommers, also of
the Tigers, was another pitcher of
more than ordinary ability who was
lassooed by Father Time last season.
A sore wing assisted Pop in Sum
mers' case. Cy Morgan, the Cross
Roads cutup of the Athletics, was
another capable mound artist to take
a Brodie out of the majors. Cy was
sent to Kansas City by Connie Mack,
but went into vaudeville instead.
Other lesser lights on the hurling
hill in turn in their big league uni
forms last season were King Cole,
the boy wonder who led the National
League pitchers In 1910; Barney Pelty,
a time-honored member of the Browns,
who finished his major league career
with Washington; Harry Krause of
the Athletics and Clevelanu, who was
a marvel in 1909. and Jim Vaughn and
Jack Quinn, both of the Highlanders. I
Perhaps the catching department j
was assailed the hardest by Father i
Time in his 1912 attack. The back
stops Pop captured last season were i
in their day the best In the country, j
Four years ago Johnny Kling was
the greatest catcher in the National
League and Billy Sullivan and Gabby
Street divided the honors in the
American League. All three of these
former stars are through as big
leaguers, though Kling is retiring of ,
his own accord. i
The best known second baseman to
fade from the big league map last
season was Jim Delehanty. Dave ,
Fultz, head of the Players' Protective!
association, says Ban Johnson forced
Del out of fast company because
of the part he took In the strike of ;
the Tigers. This seems to be one !
time, however, where Dave is talking
through his hat, as Delehanty's legs .
troubled him for several seasons.
Germany Schaefer, who also earned
distinction as a second baseman for
the Tigers, is pretty near through as
a player, but he will be kept In Wash
ington in the capacity of clown.
Other famous old veterans who will
play little or no part in big league
baseball next season are Catcher
Charley Schmidt, once of the De
troit Tigers: Frank Chance and Harry
Davis, two former star first basemen:
Arthur Devlin, once the best third
sacker in the country; Briscoe Lord.
Danny Murphy and Matty Mclntyre.
The "B-Line" for Breakfast
Buckwheat Batter Cakes
And Everybody Goes Straight to the Table Without a Second Call
WE HAVE all been waiting for the
Northern Light to rise, and now it
is here. You can have it for break
fast tomorrow a dish of pancakes, free of
all expense. Just take this coupon to your
grocer, and ask him for a trial package of
Northern Light Self-Rising
Buckwheat Flour. It will be
enough to make a thorough
test, to prove that you can't
keep house without it. The
whole family will love the flaky,
delicious and wholesome batter
cakes, stirred in a jiffy and sure
to be right.
Buckwheat is one of the most
nourishing, warming and sus
taining of grain foods. There
is no breakfast-dish more digest
ible and delicious none less
troublesome and no Self-Rising Flour on
the market can equal the Northern Light
in purity and flavor; in economy and con
venience. Try it.
Ordinary buckwheat is out of the question.
No woman wants to bother late at night,
heating water and setting yeast practically
.gptting breakfast over night.
'sSm ll
With Northern Light Self-Rising Flour
there is no trouble at all and the result is
perfection. Ten minutes in the morning
wiil prepare breakfast and everybody will
come at the first call. Compare the time
necessary for the old way and ours.
The Old Way
Twelve Hours
The Northern Light Way
Twelve Minutes
Won't you let us prove all we
say? Let the Northern Light
shine on your breakfast table
tomorrow. The family are
sure to like it.
Sold in 25-cent and 10-
renf naekacres. B'it trvit
rst: take r send this Mr.
coupon to the grocer's and Dealer:"
get the trial package -free. Please give me a
sample package of
Northern Litrht Self-
Northem Light Rising Buckwheat Flour.
l am under no obligation for
the same.
Milling Co.
Clergyman Praises
Eckman s Alterative
A Valuable Kerned y for Throat and
PeoDle who have Consumption are often
filled with bright hope of recovery, only
to realize that improvement is but tem
porary. Consumption is dreaded by every
one. Xnose wno naa 11 uia usea eck
man's Alterative can testify to its bene
ficial effects. No one need doubt it there
is plenty of evidence from live witnesses.
Investigate the following:
Amenia, in. x.
'Gentlemen: Prior to Feb.. 1908, I was
located in Rochester, N. Y., suffering wi.h
LaGrippe, which developed into Tubercu
losis. My physician gave me one month
to live. I was tuaving terrible night sweats
and mid-day chills and losing flesh rapid
ly, having gone from 155 to 135 pounds. I
coughed and raised continually and oe
came so weak that walking a few feet ex
hausted me. On my return home, my
regular physician gave me little encoir
agment. My father, who is a clergyman,
heard of Eckman's Alterative and in
duced me to take It. The night sweats
and chills disappeared, my cough became
easier and gradually diminished and in a
few days I developed an appetite, the
first in months. I am now in perfect
health, back to 155 lbs. I feel certa.n
that I owe my life to Eckman's Altera
tive." (Signed) E. H. COWLES.
"Gentlemen: I cannot find words to ex
press my appreciation of what your reme
dy has done for my son. It changed
derpair into hope within two weeks aftr
he began taking It, and without any doubt
in my mind it saved his life. I wish to
add my endorsement to every word of hla
(Signed) REV. J. J. COWLES,
Pastor Presbyterian Church.
Eckman's Alterative is effective in Bron
chitis, Asthma, Hay Fever; Throat an
lung Troubles and in upbuilding the sys
tem. Does not contain poiFons, opiates or
habit-forming drugs. For sale by Geo. W.
Stansfield. 632 Kansas ave., and oth-r
leading druggists. Ask for booklet tellin
of recoveries, and write to Eckman's Lah
cratory. Philadelphia, Pa., for additional
evidence. Adv.
Christmas Special for Early Shoppers
Men's Beautiful
Silk Christmas
Very latest shapes, styles and colors.
Compare them ith any 50c ties in Topeka
Put Up In Separate Gift Boxes
375 Doz?n
$1.00 arH 75c Silk Ties, each put up in
Fancy Christmas Boxes excellent colors
and styles ench
Including Suspenders. Hose
Supporters and Sleeve Bands
in box each
614 Kansas venue
Home of
W. L. Douglas
Best gold filled frames and best
quality of lenses, $3.00. fitted by Chas.
Bennett. Doctor of Optics, 906 Kan,
ave. Adv.
prave jur beaJtb, prln fmur Hie.
trouble, bo foal breaib, m heart weakness:
Hfe N snore tesaach
mess. Kecftta !
fffar. ealsa serves, clear an4 oericr meotal strength.
W he cner you atf; or smoke pipe, elgmrrtt, eicars. get ror io
tereaUac Tobmooo Beok. Werta It weirht ia fjeM. Maile4 fre.
E. i. WOODS. 634 Sixth Av267 A Nm York. M. Y.
Undertaker and Embalmer.
THOS. JONES. Assistant.
Everybody Read the State Journal
Pbone 192.
608-510 Qulnej St.

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